Chapter 4 Temptation

Chapter 4

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Once Charlie got home Bella made them some breakfast. Afterword Charlie showered and then crashed. Bella did the dishes, laundry, and cleaned the house. She waited on the vacuuming so she wouldn’t wake her father. A genuine beam came about her as she thought about Bruce. Her body felt all tingly again and her face flushed over a bit. Still there was a lot to take in. Bella made her way to her room and dug around for her old report. She sat at her desk as she read through it.

Bella smiled and laid it out with the magazine so she’d remember to take it with her Monday morning. She gazed upon the bracelet on her bedpost. She’d forgotten all about it. It still had the diamond Edward had given her and the wolf Jake had. Bella went and picked it up. She took the diamond off the bracelet. She’d always hated that Edward had managed to slip that right past her. Bella put the bracelet on with just the wolf charm.

She left a note for Charlie letting him know she was going to La Push. Bella then got into her truck and headed that direction. Before she got to the reservation she pulled over at the cliffs. She took the diamond heart and threw it out to sea.

“Bella?” Billy Black said in utter disbelief as he answered the door.

“Um yeah, is Jake here?”
Jake peered over from the kitchen.

“What are you doing here?” He said with disdain to his voice.

“Just wanted to talk Jake.”

He half laughs.

“Yeah well, I remember the last time you wanted to talk.”

Billy sighs and wheels himself aside.

“It’s ok Billy. She won’t be coming in.”

Jake walked up to the door and slammed it in her face. Bella closed her eyes for a moment.

“If you’d just let me explain.”
“Explain what leech lover?”

Her skin crawled and she slowly turned to see Paul, Quill, and Embry behind her.

“This is between me and Jake.”

Paul shrugs and roughly grabs her by the arm. He literally drags her back to the truck.

“Your kind’s not wanted around here. So get the fuck out! And stay out of La Push!”

He kicks her truck afterword. Bella starts the truck and rushes out of there as Paul had shifted. Once she was out of La Push. Another memory hit… Bella’s jaw dropped and she jerked the wheel. Bella slammed on her brakes and the truck spun around several times before coming to a stop. Bella quickly stepped out of her truck and promptly vomited. Tears streamed down her face as she suddenly felt violated. She now knew why Edward so easily turned her down. She remembered not wanting to do it. How awkward she felt when he first suggested it. She thought he was joking. When she said she wasn’t comfortable doing that; he managed to somehow get his way anyhow. He’d had Bella putting herself on display for him. By display aka strip teases.

Bella hopped back into her truck. She floored it all the way to the Cullen house. No one was there when she arrived. That didn’t stop her from breaking and entering. She went straight to Edward’s room and began to dig throughout his drawers. She found nothing until Bella got to his closet. She froze and the entire room spun. There were pictures of her caked to the wall from during these times. A trunk was pushed up against the wall directly beneath. She opened the trunk and grimaced. Every pair of panties that had ever come up missing were in this trunk. She gritted her teeth and slammed the lid down. Bella began to rip all the pictures off the wall. She opened the trunk once again and began to throw every picture inside. After she was done she dragged the trunk down the stairs. She brought it outside. Bella went back in and looked for some lighter fluid and matches. She found some by the fireplace. She strutted back out and began to douse the entire trunk in the lighter fluid. Bella went to throw in the lit match and got knocked down.

Edward gritted his teeth and pinned her wrists down.

“That’s all I have left of you! You can’t take that away from me too!” He shouted proving just how much of a sick monster he was. To think she used to defend him when he referred to himself a this, but he was telling the truth all along!

Jasper and Emmett yanked Edward off her. Bella looked him in the eyes as she lit another match and threw it in.

“Why would you destroy everything I had left?!”

“You didn’t have my consent! Edward that was damn near RAPE and you know it!”

“Rape?! You’re kidding me right? You don’t even know the true meaning of RAPE! I never touched you during those times! You were mine! I had every right to look to my heart’s content. We couldn’t have sex! What did you expect me to do?! I’m still very much a man Bella!”

“I expected you to handle it like any other boyfriend would! If you wanted something sexual you get my permission! YOU don’t force it on me when you don’t get your way. You know damn well I wasn’t comfortable with that! I love how truly selfish you can be! I went those three years without yet you couldn’t even muster it. You had to find a way to get some sort of self-pleasure while turning me down in the process. There’s something so very wrong with you! You’re mental!”

“Fine! You want me to fuck you?! Is that what you want Bella? You want me to risk killing you in order to satisfy you?! Then by all means we’ll go right up to my room and we’ll get started! I won’t hold back. I’ll fuck you through a damn wall!”

Bella found herself in shock. She’d never heard Edward talk that way EVER. Jasper gritted his teeth furiously and socked Edward as hard as he could in the gut. Edward came down to his knees. The impact was so hard his sternum cracked.

“I don’t ever want to hear you talk that way to a woman again brother. You will show her respect!”

“Fuck you Jasper and the hell with her! YOU HEARD ME, THE HELL WITH YOU BELLA SWAN!” He tries to charge after her only to get slammed into the earth.

Emmett had his knee to his throat. Jasper hand one of his arms in a snapping position.

“I wish you had died back in Italy! I wish I had NEVER gone with Alice to save your sorry ass! Hell, I WISH YOU WERE IN THAT TRUNK FUCKING BURNING AND SOON TO BE ROTTING IN HELL! YOU ONCE SAID YOU WERE WORRIED ABOUT IF VAMPIRES HAD SOULS! WHY? Why would you care if you had a soul nor not?! When you chose to become a monster!”

At this Bella got back into her truck. She drove back to the house. Bella just sat there staring off into space as the memories continued to flood her mind. Finally, the tears started to fall and she wept. Powerful sobs wracked her body as she cried for a young girl named Bella. A young girl who would never feel at home in Forks again.

Bella got out of her truck and took off towards the woods. She made her way to the cabin and knocked on the door. Bruce opened the door and looked upon her with alarm.

She said nothing once he shut the door. Bella latched onto him. Bruce held her in silence, but wished he knew what the hell happened. He led her to the couch; where he had her lay in his lap. He ran a soothing hand along her. When she calmed down she rolled onto her back. She softly cleared her throat.
“I’m gaining back all my memories.”

He nods.

“Are you alright?” He asked feeling senseless the moment the question left his mouth.

Of course she’s not! He just wasn’t sure what to say or do. He had to learn as well when it came to relationships, it’d been so long. That and he had to consider her age as well. Bella was highly mature for her age. But even through that maturity she was going to have teenage moments. Then again it wouldn’t matter how old you are. You find out someone’s literally been brainwashing you for a year or so. You’re going to have a rough transition overcoming something of that nature.

She shakes her head no. Bruce took her hand into his own.

“I was nothing more than a puppet. He had everyone fooled! I should have never gone to Italy!”
“What is happened in Italy, Bella?”

Bella sighs and explains how Alice had come to get her. How Alice had told her that Edward was about to expose himself so that the Volturi would end his very existence. How a vampire’s exposure to humans is a death sentence. That Bella merely knowing they existed almost had her meet her doom as well. That the only reason she was saved is due to the fact they believe she’s going to end up becoming one of them. Bella played the part so perfectly. She had them truly believe she was this love sick girl. That she couldn’t bear the idea of losing Edward. So well in fact Alice still saw Bella in their future. Aro believed Alice’s visions. Part of her at the time did feel as though she couldn’t bear it if Edward died. Though she was no longer in love with him; she couldn’t stomach the idea of him dying, before she knew the evil truths about him. After they were out of that palace though and rushing to get out of the Volturi territory. Bella’s true feelings came out.

She’d let Edward know exactly what she thought of him. She wasn’t too happy about all the mess and drama he’d unfolded. Even then he had the balls to somehow pin the blame onto her. Saying how if she wasn’t suicidal none of this would have happened etc… Like he was one to talk… Bella however, never was fucking suicidal! Alice’s vision was wrong! She wanted the thrill! It’s what she needed to feel alive again! All Alice saw was her jumping! They automatically assumed it was over fucking Edward that she was ready to die. Yeah she was destroyed and hurt, but not fucking suicidal! If anything she did what she did so she could live! That was her way of moving on. And once she came back up she felt alive! That is until a wave slammed her back and knocked her out. That part wasn’t planned. Jake saved her and that’s how it went from there. But Italy…

Bella was done with Edward the moment she jumped that cliff. She was already done with him before she ever arrived in Italy. She did what she had to in order to save him! On the way back, Edward had begged for forgiveness. He professed his undying love. He let be known he was NEVER going to give up on Bella that he’d do whatever it took to get her back. Part of her felt bad for him. She truly wanted to cry on his behalf seeing how destroyed over this he was. Yet on the other hand she was livid and her feelings for Edward in any sort of romantic nature were dead. They just weren’t there. She went to Italy to save a “friend” one she truly cared about deeply. Edward and his family meant a lot to her. She truly thought of them like family as well. The fact that Bella knew their secret only made her feel that much more protective of them. Yeah a human feeling protective of her vampire friends? That was who Bella was! She felt the same way about the Quileute’s and Bruce! They entrusted her with their secrets and she’d take each of theirs to the grave.

When his begging didn’t work that’s when the finger pointing started. He became irate and started to blame her for everything. Bella shot up in Bruce’s lap as another one struck her. She put her hand to her cheek in revelation. On the way back Edward had slapped her. Bella could recollect everything! Alice was mortified and in shock. She pulled over and bitched Edward out. Edward looked to be in shock himself on what he’d done. That’s where it began! That was the very first time Edward had ever charmed her. He’d wanted her to forget what he’d done and been using it ever since.
She told Bruce everything, from how she first met the Cullen’s and Edward, all but left out the sexual acts he’d had her preform. Yeah he never made her do anything physically sexual. But nevertheless Edward didn’t have any consent on the things he did have her do! Bella was smart enough to keep the other guy in mind and didn’t want him making sudden appearance. She could see it was somewhat of a struggle already. Bruce was trembling all over and his eyes were getting that green hue to them. His hands were in fists.

Bella looked to the time and knew it wouldn’t be long before Charlie was up.

“I better get back home.”
Bruce nodded and rose from the couch. He took her hand and helped her up. Bruce walked her back he stopped once the house was within viewpoint. They hugged before parting ways. Bruce didn’t head back to the cabin until he witnessed Bella getting into the house safe and sound.

Monday morning…

Once again Bella was the first to enter class. He nodded towards her as he sipped at his coffee. Bella handed him a blue folder. She then took her seat. He opened it to see the magazine and her report from freshman year inside. He grinned and shook his head.

“Gives me something to look forward to later.” He whispers.

Bella smiled in return and merely nodded. That smile soon faded as she looked towards the doorway. For some stupid reason she had forgotten all about Edward’s mind reading ability. Her jaw dropped and she turned towards Bruce then back to Edward. Jasper and Emmett quickly grabbed Edward and dragged off with him. Bella rushed out her seat and followed the Cullen’s outside. Bruce reared back in wonder.

“I’m going to KILL HIM!”

Edward barks once they’re outside. Bella apprehensively looks around thankful no one else was around but her and the Cullen’s.

“Um no, you’re not going to touch him!”

“I’ll have him fired and run out of town. Everyone will know the truth once I have him exposed!”

Bella grits her teeth.

“You don’t want to do that…” She says looking upon Edward with detestation.

“You see… Then I’d have to expose you for everything that you are. Believe me when I say EVERYTHING! You touch one hair on that man and I swear to GOD I will make your life far more miserable than it already is!”


“No Edward. You’re the monster and you seem to forget I just recently learned just how sick you truly are. Is your family aware of just how fucked up your mind is? Do they you’re your dirty little secrets. You’re so busy being in other’s heads and judging how they live their lives. That you don’t even take the time to think about your own. You put on this image, but that’s all it is. You’re nowhere near who I thought you were!”

Bella turns to Alice with a devilish smirk.
“I bet you knew… didn’t you?”

Jasper cut his wife a look. She looked downright shameful. Bella nodded at this.
“That’s about what I figured.”

Edward squirmed about trying to break free of his brothers’ hold.

“I’m going back to class. I’m moving on with my life. You will no longer dictate it. I will pretend as though you simply don’t exist. I might be human, but believe me when I say you don’t want to fuck with me. In every given situation, as of now you’re dead to me.” Bella said with tears streaming down her face.

Bella turned her back to him and went back to class. Bruce took in a breath of relief once she entered. He feared if he stepped out to see what was going on the other guy would appear and neither of them needed that at the moment. He glanced upon her but neither could react at the moment. He had to remain professional.

“Have a seat Ms. Swan and we’ll begin.”

She nodded sat down. As he handed out their assignments he discreetly handed Bella a tissue along with her paper. She wiped her eyes with it and kept her head down. Only two Cullen’s returned to class Jasper and Alice. Jasper patted her on the back as he headed to his seat. He then leaned into her ear.

“I knew you had it in you. I just wasn’t aware that little Bella Swan had such big hairy balls.”

Her jaw drops and he chuckles as he sits down. Bruce had caught the tail end of what Jasper said to her. He cocked a curious brow. She snapped a look back towards Jasper with wide eyes.

“Did you just…”

He shrugged.

“And I thought you were a gentleman.” Bruce heard her hiss.

Jasper covered his mouth in laughter. Bruce cleared his throat and they both turned to him apologetically. He nodded and they got started on their assignments.

The day surprisingly went by with no more incidents. The other Cullen’s remained a no show. Yet again Bella met with Bruce for tutorials. Bella pulled the door to as she stepped inside. Bruce took off his glasses and leaned back in his chair for a moment. He folded his arms about his chest and looked to be studying her. She looked to him oddly as she took out her chemistry book.

Bruce looked back to the door then to her.

“So what was that about? You know this morning?”

Bella sighs.
“I’m sorry… I forgot like one key detail about Edward.”
“Besides the obvious?”

She nods.

“And dare I ask what that is?”

“You’re not going to like it.”

“That’s no surprise.”
“Edward’s a mind reader.”

Bruce raises a brow on this.

“Mind reader?” He says in a mocking matter.

“Yeah as in he can read whatever you’re thinking about at that moment.”

“Great!” He sarcastically remarks.


“How could you forget something like that?”

“I’m sorry Bruce…” She whispers.

He sighs and looks towards the door again.

“So he knows?” Bruce hints.

Bella timidly nods. Bruce nods in return.
“Apparently he read your mind. He can’t read mine. So far I’m the only one Edward’s never been able to read.”

“That’s rather interesting.” Bruce looked to be in thought.

“Do you have some sort of block on him?”
Bella shrugs as if clueless.
“That or my brain’s abnormal.”
“Can’t get away with that one; I have the proof back home.”
Bruce comes to his feet.

“So everyone but yours.” He says but more like it was to himself.

“But he can lure you in with his charm or glamour so to speak.”

“Bruce…” She whispers with a wrinkled nose.

“Just thinking out loud Bella.”

“Another one of those weird scientist things?”

He nods.

“You might as well get used to that.”

“Hearing you talk to yourself?”

He nods yet again and sits beside her.

“I wonder…”

“If during these headaches of yours… if your mind was trying to fight Edward’s influence.”

“I’m lost.”

Bruce opens her chemistry book and takes out the papers they’d been working on.

“Think about it, Bella. If you’re the only one that can do this; then there must be something about you. Something no one else has or can do. This truly has my curiosity. There just might be something about that wonderful mind of yours!”

“So you’re not mad at me?”

He looks to her puzzled.


“Well yeah, I could have really screwed us over. I can’t believe I didn’t think about that. I mean I did when we first kissed but…”

Bruce looks towards the front of the room where the door was. Bella took notice of this as well.

“I’m handling it. I just need you to trust me.”

“Trust is not the issue. My concern is you and you only. I don’t want you getting hurt in all this. If the two of us gets out…” He sighs.
“Then we take whatever comes our way and go from there.”
“Are you certain about all this?”
Bella shakes her head looking rather hurt.

“Well that depends are you ready to run? I’m just wondering because you sound as if you’re having second thoughts.”
Bruce flinched at this.

“I’d just like to know ahead of time that’s all.”

“Bella… I told you from the beginning I was in this all the way.” He reassures.

“You need to realize that this isn’t about me.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. I get that you’re not used to hearing that with you being like a prodigy and all, but you’re wrong. It’s about you just as much as it is me. It’s about us. There is no I or you but we.”

“Prodigy? I’m hardly a prodigy.”

“And you’re humble at that.”

Bruce half smiles and shakes his head.

“I’m not going anywhere Bella. If I were, you’d be the first to know.”

He looks to the time.

“Ok we really need to get started.”
“On…?” She says in a rather seductive matter.

He clears his throat and takes in a breath. He slides her paper over.

“This…” He taps his finger on it.
Bella sighs and grabs her pencil.

“Fine… but shouldn’t I be sitting your lap or something.” She taunts with a blush.

Bruce raises his brows on this.
“Not at school.” He says sternly.
“Like never?!”

“Never ever?!”

He nods.

“Well that sucks.”

“Just work on your paper. We’re running out of time.”

She sighs again.

“Fine…” She mumbles bitterly.

“Act your age.”
“That’s just it… I am.” She taunts again with a grin as she starts on her paper.

“Oh you are? Are you?”

She nods assuredly and continues her work.

“Shhhh… I’m trying to work here.”

Bruce rolls his eyes but softly laughs.

“Now who should be acting their age?”
“Get to work.”

“Get to work…” She mocks doing her best Bruce impersonation.
“I sound nothing like that.”
“Sure you don’t.”

Bella finishes her paper and hands it to Bruce. She looks to the time and grabs her backpack. Bella then leans in as if she was going to kiss him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Bixby.”

He cocks a brow at this as she leaves him hanging and exits the classroom. Bruce pinches his eyes shut and groans to himself.

“I’m so fired…”

Bruce narrowed his eyes upon the black Mercedes Benz, a brand new one at that, parked outside of his cabin. He parked beside it and stepped out. The door to the Mercedes opened and out stepped a pale man with slick blonde hair. He looked to have come straight from work. He was still in his lab coat and his name tag read Dr. Cullen. Bruce half laughed to himself.

The man aka vampire nodded towards him. Once he approached Bruce he offered his hand.

“Carlisle Cullen.”

Bruce hesitated at first, but shook his hand in return.

“Mr. Bill Bixby.” Bruce said testing him.

Carlisle smiled.

“Well sure you are…”

Bruce nods.
“And what brings you here Dr. Cullen?”
“Might we talk in a more private setting?”

Bruce sighs with slight agitation and looks back towards the cabin.

“I suppose that can be arranged.”

Carlisle nods and follows Bruce inside.

Bruce places his things down on his desk and sits on his recliner.

“Have a seat Dr. Cullen.”
“Thank you.”

Dr. Cullen sits down on the coach and clears his throat.
“My son Edward has brought it to my attention that you and Bella Swan are having a rather intimate relationship.”

Bruce presses his lips together and leans over resting his elbows on his knees as he gazes upon Carlisle. Bruce interlocks his fingers together.
“And that’s your business because?”

“The young lady we happen to see as one of our own. She is family and we are quite protective of her.”
Bruce nods.

“Oh I can see that! Do tell me Dr. Cullen do you allow your other children to be treated as though mere marionettes? If so then yes you’re right on the money. She is certainly family. Very protective you are.”

Carlisle sighs.

“I’m handling the situation with my son. He realizes that what he has done is not acceptable.”
“Does he now?”

“Yes sir.”

“And why didn’t you deal with your son when this first started?”

“I wasn’t aware.”

Bruce half laughs and shakes his head.

“You weren’t aware? You weren’t… Hitherto you’re the one that leads your family. A family of vampires nevertheless, a very important role you play Dr. Cullen. If you had paid closer attention and did something a lot sooner, Bella Swan wouldn’t be going through the torment she is now! You haven’t any idea just how much it takes to erase the damage your son has inflicted on this young lady. He had no right. NONE Whatsoever… You see Dr. Cullen, I too am a doctor. We both are well aware of what could’ve been. Not only did she experience headaches, nosebleeds, and confusion… but memory loss. Your son FRIED HER BRAIN! Bella is having to start all over in some areas just to get back to where she was. She was nearly flunking out and we both know Bella’s extremely clever Dr. Cullen.”
“I wasn’t aware of all this.”
“But she’s like family…” Bruce mocks with a sneer.

“That she is.”


“That is why I’m here. As I stated from the beginning… this relationship.”

Bruce nods.

“Once again that is none of your concern. That is between Bella and I.”
“Doesn’t it seem highly inappropriate? Not only are you her teacher, but clearly there is somewhat of an age gap. Not to mention she just got out of a relationship.”
“I don’t really care what you think Dr. Cullen. If I had I would have gone to you for permission, but seeing as how I did not! Clearly, it means I do not need your permission. As for this other relationship you speak of; that actually ended sometime ago. Your son merely chose to ignore that and kept pressing his luck.”
“And what of that permission of Chief’s Swan’s? What if I was to bring this little diabolical to his attention? How do you think he would feel knowing that his 17 year old daughter is sleeping with her 33 year old teacher?”
“Are you threatening me?!” Bruce snaps his eyes flickered. The veins along his body became green and began to move as his hands balled up.

His breathing picked up and his heart rate skyrocketed.

“You don’t want to make me angry Dr. Cullen. That would be a very big mistake. If I were you, I’d tread lightly. I’d keep to my own affairs and stay out of everyone else’s. If your son so much as comes near Bella again. I will take matters into my own hands and you will not like the outcome! You try to sabotage mine and Bella’s relationship and you and I will be locking horns. Unlike your son, I will take care of Bella and at all cost. She is my responsibility now and that’s something I take very seriously. You do not wish to know the lengths I will go to in order to keep her protected.”

“This relationship is highly uncalled for! It’s only basis is sexual. Nothing else will ever come of this. She will only wind up getting hurt in the end.”

Bruce grits his teeth.

“NOT BY ME SHE WON’T AND DON’T YOU EVEN PRETEND TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT US DR. CULLEN! I BELIEVE YOU’VE WARN OUT YOUR WELCOME!” He roars as he hurriedly grabbed Carlisle by the collar and shoved him out of the cabin.

Bruce slammed the door and leaned against it. He came to his knees as he fought the raging beast within.

His cell rang and he looked to see it was Bella. He hurriedly answered it out of fear she might be in danger.

“Bruce…? Are you alright?”

He closes his eyes focusing on her voice.

“Just keep talking.” He says through gritted teeth.

“Um ok… I was just checking in. You know like you requested.”
Bruce takes in a deep breath.

“Are you sure you’re ok?!” She said with slight panic to her voice.

“I’m perfectly fine, now…”
He says looking to see the green veins had vanished. His heart rate was dropping. It became easier to breathe.
“Thank you, Bella.”
He smiles to himself and puts his hand upon his heart.

Bruce took off his glasses once he was done reading Bella’s report. He was laying in his bed in complete marvel. He truly couldn’t get over how smart she truly was. So much of her theories were dead on.

“A C? What a croc…This is easily college material…” He utters and tosses the folder down on his nightstand.

He thought about the irony of the report and Bella’s initials being in the cabin. How she could also tame the beast… Bruce was finding himself in complete awe lately. Everything as of late seemed as though they were merely fated. He reached over and cut off his lamp. Before he called it a night though he looked to his phone, he reached over and grabbed it. He scrolled through his numbers and found Bella’s. Bruce argued with himself. He wasn’t sure if her father went through her phone or not. Surely not considering she’s legally an adult now. Still he knew nothing about her father other than he was a cop. Decidedly, he braved it.

Goodnight Ms. Swan

Bella rolled over hearing her cell phone vibrating. She’d just put down her book and was about to go to bed. She picked up her phone and was surprised to see it was Bruce.

Goodnight doctor…

She was careful not to put an actual name. If people were looking for him, she wasn’t sure the lengths they would go to in order to find him.

They both put their phones back down and went to sleep.

Bruce’s eyes widened as Bella walked into class. Her hair was down and untamed. She was in wearing a black and blue plaid skirt, a buttoned black blouse that fit rather snug and black low heeled Converse. He swallowed back as she took her seat. Bella crossed her legs and Bruce thought he’d lose his mind. He covered his face and quietly groaned into his hands.

Bella however was completely oblivious of how much she was torturing the poor man. She got out her chemistry book. Bruce cleared his throat. Trying to focus as the other students began to enter the class. Bruce grabbed one of Bella’s paper’s that he had graded. He couldn’t help himself. He grabbed a red pen. Bruce marked through the 95 score she had made.

+5 bonus aka skirt… = 100 Do keep up the good work Ms. Swan.

So very, very, very FIRED if anyone ever saw this. He couldn’t help himself. Considering everything as of late he figured they could both use the laugh.

He noticed that Edward was a no show today, but the others were all here. Bruce secretly hoped the little bastard would never return. He knew they weren’t that lucky though.

Bruce handed out the papers once the bell rang. He heard Bella gasp out and stifling a laugh. She swiftly flipped her paper around so no one can see it.

Once class was over Bella discreetly placed the paper on his desk. He looked to her oddly as she walked away. He waited until everyone was out of the room.

Mr. Bixby! I’m completely appalled and mortified! That is highly offensive and I will not tolerate such behavior! I feel we should have a discussion about this after school!

P.s – you leave my skirt out of this!

Bruce dies in laughter.

The Pack…

Jake paced around as the others sat at the dining room table. Sam rolls his eyes.

“Would you just relax?”

Emily makes her way over and places a hand upon his shoulder.

“Man, let it go!” Paul says with annoyance.
“Yeah, it’s bad enough we always know what you’re thinking.” Embry adds.

“She’s not worth it man. Let’s see how did she put it? She needed a real man not some stupid MUTT? Right?”

Jake flinches at Paul’s hurtful reminder.

“Then she went on about how immature you were and admitted that she was just using you to get under her fucking leech’s skin. That’s all she wanted remember? He left and she just wanted the damn leech back. You were pretty much tossed aside like mere garbage once he returned!”

Emily looked onto the boys oddly.

“That doesn’t even sound like Bella.”

“Well she did and it was. We all witnessed it ourselves even Sam!”

Sam sighs and nodded his head.

“Well there must be some sort of explanation.”
“Yeah she’s a bitch and needs to be smacked around a bit, taught a fucking lesson.”

Jake growled towards Paul.
“What it’s true?! I can’t believe you still give a damn about this chick. What is it about her?”

“I for one think you’re being incredibly unfair.”

All the boys turn to Emily. She normally wasn’t one to get involved in the pack’s meetings.

“HOW?!” Paul snaps at Emily.

Sam cuts him a look of warning and growls under his breath. Paul sighs.

“Now think about it. We’ve all been around Bella. We’ve seen just how protective she is of Jake. Jake when I say this I say it as a friend. But you’ve got to stop thinking with this crush you have on this girl and start to think more like a real friend would. Don’t let your feelings overcloud your judgment. You need to come into terms with the fact that Bella will always see you as nothing more than a very special friend of hers. If you don’t then you’re going to let that anger consume you and while you’re doing that you’re not only punishing yourself by pushing Bella out of your life, but you’re punishing her.”

“GOOD!” Paul barks.

Sam points upon him.

“You will not interrupt when she’s talking. Shut your damn trap!”

Paul sighs.

“Why should I care about her feelings? She never cared about mine.”
“That’s not true and everyone in this room knows that. Anyone that’s ever paid close enough attention, such as myself. They can see that girl loves you. It’s just not the way you desire. For that I’m sorry Jake, but you can’t force something that’s just not there. That and I truly think there is far more behind this then we realize.”
“How do you mean…?”

“Well for starters you, yourself have admitted how much she’s changed since this vampire came into her life. You’ve said yourself she’s just not Bella. That it’s like she’s not even there. Ever think that maybe you’re dead on? We all know the legends and what these vampires are capable of. I say you give her a chance. Hear what she has to say. She wouldn’t come all this way for nothing. And I’m sure it was very nerve wracking to begin with for the poor girl. It took a lot of balls showing up back here after what all took place. All the more reason I truly believe you should at least hear what she has to say.”

“And why should I do that?”

“I too know what it means to be hurt by someone that’s meant to be the one protecting you.”
Sam flinched but didn’t comment.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“I believe deep down you already know.”

Jake sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Bruce keeps his distance and stays at his desk. Normally, he sits beside her but feared he wouldn’t have the greatest self-control today if he did. He lifted his eyes towards Bella every once in while during tutorials. She finished the two papers she had and made her way over to have him check on them. As she did her scent hit him as she leaned over. His jaw clenched as he took the papers. He cleared his throat. It didn’t help that Bella flirted with him off and on the entire time. So he spent the entire 40 minutes hard as hell. He was determined that at school; he remained professional. He had no choice! No matter what little fantasies played out in his mind. He was a grown ass man and he needed to act like it; only his dick didn’t agree at all neither did his teenage girlfriend. Bruce wasn’t completely oblivious he knew damn well that she’d been trying to seduce him into breaking his rule. Yet he loved the way she blushed during those times. He could tell she was very new to this as well and often enough she’d be flirting with him but her cheeks would be rosy red and she’d look down to her desk rather shyly. That only added to the appeal. Bruce loved that hint of innocence about her. He thought it was entirely too cute and sexy as hell.

“You’re getting faster. That’s a good sign.”

She nods and turns around heading back to her seat. Bruce checks her papers and sees that this time she hadn’t missed a single answer. He smiled on this and nodded in full approval.
“I do believe we’re getting somewhere.” He flashes the papers showing she made a hundred on both.

Bella smiled.

He looked to the time and with 15 minutes to spare.

“I suppose we can call it a day if you want.”

Bella grabbed her backpack and was heading to the door. Only she dropped her pencil and picked it up. The most cliché thing that could get him hot under the collar. He undid another button on his shirt. Bruce found himself coming to his feet and discreetly inching his way over, directly behind her. She went and opened the door just to have him push it shut with one hand again.

“Wait, didn’t you have something you wished to discuss with me?”

Her eyes widened not realizing he’d managed to get right behind her. Bruce pulled down the shade to the window in the door. Bruce locked the door and was pressing himself against her.

“Something about how you were appalled and mortified… And how you wanted your skirt left out of this.”

Bella’s entire body heated over as he ran his fingers along the ends of her skirt and thigh. Bruce sighed to himself with that inner war going. He knew this was highly inappropriate. This is something they needed to wait and take care off back at the cabin or a hotel. Not here! This sort of behavior was just uncalled for! He was going to get them caught! After all life isn’t a porno! But even as he had these thoughts he found himself raising her skirt. Bella tried to talk. She even tried to come up with something totally snarky to say in return flirtatiously, but he’d had her off-guard. She truly didn’t expect this. Her breath was completely taken away as both his hands now were along her thighs and he was gazing upon her black panties. Bella couldn’t move or think. Her body was at his mercy. Bruce unzipped her skirt and it fell to the ground.

“Skirt’s no longer involved.” He whispered and started unbuttoning her shirt.

She wore a bra that clasped in the front today. He quickly freed her breasts and ran his hands along them.

HOLY SHIT! Bella thought over and over in her mind. Dr. Banner was fucking HOT when he got all seductive like this. She didn’t know this side of him existed. Before she could think, Bruce had her panties off. He undid his belt, unfastened his slacks, and the sound of a zipper was heard. He had her up against the corner of the wall. Her knees were over his arms. She gasped out as he thrust into her. Her arms automatically wrapped around him.

“Shhh…” He whispered as she softly moaned.

She blushed and he winked. He decided to keep her mouth busy. Bruce kissed her as he continued to thrust his cock into her. He’d never ever done anything like this. He couldn’t believe what he was doing. The risk! This was very, very bad. If anyone walked in… Yet that was part of the thrill. The mere danger had him excited in ways he couldn’t truly understand even as a scientist. He found himself baffled by how the human body could react in situations like these. Where it truly seems like it’s too much and you cave. Bruce continued his stride but carried her to his desk where most of his fantasies played out. He lay her down and his cock swelled up even more drastically at the sight. Her unbuttoned blouse had her perfect breast exposed, her pink nipples were hard, and her pussy was glistening with wetness. He spread her about with his fingers taking a good look. He fingered her until his desk was nice and coated with her sexual essence. He ran the tip of his dick along her slit before reentering. Bella covered her mouth to stifle a moan.

Bella had to fight with everything she had not to scream, moan, or call out his name. She had to either cover her mouth or bite down on her lower lip. She wasn’t the only one having this issue and it was about to get worse for Bruce. He was about to come. He drove into her harder and faster, stretching her out even more. Bruce looked down to see his cock in his very cozy, and snug new home and after a few more thrusts he lost it. They both froze as he moaned out. He winced and listened to see if anyone else heard it. Bella nervously giggled as he pulled out and helped her up. Bruce hurriedly helped her get dressed and he fixed his belt and pants.

He kissed her once more as he led her back to the door.

“That can never happen again. It was just the one time. Okay?”

She smiles.

“Well sure it won’t.”
“I mean it, Bella.”

“Ok Mr. Bixby. It’s whatever you say.” She says with a certain grin about her.

“Bella…” He whispered in a scolding matter.

But even as he opened the door and watched her head out the building. He too knew he was lying his ass off. He still had too many fantasies he wanted to test out. He sighed to himself in shame and pinched his eyes shut.

“Yep, I’m so fired.”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Temptation”

  1. Ugh Stupid Paul. At least she tried. Oh wow for Doucheward’s closet. Glad Em and Jazz were there. E has a lot to pay for and Alice too. hmmm now what is Carlisle up to? Threatening Mr B is sooooo not a good idea.

    Paul really needs to grow up. Glad Emily talked some sense into them.

    Oooh Naughty Doc at school. Yumminess

  2. As usual Carlisle will turn a blind eye to his little boy.i wish Em and Jasper would just take him into the forest and pound him until he is one huge crack.did she get a chance to burn that trunk or did the guys do it?Jasper needs to have a long talk with his mate about what she knew.

  3. Loved their hot rendezvous in the classroom.
    Can’t believe Bruce didn’t pound Carlisle into the ground. Glad Emily talked some sense into the boys that something was wrong with Bella and they should find out what.

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