Chapter 6 In Honor Of Your Presence

Chapter 6

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“My turn…” She whispers raspingly into Bella’s ear and roughly twirls her around.

Bella’s heart raced as they locked eyes.


She smiles and wraps her arms around Bella. Before Bella can even blink Victoria takes off. She tosses Bella into a field. Not just any field but the field Bella and Edward use to go to. Bella groans out in pain and rolls over. Only to find herself surrounded by more vampires, newborns at that. She grits her teeth and comes to her feet. Victoria smiled and circled her menacingly.

“What to do with you… It seems your lover turned his back to you. He’s left you defenseless yet again. Such a tragic ordeal, for you. So where is he?”
“He’s dead!” And to Bella he truly was.

Victoria raises her brows on this. Lightning cascaded through the sky and the ground shook as it thundered. The earth beneath them was becoming nothing more than a giant puddle of mud. Bella took precaution as the mud was slippery. She only had on her black pajama set so she was freezing and barefoot. Victoria picked her up by the collar of her shirt.


She tossed her about again and Bella’s body slide across the mud. Her head hit against a tree. Victoria leaped over and straddled her. She roughly cupped Bella’s chin forcing her to face her.

“Better yet, I believe I have better plans for you. I’m still going to kill you of course. But I’m curious…”

Victoria hops up and yanks Bella back up. She drags her by the hair into the middle of the field. Lightning struck a nearby tree. It began to rain even harder. Victoria waved her newborn followers over.

“This one lives after she dies of course. Do we have an understanding?”
They each nod.

“For Riley…” Victoria says egging the newborns on as they chant out his name.

Bella gasped out as Victoria plunged her fangs into Bella’s neck.


Jake had been tracking the vampires as he’d picked up their scent earlier. The rain however had been masking it somewhat harder to stay on their trail.

He shouted as he shifted and took off towards the field. Victoria shoved Bella down. Bella landed on her knees and reached to her neck. Fire… What felt like fire coursed through her neck, down her chest, across her arms, abdomen and legs. Bella screamed out in agonizing pain.

Jake slammed Victoria down. Bella came down in a fetal position as her body began to convulse. The newborns hissed out and began to help Victoria against the massive rustic brown wolf. They jerked Jake off of Victoria and tossed him about the woods. He shook it off and came soaring for them again. The newborns swarmed him in order to protect Victoria. Victoria turned her attention back to Bella; who now lay in silence. She was now on her back and her eyes were closed. Victoria smiled and hunkered over Bella. She reached out and was about to move strand of hair from Bella’s face. Victoria jumped nevertheless as a hand wrapped tightly around her wrist.

Bella’s eyes shot open and glowed a deep emerald green hue. Her teeth were gritted as she squeezed the hell out of Victoria’s wrist. As she did this the venom that had entered Bella’s body was being excreted through her pores. Victoria looked upon Bella in utter disbelief. Before Victoria could truly think about what was happening. Bella had her pinned down to the ground. She was punching her face repeatedly. Bella’s knuckles became raw and bleed as she continued to beat on Victoria.

Victoria hissed out and used her knees to fling Bella off her. Bella landed in a crouching position and came barreling right back for her. Victoria stepped aside and Bella barely missed her. Bella groaned out as Victoria took her fists across Bella’s back. Bella came down to one knee. Just as Victoria was sailed right for her, Bella threw back her elbow. Victoria fell back and wrapped her hands around her throat where Bella had hit. Bella was about to bring her knee across her sternum; when a few of the newborns grabbed her.

They hit her in the face, chest, stomach, and back. Bella tried fighting them off but was outnumbered. Jake whimpered out as he witnessed this. He himself was trying to overcome a broken paw. One of the newborns had Bella in a kill switch with their arms around her neck. Two more held her arms back. Jake ignored his own pain and dashed over just as they were about to snap her neck. He bit down with everything he had around the newborns neck. He violently shook until their head rolled onto the ground. Bella smashed the other two vampires’ heads together and their marble skin cracked at the impact. One of them latched onto Jake’s neck as he was attempting to take the life of another. Bella yanked them up by the roots of their hair and took her knee to their back. They came down to their knees. Without another thought Bella kicked at their neck and snapped it in half. She looked to Jake wide eyed as she held their head in her hold.

“Bella?!” He called out in shock.

“NO!” He shouted as Victoria grabbed Bella by the hair and took off with her.

Bella kicked out her feet and wrapped her hands around Victoria’s wrists as she fought to break free. Victoria dragged her throughout the woods. Thorns, rocks, and branches tore into Bella’s flesh as Victoria continued to drag her along. Victoria leaped up into a tree and continued to jump up with Bella in her hold.

Jake fought tooth and nail to rid of whatever newborns were left, so he could get to Bella.

Bella cried out at the impact as Victoria shoved her back against the tree they were in. Victoria socked her in the gut causing Bella to fall out of the tree. Jake had just managed to get there in time to switch back and catch her. Victoria leaped back down before them. Bella hopped out of Jake’s hold just as Victoria took off. Bella and Jake chased after her. Together they managed to trick Victoria. Jake had her at one end of the woods and Bella on the other. She hadn’t anywhere else to go without crossing either shifter or vampire territory. She knew her odds were better off facing them instead.

Victoria sailed right for Bella. Jake bounded over and violently ripped off one of Victoria’s arms. Bella snatched her up by the throat. She lifted Victoria up off the ground. Something came over Bella as she stared into Victoria’s eyes. Victoria’s skin began to crackle and chip around her neck. Bella continued to squeeze with everything she had. Bella drove Victoria’s head through a tree and twisted it into a snapping position. Jake bit down on one of Victoria’s legs as he and Bella began to rip her apart like a mere game of tug-a-war. Once Victoria was ripped into shreds; Jake and Bella gathered the bodies. Jake took off to find a way to burn them. He returned with a zippo and some lighter fluid.

They merely watched as though they were at a bonfire. Jake looked upon Bella as the fire continued to burn them into nothing more than ashes.

“So what the hell was that loca?! And what happened to your body?!”

She smirked even through the pain she was experiencing. Her entire body was in agony.
“To be honest… I haven’t a clue.”
After the fire died down, they took cover under a tree from the storm. Fog escaped Bella’s breath and she shivered. Jake sighed hearing Paul and the others making their way over.

“You better go…The others are coming. We’ll talk later. I promise.”

She nodded and glanced towards the direction they were coming. It truly sucked to know she was pretty much the pack’s enemy now. But it’s how things were now thanks to Edward. Her entire world had been flipped around.

“Go Bella! Be safe!”

She nodded yet again and took off. Bella somehow succeeded to climb up and crawl through her window. She was soaking wet, covered in mud and leaves, and she was all beat up. Bella leaned against the wall not able to move another inch. Her eyes came to a close and she was out. She wasn’t even aware that Bruce was on her bed. He’d snuck in and had been waiting for her.

“Bella?” He whispered in alarm and shot to his feet.

He’d wondered why she didn’t answer his calls or text when he tried to inform her about the lab results. Something didn’t set right with him. Bruce had to make certain she was alright. Only when he climbed up and managed to pry her window open; (which had him totally feeling like a teenager again) he saw she was nowhere to be found. Her phone was still on the nightstand.

Not sure what else to do; Bruce quickly scooped her up. He carefully crawled back out the window. Bruce struggled to make his way down with her in his hold but managed to do so. He then took off to his cabin. He knew with Charlie being home, he couldn’t very well take the risk. Thankfully, Charlie had already gone to bed. So he wasn’t even aware Bella had been missing.

As soon as Bruce got her in the door, she stripped her down. He carried her to the bathroom and propped her up on the counter. He started a warm shower. Bruce stripped down as well and picked her up once more. He carried her into the shower and sat down with her between his legs. He began scrubbing her down. Her entire body was caked in mud. He winced seeing the cuts and bruises along her body. He washed her hair and maneuvered her around making certain he got all the dirt and grim off her. When he was finished he carefully propped her up against the tub. He rinsed himself off as well and shut off the water.

Bella whimpered out as he dried her off. Afterword, he laid her on his bed. He quickly covered her up as she shivered and goose bumps covered her body. Bruce dried himself off as well. He then crawled under the covers and held her doing his best to keep her warm as possible. About an hour or so passed when Bruce heard her suck back a deep breath. She shot up with startled. Bella reached to her heart and Bruce rose and ran a hand along her back. She turned towards him with surprise and confusion.

He nodded and noticed that some of her cuts and bruises had started to heal or was already gone. Her eyes got real wide as it all came back to her. She covered her mouth.

“What happened Bella?”

“I’m not really sure.” She says with a quivery voice.

“Bella, I really need to know. So tell me whatever you can.”

She nods and tells him about Victoria and how she’d kidnapped her. She tells him about the battle and what she was capable of. Bella even tells Bruce about Jake helping her take out the newborns. How they killed Victoria and burned the remains. Bruce looked upon her in sheer astonishment. Bella could have died tonight. And Bruce didn’t even have a clue all this was taking place. He was just sitting there on her damn bed, when he should have been out there helping her! He sighs feeling pissed with himself.

“How’d I get here anyhow?”

“I’d tried calling you about your lab results. When you didn’t answer, I sent you a couple of texts. I grew concerned when a couple hours passed and you never replied. So I came to check on you. Ended up sneaking into your room and it wasn’t long after you crawled through your window and passed out.”

Bella grimaced. But she perked her head back upon him.

“Wait, you did know my dad was home right?”

Bruce nods.

She looks to him in surprise.

“I was that desperate, I suppose. I knew something wasn’t right.”

“And my results?”

“It seems you were right. I did pass some of the gamma radiation on to you. From the looks of things it merely took a few days to take its course. I believe this took place the first time we had sex. Whatever this strand is… it seems it’s stable and you’re now immune. I ran several tests for my own peace of mind. It’s rather remarkable. Your DNA strand, I’ve never seen anything like it. But you do not carry the genetic factor that causes the Hulk transformation. However it seems you have some of his abilities. I’m just not sure to what degree.”

“So I’m not dying. Nor do I have some sort of she beast transformation?”

He grins.
“That’d be correct. Thankfully.”
“And we can still have sex?”
He nods with full assurance.

“My guess is that the other guy wanted to make certain he got his “mark” in you as well.”
“Mark? As in… he wanted a mate?!”

Bruce has a good laugh at this.

“With him? You never know.”
Bruce felt this overwhelming need to hold her. He still wasn’t too happy to learn what all she went through tonight. Though in a way, part of him was rather relieved he did pass this odd element onto her. If he hadn’t… He hated to know the possible outcome of tonight.

He kept a mental note to record everything Bella told him about tonight. About her strength, how her body rejected the vampire’s venom, about how he witnessed her body healing and how it slowly but surely continued to heal. He noticed she seemed to heal faster when she was sleeping. He figured that was why she passed out. Her body had gone into overdrive trying to protect itself. So it shut down completely and started to emphasis solely on restoring itself.

“So tell me about your friend, Jake.”

She nods and tells him about how they sort of grew up together. They used to play together when she’d come stay with her father during the summer. However she wanted Bruce to be aware of the truth behind their relationship. About how at times Jake could often enough prove his age by his immaturity. That because of his shifter aka wolf side, he also had some anger issues. Something that often enough, through Bella, he learned to work on. Bruce didn’t comment, but thought of the irony. Jake was just one of those people Bella found it easy to get along with. She could be herself around him and didn’t have to hide anything. Around Jake she felt free; more so than she ever had with Edward. But she never saw anything sexual in Jake. And that’s what Jake had a hard time understanding. Bella admitted to Bruce that she figured that’s also what did their relationship in. Besides the shit Edward pulled.

Jake always read far more into their relationship than she ever had. She expressed that she felt he was too young for her, but she didn’t mean by age alone. No, mentally, Jake was too young to keep up with Bella. That youthfulness, she often enough loved about him. But then there were times it was overwhelming, because their mental levels were so different. Things that bothered Jake, Bella wouldn’t even so much as bat an eye at. Ironically, she had the same issues off and on with her century old ex. For once, Bella truly felt as though she found her match. Not only was she fully free to be herself around Bruce. But for once she felt she had someone that got her and understood her on not just a physical level but mental as well. Bruce and Bella were on mutual ground. They seemed to get one another completely. That was something Bella never had with Edward or Jake.

Bella told Bruce how Edward took it upon himself to glamour her into sabotaging their friendship. That she said some pretty horrible and unforgiveable things to Jake; things that she’d never say, things that had Edward Cullen written all over it. She admitted to Bruce that she went there not long ago to set things straight. But to let Jake know the truth behind everything that took place. But his pack ran her off and told her to keep out of La Push.

During this she’d curled up against his chest. Bella groaned as she looked to the time. She saw that they had less than three hours before school started.

“I better go so you can get some sleep. That and Charlie will be up before too long.”

Bruce nodded in understanding, but didn’t want her to go. He yet again found her something to wear. Only this time he walked her all the way to the house. She climbed up to her window and crawled through. He grinned as she tossed over the clothes he’d let her borrow. He wiggled his brows as she stood before him in the buff. Bella blew him a kiss before closing her window.

Bruce damn near fell back in his chair as Bella entered class today. It was picture day and Bella must’ve put that 300 he gave her to good use. She’d certainly got her some new clothes. Her hair was slightly pinned back while the rest flowed about freely. She wore a black skirt and white blouse. Instead of her usual Converse she was wearing some black knee high laced boots. Bella had a way of keeping somewhat modest yet classy, which he found to be very sexy. Women like that were hard to find they were either too much one way or the other. Bella had it nailed down perfectly. She truly was more mature than her age in every which way. It’s like she knew how much was too far and never stepped over that boundary. Yet it was enough to make Bruce sweat. That’s what drove him even crazier. He wanted to show her off dammit. To let others know that she was his girl. This whole secrecy stuff… yeah it was exciting, in some ways. But he felt pride in the fact that he and Bella were together. He didn’t like not being able to express that.

Bella took her seat and crossed her legs as she got out her book. Bruce was in suffering. If he could get away with it he’d have her secretly meet him somewhere. And he’d fuck the hell out of her. He knew there was no way in hell he’d survive their tutorial session today. They still had a good 10 minutes before the tardy bell. Bruce hadn’t even seen Ms. Jones enter the room. His eyes were still on Bella. He couldn’t pry away even if he wanted to. Bella’s attention however darted over to Ms. Jones. She raised her brows as she leaned over the desk and whispered something into Bruce’s ear.

Bruce shook his head. Bella took notice of the uncomfortable glare he was cutting Ms. Jones. Bella rolled her eyes as the teacher ran her fingers through his hair before exiting the room. Bruce pinched his eyes shut and his hand was balled up on the desk. What Bella didn’t know was that the teacher had asked if they could get together for lunch. In her room… “for dessert”. This woman was getting on Bruce’s nerves big time. Women like Ms. Jones never appealed to him. Apparently, she had no morals and would sleep with anyone she wanted. Of course he denied the invitation. Only this time he whispered about how he was now engaged. If he had to, Bruce would buy a fucking ring and wear it. He had no intentions of seeing anyone else now. Bella was it for him. All the more reason Ms. Jones was getting under his skin. He thought of the irony. When he was single it seemed women didn’t even so much as look his direction. Now that he only wanted Bella’s affections. He had been advanced three times since they first started dating. Ms. Jones, one of the local librarians, and a nurse that worked at the hospital in Seattle. All fairly attractive women, all lacked the same problem. They weren’t “her”. They were simply closer to his age other than that there was no real appeal.

Then again Bruce noticed Bella had the same issue. It seemed Kevin and Mike had it bad for Bella Swan; even more so after her newest transition… And they weren’t the only ones. Bruce had witnessed Alice smacking Jasper in the back of the head for staring a couple times as well. But like Bruce, Bella hadn’t eyes for anyone else. In fact she didn’t even seem to notice the boys around her and how they’d ogle her.

Once the bell rang Bruce had them doing an assignment about their field trip from yesterday. It was mainly to see if they were even paying attention. Bruce however looked up from his desk. It looked as though Alice and Jasper were arguing.

“It’s none of your damn business.” Bruce heard Jasper snap.

Alice’s jaw dropped and Jasper rolled his eyes and went back to working on his assignment.

Emmett and Rosalie looked upon them curiously as well.

“Everything’s ruined. She won’t be able to become of us now.”

Bruce narrowed his eyes towards them. Bella overheard this as well and turned back towards Alice and Jasper. Jasper looked upon Bella apologetically.

“Knock it off Alice…” Jasper demanded through gritted teeth.

Alice pointed upon Bella.

“Where were you last night? You just disappeared.”

“ALICE!” Jasper slammed his hand down on the desk.

Everyone’s attention was on Alice and Jasper now. Bella’s pencil snapped as she turned back around looking pissed. She knew Alice couldn’t see past the shifters. That must be what Alice meant by you just disappeared. But she must’ve seen something about her new transformation. How else would she know she couldn’t be turned now? Alice just let it slip that she was STILL keeping tabs on Bella.

“Ms. Cullen… Do we have a problem?” Bruce questioned with that hint of authority in his voice.

One that had Bella biting on her lower lip a bit… She kept her head down out of fear she’d start laughing at the expense of Alice. Bella reached into her bag and grabbed another pencil.

“No…” Alice replies with a hint of attitude behind it.

“Can we get back to our assignment then Ms. Cullen? Without any more interruptions?”

Alice bitterly went back to work on her assignment. She kept quiet the remainder of the class period.

Come lunchtime it seemed Bella and Bruce were both having their patience tested. Not only did Ms. Jones return to her flirtatious ways, but Alice decided to drag Bella to their table at lunch. She sat her down as though she were merely a child. Bella let out a rather annoyed laugh as each of the Cullen’s looked upon her. Jasper however was leaning back with his arms folded about his chest.

“Alice…?” He whispered in question harshly.

Emmett just looked confused. Rose was her typical bitchy self.

“What’s this about Alice?”
Alice smiles.

“Just a little reminder, that’s all.”
“Yes Bella… We’re not ready to give up on you.” Bella suddenly felt as though she were sitting with a cult rather than a coven.

Jasper shut his eyes on this. Bella swore she heard him grinding his teeth together. Bella narrowed her eyes as her phone rang.

“Hello?” She answered rather puzzled not looking to see who it was.


“Carlisle?” She said in a hint of surprise.

Bruce lifted his eyes that direction as he overheard this. Ms. Jones was leaning against him laughing about something. He hadn’t been paying attention.

“What do you mean you think you can help me?”

Bruce saw Bella shoot out of her chair. She hung up on Dr. Cullen. She looked to no one as she exited the cafeteria. Bruce closed his eyes for a moment. He was wondering when the hell the Bella got a break. He wrinkled his nose upon Ms. Jones as she clung onto his arm. Another hand however was traveling in areas it had no business being! He gently moved her hands. Bruce hated being like this with women but he wasn’t about to let her ruin what he had going with Bella. The last thing he wanted was for Bella to believe he was acceptable of this behavior or worse that there was something between him and Ms. Jones.

“Ms. Jones, I’ve mentioned to you before that I am very much engaged. I wish to stay that way. In order to do that I need you to keep your hands to yourself and understand that even when a man says no it still means no.”

At this he too rose and headed back to the classroom.

Time seemed to go by incredibly slow as he looked forward to seeing Bella afterschool. Bruce found himself merely watching the clock as during his other classes. Once it finally came time he took in a breath as if he’d been holding it all day. She nodded towards him as she entered the room. Bella took her usual seat. Bruce looked over making certain she locked the door. He then motioned for her to come to him. She looked to him oddly but came to her feet and made her way over. Bruce was getting to the point where he didn’t even care. If he got fired went to jail whatever… the only thing he truly cared about was her reputation. He knew how these small towns were. He just wished this year would go by a bit faster. So they could legally be together.

Bruce pulled her into his lap. He kissed along her shoulders and handed her a red pen

“What’s this for?”
“You’re going to help me grade papers.”
“No assignment today?”
“I think we both know you’re caught up with everything. We just need to make certain you keep it all fresh within that mind of yours, besides grading papers takes skill.” He says with a smirk.

“Oh really?”

He nods.

“Most certainly.”

He splits the stack of papers with her and they began grading. He closed his eyes a couple times as she squirmed around during the grading. His dick had other ideas and every time she moved, it reminded him of that. Bruce placed his pen down and ran his hands up along her skirt. He was about to break his own rule and he knew it. He slightly lifted off his chair as he thudded against her. Bella’s breath was taken back as he pulled her panties to the side and began to finger her.

“God, you’re already wet Bella.” He whispered in longing.

Of course, hearing him say that only added to her excitement. His fingers became soaked. Bella crawled out of his lap and got down on her knees before him. He glanced upon the door just for safety purposes. He knew it was locked but still… Bella unclasped his belt and undid his pants. Bella stroked his cock a few times and licked off whatever precum he had. She then took him into her mouth. He threw his head back and gritted his teeth in pleasure. Bella had never done this before and she hoped she was even doing it right. After what he’d done for her the other day she wanted to return the favor. That and she were curious. She moaned out enjoying the way he felt in her mouth. Something about the way he pulsated against her tongue and the way he softly moaned was sexy as hell.

Bruce found himself holding her hair back so he could watch. He could tell she was a little shy about it. He tried his best to encourage her and hint on how to go about it. If anything that only added to Bruce’s thrill. He loved that innocence about her. It was so incredibly sexy. He took pride in being the one to teach her. Deep down, he hoped that this was it for the both of them. That they’d both met their match and there was no need to look elsewhere ever. But then again he was older and he tried to keep that in mind. He could only hope Bella felt the same.

“Bella, I’m about to come.” He warned in a hushed tone not sure how she’d feel about him just randomly firing into her mouth.

His eyebrows raised she continued. He couldn’t help the bucking motion his hips started. He bit down on his lip to keep from moaning out. Not only did she swallow every drop but she was licking him clean.

“So what was that like?” He whispered curiously hoping she wasn’t offended.

To his relief she smiled and wiped her mouth clean.

“You taste good.”

And at her words he was ROCK HARD again! Bruce reached over and slipped off her wet panties. He pulled her back into his lap and had her ridding his cock. He lifted her shirt and was happy to see she wore one of her front clasp bras today. He undid it with his teeth and he buried his face between her breasts. He bathed them with his tongue as she continued. He firmly gripped her ass and had her ridding him even harder now. Her tits were bouncing away and Bruce was losing his mind. Bella was already sexy to begin with it just became enhanced. Everything about Bella Swan literally shouted in big bold letters SEX! Bella was full blown woman now nothing about her body even read teenager.

Bruce feverishly kissed her. He then whispered in her ear using his voice of authority.

“Get up. I want you bent over my desk, Ms. Swan.”

Bella ached below as a heat coursed through her. She crawled off him and did as he wished. He just sat in his chair for a moment enjoying the view. She still had her skirt on and her cheeks were slightly showing. He scooted his chair up and slightly lifted her skirt some more. Bruce had the perfect kitty shot. He couldn’t get over how hot that was. He softly moaned out as he witnessed Bella having come running down her legs. He placed a couple fingers inside wanting to see more of it stream down her sexy legs. Bella covered her mouth as he began. He didn’t stop until she had it all over her legs, the floor, and him. Her eyes widened as he gave her a good pop on the butt.

Bruce came to his feet and began fucking her against the desk. They both fought desperately to keep quiet, but it was no easy task. That green hue flashed through Bruce’s eyes as he released. Afterword they hurriedly dressed and helped check each other over. Bella was giggling off and on. He smirked and shook his head.


“I knew you couldn’t resist.” She taunted.

He chuckled on this.

“That’s your fault.”
“Oh it is? Is it?”
He nods confidently.
“The way you smell, look, even the way you smile.” He says with a shrug.

“So don’t shower, dress like a bum, and never ever smile again right?”
“It would certainly help matters.”

She sighs. Bruce places her on his desk and kisses her.

“So mind telling me what was going on between you and the Cullen’s today?

Bella frowns.

“You just had to ruin my good mood.”

He smiles and kisses her again.

“Not my intention. I just wanted to make certain everything is alright.”

Bella ran a hand along his chest and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“That was Carlisle that called during lunch.”

She shakes her head.

“He actually offered to try and help me with whatever this is.”
“Help you?”

She nods.

“And in what way dare I ask?”
“He thinks that there might be a way to cure me or something. He said he must find a way. Well I don’t feel this is something that you can just rid of and even if it were. I’m not certain I would want to.”

Bruce caressed her cheek.

“It’s like having a part of you within me now. I know that sounds silly but…”

He shakes his head.
“I think I understand more than you know. And he hasn’t any business trying to cure something he knows nothing about. He could prove to do far more harm than good. He needs to stay out of this and leave this be.”

Bella looked to the floor for a moment.

“Is it wrong of me to wish they’d just leave? I feel like such a bitch about that. I know it’s wrong and it makes me a terrible person. But I just wish they would go. What’s keeping them here now anyway?”
“Aren’t you and Jasper close though?”

Bella nods.

“Yeah but that’s what hurts even more about this. He won’t fully stand up to his scatterbrained wife. Like I understand that he loves her and he doesn’t want to disrespect her I’m sure. But he knows what she’s pulling and lets her get away with it. As much as I love the guy. That’s lost some of my respect. I mean I’d like to think if I ever got out of hand like that you’d set me straight.”

Bruce chuckles.

“For some reason I don’t ever think that’d be an issue. It’s more about me getting out of line…” He hints.

“Oh no. I most certainly have my moments. If you knew half of the things I think about you’d probably cringe.”
“Try me…”
“Well for starters, I wanted to tell Carlisle to go fuck himself… I wanted to snap Alice’s pretty little neck the other day. And you haven’t met Paul and believe me you don’t want to. But I wanted to bust a cap in his ass. So believe me I’m not all that innocent.”

“And I’m sure each of them has warranted these feelings. Though I must admit, I never thought I’d hear the words “bust a cap in his ass” out of your mouth. You also seem to have a bad habit of dropping the F-bomb.”

“I don’t what you’re fucking talking about.”

He covers her mouth and shakes his head with a smirk. Bella giggles against the palm of his hand. She moves his hand.

“Ok fine, I’ve picked up somewhat of a bad habit. I’m not even sure where it came from to be honest. I guess I just gradually started to get tired of being everyone’s doormat.”

“That’s completely understandable.”

“But in all fairness you turn into a raging green beast so…”

He grins and shakes his head.

“I guess that makes us even?” He replies playfully.

“I’d say so!”


Bruce sighs as he looks to the time.

“I’ll check in with you tonight. Hopefully, you’ll be home and not on some sort of vampire hunting spree.”
“I can’t make any promises.”

Bruce brings her back down from his desk. Bella wrapped her arms around him and briefly leaned into his chest.

“All joking aside Bella, just please be careful and watch your back. Remember, I’m a phone call away or a walk away.” He whispered and kissed her forehead.

Bella nodded and dropped her hold. She grabbed her backpack before heading out.

Two weeks went by. Bella had begun to wonder if Jake was going to keep his promise. The Cullen’s surprisingly kept to themselves. Though occasionally, Bella and the boys would check in or banter with each other like old times, but when it came to anything Edward. It simply didn’t get brought up. Bruce and Bella continued to see each other when they could. However do to Bruce’s suspicions about Ms. Jones suspecting something. He had to drop his and Bella’s tutorial sessions. That made things slightly harder on their relationship. But he still found ways to sneak in a kiss here or there. Even little touches such as a simple hand upon the slope of her back. A couple times he even braved running his hand along her rear when she was the last student out the door. They continued their flirtatious letters back and forth on her assignments. And they would call and text each other often mainly at night if she wasn’t already at the cabin. At times they’d have supper together when Charlie was at work. Bruce continued to keep an eye on Bella since her new transition, but saw no other changes in her body or otherwise.

Bella was on her way to Bruce’s when she heard the clearing of a throat. She narrowed her eyes and turned that direction.


He smiled and stepped out of the shadows.

“I see you still haven’t learned a thing. Leave it to Bella Swan to be lurking about the woods at night. How you’re still alive is a wonder to me.”

She sighs.

“Thanks Jake.”

He nods and leans against one of the trees. He folds his arms about his chest.

“So where are you going? Isn’t home the other way?”

“Jake…” She says hesitantly.

“I’m just curious that’s all.”

“That’s not something I can really discuss. I mean it’s like not we… you know.” She says with a rather sad tone.

“You know…. What?”

“I thought you wanted to talk.”
“Isn’t that what we’re doing?”

“Well yeah, but I thought you’d want to ask me a whole bunch of questions and point the finger.”

“Who says I’m not going to?”
“Then you might as well get it over with.”

Bella text Bruce and let him know she’s going to be running late.

“Ok then. Let’s see first thing’s first. Where’s Eddie boy?”
Bella sighs knowing this was going to be a long night.

“To be honest I haven’t a clue.”
“And why’s that?”
“We’re not together anymore Jake.”
Jake raised his brows and rather perked up on this.


“So you’re like… available?” He says with full hope.

“Um no.”

He shakes his head and half laughs.

“Well you sure move fast.”
“If you knew the truth you wouldn’t be saying that.”

“Hmmm… then let’s hear it.”
“You might want to sit down.”
“I’m good.”
“Suit yourself then.”

Bella tells Jake everything from what actually took place in Italy and the truth from there. She even tells him about how Edward had been charming her into doing things. Such as the horrible things she’d said to him. He ran his fingers through his hair.

“I should have known that sounded more like fucking Cullen.” He says with a growl.
“I’m sorry Jake.”
“So all this time… it was never even you… he was controlling you?”

Bella winced on how he said this.


Bella nervously swallows back. Jake was trembling all over.

“Jake just calm down.”

“Calm down?” He punches at a tree.


Jake made his way over and cupped her chin.

“He did other things as well didn’t he?”

Bella recoiled and stepped out of his hold.

“It doesn’t matter it’s all over with. He’s gone and that’s all that matters. I’m moving on with my life.”
“Bella…” Jake says more softly.

“Tell me the truth… Did he force himself on you?”

Jake takes in a breath of relief, but saw the look on her face.

“What did he do Bella?”
“It doesn’t matter! Now please, just let it go!”


“I can’t! I can’t tell you and I can’t tell HIM!”


She sucks back a breath and staggers back.

“Can’t tell me what Bella?” Only this didn’t come from Jake.

Bella froze and swallowed back. Jake narrowed his eyes towards the direction it came from. Bruce made his way over and nodded towards Jake. Jake nodded in return but looked puzzled. Bella’s heart sank and she shut her eyes for a moment.

“What are you not able to tell me?” Bruce inquired softly.

Bruce was outside cleaning his car out when he heard the shouting. He wasn’t too thrilled with Jake at the moment. He didn’t see the point in yelling at her and making her feel worse than she already did. This kid had some serious anger issues.

Bruce knew he was taking yet another risk. But he felt this was too important to ignore. If he had to he’d set this Jake kid straight himself. Bruce gently put his hands upon Bella’s cheeks.

“Talk to me Bella.”
She covers her mouth and shakes her head.

“I can’t.” She whimpered behind tears.

Bruce felt ill; he knew it had to be pretty bad if she was acting like this.

“It’s me Bella. You know you can tell me anything. If Edward did something…”

Her face turned vibrant red and she looked to the ground.

“Who the hell are you?”

“The significant other…” Bruce felt the need to get this point across right away. He already knew Jake’s secret anyhow and knew he’d have leverage if needed.
Jake rolls his eyes but his focus went back to Bella.

“If he didn’t force himself on you then what did he do?”

Bruce flinched at Jake’s question.

Jake staggered back as a certain memory hit. At that moment he felt literal bile swimming up his throat. He remembered how mad he was! He remembered thinking he couldn’t believe Bella was like that! He’d come to see her once and saw her “preforming” for Edward. He wanted to KILL EDWARD!

“Oh no… . no.” Jake pinched his eyes shut as the memory continued to haunt him.

Another situation in which he did NOTHING! He blamed her and was mad at her! All this time it wasn’t even her! It was Edward!

“I’m so sorry… Bella… I…”

Bruce took in a breath wondering what the hell was going on. Bruce felt as though he was about to lose his fucking mind. What did Edward do?! Bella looked to Jake confused.

“He had you preforming for him didn’t he?!”

Bruce snapped to immediate attention. The beast within struggled to be kept at bay. His eyes glowed and his veins were lively and green. Bruce shut his eyes for a moment knowing that was the last thing Bella needed was the other guy appearing.

“No Bella!” Jake called out.

His eyes shot open to see Bella had taken off.

Bella ran home as fast as she possibly could. She rushed inside and locked up all the doors. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. Bella knew Bruce would never see her the same way again. Bella never wanted Bruce to know that! She didn’t want ANYONE TO EVER KNOW THAT! She felt disgusting, cheap, and used. Once she got to her room she hurriedly locked up the window and closed the curtains she kept the lights off and sat at her desk. The only light about the room was from her computer. She turned towards it and felt something beneath her hand. Bella saw a vanilla envelope with her name on it.

When she turned it over it had a red seal of wax on it with a capital V. She took in a breath and unsealed the envelope.

Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen request the honor of your presence

In the celebration of their marriage on Saturday the first of June seven o clock in the evening.

Volturi Palace, Volteraa, Italy.

Bella wrathfully screamed out and literally snapped. She began to destruct whatever was in her path. Bruce and Jake popped their heads towards her window as they were right at her house. Jake hurriedly leaped inside busting the window in order to get in. Bruce hurriedly climbed up and crawled through. Jake was staring at the invitation in disbelief as it lay on her desk. Bruce however grabbed Bella and stopped her from destroying anything else. She was in full blown panic attack mode. Bruce swiftly laid her down on the bed. He brought her hands up above her head as she couldn’t breathe. Jake picked up the wedding invitation and snarled back.

“Bella, I need you to breathe.”

She shook her head and gritted her teeth.

“Look at me Bella baby…” Her eyes dart towards his.

He’d never referred to her as this before.

“That’s right.” He takes in a deep breath and lets one out.

“Breathe with me, ok…”

She nods with tears in her eyes. She finally sucks back a deep quivery breath.

“Good girl. Breathe with me… nice and slow baby…”

Bruce stays hovered over her as he gets her under control. Jake made his way over with the invitation.

“I think I found what her breaking point was.”

Bruce narrows his eyes towards the invitation.

“I always wanted to go to Italy…” Bruce says darkly as his eyes flashed to that of a familiar green hue.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 6 In Honor Of Your Presence”

  1. Ugh Victoria again. Guessing the venom is going to have a wierd reaction with the gamma stuff. Glad Jake was there to help though. Go Bad Ass Bella. Hmmm so some Hulk abilitier but not full transformation….interesting.

    Ugh Ms Jones is so annoying. Alice needs to get her own life instead of messing with B’s. Malice is getting on my nerves along with Ms Jones.

    Bruce is getting brave with the classrooms stuff. Hope Ms jones or someone doesn’t catch them.

    Wonder why Jake hasn’t come over. Hmmm the Cullen thing is worrisome too. Ms Jones is going to be a problem I think. Jake really does have temper issues. oh wow Jake saw?!?!?! Oh My Edward has really gone off the deep end. hmmm Bruce is mad. Can’t wait for the confrontation.

  2. Hello, my Name is Sara. I would ask you if I could translate your Stories (OK, let’s say maybe only a few 😉) to german, because I’m german and love your stories and I would show your stories to all german Fanfiction-Readers. The ready translated stories would be publish at the Fanfiction-website

    I’ll wait for your answer,

    P.S.: Your stories are great!!!!!

    1. No offense, but I’d rather not. I don’t give anyone permission to translate or copy my stories. That reason is because I’ve had my work stolen on more than one occasion. And I wish to be careful. Thank you for your support though. And I hope you don’t take my reply wrong. It’s just how I personally feel.

      1. Hey, everything is O.K. I understand you. Really. I would feel in this Situation like you, but asking don´t cost anything, right?

        Oh, that´s not to thank me for my Support, I must thank you for your wounderfull stories.

        Love, Sara

  3. It’s a good thing the gamma effected Bella somewhat and she can’t be changed. Loved that she kicked ass and ended Vicki. Glad Jake was there to help too.
    Eddie is off his rocker with that invitation. Can not wait to see the Hulk let loose on the Volturi.

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