Chapter 7 Puny Flea

Chapter 7

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Once Bruce finally managed to get Bella to fall asleep, Bruce turned to Jake.

“I believe you and I need to have a little discussion.”

Jake rolls his eyes proving his immaturity all too well.

“Couldn’t agree more.” Jake replied smugly looking over to Bella.

“Not in here.” Bruce points outside as he whispers.

Before they head back out, Bruce kissed Bella’s forehead. He then took the invitation and placed it in his jacket.

“Let’s go.”

Jake nodded and leaped out. Bruce climbed back down and headed towards the woods. Jake half laughed to himself and followed him. Bruce stops once they’re further away from the house. He points his finger upon Jake.

“Are you and I going to have a problem?”

Jake shrugs.

“That depends on you.”
Bruce shakes his head with a slight grin.

“Oh no, trust me. That’s all on you. Three things need to be made clear. One- don’t ever yell at her like that again. I don’t care what the circumstances are. Two- Bella and I are dating and yes it’s serious. Three- don’t make me angry. And I would take number three quite seriously.”

“How old are you?!”

“It’s not really any of your business. However considering the circumstances. That’s another thing we need to discuss. Just be sure to keep number three in mind. I’d truly hate for Bella to wake up to any casualties. I believe she’s been through enough and I do not wish to add to her dilemma.”
Jake starts laughing as if all this was some sort of big joke.

“Whatever you say…”
“Yeah that’s right whatever I say…” Bruce says with a hint of warning.

“You’re soon to find out anyhow. So it might as well come from me. So here it is… I’m 33 and I’m also Bella’s chemistry teacher.”

Jake’s lip curled at this.

“Please, tell me you’re joking!” Jake said as he trembled all over.

“Do I look like I’m joking to you?”

“So you’re telling me, that not only are you’re over half her age, but her god damn teacher? What are you some sort of sick ass pedophile? And what the hell is Bella thinking? I swear she can be so fucking ignorant! Can she not see when she’s being used?!” Jake barked furiously.

Bruce raises his brows on this. He was beginning to see what Bella was talking about. He could see why Bella saw nothing romantic in Jake. If anything he sounded like some sort of pesky ass little brother.

“You are aware that’s not only going to get you fired, run out of town, but prison time as well?!”

“I’m well aware of the risk. However Bella and I feel strongly about one another and I for one am willing to put my reputation on the line. I will do whatever it takes.”
“Your reputation?! What about hers?! Have you even thought about what this makes HER look like? You’re just using her for some sort of sick fantasy! You want some fucking school girl? Go rent a god damn porno! Or find yourself some other girl in class to fuck! JUST STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL!”

Bruce closes his eyes and grinds his teeth together.

“Do you not remember what I said about number three again?!” He uttered through gritted teeth.

His eyes shot open and Jake reared back in surprise. They too glowed green like that of Bella’s when they were taking on Victoria and the newborns. Jake could sense something coming from Bruce, but he couldn’t quite detect what it was. The hair however stood on his back as his skin crawled. Whatever it was Jake wasn’t taking lightly now.

“I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not ANGER ME! I won’t have any control if you do! Another thing you need to get straight is Bella Swan is NOT your girl. Don’t you even begin to play this territorial game with me. Believe me, you will not win. You might have your secrets Mr. Black. But I also have mine and I can assure you that mine is by far BIGGER than YOURS! If you continue down this path you will only prove that you are no better than Mr. Cullen. If you ever were a true friend of Bella’s you will realize that is not what she needs right now. She needs the friend she grew up with and that was there for her when Mr. Cullen wasn’t. Not the boy with the crush and a bad temper. As you can see I’m well aware of yours and Bella’s history. She’s told me quite a bit. And I can respect what you two have. I do not wish to get in the way of that. But you must know I will not allow anyone to interfere with what Bella and I have. Nor will I allow anyone to cause her any harm.

You can judge me in whichever way you like. I do not care what you think of me. All that matters is what Bella thinks of me. I will not defend myself or my relationship to you. I will not stand here and listen to your allegations as well. So you see Mr. Black. It truly is up to you. How much does Bella’s friendship mean to you? How much do you truly care about her feelings and how she perceives you? Those are the questions you need to be asking yourself. So stop pointing the finger and learn to think rationally. Before you end up destroying what you and Bella have or even worse, before you wind up emotionally scarring her more than she is already. As you can see Bella has already been pushed past her limits.”

Jake shakes his head.

“There’s not a chance in hell I’ll ever approve of this relationship.”
Bruce shrugs.

“I don’t need your approval, neither does Bella. Besides something tells me no matter whom Bella ended up with, you would never approve. My only true concern at the moment is keeping Bella safe. That wedding invitation was nothing more than a sign that Mr. Edward Cullen is clearly suicidal. He just signed his own death certificate.”

“About the only thing you and I will ever agree on.”

Bruce nods.

“Well that’s something at least.”

Bella stretched out her arms the next morning. She frowned at the sound of rain hitting against her window. She came to sitting position and reached over as her cellphone was vibrating.

Check in whenever you can. So I know you’re alright.

Last night began to replay as it all came rushing back. Bella closed her eyes and that heart sinking feeling came about her. She went to text Bruce back, but froze. Her hands shook and she placed the phone back down. Bella forced herself out of bed. She showered and got dressed. She glanced towards the phone once more afterword.

She hadn’t a clue what to say or do. After everything that just took place. How could she even face him? She was beyond humiliated. Part of her even felt unworthy of Bruce now. She still felt revolting. How could Bruce even stand to look at her? Bella turned her back to the phone and headed downstairs.

Charlie was at the table reading a paper and having his usual coffee.

“Hey kid.”

She nodded towards him and headed to the fridge.

“Got any plans today?”

“In this weather?” She says with a frown.

Charlie shrugs.

“Might be a good day to make amends with a couple of people.”

Bella doesn’t comment she just shakes her head. She poured a glass of orange juice and drank it at the counter.

“Going fishing I take it?”

Charlie nods. Not even the rain could stop Charlie from going fishing. He hardly had any days off to begin with.

“Harry’s old spot?”

Charlie smiles a bit.

“Yeah Bells…”
She nods and pats her father on the shoulder. Charlie finishes his coffee and rises from the table.

“If you do go anywhere just be sure to lock up.”
“I will.”

“I’ll be back Monday night. So you’ll have the house to yourself for a couple days. Don’t worry about supper I’ll be eating with the Clearwater’s before heading home.”

“You mean Sue?” Bella says with a playful tone.

Charlie sighs and rolls his eyes. Bella smiles.

“It’s not what you’re thinking kid.”

“Come on dad. I’m not blind and neither are Leah and Seth.”

“That’s hardly appropriate…” He utters.

“What is?”

“The mere idea Bells.”

“I don’t see how.”

“Harry was my best friend.”
Bella looks to her father oddly.

“Dad, it’s been nearly three years. And you think he wouldn’t want Sue to be happy? I’ve seen the way you two are together. You shouldn’t feel guilty.”

“Hmmm… I think you need to quit reading so many romance novels.”

He mumbles and grabs his keys.


He turns towards Bella before he heads out the door.


“I think Harry would want you to be happy as well.”

Charlie looked to be in thought. But he said nothing and merely nodded. He locked up before heading out. Bella took in a deep breath. She looked around the empty house. She began to keep herself busy with cleaning and the laundry. A few more hours had passed before she even went to her room.

She looked towards her phone and had this inner war playing out through her mind. Bella jumped however as her cellphone rang. Bella reached over and hesitantly answered.

She heard Bruce sighing on the other end.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re avoiding me?”

Bella leaned against the wall feeling ill.

“I’m here.”

“I wish you were here instead.”

Bella had a lump form in her throat. A wave of emotions was hitting her. She felt so conflicted. Bruce could hear it in her voice.

“Is there anyway you can get away?”

Bella swallowed back.


“What is it Bella?”
“What if…”
“What if what?”

“What if we’re not the same?”

Bruce shook his head and grabbed his keys.

“Just stay put.” He says and hangs up.

Bella looked to the phone oddly. Within the matter of minutes she heard the sound of a car door and the doorbell ringing. She narrowed her eyes in wonder and heads downstairs. Bella froze as she opened the door. There was Bruce getting soaked as he stood before her.

“Bruce…” She looked around with concern.

Bruce scooped her up and carried her to his car. After he shut the door he ran back to the house and locked up after grabbing her keys. Bella looked to him oddly as he got back into the car. Bruce hurriedly peeled out.
“Should I be worried?”

He shifted his eyes towards her as he hit the highway.

“Did you just kidnap me?”


Bella half smiles.

“Awesome!” She says but still had that hint of sadness to her voice.

Bruce grins but clears his throat.

“For the night…”

She looks to him with raised brows.

“Didn’t you say the other day your father was going on one of his fishing trips?”

She nodded.
“Did he go?”

“When will he return?”

“Monday night, before supper. He usually brings home some fish for me to fry for supper. Only this time, he said he’d be eating with some friends of ours.”

Bella realized that Bruce was leaving Forks.

“Where are we going?”

“Seattle. So you might want to get comfy.”

Bruce takes her hand and kisses it.
“So ever “Hulked” out in a car before?”

Bruce has a good laugh at this.

“No actually.”

“Well, I’m very sorry to disappoint.”

“You should be! I can only imagine how cool that would be.”

Bella however quickly looked out the window. She was struggling to keep it together. Bruce took notice and pulled over at the nearest rest stop.

“I’m sorry.” She said as the betraying tears began.

Bruce immediately put the car in park and undid his seatbelt. He unfastened hers and brought her into his lap. His arms wrapped around her as he held her. Bruce wiped a few of his own tears away. He didn’t even know her then and still he took it personal. Because it was her! He couldn’t even begin to imagine how violated she felt. Edward Cullen was a grown ass man, a century old vampire! Yet he literally took advantage of Bella. When Bruce did the math he knew Bella had to of been only 15 or 16 when they started dating. He wondered just how long this was truly going on. He was afraid to even ask. As of late Bruce’s patience was being tested throughout. He wasn’t sure just how long he could keep this up without another episode.

He knew one thing for sure. He was going to Italy and he’d let the other guy loose. He was dying to be released anyhow. And he meant what he’d said to Jake about Edward.

“You have nothing to be sorry for. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I let him do this Bruce! I…”

“The hell you did and we both know that. This is all on him! You were nothing more than his prey and he knew it and he took advantage of that. Don’t you think even for a second that this is somehow your fault, or that there’s something wrong with you.”

She recoils and Bruce shakes his head.

“Look at me, Bella.”

He gently lifted her chin with his index finger.

“You’re still the same girl that walked into that classroom and literally swept me away. Don’t even…” He takes in a breath.
“Don’t you ever think otherwise…”

He wiped the tears from her face.

“Nothing could ever change that. Do you have any idea how tempting it is?”

Bruce caressed her cheek.

“I know you hate it there. I know you want more than what Forks has to offer. Bella, if I could I’d take you away from it all. We’d just disappear. But at this very moment, I can’t.”

Bella buries her face into his chest.

“I love you.”
“I love you too. Just no more pushing me away. I don’t ever want you to be afraid to tell me anything ever. I have more control than you think. Trust me if I didn’t… well… let’s just say I’d probably end up solving your issue with Forks; seeing as how it’d no longer exist.”
Bella rather grimaced in thought.

“And what about the other issue?”
“And that would be?”

“The vampire kings forcing me into this damn marriage.”
Bruce chuckles.

“Vampire kings?”

She nods.

“This is serious, Bruce. They have guards and everything!”


He can handle it.”

“But…” He shakes his head and covers her mouth.

“Bella, let’s just be us for now and we’ll discuss this whole Italy thing on the way back. I’m not shrugging it off, by no means, not even close. But you need to get away and honestly, so do I. So let’s go, baby.”

And there it was again. Bella found herself grabbing him by the collar of his shirt and zealously kissing him. Her fingers were madly running through his hair.

Bruce’s hands ran along her waist. They found themselves in a heated make out session. It was still pouring down with rain and the windows were fogging up. Bella arched back at one point as Bruce had his hands up her blouse. The honking of the horn snapped them out of their spellbound session.

Bella blushed with a wide eyed expression. Bruce died in laughter. Bella made her way back over to her seat. Bruce cleared his throat and adjusted himself. They put their seatbelts back on and Bruce turned on the defroster to rid of the steam they caused on the windows. Once they got to Seattle Bruce drove them to a seaside bed and breakfast. He parked the car and went and got them a room. He had to use his Bill Bixby driver’s license but he paid in cash. Thankfully, they didn’t ask for a credit card like most.

Bruce purposely parked a little ways from the room, just in case. That way if anyone did come looking for either of them. They’d head for the wrong hotel room. Once they stepped inside they saw a queen bed with sea blue bed sheets and comforter. Seashells were plastered about the walls of the room. It was nothing too extravagant, but that wasn’t the point.

There was a patio door to the back of the room, that led right to the beach. Neither of them had packed anything. That’s how random Bruce’s decision was. He just went with his gut. He pulled the door shut once they stepped inside. He locked the door then tossed his wallet and keys on the table within the room.

Bella made her way over to the patio door and looked to the view.

Bruce came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. His head rest against her shoulder as they enjoyed the view for a moment.

“At least it’s not raining here.” Bruce said softly.

Bella smiled. Bruce took her hand and opened the patio door. There was a couple patio chairs on a cement slab. That wasn’t where he was taking her though. Bruce headed towards the beach. She looked to him in surprise, but didn’t comment. He wrapped an arm around her as they walked the beach. Bella had hers around his waist and leaned against him. This was something Bruce craved; to be able to be with her freely. He felt as though he couldn’t express himself the way he wanted. They walked over to one of the piers and crossed it. Bruce held her as they looked out to sea.

Night however was falling and it was getting dark. They started to head back only halfway there. Bruce stopped and tugged gently at her hand. He cut her a certain look. Bella felt completely girlish as her heart did that fluttery thing. Bruce pulled her up against his chest and kissed her. He slightly lifted her off the ground as he continued to kiss her.

“This is what I want.” He whispers afterword.

He had his forehead pressed against hers.

“I never was able to say that before. I never was sure of anything. I never knew what I wanted. After everything that took place; I never gave myself the option. After all it wasn’t like I had one right?”

Bella reaches up and cups his cheek. Bruce closed his eyes and leans into it.

“So… you need to hurry up and graduate.”

Bella laughs and he grins.

“Out of curiosity… if you could go anywhere. Where would you go?” Bruce inquires.


He nods.

“I’ve never really thought about it to be honest. I suppose that’s what makes different from everyone else. Everyone else seems to have their futures already mapped out for them. All their expectations right there. Such as what town, college, career… ugh. Not me.” Bella rather blushes a bit and looks back out to the beach.

“The only part of my future that I’m certain of… is hoping you’re there.”
Bruce genuinely beamed at this.

“So we’re on the same page about at least one thing.”

Bella smiles and nods. She clears her throat though and turns to him with a playful expression.

“Only you’re not my teacher.”

He chuckles.
“Let’s hope not.”

She bites her lower lip for a moment.

“You’ll be my professor instead!”

“Hmmm as much fun as that would be. I’d prefer it if we didn’t have to hide our relationship.” Bruce sighs, thinking of the irony to that.

“Is something wrong?”

He shakes his head and places his fingers around the loops of her jeans. He picks her up as they wind up kissing yet again. Her legs wrapped around his waist as he headed back to the hotel.

Once they were inside he reached back and locked the patio door. He carried her to the bed and laid her down. He continued to kiss her and rubbed against her in longing. He could already feel the heat coming off of her from below. Bruce however took his time. He gradually stripped her down; kissing whatever part of her was exposed to him.

Bella squirmed about with a giggle though as he got to her inner thighs. He grinned and lifted his eyes towards her. He took his fingers and grazed them along her thigh as well.

“Bruce…” She fidgeted about again.
“Someone’s ticklish.”

“Don’t even…” She warns.

He cuts her a wink and licks her thigh instead. Only he doesn’t stop he keeps going. His tongue traveled up to her breasts. Another area he took his time in. He throbbed against her sex as he thoroughly tongued and sucked on her erect nipples. Bella unbuttoned his shirt as he made his way to her lips. She then reached down and unfastened his jeans. Bruce moaned out as she fondled his dick through his briefs. Bella took his cock out and began stroking it. It was nearly hot to the touch and unyielding. Bella found herself moaning at just the way it felt in her hold. His dick felt as if it had a heartbeat of it’s own it thudded so hard. It made her pussy ache for him.

Bruce came to life as he felt her placing him inside. He began this steady pace of thrusting. Bella literally wrapped herself around him. This only further enticed him. Her body draped around his, felt unbelievable. They locked lips once again. Bruce’s hand made it’s way beneath her ass. He moaned into her mouth as he firmly gripped it. Bella cooed out as his drive became harder and faster now. These heavy sexual grunts formed within his throat. That had Bella coming unglued.

She bit into the pillow and let out a scream of sheer ecstasy. One that made Bruce fire off immediately after she came. Bella’s eyes widen though as she looked to Bruce. The pillow she had bitten into she’d ripped in half. Bruce couldn’t help but to laugh at the innocent oh crap expression she was giving him.

“I suppose I owe the hotel a pillow now.”

Bella winced.

Bruce laughed again and rolled over as he pulled out.

“I’d say you don’t know your own strength.”

She groans into his chest. Bruce propped her over his body and pulled the covers up over them. His hands ran along her back and ass. Before long she’d fallen asleep. Bruce reached over and cut off the lamp. It wasn’t long after he too was sawing logs.

Bruce’s eyes shot open the next morning to find Bella riding him like there was no tomorrow. He firmly grabbed her ass and egged her on.

“Hmmmm keep going baby.” He murmured before feverishly kissing her.

Bella rose up to a sitting position. His eyes widen as her tits were putting on a lively entertainment. Bruce gritted his teeth trying to last longer, but there was just no way. She had him too riled up. Bella felt him swell up and throb even more just before he spilled his seed within her.

“What I wouldn’t give to wake up to that every morning.” He uttered gruffly and brought her back down against him.

He felt her giggling against him. He stretched out as Bella rose and headed to the bathroom. He looked to the time as he heard the shower start. Bruce rolled out of bed and yawned as he came to his feet.

Bella’s cellphone vibrated and the screen flashed for a moment. He picked it up. Not meaning to be nosy, but was hoping it wasn’t her father checking in. Last thing he’d ever want is to get Bella into trouble. She had enough to deal with; without him adding to it. Only it wasn’t at all what Bruce expected. He narrowed his eyes seeing it was some sort of video. With a text message that read… You’re so beautiful. I love you so much. I’ll come for you sometime after graduation. Bruce looked towards the bathroom hearing the shower still going. At this Bruce played the video message.

It was an old recording of Bella doing one of her strip teases. He grimaced at how young she looked. Not only that but how miserable she seemed. It was the same look she always had when she was around Edward. She wasn’t smiling. She was just dead pan.

Show me some skin Bella… He heard Edward say in the background.

Bruce’s jaw tightly clenched as the poor girl actually flinched and cut Edward this look of desperation.

“Edward…” She said in a bashful pleading voice.

It’s ok Bella, it’s just us.

Bella covered up looking lost and she pinched her eyes shut. The recording device was put down for a moment. Bruce couldn’t hear or see what was going on. Before long she was back on the screen. She was wearing a black bra and black cotton panties. He had her twirling about the post on the bed. Bruce didn’t recognize the room they were in.

Touch yourself Bella.

Her hand went south as she rubbed herself outside of her panties.

I’m almost there Bella. Edward panted and Bruce’s eyes lit up. The veins in his hand became green.

Bruce let out a growl and the other guy smashed the phone. Bella had just come out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around her. She saw Bruce’s body turning green. He was trembling all over and hunched over the table in the room. She swallowed back as the muscles along his back were growing and moving about.

“Bruce…” She cautiously whispered and made her way over.

She placed a hand upon his shoulder. He was panting heavily and his hands were balled up.

“Look at me Bruce…”

He growled out and smashed the table in half.

“No Bruce! He can’t take over. Not here. Too many witnesses.” She reminds and looks to the ceiling of the hotel knowing there was no way this room could contain the fucking Hulk.
“Please, don’t do this… I don’t want you to have to leave.” She pleaded.

His body became frozen at her words. She ran her hand along his back soothingly. Gradually the green faded his body returned to its normal state. She took in a breath of relief.

“Thank you…” She whispered and wrapped her arms around him.

She rests her head against his back as Bruce came down from his fury. Bruce ran his hands along her arms and took in a deep breath as he centered himself.

“What happened?” She questioned softly.

He didn’t answer. Instead he slowly turned around. He kissed her forehead and headed for the bathroom. Where he too took a shower and focused on keeping his anger in check.

When he stepped out of the bathroom; Bella looked to him oddly. She pointed to the pieces of her phone on the floor.

“Was that my phone?”

He nods and starts to get dressed. She sighs and starts picking up the mess.

“Don’t…” He utters.

“It’s my mess.”

“Like you haven’t been cleaning up after me?”

He shakes his head.

“I’ll get you a new phone before we leave town today.”

Bella grabs a waste basket and tosses pieces of the phone and table into the trash bin. She looks around the hotel room afterword.

“So a pillow, phone, and a table? Not bad! I say we’re making progress!” She teases.

Bruce raises his brows on this and smirks as she winks upon him. He kept in mind to pay for all the damage as he checked out. Bella approaches him as he was leaning against the wall. He had his jeans on and shirt, but his shirt was still unbuttoned. Bella found something incredibly sexy about that. She ran her hands along his bare chest. He kissed the top of her head. They held one another in silence.

They walked the beach once more before leaving. They took advantage of the opportunity by hugging, kissing, and holding one another. Melancholy washed over the both of them though once Bruce replaced her phone. They grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to hell. Both were having the same fantasy. The one where they say fuck it and run off together. Bruce knew he could easily make her a fake ID as well. Have her listed as a graduate already and enrolled into whatever college she wanted to attend. If that was what she wanted. He’d never force anything on her. But he did feel she was entirely too smart not further her education. But he’d support whatever she wanted. All he cared about was her happiness and making this relationship work. He’d do whatever it takes. Bruce was beginning to feel more youthful as well. That euphoric feeling washed over him every time he was around her. He truly was in love and that often enough made him like a teenager again himself. Something he hadn’t felt in quite some time.

On the way home though, reality hit. Something they both hated. But certain things had to be discussed. Bruce told her the truth behind the phone. He hated it! But knew that she needed to know. Bella’s skin crawled and she looked as though she were truly getting sick. She even grabbed at her gut and leaned against the window of his car.

Bella told him about the Volturi and what she knew of their powers. About the guards and how many vampires lurked about the palace. She even told him about the horrible things they did with the tourists. How they’d lure them right in. She cringed at the memory. They even fed on children. She remembered how Edward and Alice rushed her out of there. She could still hear them screaming to this day.

“You alright?”

She nodded as she looked out the window.

“They’re monsters Bruce. But naturally they don’t see it that way. The Cullen’s feed off animals and they survive just fine. Yes, it leaves them somewhat weaker than if they’d fed from a human, but they’re not taking the lives of innocent people. The Volturi… they’re basically the government of vampires. If any vampire laws are broken; they must answer to the Volturi. The kings decide their fate. And now that I know their secret… They’re going to do whatever they can think of to blackmail me into this marriage. To them that’s an act of kindness considering they let me live. You gotta love irony…”
Bruce gazes upon her in question.

“I went to Italy to save Edward. Only now I’m going to Italy to put an end to it all, even him.”

Bruce clears his throat and looked to be in thought as they sat in silence for a minute.

“Are you certain about going?”

She nods.

“Bella… I…”

“You’re NOT going without me and neither is the other guy!”

He raises his brows and shrugs.

“Well, ok then.”
She looked to him as if caught completely off-guard.

“Ok?” She inquired wondering why he wasn’t yelling at her and throwing a fit, like most men in this case would.

“I’m not too keen on the idea. But I do understand. I can put myself in your shoes and know I’d be just as inclined about going. After all, this started out as your battle. Things nevertheless have changed Bella. You need to in keep in mind that I am a part of your life now. So this has become OUR battle. We’re in this together and there’s no other way around it. Just promise me you’ll let the other guy do most of the work.”

“Why does he get to have all the fun?”

Bruce grinned on this and shook his head. He thought about what Bella said about how they’d lure the tourist inside. Bruce began to think of a plan.

“I think I have an idea…”

“And that would be?”

“Following through with the invitation…”
Her jaw drops and she looks upon Bruce as if he’s lost his mind.

“Just hear me out.”

He tells her about his plan. Bella would go on as if she’s following through with the marriage. Only Bruce would find one of the tours leading to this palace. He’d set himself up as one of the victims. Another thought came to mind as well.

He looked to her apprehensively.

“Can you still be charmed though?”

They both looked to be in thought now.

“I suppose I could have Jasper test me.”

Bruce curled his lip a bit on this.

“But can he be trusted?”

“It’s Alice we have to worry about. If she gets wind of any of this…”
“Yeah what is her deal anyhow?”

Bella lets out a nervous laugh realizing she never told Bruce about Alice or Jasper’s abilities. Bruce shook his head with slight annoyance about Alice’s visions and Jaspers gift of empathy.

“So there’s a chance of her seeing our plans?”
Bella sighs. Bruce nods and taps his fingers along the stirring wheel.

“I suppose we’ll find out.” He says knowing there was nothing else they could do. He didn’t trust Alice, by no means. In fact when it came to the Cullen’s he didn’t trust any of them. He wasn’t about to let his guard down. Not even around Jasper.

When they entered Forks Bruce took one of the back roads to his cabin. He figured it’d be safer to walk her home rather than drive her. Like usual he kept a safe distance once the house was within view. He figured he’d taken enough risks the past couple of days.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t be late.”

“And if I am?” She taunts in a seductive matter.

“Are you testing me Ms. Swan?”

She bit down on her lower lip. Bruce leaned into her ear.

“You’ve been late to my class twice already. Late again, I have no choice but to give you detention.” He says sternly.

At this he walks away.

Bella entered the house with a smile about her face. Only that smile soon faded as she saw who awaited her on the couch.

“Alice…” Bella damn near hissed.

“I can’t let you do this Bella! He needs you!”

Bella raised her brows on this. She reaches back and opens the door.
“And you can leave now…”
Alice sighs and comes to her feet. She nods towards someone behind Bella. They grab her and take off.

The other Cullen’s hop up as Bella was shoved into the house. Carlisle rushes over and helps Bella to her feet. Bella yanks out of his hold.

“Don’t touch me! Just…”

She looks to each of them and backs up. Alice and Emmett enter the house. Bella’s heart sank to the pit of her stomach.


She pointed upon him heatedly.
“That was you?!”

He looked upon her rather shamefully and lowered his head.

“Oh… my… God!”

Bella couldn’t believe it.


“Easy Bella, we only want to help.”

Esme was coming down the stairs. Rose was on the couch. Bella desperately looked around for Jasper.
“Help?” Bella questions rather sarcastically as she steps back.

Her heart was racing. She couldn’t believe Emmett would betray her like that.

“Just STAY BACK!” She shouts at Carlisle as he stepped towards her again.

“I don’t want any of you coming near me! I don’t need or want your help!”

“What in the living fuck is going on?!”

Bella took in a breath of relief as he made his way down the stairs as well. He nodded towards her and checked her over making certain she was alright.

“Are you ok?”
She shakes her head no and was trembling all over.

“I didn’t mean to scare you Bella.” Emmett says.

Jasper tilted his head about. He looked upon his wife.

“What did you do?!” He says behind gritted teeth.
“She needs our help! So does Edward!”

“With all due respect son that’s not your decision.” Jasper snaps a look upon Carlisle.

“Excuse me?”

“I make the decisions around here. Edward and Bella really could use our help right now. If we’re to get Edward back; we really need to talk to Bella and get this all sorted out. She’s our only hope.”

Bella screams as Jasper slammed Carlisle back against the wall with his hand clasped around his throat.

“Last time I checked you never led in battle. So as far as I’m concerned; I now run the show and I say what’s what! I’m the fucking major! You’re just a god damn doc!”

They all turned to a tapping sound at the door. Jasper hisses out and goes to answer it. Bella’s eyes widen as she was first to see the green mass at the door.

“BELL!” The voice demanded in a rumble and the entire house shook as he pounded his fist amongst the ground.

Jasper took a step back to the side and looked to Bella in shock.
“Friend of yours?”
Bella nodded but she immediately gasped out as Hulk reached in and picked her up as though she were merely a doll inside a playhouse. Hulk brought her up to his face and was checking her over from head to toe. Bella starred upon him wide eyed.

“So you again…?”

Hulk nodded and was panting heavily. Bella looked to see he’d destroyed each of the Cullen’s cars and they were all up in trees. She wondered how she didn’t hear all that taking place. Then again her focus was elsewhere. Hulk reached inside with his other hand. He reached for Alice and Jasper quickly shoved her out of the way. Hulk grabbed Jasper instead. Bella’s jaw dropped.

“NO HULK! Put him down! We don’t want to hurt Jasper!”

He began to squeeze the hell out of Jasper.

“NOOOOO! PUT HIM DOWN! NOW!” She demanded.

Hulk looked upon her as though a wounded pup.

“You can’t hurt him. He’s my friend!”

Hulk snarls back and bitterly drops Jasper. Jasper hurriedly scooted back as his body was cracked all to hell.

“Shit…” He uttered in a panic reaching to his dead heart.

Alice rushed out to check on Jasper. Hulk however roared right in her face as he did this all the windows to the Cullen house shattered. The ground beneath the Cullen’s feet shook. Alice shrieked out as he punched right through the wall of the house beside her.

“Puny flea!”

Hulk took off into the woods with Bella. He was uprooting trees as if they were nothing as he continued to run.

“Stop!” Bella shouted in a panic as he was almost to the highway. She feared he’d expose himself.


He stopped and raised her up again as he still had her in his clutch. He growled at her. She shook her head.

“Get mad! But you’re not going on that highway!”

He punched at three different trees uprooting those as well and growled again. Bella covered her mouth trying not to laugh.


Bella narrowed her eyes as he was pointing to the highway.

“Bell run!” He said behind gritted teeth.

Her heart sank a bit realizing he was trying to protect her. All Hulk knew now was running when things got bad.

“No Hulk… Bella stays. I can’t run.”

He boxes down another tree down and stomps back into the woods. He placed her on his shoulder though and she clung onto him for dear life afraid she’d fall.

Hulk randomly sat down in the middle of the woods. Bella struggled to hold on as she was wrapped around his arm. He reached over and picked her up by the collar of her shirt. He took his time looking her over. He took a single finger along her hair, cheek, and then lifted her shirt taking a gander.


He snarled back as she smacked his finger away.


Her jaw dropped as she felt him looking into her pants now. She knew he was merely curious but it felt weird. He brought her up to his nose and breathed her in.

“Bell…” He said more softly and sat her down.

Bella curiously ran her hand along his chest and arm. He didn’t feel any different the only thing she seemed to notice was that he was somewhat denser.

She took a few steps back as Bruce was finally making his debut.
She nodded.

“We’re leaving and that’s final!”

“SHUT UP!” Jasper snaps at Alice.

“Don’t make me an enemy. Trust me, that’s not something any of you want. I’m leaving Forks and so are each of you! We will leave her be!”
“But you saw it yourself! He almost killed you!”
“That he did and for a good damn reason. I’d have wanted to kill me to!”
“He’s a monster! Bella could get hurt!”

“No Alice. Edward’s the monster! That man there only did what he did in order to get his point across and to protect Bella!”

“You’re defending something that nearly killed you?! He almost killed me too; he could have ended us all!”
“GOOD! It’s no more than we deserve!”
“You can’t possibly mean that!”
“The hell I don’t!” Jasper punches at the wall furiously.

“If any of you wishes to stay here you will have to face me because I won’t allow it. You all didn’t sense what I did from either of those two! BUT I DID, SO WE’RE DONE HERE! We will leave Bella Swan alone from here on! She’s to live in peace!”

“And what about Edward?”

Jasper rears back in disbelief upon Carlisle.

“He made his decision. If he wants to fuck around with the Volturi, let him.”
“But he’s your brother.”

“He’s no more my brother than you are my father! You all seem to forget I can sense you ALL! The only ones that truly seem to give a damn about Bella are Esme and Emmett! Everyone else their first concern is fucking EDWARD! WHY?! Look at what he’s done! You would honestly choose to stand behind Edward on this and wish to risk your lives in sheer hopes of saving him? There is no saving him. HE’S DONE FLOWN THE CUCKOO’S NEST AND HE’S GONE! He’s of the Volturi now. Then we got Bella whose world he’s turned upside down. And you want to bring her back into all this? Make her go back and face the Volturi all over again? As if once wasn’t enough? This wedding is nothing more than a joke! She’s going to spit in Edward’s face and rip him apart! She’s not the same girl anymore. She’s not going to put up with his shit!”

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  1. Well it is about time Jasper took his balls out of Alice’s purse.Carlisle is not the leader never has been it has always been Eddie’s coven he just let Carlisle think he ran it.

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