Chapter 9 Hey Lady, That’s My Head!

Chapter 9

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Bella’s vision was blurry as she came to. She felt something icy cold and hard pressed against her entire body. Her head was pounding and she felt confused on where she was and what was going on. She heard the sound of a familiar moan one that made her skin crawl with repugnance. She felt little pecks along her neck. That’s when her vision finally returned. Bella growled out and instantly grabbed a lock of his hair and pried him off her.

“Get the fuck off me!” She shouted and sent Edward sailing across the room they were in. Bella hopped out of the bed. She looked down to see she was in some sort of red silk nightgown.

Bella rushed to the door and hurriedly exited the room. She froze however seeing a never ending hallway leading two different ways. Having no clue where to go for sure she took off to the right. She was barefoot and the marble floor beneath her feet was freezing. It wasn’t long though that she got slammed back against the wall.

“Would you KNOCK IT OFF! I don’t know what’s come over you Bella Swan, but you need to stop this irrational behavior.”

It hadn’t truly dawned on Bella as to where they were. Not until three other vampires were making their way down the hallway. They wore red cloaks. Bella looked around and groaned in misery.

“No…” She whispered.

“What have you done Edward?”

He caresses her cheek.

“I know I’d said I’d come for you after graduation, but let’s face it. Why does that even matter now? Why wait? We both know what we want. We know where our future lies. So I say we just go ahead and begin our lives together. So the wedding will be set for tomorrow. And there’s no need to worry about your father giving you away. He’s here as well. I know how much you love him and this way you can truly be happy. I want to give you everything you’ve always wanted. So after the wedding I’m going to turn not only you but Charlie as well.”

“My dad…” She damn near whimpered.

“Edward… no… what have you done?! HOW DARE YOU BRING HIM INTO THIS?!”

Edward smiles and kisses her forehead.

“Shh… Trust me, everything’s going to be ok. You’ll see.”


She shoves him off her. He points upon her heatedly.

“I said to stop that!”

“Where’s my father?!”

“He’s ok Bella. I promise.” He says in a soft loving tone.

“No! I want to see my father and I want to see him NOW!”

“Keep it down.”

“I swear to God, Edward if Charlie gets hurt or turned…”

“He’s fine! I wouldn’t let any harm come to him and you know that!”

She shakes her head. Her hand shook as she ran her fingers through her hair. She slightly pulled at it as her heart frantically raced.

“No. No I don’t know that. You’re insane! You’ve lost your ever loving mind. I’m NOT marrying you! You’re not turning me or my father. YOU WILL RELEASE US!”

“You’re not prisoners, Bella.” He scoffs as if she were being ridiculous.

“Good, then we’re free to go. So where is he?”

Edward nods and approaches her as though he were about to lead her that direction. Only he presses himself against her and locks eyes with hers.

“Come now, Bella. Everything’s going to be ok. We were meant to be together. And you know it. You love me and I love you. Tomorrow after we wed, I will turn you, and then we will make love as husband and wife. I want to do it the right way. For once in my life, I want something pure and that’s you Bella.” Bella found herself thinking of the evil sheriff from Nottingham in Robin Hood. It was just the way Edward acted and said this. “All your focus will go to me now; your fiancé and soon to be husband. Do we have an understanding?”

She blinks a few times and nods. Edward sighs in relief. He presses his forehead against hers.

“Thank God. I got my Bella back…” He whispers and kisses along her shoulders.

The vampire guards that were visiting in the hallway however quickly turned their heads in utter surprise. Edward had cried out in agony as Bella had him suddenly pressed up against the wall. His face was forced up against it and she had her knee to his back.

“WHERE’S CHARLIE?!” She demanded furiously.

When he didn’t answer she banged his head up against the wall.


Edward threw out his arms and propelled himself back off the wall. He rapidly twirled about and backhanded Bella. Bella backhanded him in return.

“ASSHOLE!” She retorted and shoved him back again.

One of the guards started laughing. Edward and Bella turned towards them angrily.

“Are we having a bit of a domestic dispute?” His deep bass like voice carried over. He tilted his head upon Bella.

“You’re not near as puny as I remember.”

She rolled her eyes and caught Edward completely off guard as she yet again had him up against the wall. Bella gritted her teeth and grabbed his arm forcing it back to a snapping position. Before the guard’s feet, now lay Edward’s arm.

“That’s not even half of what I can do! Now my father…”

Edward looked to his arm in sheer panic then back to Bella.

“Bella…?” He staggered back.

Felix genuinely smiled. Jane shrugged as if merely bored. Alec simply bent down and picked up Edward’s arm.

“Now that’s a spot of bad luck. Isn’t this your wedding hand? Where will you wear your ring now?” He says tossing it back.

Edward sneers at this little joke and catches his hand.

“It could have been worse.” Felix hintingly suggests.

He takes Bella by the hand and spins her about as though she were a ballerina.

“You sure have flourished.”

Edward ground his teeth together upon Felix’s thoughts. Felix merely winked upon him. Felix was dying to know what Bella looked like naked. He also was thinking about how Edward was too pathetic and weak to be honored with someone such as Bella for a wife.

“She truly is something else… I’m sure Aro will agree. You really should have warned us Mr. Cullen. It seems we now have something new to report. Come along now Ms. Swan. I’m certain Aro wishes to see you now at once.” Felix escorts Bella to the throne room.

Meanwhile, Edward was desperately trying to reattach his arm. Aro rose to his feet as soon as they entered the room. He had a genuine beam to his face.

“Ah, the lovely Belladonna!”

Aro immediately starts towards them.

“I’d be careful with this one, Aro. She’s not quite what she seems.” Felix says behind laughter.

Aro narrowed his eyes upon Edward as he held his arm.

“And what do we have here?” Aro says as though a curious child.

The guards took off their red cloaks revealing their black outfits. Aro cautiously takes Bella’s hand. He sighs with frustration. Just as before, he couldn’t get a read on her. However when Edward came to him… He read something else entirely different. He read the illusion Edward had created. Edward truly was delusional now. Because of this, Aro never once saw the Mr. Bixby, Bruce Banner, or the Hulk in his thoughts. As far as Aro was concerned Bella was very much still in love with Edward. She just needed some extra convincing. She was still bitter about how things went down the last time they were in Italy. Edward truly believed this and so that is what Aro saw when he read him. Edward made a deal with Aro. If he could convince Bella to marry Edward, they would join the Volturi as husband and wife. Aro naturally couldn’t resist the challenge. He’d had his eye on Edward and Alice Cullen for quite some time. Only now, he was even more curious as to Bella and what sort of vampire she would become. None of them were aware of Bella’s newest transition. They were expecting the frail, lovesick girl that was immune to they’re mental abilities. Nevertheless, Edward seemed to have an easy time glamouring her. As to why Aro wondered why Edward hadn’t just merely glamoured her into betrothing him. He had some issues when reading Edward. It skipped around and caused Aro a bit of a headache. It felt as though there was something missing throughout Edward’s life. Just patches here and there. He wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Aro cupped her chin and looked into her green eyes.

“Weren’t your eyes beautiful as though sweet chocolate when we first met my dear?”

Bella recoiled and jerked out of his hold. He smiles.

“Not that they aren’t now; no need to take offence. I’m merely… curious.” He tilts his head about.

“And I must say, these three years have done you wonders! Simply scrumptious you are!” He licks his lips as Felix forces her to turn around so Aro can get a better view.

He squeals in delight.

“How remarkable! A great addition you will be Ms. Swan! This is very exciting. I must admit! A wedding and two new members! How I do wish your sister would come to her senses, but the lovely Belladonna will do just fine. I simply cannot wait!”

Bella wanted nothing more to unleash her fury upon every vampire in the room. But she wasn’t foolish either. They outnumbered her greatly. She thought back to her fight with Victoria and the newborns. She knew if it hadn’t been for Jake, there was no way she would have survived that. She had too many close calls as it was. That and she knew Charlie would pay the price if she acted out against the kings. Bella only prayed that Bruce was onto them and bringing in the big guns aka Hulk. For now, she had no choice but to endure whatever hell they unleashed. This also meant something else. Alice hadn’t been to see Aro as Bella had feared she might in order to save Edward yet again. Aro clearly had no knowledge of the big guy. Bella only prayed that’s how it stayed.

“My father… please…”

Aro nods and sits back down. He motions to Caius and Marcus they lean in and looked to be in discussion about something. After they’re done Aro taps his fingers along the arm rest of his throne.

“I’m very sorry to inform you that there has been a betrayal amongst us. One in which involves your father as well I’m afraid.”

Bella’s heart sank and she became paralyzed for a moment. She shook her head and took a few steps back.

“What do you mean there’s been a betrayal?”

Aro makes a tsking sound with his tongue.

“I’m sorry to say that one of our guards took your father’s life.”

Bella continued to shake her head.

“No.” She utters.

“No you’re lying!”

“Leave us. And Felix, do bring in Demetri. However you’re not to say a word, just bring him in.”

Felix nods and they leave the room. Edward cuts Bella this oh shit slash remorseful glance. She mouthed the words you’re dead. Tears streamed down her face her entire body shook. Her eyes were greener than ever. Her hands were balled up into fists. Caius smiled on this and nodded towards Aro. Aro nodded in return.

Once Demetri was brought into the room, the doors were shut. All that remained in the room now were the three kings, Demetri, and Bella.

“You needed me sir?”

Aro doesn’t comment. He looks upon Bella and waves his hand upon Demetri.
“Our betrayer…”

Demetri looked upon Aro confused. Within seconds Bella had tossed Demetri across the room. He came to his feet wide eyed dusting himself off.

Demetri hissed out and came barreling right for Bella. Caius grinned ear to ear as Bella her hand clamped around his throat. She drove him into the marble flooring of the palace leaving a good indention where Demetri’s head hit. Demetri rolled her over and went to punch her in return.


Demetri bitterly froze and turned to Caius. He and Aro were beaming at this. Marcus seemed indifferent. That and he kept staring at Bella as if trying to solve a piece to a puzzle. Caius made his way over and shoved Demetri off of Bella. Caius looked her over.

“Fascinating! Isn’t she Aro?”

“I couldn’t agree more. By the way…” Aro claps his hands about and a set of double doors open to the side of the throne room.

Bella’s heart dropped to the pit of her stomach.


Charlie nodded and Bella took off running towards him. She hugged the daylights out of him and began to cry.
“No hard feelings of course. We were merely… curious…” Aro announces.

Demetri looked completely puzzled.

“Betray me again Demetri and I will let Ms. Swan finish the job next time.”

Demetri looked to Aro wide eyed. Demetri was the only Volturi member able to track down damn near anyone they ever wanted to find. He was an asset to the Volturi, the only reason they allowed him to survive. He’d been lying as to the other Cullen’s whereabouts and Aro knew it.

“Away with you!”

Charlie couldn’t believe the things he’d witnessed or overheard. He’d never been so lost. He held his daughter protectively and eyed the kings.

“I’m so sorry dad. All of this is my fault!”
“Your fault? What on earth are you talking about Bells?”

“Ah yes, it seems you and daddy have somethings in which need to be discussed.”

“Heidi, do show them to their chamber. And when you’re done, bring me Mr. Edward Cullen. It seems we have some matters to discuss as well as a wedding to prepare!”

On the plane

“I can show you where to go. I can also take out some of the guards if needed. However I cannot go with you. That will only give us away. They will be expecting one of us Cullen’s to make an appearance. That’s just too risky.”

Jasper shows Bruce an example of the way the palace is laid out. The hallways, rooms, and the throne room itself. He even shows him where they keep their prisoners just in case and the underground catacombs that connect to the palace are. He was drawing it on one of the napkins provided by the stewardess. Jasper felt rather nervous the entire flight. He could not only see but sense that the big guy wanted to make an appearance. He could also sense that Bruce didn’t fully trust him. Jasper was trying his hardest to influence Bruce and keep him calm. He wasn’t even sure if it was really working or not. Jasper goes over everything he can think of. He hated the fact that he couldn’t walk right on in with Bruce. The least he could do is get Bruce all set up. He liked Bruce’s idea of going in as one of the tourists. He thought it was brilliant. They continued to discuss the plan the throughout entire flight. Jasper wanted to make certain Bruce knew exactly what he was getting himself into.

Charlie continued to console Bella. She truly thought they had killed her father. He rocked her just as he used to when she was little. The room they were in had two connected bedrooms. They were massive and the ceilings seemed to be never ending. Charlie had never seen such a place in his entire life.

Bella finally forced herself to calm down. She felt nauseas however as she came to her feet and paced the room.

“I’m sorry, dad. I never meant for you to get involved.”

She wipes her eyes and sucks back a quivery breath.

“Bells hun, you’re going to have to tell me what the hell is going on now.”

She nods looking ill. Bella tells him everything except for the part about Mr. Bixby aka Bruce Banner. She decided to save that for the very last. She knew that was pretty much the nail in the coffin for her and Bruce’s relationship. Still, by no means was she giving up! She’d fight for Bruce no matter what. But for now she had to focus on fighting for Charlie and getting Charlie out of here alive and in every way.

Hours had gone by. By the time Bella finished her story about Edward and the Cullen’s about the truth behind it all. Naturally, she left out the sexual acts he had her preform. Charlie just sat there stone faced. She feared he’d gone into shock or something. After a solid minute, Charlie pinched the bridge of his nose.

“I’m not waking up from this am I?” He uttered.
She shakes her head.

“I never wanted you involved. I…”
Bella leaned against the wall of the room and shut her eyes.

“That little shit has another thing coming if he thinks he can force my daughter into marriage!”

Bella opens her eyes and lifts them towards her father.

“I never could stand him!”

“I’m not quite done with my story. But dad please… this is the part where I really need you to keep an open mind. Please… especially, considering the situation. And before I say anything else about this man. You need to know that I love him. We’ve been together for nine months now and we’re already planning a future together.”

Charlie raises his brows on this.

“Nine months?!” He inquires with full on disbelief.

“What is he another damn vamp? A shifter?”

Bella bites upon her lower lip and shakes her head.

“Think bigger dad…”

He sighs in defeat and Bella tells him about Mr. Bixby and his secret. She prayed Bruce would forgive her but she knew they no longer had a choice. Charlie had to know everything. He was already involved, he might as well know why. He also needed to know that help was on its way. Bella didn’t doubt that for a second, she just hoped it was soon.

Charlie takes in the deepest of breaths.

“Considering the situation, Bells hun, that’s the lesser of two evils. I will admit though, he had no business in dating you whatsoever. But if nothing else, he should have waited until he was no longer teaching and you were graduated! Clearly now, that doesn’t mean that this Bruce Banner and I won’t be having a conversation. I don’t care how big the guy gets. And I thought this Hulk was nothing more than an urban legend. Even at that, isn’t he supposed to be dead?”

“You remember coming home that one day and joking around about how the department thought there was big foot sightings in Forks? Because of the uprooted trees and footprints and not far from our house?”

Charlie nods.
“That was him…”

“So you’re dating Big Foot?! This just gets better and better!”

“Well think of it like this… he’s a doctor!”

Charlie shakes his head.

“Dad… He really means a lot to me. So please, just keep that in mind. And when dealing with him, you got to keep the other guy in mind as well.”

At this the door opens and is slammed back. He didn’t even take notice of Charlie being in the room. Edward grabbed Bella and pushed her up against the wall.


“Get your god damn hands off my daughter!”

Edward winces and slowly turns. Charlie was pointing directly upon him.

“You will not touch her again, you son of a bitch.”

Bella’s eyes widened, Charlie hardly ever cussed. The only times she ever heard him was during a game or if he hurt himself while tinkering on something around the house. But she’d never fully heard him cuss someone out before.

“You got another thing coming if you think you’re going to marry my little girl! I never did like your sorry ass! Looks like I was right all along. You’re completely worthless!”

Charlie kept in mind about Edward’s mind reading ability. He focused on everything but Bruce Banner and his secret.

“I love her! And I’m sorry but you have no choice in this. She wanted you to give her away. I respect her wishes. That’s the only reason you’re here.”

Charlie shrugs.

“Not happening. I’d never give my daughter away to someone like you.”
“We will be getting married.”

Edward goes after Charlie and Bella quickly seizes her father and wraps herself around him. She gasps out as she takes the blow intended for Charlie.

Bella goes limp and Charlie quickly braces her back up against him.

“She wasn’t supposed to get in the way!” Edward hisses.

Her eyes water as Charlie checked her over.
“Come on, Bells…”

Bella catches a painful breath and Charlie hurriedly places her on the bed. Bella arches back in agony. Charlie rolled Bella over and felt around her back. He grimaced realizing her ribs were broken.

“OUT!” Charlie points upon Edward.

Edward rolls his eyes and snatches Bella out of Charlie’s arms.
“Don’t you even…” Charlie says with a death stare.

Edward cuts him a smirk and locks him in the room as he takes off with Bella.

Bella whimpers out as she comes too. She rolled out of the bed she was in, only to notice she was in a fucking wedding dress. Her jaw dropped and she looked into a lengthwise mirror in the room. It was long sleeved and trailed down to the floor.


Her hair was perfectly fixed. She even had on makeup. White high heels were on her feet. She looked as though a damn Volturi princess! She jerked off the Volturi necklace from her neck and the stupid tiara and threw them across the room.

“No, no, no!”
Bella slipped out of the heels and ran out of the chamber. She ran to the room they had her father in. Only to find he wasn’t there.

“Dad!” She called out and began to look throughout the other rooms.

This felt like one big nightmare she’d never wake from. She took off the throne room. She swung upon the double doors as she entered. Aro came to his feet with a smile.
“Ah, the Belladonna. How ravishing!”

She saw that they had her father and had him wearing a tux. He grimaced when he saw his daughter. The entire throne room was set up for this spectacular wedding. There were candles about the place, red and white roses. The Volturi women wore red and the men were in black with red looking cloaks on.

“Aro…” Bella said in a pleading voice.

Aro narrowed his eyes upon her and lifted her chin with a single finger.

“Haven’t you read him? Aren’t you aware of everything he’s done? Aren’t there rules Edward had to follow as well? Please… this is not what my father and I want. Edward and I, we were over the moment I left Italy the last time. It’s been over. I don’t love him.”

She shook her head and looked upon her father in a panic. Charlie pinched his eyes shut as Felix and Alec kept him guarded.

“We have guests. We cannot disappoint them.” He says in a hinting matter.

Aro then leans into her ear.

“I will personally deal with Edward after the wedding. You’ve my word. He will not harm you or your father again. Besides soon you and your father will no longer have to worry about such qualms.”

She grabs Aro by the arm as he goes to walk away.

“There’s far more behind it than you think.”

He slants his eyes upon her. Bella does something she wasn’t even aware she could do. She grits her teeth as she feels this force leaving her body. Aro’s eyes widen and he becomes immobile. Bella begins to show him the truth behind EVERYTHING. Everything the behind the Cullen’s, Edward, and without meaning to Bruce Banner, whatever memories came to mind, Aro saw for himself. She gasps out as she continues to force it all out she wanted Aro to know the truth! Aro snaps a look upon Edward, realizing now he had literally read someone that was clinically insane.

As she was showing Aro all this, she noticed a certain someone amongst the guests. Apparently, they were treating the sightseers to a “royal” wedding or so they wanted them to believe. He winked upon her. Bella’s heart skipped a beat and she quickly dropped her hand. Aro swallowed back and gawked upon her. Aro reached out for her and Bella smiled upon Aro menacingly. Felix was escorting Charlie over so they could begin the wedding.

Just as Aro held up a hand to put a stop to it all. Bella pulled off a twisting maneuver; she immediately grabbed her father and shoved him back to safety. Aro’s eyes widen as he slowly turned around hearing the screams directly behind him.

“Madre di Dio…” Aro whispered as he starred upon the green beast before him, knowing they were all FUCKED.

“Bells…” Charlie utters in disbelief.

She nods towards him as she fought to get the guests off to a safer area.

“Still think he’s a myth dad?” She called out.

Charlie shakes his head. Bella darts her head over a certain direction and takes notice of Edward about to make his escape. Bella hurriedly blocks his way out. She shoves Edward back and continues to shove him back towards the Hulk. Edward snapped Bella a look of shock. She blew Edward one last kiss. “HULK BABY, SMASH!”

Hulk nods and picks Edward up. He lets out a rumbling roar right in Edward’s face. Edward covers himself as if that’s going to save him. Hulk pointed to Bella.

“Bell MINE!”

Bella’s jaw rather dropped at this. Edward gritted his teeth.

“BELLA WILL NEVER BE YOURS!” Edward shouted and Bella rolled her eyes.

Hulk swiftly snapped Edward’s head off and tossed it about as though it were a ball. He then smashes Edward into the ground over and over and over. The entire palace shook and the pillars were starting to crumble.

“SHIT!” Charlie shouted as he backed up against the wall. The Volturi’s guest screamed out in horror and they too took cover.

He watched in absolute disbelief as his daughter and this creature started taking out the vampires.

“Chief Swan…” He heard someone whisper.

He turned to see it was Jasper.

“How about we get you out of here? We’ll let those two have all the fun.”

“But my daughter…”

They both grimaced as they witnessed Bella taking Edward’s head and tossing it back towards the Hulk. The Hulk batted at it as though it were merely a game between the two of them. Bella laughed and headed for another vampire.

“Something tells me she’s got this, sir.”

Charlie shook his head wide eyed. Jasper chuckled to himself as Bella and Hulk kept up with the game of kicking and batting Edward’s head around. Jasper began to lead Charlie and the tourists out discreetly. He waved upon Bella once she took notice. She nodded upon him in appreciation and was glad to know her father was in good hands. From there Jasper would charm the visitors into forgetting everything and get Charlie back home safe and sound.

Jane and Alec had just burst into the room as the battle was taking place. Without even looking Hulk punched at them sending them both through a pillar. Hulk however growled out as he saw Felix pin Bella against the wall. He reached over and picked him up. Hulk repeatedly slammed him into the wall. Bella and Jane circled one another. Jane looked upon Hulk hintingly then back to Bella.

“Don’t even think about it.”

Stupidly, she tries it anyhow. Only she ends up dropping to her knees. Bella smiles and crouches down before Jane.

“Is something wrong, Jane?”

Jane screamed out in agony. Bella kept her focus. Somehow she found herself using this newfound ability on the Hulk. All she kept thinking about was this need to protect him. However as she did this, it only caused Jane’s ability to ricochet. Bella moved strands of hair away from Jane’s eyes. She then cupped her chin roughly.

“Karma’s such a fucking bitch… isn’t it?”

Bella kept her focus onto Jane now. She wasn’t even sure how she was doing it but she could feel it. Bella drops it feeling herself becoming weak the longer she held it. Nevertheless, she grabbed Jane by the hair. Bella soon learned that Jane’s ability wouldn’t have worked on Hulk anyhow. Alec was also trying his, only Hulk smashed him into bits with no signs of Alec affecting him whatsoever. Bella tossed Jane into the air.

“Here’s you another, Hulk baby!”

Hulk swung his fist about and drove Jane through the ceiling of the palace. He quickly bowed himself over Bella as a parts of the ceiling were about to fall on her. She rolled in order to dodge some of the debris. Hulk scooped her up and looked down with annoyance as Caius attempted to get a few blows in. The harder Caius hit, his knuckles had begun to crackle and flake off. To Hulk Caius’s attempts was nothing more than a nuisance, like that of a pesky flea. He picked Caius up and Caius hollered out like a little bitch. Bella started laughing as he pleaded and begged for Bella to call the Hulk off.

Hulk looked upon Bella.

“All of them Hulk! Even those two…” She points upon Aro and Marcus.

Aro lets out a nervous laugh and holds his hands up in the air.

“Why Ms. Swan, we can sort this out! I was always on your side prezioso, Isabella. Think about it… Think about the power you could have! You could become a Queen! And we, your faithful Kings! I’m not one to bow before anyone. But you Belladonna… Join us and you’d be as though a goddess!
Hulk takes Caius’s body and starts beating the other two kings with it relentlessly.

“Puny kings!” Hulk roared as he went around making certain that every single vampire was nothing more than dust. There would be no way they could come back. He saved Edward’s head for last.

Bella was perched up against Hulk’s shoulder with her legs crossed. He grunts and groans out with each stomp upon Edward’s head. Bella gasps out as she slid off his shoulder and was falling. Hulk quickly dusted his hands off and caught Bella with both hands. They locked eyes as he brought her up closer to his chest.

She nodded and reached out cupping his massive cheek with her hand. He closed his eyes and gently brought her up against his chest. Her eyes widened realizing he was hugging her. Bella’s breath was taken back though as Hulk literally leaped out of the Volturi palace. His entire body smashed through everything in order to get out. She shut her eyes as he landed outside the palace. Screams were heard throughout. He’d now exposed himself… Everyone around the area gawked upon them in disbelief..

“What have you done, Hulk?” She whimpered in damn near tears.

He was still to far gone for Bruce to make an appearance. Hulk took off running. His only concern was protecting her and that meant hiding. Bella screamed out as Hulk eventually leaped off a set of cliffs they ended up in the ocean. He placed her back onto his shoulder as he swam towards a rocky area. Without any warning, Hulk dived under the water. Bella clung onto him for dear life as he swam through a tunnel that lead to a hidden cave. She gasped for a breath as they came back up for air. Hulk laid her down upon the dry land within the cave. Bella fought to get the stupid wedding dress off her body, it was weighing her down and she could barely move. Hulk tilted his head about in observation. She managed to get out of the dress and was in a lacy white bra and panties set. She backed up against the wall of the cave shivering. The reality of everything nevertheless hit. She brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. She cried into her arms knowing Bruce not only lost his job, but he would be back on the run again. And it was all because of her!

“Bell…” She felt Hulk poking at her shoulder.

She lifted her eyes towards him.

“Why’d you have to go and expose yourself?!” She snapped.

“Now I’m going to lose you both!”

Hulk growls under his breath and plops down shaking the entire cave. Her eyes widen as parts of it crumbled around them. He takes back a huffy breath blowing back his midnight hair.

“I never wanted you to have to leave…” She said as she violently shook.

Hulk scooped her up once again and brought her up against his chest. Gradually, his body began to warm her own. Bella fought to stay awake, but the dark cave only added to that groggy feeling.

Bruce woke to Bella buried against his chest. He narrowed his eyes gathering their surroundings. He took notice of the cave they were in. His eyes widened in surprise though as he rolled off the piece of land they were on. He fell right into the icy cold water. Bella rolled over feeling the water splashing up against her back. Bruce sighed and Bella reached out helping him back onto the rocky area.

She nodded. Bruce looked to be in thought as various memories played out but only bits and peices of it. But the look on Bella’s face said it all. He knew Hulk must’ve put on quite a show. Meaning they were screwed. Often enough, his memories through Hulk were like looking through a stained glass. He could pick up some of it, he even experienced the emotions the big guy did, but only in pieces, never all at once. He pinched his eyes shut and tried to think. Bella didn’t even say anything, she simply snuggled up against him. She didn’t even care that he was wet and cold at the moment. She knew what all this could mean now. Bella couldn’t help but to feel hopeless and heartbroken. She knew Bruce couldn’t stay in Forks. They’d come for him for sure. They’d track him down after what happened here in Italy. It wouldn’t take long to find him.

Bruce closed his eyes as he felt her breaking down. She was doing her best to hide it from him. But her body and the way it quietly heaved off and on gave her away. He held her wishing he knew what to say or do. He too knew what this meant. Their lives were about to be turned upside down. After a few more moments Bella clears her throat.

“So… you managed to stay off the globe. Until you met some dingy girl in Forks. Now I’ve mananged to screw up your’s and Hulk’s lives. You’ll be back on the run!”

“First of all dingy? No. Secondly, I have no regrets! We both knew the possible outcome to this. But you’re out of your damn mind Bella if you think I’m giving up on us. I’ll find a way. Just give me sometime to think!”

“How will this ever work?”
“Since when are you so quick to question this?! I thought we were both headstrong in making this work!”

He bitterly came to his feet.

“I AM!”
“Then stop with the defeated attitude! We’re better than that. We both agreed that nothing was coming between us. That still stands. We just have a new obstacle to work around.”
“Yeah well, it’s one hell of an abstacle.”

He shakes his head.

“You graduate in a little over a month. That gives me more than enough time to figure this out.” He grimaced realizing what that truly meant. He’d be taking her away from her father if he did go into hiding again. There was no way Charlie could ever know where they were or what names they were going by. Even Bella would have to go by another name. He’d be literally taking away any life she ever had. She’d end up resenting him! He’d be no better than Edward Cullen.

“DAMMIT!” Bruce snapped and he paced the cave.

“So what now? We go back to Forks you hurry and pack? And I just hope to God you call me?”

“Call? You’re kidding me right? Bella, I’d be trying to find a way to come get you! Do you not get it?! What exactly do you think this is to me?!”

Her bottom lip quivered a bit and she shook her head.

“I’ve been alone for so long Bella. For the first time in a long time, I’m choosing to be a little selfish. I want you Bella, I need you. But only if you’ll have me, you have got to believe that we can make this. You tell me this, do you honestly think the other guy will let you go either?”

Bruce helped her to her feet. She instantly latched onto him.

“I love you.”
“I love you too, Bella. Always remember that. Just don’t go giving up on me. No matter how long it takes. I will come for you! Just have some faith in me. If I don’t call or text, you know why. It’s not a risk I can take. I won’t have your father or you getting hurt on my behalf. I just need you to believe me when I say you and I are far from over.”

Bruce looks back towards the water.

“So, that’s like… really cold.”

Bella softly laughs.

“Um yeah , it is.”

He sighs,

“And to think we have to swim back through that.”

Bella frowns.

“I know you hate being cold and wet.”

“Loathe it.”

He chuckles and rubs the back of his neck.

“Something else I’ll have to make up for.”

Bruce frowns upon the wedding dress that was on the land. He kicked it into the water.

“Maybe the sharks will mistake it as some sort of fish.”

Bruce smirks as she looks around wide eyed.

“I don’t think there are any in the water in this cave it’s too shallow. Out there… That’s a different story.”

“Like baby sharks right?”

“That depends…”
She looks to him oddly.

“In comparison to the other guy? Probably… And I think the least of our worries is getting ate by a shark.”

Bruce carressed her cheek.

“Did they hurt you?”

“It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.”

Bruce shook his head. He pressed his forehead against hers for a moment.

“What about your father?”
“He’s ok Bruce. Just shaken up.”

She sighs in thought.

“I had to tell him the truth Bruce… Behind everything…”
He nods.

“I kind of figured that to be honest. So, I suppose that means he knows about us?”

“Yes… And I didn’t really hold back on anything.”

“And what did he say to that?” He asked rather apprehensively.

“That you were the lesser of two evils!” She says all chipper like.

Bruce raises his brows on this.

“Oh … well… that’s… certainly different!”

“Yep..” She clears her throat though.

“But he also said…Now that doesn’t mean that this Bruce Banner and I won’t be having a conversation. I don’t care how big the guy gets.” She says in her best Charlie impersonation.

“Huh, well, I think we can break up now.”
“Oh really?”
He nods.

“It was a good run! Almost made it a year Bella baby!”

“Um no, but nice try!”

He sighs in defeat.

“So I gotta try and win the Chief’s approval?”

“Considering everything… hopefully it won’t be that hard.”

Bruce reached over and fixed the strap to her lacy bra.

“We could stay “stranded” for a bit longer…” He hints.

Truth of the matter was they both knew this could very well be their last chance for any sort of intimacy, at least until Bruce could come up with some sort of plan.

“Well we’re both practically naked anyhow.” Bella says running her hands along his shredded clothing.

“Very true… So I suppose we better wait until dark.”

There was a hint of light coming into the cave from the tunnel they swam through. Just enough for them to see each other and the surface of the water. Bruce laid her back down.

“It’s a proven fact that the fastest way to warm up is through the body’s natural warmth, meaning skin to skin.”
“Whatever you say doctor.”

He grins at this and hovers over her. This sense of desperation washed over the both of them. They began to madly kiss as Bruce ground himself against her. Bruce went to take off her bra and panties. Only was caught off-guard by Bella ripping them off herself. That only intensified his lust. He spread her legs and drove himself in as deep as he would go. He froze just long enough to position Bella the way he wanted. With her arms and legs wrapped around him, something he could never get enough of. If this was going to be their last time for a while. He wanted to make one hell of a memory and note to Bella that he was worth the wait. He truly hoped she wouldn’t give up on him and move on. It’d kill him. As he began to thrust he leaned into her ear.

“You’re it for me baby. Never doubt me, not even for second.” He whispered and began to thrust even harder he wanted to make his point. Bruce kissed along her neck as he continued.

Bella let out this cooing like moan and arched her back off the ground.

“I need you to come for me Bella. I want to feel you.”

Bella cried out his name and flooded his cock. He let out a soft growl. Their moans echoed throughout the cave they were in. Their silhouettes were cascaded around the walls of the cave. Bella damn near attacked his lips as she kissed him. She playfully ran her teeth along his bottom lip before pulling away. He found that incredibly sexy. Bella licked along the crevice of his neck and his dick couldn’t handle anymore. Bruce had one more good thrust within him before he came hardcore. He sighs afterword and kisses her once again.

“I’d hoped to last a lot longer.” Bruce admitted.

Bella softly laughs. He grins and shakes his head.

“You’re entirely too sexy for your own good.”

Bruce rolled over to his side. He ran his hands along her body. He was taking her all in. He had to… If he was going back into hiding… With Bella no longer around to influence him… He’d need the visual at least in order to tame the beast. He was going to be PISSED as it was. Just the mere idea of leaving had the other guy trying to take over again. The other guy wanted to take off with Bella. Part of Bruce actually agreed with him. However rationally that just wasn’t the right answer, not at the moment. Bruce had her friends, family, and her finishing school to think about.

Bella cozied up next to his chest.

“We could just live in this cave you know?”

Bruce has a good laugh at this.
“I’m sure we’re both smart enough to figure out a way for survival.”

He wrapped his arms around her.

“Sounds like a plan.”


(Back in Forks)

Charlie opened the door and instantly grabbed ahold of Bella. Bruce swallowed back seeing actual tears in the man’s eyes. Charlie kissed the top of Bella’s head. He clears his throat and looked upon Bruce.

“Thank you, for keeping my daughter safe.”

Bruce nodded.

“No need to thank me. Your daughter means a lot to me sir.”
Charlie nods in return.

“Why don’t you come on in?”
Bruce steps on inside and Charlie motions for him to have a seat. Charlie however took a moment to check on Bella and make certain she was ok.

“You and I need to talk as well kiddo…” Charlie hints and Bella nods as he sits her down.

He paced the living room a bit before turning to Bruce.

“First thing’s first. There’s no way I can allow you to continue teaching in this town. I will not risk everyone finding out about this highly inappropriate relationship. My daughter will NOT have her name slandered. I won’t lie in any given “Normal” circumstances I’d never allow this!”

“Dad…” Bella practically pleaded.

“Now just hold on Bells… Hear me out before you start thinking the worst of your old man.”
He lifts his eyes towards Bruce.

“Do you have a car?”

“Are you really a doctor?”


“Do you…”

Bruce raises his hand and does the simmer down motion with Bella, letting her know it was ok. Charlie sighs.

“Do you really love my daughter?”

“Wholeheartedly sir. Which is why what I must do next is killing me.”

Bruce looks towards Bella. She nods already knowing.

“Sir… I have to leave for now. But I’d like to return for your daughter one day and I truly hope to have your blessing or the closest thing to it. I cannot care for her the way I wish to at the moment. It is in her best interest that she stays here with you, finishes school, goes to prom, to college, and whatever else may come her way. I do not know when I will return for sure. But I will, I’ve given her my word. I just have some things in which I need to figure out and if I’m to be honest. It isn’t safe for either of you at the moment. All the more reason I need to leave asap. I won’t take any risk when it comes to you or your daughter.”
Charlie sighs as Bella covered her face. She knew it was coming, but it still broke her heart. Bruce cleared his throat and he too pinched his eyes shut for a moment.

“I couldn’t agree with you more. Bella needs to finish what she started here and get her life straightened out. It sounds like you have your hands full as well.”
Charlie turns his daughter’s direction.

“Is this what you want Bells?”

She uncovers her face and Bruce handed her a tissue. She nodded and wiped her face.

“You’re willing to wait for this man? No matter how long it may takes?”

Bella half smiles towards Bruce.


“Ok then… But I have three major stipulations for when this day comes or if it even comes.”
“It will be sir. I can assure you. I will not leave her behind. We both need to get some things sorted out is all.”

Charlie nods at this.

“My first stipulation is if you’re coming to take her away from me one day. You better make damn sure I get to see her. And I don’t just mean here and there. Bells and I have a connection that I won’t let anyone mess with. Not even you. I get that you’re obviously bigger and stronger than me, but son I got some big damn guns and lot of friends with even more guns.”

“Dad please don’t…”
“Let me finish Bells!”

She sighs and gives Bruce a look of apology.

“If I don’t get to see my little girl at least every other weekend or so you and I are going to lock horns pretty damn quick. Second one – take care of her and I mean in every which way. You better make damn sure my daughter is happy and that this is what she really wants. Number three- If you ever and I mean EVER hurt my little girl I don’t care who the hell you are I will find a way to take you down.”

Bella’s entire face flushed over with embarrassment. Bruce however remained respectful. Not once did he act smug about anything or as though he could just end Charlie right there. He was calm and collected and completely understanding.

By the time Charlie got his message across. It was time for Bruce to leave. Bella walked him out.

“Well that went better than I thought!” Bruce says sounding a bit nervous still.
They both let out an apprehensive laugh.

“I mean it Bella. I want you to go to prom, graduate, go to whatever college of your choice.”

She nods and runs a hand along his chest. Bruce wiped the tears that were still streaming down her face with his thumbs.

“I love you.”
“I love you too baby. I’m not saying goodbye. You better not either.”
“Is this the part where you go back to your wife, kids, and golden retriever?”

Bruce shakes his head and softly chuckles.

“More like this is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do Bella. And I’ve been through some shit. But this takes the cake. I hate this. But I have to do what’s best for both of us at the moment. Only call or text if it’s an emergency… I won’t be calling or texting you so if ANYONE tries to do this and claims to be me. It’s not. You won’t hear from me again until I’m physically here to collect you. I want you to go to prom too. I mean it Bella. Dance with your friends have a good time. Hang out with your friends and smile. Don’t you dare get all gloomy and go gothic on me.”

Bella laughs behind tears.

“So that’s a nix on the skull and cross bones t-shirts, and filling my closet with nothing but black?”

He nods.

“I didn’t label you as The Skirt for nothing!”

She hits him on the arm.

“See? This right here Bella. Don’t let it die. Keep smiling…”

She wraps her arms around him and her feet dangle off the ground. Bruce shut his eyes and held her. He breathed her in once more and kissed her. Once he got into the car Bella blew him a kiss. He gave her a wink and before long Bruce Banner was leaving Forks and heading to God knows where.

Charlie stepped out after he drove away. He didn’t say anything just merely hugged her and deep down he prayed this guy wasn’t filling his daughter full of shit and breaking her heart. He’d find a way to kill him if so. However something about the man didn’t strike Charlie as the type. He truly believed he would come back. All the more reason Charlie felt rather ill. He knew within time this man was about to come swipe her right out from under his nose and there wasn’t a thing he could do about it. The only part that Charlie seemed content in; was knowing HULK could protect her. That and it truly seemed as if Bruce Banner meant every word he said.

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  1. Can’t wait for E to die. Love B kicking his ass. Oh no Charlie?!?!? Grr for those stupid Kings for making B think that. Glad Jasper is helping bruce. Hope they can get Charlie out of there. Grr fucking doucheward trying to kill him. Hulk Baby Smash; ROFLMFAO. Puny Kings; Love it!!!. Why would he need to leave? They are in Italy not forks? Are they afraid of him being followed? I like Charlie knowing but not Bruce leaving.

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  3. Eddie was cookoo for cocoa puffs. Glad Bruce got there in time to rescue Bella and Charlie. Loved the destruction Hulk and Bella caused. Too bad he had to go into hiding.

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