Chapter 16 Looking For A Friend

Chapter 16

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“No, no, please continue.” Tony motions with a smirk.

Bruce rolled his eyes and lowered Bella’s skirt. He placed her back down, cutting Tony a go to hell look.

“How’d you get in in here?”

Tony looks to Bruce as if insulted.

“Hello, I’m Tony Stark.” Tony says offering a hand as he rises off the couch.

“You have issues.” Bella remarks.

“That he does.”

Tony nods.

“Then I suppose I’m in the right place! Wouldn’t you say doctor?”

“I’ve told you once before. I’m not that kind of doctor.”

“And you by the way look stunning. And quite the place you two have here. A bit small for my taste but it’s home I suppose…”

Tony takes Bella’s hand and twirls her about as though she were a ballerina. He cuts her a wink as he dips her. Bruce shakes his head on this.

“Limber aren’t we?” Tony utters behind a smirk.

“Stark…” Bruce warned.

The watch Bella had gotten him was going off. Bruce sighed with annoyance.

“Uh oh…” Tony practically dropped Bella he couldn’t move his hands fast enough.

He raised them in the air.

“No touchy…”

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose.

“We both know why you’re here and it’s not to dance with my fiancé. Have I not made myself clear?!”

Tony swallowed back rather nervously. Bruce had moved his hand and his eyes were a vibrant green. He was breathing harder than usual.

“Bruce…” Bella whispered and rushed to his side.

Bruce pointed directly upon Tony.

“You’re pushing a line! One that’s going to cause a lot of trouble between us, if you do not drop this and NOW!” Bruce was shaking all over.

Tony nodded and scratched the top of his head.

“Just hear what I have to say… That’s all I’m asking. I think your lovely fiancé should be part of this conversation as well.”

“I’ve already heard all you have to say. My answer is still firm.”

Bella looks to them both confused. Tony tilts his head Bella’s direction.

“And what is your take on this?”

“On what exactly?”

Tony makes a tsking sound.

“So he hasn’t even discussed this with you?”


He smiled.

“Please have a seat. I’ll make some coffee!” Tony said with a warm smile.

Bella had a look of confusion about her. Tony seated them on the couch. He even took Bruce’s arm and wrapped it around Bella’s shoulder.

“Awe, you guys! Just picture perfect!”

Tony wanders off to the kitchen and starts to digging through their cabinets.

“Um I’m gonna go with decaf for you Dr. Banner.”

Bella softly giggled at this, but quickly cleared her throat.

“Sorry…” She said with a slight grin.

“You either love him or hate him.”

Bruce sighed on her words and leaned back with a disgruntled look about him. Tony found everything he needed and had a pot brewing. As it brewed he returned to the living room, welcoming himself to Bruce’s recliner. He leaned over resting his elbows on his knees.

His eyes locked onto Bella’s.

“Any little episodes?”

Bella shrugs.

“Not really.”

“You are aware that I don’t actually “Hulk” out right?”
“That’s too bad. That’s something I’d like to see. “Tony gets this mischievous look about him.

His eyes dart Bruce’s direction.

“I bet the other guy would too!”

“Ugh, Tony…”

He chuckles.

“See! I missed this, guys! You really should consider moving closer to us!”

“I think we’re good!” Bruce remarks with a sarcastic tone.

Tony hears the coffee finish brewing. He hops back up.

“Be back in a jiff!” He says full of beans.

Bella covers her mouth, stifling another giggle.

“You know you’re only encouraging him. He’s like a child. He feeds off your reaction.”

That for some reason only made her burst into full on laughter. Bruce shook his head as if to scold her but had a slight grin about him as well.
“What am I going to do with you?”

“I might have a few answers for that!” Tony called out.

“Not interested!” Bruce replied.

“Come now… let me talk.”

“Yes, because we all know you don’t talk enough.”

“Finally, something we agree on!”

Tony conceded as he got the coffee ready.

“Sugar? Cream? Anyone?”

“No cream for Bruce. Just sugar.”
“Ok and what about you sweetheart?”

“I take sugar and cream.”

“Ah… “Sugar” likes it sweet! Well whattaya know?! I cream everytime she calls me sugar!”

Bruce shakes his head with full annoyance. Tony winks his way.

He makes his way back over, handing out the coffee. He plops back down with his.

“Good?” He asks as he waits for them to take a sip.

They nod and Tony claps his hands together.

“Good deal. So where were we?”

“Something about having something discussed.”
“Ah yes! Good memory!”

Tony sips at his coffee and Bruce hands him a coaster.


Bruce nods but looked annoyed as hell still.

“Where to begin…”
He leans back in thought. He eyes Bruce once more.

“So here’s the deal. We both know you’ve been outted so to speak. Everyone now knows Dr. Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk. And word is out about your engagement. However your wife to be’s secret is still hush, hush.”
“The way it’s going to stay…”

Tony takes in a breath as Bruce’s watch was acting up again.

“I knew I should’ve gone with the decaf.”

“Tony would you please get to the point? I rather like our apartment, even if it is small.” Bella hints.

“Right… To the point! “Hulk” is bound to have enemies if he doesn’t already. That’s just something that comes with the territory. Then again, you already knew that. But here’s where I’m going with this. She needs protection. The kind you can’t always give her. As lovely as it would be, the two of you can’t be together 24/7.”

That guilt like mien returned to Bruce’s face.

“Dammit, Tony!” Bella scolded.

“Do you know how hard I have to work to get out of his system? Then you just waltz right on in and pack it back on! Knock it off! I know damn well what lurks about. I’m sure Pepper does as well. Neither of us is exactly ignorant!”

Tony beams on this.

“No one ever accused either of you as such.”

“Then where exactly are you going with this? Because it isn’t just about the temperament of Bruce you have to concern yourself with. I don’t take kindly to you pulling some sort of guilt trip on him. He does that on his own well enough, without you adding to it!”

“Relax, Pumpkin!”


Bruce raised his brows and gently wrapped his hand around her wrist. Without realizing it, Bella was on her feet leaning over Tony, threateningly. She hadn’t even taken notice that she had risen from the couch. She looked back to Bruce alarmed. He grimaced seeing the green glow in her eyes.

“Hmmm… most couples need marriage counseling… You two however. A nice dose of anger management could suit you well.”
“Shut it, Tony.” Bella hissed.

He sighs.

“Look, I didn’t come here to start anything believe it or not. I have your interest best in heart.”

Bruce seated Bella back down.

Tony raised his brows on this.

“Now, Stark.”

Tony shrugged and followed Bruce out to the patio. Once the patio door was shut. Bruce whipped around.

“Her best interest in heart?! We’ve discussed this plenty! I know exactly what your plans for her are! This isn’t what I want for her! It never was! She’s not me! Bella has her own life. She’s going to graduate from college, go into nursing, and do whatever else makes her happy. This isn’t about The Avengers or whatever else you got going in that thick skull of yours. This is about someone I love deeply. Someone who I can’t and will not fathom, being put in harm’s way.”
“With all due respect, the moment she said I do. She was put right in the spotlight. So was Pep. It’s just how it goes for us.”
Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose feeling a headache coming on.

“I built Pepper a suit. So what are you going to do?”

Bruce looked to Tony in disbelief.

“You what?”
Tony nods rather smugly.

“Yep. I built my squeeze an emergency suit. I call it the helper suit. For now…” He says with a shrug.

“So what are you saying? You want me to wrap my fiancé in bubble wrap?”

“Eh, I was thinking of something more affective.”
“Such as?”

Tony smiles as Bella steps out, joining them.

“Say Pumpkin… How do you feel about learning how to fight? You know, seeing what you’re truly capable of?”

“Tony…” Bruce uttered looking ill.


“Well not so much at first. Maybe run a few tests and go from there.”

That word hit Bruce all wrong.

“Tests?!” He practically shouted.

“TESTS?!” He shouted the second time round.
“She’s not some lab rat, Stark! She’s to be my wife! Not some Stark logo or another notch of ego to add to your belt. I should have known! Everything to you is about what you can achieve. You want to use her! This has nothing to do with her safety.”

“Bruce!” Bella scolded in disbelief.

“I don’t truly think Tony would ever…”

Bruce snaps a look her direction.

“Please, just let me handle this.” He pleaded.

The watch was going ninety to nothing and without thinking. Bruce ripped it off, tossing it down. Her jaw dropped and she hurriedly picked up the pieces. Bruce came to a halt, once he realized what he’d done.

“Bella… I…”
“Don’t… its fine.”

She hurriedly wiped her eyes before she rose. She forced a smile.

“I can get it fixed. No big deal.”

Bruce shut his eyes. There was no hiding the painful expression in them. He also knew that was a relatively expensive watch. But that wasn’t the point. She’d put a lot of thought and love behind that gift and he just reacted as though it were nothing more than garbage. But that wasn’t how he felt at all. That watch meant just as much to him, if not more. She headed back inside. Both men sighed now.

“I take it that was a gift…” Tony hinted.

Bruce nodded looking defeated.

“I wanna tell you something. Just between us… Everyday I have to fight against my own vices, when it comes to Pep. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly called off the engagement. Or thought about going out my way to hurt her, just enough that she’d want to steer clear of me. Because let’s face it. I’ve more enemies than anyone at the moment. But that’s the easy way out. And let’s face it. I’m not one that takes the easy route. That and well selfishly, I don’t wish to give up on everything else in my life in order to be Iron Man. In that same sense I don’t wish to retire him either. So I find a way to make it work. I balance everything out and make sure I don’t lean over so much, everything tips to one side. Believe me I’ve had my share of some pretty gruesome panic attacks when it comes to Pep. But like Bella… She too had to make me realize she knew what came with it all. And she’s just as willing and crazy as I am. So it works. Now does that feeling ever go away? The I’m going to freak the fuck out if anything happens to her? Not ever! If anything it only grows stronger as time continues. I’m only telling you this to prepare you. I’m not about to sugar coat anything.”

Tony takes in a breath.

“Just talk to her. See what it is SHE wants.”
“What is it you expect her to do exactly Stark? Drop out of college. Piss away her degree and join us Avengers?!”

Tony reared back looking truly offended.

“Wow. You really are overly protective.”

“Just because you ignore all your vices to protect your girl, doesn’t mean you get to target mine! You’re damn right I am! I almost lost her! I’ll be damned if I lose her again. So yes, as far as I’m concerned…”
He put a hand on Bruce’s shoulder. Tony simply nodded.

“That’s what you think this is?”
“Well, I don’t exactly see Pepper Potts joining us anytime soon.”
“Of course not she’s my CEO.”


“Easy… We’re in the same boat. I just need you to step back and see it for what it is. Even if she weren’t to become one of us, it’d be good for her to learn what she what she’s capable of. We both know this. Look at it like this… if her life ever hangs in the balance. There’s more of a chance of survival, if she learns what all she can do. Just give it sometime. You two talk it over.”

Tony sighs and pats him on the shoulder.

“And try not to break anymore sentimental gifts…”

Tony makes his way back inside. Bella was leaning against the counter in the kitchen. She had Bruce’s watch in her hand. Tony took the remains of the watch and pocketed it.

“I’ll get it back to you. Promise.”

She looked to him bewildered.
“Let’s just say I have a knack for these things.”

She gave a simple nod.

“Goodnight, Tony.” She softly said and headed on to her and Bruce’s room.

Bruce had just entered the house as Tony was grabbing his jacket.

“I’m going to run her off, aren’t I?” Bruce quietly commented with fear in his eyes.

Tony looked towards the area she was in. He shook his head.

“Nah, this one isn’t going anywhere. You two just need to find your equilibrium, that’s all.”

At this Tony opened the door.

“Oh and this time… I’d appreciate if you were the one that called me this time. This relationship feels so one side as of late. You really need to show more initiative. If nothing else a text would be nice. Or one of those youtube videos. You know the one with the dancing cats or talking dogs? Those are always great. It would make me feel appreciated.”

Bruce narrows his eyes on this and shakes his head, as Tony exits the apartment.

Bruce peeks into the room, after giving Bella her space for a bit. Bella had already showered and was in bed. The sheets were pulled over her head. He rubbed his wrist where he’d worn the watch.

“I’m sorry…”

She sighed and pulled the covers back.

“No need… I said it was fine.”

He shakes his head.

“We both know that isn’t true.”

“Just a watch… “She mutters with a shrug.

“It wasn’t just any watch.” He shut his eyes momentarily as he made his way to the edge of the bed.

“That watch meant a lot to me, Bella.”
“I could tell!” She says sarcastically.

“No… it truly did. I wasn’t lying when I said that was the best gift I’d ever received.”

She nodded and looked to the ceiling.

“I think we both know this has to do with a lot more than a watch.”

He sat at the end of the bed, glancing upon her.

“I thought we were equals, Bruce.”

He cuts her a puzzled look. She half laughs miserably.

“We are…”
“Funny, it sure seems as if you’re calling most of the shots. You’re so concerned about keeping me safe. That you don’t even realize you’re…” She stops herself before saying the words.

“Nevermind…” She wasn’t about to hurt him like that.

He wasn’t nowhere near as bad as “him”, not even close. But she felt the need to get her point across…

“Bruce… was you ever planning on truly talking to be about all this? I mean were you ever going to give me the choice or just decide for me?”

Bruce flinched. He hadn’t even realized how it was perceived. He was so concerned with keeping her safe. He’d blinded himself to anything else.

“Bella, that’s never how I meant for it to feel. I don’t wish to control you. I want you to do whatever it is you wish, what makes YOU happy. It was never about that, ever. My only other concern besides your happiness is protecting you. That’s what this was. I just…” He sucks back a breath of air thinking back to when the Volutri had her.

Bruce rubs his face as the flashes mocked him.

“I can’t lose you. Not ever again. You weren’t just taken from me, but I had to leave you behind. That killed me. I didn’t want to leave. But my love for you overpowers everything else. The thought of me sticking around or having you tag along, with the possibility of something happening to you? And knowing it was because I was too selfish to do the right thing? I’d never forgive myself. Neither would the other guy. I don’t ever want to be apart from you like that again. As to why I didn’t take long to propose. That year apart, it opened my eyes. I came to realize when you have a good thing. You do whatever you can to hold on to that and never let go. That’s exactly what I plan to do. I’m not going anywhere. As for Tony and whatever it is he’s got planned for you. That’s also your decision in the end. All I ever ask is to please take precaution. Don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with and for now, I do feel we should keep your aptitudes on the down low. We don’t want this knowledge getting in the wrong hands. And that’s another thing… S.H.I.E.L.D… I’d be most leery when it comes to them. Do not trust them at their word and if I were you I’d deal with Tony personally. He’s got a bit of a trust issue with S.H.I.E.L.D himself.”

“Um yeah… Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division…”

“Yeah, you lost me at Homeland.”

Bruce chuckles.

“That’s where most end up lost.”

“I can see why. Ugh.”
He clears his throat.

“Bella, I will always support you with whatever you want in life. But on that same note. I will go do whatever I can to keep you safe. And you’re right. I should have talked this over with you. For that, I apologize. I honestly wasn’t thinking about how it looked. I made a mistake and I can see it for what it is. I went about it the wrong way. Seems I keep screwing up…”

He sighs and crawls over on the other side of the bed. He lays beside her.

“So I failed to communicate with you properly. I also broke the watch you got me for my birthday having a temper tantrum… I suppose that puts me on the couch tonight.”

Bella giggles into her pillow.

“You’re such a dick, you know.”

Bruce raises his brows on this.

“Am I now?”

She nods into her pillow. Bruce reaches over and places her hair behind her ear.

“Please, don’t take my advice as telling you what to do. I merely want to open your eyes and help in whatever way I can. Don’t be so quick to trust in others. A lesson I myself have been through. Keep sharp, pay attention to everything and everyone around you. And whatever you do… Keep your emotions in check. I know that’s not always possible, but do your best. In the meantime, I do think some colored contacts might prove beneficial. We can get them like the green in your eyes already. Continue to keep shades on you whenever you can.”

Bruce pulls his hand back, the remorse returning to his face.

“Don’t…” She warns.

Bruce nods and kisses her hand.

“If I’m to be perfectly honest, my biggest fear is you’ll wind up resenting me, Bella. I wouldn’t blame you either.”

“Ugh, Bruce… Shut up… We’ve been through this. You know how I feel. Nothing’s changing that. As for Tony… I truly believe we can trust him. He might be a lot of things, but he wouldn’t betray a friend. He thinks a lot of you. That’s more than obvious. Hell, I’d go as far as to say he has a man crush.”

Bruce’s lip curls at this causing Bella to laugh.

“I think it’s cute!”


She nods.

“And you like him too. You just won’t admit it. You two are like science bros!”

He raises his brows on this.

“Did you really just say that?”

She laughs and nods.

“Oh you know it’s true. The two of you, once you get started talking anything related to that particular subject, you are like a couple of hens clucking away!”

He narrows his eyes.


She nods with a playful grin.

“Hmm, so let me get this straight. You go from calling me a dick. To telling me to shut up. To saying Mr. Stark has a “man” crush on me. You refer to us as hens afterword?”

She nods once again.

Bruce nods in return but reaches back over yanking the covers off her. She was in the buff, how they usually slept. He swiftly grabs her and twirls her about, popping her on the rear.


He laughs.

“I believe you earned that one.”

She grabs her pillow and goes to hit him, only to have him dodge. He snatches it out of her hand and quickly goes to return the blow. Bella managed to grab the other end before he can get the hit in. The both of them came to a halt as the pillow ripped in half. Cotton was everywhere.

“Oops…” She says rather wide eyed.

Bruce looks to all the cotton.

“As much as I hate to admit it, Tony might have a point.”

Bella scooped up some of the cotton with her hands. She blew it right in Bruce’s face. He tackled her down, holding her wrists back on the mattress. Their laughter was silenced by other urges. Their lips locked as they feverishly kissed one another. Bella felt Bruce’s erection as he had it pressed against her. The more he rubbed himself against her the wetter she became. She could feel him rubbing right against her slit. He was so into it; he was spreading her apart with his arousal and hitting just the right spot. Bella reached down and unbuttoned his pants. Bruce felt the tug of his zipper making its way down. He moaned out at the feeling her hand fondling him. He throbbed against the palm of her hand. Her pussy was glistening with arousal.

Their eyes chorally burned gamma green as she placed his cock within her. Bruce thrust with a steady pace wanting to take his time. He knew they had another busy week ahead. They’d hardly see one another until the weekend arrived. So he kept it slow, but with just enough oomph to drive her into orbit. She bit on that lower lip of hers, as Bruce kissed along her neck and shoulders. His lips traveled towards her breasts. Her fingers ran through his hair as his tongue flicked along her nipples. He moaned against her breasts, as she drenched his cock. He lifted her eyes and watched as her eyes were shut and she was off in the land of ecstasy. He couldn’t get over how sexy that was. Her hands clung onto the pillow. Her back was arched off the bed. She was gone…

He found his dick pulsate even more as he observed this. Once her eyes opened and she cried out his name. Bruce lost it. He hurriedly pulled out and jerked off aiming right for her breasts. She cut him a sexy glance and squeezed her breasts together licking up the remains.

“Damn…” Bruce softly muttered under his breath.

“Bag?!” Bruce calls out as Bella was heading out the door.

“Oh yeah!” She hurriedly grabbed it and started back out.

“Don’t you need this book?”

She turned back to see her lab book in his hold.

“Right…” She huffs and returns for it.

He chuckles and grabs his keys.

“A bit frazzled today, aren’t we?”

She frowns.

“We have a test today…”

He shrugs.

“I’m sure you’ll ace it like everything else.”

“If you were my professor, sure I would!” She taunts.

Bruce shook his head but was laughing.

“You actually earned your grades in my class.” He says as he follows her out, adjusting his tie.

“Oh so “the skirt” bonus five points? I truly earned that?”

He nodded confidently.

“It was one hell of a skirt.”
“Dr. Banner! You should be ashamed of yourself.”
“Appalled and mortified even…? Get in the truck.”

She laughs and hops on in.

“Remember, I won’t need you to pick me up today.”

“Right…” He said doing his best to keep himself in check.

“About what time you think you’ll be home?”

She shrugs.

“He said about three hours a day. So I’m assuming around 8 or 9?”

Bruce stops at a red light and sips at his coffee he made to go. He clears his throat once the light turns green.

“Well good luck on your test and with your first clinicals.”

She smiled.

“Thank you.”

Peter wasn’t at his usual waiting spot today. Bella’s heart rather sank at this. She thought back to what MJ pulled and wanted to beat the bitch’s face in.

“Hope he’s okay.” Bruce said sincerely taking notice as well.

“Me too…”

She sighs.

“Today’s not a good day to miss with the test and all. Professor Stern already has it out for Peter as it is.”

Bruce looked to her in question. Bella takes notice.

“He’s been falling asleep in class. But he’s like the smartest of us all. His GPA was higher than mine. Not so much as of late… I suppose we know why now.” She had a solemn mien to her now.

“He’ll come around. He doesn’t seem the type to let things keep him down for too long.”

A small grin came to her lips.
“I’m sure you’re right. This is Peter after all.”

She pecks Bruce on the lips.
“I love you.”
“Love you too, Bella baby. You have a good day. I have my cell on me if you need me for anything. ”

She nods before exiting the truck.

“Miss Swan.” Professor Stern greeted, like usual.

She smiled warmly his way and took her seat. She sighed at Peter’s empty seat. Part of her hoped he was already inside. The professor started class after the other students arrived. Peter remained a no show. Her tummy churned a bit as he handed out the tests. Her eyes darted towards his once she received hers. She hadn’t realized how thick of a booklet it would be.

“Um how long do we have?”

She questioned, causing some of the other students to laugh. Professor Stern smiled and looked to the time.

“You have the remainder of this class period and tomorrow’s.”

“That’s it?!” She practically squawked.

She quickly covered her mouth. The professor had a good laugh at this.

“I’m sure you’re going to do fine, Miss. Swan. Now please, begin.”

She nodded rather wide eyed.

“Okay…” She said behind a deep breath.

Professor Stern continued his usual thing of damn near staring at her as she took her test. Something she never noticed, considering the moment she’d look up, he’d make himself look busy. There were other things she never seemed to notice. Such as him taking pictures of her with his cell phone during class, he’d simply act as if he were texting or surfing the net. But he had an entire memory card of his favorite student. He had a bad habit of smelling her hair too. Even through his disgusting routines, he was careful to never get caught. In a lot of ways he was another Edward Cullen. He knew what he wanted. His focus was on her entirely. And he would go above and beyond to get what he wanted. He’d planned on starting to ease his way on in. In his mind, he was certain he could win her over. He just hadn’t a clue what he was getting himself into.

He took up their test once it was time. As the students were heading on to their next class, he reminded Bella she had clinicals today. She gave an understanding gesture and exited the room. After school, Bella sent Peter a text. A simple shout out seeing how he was holding up, she refrained from making matters worse and mentioning the test. That’d only add to his misery. She made her way back to Professor Stern’s class. He came to a stand once she entered the room.

“You ready?”


“Anxious to see how it’s all done?”

She shrugs.

“A little…”

He smiled and pocketed his keys.

“Well, let’s not keep you waiting.”

Bella follows him out. She looks to him rather astonished.

“What happened to the black Caddy?” The car that reminded her entirely too much of Dr. Carlisle Cullen.

He shrugs and twirls his keys about. He had a brand new cherry red BMW convertible parked in the faculty area. She ran her fingers along the car in amazement.

“I doubt your salary covers this.” She mutters without thinking and is quick to cover her mouth.

“I’m so sorry! That was rude!”

“Just a touch… I’m a doctor too, remember? I mean I am your mentor.”

“Right… Doctor…” She looks to the car again.
“Surgeon?” She taunts.

He chuckles.

“I’ve performed surgery, yes…”

She nods not sure what else to say. That and she were afraid of making a complete ass of herself again. The car was nice but she never was one to be swooned by such things. After he arrived at the hospital they’d be working at. She looked to him rather stunned.

“Something wrong?”

“No actually… I just didn’t realize we’d be at the same hospital my fiancée works.”

He resisted the urge to roll his eyes. He forced all ill feelings about this out of his head.

“Well, maybe this means you two will be getting to see more of one another!” He said trying to sound as earnest as possible.

She smiled.


Once her back was turned, his lip was curled and his teeth were grinding together.

“He usually works morning shifts though…” She adds as she steps outside.

Irony have it, Bruce was just exiting the hospital, as they were walking up to the hospital. Bruce stopped in his tracks. He nodded towards Bella. She warmly greeted him with a kiss.

“Dr. Banner! What a pleasant surprise. I hadn’t any idea you worked here.” Dr. Stern calls out.

I bet you didn’t you bastard. Bruce thought as he’d caught Professor Stern staring at her ass on the way.

“A shame you’re leaving and we’ve just arrived.”

“Essentially, I’m taking a quick break. Since, I worked through lunch. We’re understaffed today. So I offered to work another shift.” Bruce looks to Bella.

“I was just about to text you and let you know I wouldn’t be home until around 11:00. I didn’t want you waiting up on me.”

Bella nods.

“So same hospital, pretty cool, huh?!” Bella says with somewhat of a beam.

Bruce smiles, eyeing her professor.

“Yes, it is.”

The professor’s smile faded and he cleared his throat.

“We’d better get started. There’s a lot to cover in the short time we have Miss. Swan.”

“Yes, sir.”

Bella enters the hospital. Dr. Banner and Dr. Stern have a menacing stare down, before Dr. Stern follows Bella inside. The typical man’s nonverbal pissing match.

Dr. Stern gets reacquainted with some old colleagues and newcomers before setting everything up. He introduces Bella as well. A few of them showed interest in meeting the fiancé of Dr. Banner. Another thing that had Dr. Stern boiling on the inside… These old colleagues of his seemed to hold Dr. Banner in higher regard than he! How dare they! After he’d put in so much time in this hospital. A few of them he’d trained himself! This was the thanks he received? Dr. Banner this and that… How great he is. What a beautiful fiancé he has! Dr. Stern reached to his temples the more they went on in their praise for Dr. Banner and the HULK. Dr. Stern grabbed some logging books and a couple of patient charts. He went to the board and wrote his and Bella’s names beside a couple of patients. He then motioned for Bella to follow him an empty examination room.

She cut him an odd glance, once they were inside.

“It will be easier to go over something’s in here, less distraction and noise.”

She nods as he rolls over a medical stool.

“I’ll be right back.”

He exits the room, only to shortly return with another stool.

“Alright… I thought we could go over how the logging process is done, the typical charting and codes. This is something every nurse should know inside out, before even considering examining a patient. This part shouldn’t take you long to achieve.”

He opens one of the books and starts reviewing everything. This takes a couple hours. As they went back and forth between this and her observing as he examined the patients he’d marked on the board. He goes over everything he can think of. He even has her fill out some practice notes and logging sheets. Dr. Stern checked them over once she was finished. He went over how introductions were done between staff and patients. He explained Health compliances and things to watch for when observing patients.

“Flawless…” He utters.

She followed Dr. Stern to the board. Dr. Banner was at the desk going over a patient’s chart with one of the nurses. Dr. Stern handed Bella the black dry erase marker.

“Would you like the honors?”

She shrugs and takes the marker, marking out the two patients. Dr. Stern beams at this.

“And there you go. Made it through your first day! You did a rather exceptional job.”

Bella looks upon him as if he’d lost his mind.
“All I did was take notes and work on log books.”

Dr. Banner lifted his eyes towards them on hearing this.

“And that in itself takes skill. Just one little foul up and you could put a patient in a lot of danger. Not to mention get a fellow nurse or doctor into a lot of trouble. Your screw up is ours. Always keep that in mind. If you go down Miss. Swan, we all do. It takes a team to care for these patients. You got your C.N.A’s, Med Aids, Nurses, and Doctors. Each of us plays an important role. However I am curious…”

“Do you plan on going the whole nine yards?”

“I mean receiving your doctorate?”

Bella starts laughing and Dr. Stern cuts her an unamused look.

“You seem to find humor in this?”

She clears her throat. Dr. Banner takes a chart from the nurse he was communicating with.

“I meant no disrespect, Professor. It’s just not my thing. Nurse is something I’m a bit more comfortable with. The label “doctor”… Just isn’t me.”

“Hmmm… a shame. I for one would love to see Dr. Swan on the boards one day!”

“Dr. Banner… She corrects.”
Dr. Stern looks to her puzzled at first.

“Well, I do hope if I was to earn my doctorate, I’d be married by then. That’s a bit of a hold don’t you think, Professor Stern?”

Dr. Banner couldn’t contain the smirk on his face. He headed on to his next patient resisting the urge to cut Dr. Stern a smug look.

“I do believe I can see your point!” He says behind a forced laugh.

He looks to the time. He then grabs her first sign in sheet listing her clinical hours. He has her sign it.

“OK then… Looks like we’re good to go, we’ll return Wednesday.” He grabs both their jackets and his keys.

Bella grabs her purse and follows him out. Without uttering a word Dr. Stern pulls up to a fancy restaurant. She looks to him, bewildered.

“I figured we could both eat…” He says a tad dismissively.


He nods.
“It’s one of my favorites.”

She narrows her eyes towards the restaurant.

“Actually, if you wouldn’t mind taking me on home, I have homework and it’s really late.”

“Homework? I didn’t give you any homework.”
“I have other professors…” She reminds.

“Right… I should let them know your clinical days. Maybe they could give you some leeway or extend the due dates.”
“Please don’t… really… I’m fine.”
He sighs.

“Even you need to eat. Come now, it’s on me!”
“With all due respect Professor Stern, this isn’t my type of place.”

Dr. Stern chuckles.

“Well, why didn’t you say so?!”

He starts the car and pulls on out of the parking lot.

“Where would you like to go?”

She pinches the bridge of her nose.


He sighs with true disappointment.

“Home it is then.”

“Thank you…”

He nods and takes her on home.

Bruce entered the apartment, to see Bella still at the dining room table. She had her pencil in her hand. An open book and spiral she had been doing her homework in. He shook his head at the sight before him. He quietly put away his things and made his way over. He carefully eased the pencil from her hold. He left everything as it was and scooped her up. She softly whimpered out in her sleep, as he lay her down in the bed. Bruce slipped off her shoes and tucked her in. He looked to the time to see it was now midnight. He too was exhausted. He tiredly rubbed his face and went to shower.

The alarms went off and Bruce hit the snooze button. He went back to spooning, neither ready to leave the nice warm bed.

“Do we have to go?”

Bruce laughs and kisses the crevice of her neck.

“Unfortunately, we do…”

She groans into her pillow.

“So how’d your first day of clinicals go?”
“Not bad. How was your shift?”

She rolls over, facing him. Bruce caresses her cheek and kisses her. In the middle of their kissing she froze.

“Oh no…”

“What?” He asked with concern.

Her eyes widened.
“I didn’t finish my homework!”

She shot up and looked to the time.


Bruce sighed as she hopped up and rushed off to the bathroom. She sprang into the shower and ran through her usual routine, so she could get to her homework. Bruce shaved and got ready as well. He made them some coffee as she hurriedly finished what she could of her homework. She groaned, realizing there was no way she could finish. She still had three questions to go. She slammed the book shut. Bella grabbed her things and rushed out the door, cursing under her breath.

Once they got to the University, Bella quickly pecked him on the cheek.

“Love you!” She called out and damn near ran out of the truck.

Bruce narrowed his eyes, taking notice of Peter’s absence once again.

Bella dashed down the hallway and made her way to class. She swiftly opened her book using what little minutes she had left to get caught up on her homework. Professor Stern took notice of this and shot to his feet.

“Won’t you please allow me to talk with your other professors?”

She lifted her eyes towards him as she kept writing.

“Thanks but no thanks. I got this.”

He sighs and makes his way back to his desk.

“No…” Bella bitched to herself as the lead to her pencil snapped.

She desperately began searching through her bag for another, only to see a pencil being placed on her desk. Professor Stern was already heading back to his. She mouthed the words thank you. She barely managed to answer her last question, when he started to hand out the tests.

“Today is your last day on this exam. Make it count.”

It was then it truly dawned on Bella. Peter wasn’t there… again. She reared back and went to look to her phone to see if he’d replied back yet.

“No cellphones please during the exams.” Her professor hinted.

She quickly cut him an apologetic glance. She wasn’t even thinking.

He gave a simple nod and motioned for her to start.

After class she handed her test in.

“Are you alright Miss. Swan?” He questioned seeing the tiredness in her eyes.

“I’m fine.” She said and darted out the door.

She immediately grabbed her cellphone. She sighed as there were no calls or texts from Peter.

“This just isn’t like him. Something’s wrong.”

“He was pretty upset.” Bruce adds.

“I know… and rightfully so. But I know Peter. He wouldn’t miss like this. Not over her! Not over some two timing…” She forced it back and this time tried calling him instead.

“That’s weird…”
“What?” Bruce questioned as he took a bite of the pasta Bella had made.

“It’s going straight to his voicemail.”

“Would I be like the overbearing friend if I call his aunt?”

Bruce shakes his head.

“I don’t think so… Didn’t you say he missed an important test?”

Bella nods.

Bruce shrugs and starts clearing off the table.

“Well there you go…”

“Well I’ll be. I must’ve called you to the phone!” Bella heard Aunt May say as she answered.

Bella smiled at this.

“I was just about to call you!”

Bella’s smile was quick to fade however.

“You haven’t seen my nephew have you?”

Her eyes lifted towards Bruce.

“That’s what I was calling you about.” Bella admits.

“He hasn’t been to school the last couple days.”

His aunt sighs.

“He’s been missing for about three days. I didn’t want him to think I was hovering. He hates that.”

“Right…” Bella says with a sinking heart.

“I suppose whoever sees him first lets the other know?”

“Absolutely…” Bella agrees.

She winces at what she’s about to say next. But she didn’t want his aunt to worry.

“I’m sure he’s fine. Not sure if you knew but he and Mary Jane had a rather nasty break up.”

His aunt made a gasping sound.

“Oh no…”


“He’s going to hate me getting into his business like this. But do you know who did the dumping.”

Bella managed to grin.
“Oh I’m pretty certain it was Peter! And believe me I’m in his court on this one.”
“That bad, huh?”

“Oh yeah…”

“Hmmm… Well he’s lucky to have such good friends. Now if we could only find him and get some sense in that boy!”

Bella softly laughed.

“Right… And we will. He’ll turn up.”

“I know he will.”

“Goodnight, sweetie.”

Bella closed her eyes for a moment. She scrolled through the numbers on her phone. She wrinkled her nose at MJ’s name. She only had it for Peter’s sake. Back when he was spending all of his time with her. Then that became less and less.

Bella rolled her eyes as she hit the name.


“Um hey…”

“You’re kidding me right?”
Bella pinched the bridge of her nose and sucked back a breath.

“Look I just need to know if you’ve seen Peter, in the last couple days?”

“I don’t think that’s any of your business!”
“Don’t even get me started MJ. Just answer the question.”

“Why the hell are you looking for Peter? It really shouldn’t be any of your business where he is!”

“Oh do shut up!”

Bruce quickly covered his mouth to keep from laughing.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me you two timing twit! Now have you seen him or not! His aunt is concerned.”

“Wait… Peter’s really missing?”

“No I was bored and thought I’d raise some hell. Of course he’s really missing!”

“New phone!” Bruce quickly reminds seeing the familiar glimmer in her eyes.

“Right…” She sighs as she hangs up and carefully places the phone down.

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