Chapter 10 Setting The Path


Chapter 10

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“Bella…” Pepper whispers.

“Bella hun, please be ok.”

Bella whimpered out. She and Pepper were tied to poles within the area Obadiah worked. Bella’s vision was blurry as she looked around.
“Pst… Bella.”

Bella turned towards Pepper with a puzzled expression. She swallowed back her throat was so dry she started coughing.


Bella whispered back half out of it.

“Thank God.” Pepper said with tears in her eyes.

“Where are we?”

Obadiah had entered the room at this point. He walked over with a smirk upon his face.

“Ah, she’s finally awake.”

Bella recoils as Obadiah caresses her cheek.

“The little teeny bitch that ruined my life.”

Obadiah roughly grabs her by the hair.

“If I wasn’t so curious about who your daddy loves more. I’d break every bone in your body until the pain for you became too much to bare. Then I’d watch as you die.” He grits his teeth and smacks her across the face.
“NO!” Pepper shouts as he slaps her again.

“Obadiah, please stop!” Pepper cries out.

“And why should I? Huh? Aren’t sick of always coming second place in Stark’s life? I can only imagine how you feel.”
“Knock it off Obadiah. That’s what a real father does!” Pepper defends.

“She’s a spoiled little shit that needs to learn a lesson!”

Obadiah looks back to Bella.

“Personally, I hope he chooses Potts. I’d love to see your face! To see that painful expression when daddy choses lust and love over his own brat! And that’s all you are! Tony should have spanked your ass years ago! Instead he spoiled you. Gave you everything you ever wanted because of the guilt he felt about you being a product of his affair with your mother.”

Obadiah takes off his belt. He unties Bella and whips her around facing away from him. He grits his teeth and takes his belt across her rear.

“STOP IT!” Pepper screams.



Obadiah whips around and takes the belt across Pepper’s face. Bella’s jaw tightly clenched. She reached out and yanked the belt out from his hand.

“Don’t you TOUCH HER!” Bella shouted and went to return the favor of the blows only Obadiah jerked the belt back.

He grabs Bella by the arm and drags her towards his Monger armor. He forces her father’s arc reactor into her hand.

“Put it in!” She looks to him confused.

“Just like you did when you saved daddy’s life, now be a good girl and do what the fuck you’re told!”
Bella rolls her eyes towards him and shakes her head. Obadiah motions one of his men over. They put a gun to Pepper’s head.
“Do it or your future step-mother’s brains will be smeared all over this laboratory. Then what will daddy think of his precious angel, knowing you let his lover die!”

“DON’T DO IT BELLA!” Pepper shouts.

Bella jumps as the guy cocks the trigger. Her hands shook as she began to desperately try and get the arc reactor in. Once she finally managed to get it in Bella staggered back as the machine began to move and light up. Obadiah laughed.

“Allow me to introduce Monger. Thank you Ms. Swan. It seems you and Ms. Potts services will no longer be needed. I’ll give you both a head start until daddy gets here.”

Bella’s eyes widen as he begins to get into the armored suit. Bella takes off running towards Pepper and quickly unties her. She and Pepper take off hand in hand as Monger comes to life. They rush outside and look around for a place to hide.

Tony regains his strength as he begins to track Bella and Pepper through Jarvis. Thor paced around the garage impatiently. Once he got them on the map Tony hurriedly got into his Iron Man armor.

“That was you?!” Thor sneered and pointed to Tony accusingly.

“Yeah, yeah get over it.”
“I cannot believe you’re the metal man that attacked me! Does Isa know of this?!”

Tony rolls his eyes and brings down his helmet.

“No and you’re not going to tell her!”

“You prevented me from handling my brother! Who sought your daughter harm you fool! Because of you he got away!”
Iron Man nods and grabs Thor by the collar.

“Do you not see that this is all because of you?! Because of you I lost my daughter! You just knocked her up and ripped her away from me! Things were fine until you arrived! Now shut the fuck up and help me find her!”

Thor growls.

“If you weren’t Isa’s father!”

“You’d what? Bitch and moan about you’re not getting your way? Face it Fabio you have worse mood swings than my daughter and girlfriend combined! And that’s saying A LOT. Trust me I’ve lived with them both. No cakewalk I can assure you!”

Thor shakes his head furiously.

“Nevermind!” He declares remembering what Fury said about winning him over. He just wasn’t sure how. He knew that wasn’t the way to go about it though.
“Yeah that’s about what I thought, let’s go pretty boy!”

Thor bitterly follows Iron Man out of the garage. They both take off towards the women.

Bella and Pepper cling to one another as the ground beneath them starts to shake and crumble. They both start to back up. They take off running as they see Monger’s hand shoot out from the concrete. Monger steps out from the ground and chases after the girls.

They freeze though something else comes barreling down as though in a whirlwind tunnel from the sky.

“SHIT!” Bella cries out and drags Pepper back behind her.

“What is that Bella?” Pepper screams in panic.

The creature’s face un-shields itself revealing some sort of fiery red element, Bella looks back to see that they are literally sandwiched in between Monger and the other metal looking character. Both were massive, both deadly.

“Who are you?!” Monger bellows at the other.

It says nothing just keeps heading right for Bella. Monger fires several rounds of bullets out the metallic creature. It lifts its head and the girls scream out as it sends a volcanic blast it’s way. Monger flies back at the impact. The girls take advantage of the situation and take off running again.

Monger growls out and comes back to his feet. He sends a unibeam in response. The creature slides back bracing itself as it’s feet dig deep into the earth. It heads towards Monger again only it snaps it’s head back towards the girls. It turns around and directs it’s attention back onto them. Bella and Pepper end up pinned up against a car as the creature corners them. Pepper hugs Bella tightly and buries her face into her shoulder. Bella however eyed the metallic beast and flipped it off.
The creature was suddenly shoved back at great force.

Bella nodded and her heart skipped a beat as Thor yanked his hammer out from the earth. Bella took Pepper’s hand again and Monger was right before them.

“Jesus really?!” Bella hollered.

He aimed his repulsors right at them and laughed. Making Obadiah’s usual laugh much more mechanical and dark sounding. Both girls got swept away and were lifted into the air. Bella saw it was the one that attacked Thor.

Iron Man shook his head upon Bella, but said nothing as they kept flying. Monger flew after them. Bella fought to try and see how Thor was doing. She could barely make out anything as the two continued to battle it out below. Bella began hitting Iron Man against his chest.

“I’m not going to die you son of a bitch and neither is PEP. So just let us go!”

Pepper already knew the secret though. She looked upon Iron Man and shook her head in disproval. He sighed, but continued on.

“You’re such an ass.” Only this came out of Pepper’s mouth.

Tony beneath that armor cocked a brow. Bella continues to beat on his armor only she’s hurting her hands in the process.

“Knock it off.” Iron Man barks afraid she’ll hurt herself.

Bella grits her teeth and starts trying to come out of her Asgardian shawl in order to break free.

“BELLA!” Pepper shouted as she was nearly halfway there.

“I got this Pep. Just give me a…”

Pepper screamed out as Bella hung on only by the shawl.

“Dammit, what the hell is she doing?!” Iron Man yelled realizing he’d lost grip of her.

“You should have told her!” Pepper shouted.

Bella whipped around on the shawl, both impressing and pissing her father off at the same time. She managed to wrap the shawl around his throat as they continued flying away from Monger. Iron Man now found himself having to dodge bullets, repulsor beams, have the slight annoyance of a choked feeling the entire time, and whilst freaking out that his daughter would plummet to her death. Monger managed to get a perfect shot on the shawl and sure enough Bella went flying.

“FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCK!” Iron Man roared and he raced Monger over to her.

Monger unfortunately grabbed her and landed in the middle of Thor and The Destroyer’s battle.

Thor took notice and quickly sent a bolt of lightning through the ground giving himself enough time to grab Bella before the bolt hit Monger. Thor grabbed Bella and gently tossed her Iron Man’s way. Iron Man caught her and held her back as she screamed out reaching to Thor. Monger and The Destroyer simultaneously hit Thor as he stepped in front of Iron Man and Bella to take the hit directed for them.

“NOOO!” Bella fought to break from her father’s arms in order to get to Thor.

Thor lay motionless on the ground.


Iron Man and Pepper winced.


Iron Man quickly shoved her behind him. He sent out everything he had as both Monger and The Destroyer stood before the three of them. Pepper yanked Bella back as she was trying to get to Thor. The girls looked up as a sudden funnel cloud appeared from nowhere. The wind around them picked up. Flashes of lightning spread across the entire sky. Iron Man came down to one knee as he continued to try and keep them away from Bella and Pepper. The girls gasped back as Iron Man, The Destroyer, and Monger was sucked into a massive tornado.

“TONY!” Pepper shouted.

Bella looked to Pepper.

Pepper sighs and paces the area.
“That’s your father in that armor!”

Before Bella even had time to think on this thunder sounded so loudly it shook the entire area. She turned towards the wave of the vibration and witnessed Thor’s body shooting off the ground covered in electrical liveliness.

“Sir, you’re at ten percent now.”

“Tell me something I don’t know Jarvis!” Iron Man groaned out as he continued to fire out what he had.

Both Monger and Destroyer took their hits as the three of them spun around in the massive vortex. Iron Man growled out as Destroyer had his armor so heated it was beginning to suffocate Tony inside the suit. He was covered in sweat and losing oxygen.

Thor slammed into The Destroyer and sent out his hammer upon Monger.

“HIT ME!” Iron Man called out.

Thor looked upon him oddly.

“Give me your best fucking shot I need a charge! HURRY IT UP!”

“You want me to shock you?”



Iron Man growls out.

“FINE, I GUESS YOU NEED INCENTIVE!” He sends his last bit of energy Thor’s way.

Thor rumbles out and sends a wave of lightning right at Iron Man.


Thor didn’t understand, but kept it up.

“Energy levels at 300 percent sir.”

“HAHA! NOW we’re talking!”

Iron Man looks upon Thor as Monger and The Destroyer were now trying to rid of the other in the whirlwind they were all caught in.

“Together on three.” Iron Man announced.

Thor nodded in agreement.

“1…, 2…, 3!” Iron Man shouted and bolts of electricity and replusor blasts now filled the area directly above them where Monger and The Destroyer were.

“MORE POWER!” Iron Man demanded.

“If I give it anymore I could harm you!” Thor warns.
“We don’t have much choice! It’s us or them!” Iron Man points below where the girls were.

Thor nods in understanding.

“Show them what the god of thunder can do!” He encourages.

Thor raises his hammer into the air. He cuts Iron Man one last concerned look.
“It’s ok!” Iron Man calls out with a thumbs up.”

“Forgive me, Isa…” Thor’s eyes close as he begins to focus on everything he has.

Bella and Pepper feel the suction and they take cover. The entire tornado is now surrounded in bright shimmering light and lightning forks throughout. A loud boom fills the area as the girls cover their ears. Directly after Monger and The Destroyer become nothing more than what was left of their armor and ashes. Bella and Pepper cover their mouths though as the storm dies down. The clouds part and the vortex vanished. Thor comes down in a crouching matter with Iron Man in his arms. Bella takes off running. She quickly lifts the helmet as Thor braces Iron Man against him.


“Tony…” Pepper calls out as Thor gently lays him on the ground.


“Jesus, do you have to be so loud!” Tony complains and rolls over miserably.

Bella growls out and kicks the armor across his chest.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“You just kicked the shit out of me and then you ask me that?!”

“You should have to me you had a god damn hole in your chest. I mean how did you get that and what the fuck his this dad? It’s not Halloween!”

“Says the girl that’s marrying a guy that dresses like he’s from Greek Mythology!”
“It’s not GREEK and it’s better than looking like one of your hot rods! You look like a damn transformer!”

“I love you too, Bella.”

Pepper helps Tony up and they embrace one another as Pepper checks him over.

Bella pinches her eyes shut. Her hands were shaking. When she opened her eyes again she looked upon Thor. Thor tilted his head and ran his fingers along the marks on her face.
“I’ve failed to keep you save yet again.”

“Thor don’t…”
He shakes his head.

“NO one should ever hurt you! EVER!” Thor shook all over as he said this.

Tony looked over as Bella and Thor held one another.

“When you didn’t get up…” She says as the tears came pouring down.

Thor kissed her forehead.

“I was fine Isa. I just needed to build up my strength.”

“I thought I lost you both!” She shouts into Thor’s shoulder.

Tony winces wishing he’d have come clean and told her.

“I can’t lose either of you!”

Her father sighs and makes his way over. He takes Bella’s hand and wipes the tears from her cheeks.

“Pep’s right, I should have told you. I just wasn’t sure how. That and how you’d take it.”

Once the four of them get back to the garage. Tony tells his daughter the truth behind what really took place and how the arc reactor saved his life. Why he chose to become Iron Man etc… After he’s done, Bella just sits there for a moment taking everything around her in. The armor, the technology around her everything he’d been hiding.

“Anything else anyone in this room needs to come clean about?”

Bella undertones, Thor and Tony cut her guilty looks.

“I was just wondering it seems people just love to keep stuff from me until shit hits the fan.”

Both of them look to the floor like wounded pups.

“It’s bad enough you hate each other.”

Bella reaches to her stomach and turns ghostly white.

“…dammit…” She groans and leans against the wall of the garage.

“I must get her back to Asgard. She needs to see the doctor and get some rest.”

For once Tony doesn’t argue. He nods and approaches her.

“Go… just take care of yourself. Pep and I will be fine. About Thor and I…” Tony takes in the deepest of breaths.

“We’re trying… Just give us both sometime. I think we have somewhat of a mutual ground now. We both want you to be happy. That’s what matters.”

Bella hugs her father and Pepper before they head back.

“Love you both.”

“Love you too.” Tony and Pepper chorus as Tony wraps his arms around Pepper.

Thor nods towards Tony in a silent understanding and scoops Bella up. He carries her out and they head back to Asgard.

Thor paces the room as the doctor looks her over.

“My lady, where did these horrible markings come from.”

Thor peeks over at this and Sage shows him the marks on her rear as he was examining her.
“Isa!” Thor quickly made his way over.

“It was Obadiah Stane’s doing.”

Thor growled under his breath.

“I’ve something that’ll do just the trick, but really there should be no more risk taking during this pregnancy. I cannot stress this enough. Your body can only handle so much. You should be resting. From here on I mean it. Take care of yourself your body is under a lot of stress. You must keep in mind that you are a Midgardian carrying Asgardian children and Thor’s nevertheless.”

“But she will be alright?” Thor inquires with great concern.

He hadn’t stopped pacing the room.

“Yes your grace, she’ll be quite alright if she just follows my orders.”

“Thank you, Sage.”

Thor shakes the doctor’s hand once he’s done. After the doctor leaves the room Thor lays beside Bella. Bella crawls up against his chest. He takes in a breath feeling as though he deserved nothing of her affections. But here she was snuggling up against him. Thor held her close remembering how she’s cried out his name when she’d assumed the worst.

“I love you…” He heard her say softly.

He swallowed back full of guilt.

“I love you too Isa, though I do not deserve your love by no means.”

“That’s not true Thor. We all make mistakes it doesn’t matter the realm. Let’s just let it go. I thought I lost you today. It just makes everything else seem so trivial in comparison.”

“What did that man do to you Isa?” Thor questions as he rubs the crème the doctor gave him on her rear and back.

“Just made up for all the times my father never laid a hand on me. He let it known that my father should have a longtime ago.”

“No one should ever cause you harm!”
“My father was more of the grounding type. He never laid a harmful hand on me. Sure he yelled and cursed, but that’s just Tony.” She half laughs.

“I’m afraid I’m standing to close to his shadow.”

“Don’t you mean walking in his shadow?”
“Easy Thor, you’re starting to sound human.”

He smiles.

“Something I used to find degrading.” He admits.

“However now, I’ve come to learn there is not much difference. We all have our weaknesses and strengths.”

Bella nods in agreement, but soon her eyes came to a close. Thor reached over and pulled the covers over her. He held her for a bit longer, but knew he had other issues to deal with. Sif being one of them that and he wanted to know if Heimdall had word on Loki or Odin yet.

Thor kissed her forehead before exiting the room.

Thor made his way to the dining hall where his fellow Asgardians were taking pleasure in dining and having a few drinks. It was very loud and damn near every Asgardian in the room was drunk. Thor however nodded and locked eyes with Sif whom was sitting with Balder and the Warriors three. He motioned for her to follow him as he exited the area. Sif smiled and came to her feet. Balder kept quiet and quickly downed his drink and wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve.

Thor walked out a ways from the palace. He turned to her and put his hands upon his waist and paced the area a bit in thought.

“We’ve been friends for quite some time now haven’t we?”

Sif nods.

“Yes we have.”

Thor nods in return.

“Then you should know you can always come to me if there is ever an issue.”

Sif looks out to the horizon.

“Yes of course.”
“Look me in the eyes sister and tell me this.”

Sif sighs.

“What did she tell you?”

Thor shook his head.

“Isa, told me nothing and it does not matter who told me. What matters is that you thought you could not come to me. If you had a problem with mine and Isa’s situation you should have. We could have discussed this as friends would do. Instead you went behind my back. You hurt someone I love very much. You said some things that can never be taken back and I don’t even know where to begin on how to make it up to her. Some of the things you said. I cannot even picture coming from those lips of yours and honestly I don’t want to. But I know Balder would not tell a tale. He’s never led me astray before. So I believe every word he said. Tell me that Balder would lie to me!”

“Thor I…”
“TELLLLL ME!” He points to her irately.

She lowers her head. Thor grits his teeth and lifts her chin with a single finger.

“I cannot apologize enough for the past. I will live each and every day regretting that night! I’ve said my peace on this very issue many times. I truly am sorry for my negligence.”

“And it is only you that regrets it I NEVER DID! I never will!”

Thor winces.
“I cannot allow you to do this. I cannot allow my guilt and my own weaknesses towards our friendship to cloud my judgment on this. You made it more than clear that my wife to be. if she will even have me now, does not belong here in Asgard. Making it known that she does not belong by my side. And you truly expect for her to leave our children behind? Have you no compassion? You maybe a warrior Sif, but you are still very much a woman. How would you like to be told such things? I’ve seen Isa at her maddest state. I’m quite surprised that she didn’t leave a harsh mark across that face of yours! SHE SHOULD HAVE! I thought you were my friend! I’ve spent years trying to make up for what I’ve done. But you’ve cross a line that even I could never even imagine crossing. You were trying to hurt Isa, but by doing that YOU HURT ME! I suppose it’s no more than I deserve however, you going behind my back and taking matters into your own hands…? Sif by doing so you lost every ounce of trust I ever had in you!”
“Thor…” She said in a soft pleading matter.

“NO! You hear me woman! The only reason I don’t have you sent to prison is because you WERE my friend or so I THOUGHT! If it were a mere stranger that talked to Isa in such a way I’d have had them punished and sent behind bars never to see light again! If she will have me there is a good chance she will be your future Queen one day. Not only that, but Isa is now family and that of royal blood through me and the children that she carries. YOU WILL APOLOGIZE TO ISA! AND WHEN YOU DO IT HAD BETTER BE HEARTFELT! YOU WILL LOOK HER IN THE EYES WHEN YOU DO SO! IT IS WHAT SHE DESERVES! SHE HAS DONE NOTHING UPON OUR PEOPLE TO DESERVE SUCH DISRESPECT! You will do well to keep in mind that she is the mother of my children! And she is the woman I HAVE CHOSEN! It is Isa I love, Sif. You and I are no longer adolescents. Things tend to change. I do not see you in the light that you see me. I once was rather flattered and honored on the way you saw me. However now? I’m not so sure what to think. Sif… you can no longer be trusted to fight in the cause of Asgard or fellow Asgardians. You have broken the oath you were sworn to. You’ve gone against my father’s wishes! You are to step down immediately! You will turn in your uniform and you are to leave the premises at once!”

Sif’s jaw drops.

“You can’t be serious! I’ve fought behind your father for years!”
“And you will no longer!”
“You are not ODIN! This isn’t your decision.”
“The hell it isn’t!”

Sif yanks out of his hold and rushes into the palace. Frigga immediately comes to her feet as Sif runs up before the throne. Thor was making his way inside as well with a disgruntled look about him. Sif quickly bows before Frigga and rises back up before given permission. Sif begins to blurt out the situation and her feelings on it and what Thor has done. In return Thor also explains his and Isa’s side of things. Frigga paces the area by her throne. She then turns to Sif and points upon her.

“You dare come to me after my son gave you specific orders?!”

Sif rears back as if stunned.

“Pardon?” Sif questioned in surprise.

“Yet again, you’ve gone behind his back. If you were wise, you would have taken the higher ground and did as he instructed. Instead you have come to me, expecting some sort of sympathy. If anything I’m greatly ashamed! I truly cannot believe everything I’ve heard. My son is right. Isabella is now family! We do not treat one of our own with such disgrace! I will not ever hear of this again do we have an understanding Sif?!”

“Yes your majesty.” Sif says with discouragement to her voice.

She looked to the floor. Thor makes his way over and takes it upon himself to take away her armor and sword, this only further humiliating Sif.

“Please… don’t do this.” She softly begged.

Thor said nothing, once he was done he turned his back upon her and walked away.

Tony leans back against the massive pyramid of green beans in his Iron Man suit. He’d his helmet down eating from one of the cans. He lifts his eyes towards the man as he enters the room.

The man puts his hands upon his waist taking in the scene. Beside Tony was an economy size of green beans already open with a fork hanging out of the side. Tony patted the space beside him.

“Come join me!”

The man rolled his eyes upon the label on the green beans. Jolly Green Giant it read.

“As you can tell I’m a big fan of yours.” Tony declares.

“I just love the way you turn into a green raging monster! Pretty awesome, I think we’re going to be good friends!”

The man rolls his eyes with a disgruntled look. He bitterly sits beside him.

“So they sent the Iron Man himself…” Bruce sighs.

“You’re alright Stark.”

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  1. Ugh Jessica is such an annoying snot. Like Mike putting her in her place. Glad Jasper helped out Bruce and got him settled. And coming to prom to pass messages. Glad she went to college too. Aww for Charlie and Sue. LOL for her running willy nilly to NY.

  2. I have to agree it was a little too harsh.she should have been barred from the castle or Asgard for do what they did after all she has done for her king and world was not isn’t like she attacked Bella.

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