Chapter 13 Playing With Mischief

Chapter 13

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“No, no… you will take us to them or you will end up like your deadbeat brother. And I do mean deadbeat in literal terms.”


Tony sighs and nods toward Hulk. Hulk picks up the bitchy blonde vampire as though she were a Barbie doll. He snaps off one of her arms and stomps on it, smashing into smithereens. She screams out in terror and pain.

“You were saying?”

She continues to cry out.

“Ok go for one of the legs next you know wishbone style!”

Hulk nods and flips her upside down.

Tony nods towards Hulk. Hulk looked to be sulking and let out a huffy breath.
“And no tricks Queen of the Damned or you might end up losing all your ligaments.”

Hulk places her back down.

“Where to?”

“Forks, Washington.”

Tony narrows his eyes completely baffled.

“You mean where this all took place to begin with?”

She nodded.

“Just how stupid can you all be?”

He sighs in thought.

“Jarvis lock everything up and prepare the jet. Call my pilot and let him know he’s needed at once.”
“Yes sir.”

“Hulk buddy, if you’re joining me you might want to shrink back down just a notch. I don’t believe my jet can carry that much weight.”

Hulk snarls back at Tony.
“Now my dear I’m not calling you fat. Just big boned that’s all!”

Tony calls to Pepper as Hulk morphs back into Dr. Bruce Banner.


“Hey my little love muffin!”

“What are you up to Tony?”
“Oh ye of little faith. Why do you automatically assume I’m up to something?”

“It’s in your voice.”
“What is?”

Pepper sighs on the other end.
“I just know now what is it?”

“Eh, I’m leaving on a jet plane and don’t know when I’ll be back again. But no worries I’m taking a friend! A BIG ONE!”

Bruce rolls his eyes.

“And why are you leaving?”

“I got a little errand to run that’s all Pep.”

“You’re so full of shit.”
“Aw, and I love you too honey.”

“Will you at least be careful if you’re not going to tell me what this is about?”

Tony grows serious for a moment.

“It’s about our little girl Pep. It’s just something I have to do.”

Pepper rather lit up on how he said this. He never had referred to Bella as hers as well. It made her heart flutter.

“Is she alright?”

“Yeah honey, she’s fine.”

“Then do whatever it is you need to do.”

Tony nods and turns to the calendar.

“You know how we never set a date?”

“Date for?”

“You know our wedding.”

Pepper looked to her ring in thought as she was in the limo and running an errand.

“You mean from when you proposed nearly a year ago?”

“Yeah that’d be the one!”

She softly laughs.

“You know the same day you mentioned how you saw Bella as though a daughter.”

“Yes Tony and that still stands. You and Bella are my family.”

He nods.
“Well, I say after our precious little angel with massive horns marries this ridiculous god, we should go ahead and take that leap as well.”

“Is that so?”
“Yep! Might as well. I mean you are wearing my ring and all and you’ve practically helped me raise Bella.” Tony swallows back.

“I love you Pep.”
“I love you too Tony.”

Once he hangs up he looks to Bruce.

“You ready to raise some hell?”

Bruce chuckles.

“Me? Or the other guy?”
“Eh, both if need be!”

Bruce nods.

“I’m ready when you are.”

Bella wraps her arms around Thor and rests her head against his back. Thor ran his hands along her arms and gazes out the window. He shut his eyes feeling her kissing along his back. At this Thor twirled around and embraced her. They merely held one another in silence. Thor shed a few more tears on his mother’s behalf. Once it was time he took Bella’s hand and led her outside the palace. They both were dressed for Frigga’s ceremony. The Warriors Three and Balder nodded towards Thor and Bella as they made their way down to the lake.

Bella swallowed back as she beheld Frigga. She looked as though an angel with her blade about her and gorgeous golden Asgardian gown. She lay beautifully about the funeral pyre. Thor, Odin and Balder sent her out to sea. Bella lowered her head saying a silent prayer for Frigga as her remains were set ablaze. It was an odd custom to Bella. It certainly wasn’t something they did back on earth. Well not in this day and age anyhow. Still, she couldn’t help but to find something rather honorable about it. Volstagg wrapped his arm around Bella’s shoulder as he witnessed a few tears trickling down her face. Bella ran her hands along her stomach. It saddened her greatly to know that their children wouldn’t have Frigga in their lives. She knew Frigga would have been a wonderful grandmother. It was no secret that Frigga had looked forward to not only her future grandchildren, but the wedding as well.

Odin patted his son on the back as they looked out to sea. Once the boat pyre was further out to sea, Odin slammed down his staff. Bella looked on with sheer amazement as the boat was now floating into the air. The fire became wilder within seconds it disbursed and became nothing more than a shower of white light. Several bolts of this light shot across the sky as Odin sent Frigga’s spirit out amongst the others that continued to watch over Asgard. It was the most beautiful thing Bella had ever witnessed. She hadn’t a clue what to expect with an Asgardian funeral. They spoke no words. It was as if everyone grieved in their own way this was their way of saying goodbye to their loved ones. They stood in silence for several more minutes. Odin then turned to everyone.

“We are to celebrate her life and reminisce in good spirit. It is what she would want. So let’s go and drink in her honor. We will keep Frigga’s memory alive.”

The men raised their blades into the air and crossed them together and nodded. The then rose them back up and sheathed them. Balder escorted Bella from the ceremony. They were allowing Odin and Thor sometime alone. The men were leading Bella to the dining hall where they were to have a few drinks in honor of the Queen.


“Yes my lady?”

“Is there a way I can see Loki?”

He cocks a brow upon her.

“Now why do you ask such a question?”

Bella rather sighed.

“I’m not quite sure myself. It’s just I remember seeing the look on his face when he’d heard his mother had passed. He couldn’t attend the ceremony for understandable reasons and…”

Balder shakes his head.

“Do not fall for Loki’s ways. He wishes to be king, but the only king he will ever be is the king of mischief and manipulation. He tried to kill you my lady do you not remember?”

Bella nodded but half smiled.

“Do you truly think I could forget? Even more so considering he threatened the life of mine and Thor’s children…”

Balder nods.

“Then may I ask why it is you wish to see him?”

“To let him know how his mother’s ceremony went.”

Balder raises his brows as if to observe her more closely.

“Why do I have a feeling there is more behind this?”

“Can I see him or not?”

Balder shrugs.

“I suppose. I do not see why it would be a problem to merely visit. He cannot escape the prison in which he’s in anyhow.”

“Will you take me to him?”

“If that is what you wish.”

“Yes please.”

“Very well.” He leads her back into the palace, down a very long hallway and several flights of stairs.

“If you need to break Isa do let me know.”

“I’m fine Balder.”

He nods and continues. They enter another hallway of glass prisons. Bella looked to Balder confused.

“Can’t they just break out?”
He smiles.

“It’s very durable I assure you. Odin’s put his own touch to each of these. There is no way they can escape.”
Bella nods, looking to be in thought. She pauses once she comes across Loki’s cell. She turned to see that he was kicked back reading a book. He seemed so relaxed.

“Odin went ahead and fully lifted the curse that backfired. If he had not Loki would have surely died from terror alone. That’s not to say he didn’t make Loki endure it for one more night before lifting it.”

“Can he see me?”

Balder nods.

“Can he hear me?”

Loki cocks a brow her way and shuts his book.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Loki turns her direction.

“Might I speak with him alone?”

“My lady… I do not suggest it.”

“You, yourself said he cannot break free.”
“Well yes I did but…”

“Balder… I will be fine. I will meet you in a few minutes by the hallway.”

“Thor will not like this.”
“I will deal with Thor.”

Balder sighs.

“For a god you sure scare easily.” Bella teases.

Balder has a good laugh at this. He takes her hand and kisses it.

“I shall give you your space my lady. However if trouble shall arise do call to me. I will come quickly.”

“Thank you Balder.”

He nods but turns his attention back to Loki.

“Behave!” Balder demands.

Loki rolls his eyes as if slightly irritated. Once Balder leaves the room, Loki looked upon Bella with full on curiosity. He leaned against the glass with one hand and tilted his head upon her. Bella takes back a nervous breath.

“Your mother’s ceremony was beautiful… She was lovely as always.”

Loki shut his eyes for a moment.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m asking myself that to be honest.” She half laughs and pinches her eyes shut.

“I’ve every reason to hate you. I should hate you. Hell, part of me I know truly does. However I do pay attention. It’s funny how body language and the look in one’s eyes can give them away, such as your brother. He was so arrogant, naïve, and plum rude when I first met him. I take it it’s a god thing. You know such as us puny Midgardians?” Bella says with a wink and paces the area before Loki.

“Do you want to know why I took your brother in even when I couldn’t quite stand him at first? Why I offered to help him and why I believed his story that was so farfetched I thought he’d escaped from what we would call a looney bin.”

“Not particularly, but I’ve reason to believe you won’t give me a choice and will bore me with the story anyhow.”

“You’d be correct!”

Loki smiles and waves his hand about the air.

“Shoot away then. Let the torture begin!”
“As you wish dear god of mischief.”

“Easy, you do not wish to for Thor to believe you’ve grown some sort of feelings for me and are flirting.”

“Apparently god of delusions as well, face it Loki you’re a piece of shit bastard that deserves whatever he has coming to him. What I find even sadder about this? You know it. You only claim to not. Most in your case would be in denial. But that’s not it. You know you’re an asshole. You hate it too, but you can’t seem to help yourself. This need for power and to be the center of attention has swallowed you whole and that’s all you know. You look upon Thor with love and jealousy… love because you know deep down he’s a good man. He’s been there for you always and you remember that. That’s why you could never hate him. That’s why no matter how mad you get at Thor you could never take him out of existence. Not that you could anyhow, but if you actually found a way. It wouldn’t be within your heart or whatever soul you might have left. You’re jealous because you wish you were more like Thor. To have others look upon you the way they do him. They trust Thor. They don’t however trust you. You’ve given them no reason to. You’ve literally betrayed your own family and your people.”

Loki begins to laugh.

“And why do I get the feeling you’re the one up to something rather mischievous?”

Bella smiles.

“Perhaps it is because I’m the daughter of Tony Stark. Often enough I found myself having to con my way out of something or into something. Whatever it was I desired or wanted at the time. I felt as though he deserved whatever I dished out. I took my resentment on what he and my mother had done out on him wholeheartedly. He’d started out spoiling me at first out of guilt. Only he’d begun to see after a few more years that I was feeding of this and taking advantage of him.” Bella shrugs in thought.

“If daddy didn’t give me what I wanted often enough I could be a brat. Hell, I take that back I was a brat. I knew if I pushed the one man I loved the most in this world too far. I could guilt him damn near into anything I wanted. That’s exactly what I did. I twisted that man in more ways than I could ever count. I told one lie after another. I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted to race. There was a time that’s what I lived for. The mere thrill of being behind that wheel knowing I could damn near beat anyone! I wanted to party with my friends. I wanted to drink and go out with my boyfriend without my father hovering over me and watching my every move. This man would have fucking security guards following me around. I constantly had to hide from the paparazzi. EVERYTHING I DID WAS IN THE FUCKING SPOT LIGHT! I couldn’t get away from it. So the lies become thicker and worse. My cons too much to bear! I was drowning soon enough, because I no longer knew the truth from reality. I’d told so many lies and deceived the one man that always had my back. You know what hurt the most was towards the end. I could see it in his eyes. He knew I was lying. He knew I was filling him full of shit. It got to the point that instead of anger and yelling and my father drinking himself into a binge. He grew quiet. There was pain in his eyes. I’d broken his fucking heart. He knew no matter what I was going to walk out that fucking door and do whatever the hell I wanted. That’s how out of hand I’d gotten and it damn sure wasn’t because Tony Stark is a bad father. No… My father… He’s a good damn man! I know he loves me unconditionally. No matter how bad I fuck up, he always will. He will and always has done his best to guide me, to discipline me, to show me right from wrong. But in the end that’s all he was… a guide. It was up to ME to accept the responsibility of following the path in which my father had set for me. The lights were lit and brightly. There was no way I could get lost unless I decided to stray off the path a bit. Which is something we all tend to do and you most certainly strayed off your path. Hell Loki, you just plum got yourself lost. You went so far off you couldn’t even see the lights that lit the trail your father and your brother set out for you.”

Loki nods as if impressed and begins to clap.

“Does this mean we’ve bonded now?” He scoffs.

“Far from it…”
“That was a really sweet comparison… however you’re forgetting one little detail.” Loki reveals his true form and slams on the glass with both his hands furiously.


Bella nods and makes her way over to the glass. She narrows her eyes and runs her fingers along the glass. He slams on the glass again however she doesn’t seem startled or even truly react.


“I am…”

He grits his teeth.

“My mother cheated on the man I thought to be my real father. He thought me to be his real daughter in return. You weren’t the only one raised on lies and betrayals Loki. My mother and father created me while in attempt to hide their affair. From the man that raised me from a baby and through most of my elementary years. To me he was my dad. That’s all I knew. I was filled with so much resentment and hatred! I hated Tony Stark! And I hated my mother for what they had done. Not just because of their lies and betrayals towards me, but to Charlie! The man that fucking raised me! The man that would often hear about how much I looked like him; the man that worked his ass off just to put food on the table. The man that looked upon my mother and I with pride! He fucking put his life on the line every day believing the lies my mother fed him! She had us both fooled! So what’s your story Loki? Why are you so fucking pissed?”

Loki tilts his head about.

“You want to know my story?”

She nods. Loki goes to switch back to his other form.


He looks to her oddly.
“Why do you wish to mask it? There is nothing wrong with your true appearance. It’s your attitude that sucks.”

To her surprise Loki didn’t fight it. He told his story and Bella listened without interruption. When he was finally done explaining about how Laufey was his father, Bella nodded.

“That fucking sucks.”

She puts her hand upon her stomach.

“Thankfully they will never know that sort of mortification.” She hints.

“They shouldn’t have kept it from you. Odin should have let you know the truth from the moment you were old enough to understand. Just as my mother should have come clean as well, however… We cannot blame them for what we’ve become. You can blame Odin all you want! In the long run it was you that chose to take the path you did. Not Odin, not Frigga, and not Thor. YOU! You could be something great. You could have a family, friends, and love. You could become what you always wanted. You will never be Thor!”
He rolls his eyes and punches at the glass.

“Of course!” He says through gritted teeth.

“It’s always THOR!”

Bella smiles.

“You’re right. It is… However it’s not that even that is it?! You wish to be as righteous and gallant as your brother! You want to stand with that much conviction and pride. You don’t want to be Thor. No, Loki you want to be what your brother represents! You want to be better! But you … YOU WON’T EVEN TRY! YOU’RE SO FUCKING STUBBORN YOU INSIST ON NOT ONLY PUNISHING ODIN THE VERY MAN THAT RAISED YOU BUT YOURSELF IN THE PROCESS. YOU FEEL AS THOUGH YOU DON’T DESERVE TO BE LOOKED UPON AS THOUGH YOUR BOTHER OR ODIN FOR THAT MATTER! YOU LET THIS STUPID THING THAT YOU SEE AS A CURSE RULE YOU! YOU LET YOUR HATRED RULE YOU! YOU HAVE NO CONTROL BECAUSE YOU DON’T WANT TO CONTROL IT. YOU WANT EVERYONE TO SEE JUST HOW FUCKING MAD YOU ARE! Well bravo Loki. Here we are in the midst of a battle not only amongst Asgard, but my home as well. I’m pissed the fuck off and I’d love nothing more than to kick your motherfucking ass! My father, future stepmother, my best friend, and many other loved ones are back down there! HELL LOKI YOU ALREADY LOST YOUR MOTHER! MUST WE ALL SUFFER?! Must I lose everyone else I love as well because you’re feeling sorry for yourself! I lost my mother and the man that raised me! I WILL NOT LOSE ANYONE ELSE BECAUSE OF YOU! I’M SORRY YOU HAD SUCH A SHITTY ORDEAL! I’M SORRY YOU WON’T EVER BE IN LINE FOR THE THRONE! BUT I DON’T PITY YOU. YOU DON’T DESERVE PITY. You’re a grown ass man that choses to act as though a child. You’re mad and throwing one hell of a tantrum and in that process everyone around you and others that don’t even know your pathetic story, is doomed to pay! What has Earth done to you?! Why must my people pay because you were nothing more than a child with a staff that you thought gave you power. The power is in here.” She points to her heart. “And here.” She points to her mind.

“He loves you and I don’t just mean Odin. Thor hasn’t a clue what to feel or think. He’s told me stories of how the two of you were once inseparable. How he wished that things wouldn’t have ever changed. You weren’t just his brother Loki. You were his best friend.”
“It’s a bit too late don’t you think. I mean look at me. I’ve been sentenced for life, which in my case could be for quite some time.”

“Time in which you will have plenty of time to think… Just because you’re imprisoned doesn’t mean you can’t change that icy cold heart of yours. You might be the son of a frost giant, but you were raised by fucking Odin! A man that loved you even when he had to lock you away. A man that let you know he still thought of you like a son no matter what. He too loves you unconditionally. He still sees you as his son! So he’s going to punish you when you get out of line. BECAUSE YOU’RE HIS SON! Do you not get it?! What you did deserved a death sentence! He hasn’t the heart to carry through with that and he never will! He loves you!”

“He loves Thor!”


Bella winces and staggers back. Loki lifts his eyes towards her as if concerned.

“Perhaps you should be sitting down.”

“I’m fine.”

She leans against one of the other cells one of the prisoners’ hits at the glass. She rolls her eyes and looks upon him. He looked damn near like a rhino to her only more humanoid.

“Oh knock it off. ” She utters as if annoyed.

Bella sinks down to the floor and shut her eyes for a moment. Loki paced his cell and looked upon her every so often.

“Is something wrong?” Loki inquired and put his hands upon his hips.

“Balder…” She said weakly.

Loki nodded.

“BALDER!” Loki called out.

Bella’s entire body hit the floor from her sitting position.


Balder rushed inside hearing Loki’s calling. He instantly scooped Bella up.

“What happened?”

“I’m not quite sure. She fainted I believe.”

Balder checked her over.

“Will she be alright? Is she hemorrhaging?” Loki said as if he were somewhat panicking.

Bella opened her eyes and winked upon Balder. He looked to her confused.

“Thank you Balder you can put me down now.”

She pats him on the chest after he places her down.

“Sorry Balder.”

“Isa?” He questioned lost.

Bella turns back to Loki with a smile.

“You’re not the only one with tremendous acting skills.”
“WHAT?!” Loki sneered upon her.

“Sucks doesn’t it?!”

He grits his teeth.

“You care admit it!”

“Get her out of here!” Loki demanded.

Bella starts laughing.

“It sucks… doesn’t it?”

“And what’s that?” Loki hisses irately.

“Being on the receiving end of someone’s trickery! Goodnight Loki! It’s good to know you’re not totally gone! There’s still hope!”

Balder escorts her back out of the room. As they are heading back Balder turns to her.

“I do believe you are crazy, my lady.”

Bella smiles.

Balder leads her to the dining hall.

“Ah, there they are!” Thor announced with a pint in hand.

“Trying to run off with my bride to be now?” Thor taunted

“I just might.” Balder said with a wink upon Bella.

Thor pulled Bella into his lap and pecked her on the lips.

“And where have you been?”
“I went to see Loki…” She whispers and straightened out Thor’s collar.

He slanted his eyes and sipped from his pint of ale.

“Now why would you do that my dear Isa?”

“We’ll discuss it later I promise.”

He sighed and looked to be in thought.

“Very well. You are alright though?”
She nods and curled up in his lap.

“Hmmm…” Thor returned the kiss and placed his pint down.

“It was beautiful…” She whispered.

Thor nods in agreement.

“It won’t be long before Laufey puts his newfound power to use.” Thor says in thought.

“I fear our wedding plans have been put on hold, yet again.”

She cupped his cheek with her hand.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Thor sighs and wraps his arms around her.

“I will take great pride in calling you my wife.”

She smiled and Thor came to his feet, placing her down. He took her hand and started out of the dining hall.

“And there he goes.” Balder declared.

Thor stopped and turned to face Balder getting wasted with The Warriors three. Balder smiled and held out his pint.

“Go on now my friend. Make love to your beautiful bride to be whilst we bastards drink ourselves silly.”

“It’s true I never knew my father!” Volstagg remarks.

Thor chuckles.

“I thought Fandral was your father!” He taunts.

Fandral cocks a brow at this.

“That ugly brute? I’d not claim him even if I was.”

Volstagg sighs looking hurt.

“Sure let’s pick on the dwarf! Ya bastards!”

Bella softly giggled.

“I still love you, Volstagg!”

He looks upon Bella with a genuine beam.

“Then that be all the love I need my lady.”

Thor chuckles but scoops Bella up.

“I best get you out of here before the drunken fools begin to make passes.”

Thor takes her to their secret area behind the water fall. He unzips her dress and lowers the dress off her shoulders. He then watches as it falls to the ground. His hand ran along her little bump he then bent down and kissed upon it. Bella smiled as the kisses continued up along her body to her lips. Thor unfastened her bra and began to suck on her breasts. He froze in realization for a moment. Then promptly latched back on, he tongued her nipples as he continued. Once he was done he smile and wiggled his brows.

“Your breast are already filling with milk.”

She looked to him in shock.


He chuckled.

“To my surprise it’s quite delicious! Very sweet in fact!” He says whilst licking his lips.

“Thor…” She hissed with a blush.

“You are aware that’s the babies’ milk?”
He nods.

“Ah, but they are not here yet.” He nuzzles his head along her swelling breasts.

Bella giggles as he goes back to sucking on them. He rips her panties off as he does this. His fingers entered her slit. Bella let out a moan. Thor grew even harder than he already was as his fingers became damp with her juices. After a bit of teasing he took his fingers out and licked them clean. Seeing this caused Bella to feel as though she were in heat. Before he could do anything else Bella stroked his cock through his pants. She came to her knees and began to pleasure him.

“Isa…” He moaned out and moved her hair away from her face.

He throbbed in her mouth as he watched.

“You woman have an amazing mouth.”

She smiled but continued. She ran her tongue along his entire shaft.


Bella stopped and lifted her eyes towards him. Thor froze realizing what he’d said.

“You’ve corrupted me with your foul mouth!” He playfully scolds.

She licks him clean and comes back up.

“Is that so?”

He nods.

“It is what you say often when we make love.”

Bella laughs.

“A very foul mouth you have!” He says with a slight growl.

He pins her up against the wall of the cave. Thor eagerly kisses her. Once he moves his lips upon her neck.

“Fine I won’t say it anymore.”

He stops and looks upon her.

“At all?”

She nods and he frowns.

“But I like when you shout this.”

She covers her mouth in laughter as he looked to be pouting.

“Thor baby, are you admitting that my lack of female decency happen to turn you on?

He grins.

“I’m afraid so.”

“So you were complaining all those times because?”

“I only hoped to ruffle your feathers even more.” He confesses with a shrug.

“The things you learn.”

Thor kisses along her neck and licks her earlobe.

“And what if I was to say… Isa, I need to fuck you right now.” He said so seductively Bella thought she’d literally melt into a puddle. She couldn’t even fathom a coherent thought after that.

Her jaw dropped as Thor gently spun her around and bent her over. Her hands were planted against the wall of the cave. His hands reached around and fondled her breasts. Thor teased her by rubbing his cock against her slit back and forth. He grinned as she reared back even more her body begging for release.

“What is it you want Isa?” That tenor again… Bella thought with a fluttery heart and a very saturated vag.

“Please, Thor baby.”

“Isa…” He uttered and thrust himself inside.

He didn’t move once he was deep within her. Thor sent vibrations all throughout her pussy, but wouldn’t give a single stroke. He kissed along her shoulders and neck. Bella’s entire body felt as though it was in overdrive. She couldn’t handle much more of Thor’s teasing.

“Thor…” She whimpered.

“Tell me Isa…” He said in a demanding gruff voice that caused her to gasp out.

“Fuck me Thor baby.”

Thor gritted his teeth and began pumping away. He gripped her hips and gave into her plea.


He cocked a brow and smirked at this. Thor gave into her demand but still wouldn’t put his entire strength behind it. That wasn’t a risk he was willing to take. Her pussy clung snugly to his dick and began to milk him.

“Isa…” He cried out in release.

Afterword he carefully helped her situate back up. Bella wrapped her arms around him for support as she was slightly light headed.

“Easy…” He said behind a soft chuckle.

They continued to kiss and make out for a bit longer. Thor knew he would be leaving soon. So he wanted to soak up whatever time he could get. Laufey would be sure to be causing some sort of pandemonium somewhere. Just as Bella, he too feared he would go straight for Earth next. He’d make it his personal mission to take out the other 8 realms. For Jotunheim to be the last one standing, he’d want complete domination.

“I love you Isa.”
“I love you too, Thor baby.”

He shut his eyes and merely held her.

Thor listened as Bella told Loki’s story to Thor. He shook his head in disbelief as he held her.

“I’d no idea…” Thor admitted once she’d finished.

“Why wouldn’t mother or father say anything?”

She shrugs in thought and runs her fingers along his chest.

“Parents always seem to think they know what’s best. It’s not always the right answer.”
“Do you think we will be like that?”

“We can only hope not, but I don’t know of any parent that is perfect Thor. I’m sure we will make our own mistakes as well; only hopefully nowhere near as bad as our fathers.”

They both rose to a banging on the door. Bella quickly covered herself.

“Enter…” Thor called out knowing it must’ve been an emergency the way they were knocking.

Odin entered the room with Heimdall. Bella blushed as Odin nodded her way.

“Is something wrong father?”

Odin sighed.

“It seems Laufey and his men have entered Midgard.”

“No…” Bella gasped out with a racing heart.

“It seems your father and his team is dealing with the situation already. However, they are greatly outnumbered and there are casualties as we speak.” Heimdall states.

Bella swallowed back and her heart raced with fear.

“I must stay back and watch after Asgard in case they attack here as well. I cannot leave our people defenseless.”

Thor nods and begins to quickly get dressed.

“I shall go at once.” He says.

“Take the warriors with you. Earth needs whatever help they can get.”

Tears stream down Bella’s face. Odin looked upon her.
“I’m apologize for the events taking place. My son and my men will do whatever they can to protect your people and your realm.

Bella nodded and wiped her eyes.

“Balder will stay with me just as a precaution. I will personally watch after your fiancé. I will keep her protected I assure you this, my son.”

“Thank you, father.”

Thor hurriedly makes his way over to Bella. He kisses her and caresses her cheek.
“I will return Isa…”

She takes his hand with desperation in her eyes.

“Just keep my loved ones safe. Please…”

“You’ve my word.”

The tears come down even harder.

“I love you.”

“I love you too Isa. When I return we will wed.”

She smiles behind her tears.

“I’ll be waiting.”

At this he nods and promptly exits the room.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 13 Playing With Mischief”

  1. Oooh interesting time at the waterfall. Uh Oh Jealous Bruce. Glad Tony stuck up for them and Steve too. Fury is being an idiot. Glad Tony talked her down. Hope Bruce understands where b is coming from. Glad Tony/Pepper are there for them.

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