Chapter 14 First Sleep

Chapter 14

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Bella sat at the dining room table feeling rather awkward. The only ones at the table were Odin and Balder. She meekly ate her breakfast. Towards the end of breakfast, Bella looked to Frigga’s seat. A wave of melancholy washed over her. She ran her hand over her belly in thought. She truly wished Frigga could have met her grandchildren.

“And what are your plans for today Isabella?”

Bella looked up to Odin rather nervously.

“I haven’t any sir.”

Odin nods. He looks over to Balder.

“Sif has returned the steed. Once your finished have it prepared for her.”

Odin turns back to Bella after he has sipped at his drink. He places the goblet back down.

“Are you familiar with horses?”

“Not very…” She admits.

“Ah, yes you’re more familiar with the automobiles of your realm.” Odin utters with a smirk.

Balder chuckles.

Bella smiles.

“It is my area of expertise.” She retorts in a playful tone.

“I’m afraid we do not have anything of the sort around here.” Balder declares.

“So I’ve noticed. It’s going to be so boring around here without my internet, car, and cell phone. I mean how do you do it?!”

Balder dies in laughter. Odin narrows his eyes and shakes his head.

“I’m quite sure you’ll think of something.”

“I sure hope so.”

Odin manages to smirk at this as they finish their breakfast. Once they finish Balder escorts Bella out to the horse pin outside of the palace. The moment they entered the area the horse brayed out excitably and kicked it’s feet about. Bella smiled.

“He’s certainly taken by you my lady.”

Bella carefully reaches out and pets his snout. The horse nudged against her hand and let out a huffy breath. Balder unties the horse and leads him out. Bella swallowed back feeling a bit emotional by the horse’s sudden affection. It nuzzled it’s snout against her lovingly. Balder looked on in amazement.

He doesn’t comment though. He was still rather saddened by the fact that Lady Sif had pulled what she had.

“Are you alright?”

Balder lifted his eyes towards Bella.

“Yes my lady I’m fine.”

“You looked rather sad.” She admits as he began to tend to the horse.

He forces a smile.

“Ah, I’m quite alright!”

Balder says as he pets the horse.

“Follow me and I shall show you how to tend to the horse.”

Bella nods and follows Balder.

(Earlier back on earth…)

“So this is it?” Tony says behind laughter as they enter the brightly lit Cullen house.

Bruce curiously looked around as well.

“Where’s the coffins? The spider webs? And why is it so BRIGHT?!”

They lifted their eyes towards a tall man with a very pale complexion. He was making his way down the staircase. He wore a gray dress shirt and black slacks. He was straightening his gray and black tie as he made his way down. Tony cocked a brow his way. Rose hissed out as Tony and Bruce had a good hold on her. Bruce cut her a threatening look. She flinched in thought as he winked upon her.

“Does this belong to you perhaps?”

Tony motions towards Rose. The man nods.

“Are you alright Rose?”

She nodded. The man sighs.

“There is no need for this. Just let her go and we shall talk.”

Tony shrugs and looks over to Bruce. Bruce and Tony shove her towards the man.

“And you are?”

“Carlisle Cullen.”


“I’m Tony of the Stark variety and this is my good friend Dr. Bruce Banner.”

Carlisle lifts his brows at this.


Bruce nods.

“Well we have the one thing in common.” Carlisle says as he sits Rose on the couch.

“Just the one.” Bruce utters with distaste.

“So STORY TIME!” Tony says clapping his hands together.

“I nominate… YOU!” Tony says pointing to Carlisle.

Carlisle looks upon them oddly.

“I’d start with the part where your son Mr. Edward Cullen, deemed himself worthy enough to believe he could snag my daughter. You know claim her as his mate and whatnot.”

Tony welcomes himself to one of their recliners.

“Oh and Dr. Cullen… I’d make certain you don’t leave anything out!”

Another Cullen enters the room. They both turn towards the younger man. He nodded towards both men.

“Jasper I told you I had this.”

Jasper merely shrugs.

“Jasper Cullen.” He says offering his hand.

Bruce tilted his head a bit as if studying the young vampire. He apprehensively took his hand. Tony however refrained.

“He doesn’t like to be touched.” Bruce explains.

“Fair enough.” The vampire says with a slight smirk.

The four men sit down in the living room eyeing one another.

“I’m not a very patient man Dr. Cullen, so if you wouldn’t mind. Might we get started now?”

Carlisle nods and leans back in his seat. Jasper was rolling his eyes towards Rose.

“She’s there isn’t she?” The young vampire hisses.

Rose looked to the ground as if ashamed. Jasper shakes his head.

“Even after her visions, she just can’t help herself.” He barks furiously.

“Jasper…” Carlisle warns softly.
“It doesn’t matter what my opinion is. It never has. My own god damn wife won’t even listen to me why should I expect any of you to? We don’t win this one! Alice has seen it!”

Tony raises a brow at this.

“Win?” He inquires curiously.

Jasper flinches as Tony’s cell rings. He pinches his eyes shut.

“And now it begins…” Jasper whispers looking ill.

Tony eyes the vampire as he answers his cell.


Tony hops up hearing the distress in her voice.

“What is it?”

“Leave or I’ll take matters into my own hands.”

“Dammit Alice…” Jasper says with a growl.

“Who is this?” Tony says locking eyes with Carlisle.

Everyone in the room turns as the door to the Cullen door is busted down. Men in black swarm the place. Tony and Bruce look to one another puzzled. Tony recognized one of them as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. He pointed directly upon him.

“What the hell are you doing here Agent Rumlow?!”

The man doesn’t answer he simply nods towards his men.

“Take them all in.” He orders and motions towards Carlisle, Rose, and Jasper.

Agent Pierce is last to enter. Tony shakes his head with narrowed eyes.

“Now what do we have here?” Tony wonders out loud.

“It’s none of your concern.” Pierce says.

Tony half laughs.
“Oh believe me I do believe it is!”

Tony’s eyes widen as he hears Pepper scream out on the phone.


The line goes dead and Tony looks to Bruce in a panic. The phone rings yet again.

“PEP?!” Tony answers in damn near hysterics.
“Fraid not… Stark we need you and Banner here immediately.”
Tony lifts his eyes towards the men and the Cullen’s.

“New York is under massive attack.”

Tony motions for Bruce to toss him the suitcase he had in his hold. The Cullen’s jump back as the suitcase begins to transform in midair. Tony reaches out a hand and it begins to cover his entire body becoming the Iron Man suit.

“Holy shit…” Jasper uttered in amazement.

“Now would be a great time to get angry.” Iron Man say pointing to Bruce.

Bruce nods. Every agent and Cullen there jumped back in terror as Bruce Hulked out.

“Sorry looks as though we’ll have to finish this conversation another day.” Tony points to Agent Pierce and Rumlow.

“As for you two… You’re in deep trouble… yep. I do believe you are. I’m sure Fury is going to LOVE hearing about this.”

“Wait…” Carlisle says. He darts back up the stairs and returns with some sort of book.

Iron Man looks to him oddly.

“If my daughter’s visions are correct; I won’t need this much longer.”

Jasper shut his eyes momentarily and shook his head.

“It might as well go to proper use. It’s better your hands than theirs.” Carlisle says gesturing towards the agents.

Iron Man nods as Carlisle hands him his journal.

Odin rises with concern as Balder enters the palace with Bella.

“Is everything alright?”

Balder nods.

“Yes your grace, she just needs to be off her feet I believe. I was showing her how to care for the horses and she went frail on me.”

“I said I was fine Balder. It comes and goes.”

Odin makes his way over and takes her hand. Bella looks back to Balder with slight concern as the king begins to lead her to the courtyard in the center of the palace. A place she’d not seen yet. It was breathtaking. Gorgeous trees and flowers of all colors were spread about the area. White benches were scattered about and beautiful deep green vines with tiny violet flowers were climbing up the walls of the palace. The placed looked as though heaven itself.

“Amazing…” Odin heard Bella whisper as he sat her at one of the benches.

The grass beneath their feet was thick and a lighter shade of green then that of the trees.

“This was my wedding gift to Frigga when we first married.”

Bella smiles. Odin surprises her by sitting beside her.

“She and Thor spent many hours playing right here. I remember my wife sitting on this very bench. It seemed to be her favorite place to sit. Thor would be running about the yard playing.”

Odin takes in a deep breath. The area around them was sweet. Bella thought it smelled as though a mixture of lilac and vanilla.

“Loki, Balder and Sif would usually be hiding about the yard somewhere. They had a hard time hiding from Thor. He was very good at the game. The only one ever able to pull a fast one on Thor was Loki. But even then it never took long for Thor to figure it out. Right before bedtime Frigga would bring the boys out here and tell them stories. She never read from a book.” Odin smiled and pointed to his head.

“Everything came from up here. Thor loved her stories filled with adventure, love, and at times she’d slip some horror or angst in there. She felt the need to let the boys know how things really were. Her stories at times could turn somewhat gruesome. The boys loved it nonetheless, Thor especially. There was a certain beam about the boy when his mother told her stories. He wouldn’t even budge he’d sit there and his eyes would be locked onto hers intently.” Odin softly chuckles.

“Only Frigga could manage to make him jump in the middle of a story. He’d be so in depth listening and waiting for the ending to see how everything turned out. That she could randomly raise her voice during a villainous plot of the storyline and Thor would jump up. He’d always end up in a fighting stance as if waiting for the story to become a reality. If they only knew that most of her stories were not that of fiction. Some of them yes, but a majority were quite real. Some about our ancestors, friends, or those about the village, but his favorite and he never knew. Was the story of how Frigga and I met. She only changed up the names and a little of the events so they would never know. It was her favorite story to tell. She always could remember it by heart. Not a word of it ever faltered she spoke of it with such clarity and pride. I myself would find myself mesmerized as I too would listen from a distance. I’d go back in time and fall in love all over again.”

Bella swallowed back. She gazed upon Odin as his arms were crossed about his chest. He was staring off into space. He looked as though he were somewhere else at the moment.

“Would you like to hear a story Isa?”

Bella smiled.

“I’d love to.”

Odin nodded. He closed his eyes and began his story…

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The deep voice bellows from behind.

Pepper gasped out in surprise as she gaped upon him. He nodded towards her. Alice snapped her attention back towards Thor. She had a lock of Pepper’s hair in her hand.

“You dare to come after HER?!” Thor zipped over and swiftly shoved her up against the wall.

“We are not the enemy!” The tiny pixie like vampire shouts, with the look of fear about her.

He reaches out and wraps his massive hand around the tiny vampire’s throat. He snarls back.

“On the contrary anyone that means my family harm is the enemy! This woman is family!” Thor narrows his eyes upon her.

“I do believe I’ve taken your brother’s life already.” He says with smirk.

“At least he looked as though your brother. You share the same eyes, skin, and temperature.” Thor forces her mouth open.

He nods in realization.

“What is your quarrel with the Starks and what is it you vampires want with my Isa?!”

Alice hisses out and tries to squirm free.

“Why can’t I see past you?!” She yells irately.

Thor grits his teeth. Alice begins to crackle along her neck, shoulders and face.

“Answer me you dreadful wench! If you do not you will meet the same doom your brother met! Any one that means my Isa or her family harm will be answering TO ME! I will not hesitate to take you right out of existence!”

“You… you killed Edward?!”

Thor nods with a smirk.

“Now it would be wise for you to answer me and promptly!”

“She was never meant to marry you! She belonged to MY BROTHER! She belonged to US!”

Thor has a good laugh at this.

“You’re quite funny for such a pathetic little creature. I must admit you make me laugh.”

Alice grits her teeth and wraps her tiny hands around Thor’s big wrists.

“You think you can take me on vampire? Shall I give you a freebie to start with?”

Pepper’s eyes widen as Thor releases Alice.

“Go on now. Show me what you can do.”

Alice hisses out and charges right for him. Thor looks upon her with boredom as she punches at his chest. He takes in a breath. Pepper covered her mouth giggling. Alice looked upon Thor confused.

“Are you done?”

Alice’s jaw drops as Thor’s fist went right through her chest. He yanked it back out and he tilted his head looking through the hole.

“Interesting.” He says behind a chuckle.

The vampire takes off. Thor rolls his eyes with annoyance.

“Do you have a safe place to go to?”
Pepper nods.

“I shall escort you to this place. It seems a fight has broken out within your realm do to my own. My apologies, I will do whatever I can to protect your people.”

“Where the hell are these guys coming from?!” Hawkeye calls out to Black Widow as he fires another arrow.

She shakes her head and fires her gun.

“Hell if I know. But I believe those three are on our side.” Black Widow points to The Warriors Three.

“Odd looking bunch.”

“You got that right.”

They both rear back as Volstagg took one of the frost giant’s heads. Hogun and Frandral teamed up on one of the others. Both ran their sword through him simultaneously.

“It’s about time!” Hawkeye shouts out as Captain America landed in a crouching stance before them. He nodded and sent out his shield.

“So anyone have a clue what these things are and where they came from?” They both shake their heads upon Captain America.


“Where’s the other two?” Hawkeye questions.

“Fury said they’ll be here soon enough. They were taking care of another matter at the moment.”
“Great, so we’re on our own?”

“Yep so let’s just hope they’re on our side!”

The wind picked up, dark clouds began to surround the area they were in. Hawkeye reared back in wonder as it began to thunder and lightning filled the sky. The leader of the creatures roared out in knowledge of what was to come.

“What the fuck?” Hawkeye uttered in disbelief as a bolt shot down from the sky.

Within moments the leader of this massive group vanished. Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Captain America looked upon each other completely lost as to what was going on. The Warriors Three smirked upon one another already knowing.

Laufey rolled about the ground with Loki’s staff within his hold still. Thor immediately sent his hammer about, it sails right for Laufey. Laufey flies back as the impact of the blow buries him within the earth’s crust. Thor bounded over and sent out his hand calling to his hammer.

Just as his hammer was returning to him, Laufey floated out of the hole Thor had him in. He aimed the staff with the tesseract right at Thor. A devilish smile crossed his face as Thor staggered back. Thor gritted his teeth and his hammer fell to the ground. Thor came to his knees and was being pushed back. He reached to his hammer.

“Noooo.” He grunted out with desperation.

He could feel his power literally being drained from his body. Laufey laughed as he spread his arms about. The energy that was being suctioned from Thor was feeding the tesseract.

“Laufey!” Thor bellowed.

Sweat began to pour down Thor’s face. His hair began to fade and bleached out to a solid white color.

“…Isa… I failed you. I’m sorry…” Thor whispered as his eyes came to a close.

“You’re late.” Captain America hollers out.

“Yeah, yeah better late than never.” Iron Man calls out as he sends one of his repulsor blasts at a frost giant.

The other Avengers however jumped as Hulk came soaring across the sky. He landed upon a group of frost giants.

“Friend of yours?” Captain America utters.

Tony smiles beneath that iron suit of his.

“You could say that!”

“Good, we need all the help we can get. Barton I’m going to need you on that roof over there. Iron Man you know what to do and Hulk right?”

Hulk nods.

“An honor…” Captain America says sincerely.

“So do what you do best and smash.”

Hulk takes off at this doing just that.

“You stick with me and let’s take these bastards out of existence.”
“Sounds good to me.” Black Widow says.

Iron Man looked around for Thor as he continued on with the battle.

“Ms. Potts is calling sir.” Tony took in a breath of relief.

“Put her through Jarvis.”

“Yes sir.”



“Please tell me you’re alright Pepper honey.”

“I’m fine Tony.”

Tony nodded as he fired at another enemy.

“Where the hell were you? Jarvis couldn’t even track you down Pep!”

“I was at home.”

“Home? As in our precious home our your place?”

“Mine Tony.”
He sighs.

“I’m glad you’re alright.”
“What’s going on Tony?! What’s that I hear in the background?”

“If I told you I was at a strip club would you believe me?”

“With your OCD? Not a chance.”

He smirks.

“Good girl. I’ll be home soon Pep. Are you in the safe room?”


“Just stay put until I can get to you.”

“I will.”

“How’d you get rid of the cold one?”

“I didn’t… Thor did.”

Iron Man looks around again.

“Is that so?”

“Yeah… We rather owe him one Tony.”

“Are you saying I have to be nice to him?”

“It wouldn’t hurt.” The sound in her voice said it all however.

Tony grimaced.

“I’ll keep that in mind when I see him again.”

“He’s not there?”

“Not yet.”

“That’s strange.”

“Eh, with that much bulk to carry? He’s probably just slow. I’m sure he’ll show in no time.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Pep.”

At this Tony closes the call and zips around as he continues to take out whatever frost giants he can.

“Romanoff!” Captain America shouts out as she’s tossed through a window.

He snaps the neck of the frost giant responsible and takes off after her. She rolls over in the glass. Captain America hunkered down and checked her over. She groaned out and he went to scoop her up only to be slammed back.

“NO!” He shouted as he reached out for her.

Another frost giant picked her up by the hair. He lifted her up and shook her violently. Captain America jumped up just as Hawkeye sent an arrow through the frost giant’s head. Captain America caught Black Widow before she hit the ground. Hawkeye quickly made his way down from the platform he was on. They helped her to her feet.

“Damn that fucking hurt.”

Both men smiled in relief. Captain America propped her back up. The three of them stood back to back as they kept the frost giants at bay.

Meanwhile, Hulk and Iron Man were teaming up and doing a countdown on how many they took out. Ironically, it seemed the Warriors Three were doing the very same thing.

“I’ve got two on you buddy! You’re slacking!”

“Seven!” Volstagg calls out towards Hogun.

Hogun chuckles.



Frandral laughs.

“I witnessed it myself!” He defends.

However the warriors all turn towards the massive green beast behind them wide eyed.

Hulk growls out and scoops up two more frost giants and smashes them together. He then picks up a car and sends it right for another group of them taking out another three.

“I do believe that’s destruction of personal property. That’s a very BAD HULK!”

He snaps back towards Iron Man and shakes his fist at him. Iron Man chuckles but raises his hands in the air.
“Easy now, I’m just saying taxes are sure to go skyrocket if you keep this up. We want New York to love us Hulk buddy not give us the middle finger!”

Hulk flips him off and takes off towards some more enemies. Iron Man puts a hand upon his heart.

“Love that guy!”

“Tell me we do not have to face that.” Volstagg says staggering back a bit.

Hogun nervously laughed.

“I do believe he is on the side of the Midgardians we are defending.”
“Otherwise, I say we run!” Frandal announced and the other two laughed, but nodded in agreement.

Bella giggled as Odin told his story. Odin smiled in memory. Bella thought he had a nice smile that he didn’t smile enough. He always looked so solemn.

“I shuffled to my feet as quickly as possible. I dust myself off. Then I look over to see this beautiful woman that I simply couldn’t take my eyes off of, making her way over. She asks me if I’m alright, but with laughter behind her words. Now my first reaction was to scold her! How dare she laugh! Why she had to know who I was, everyone did! But there was something about her. Something within her eyes… I found it hard to be mad. Instead I felt even more of a need to impress this woman. It was because of her after all that I wasn’t looking where I was going. Because of her mesmerizing beauty I lead my horse into a tree. I dare say the horse must’ve been taken as well, since he himself wasn’t looking.”

Odin clears his throat.

“This woman helped me gather my things and prepared my horse. Her smile never faded. She’d this playful look about her. It was as if she were mocking me in that mind of hers. Odin the wanderer, god of fury, the god of all other gods, has fallen off his horse!”

Bella covered her mouth in laughter. She cleared her throat as Odin cocked a brow her way.

“You remind me of her. You two share the same spirit. You both can manage to smile and laugh even in the most desperate of times.”

Bella swallows back thinking of her father.

“My father taught me that. He insists that laughter is the best medicine and that we all need to laugh. In fact he often says if you can’t laugh at yourself then you shouldn’t be laughing at all.”

Odin nods.

“She most certainly wasn’t like the other Asgardian women. Most couldn’t wait for a chance to throw themselves at me. They’d often enough do the most desperate of things in order to gain my attention. Like my sons I too made mistakes. Women seemed to be one of my weaknesses. I had to learn very quickly that they aren’t always what they seem. Women can be the most vindictive and cruelest of beings. I had to learn the hard way. Such as Thor… Frigga however was nothing of the sort. Which I felt rather insulted by at first. Why wasn’t she throwing herself at me? What was wrong with me? Why I am the king! A GOD! Is she mad?”

Bella lifted her brows on this.
“Ugh, now you sound like Thor.”

Odin actually chuckled at this.

“Now I know where he gets it.”

“Hmmmm.” Odin takes in a breath on this.

“Well just as you managed to make Thor somewhat humble. Frigga managed to do the same. She wasn’t at all impressed by my status or who I was. She treated me as though she would anyone else. It infuriated me at first! The more I got to know her and was around her. I began to find myself intrigued. I started to make up reasons to visit the village often. I’d often tell myself it had nothing to do with her. I merely wanted to check on my people. Only I found myself disappointed when I didn’t see her on certain days. On other’s I found myself learning more and more about this amazing woman. Her love for others had me spellbound. The way she was with children even more so. When she wasn’t mingling and laughing with fellow Asgardians she was reading or singing with the musicians. Before I knew it, I was confessing my undying love and making a fool of myself. Within a few months, she became Queen and it was a decision I never regretted.”

One of the babies kicked and Bella put her hand upon her stomach. Odin looked over taking notice.
“Do you mind?”
Bella smiled.

“Not at all.”

She reaches over and takes his hand. Once he feels the babies moving around he nods. At this he rose and exited the courtyard without another word.

The Avengers turned towards a portal that appeared in the middle of the ongoing battle.

“What the hell is that?!” Iron Man calls out and points to the black portal.

What little was left of the frost giants took off and ran through it. Within the matter of minutes the portal vanished. The Avengers looked to one another puzzled.

“Well now what?” Iron Man questioned.

Captain America shook his head.

“I have no idea.”

They all looked around to the damage around them.

“Well this could take a while.”

“You think?!”

The Warriors Three look upon one another.

“Where’s Thor?” Hogun called out.

“Um, that’s what I’d like to know.” Iron Man declares.

Everyone looked to one another in wonder, but no one had any answers.

Couple days later…

“Dad!” Bella called out as she saw Tony walking towards the palace.

He smiled and opened his arms. Bella took off running towards him. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged the hell out of him.

“You’re ok!”

“Yeah kiddo I’m alright.”

He arched back however and took a good look at her growing tummy.

“Wow, you might be popping before you know it. Are you having twins or something?!”

Bella narrowed her eyes.

“Well yeah…”


Bella closed her eyes for a moment realizing she’d never told her father or Pepper that they were expecting twins.

“Um dad… Guess what?!”

He raises his brows.

“We’re having twins!”

Tony nods and starts walking towards the palace. Bella sighs realizing he wasn’t buying it.

“We really are pops!”

He nods again and keeps walking.

“So where’s the hubby to be?”

Bella froze at his words.

“What do you mean?”

Tony stopped and turned around.

“You know… Thor, God Of Thunder!” He mocks in Thor’s voice.

Bella tapered her eyes in confusion.

“Isn’t he back on earth with your so called team?”

“The Avengers sweetheart, a group funnily enough I was going to invite him to! He’d fit right in with the rest of us freaks!”

“Dad…” Bella uttered staggering back.

She shook her head and her hands began to tremble.

“Dad, please tell me he’s back on earth with the Warriors Three! TELL ME HE’S OK! That they’re ok!”

Tony tilted his head.

“Bella, I’m sorry, but we haven’t seen him and the battle ended a couple days ago. His friends seemed to be fine however. They were looking for him as well last I saw of them.”

“No dad! He was there! He went to help you! He’s still there!”

Bella takes off running towards Heimdall.

“Dammit Bella!” Tony calls out and chases after her in fear she’d hurt herself.

Heimdall heard her approach and he turned towards her already knowing.

“I’m sorry my lady. I cannot find him. Volstagg, Hogun, and Frandal are still about Midgard looking as well.”

“What do you mean you can’t find him?! HE WAS THERE! LOOK AGAIN! WHERE IS HE?!”

“Bella honey, you need to calm down.” Her father says as he comes up behind her.

Heimdall takes back a breath.

“I will keep searching, but at the moment. Thor is nowhere to be found.”


Bella gritted her teeth and her knees locked on her.


Heimdall and Tony hurriedly rushed to her side as her skin went pasty.

“Shit!” Tony hollered out as Bella passed out.

They both rushed her back to the palace. Odin and Balder immediately came to their feet.

“What is it?” Balder questions as they rush her to she and Thor’s chamber.

“She didn’t take the news of Thor’s disappearance very well.”

Odin snaps his attention back towards Heimdall.


“Yes your grace. I’m sorry to say I cannot find him.”
“When was the last time you saw him?!”

“During a battle with Laufey, back on Midgard your majesty. It was during this time, that the both of them seemed to have vanished.”

Odin shakes his head.


Heimdall takes off at the King’s orders.

“Bella, I need you to wake up and focus!” Tony sternly states.

“You’re a god damn STARK! Now wake up!”

Balder cut Tony a peculiar look. Odin nodded towards Tony as if in silent understanding.

“I take it you’re Thor’s old man?”

“Well, a real winner you raised! Knocking up women from our realm and stealing them right from under our noses!”
“Knock it off dad…” Bella uttered weakly through gritted teeth.

“We have to find him. NOW!” She shouted as she grabbed her father by the collar of his shirt.

Tony nodded.

“Ok then, I’ll go back and see what I can do.”

“I mean it dad.” Tears stream down her face.

“Our children already lost their grandmother! THEY WILL NOT LOSE THEIR FATHER!”

Tony sighs.

“I’m sorry Bella. I had no idea…”

Bella shut her eyes and shook her head. Her entire face was red and her hands balled up. Odin promptly left the room on his own mission. Tony took his daughter’s hand and squeezed it.

“I promise kid, I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

He kissed her forehead.

“Just don’t stress yourself out too much. You know he’s alive and he will be found, your friends as well.”

Once Tony left, Balder sighed and folded his arms about his chest. Bella rolled out of the bed.

“You should be resting my lady.”

“I will rest when Thor returns!”

“Jotunheim…” Balder says with a snarl.

“Excuse me?”

“I can almost guarantee that’s where he is! If so then there is nothing we can do.”

“And why the hell NOT?!”

“Because there is only one that can enter that realm and he’s currently imprisoned for life!”

“You mean Loki?!”

Balder nods.

“Then we must go at once!”

“And do what exactly?”

“The only way Loki is getting out is by Odin’s authority!”
Bella smiles.

“Then so be it!”

“He won’t hear of it!”

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  2. Awesome story hon. I can’t wait to see what is written in that journal, and how they finally get Thor back…loving this story and can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

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