Chapter 15 I Visited Jotunheim And All I Got Was This Crappy Cloak

Chapter 15

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“My lady, I do not think it’d be wise…” Balder started to say as Bella enters the throne room.

Odin gazed upon her as she stood before him.

“Your majesty… There is only one way to save Thor.”
“And what might that be?”

“Isa…” Balder warns.

“I believe we both know the answer to that.”

Balder pinches his eyes shut.

“Do entertain me with your notions anyhow….”

She takes in a breath and nods.

“The only way to enter Jotunheim is through Loki…”

Odin firmly grips his staff and rises from his throne.

“Not an option!”

“But your majesty…”

He slams his staff down. Balder swallows back and makes his way over as well. He bows before Odin.

“She means no disrespect, your majesty.”
Odin tilts his head ever so slightly.

“And do you agree with this?”

Balder looked to the king rather wide eyed. He let out a rather nervous laugh and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Answer the question…”

“Well my lady makes a fine point, your majesty.”
Balder nods, respectfully.

“We’ve lost our queen. And now it looks as though we could lose Thor as well.”

He looks to Bella then back to his majesty.

“And we both know that losing Thor could compromise the health of not only Isa, but the children within her womb.”

Odin narrowed his eye on this.

“So if you think about it… releasing Loki could save a lot of lives.”
“Or it could put even more in danger.” Odin adds.

Balder nods, once again.

“Yes it could, your majesty.”

The king sighs and taps his fingers along his staff.

“You cannot trust Loki.”
Bella nods in understanding. Odin paces about the throne room, in thought.

“And who would we send?”

Balder clears his throat.

“I offer my services, your majesty. I will make certain Loki does as he’s supposed to.”

Odin comes to a halt.

“He can only travel with two…” Odin utters in thought.

“I will go as well.”

“But your majesty, it’s far too dangerous! You just got back.”

“I imprisoned him for a reason! The only way I see of going about this is if I personally take the responsibility of watching over Loki. And who are you to tell me of what dangers lay ahead? You seem to forget who I am and what I’ve faced!”
Balder lowers his head.
“My apologies, sir. I meant no disrespect.”

“I was a warrior before I was king! I’ve seen more than the two of your lifetimes put together!”

“Yes, sir.”

Bella grimaces at the ass ringing Balder was receiving. But she could read between the lines as well. This had to do more with Thor than anything. He was naturally concerned. And the mere idea of releasing the “bad” son in order to save the “good” toyed with the king. Though he loved both his sons, he struggled internally. Bella saw this for what it was, seeing this very look in her own father’s eyes when dealing with her.

“Very well… I shall alert my men and let them know.”

Odin looks to Bella.

“For now, you stay in my stead.”
She half laughs thinking he was joking. But Odin was already walking off and Balder was following.

“Wait!” Bella called out.

“You’re kidding me, right?” She calls out as they were heading down the staircase, leading to Loki’s cell.

Odin stops halfway down.

“I would never jest about such an ordeal. My people need someone they can turn to during my absence. You’re the closest being I have to a bloodline at the moment. You carry my grandchildren and one day you will be ruling alongside of my son.”
“But your majesty, I know nothing of Asgard! I mean… of its government or…”
Balder has a good laugh at this.

“A democracy? Truly you are a riot, my lady.” Balder scoffs.

She cuts him a bitter look.

“Please, your majesty. There must be someone else!”

Odin starts his way back down. Once they get to the hallway, he stops and faces her.

“I know more than you think. You and Thor…” Odin says with a sigh.

“Both not willing to lead, yet that’s where your strengths lie. It comes naturally, so much so, neither of you even realizes it. Despite your doubts… you manage to take that leap when needed.”

He starts walking again and Bella looks upon Balder in disbelief. He chuckles. The three of them stood before Loki’s cell now. Loki cocked a brow their way. He was leaning against the wall with a book in hand.

“How nice of you to visit.” He heckles bitterly.

Loki nods upon Bella.

“How’s your health these days?”

Odin grits his teeth.
“You will keep that sharp tongue of yours under wraps, when speaking to Isabella.”

Bella glanced towards Balder in surprise. Balder cut her a wink. Loki rather reared back at this.

“Interesting…” Loki mutters as he flips through a book, looking bored.

Odin taps his staff along the glass revealing Loki’s true self at the moment. His hair was a knotted mess. The cell he was in was destroyed the bed, books, and everything within it. Loki’s eyes were sunken in and bloodshot. He was also barefoot and in regular black clothes, rather than his usual gold and emerald getup.

Bella’s jaw dropped. Loki rolled his eyes.

“We haven’t long…” Odin says with impatience.

Odin taps on the glass again and it vanishes. Loki raises his brows in wonder. Odin steps on in and crouches down before Loki.

“Thor needs our help. If we do not get to him soon, we will be mourning another loved one.”

Loki narrows his eyes.

“It seems Laufey has taken Thor to Jotunheim.”

Loki half laughs as if more amused than anything.
“And you all need me…” He taunts.

Bella gasps back as Odin uses his staff to send Loki flying. His body slams against a wall. Loki groans out and comes to his feet, dusting himself off.

“That wasn’t very nice.”

Odin nods and slowly struts on over. Loki couldn’t move. Odin roughly cupped his chin.
“You’re to go with Balder and I to Jotunheim. Once we retrieve Thor, you will return to your cell, where you will continue to live out your sentence. Your only reason for being released is for the sake of your brother.”

“I’m sorry father, but as you can see I’ve got quite the busy schedule.

Bella grinds her teeth together.

“You bastard!” Balder holds her back.
Loki looks to Odin with a smirk.

“Every second you spend with this parlor of tricks your brother is closer to meeting his demise. Is that what you want?!”

Loki rather shrugs on this.

“Let me sleep on this. Isabella, would you like to join me in a nap? I’m very interested in this spooning ordeal you mortals refer to.”

Odin smacks him in the head with his staff.

“Stop that.”
Bella giggles and quickly covers her mouth as all three cut her an odd glance. She clears her throat.


“Hmmmm.” Odin hums unamused.

Odin drags Loki out of the cell. He shoves him towards Balder. But just as Balder grabs ahold of him, Loki manages to grab Bella.
“NO!” Odin shouts, but it was too late.

Loki smiled and vanished.

Bella gasps out, seeing blankets of snow and mountains. She staggers back in shock. She slowly turns to see that heels of her boots were hanging off the edge of a cliff. Behind her, a deathly plunge. Bella swallowed back and cautiously took a step forward, only to hear a cracking sound. She looked down and her jaw dropped.

“Balder?!” Bella called out in a panic.

She put her hands to her stomach and went to hurriedly take another step. When part of the cliff she was standing on began to crumble all the way through. She screamed and reached out. Just as she felt herself falling back, a set of hands wrap around her wrists. A breath of relief escaped her lips. She lifted her eyes about to thank Balder for saving her life. Only a set of emerald green eyes were locked onto hers. He nodded and began pulling her up.

“Are you alright, my lady?” Balder inquires with great concern. He’d just caught the tail end of what had taken place.

She and Loki were now chest to chest. She nodded with an odd look about her. Loki gazed below and wiggled his brows upon her cleavage. Her jaw dropped and she decked him across the face.

“You, Ass!”

He rolls his eyes and pushes her back towards Balder.

“A thank you would’ve been preferable. Must you be so violent?!” Loki hisses rubbing his jaw.

Balder sighs as he helps Bella gather her balance.

“What have you done, Loki?”
“Would have you preferred it if I let her fall?”

“Don’t you even attempt to play these games with me, Loki!” Balder scorns.

He rushes over and grabs Loki by the collar.

“I can only imagine what the King has in store for you now! He made it clear that he and I were to travel alongside of you! You just put this young woman at risk. She was to remain in Asgard for the sake of the children within!”
“Oops…” Loki utters with a snide grin.

Bella wrapped her arms around her chest, doing her best to keep warm. Balder takes notice and grits his teeth.

“You ostentatious fool! She’ll freeze to death out here! She’s a mortal!”

Loki raises his brows on this. Balder quickly removes his eggplant colored cloak and places it around Bella.

“Are you alright, my lady?”
“I’m fine.”

Balder sighs and turns back to Loki. He points upon him.

“Forget Odin… Thor’s wrath will be triple of that!”

Bella was shivering so violently they could hear her teeth shattering. His attention turns back towards Bella.

“May I?”

She narrows her eyes in confusion. Balder had his arms opened to her. Loki chuckles “Oh I do believe Thor’s wrath maybe directed elsewhere!” Balder ignored him and wrapped his arms around her. Heat radiated throughout Balder’s body and spread about quickly. Her head lifted and eyes were locked onto his.

“How are you doing that?”

“They don’t call me the God of Light for nothing.”
She gets a puzzled look to her.

“Thor says it’s because you can run at the speed of light.”

Balder nods.

“That is also very true.”

“Well when you two are done necking, I do wish to get my scepter back.”
Bella and Balder cut Loki a dirty look.

“Your brother’s life hangs in the balance and that’s all you can think about?! Your precious scepter?!” Bella shouts and Balder quickly covers her mouth.

Loki sighs as they hear something off to a distance. He shakes his head as if to scold her.

“Well my dear, you managed to start an avalanche. Bravo!”

He and Balder look around trying to find a place to seek shelter. Balder grabs Bella and Loki and takes off. He presses them up against the side of a massive boulder, using his body to shield them both from the impact. A massive wave of snow however hit and took Balder right with it. Bella reached out to him. All they saw of Balder was a set of hands as he was being rushed back.

“NO!” Bella started after him.

Loki flung back a hand stopping her.
“We have to do something!”

Loki makes doesn’t respond. He simply keeps her pinned back, until it’s over. Once it’s over, he drops his hand. Bella takes off in search of Balder.

“Balder!” She cried out with desperation.

She shook her head, seeing nothing but never ending snow. She trudged on further out. The snow was so thick it nearly came to her knees. She could barely walk through it.

“Balder!” She called out once more, looking for any signs of him.

With desperation, she continued her search she even dug through the snow off and on in hopes of finding him. She was so focused on finding Balder, she wasn’t even aware of Loki’s absence. Not until she turned around to see if he’d seen anything.


She whipped around in a complete circle. She closed her eyes in realization. Bella gritted her teeth.
“DAMN YOU, LOKI!” Her voice echoed throughout the area.

Bella looked to the sky in thought. Soon it would be dark, not that it wasn’t a gloomy place as it was. The entire sky was overcast. This place looked as though Hell had truly frozen over.


She continued on, with determination. Over half an hour had gone by, the temp was dropping and Bella knew she needed to find some sort of shelter and soon. Her entire body ached as journeyed on. Bella’s eyes grew heavy as another hour passed. She had Balder’s cloak wrapped around her but the wind chill cut right through it at times. That and the snow had gotten in her boots. Her toes had become numb and she could barely walk, without stumbling. She’d grown so weary she was literally sleepwalking at times. Like her body was telling her to keep going. But her mind was shutting down.

Before long, her body caved. Bella came to her knees and her head swayed about. Her eyes rolled back and she passed out.

Fury raised his brows with annoyance, as Tony interrupted him. He was in the middle of going over a mission with Barton. Tony slammed downed a vanilla folder.

“I’m right in the middle of something, as you can see.” Fury utters and irritably goes to hand the folder back.

“Not anymore, you’re not…”

Tony taps his finger along the S.H.I.E.L.D symbol. Below it read SHIELD READ ONLY.
“Now, how’d you get ahold of this?!” Fury wonders out loud.

He looked to the file oddly, seeing how it looked older than the ones he’d personally dealt with.

Tony doesn’t comment. Barton swallowed back seeing the anger in Tony Stark’s eyes. Fury opens the file and froze as the first thing he took notice of was the picture. It was Tony Stark’s daughter. She was just a child, no older than 5 or 6 in the picture.

“Leave us…” Fury orders Barton.

Barton narrowed his eyes on this, but nodded doing as the director ordered. Fury flipped through the files and looked back to Stark, before he even had a chance to explain. Tony grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and brought him right up to his face.

Tony was drunk off his ass. His eyes were blood shot and he hadn’t shaved or brushed his hair. He was a literal mess.

“MY DAUGHTER?! MY LITTLE GIRL?!” He shouts on top of his lungs.

Every agent there became silent and their eyes were on him and Fury. The Captain, Romanoff, and Barton looked on, in wonder. Tony sneers seeing the other agents out through the corner of his eye.


He the whipped back around and socked Colonel Fury in the gut. The agents go to step in and Fury puts up a gesturing hand. Fury punches Tony back and grabs ahold of him forcing him up.

“Now you listen to me! If you’d do your math, you’ll see I wasn’t even around then! I had no part of this.”

Tony lets out a miserable drunken laugh. He teeters about and quickly vomits into one of the agent’s bins. Barton and the Captain rush to his side and help him to his feet. Everyone there swallowed back seeing the tears in Tony’s eyes.

“S.H.I.E.L.D… The very ones meant to protect mankind. Took the lives of a little girl’s parents! And right before her very eyes. All in order to keep a secret… Ladies and gentleman… it seems that vampires do exist, or as this file refers to them as the “cold ones”. Instead of going after these so called “vampires”. The family that knew their secret was targeted, in order to keep it that way, all because S.H.I.E.L.D had hopes in learning more about them.” He turns to the Captain.

“You remember your little tribulation right? You know the very thing that has you standing here to this day?!” The captain cut him a puzzled glance.

“Well…” Tony raises the file in the air.

“It seems they wanted to keep these vampires around, in hopes of extracting their venom and using it for scientific purposes… Those scientific purposes of course leading to military means. They had a deal with this “coven” as they called themselves. They would protect them at all cost, in exchange for these so called tests. Only that backfired, once the coven befriended a family in a small town known as Forks.”

Barton looked to Fury in disbelief. He too was just as angry by this betrayal. He sought shame in being one of their agents now.

“Let’s get you home, Mr. Stark.” Barton softly says as he and the Captain escort him back out.

Bella gradually came to but her body felt odd. She lifted her head up and gasped back. There was rope around one of her ankles and she was being dragged. She swallowed back looking to the creatures that had her. They were very tall with blueish grey skin and red eyes. They were marching on with purpose. Bella reached out in hopes of releasing her foot. Only her pregnant belly was preventing her from doing so. One of the creatures had caught her trying to break free. They reached down and picked her up by her hair. Shock came over her, as the touch of his hand began to freeze the hair he had in his clutch. The ring activated and the frost giant was sent flying back. A good chunk of her hair was in his grasp as she fell to the ground. Thus, caused her foot to be released. She hurriedly scurried back as each of them stopped and were eyeing her now. Her heart raced and she continued her crab walk.

A few of them started to laugh. Bella froze as she felt herself hit something else. She nervously turned back to see another set of crimson eyes locked onto hers. Chills filled her spine as she thought about Loki’s story.
“King Laufey…” She whispered.

He tilted his head on this. He crouched down and ran a single finger along her chin. Her ring started to spark at his touch. She gasped back at the chill it gave her. Laufey quickly moved his finger, curious about the ring. However his attention was now elsewhere. His eyes darted towards her stomach. He reached out to it and Bella slapped at his hand, feeling that cold sting as she did.


Bella bravely came to her feet and stood before King Laufey.

“Where is Thor?!”

Laufey narrows his eyes.

“And you are?” He questions rather menacingly.

She swallowed back as each frost giant stepped towards her. All eyes were on her as she stood before the king.

“Who I am is none of your concern. Now, where do you keep the son of Odin?!”

Laufey bellows out in laughter, causing her to jump.

“A mortal dares to stand before me and make such demands?!” Laufey looks around, in thought.

“And how did you enter this realm?”

She doesn’t answer. Laufey slams down Loki’s scepter.

“You will answer…”

Bella takes a couple steps back. The frost giants take another step towards her.

“Perhaps, I shall take matters into my own hands.”

Laufey lowers Loki’s scepter. Her breathing becomes erratic as he aims the tip right at her.

Her body becomes immobile and she doesn’t even blink, as it comes into contact with her forehead.

“Tell me everything.”

Bella finally blinks at his words. Through no fault of her own, it was the spell Laufey was using. The ring did not activate because it wasn’t his wish to harm her. Not at the moment… Bella began revealing everything. Once she finished, he simply nodded. He removed the scepter. Bella’s hand immediately clamped over her mouth. Laufey made a scoffing sound and the others laughed.

“Behold a mortal that carries the children of Princess Thor!”

They laughed once more and he let out a dark chuckle. Bella gritted her teeth at his words. Hot tears ran down her cheeks, on her own betrayal. Even if it wasn’t her doing, she felt at fault. She thought back to the avalanche she caused and it was because of her, Balder was missing.

“Are you leaking?!” He heckles.

“Something I’m sure you know nothing about. I doubt you shed a tear when you turned your back to your son!”

Laufey’s lip curls at her words.

“Foolish mortal… You act as if you are of importance. You may carry the offspring of a god. But you are disposable!”
Bella half laughs.

“Are you that brave?” She challenges.
“Brave?” He inquires.

She nods.

“To test that theory? You end me and I can assure you, you will have one hell of a war on your hands. And I don’t just mean Asgard. You haven’t a clue who I am!”

He scoffs at this. Bella shakes her finger upon Laufey. But behind this courageous front, Bella was frightened all to hell. She was determined nevertheless to let Laufey know if he took her life or the lives of her children. There would be major hell to pay. That her life did indeed manner! Even more so her children’s! Crying and begging wasn’t the Stark way of doing things. If she was going down, she’d go down with pride. She wasn’t about to coward down, no matter how outnumbered she was. No matter the fear that resided within her heart.

“Either way, you’re fucked! You won’t survive mine and Thor’s people!” She says with a shrug.


He gestures about as if bored. They follow him to his throne. Where he twirls Loki’s staff about and stabs it through the ground.

“Lock her up. Keep the Midgardian Bitch warm and fed, until she gives birth. After this, I will personally dispose of her. When I do I will open a portal for all of Asgard and Earth to watch…”

“You knew. Didn’t you?” Agent Hill inquires once they were gone.

Colonel Fury sighs.

“I get that you weren’t a part of it. But you should’ve told him…” At this she walks away and Fury shakes his head.

Pepper shut the journal and closed her eyes for a moment. She too had read everything. The journal started out with Alice Cullen’s vision. In this vision, was a beautiful brunette, with gorgeous brown eyes, and pale complexion, her name was Bella Swan. This vision showed how she was to become Edward Cullen’s singer aka mate. That she would also be the first to bring a hybrid child into the world. Thus, being a big deal to the vampire coven known as the Cullen’s. Once wind of this vision hit, they sought out to find the family to this young lady, in Alice’s vision. Only it was unexpected that she would just be that of a child, when they first found the Swans.

This truly disappointed Edward. However, when he first laid eyes on the her, he swore he’d be patient and wait until she was of age. The Cullen’s befriended the family and later confided in Charlie and Renee about what they really were. They decidedly withheld the part on how Edward was to become their daughter’s future husband. Carlisle had to convince his son, it wasn’t the best time to bring up such a him that humans are more sensitive to such things and wouldn’t understand it. But it was known that the vampire claimed Bella when she was no more than four years old. He swore that no other could have what was his.

It went on and on about how happy he was for his son. That Edward had spent years trying to find “the one”. Pepper felt nauseous the entire time she read it. He had made claims to a child! How sick can you be? How did that go exactly? He pointed at a four year old girl and was all … you’ll be my wife one day! The mere idea had Pepper queasy feeling. But even more so was how much the Cullen’s had earned the Swan’s trust. Carlisle even referred to Charlie as a good man and one of his best friends. Yet, when all hell broke loose, this coven turned their backs and simply observed their supposed friends murders. Carlisle expressed great pain and sympathy in his passages. But in order to save their own asses and keep their secret save. They didn’t risk revealing themselves in order to save Bella’s parents. No instead, they simply watched as it all took place.

They assumed Bella would be fine, as long as she stayed with the shifters. And in the end she was, but only because her biological father came into the picture. What the Cullen’s and their precious “vision seeker” didn’t realize was they changed fate by not saving Charlie and Renee. By Tony taking over, it changed everything. She became a different person from the girl Alice had seen in her visions. No this girl was meant for bigger and brighter things. Pepper thought to herself with a grin. With Tony Stark as a father and a god as a lover… Bella’s future couldn’t have turned out any better. The mere idea of Bella marrying that pathetic vampire and becoming a vampire herself? Had Pepper Potts downing a few drinks of her own. That and she could only imagine how Tony was dealing with S.H.I.E.L.D, at this very moment. In fact, she wished to have a few words with Phil. She too wondered how the hell all that got past them all, or if they all knew all along…

As for the Cullen’s, Alice’s latest vision had come true. The Cullen’s met their demise and so did a few S.H.I.E.L.D agents. Somehow Agent Pierce and Rumlow survived.

Bella flinched, as the frost giants tossed a couple of heavy blankets at her, knocking her to the ground. They also threw in some sort of meat, but it was foul smelling and looked burnt. The area they had her in was made entirely of ice. It was in the middle of nowhere. All Bella could see was never ending fields of snow. She paced about the area and waited until they were out of sight. Once they were she began to shield her knuckles with Balder’s cloak. She punched at the ice with everything she had, over and over. Pieces of it began to chip away. She had her work cut out for her but knew she could escape if she simply kept going.

For a solid twenty minutes, she punched at the ice. Her knuckles were now sticking to the cloak. They had begun to crack and bleed. The wind chill was so cold; her bloodied knuckles had frozen to the cloak. But she could practically taste the freedom. She only needed a bit more and she could crawl right on through. However the ground beneath her began to tremble. She narrowed her eyes and reared back. More ice now was filling the area, even thicker than before.

“NO!” She cried out and punched at it once again.

A piece broke off and it too regrew more impenetrable. Not only that, but all the fragments she’d managed to break off before created a new wall of ice.

“NOOOOO!” She shouted wrathfully and exhaustedly placed her head against the bars of ice.

She gazed upon her ring in thought.
“I don’t suppose you can get me out of here?”

Balder punched his way through the bank of snow. He crawled out and came to his feet. He shook his head as he looked around.

“ISA!” He called out, but he had a very bad feeling residing within him.

Something told him to move and quickly.

Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral entered the throne room wide eyed. Their majesty was destroying everything within his path. It was very rare to see Odin lose his composure like this, even at his maddest state.

“Your majesty?” Fandral softly said out of concern.

Odin turned to them. He stumbled back against his throne and sunk into it. He closed his eyes for a moment.

“I may very well lose them all…” He utters gravely.

“Sir?” Hogun further probes with confusion.

Odin sighs and tells them about what had taken place. Each of them, now shared the same grave look that resided on Odin’s face. He rubbed his face miserably. He then rose with the look of melancholy about him and he went on to his chamber, without another word.

Volstagg looked to the others.

“There must be a way.”

The other two shook their heads.

“Not without Loki.”

Volstagg gritted his teeth on this.

“What of the Midgardian’s father?”
“What of him?” Frandral inquires.

“He’s an inventor is he not?!”

Frandral half laughs.

“You mean to say you think he can “create” us a portal into Jotunheim?!”

Volstagg shrugs.

“It’s worth a shot!”

“He did seem to have some pretty extraordinarily friends.” Hogun.

“Of all Midgardians, I’m pretty certain he’s the only one that could make pigs fly.”


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    1. LOL I know what you mean about the next button. Not all the stories have them and I miss them greatly when I want to continue 😀

  2. Oh My God, what the hell is wrong with Loki?, all he did was risking Bella and babies, Fury is a bastard and idiot, poor Tony I felt so sad for him, I have very afraid something happening Thor and Bella wrong, I like Pepper is involved in this story, I hope everything goes well, please update soon… Kisses

  3. Another awesome update. I’m wondering how can you possibly be human? The way you come up with all these different ideas is simply extraordinary. I’m just so happy you decided to share your talent with us. I can’t wait for the next one!!

  4. I was so Caught up in this chapter that I Kept Scrolling down hoping to Find more to read only For me to realize the chapter was over. I fucking whimpered. I wanna read more. Pls update again soon. oh and if you Could add a Small Tibet For me? Can you have Bella Kick loki in the nuts pls? He deserves it.

  5. Perfect ending – pigs fly indeed! Love how you picked Liam as Balder… brilliant! And Loki… what is that tricky bastard up to? I want to believe that he will save Isa because I love the devil, but you just never know. I do know Thor is gonna be wicked pissed though and I can’t wait to see his reaction! Loved it, sweets – awesome job as usual ❤

  6. What happened to the next,home and back button.i really do not like how this site is set up.I think if were possible the next time Bella sees Loki she would kill him no matter what Thor or Odin think about it. isn’t there some way with their magic that they can give Bella immortality?

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