Chapter 16 While You Were Sleeping

Chapter 16

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Bella grimaced as she pried the cloak from her knuckles. She swallowed back as the chilling air hit the raw skin, just right. It had stung agonizingly. She swiftly covered it back up and huddled into a corner of the frozen prison. The blankets were wrapped snugly around her now. The smell coming off them was atrocious. However, the idea of freezing to death was by far; worse. So she sucked it up and bundled up.

During this time, she thought about Thor, his adoring smile, his mesmerizing deep blue eyes, the warmth of his body, when in his embrace, and his infectious laughter. She drew back a deep breath. And with Thor burned into her memory…

“I love you…” She whispers and her eyes come to a close.

Balder trudged on, taking not a moment’s break. The mere idea of something happening to Thor’s Isa had him on edge. After Thor thinking he’d lost his father and losing his mother?! Then, the stunts Loki had pulled? To lose his lover and unborn children after everything he’d been through already? That was enough to make even Balder cringe.

Balder looked to the starless sky. The wind was picking up and the temperature had dropped significantly. He truly prayed Bella was some place nice and warm. He just couldn’t imagine her trying to see through this. The only way he could make anything out was through using his aura. He continued calling to her in mere hopes of her turning up.

“HOLY SHHHIIITTT!” Pepper hollered out as she turned to see Hogun, Volstagg, and Frandral, standing directly behind her.

“UM, TONY?!” She shrieked out, nervously.

Frandral bowed slightly, took her hand, hand kissed it.

“My lady, we did not mean to startle you. Please, forgive us.”

“Ummm…” She said, taking a few steps back.

Tony entered the room and reared back a bit.

“I wasn’t aware the bachelor party was being held today. I mean; don’t you think that to be in bad taste? Considering we’re missing the groom and all?”

Each of them raised their brows in confusion.

“Party?” Volstagg inquired.

“Is it a custom for Midgardians to celebrate such horrific events?!”

Tony shrugs.

“Let me guess… a Lord of the Rings con? Is that in town this month, Pep?”

“Pardon?” Frandral inquires.

Tony shrugged his shoulders about and straightened out Frandal’s collar.

“You really should iron that out. Horrible crease!”

Frandral looks to Hogun and Volstagg with confusion.

“Actually, we were wondering if you had some sort of contraption that would allow us enter another realm?”

“Say what now?”
“He wants to know if you have a way to enter other realms.” Volstagg repeated Hogun’s question only louder.

Tony swayed his head about in disbelief.

“First of all, I’m not hard-of-hearing, but thanks for the recap.”

Tony sat in his recliner and waved about the room, hinting for them to take a seat.

“Second of all, aren’t their certain “gods” in your realm that can do that for you? I mean you need ME to what… exactly? Open some sort of portal with my wizardry hat?”

“You have one of those?” Volstagg.
He softly chuckled in amusement.

“Not since my college years! As for your first question… Nope! Fresh out of portal keys! Try another dungeon!”

The warriors sighed in defeat.

“Then how will we get Thor and his bride-to-be out of Jotunheim?”

Pepper froze as she was in the middle of making coffee. Tony narrowed his eyes.

“Do tell me I heard you wrong.”

They gaze upon him puzzled. Tony came to his feet.

“When you say bride you either mean my daughter or Thor’s even more of a son of a bitch than I realized.”
“I assure you Thor is bred not from this!”

“That’s certainly debatable… So tell me… Where the fuck is my little girl?”

Soft whimpers escaped her lips as she jerked about in her sleep. The blankets were now caked in snow. They were the only reason she wasn’t gathering frost bite and freezing to death at the moment. She slowly came to as she felt something wet beneath her. Bella’s face then flushed over, assuming she’d had some sort of “accident.” She hurriedly shot to her feet, feeling the puddle spreading beneath her. Her jaw dropped in realization as her very first contraction hit.


Her heart kicked to life while she rubbed her stomach. She sucked back a painful breath and staggered back as another one hit. Bella brought her hand to her mouth as panic struck within her.

“Please…” She whispered and looked around in thought.

“Not here… And not without your father…”
Another contraction came along… She shook her head, thinking it was too soon. Then again, she had been progressing faster than that of what was considered a normal pregnancy. Her teeth ground together as she breathed through the pain. She had spent that entire time in ultimate bravery, ready to face anything that came her way. Nevertheless, the mere idea of giving birth in that cell of ice and in another realm had her in practical hysterics. Bella began to pace, doing her best to come up with some sort of plan. But the contractions became more frequent. She knew damn well what that meant…Her water had broken and her contractions were less than two minutes apart from each other. She began wondering just how much she’d dilated…

Bella could no longer contain it. Her brave front had diminished, she now feared not only for sake of her children, but Thor as well. A knot built within the back of her throat. She swallowed back and the tears formed, making their way down her face.

“Thor…” She cried out in fear.

Tony and Pepper shared the same ill expression, once the Warriors Three were done explaining the situation. Tony’s hand trembled with unease as he thought about his daughter being in harm’s way.

“And you say the only way to this world is through the imbecilic brother?

They each nodded.
“What does Odin do again; exactly? Isn’t he supposed to be “the almighty Odin”? You know, strongest of his kind and whatnot?”

“Watch your tongue, Midgardian!” Volstagg scolds.

Tony shook his head,”Nah… I’m not watching anything!” He grabbed his jacket and glanced their way.

“You see, knocking my daughter up and stealing her right out from under my nose is one thing, but failure in watching after her is something else entirely. So, no… I’ll say whatever I damn well please! BEAM ME UP, HEIMDALL!” He called out. Pepper sighed as the four of them vanished.

They all appeared in Asgard. Tony strut right past Heimdall and headed towards the palace, The Warriors Three shrugged on this and followed him.

Odin rose from his throne, raising a brow Tony’s way.

“Mr. Stark…” he greeted.

“I hear you not only managed to lose your son, but my daughter’s missing as well?”

Odin sighed with a rather overwhelmed look about him.

“I’m afraid that is correct.”

“Great! Just brilliant! FUCKING WONDERFUL! YOU IDIOT!”

Each warrior dropped their jaws in absolute astonishment; Hogun nervously swallowed back.

“I mean COME ON! Hasn’t your son fucked my daughter over enough?!”

“You dare to stand before me and speak to me with such disrespect!”

“That’s right! I DARE! And disrespect?! Look buddy, you might be KING OF ASGARD but to me you’re just another notch in my pissed-the-FUCK OFF-belt! Your son came to my realm! He knocked up my little girl! Without putting a ring on it, as Beyoncé so eloquently put! All of this took place during my absence. A time where I fought tooth and nail just to get back to the one thing that keeps me going! The one person in this entire world that keeps me motivated. It’s because of that girl, that I wake up every day and do my damnest to make some sort of difference… whatever that may be. Only I return to have it ripped right out of my grasp. I’m told I can’t do anything about it. And that she must stay in this realm, in order to survive. If she doesn’t, she and my grandchildren could die! Because of your son, I lost my daughter. Now it seems as though things could be much more permanent, if we do not find a way to this realm your renaissance men speak off. So yeah, you bet your sweet ass I dare. I’m just as much a father as you are. So what if I don’t have a motherfucking throne to sit on!? I don’t have little minions around to serve my every need… But! I’m fucking TONY STARK! And if there’s one thing you should know about me; it’s that I don’t ever and I mean ever go down without a fight. So I tell you what, you and I are going to find a way to this realm. I’m getting my daughter back! After words, the three of us are going to have a nice long chat. ‘Cause… let’s put it like this. I’m not going without seeing my little girl or my grandchildren! I WILL BE IN THERE LIVES! I WILL GIVE MY DAUGHTER AWAY! I WILL BE A PART OF HER LIFE WHETHER YOU ASGARDIAN BITCHES LIKE IT OR NOT!”

Odin raised a brow as he tapped his fingers along his staff. He then run his fingers along his beard in a combing manner. He gave a simple nod, “Alright then.”

The warriors looked to one another once again in surprise, “Sir?” Frandral questioned with shock to his voice.

“What just happened?” Volstagg wondered out loud in a hushing manner towards Hugon.
“I haven’t a clue…”

“This mortal… he rather amuses me!” Volstagg said behind a chuckle.

However, the king cut Volstagg a certain look. He nervously cleared his throat.

“For a drunkard, of course!” He adds.

He quickly ducked out of sight, instantly killing the element that lit his path. Balder swallowed back with apprehension, hearing the frost giants pass by. They seemed to be scouting the area. He reared back in wonder as he peeked around. He shook his head as it was truly beginning to dawn on him. If they were looking for something or someone… There was a reason behind it. Balder cringed in thought, he truly hoped it wasn’t Isa. But he hadn’t high hopes on that. He had not a clue where Loki went to. He patiently waited, knowing there was no choice. That, and he’d begun to think of a new plan. It was more than obvious they had a hostage, or knew of something. If nothing else, they’d lead him right to Thor! Balder kept silent as he cautiously followed.

Bella’s eyes rolled back as the contractions became unrelenting. She’d made herself a pallet from the blankets in preparation. She leaned back and focused on steady breaths. Before long… came that urge… Her eyes widened and she lifted her dress. Bella did her best to get situated. She brought her knees to her chest, about to give her first push.

“Not here…” She heard a whisper.

Her eyes darted the direction of the voice. It was followed by an exasperated sigh, “You give birth here and you’ll live to regret it.”

She gritted her teeth as his green eyes bored into hers, through the prison that held her. She quickly covered herself for some sort of modesty. Bella had more than a handful of things to say to the bastard. But another agonizing contraction hit and she inhaled behind tears. The urge to push had become heavy.

“NO!” Loki hissed.

He snapped a look in another direction and was quick to vanish. Her teeth ground together and beads of sweat formed along her forehead. Bella let out cry of agony as she pushed. She hadn’t a clue that she had an audience as she continued the birthing process.

The longest and most agonizing hours she’d ever known passed. Bella’s cries could be heard throughout Jotunheim. So much so, Balder had finally caught wind of it, though it was faint from where he currently was. He shook his head in thought. He knew he hadn’t a choice now. In order to save Isa, he had to expose himself. He sucked back a breath and once again let his aura come to life. The frost giants snapped a look his direction. He gave a simple nod and took off as fast as he could.

Balder didn’t come to a stop until he was just a few feet away from her prison. He groaned to himself seeing Laufey and a few others around her cell. He winced as her cries became more potent.

“I’m trying Isa…” He whispered to himself and was trying to come up with some sort of plan.

But everything he came up with put either her, or the children within at risk. He had no idea just how far into the birthing process she was. He shrugged to himself and decided to take one hell of a risk. Balder took off once again; only this time, he didn’t’ stop until his entire body slammed into the cell. The ice gave and he fell just before Bella’s feet.
“Balder?” She uttered, looking faint.

He nodded but turned just in time to see the ice rebuilding.

“NO!” Bella shouted.

They heard Laufey die in laughter, “Did you truly believe, we’d make it that easy?” He bellowed.

His crimson eyes gazed upon her in scrutiny, “Petty mortal and her foolish gods!” he scoffed.

Balder gritted his teeth and swiftly went to scoop Bella up. Only he froze… he swallowed back as his eyes locked with hers.

“Isa…” He utters looking troubled.

He hurriedly hunkered down and rolled up his sleeves. The infant’s head was already crowning.

“Balder…” she whispered with a blush, while he was spreading her legs about, taking a gander.

“My apologies, my lady… However, I do believe this isn’t the time to be concerned about modesty. I’m sure Thor would agree, if he were here. I know you wish it were him, instead. But at the moment, I’m all you got. So let’s do this.”

She nods but begins to weep even more.

“I’m so sorry, Isa. We both know Thor would fight into the very heart of Valhalla in order to get to you.”

Odin sighs and continues to pace about the throne room.

“So you’re telling me there’s no way there? What about that guy that you have keeping post of the other eight realms? You know Heimdall?”

“Laufey has set the portal to Jotunheim up to where only the blood of a Jotun can enter.”

“So you’re admitting that your realm is weaker than that of these frost giants?”

Tony gasped as Hogun thrust him up against the wall, “You could learn a lesson in manners.”

Tony shrugged as Hogun’s hand was wrapped around his throat, “And you could use a breath mint!” Tony muttered under his breath and kicked Hogun in the balls.

Hogun dropped to both knees, reaching to his package. He groaned out and Tony pats him on the shoulder, “Nothing personal… Just not a fan of being manhandled… seems to be a thing amongst your kind and MY FAMILY!”

Odin sighed as if merely annoyed, “The most I could do is open the portal and hope they make their way across.”

“So you’re saying that your son and my daughter are supposed to magically stumble about this portal in hopes of returning to Asgard?”

“There is no other way.”
“Hmmm and what happens if we just strut right on through ourselves?”

“You would receive a nice voltage of electric currents as the portal rejects your entry.” Volstagg replied.

“OH well… Being shocked! Nothing new to me! So when do we begin?” They looked to Tony in disbelief.

“The portal itself has been known to knock Odin out!”

“Huh… Well, I’m not Odin! I have this suit… Oh, by the way, I’m Iron Man!” Tony sarcastically remarked.
“My suit rather feeds on electricity.”


“Well, from what I see, we don’t have a lot of options.”

“You can do this, Isa.” Balder encouraged.

She shook her head, the tears never ending, as she glanced towards King Laufey.

“Balder…” She pleads.

He swallowed back rather hard. He too, feared the same outcome, “I will fight in your corner. You know this. They will have to come through me if they wish to harm you or the children.”

She nods but the fear never left her eyes. That urge hit yet again. Balder nodded, seeing it in her face, “Now my lady, PUSH!” Her teeth ground together as brought her knees up even more.

“There we go… One more should do it.”

Balder had begun to feel rather emotional himself. The baby’s head was almost out and he knew he would soon to be holding the very first child of Thor’s. He found great honor in this. A true smile formed along those lips.

They nodded upon one another in silent understanding. “Are you ready…?” he hinted. Bella gave an emotional sigh. Balder then nodded in return and took her hand. He gave it a squeeze, before arranging for delivery.

Moments later… her jaw dropped as her eyes lifted upon Balder’s. The sound of a baby crying filled the area. Balder used his bare hands to detach the umbilical cord. He swiftly ripped his shirt off and used it to clean the infant off, before handing it over. Bella promptly wrapped the infant up in one of the blankets.

“Congratulations, on the birth of your son.” Balder whispers with a wink. Bella smiled and held the child close, doing her best to keep him warm.

“Do you have a name picked out?”

Before she could even answer the walls to the ice prison came down. She glanced upon Balder with alarm. He narrowed his eyes heatedly and hopped up. He stood before Bella protectively, “You’re not to come any closer!”

Laufey rolled his eyes and used Loki’s scepter to send Balder flying back.

“NOOOOO!” Bella shouted.

She weakly scooted away from Laufey as he inched his way over. He nodded and crouched down reaching to the infant.


“The child belongs to me now. So will the other…”

She shook her head and used the heels of her feet to scurry back. She backed into another frost giant and they darkly chuckled as they yanked the child out from her hold.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Bella shot to her feet and went to grab the baby.

She grabbed her lower abdomen, however feeling the other child on its way, “PLEASE!” she cried out with desperation. “I’ll do whatever you ask. Not my children!” Bella came to her knees. A first for a Stark to ever coward down to anyone…”Please…”

Laufey tilted his head about, “Anything, you say…”

She closed her eyes. Her then heart filled with hatred, but it carried so much love when it came to her loved ones… She truly meant what she said. Bella would do whatever it took to keep Thor and her children from harm’s way. Even if that meant sacrificing herself.

“Take my life. My soul even! It’s yours. Just leave my children and Thor be. You can do whatever you wish with me.”

The ring along her finger was beginning to shimmer. Laufey took notice and swiftly aimed the staff upon it. She gasped out as the ring began to burn her finger. Laufey smiled menacingly, as it continued. But she could see the struggle on Laufey’s face. The ring was hurting him as he fought against its power. Laufey’s teeth ground together and he snarled back.

Bella cried out as the ring became bright red and smoke lifted as it burned her flesh. Her body was being pulled Laufey’s direction. His whole body had a red casting to it and the frost king was actually sweating. She shrieked out as he grabbed her finger and quickly caused the ring to crack with his icy touch. The ring began to crumble and it landed in the snow. Laufey chuckled and shoved her back.

He motioned for the frost giant to bring the child over. Bella tried to come back to her feet, desperate to gather her child. But she came to a crawl and reached out, instead.

“Pathetic!” Laufey uttered and put his foot to her forehead, stopping her.

Just as he was to take the child from the frost giant, someone zipped past. The child vanished, and Bella rolled back flat on the ground.

“Thor…” She weakly called out. “Please… We need you…”

Laufey snarled back with a growl and looked around the area.

Bella felt her body being lifted but she’d become so feeble her eyes wouldn’t open.


“Not quite…”

She was so out of it she couldn’t even detect the voice, “Thor…”

A long winded sigh escapes the one that had her in their grasp. Bella could make out the crushing of snow beneath whoever’s feet it was. They had her against their chest and she felt something being placed in her arms. A delirious smile formed along her lips, “I knew you’d come.”

He rolled his eyes and hurriedly found shelter. He lay her down and shook his head. She was bleeding out. The child within her hold began to cry. He curled his lip at this and looked towards the cave entrance he had them in, “Shut it, you little snot!”

Bella’s eyes flew open at this, “Loki…” she hissed, but her eyes were rolling back something fierce.

“Hmmmm.” He hummed with amusement and propped her up against the cave walls. She feebly slapped at his hand as he went to lift her dress.

“Don’t be a fool!”

She sucked back a breath as he pried her legs apart. He grimaced and Bella took notice, “What?!” She questioned in a panic.

“Quit squirming would you?!” Loki had a permanent look of disgust about him. “You need to finish…” He said harshly.

Bella was exhausted and she felt as though she’d pass back out any moment, “I can’t…”

Loki shook his head, “I knew it! It was a front all along! And now your child will die because you’re unworthy! Such a disgrace, truly!”

Her jaw clenched. Loki then nodded as he rolled his eyes and came to his feet. “MAKE HIM SILENT!” he ordered, pointing to her son while his cries only grew louder.

Loki’s eyes widened however as her body slumped back and her eyes came to a close. He tilted his head and gradually made his way over, “You’ve got to be joking!” He scoffed, checking her over. “You do realize that was meant to be somewhat of a pep talk?! I thought we spoke the same language. Considering our little “bond” and all.” He sighed with true disappointment.

Loki hears something off to a distance and blew out a breath. He seemed to be having some sort of internal struggle. “YOU WILL OWE ME BROTHER!” He bellowed and swiftly took the child from her hold and disappears.

“WAIT!” Odin hollered out just as Iron Man was about to step through the portal.

Iron Man came to a halt and snapped his in head Odin’s direction. Odin, Iron Man, Hogun, Volstagg, and Frandral looked on in disbelief. Before them lay an infant boy. Iron Man lifted his helmet and walked over to the newborn. He looked into the boy’s eyes and a lump formed within the back of his throat. He’d recognize those eyes from anywhere. He hurriedly scooped the infant up. He lifted his eyes upon Odin.

“Now what?” Tony inquired, knowing he wasn’t about to leave the child behind now. For once, Odin hadn’t any answers.

Laufey and the others stopped as Loki now stood before them. He looked to see Laufey had Bella by the hair and was dragging her back to his palace, “Hello, father…”

The frost King raised his brows, looking more amused than anything else, “I suppose you’ve come to retrieve your scepter?”

Loki nodded. However, his eyes dart over to something else. And for the first time his heart actually sank to the pit of his stomach. He shook his head in torment, “What have you done father?!”

Laufey smiled and Loki gritted his teeth. His entire face flushed over with fury, “NO! NOT AGAIN!” Loki shouts noticing the infant’s familiar blue hue.

And though she wasn’t exactly like Loki, she carried certain features that were remarkably like his. A curse done by Laufey himself merely to torment his own son; to prove a point to Odin the other Asgardians; That he, King Laufey would always rule above them all!

“HOW?! WHY?!”

“It’s too late. The child… it belongs to me now. As promised, the mortal will meet her demise. The other realms will witness her cries. They will see just how truly weak and foolish these mortals are!”

Loki sneered at this.

“You’re either with or against me!” Laufey stated with a shrug.


Loki turned to see Balder in a block of ice. Only his head was free and he was being pushed along.

“For once in your pathetic existence, do what’s right! Will you truly stand back and watch your niece meet the same fate as you! Watch as Thor’s lover dies?!”

He sighed with hindrance, “I’m only here for one thing and one thing only.”

Laufey had a good laugh at this and twirled the scepter about. Loki nodded with a look Balder couldn’t quite detect. Loki suddenly teleported out.

“DAMN YOU LOKI!” Balder roared.

He’d begun to melt the ice with his light. Only Laufey took notice and aimed the scepter at Balder, “Let’s just end this now. You’re just another bastard son anyhow.”

Balder reared back at his words, “What?”

Laufey smirked, but it soon fades as the child within his hold comes up missing. “LOKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!”

Loki eyes locked with the newborn as he appeared before the gates of Asgard. He reached out running a single finger along his niece’s cheek. She was different, and not just in how she looked. She didn’t cry like the other child. Her tiny hand reached out to him. The child’s crimson eyes gave him a chill he had never known. He found himself cradling the child, lovingly. A single tear then fled from his eye, “I will watch after you, always… You have my word, little one” He vowed under his breath as he lay her down before the gates.

Bella shot up in a gasps. Her entire body had undergone an icy cold plunge. Laughter was heard throughout the area. Her hands were cuffed together with ice. Her body was lifted into the air as Laufey had Loki’s scepter aimed in her direction.

“NO! “Balder cried out as her body continued to rise.

The clouds parted within the sky. A blue portal was revealed and her body was being pulled towards it.
“You live because of me! Your body is now restored because of me! BUT NOW YOU WILL PERISH BECAUSE OF MEEEEE!”

Balder was promptly knocked out. Bella gritted her teeth as the pain began to spread throughout her body. She fought against it, and even managed to bring out her hand and flip her middle finger, “I’ll see you hell, Laufey!” Laufey grinned at this.

Earth and Asgard inhabitants each looked to the sky. Sounds of gasping, screams of fright, and whispers of dismay were spread about both realms. The mortal known as Isabella Stark was displayed before everyone.

Asgard –

Tony’s entire body became immobile as his daughter came to view. He had his grandson in his arms, watching upon the nightmare before them. “No…” He and the others chorused.

Sif was on her horse heading into the fields of Asgard. She brought the horse to a stop and er hand clamped over her mouth, “No… not her…” She gasped back uttering Thor’s name and took off towards the palace.

Earth –

Happy slammed on the brakes and Pepper hopped out of the limo, “HAPPY!” She shrieked out.

He too, rushed out and staggered back at the sight.

Johnny Storm had just stepped out of the gym and his jaw dropped. He lit up and took off towards the image, only to find that he went right through it. It was a mere hologram. “FUCK!” He called out and desperately looked around.

Clint, Fury, and Natasha were in the middle of a mission when they too caught wind of the horrific image.

“Jesus…” Clint called out looking ill.

“Is that…” Natasha inquired. He closed his eyes for a moment and Fury put a hand upon his shoulder.

But amongst this all… Another had risen… His soul tortured with a hint of darkness that had never resided within the depths of his heart before. Each sky upon the nine realms suffered the same anguish he was in, as it spread across his veins. His entire body ignited with wrath no being had ever known, “LAUFEY!”

This name echoed throughout the entire realm of Jotunheim. Sparks of lightening spread throughout each realm as his battle cry was heard.

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Because if a creative pandaowl will find the internet, why should the hyenacorn not share the skunk?


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This site is the cat’s pajamas

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Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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