Chapter 17 Only The Cold of Heart

Chapter 17

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Laufey peevishly smiled upon her. She fought against it but could no longer. Her cries were heard about the two realms as the pain coursed throughout her entire body and amplified. Bella’s body suddenly jarred back at great speed. A familiar set of arms wrapped around her. Their eyes met and Bella found herself overcome with emotion. She clung to him for dear life. He nodded upon her as they landed in a cave.

“Isa…” he said with a hint of suffering behind it.

He cupped her cheek, whilst thoroughly checking her over. A breath of relief escaped his lips.

“Take the bastard’s head.”

Thor smirked with pride and did a slight bow, as he kissed her hand.

“I’ll do much more than that I assure, my love.”

Bella damn near swooned with a fluttery heart as he took off.

Thor dropped down before Laufey and the frost giants. Just as Laufey went to aim Loki’s scepter upon him, Thor’s hammer smashed right into Laufey’s arm. Not only did the hammer manage to take his arm, but it sent Loki’s scepter soaring back beyond sight. Laufey growled under his breath.

“End him and the mortal!”

The giants nodded and started towards Thor. He let out a bellow of laughter as he twirled his hammer about.

“You can try…” Thor scoffs and releases his hammer.

It spins about the area in a complete circle. Taking on a domino effect as the hammer tore its way through their torsos one by one, before making its way back to Thor.

“LAUFEY!” He shouted in such a way, one that caused the entire area around them to tremble.

He pointed his hammer upon him.
“You and I are far from done. So I wouldn’t go far…” He called out as Laufey was in attempts to run.

Thor eyed him as he took his hammer with both hands, slamming it into the ground. Forks of lighting spread about the area this caused an earthquake. A few frost giants tumbled about losing their footing, whilst others fought to stay on their feet.

Thor ground his teeth together went to drive his hammer into the earth once again. He spotted Balder through the corner of his eye however. He nodded his way. Then leaped over and took his hammer to the frozen prison that kept Balder contained.

“About time my friend.”

Balder said as Thor offered him a hand up. Thor gave a simple nod and took off, with purpose. Laufey’s eyes widened as a funnel cloud appeared above him. Lightning filled the sky and thunder sounded from a distance. Only he knew what was soon to follow. He looked around with desperation. He smirked upon himself once he caught wind of the scepter. He was just about to snag it when it disappeared from his reach.

The one who snatched it smiled upon him. He pointed towards the funnel cloud.

“This might hurt… Nice knowing you, father!”


Loki cut him a wink and hurriedly struts off. An odd whistling sound was heard and it only grew louder along with unruly strikes of lightning. Ones, which had Laufey dancing in order to keep from being struck. The thunder thudded about so boisterously it caused the Laufey, the frost giants, and Balder to cover their ears. Even Bella could feel it’s impact and hear it and Thor had her a good 20 miles from the battle itself. She braced herself against the cave walls, startled.

Laufey swallowed back feeling the static along his body knowing it was coming. There was no escape the constant bolts of lightning kept him from being able to. For each attempt, one would strike right at his feet. He hollered out and quickly went to shield himself knowing that’s all he could do. This massive sphere of electrical currents was charging right for him. The closer it came, the bigger it got.

A loud BOOM spread about the entire realm of Jotunheim. Everyone within the area fell on their asses. The ground split even more. Laufey’s body was thrust through the core of Jotunheim. His flesh began to burn and peel back. He begged for mercy, but Thor hadn’t heard a word he said. He was far too gone. And even if he had heard him, there would’ve been no stopping him. The son of Odin had his first sleep. One that Laufey had forced him into. Stealing his energy source, using Loki’s scepter with the infinity stone the entire time. He only kept Thor alive in order to keep draining his powers daily. But like his father he saw EVERYTHING. Thor knew all. He knew about the torment Laufey put his Isa through. He knew that he’d cursed one of his children. He knew about Balder’s bravery and Loki’s act of selflessness, amongst other things.

Thor thought about these things as he hollered out with vengeance.

Balder’s eyes widen as he finished taking on what was left of the frost giants. The entire surface of Jotunheim had begun shift and was spreading apart.

“THOR!” He called out in warning.

Laufey’s body continued to deteriate. Thor’s eyes stayed locked onto his as he had Laufey by the throat and continued to drive him through the surface. His skin began to flake off becoming nothing more than ashes. At this Thor nodded and flipped around in the massive crater he’d created. He swiftly batted Laufey about with his hammer. This had Laufey propelling out of the crater. Thor charged after him his body soared about so highly he now was about level with the portal he’d created in which to torture Bella and her loved ones. That thought in mind as Thor took his hammer and flung it at great force Laufey’s direction. His body sailed right through the portal. Parts of the Frost King landed in Jotunheim, Asgard, and Earth – where his head landed and Hulk happily obliged.


His eyes darted below as Balder was waving him down. That’s when he took notice of the entire realm destructing. Earthquakes continued about. His attention snapped back towards the cave.


Thor hurriedly grabbed Balder by the collar of his tunic.


Balder looked to Thor wide eyed.

“Hey now what…” before he could even finish that thought, he hurled Balder through the portal and took off.

“HEADS UP!” Volstagg hollers as he swiftly moves Tony and the infant out of harm’s way

Balder landed so hard he actually left an indention in the floor. He groaned out and rolled over.

“Balder?” He heard from a voice he’d not expected.

He narrowed his eyes.

She nodded and rushed over, helping him to his feet. Odin nodded upon him and they each turned towards the portal with hope.

“Isa!” Thor called out with slight panic seeing as how the cave was starting to crumble.

“THOR!” she replied sounding troubled.

“Isa?” he hollered out as he continued his search.

He froze once he caught a sight of her. The cave had split in half and she was hanging on for dear life. She only had about an inch maybe inch and half of footing that kept her from a deathly plunge.

“You and that anger,” she said in a teasing manner but with a panic stricken face.

He gave a simple nod and offered his hand. She looked to him wide eyed as she had a good four foot jump.

“You expect me to gain enough…”

The tremors in the cave began once again.

“Okay, okay…!”

She hopped over and Thor swiftly caught her. He brought her up on the platform. He took her hand as he started back out of the cave.

“Hold on!” He called out as he held out his hammer and they took off in flight towards the portal.

Thor ground his teeth together as it was already closing.

“THOR!” She shouted taking notice as well.

He got a better old on her.

“BRACE YOURSELF!” He warns as he picks up even more speed.

Bella gasped out as the feeling caused her heart to elevate. The air was knocked right out of her lungs and she buried herself against him.

Volstagg nodded towards Odin.

“No, no… why is it closing?!” Tony questioned with alarm.

Odin drew back a breath.
“Something’s disturbed its energy.”

They all jump back at the mass that blew right through the portal it was so fast they couldn’t make it out.

“WATCH OUT!” Heimdall hollers doing his best to get everyone out of the way.

The entire area shook at the impact. There was a good size hole in the palace grounds now. Thor groaned out and he choked back a bit. He nudged Bella as she was in his hold still. He narrowed his eyes and nudged her once again.


He swallowed back and quickly shot to his feet. He leaped out from the ground and gently placed her down.

He called out slightly louder than before.

Tony and the others rushed over, once they took notice.

Thor hovered over her as he gently slapped at her cheek.

“Come now Isa… Open those beautiful brown eyes of yours…” he beseeched.

Tony suddenly felt as though everything were spinning. His daughter’s life seemed to flash before his eyes, from when he first gathered that angry girl at the police station. How she hated the very air he breathed. He never dreamed that he’d share the connection he had now with that same kid. Tony reached to his heart.

“Please…” he said in a way that had Thor momentarily meeting his gaze.

“You promised me… you swore that you’d take care of my little girl. Now you had better keep that damn promise!”

Thor drew back a breath and glanced back towards Bella. He closed his eyes and placed a hand over the area of her heart. He gave her a small jolt. Her body jerked in response, but nothing.
“ISA!” Thor rumbled with fear in his heart and tears glistening in his eyes.

He gave her another zap only put more oomph behind it.

Bella shot up and sucked back a breath. Overcome by emotion Thor grabbed ahold of her and broke into damn near hysterics. He wasn’t the only one either. Tony had his own trail marks running along those cheeks of his. He quickly wiped them away. Volstagg had also been caught crying. Balder grinned on this and patted him on the back.

“She’s got a way about her, doesn’t she?”

“It’s dirt…”

“Aye, it’d be the dirt in my eyes.”


There were no words as Thor and Bella held one another. Thor swallowed a bulge within the back his throat as she cried into his chest. He kissed the top of her head. But it wasn’t long before she pried away from him, staggering back in panics.

“Where are they?!”

Tony gathered what she meant right away and rushed over. He handed her son over. She looked upon her father in disbelief. Tony kissed her forehead. She smiled and regarded her son with pride. But it wasn’t long before she looked around for the other child.

“Where is she?”

Each of them shared looks of apprehension.

“No… Where is our daughter?!”

She handed their son over to Thor. She looked to Balder.

“She was there… I…”

Bella clamped a hand over her mouth. She vaguely remembered Laufey taking the child.

“Balder, please tell me she made it back! PLEASE!”

He lowered his head.

“I’m sorry, my lady.”
“NOOOOO!” she looked to Thor.

“No he took her!”

Thor shut his eyes for a moment, as he was doing his best to recall everything he’d witnessed. Before long, he handed the infant back over and he started towards the gate entrance. Bella followed behind in wonder. Once they got to the gate she gasped back and rushed on out. Bella dropped to her knees as she picked up the infant. Uncontrollable sobs came about her. Thor drew back a painful breath. That’s when he took notice of Loki’s absence as well. He truly hoped he made it out alive. When came to his brother now, Thor felt conflicted. He’d almost killed Isa! But then he risked his life in order to save her and the children. He’d even seen where Loki swore to protect their daughter. The tear his brother shed didn’t escape Thor. He knew the truth behind it all. But even through the selfless acts he’d witnessed when it came to his brother, darkness resided. His heart was tainted by the need for revenge, resentment, envy, and Loki truly believed he should reign above them all. Yet, that’s were Thor’s conflictions lay. He truly meant the words spoken upon the infant. Thor even felt the power behind them. He swallowed back in thought.


She rocked the infant and showered them with kisses.

“What did they do to her?!” She shouts irately.

Thor makes his way over thoroughly examining the child. He reached out and ran a folded hand along her cheek.

“Laufey has cursed the child.”
“He what?!”
Thor sighs regretfully. He remembered how he tried to wake, but couldn’t. He’d become too weak as Laufey continuously drained his powers.
“I’m so sorry Isa… He thought it would send a message.” Thor turns towards his father.

“He thought it would cause havoc amongst us, that we Asgardians would turn our backs to the child. He’d hope to bring war amongst our people, even yours…” Thor admits looking grave.

Thor handed his son over to Tony. He held out his hands. Bella sucked back a quivery breath and placed the child into his arms. Thor nodded as he looked upon her taking in her crimson red eyes and blueish hued flesh. He smiled and kissed the child’s tiny hand.

Odin swallowed back as little Loki entered his mind. He rather let out a painful sigh.

“That’s all we need… another one…” Sif cruelly hints, not even gathering the message Thor had given.

Bella and Thor cut her a look of bitterness.

“You watch your tongue!” Bella warns.

Frandral sighs.

“I have to agree my lady… We’ve all seen what’s come of raising one of their kind.”

Bella’s teeth ground together. She pointed upon the both of them.

“KIND? WHAT KIND?! She’s our daughter!”
“That maybe… but I’m sorry to say the moment Laufey cursed the child. She became a threat to us all.”


Sif sighs.

“I only came to help.” She softly states looking upon Thor with a certain mien. One that had him rolling his eyes.

“And how is this help? Once again, you insist on telling me how something that is a part of me doesn’t belong. What is it you suggest Sif? Have her cast aside such as Laufey did to Loki? Or shall I take her life as you’d do with your own steed?”
Sif made a certain face on this, one that had Bella seeing red. Sif’s reason behind everything had to do with Thor. Even when she showed concern on Bella’s behalf, it had to do more with him. Part of Sif even if she wouldn’t admit it to herself, rather hoped Bella would’ve met her demise. Yet, the other part the one that harbored feelings for Thor, prayed Bella lived. All that aside, she truly believed the child should be cast aside or put down permanently. She was just another “Loki”.

“Get the fuck out of my face. Stay away from my children or I will have a blade with your name on it.”

Balder tilts his head about.

“My lady… I have to agree. Look around you… We could very well be facing this same ordeal in the future. How do we know she’s to become any different?” He hints coldly.

Bella’s jaw nearly hit the floor. Of all the people… She never dreamed Balder would be one of them. Had they not heard a word Thor said? They were going about this the exact way Laufey had hoped they would. He was winning even through his demise!

“One more word against this child and you shall deal with me personally…” Thor warns through gritted teeth. “And believe me when I say that is not something you wish to do. They will be treated no different from that of the other. They are of Asgard… and furthermore… THEY ARE OF MYYYYYYYY BLOOD! GO AGAINST OUR WISHES ON THIS AND THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!”

“You’re making a mistake…” Sif calls out as Bella and Thor headed into the palace with the twins.

“Hold your tongue, woman.” Odin says and blocks her path with his staff, as she was about to follow Bella and Thor into the palace.

“But your, majesty…”

“Step foot on palace grounds again and I will have you cast away to another realm. Come near my son’s children and I will be the reason for your demise. Balder, do escort Sif back to town. When you return, I wish to have a word with you and Frandral… is there anyone else that wishes to stand against Isa and Thor’s wishes when it comes to the children?”

Everyone else shakes their head.

“Very well, I better not find otherwise. You all know what I’m capable of. Now as to the cursed one… We will speak no more of this. I stand behind Thor and Isa on this manner. The child will be treated no different. Not only is she Asgardian, but the child is of royal bloodline. Anyone that wishes the child harm will find the law still abides. And what would that law be now, Balder?” Odin challenges.

Balder stops as he was helping Sif onto her horse. His eyes momentarily met the King’s. He takes in a breath. He clears his throat as he hops onto his horse as well.

“Death amongst those, who even attempt such a thing.”

Odin nods.

Tony nodded amongst himself, but at the moment he was caught in whirlwind of emotions. This was the quietest he’d ever been. His mind was still reacting to nearly losing his daughter. That, and he were doing his best to take everything in. He just wasn’t sure how to deal it the situation, also a first. He wasn’t used to having no control whatsoever. He hated that feeling. It just wasn’t the Stark way of doing things. He cleared his throat on this thought.

“You can send them my way…”
Everyone gazes upon him oddly.

“Cast them aside like you did Thor…” He says with a shrug.

“Let Iron Man have some fun.”

Volstagg had a never ending grin.

“I like this mortal.” He says with a hardy laugh.

Tony raises his brows on this and Volstagg waves him over.

“Come now mortal man we shall have a drink!”

“You think now is the time for that?” Hogun utters in disbelief.

“Well what else is there to do?” Volstagg inquires, whilst looking around.

Bella laid the children down on the bed and thoroughly examined them both. A smile formed along her face as she kissed their tiny feet. She wiped a few stray tears off her cheeks. Thor had a genuine beam to him as well. But he looked upon Isa with a different light now. He thought about everything he’d witnessed. He remembered her courage, strength, and love. Things that were always there before, he just hadn’t a clue as to how strongly. Thor didn’t think it possible to love her more than he had before. But he did… And that’s where the darkness resided within him. That darkness was desperation. He knew he’d do anything in order to keep his family safe. The mere idea of anyone causing them harm had him livid.

Thor gently picked up their son first.

“What shall we name them?”

Bella smiled and reached over caressing the infant’s hand.

“He looks just like his father. Same blue eyes and hair…” She drew a breath.

Thor reared back.


She nodded with a beam about her.

“After his father…”

“But I am Thor!”

She laughs.

“Well do you really wish to deal with the confusion when your names are called out?”

He shrugs on this.

“I see… So we have a son… Thorin…” He says with a proud nod.

Thor places Thorin back down. He then reaches for the cursed child.

“And what of she?”

They both shared a look of apprehension.

“I’d hopes of naming her after your mother… Only we’d call her Freila. Not sure how you feel about that now…” She hints with gloomily, whilst running a loving hand along her daughter’s arm.

Thor felt overcome with emotion.

“My mother would be honored, Isa. Thank you.”

She nodded but choked back with tears.

“How dare he!” She alleged through gritted teeth.

Thor swallowed back on this and placed Freila back on the bed. Bella paced the room full of rage.

“A child! How can someone be so cruel? She couldn’t even defend herself! He just…”

He pulled her into his embrace.

“And I can’t believe the others! They want us to discard of her?! NEVER!”

Thor nodded in agreement.

“And Balder!”

“Believe me when I say I most certainly didn’t expect his response to this as well.” Thor knew he’d have words with each of them. Especially Balder, someone he never expected to be so cruel.

Thor lifted her chin with his fingers.

“Thorin and Freila will know love. We will provide them with everything they need.”

She nodded and he wiped her tears with his thumbs. They turned as Thorin began to cry. Her eyes widened as she looked to her breasts. They were leaking with milk. Thor took notice and chuckled.

“I suppose he’s hungry and his cries caused you to spring a leak as your kind would say.”
She smiled with a soft giggle. She lay on the bed and positioned her and Thorin so he could feed.

Thor lay beside her and peered over her shoulder, curiously observing his son’s first feeding. Bella had the babies side by side. Thor kissed along her shoulder and ran a loving hand along her body as she took turns nursing the children. During Freila’s feeding she tilted her head in wonder.

“Hm?” He hummed in question leaving a kiss along the crevice of her neck.

“Have you heard Freila cry?”
He narrowed his eyes in thought.

“No. I do not believe I have.”

Bella nodded on this.

“Neither have I…”
Both children however had healthy appetites, Bella couldn’t help but to smile on this. She showed both her children equal amount of love and affection. Freila had her tiny hand wrapped around Bella’s index finger as she fed.

“She’s strong… like her father.”
“Hmm I do believe their mother is just as strong.”

Bella truly got a better look at her daughter. Her fingers ran through Freila’s midnight locks.

“She’s beautiful… ”

“That she is…” Thor agreed.

Bella ran her fingers along the markings that were much like that of Loki’s.

“Where is he anyhow?”

Thor drew back a breath.

“I wish I knew Isa…”
“Think he’s okay.”

Thor halfheartedly chuckles.

“If there is one thing about my brother, I’ve learned. Is that he’s persistent. He always finds away. I’m more than certain he is fine. The question is what my dear brother is up to?”

They find themselves laughing in unison on this.

“I saw what he did…”

Bella turns towards him in wonder. Thor nods and continues to love on her as he explains. Once he’s done she had this look of shock about her.
“So it seems he’s not near as heartless as he wishes to appear. Still… we cannot trust him. I’m not even sure Loki can trust himself.”

“So that’s a no to blue baby clothes?”

“Dad…” Bella groans as he was rocking Freila and looking out the window.

“I personally don’t care, but if you dress her in blue and put her up against blue walls you’re going to lose her.”


She says as she was changing Thorin.

“And how egotistical can you get? He dareth to name the child after himself.”
“I named him Thorin!”

“Oh well… why?”


“I’m just saying you’re going to give this kid a complex.”

“So he ends up like his Grandpa Stark, is that so bad?”

“Are we starting him that early?”

Bella looks to her father puzzled.

“I mean, I suppose things are run different around here. Maybe there’s no age limit on drinking. For all I know when it comes to Asgardians… It’s once you can hold your head up straight!”

Bella rolls her eyes.
“She needs to be changed.”

“Oh…” He goes to hand his granddaughter over.

“Um I think you got this dad.”
“No. No. I don’t do diapers. I didn’t even do them with you.”
“That’s because I never wore them when I lived with you.”
“Just change your granddaughter!”

He shakes his head and peers over, seeing Thor pass by with Odin.

“Hey Thor!”

Thor narrows his eyes and stops in midstride.


“You wanna do me a favor.”

Tony sighs and lays Freila down on the changing post.

“Fine…” He goes to change her only he froze, looking to be in thought.

“What is it?”

“Do you think she has blue poop?”

Thor walked off chuckling.

Tony cleared his throat as he went about changing Freila.

“Are you okay…” He hinted glancing upon his daughter.

Her eyes met his and she nodded.

“Some pretty horrific events…” he says with a sigh.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. I’m also sorry I couldn’t do more to help.” He shook his head on this.

“Honestly, I’ve never felt so useless.”

“Don’t… You can’t do that to yourself pops. You can’t always protect me.”
“I don’t like that… not one bit.”
Bella shrugs.

“Part of life…” She thinks looking to her children.

“I know what that feels like though…” She whispered looking ill.

“When Laufey took Freila…”

They nodded upon one another in silent understanding.

“I suppose I won’t see you again until the big day.”

Bella smiled on this. Tony sucked a breath, shaking his head.

“Do I really have to give you away?”

They turned hearing the clearing of a throat.

“Ah yes, the daughter thief.”

Thor had Thorin in his hold.

“I had an idea of sorts…”
“And what would this idea of sorts be?” Tony inquires.

“There shall be two weddings.”

Bella looked to Thor oddly. He smiled warmly upon her.

“It is my wish to give Isa everything. In order to do that, I need to respect and honor her commitments to your realm as well. I’m aware of the loved ones she leaves behind in order to reside here in Asgard. That in mind, I do not ever wish for my bride to be to feel as though she is a captive of this realm. I also wish for you make Asgard just as much your home.”

Tony reared back as Odin entered the area. He had the Iron Man suit Tony had left behind just in case he ever needed it. Only it was somehow different. The suit was black with gold and red trimming. It also had spikes going down the arms and legs.

“What did you do to my suit?!” Tony scolds.

Odin and Thor have a good laugh at this.

“I made it better.”

“Nope. I can assure you. It’s not. Change it back! Those aren’t even my colors.”
“I do not believe that is how you will feel once you realize what this suit can achieve. You see Mr. Stark. I’ve added some of my own crafting so to speak. From now on if you so wish to visit. All you have to do is put this suit on. It will take you through the bifrost and you will appear right here in Asgard. No longer will you have to call to Heimdall.”
Tony cocks his head about.

“Is that so?”

Odin nods and hands it over.

“This is the key between the two realms. I suggest you take great care of it Mr. Stark. We do not wish for this to get into the wrong hands now. This stays between us. No one is to know of this.”

Tony nods looking to the suit in thought. He looks back to Thor.

“And what is this you say about two weddings now?”

Thor smiles upon Bella.

“We shall have an Asgardian and Midgardian wedding, respecting both traditions and families involved.”
“So you’re getting hitched on earth?”

Thor looks to Bella confused. She softly laughs.

“Hitched as in married…”

“Ah, yes that’s it.”

“OK then… I suppose I’ll call the caterers and make certain Pep gets to steppin’.”

Page break

Balder, and, Frandral stood before Thor. He paced about with his hands balled into fists.

“Where is she?!” Thor bellowed as he slammed his hand on the table Balder and Frandral were sitting at.

Balder and Frandral shared the same wide eyed expression.
“I do not know, your grace.” Frandral replied.

“Did you give her the message, Balder?”

He nodded.
“Yes of course. She said she’d be here.”

“She dares to disrespect me, yet again!”

Thor shook all over, as Sif was half an hour late to the meeting he’d called on his daughter’s behalf.
“If either of you shall see her you’re to let her know I must see her AT ONCE!”

“Yes, your grace.” Frandral replied.

Balder gave a simple nod of agreement.

Thor looked to the entrance of the Asgardian dining hall they were in. He shook his head and went back to pacing. He was quick to pivot back round eyeing both men.

“You will not like what I have to say today. In that same respect. I will not tolerate such behavior ever again.”

Balder goes to say something and Thor slams his hand down once again.

“You…” He points upon Frandral.

“We’ve seen many wars together. We’ve had each other’s backs many times. I’ve always seen prodigious courage and nobility when it comes to you. And you…” His finger darts towards Balder.

“You’re my best friend. Or least I assumed you were. We too have been through a great deal together and grew up together as children! Only the both of you including Sif showed much dishonor and disrespect. I’m ashamed! And you’ve not a clue the fury I’m feeling at this very moment. You spoke against MY DAUGHTER! And all because of a wretched curse that bastard Laufey placed on her. You cannot punish her for that! It’s like Isa said. Freila was defenseless against Laufey!”

He staggers back and reaches to his temples.

“Are you alright?” Balder inquires.

Thor shakes his head with a grave appearance.

“Neither of you are fathers. Therefore you do not understand. It does not matter whether the child is cursed or not, she’s my daughter all the same. And I will stand against anyone that wishes her harm. Now when I say that… I do not mean of just the physical standpoint. That goes for psychological as well. If she ever asks why….” He hints.

“We tell Freila the truth, behind Laufey, the frost giants, and my brother.”
“But he is not your brother…” Balder replies.

Thor sighs.

“Make no mistake… He is… He will always be my brother. You would do well to keep that in mind.”

Balder nods.

“Very well, my apologies.”

Balder tilts his head about with his arms folded about his chest.

“And how do you perceive your “brother’s” take on this? I mean is he aware?”

Thor takes a seat now and rests his head about his hands with his fingers interlocked.

“Knowing my trickster brother, Loki would think this was great fun. However, it’s because of Loki that Isa and the children live.”

They both rear back in utter astonishment.

“It is true…”
“And how do you know this?” Frandral probed.

“That is something I wish to speak about later. That is not what this meeting is about. This meeting pertains to Freila and that only. I’ve called you both forth to get my point across.”

They gasp back as Thor jumps back and furiously flips the table they were all sitting at. He takes his hammer to the table smashing it as he does this two bolts of lightning strike just before Balder and Frandral’s feet. Thor eyed them down and gave a simple nod.

“Do we have an understanding?”

They both swallowed back nearly pissing themselves.

“Ye… Yes, your grace.” Frandral replies.

Thor dismisses them and Frandral is first to exit. Balder looked upon him with a grin. He gave a chuckle and patted him on the back.

“Oh my dear friend, did you not see past it?”

“What’s that?”

Balder sighs as Thor cocks his head about in wonder.
“I was merely testing the others. I should have told you and Isa my plans first. We can never be too careful Thor. I apologize for upsetting you but honestly I’m rather hurt that you’d believe I’d truly feel that way. About YOUR offspring nevertheless. Come now… There is a reason I call you brother. I’m not merely kissing your ass as your mortal wife would say.”
Thor wrinkles his nose in thought.

“They also use the term brownnosing…”

Balder rears back in question.

Thor lets out a deep chuckle on this.

“It seems to mean the same thing only in a different context.”

Balder thinks about it and looks ill.

“That has to be one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard.”

Thor nods in agreement.

“So you truly meant nothing by what you said?”
“Of course not! I wanted to see who else would speak ill against the child if I were to join Frandral and Sif in their idiotic rants. Honestly… You should know me better…” Balder says with a disappointed sigh looking truly hurt.

He goes to step out of the dining hall.

“You’re right… I should have. It’s just after everything…”
“I understand… It’s hard to know who to trust. But I’m not them… Goodnight Thor.”

Later on…

As Thor had mentioned, they held two weddings. The first one being on earth so that her father could properly give her away. Thor also made certain Isa had proper names for earth. They now went by Isabella Stark Odinson, Freila Odinson, and Thorin Odinson. During this time Bella met the other Avengers. She also got to witness all of her father’s accomplishments, not just in the new team that her husband had become a part of as well. But he’d even more inventions than before. He couldn’t wait to show them off. And that had Bella feeling as though that little girl all over again. Watching as her father eagerly demonstrated everything he’d worked so hard on. Like the old days he’d go into detail often enough she didn’t understand a word he was saying, but she’d simply nod. And say something along the lines of that’s awesome, or way to go dad, all in which she truly meant.

Pepper also meet the grandbabies. She fell in love with them instantly. And was already spoiling them with toys they couldn’t even play with yet and new outfits for every occasion. And like that of Thor and Bella, she wasn’t even fazed by Freila’s appearance if anything she thought her the most beautiful little girl she ever laid eyes on. She loved dressing her up and putting little bows in her hair.

There were still no signs of Loki or Lady Sif… It was as if they merely vanished. Thor and the Warriors three searched throughout the entire realm and there was no sign of Sif whatsoever. They all figured she ran. Other than that, there finally seemed to be some peace between the two realms. As for Jotunheim…? They soon learned that Thor had pretty much destroyed the entire realm with his mighty hammer and wrath to go with that.

No one dared to speak against Freila being in Asgard after Odin and Thor set everyone straight. And as Bella and Thor wished, no one treated her any different from Thorin. However, Freila had yet to cry or make a sound of any kind. This had both her parents on edge. Other than that, she was perfectly healthy.

And at the moment, The Warriors three had babysitting duty, as Thor and Isa enjoyed their Asgardian wedding celebration. Odin preformed their ceremony. Afterword, all of Asgard held a massive festival. There was drinking, dancing, with live folk music. Something Bella wasn’t accustomed to. But the elf she remembered from town was one of the performers. So she found herself easily mesmerized by the beautiful music.

Bella gasped out in the middle of her and Thor’s first Asgardian dance as husband and wife. Odin had slammed down his staff and cut her a wink. He waved it about and thousands of fireworks filled the sky. She beamed at this and watched in awe. The fireworks continued throughout the night. Thor twirled her about and as he pulled her back towards him he leaned into her ear.

“Might we have a more private dance, my dear Isa…?”

She smiled on this.
“And what have you in mind?” She taunted in return.

Thor grinned and looked about the guests. Most of them were a drunken mess. The Warriors three were still spellbound on what to do with the children. However… It seemed Odin had taken over.

“I believe they are in good hands.” Thor says taking notice of his father taking the children back into the palace.

He took her hand and began leading away from the festivities. He led her towards the lake were the fireworks reflected about the water.

“It’s beautiful…” She whispers.

“Not near as beautiful as you…”
“Oh that’s good…” She replies with a grin.

“Hmmm… I meant every word.” He softly declares as he lowered the sleeves to her white and burgundy Asgardian wedding gown.

His lips trailed her neck and shoulder leaving trails of kisses. As he did this he untied the back of her dress and loosened the laces that kept the dress intact. It fell to the ground. Thor swiftly scooped her up and she realized he’d somehow managed to get himself undressed during that.


He merely smirks and carries her into the water. She gasped out at first clinging to him. He chuckled as she practically climbed him the further in they went.

“The water isn’t that cold, Isa.”

“Says the god…”
“I’m sure I can arrange other means of keeping you warm.”

“Can you now?” She challenged.

Within one sweep he had ripped her bra and panties off. Thor took a few moments to worship her breasts. His bathed them with his tongue and teased her nipples with the gentlest scrapping of his teeth. With eagerness he wrapped her legs about him.

“Isa…” he called out the moment he entered.

They hadn’t had sex since the birth of their children. So at the moment, both were overly sensitive and ready to go. Bella arched back as he maneuvered her about him. He gawked upon her breasts and the alluring curvatures of her body. The mere sight had him moving her about him more robustly. She reached out and ran a hand along his well-defined chest and godlike abs. Thor felt the warmth of her release along his cock. He grunted out as it reacted with a maddening pulse.

Belle gasped out his name, latching onto him. Her lips heatedly attacked his and they moaned out in unison. Thor gritted his teeth and a low animalistic growl escaped him.

“Oh god, Thor baby…” Bella uttered in ecstasy and threw her head back as he came.

That smirk came about his lips as he locked lips with hers once more.

“You really do get a kick out of that don’t you?” She taunted with a grin.

“It’s like being called out twice… of course I do!”

“You can’t keep me here! You think Thor won’t find out?! Just how many times do you think you can get away with this…?”

The God of Mischief shrugs and paces about, twirling his scepter.

“Father and his secrets… Tsk, tsk… However, this could prove to be somewhat beneficial to me.”

Loki nods to himself and turns towards his hostage.

“What are you talking about? Have you gone mad?!”

“By the way you really should be ashamed. Killing Lady Sif…” Loki fakes a gasp, “how could you?!”
“What?! No… No you didn’t! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”

“I’m merely keeping an oath,” he says with a shrug.

“In order to do that, I have to go about drastic measures… You of all should understand.”
“You won’t get away with this LOKI!”

Loki beams on this.

“Oh but I already have… Do enjoy your stay Balder. I’ll make sure to tell father you said hello.”

(I know. I know. Pitchforks and torches… But I couldn’t end the story will have a part 2! I’ve an idea for a sequel. But please give me time to get my other works done. I will be starting the ones already on my list first. Then make my way to the sequel. And yes, the Avengers will have a bigger role this time round. Be a good sport leave your review.) The end… (for now) To be continued…

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44 thoughts on “Chapter 17 Only The Cold of Heart”

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