Chapter 4 What’s My Name!

Chapter 4

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The sounds of bullets flying and explosions filled Bella’s dreams as she tossed and turned. Thor tiredly stretched out as he felt Bella moving about. He watched with curiosity and concern, before long Bella shot up in sweats. He narrowed his eyes in wonder as she rushed off to the bathroom. He heard her cut on the sink. Thor made his way out of the bed and leaned against the doorway of the bathroom. Bella was washing her face and leaned over the sink.

“Are you alright?”
She dries her face off and turns towards him. She nods, but the look on her face said differently.

Thor makes his way inside. His hands run along her arms. Bella looks to the floor.

“I just keep seeing it you know?”
“And what is that?”
“My father… His death. It just keeps replaying over and over. All these various ways… I keep picturing the worst. Why is that? Doesn’t that make me a bit of a hypocrite? I mean here I am telling everyone my father is still alive and that he will return. Yet here I am…” She staggers back.

“I don’t know if I can do this. I…”

Thor shakes his head and wraps his arms around her.

“There is not a doubt in my mind that you can. Isa, you are very strong for your kind. I must admit I was a fool for believing in my ways. There is nothing weak or pathetic about you. You have proved me wrong time and time again since my arrival. You are more courageous than most Asgardians I know.”

“You’re just saying that because you hope to have sex again.” She teases.

Thor pulls back and looks upon her. He grins and quietly laughs.

“I do not deny that, but no I say these words because they are true.”

Bella leans into his chest.

“You must rest.”
He scoops her up and heads back to the bed. After he places her down he lays beside her.



“So like what are we exactly now?”

He looks upon her with confusion.

“What do you mean Isa?”

She takes in a nervous breath.

“You and I, Thor…”

He felt rather offended by her question. Thor rises back up on the bed.

“Why do you ask such a question?”

“I just wasn’t sure if this was just something we did…”
Thor rears back at her words.

“And what exactly does that mean Isa?”

“Is it just sex?!”

Thor shakes his head on this.

“Is that truly what you think of me?!”

“No, it’s just it all happened so fast …”
“And why do you think that is?”

“I just know how some men work and I wanted to make clear of what all this was.”

“You dare compare me to the rest of them! You believe I’d bed with you and just be done with you?”

Bella flinches realizing she truly hit a nerve.

“Thor… I…”
He sighs and gets out of bed. He starts getting dressed.

“I’m sorry Thor I…”
“Don’t there’s no need. I am a man now right? So of course I’m like all the others on this realm!”

Her heart sinks as he exits the room. Bella winces as the door slams. She hurriedly gets dressed and rushes out the door. Bella makes her way out of the apartment. She runs her fingers through her hair and looks around for Thor.

“Dammit…” She groans out.

She sighs and looks to the ground.

“What have I done now?” She whispers.

“I’m sorry, Thor…”

“There’s no need.” He utters softly.

She slowly turns. He was leaning against the building with his arms folded about his chest. She covered her mouth and uncontrollable tears came down. Thor shakes his head and winces.

“Please don’t. I do not wish to see you cry nor for me to ever be the reason.”

Bella rushes over and wraps her arms around his neck. She zealously kisses him. Thor wipes her tears with his thumbs. Once she breaks away from his lips, he caresses her cheek.

“Isa, I merely followed my instincts as you so advised. I know what it is I feel. Therefore, I didn’t allow time to factor my decision. I’ve not felt this way for any other, no matter the realm. I’ve learned that life can be short even for a god. So I seized the moment and I do not regret my choice. I can only hope that you feel the same. I must take into consideration that things are done differently here. And you have been wronged before. It was never my intention to make you think this was less then what it is. You said you were mine. I only wish to be yours in return.”

Bella gets this mischievous look about her face.

“I don’t know Thor. I might need some time to think about that one.”

He sees the smirk on her face. He half laughs.

“Perhaps the lady needs some convincing?”

Thor backs her up against the building. She gasps back in surprise as he starts kissing along her shoulders and neck. Bella wraps her arms and legs around him. He takes her back inside. He places her on the kitchen counter and yanks off her gray pajama pants. Thor quickly frees himself and slides right on in with a powerful thrust.
“Fuck…” Bella moaned out.

Thor momentarily stops and shakes his head upon her. She covers her mouth and looks to him with widened eyes.

“Isa…” He playfully scolds.

“Truly, that mouth of yours. I believe it needs punishing.” He kisses her lips and starts to drive himself within her again.

“You do realize I’m only going to curse more now?”

He grins at this, but lingers.

“I could always keep your mouth busy with other things as well.”

Her jaw drops a bit. He chuckles, but Bella felt him swell up even more after his little comment. Thor gritted his teeth in thought of this. The idea had him riled up. He looked back down to her pussy so many ideas came to play in his mind of things to try. He licked his lips in thought and moaned out in release.

“Woman I do believe you have put a spell on me. If I didn’t know any better, I’d claim that you were a witch.”

“Who says I’m not?”

He grins.

“Oh it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.”

Bella runs her hands along his chest in admiration. Thor takes one of her hands and kisses it.

“Do you still doubt me Isa?”

She shakes her head. He nods.

“Good… don’t ever doubt me again. This…” He places his hand on the area of her heart.

“This is real.”

There was no denying even his own fears; he wasn’t certain just how long he’d remain on earth. He wanted desperately to go back to Asgard , to be with his family and friends once more. Thor truly hoped his father would allow him back one day. Nevertheless, the idea of leaving her behind had him ill. He rested his forehead against hers.

“Whatever the future may bring, I will always find you. This you have my word on.” Bella nodded she too was taking into consideration what could happen. She ran her fingers through his blond locks.

“Always know this.”

Bella tiredly answers. She felt Thor running a warm hand along her back. They’d spent the entire day naked in bed.

“Hey girl.”

“Yeah it’s me. How you holding up over there?”

He softly laughs.

“Didn’t look that way to me.”

“I’ve been keeping up with the news off and on.”
Bella swallows back.


“That’s right you little firecracker. He’d be proud you know.”

The tone in his voice however had Bella concerned.

“What’d you find James?”

He sighs.
“Now, don’t go and give up on me just yet. I haven’t given up the search or hope. I just thought you should know I’ve come across the area it all took place. It didn’t look so good. If your father survived then he’s got one hell of an angel by his side.”

“James…” Bella said feeling her heart sink to the pit of her stomach.

“How bad…?”

“Bella there were no survivors, your father’s body however nowhere to be found. That’s actually a good sign. That means there’s still hope. So like I said… Keep up the fight over there and I’ll keep up the one here. We’re not giving up, you got that?”

“Yeah … I got that…”
“Good deal. I’m gonna let you go now ok. Take care of yourself .”

“You too.”
Bella hangs up and just sits there for a moment.

“That was a good friend of ours. He’s been looking for my father. There haven’t been any signs so far other than him coming across the area of the attack.”
Thor nods. Bella makes her way out of the bed and heads on to the shower. Thor stretches out on the bed. He knew she’d be out there again tomorrow, possibly returning at wee hours of the morning again. He felt this need to protect her at all cost. With everything that dwelled upon her shoulders now and the fact that those men came looking for her. It had him concerned for her wellbeing. He just wished he could figure out a way without getting in her way.

Bella stepped out once she was done.

“Thor mind explaining what happened to all my towels and the dish soap?”

He cleared his throat.

“I noticed it, just hadn’t had the chance to ask. I mean how do you go through that many towels and an entire bottle of dishwashing liquid?”
Thor says nothing just makes a pouty face. She laughs.

“OK then, how about telling me what happened to my coffee table and about the hole in my wall.”

Thor takes in a hesitant breath. He tells her the truth, but he hated every second of it. He left out the degrading sexual things they said and did though. He hadn’t the heart to even verbally repeat the acts.

“So that explains the bruises…” She softly says running her fingers along his ribcage.

“I’m so sorry…”
Thor cuts her a puzzled look.

“Why do you apologize on their behalf? None of this is your doing Isa.”

“They were after me Thor not you. You got hurt because of my mistakes.”

He has a good laugh at this.

“This?” He motions towards his ribs.

“This is nothing! I’m son of Odin, God of Thunder!”
“How very modest of you!”
“I’m quite modest and very humble!”

“Oh I could tell that the first time I met you.”

“Did you now?”

He pulls her into his lap.

“We both know the truth Isa. I dropped into your life unexpected. It is I that is the cause to all of this.”

Bella nods.

“And to think if our fathers hadn’t punished us we’d have never met.”

He grins.

“You are right. Perhaps we owe them in a strange way.”

They both laugh.

Bella comes to her feet again and gets dressed. Thor hits the shower. Bella starts them some supper. Her cellphone goes off again.

“Shit…” She utters seeing it was Clint.

She’d forgotten all about him asking her to dinner this weekend. She quickly answers.

“Hey Bella.”

“About dinner.”
“That’s not why I called. I already know you’ve got your hands full.”

“Um yeah…”

“How’s that going?”

He sighs.

“I can only imagine. I just wanted to let you know I’m here if you need me.”
“Thank you Clint.:

“By the way where are you living now? I stopped by the house and no one was there.”

“Another long story, I’m living at the Aspen apartments.”


She laughs.

“I told you it was a long story.”
“What in the world took place during my absence?”

“Yeah we definitely need to catch up. Are you free for lunch tomorrow?”

“What with the new CEO?” He teases.

“Ugh that feels to weird. Don’ ever say that again.”
“Hmm… it feels weird just saying it to be honest. And sure I could do lunch, but I’m buying.”
“In that case I’m getting dessert.”

Clint laughs.
“You can get whatever you want.”
“Awesome, I’m going to hold you to it!”

“It’s good to see you haven’t changed Bella.”

“Have to keep some sort of sanity.”
“OH I couldn’t agree more. Just proves you’re a Stark indeed.”
“I’ll meet you at the usual.”
“Cool, don’t be late.”


“Later Bella.”
“Later Clint.”

Bella places her phone down and finishes supper. Thor comes in the room sopping wet. Bella laughs.

“I think after supper we need to hit the laundry matt.”
“What is this laundry matt?”
“You’ll see. I’ll even let you watch the spin cycle if you’re good!”

He shrugs on this and grabs a paper towel from the kitchen.

“You’d have better luck air drying on the patio. I’m surprised you could squeeze into that shirt.”
“It was no easy task.”
“So what are your plans tomorrow?” She questions curiously.

He shrugs and sets the table.

“You don’t have to do that.”
“It’s the least I could do Isa. I feel useless sometimes. I’m not used to that feeling. You’re doing all these things and have helped me so much. I truly feel inadequate.”

She looks to him in thought.

“That couldn’t be further from the truth. This is all new to you Thor. I could only imagine if it were the other way around. I’m sure I’d be completely lost in Asgard.”

He chuckles a bit.

“You’re probably right!” He taunts.

Bella chunks a piece of broccoli at him.

“Haha, They are two different realms indeed Midgard and Asgard.”
“It is what we refer to your realm as. There are nine realms outside of Asgard.”
Bella comes to a complete halt as she was stirring the chili she was making.

“Did you say nine?”
He nods.

“You mean to tell me that besides Asgard and Earth aka Midgard that there are seven other realms?!”
“Yes Isa.”
“Holy crap!”

She leaned against the counter in thought.

“To think so many assumed we were alone in this universe. Honestly, I always thought it to be a selfish notion to believe we were the only ones in existence. So much proof of something else being out there, yet so many ignore the signs.”

He nods in thought.

“What are these other realms?”
“Let’s see there is Vanaheim, Alfheim, Nidavellir,Nifleim, Muspelheim, Jotunheim, Svartalfeim.”

She places the food on the table once she’s done.

“What is this?” Thor inquires as he takes a bite of the chili.

“Homemade Chili, my father’s recipe.”
“It is very good. Spicy… I like this.”
Thor and Bella finish eating and were cleaning up. Bella answered the knock at the door. She froze for a moment wide eyed. Reporters and cameras were outside. She narrowed her eyes upon them. They started barking out questions and snapping pictures. Bella quickly shut her door and locked it. She looked to Thor.

“What was that?!”
“My private life going down the drain, that’s what.”
Bella rushes to her room and grabs a couple of bags. She starts to pack everything her and Thor own.

“Hope you’re not afraid of heights.”
He looks to her in question. Bella places the bags on her shoulder and opens her living room window.


“We’ll never make it the other way. Trust me… you don’t want to deal with that mess.”

Thor watches as she climbs down a drainage pipe to make her way down. She makes it to the ground and looks up waiting for him.

“Come on now Mr. God of Thunder.”

He grins and climbs out of the window. He follows her lead only he jumps down halfway down the pipe.

“Show off.” Bella mouths.

Bella quickly hails them a cab. They get in and Thor looks to her curiously.

“Where are we going?”
“Looks like you and I are going to be staying at my father’s old apartment at Stark Tower.”

Thor notices how she pinches the bridge of her nose. He takes her hand and kisses it. She looks to Thor in thought.

“You need a suit.”
Bella calls Pepper.

“Pepper, think you could do me a favor?”
“That’s what I’m here for!”

“You remember my friend Don?”

“Friend huh?”

Bella smiles.

“Okboyfriendsoanyway.” She utters quickly.
“Whoa… did you say boyfriend?!”

“You have a boyfriend?! That awesome!”

“Pepper focus…”
Pepper clears her throat.

“Right boss…”
“Ugh and don’t call me that. That’s so damn awkward.”
Pepper laughs.

“What do you need hun?”

“I need you to get Don a few suits.”

“And why does he need suits? May I ask? I mean why am I buying your boyfriend suits?”

Bella looks to Thor in thought of how to make all this work.

“Just get the suits please and I’ll explain in the morning.”

“What are you up to?”

“Dunno, what do you think I’m up to?”
“No good.”
“You’d be correct! Bye now!”

“You wanted a job right?”
Thor looks to her oddly. Bella grins.

“I believe I just found a way to make this work.”

“Bodyguard?!” Pepper declares in disbelief.

“Well he does look the part.”

Pepper sighs and looks him over.

“Does he even know the first thing about being a bodyguard?”

“Probably not, but he’s a fast learner and look at those biceps! You seriously think anyone would want to cross him?”

Thor grins and flexes. Bella softly laughs.

“And the man can fight. Trust me I’ve seen him in action.”

“Bella, why are you really doing this?”
“Dad has his trusted supporters shouldn’t I? I only know a handful of these people. I’d feel better knowing I have you and Don by my side.”
“And how do you feel about this?” Pepper questions Thor.

“Whatever Isa needs, I’m more than happy to oblige.”

Pepper circles Thor in thought.

“Are you now?”

“Very much so, I only wish I could do more.”
Bella twirls around in her father’s chair. Pepper looks to Bella and shakes her head.

“You truly are following in his footsteps. Dating the help? Honestly Bella, you should know better!”

Bella laughs as Pepper pretends to be mortified and leaves the room.

“Guess I got me a new bodyguard.”
However, Bella grows serious for a moment. She shuts the blinds in the area then leans against her father’s desk. She takes in a breath and folds her arms about her chest.

“If there ever comes a time though where my life is in danger, you’re not to die for me. I want that made clear. This is just a way for us to stay intact, without raising suspicions. That and I seriously doubt you want to stay at the apartment everyday.”

“Then you and I have a disagreement.”
“Isa… You gave me a job I’m going to do it.”

“Don’t be a pain in the ass. This wasn’t supposed to be literal Thor. This was simply a way to keep us close. There won’t be any question as to why you’re always around.”
He shakes his head.

“Whether I’m this so called bodyguard or not! I will always protect your life with that of my own! That is how it works!”
“Um no it isn’t.”


They both shake their heads.

The office phone rings. Bella looks upon Thor.

“To be continued…” She sternly states.

“There’s no need. It is already settled.”

Bella rolls her eyes, feeling as though she made a big mistake now.

“Office of Tony Stark’s.” Bella says as she answers the phone.

“Yes this is Isabella Stark.”

She lifts her eyes towards Thor and takes her seat.

“No we aren’t…”
Thor watches curiously. Bella starts this holographic computer thing. He makes his way over, finding himself impressed with the technology. Even more so on how fast Bella was scanning through everything.

“Um no that hasn’t even passed inspection yet…”
Bella shoots to her feet.

“That is highly illegal! Are you certain this is being sold under the name of Stark Industries?!”

Bella looks to the phone furiously.
“WHY?! Because it’s not even in the files! This is nowhere to be found. Now I want the address of this warehouse and I want it now!”

Bella jots down the information. She calls Happy to have him waiting outside for her. Bella quickly fixes Thor’s suit. He had his hair tied back. He truly looked the part. Only he was by far one of the hottest bodyguards she’d ever seen. She quickly showed him how the radio he had to carry with him worked. Bella also gave him a cellphone. She showed him the numbers that were on speed dial that he would need to make things easier. Once she went through everything she could think off she straightened her skirt and blazer.

“Are you ready?” She inquired.

He nods. She pecks him on the lips and puts on her shades. Bella takes in a deep breath and exits the room. Thor does his best to remember all the instructions Bella had given him on how to go about this. He followed close behind. She had both agents tag along as well.

Happy was already waiting outside with the limo door open. He smiled.

“Ms. Stark.”
“Just Bella, Happy not that much has changed. By the way Happy this is my new bodyguard Don Blake. Don this is Happy Hogan. We wouldn’t get anywhere without Happy.”

Happy offers his hand.

“Welcome aboard Mr. Blake.”
“Thank you sir.”

She introduces the agents and Thor as well on the way to this warehouse. Happy pulls up to the address she’d written down. Bella lowers her shades and scopes the place out from inside the limo. Happy opens the door and she and Thor make their way out.

They walk around the building and Bella tries to peek into one of the windows. She wasn’t tall enough. Thor takes it upon himself to lift her up. She motions for him to lower her back down. She looks to the agents.

“You might want to get SHIELD involved and asap. I’m closing this place down, it might get ugly.” She whispers and has them head away from the building. They hurriedly get back in limo. She has Happy drive away a few blocks so they aren’t seen.

Bella calls Pepper and tells them about the situation. Pepper naturally is about to freak out.

“We knew this day was coming…” Bella reminds.

She hears Pepper sigh on the other end. Bella softly laughs.

“I’m like 95 percent sure we’re all going to survive this.” She taunts.

“Bella… that’s not even funny.”
“It kind of is actually.”

“And what about the other 5 percent?”

“I.. b… I .. wait up…. Oops later…” Bella utters as if the line was going bad and she hung up.

Agent Coulson shakes his head at this.
“It’s like a female Tony.” He mocks.

Bella smiles.
“Why thank you!”

Thor softly chuckles. The agents look upon him and he shrugs. Within a matter of minutes SHIELD shows up. Bella steps out of the limo. She makes her way to Fury. Clint and Natasha were also with them. Clint nods towards Bella. Bella cut him a bit of a pleading look knowing he’d probably recognize Thor. She didn’t want him asking too many questions, at least not right in front of everyone else.
“Ms. Stark…” Fury announces and offers his hand.

“Colonel Fury.”

“And what seems to be the situation?”

Bella gives him the scoop on the information given to her. She also lets the agents know that the place is loaded with weapons. Fury motions for one of his men to get Bella a bullet proof vest. She’d already had Thor wearing one under his suit. It was hell finding one in his size. Bella places the vest on.

“Whenever you’re ready Ms. Stark.”

She nods. They get back into their vehicles and head to the warehouse. Before long they’re all standing before the metal door of the warehouse. Fury takes it upon himself to see if it’s open. When it doesn’t he decides on another approach.

“Step back Ms. Stark.” Fury warns.

Thor takes her gently by the arm and places her behind him. She knew that was something she was going to have to get used to. Fury shoots the door knob. He then quickly kicks the door open. SHIELD immediately rushes into the building and surrounds the place. The people working in the warehouse freeze with a sheer look of panic.

Bella looks around. She makes her way to one of the manufacturing tables. She picks up one of the weapons. She then looks to the man working that particular station.

“Do you know who I am?”

He nods looking nervous as hell. She nods in return.

“Please do humor me.”

The man looked downright fearful.

“Who am I?!” She demands.
Fury was half expecting her to say what’s my name bitch. He wished she had.

“You’re the daughter of Tony Stark.”
“And what does that mean?”
He swallows back.

“I’m fucked?”

Bella smiles and Thor almost lost it.

“That’s right. In fact each and everyone one of you are royally FUCKED!”

Bella flips over the table with the weapons.

Everyone looked at her in either fear or stunned disbelief.


“…damn…” Fury muttered under his breath.

Clint and Natasha get big ass grins on their faces and high five one another.

Meanwhile, Thor… was caught in between utter lust, complete surprise… then well, back to lust.

Once SHIELD does their job. Clint makes his way over.

“We still on for lunch?”


Thor cocks a brow at this, but says nothing. He notices the odd look Clint cuts Thor as well.

He nods towards him.

“So… gave your friend a job I see.”

“And how are we today Mr. Blake?” Clint calls out.
“Just fine Mr. Barton.”

“That’s good to hear. I’ll see you soon Bella.”
She nods and Thor escorts her back to the limo. Thor does his best to act professional. He keeps his distance, but keeps an eye on Bella. Up until lunch he stood by her office door as she worked. He could see the amount of stress she was under. She was constantly on the phone or working on something else at her desk. Once it lunch came he tagged along, but that was the hard part. He still had to keep a professional distance. He did his best to remember everything Bella told him on how these bodyguards work.

But even the God of Thunder didn’t like the idea of his girlfriend having lunch, with some other man that obviously had feelings for her. Thor wondered if she even realized it. He found himself having to keep his anger in check. That didn’t stop him from grinding his teeth as he sat at another table within sight. Clint was constantly checking her out. Still Bella remained clueless, Thor however wasn’t. In fact he knew what this lunch was. Sure enough that’s exactly how it went. Thor could pick up most of the conversation from where he was sitting.

“Holy shit.” Bella says and starts laughing as Clint tells his story of his last mission.

He laughs in return. He leans back in his seat.

“So yeah all that was something. You should have seen Romanoff’s face.”
“Oh I can only imagine. Do you guys get a lot of crazy cases like that?”

He half shrugs.

“At times… Trust me that’s the kind we wish we had more of. Some of them… Just make you cringe.”
Bella nods in thought and sips from her tea.

“So what have you been up to in the past year?”

She takes in a breath and begins her little story. Only telling him bits and pieces.

“You dropped out of college?!” He says in disbelief and wipes his mouth clean.

“Yeah I did.”

“Huh… I beat your father loved that.”
“Oh he was on cloud nine!”

“I can imagine!” They both laugh.

“I heard by the way.”

He gives her a sympathetic nod.

“About Johnny…” He hints.

Bella sighs.

“Don’t worry not going to say anything else on it other than this… I’m just glad you’re on the market again.”

Bella lowers her brows. Clint lets a nervous laugh.

“I was actually wondering if we could do this again sometime, only make it an actual date?”

Bella took in a breath. She found herself to be taken back; she hadn’t expected that at all. Clint was a really nice guy. But she was with Thor now and that’s where she wanted to remain.

“Clint… Don Blake is more than just my bodyguard and friend. I’m just keeping that private for now because I don’t want him involved in my drama. He’s had enough on his plate with his own issues back home. It’s a long story, one in which I will tell you all about one day. I’m flattered, but taken.”

Clint nods. He looks Thor’s direction.

“He’s a very lucky man then.”

“Truly, it’s quite the opposite, but thank you.”

Clint leans back in his chair.

“Well I enjoyed our lunch all the same.” He speaks softly.

Bella felt rather bad about the disappointed look on his face. She hadn’t a clue Clint saw her that way.

“I hope so. It was very good Clint thank you.”
“Anytime Bella.”

Thor breathed easier now. There was also a sense of pride on how well Bella handled the situation. It seemed she had a natural flare in any given situation. That and he felt rather honored in the way she felt for him in return.

After lunch they headed back. Bella went straight to work. Thor went back to his post. Meanwhile, SHIELD was interrogating the men they apprehended. Natasha was one of the ones doing the interrogating. As hours progressed, Thor realized how quiet things had gotten in the room. He looked back over to Bella. She’d fallen asleep at her desk. The monitors and holographic images were still going. She had her hand around a cup of coffee. Thor quietly made his way over. He took the cup from her hand. He then picked her up and carried her to the bedroom next to the office. He lay her down on the bed. He took off her high heeled shoes. Then took out the pen and cell phone from her blouse, he sit them on the nightstand. This apartment they stayed in how easily made up three of Bella’s small one. Thor kissed her forehead and tucked her in.

He made certain everything was locked up. He then took off his suit. Quietly he crawled beneath the sheets and wrapped an arm around her. It wasn’t long before he was out as well.

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  1. Poor B. Nightmares suck. Cant blame her for asking the question though.

    Glad Jones called her. Lunch with clint; that should be interesting. Thor should be her bodyguard I think. Again I have the media sometimes.

    LOL you and I think alike I see. He’ll make a good bodyguard. Go bad ass bella with the warehouse. Aww for jealous Thor. At least clint took it like a man.

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