Chapter 6 The Unexpected

Chapter 6

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Thor rises up from one knee. His father and Heimdall stood before him.


“Thor, my son… Come now we have much to discuss.”

Thor sighs and looks back out towards the rainbow bridge. Heimdall nods towards him.

“How is she?”
Heimdall goes to answer, but Odin turns back around.

“I meant at once. We do not have time for such matters.”

Thor shakes his head once his father turns back around. Thor follows him into the palace. Odin takes the throne and Thor bows before him.

“Rise now, my son.”

He rises.

“You have failed me son. I sent you to Midgard for a reason. You were to regain your honor and trust. To prove yourself worthy of the Mjölnir. Instead, you go and get yourself swept away with some Midgardian human!”

“I do not want to hear your excuses. I’ve brought you here to keep you from making a mistake. One in which you’d never be able to take back!”

“How can you say that father?! I can assure you that mine and Isa’s relationship is not a mistake. She has opened my eyes in more ways than I could ever imagine! Did you not send me there to interact with the humans father? What would’ve you had me do? I can no more control my feelings than you can.”

“You are a fool son. Do you honestly believe that human could ever possibly give you everything you need?”
“Then a fool I am. Because my answer is yes. Yes I believe she could wholeheartedly and it isn’t about what I want. It is about what I can give her. Has Heimdall not seen what this wonderful being has done for me. The kindness and love that fires within this woman? If you’d only allow me to bring her here… I could…”


Thor rears back.


“I will do no such thing! In fact you my son will not be going anywhere anytime soon as well.”
“What do you mean?”

“You are to be imprisoned!”
He looks upon Odin in sheer disbelief.

“Imprisoned?! Under what grounds? Have I not served my punishment already?”
“As I’ve stated you didn’t grasp the true reason I sent you to that realm.”

“What have you of me?! TELL ME FATHER?”
Odin tilts his head a bit.

“I shall cast you aside just as you did your very own brother! You will spend the remainder of your years in total darkness. You will remain powerless, feeble, and you will never see another living soul AGAIN!”
Thor reaches out in shock as he’s cast away into his own personal prison of Asgard, Just as his father wished. Thor was surrounded by darkness and four indestructible walls. There was nowhere to bed or anything of the such. It was simply him, the ground beneath his feet, complete darkness, and the four walls keeping him there.


“Everything ok?” Pepper questions as she takes notice of Bella taking her fifth shot of whiskey.

Bella chased it back with a beer.

“Just perfect. Everything is really fucking perfect.”
Bella says with a smile and polishes off her beer.

“Okie dokie, just keep in mind not to be drinking in front of the press, you’re still underage.”

Bella has a good laugh at this.

“Isn’t it funny how someone my age can run an entire company, go to war, get married and have children, be trialed as an adult under court! Yet we can’t fucking drink? Hell we can even buy cigarettes and in some states we can smoke pot legally. But that’s still a big fat no to drinking.”

Bella tosses the shot glass she was using into the sink. She takes the whiskey bottle and starts to drink from it instead. Pepper sighs.

“Bella would you just talk to me? Please you know you can. In fact you haven’t really talked to me since…”

“Since…?” Bella fires already knowing.

“Since my pops went and fucking disappeared on me. Are you going to disappear on me too Pepper?”
Bella stumbles about the room as she continues to drink.

“It seems everyone else is. I’d just like a warning… you know make things little easier.”

“I’m not going anywhere Bella…”

Pepper looks around in thought.

“So where’s Don?”

Bella shrugs and looks out the window of the office.

“A beam of light came down from the sky and suddenly it was like beam me up Scotty type of bullshit or something. He just vanished. I’m guessing he’s back home in Asgard now.”

“Um ok, I’d say it’s about time you lay off the whiskey now.”

Pepper goes to grab it. Bella shakes her head and yanks the bottle back out of Pepper’s reach.

“His name isn’t Donald Blake… it’s Thor.”

Bella states as she sits in the chair at her desk.

“He’s a god… God of Thunder!” She utters behind laughter.

Bella drunkeningly spills out the truth behind Thor. Pepper sat there in disbelief, but quietly listened to everything Bella told her. Pepper wasn’t sure what to make of any of it. She wondered just how drunk Bella truly was. She was spouting off stuff that was nothing more than children’s fairy tales and mere mythology. Before long Bella’s eyes grew heavy. Pepper made her way over and helped Bella to her bedroom. She got her in bed and Bella started laughing. Pepper watched as she buried her face into her pillow.

“I got a conference in three hours!”

Pepper winced in thought.

“Then you had better get some sleep.”

Pepper cut off the light and shut the door. She then leaned against it. Pepper looked to the whiskey in thought. She too took a nice long swig from it before putting it up, instead of going home. Pepper slept on the couch. She wasn’t about to leave Bella alone in her drunken state.

Bella woke the next morning with a migraine, cotton mouth, and to an empty side of the bed. She just lay there as her alarm went off. She blinked a few times. His usual smile burned painfully into her mind. Bella reached over and pulled Thor’s pillow up against her. She breathed it in as it still carried his scent. The alarm continued to annoyingly buzz. She reached over and literally yanked it out from the wall socket and tossed it across the room.

Like usual she got ready, but Thor’s absence just as her father’s haunted her in everything she did now. She was so used to seeing him about the room somewhere. She found it hard to focus. To make matters worse. She actually had funeral homes calling her offering their free services in honor of her father if she’d used them. She kept putting it off. She just wasn’t ready to truly say goodbye and give up hopes of her father’s return. The entire ordeal had her ill. Agent Coulson now stood in Thor’s place at the doorway. It wasn’t his fault, but it pissed her off. Rumlow stood outside the door. Pepper was in the same dress she wore yesterday. Bella found herself wondering why. Pepper was already on her laptop working on something. Her eyes were just as bloodshot as Bella’s.


Pepper looked up from her laptop.

“Did you even go home last night?”

Pepper forced a smile.

“I fell asleep on the couch. I didn’t realize how tired I was.”

Bella narrowed her eyes on this, but nodded.

“You’re free to borrow one of my dresses and whatever you need. Bathroom’s all yours as well.”
“I might take you up on that offer.”

Bella nods and sits down at her desk.

Bella did her best to run the business. The longest two weeks of her life went by. Pepper was doing her best to keep Bella from following her father’s drunken ways at night. During the day Bella would somehow push past it all. She somehow stayed sober. Pepper figured it was more for her father’s sake then her own. But at night… that was a different story. Those were her most trial some times.

Bella began to keep herself busy with working more hours again. She didn’t want to think about her father or Thor. When she did it felt as though she’d drown. She couldn’t breathe and her heart would race beyond belief. She now concerned herself with both men. The nightmares progressed as time went by. It wasn’t just about the visions of her father’s death now, it was Thor’s as well. Though she hadn’t a clue what exactly he was facing in Asgard. If that’s even where he went… She just prayed that wherever he was. That he was alive, safe, and that she’d see him again one day.

Today Bella found herself going through some files. Only to find that for some reason her father’s password wasn’t accessing them. She twirled around in her chair in thought. Bella continued to try various passwords to see if any of them would work. When they wouldn’t she called Pepper over. Pepper was just as confused.

Bella began to do more investigating on the matter. Bella ran a trace to see whose office the files were created. That’s when his name came up, Obidiah Stane the CFO of Stark industries.

Bella waited until it was late at night. She knew all the other employees would be at home. She used this opportunity to break into Obidiah’s office. She turned on his computer and began to dig through all the files he had. Since it was his private office she didn’t need the password. Bella narrowed her eyes as she scanned through the files. She’s just found Stark Industries betrayer. She gritted her teeth in thought. Bella used her flash drive to make copies of everything on his computer. All the proof of his betrayal was in her hands. She made plans for an emergency board meeting for first thing in the morning. Bella had never been more pissed off in her entire life. It was because of Stane that those soldiers and her father were attacked! HE was the one behind these deals all along!

She didn’t sleep at all that night. Bella continued to work on the case she had against Stane. He hadn’t a clue what he was in for. That morning Bella sat everything out she had prepared. She then went and showered. She put on a grey business dress with a black belt around the waist, her black heels, she pinned up her hair. Bella put on the earrings her father had given her. She was dressed to kill and that’s just what she wanted to do with Stane.

The board members saw the memo about the emergency meeting. Bella decided to make them sweat a bit a she watched each of them on the monitor of her office. She payed close attention to Stane. He acted as though he hadn’t a care in the world. In fact he was even laughing with a few of the other board members. Bella wondered where Pepper was. She was nowhere to be found. She hadn’t had a chance to tell Pepper what she’d discovered. Once the board members began to bitch about how long she was taking to get in there she smiled. She nodded to herself and came to her feet. With her head held high, Bella stepped into the room. The proof lied within her hands.

“And how is everyone today?” She questioned warmly as she entered the room.
“We’re fine and you?” One of the members answered.

“Oh believe me I’ve been much better.” She says with the clearing of a throat.

Bella doesn’t sit down, she merely places the evidence on the table. She eyes each individual in the room.

“I’m going to give everyone in this room, one last chance to come clean. You remember how I said we had a betrayer?”

Each of them even Stane nods.

“Well? Any takers?”

No one says a word. Stane acted just as confident as can be. Bella nods and paces the room a bit. She looks out the window and watches as a plane passes by. She takes in a deep breath.

“How about you Mr. Stane?” She says with her back turned to him. Her arms were folded about her chest.

“Would you happen to have any clue, as to who would do such a thing?”

“No Ms. Stark. I don’t.”

Bella slowly turns back towards the board. Her heels clank against the marble floor as she headed back to the table. She grabs a vanilla file. She then walks over and stands directly behind Stane. She leans into his ear.

“Liar, liar pants on fire…” She slams down the file.

“And by the way don’t even think about destroying this. It somehow got “accidently” leaked onto the internet!” She fake gasp.

“Now I wonder how the fuck that happened. I mean oh shit right?!”

Stane rolls his eyes and opens the file. That oh shit look was planted on his face big time. He loosened his tie a bit.

“Please do explain… To each and everyone of us?!”

Each board member cut Stane a look of complete shock.

“There must be some mistake.” He damn near quivered in his voice.

“Oh believe me there is no mistake.”

He sighs and leans back in his seat.

“Just admit it…. Admit to each of us here that you’re the one responsible for the deaths of those Americans and innocents! Possibly my own father! ADMIT TO EVERYONE HERE THAT YOU WERE DEALING UNDER THE TABLE!”

Bella passes out each member a copy of the file she handed Stane. A few of them gasped out at the evidence before them. They cut him looks of disbelief and utter shock.

“HE’S BEEN AT THIS FOR YEARS! RIGHT UNDER MY FATHER’S NOSE. PRETENDING TO BE HIS FAITHFUL PARTNER AND FRIEND! YOU MR. OBIDIAH STANE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN A POSER! Look before you and you will see proof of mismanaged funds, frauds, dealings under the table and sells that are against this industries wishes! Because of this man my father’s name was tarnished. You had this country believing it was my father all along. I’ve been fighting tooth and nail to clear my father’s name. To find out it’s all because of YOOOOUUUU!”

Stane closes his eyes.

“I will make certain you’re ruined for LIFE! Word of your betrayal is going global. Because I make that shit work. Soon the entire world will know what you’ve done! I will ruin you just as you tried to ruin the STARK name! Now I want you out of my face! I have a cab already waiting. Pack your things and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. You Mr. Stane are FIRED!”

Mr. Stane furiously scoots out of his chair. He acts as though he’s about to slap the shit out of Bella.

“Now I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”
Bella’s heart came to a complete stop. Everyone in the room turned to the familiar voice. Tony Stark was leaning against doorway eating a burger. He’d witnessed and heard everything. Pepper smiled at Bella as she stood behind Tony. The agents nodded towards her as well. Tony had purposely kept his arrival discreet. That’s where Pepper had gone. She went to pick up Tony. Tony had made clear, not to let his daughter know yet. He had gotten word of her taking over the industry and wanted to see it for himself. Tony gave his daughter a slight nod and wink. He finished his burger and made a dusting off motion with his hands.

Tony entered the room. Still Bella remained frozen. She just stared upon him as if in a trance. Tony took it upon himself to look at the files. He made a tsking sound with his lips and shook his head. He sipped from the soda that was in his hold. He held out his hand and Pepper handed him another burger. Tony sat on the table as he continued to read through his daughter’s evidence.

“Tony! Such wonderful news! Is it really you?!” Mr. Stane declares.

Tony cocks a brow his way. He presses his lips together and sits down his drink. He walks over to Mr. Stane and pats him on the shoulder.

“Get the fuck out.” Tony motions for the agents to escort him out.

“Come on now Tony…” He half laughs.

“Let’s discuss this.”

Tony nods and twirls around socking him right in the gut.


The agents roughly grab Stane and boot his ass outside of the Stark Tower. Tony keeps his eyes locked onto his daughter.

“I will explain everything to each of you. But for now please leave us.” He utters to the board.

The board members rush out of the room. Pepper nods towards Tony and Bella and pulls the door shut to give them some privacy. Both Tony and Bella stand there for a solid minute in silence. Bella finally blinks a few times and swallows back.

“…dad…?” She softly questions.

He nods. She covers her mouth for a moment. She then rushes over to him and wraps her arms around his neck. Tony hugged the hell out of her and kissed the top of her head. And just as she had as a child, her tears soaked the shoulder of his suit. A very expensive suit, Tony didn’t give a damn.

He pulled back and cupped her chin. He narrowed his eyes. Bella witnessed tears in his eyes as well.

“Now just hear me out without interruption. Can you do that kid?”

She nods. He takes in a breath. Tony drops his hold. He walks over to his bar and pours himself a drink. He then leans against the counter and swirls the drink around in his hold.

“I don’t know of a father that is prouder than I at the moment. I can’t believe what I just witnessed!” He shakes his head in thought.

“I gotta be honest. I didn’t think you’d actually pull it off! I was certain you’d say fuck you dad! In fact that’s exactly what went through my mind when I left everything to you. Dammit kid I’m sorry. You proved me wrong and big time. I should have never doubted you! Boy, did you ever prove me wrong! Renee and Charlie would be proud too.”

A look of shock came about Bella. He hated even mentioning Charlie. Still she hadn’t uttered another word yet. Her mind was still trying to grasp all this.

“I don’t say it near enough…” He clears his throat.

“So listen up… I love you and thank you for not giving up on me kid. I mean it.”

She nods, but Tony noticed the way her hands were shaking. He downed his drink.

“I love you too dad… glad you’re not dead and all.” She whispers.

He raises his brows on this.

“Me too…” He says behind a bit of laughter.

He takes in breath.

“Well it looks like I got a press conference. I’ll take the reins from here Bella. If I can even manage to top off what you’ve already done. That’s not even a joke.”

Tony downs one more drink. He heads towards the door afterword, with his hand on the handle and his back to her.

“About college… there’s no longer a need for that kid. You work for me now. I need the best and that’s exactly what you are. Welcome to Stark Industries Isabella Stark.”

Bella’s eyes widen and her jaw drops.

“Keep up the good work. Hope you’re free for dinner tonight. It seems we have a lot of catching up to do.”

He exits the room leaving his daughter completely stunned.

Thor paced around the area. He pulled at his hair and punched at the walls with despair. He’d made Isa a promise! Yet it looked as though he were to break that. He couldn’t fathom that his own father had locked him away for life! This didn’t feel right. Why would Odin take things this far? He never knew his father to be this cruel. Sure he had his moments. But this?! This was crossing a line. How could he do this? Does he not realize the sheer amount of guilt Thor felt already for his brother? Had he truly made his father loath his very existence? There wasn’t a day that went by he didn’t think about Loki. How he failed to keep him protected.

Thor sunk down into one of the corners of the prison he was in. Isa never left his mind. It was driving him mad. She needed him! It was his responsibility to keep her protected! He growled in thought. He dared not think about what could happen to her. It was bad enough he had to wonder what she was going through. First her father and now him! Thor grew more and more irate in thought.



Thor covers his face with his hands.

“Forgive me, Isa…”

Tony stood before the podium. Flashes of what he went through in Afghanistan hit him as the flashes from the camera’s hit his eyes. He shielded his eyes from the sensitivity they caused. He truly hadn’t expected to come home to what he had. There was a mixture of bullshit going through his mind. Not just what all his daughter and Pepper went through during his absence, but to literally walk back through the doors of Stark Tower to find out one of his good friends was the one behind it all. The reason he went through the torture he had. The reason those American soldiers and other innocent people had died. All because Stane wanted to make a buck more than what he was making already.

As if the bastard wasn’t already swimming in money.

Tony looked to each and every individual in the room. Once he was done he gave a simple nod.

“By the way… I’m back!” He says with a smug grin.

The entire room goes nuts.

Meanwhile, Bella was watching the conference from the office. She sat at the desk and twirled around in the chair every so often. She watched half of it then went and turned off the TV.

“Go get em dad…” She said with a small smile.

Bella then went to her room and crashed. She spent the rest of the day in bed. Tony had gone through everything she’d done since his absence, in the office while she slept. He couldn’t believe the sheer amount of work she’d done. He was gone in just the span of two months. Bella had done damn near 4 months of work. He looked to the bedroom door in thought. Tony rubbed his face. The guilt was starting to get to him and big time.

He thought about the fight they’d had before the incident. He felt like a royal jackass now. After everything his daughter had done for him… he didn’t deserve it. He didn’t deserve the amount of faith and love that girl had for him. Pepper and Agent Coulson entered the office. They both gave him the scoop of what all took place during his absence. Nevertheless, they both left out the part about Don Blake. But Tony was sure to find out eventually. He was listed on the payroll.

Once Agent Coulson left the room, Tony pulled Pepper into his lap. Pepper ran her fingers through his hair. He shut his eyes for a moment. He hadn’t realized just how much he’d truly missed the littlest of things. He rested his head against her chest. Pepper kissed his forehead. Only when she went to run her hand along his chest she froze.

She unbuttoned his shirt.


He sighed and looked to the bedroom door. He put a finger over Pepper’s lips.

“Keep it down would you.”

“What is that?!”

He shakes his head and hurriedly drags her out of the room. Tony tells her about the accident and how he has an arc reactor for his heart.

“OH MY GOD!” Pepper declares in a panic.

He covers her mouth.

“I don’t want Bella to know about this! This stays between us.”

“I mean it. She’s not to find out!”
“You can’t possibly keep this from her!”

“She’s been through enough.”
“Exactly, all the more reason you need to come clean and tell her about this.”

Pepper runs her hand along the device.

“Not right now.”
“Dammit Tony!”

He winces as Pepper hits him in the chest. He chokes back.

“Really? I mean do you not see the artificial heart?”

A nervous laugh escapes her, but then so do the uncontrollable sobs. Tony sighs and pulls her into his chest.

“The only thing that kept me going was you and Bella. You both need to know that. If I came back and the entire Stark Industry crashed or went up in flames. I wouldn’t have given a fuck as long as you two were right there waiting for me. I know you’re what helped her through this.”

“Tony… Bella took a lot of this into her own hands. I only helped with the bare minimum. You’d be amazed by the amount of guts she has. It was as if it came naturally to her.”

“Well she is my flesh and blood.” He says smugly.

Pepper smiles.

“OH there’s no questioning that one.” She replied with earnestly.

Tony and Bella exchange stories during their dinner. Only Bella leaves out the part about Thor. Tony leaves out the part about his artificial heart. Both suspected the other of holding something back. Both were too stubborn to admit to anything. Bella wasn’t trying to hide Thor from her father. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It was merely too painful to talk about.

Tony let it be known he wished for her to continue living at the apartment at Stark Tower. Until he could find her something better. Of course Bella argued against this. He said to consider it a fat bonus for the hard work she’d done during his absence. He also gave the keys to her Viper back. Tony went over a salary for her as well. Bella choked back on her soda as he told her how much she’d be pulling in a month. Tony saw the look on her face, but said nothing on it. She earned it. He saw it no other way. If it hadn’t been for her Stark Industries would have been royally fucked. There’s no telling what he would have come back to.

Tony made himself scarce at night. Hardly anyone saw him or knew what he was up to. Bella and Pepper both figured it was him needing sometime to himself after everything he went through. That maybe that was his way of dealing with it. During the day Bella and Tony shared an office. He just had another desk and everything set up for her. For now they depended on one another to get caught up. Strangely enough, Tony rather liked working alongside of his daughter. He found it rather interesting to watch how she worked.

However, Tony knew there was still something wrong. Bella just wasn’t acting herself. She was quieter she wasn’t making her usual sarcastic remarks. In fact often enough she just seemed downright gloomy as hell. He figured maybe it was because of the stress of everything that happened. That it really affected her. Maybe she just needed some time to adjust? He sighed to himself in thought and leaned back in his chair. Tony rubbed the back of his neck. He wished he knew what to do. Nonetheless, Tony was soon to have his answer and in a way he’d never imagined.

As time progressed Bella seemed to grow frailer. She was even paler than usual. Pepper had her suspicions and began to keep tabs on the liquor. But so far she hadn’t any proof that Bella was still drinking. Pepper like usual had brought them some lunch. It was Chinese as Tony requested. Pepper set Bella’s down just as Tony took a bite of his fried rice. The smell hit Bella and she immediately grabbed the trash bin by her desk and upchucked. Tony made a disgusted face and put his rice back down.
“And we’re done with the fried rice.”

Pepper looked to Bella accusingly. Tony noticed the way both women eyed one another.

“Should I be jealous? You two aren’t going to say I love you now are you?”
Both ignore him.

“Is there something I should know?”

Pepper began to dig through Bella’s desk.

“What the hell are you doing?” Bella barked.

Tony rose to his feet wondering the same.

“You’re still drinking aren’t you?!” Pepper hisses.

Bella’s jaw dropped.
Tony tilted his head a bit.

“Did I hear right?!”

They both turn to him with guilty expressions. He cuts his daughter a certain look.

“I surely didn’t hear what I thought I did.”

“Pepper…” Bella hisses.

Pepper winces realizing what she did.

“What’s going on?!” Tony demands.

“Bella I…” Pepper starts to apologize.

Bella sighs.

“It’s fine… and no I’m not drinking. Just haven’t been feeling so great that’s all.”

“Hello, I’m talking here. Is anyone going to entertain me with an answer?” He points to Bella.

“Were you drinking while I was gone?”

Bella flinches and runs her fingers through her hair.


“You were, weren’t you?!”

“Yeah I had a few while you were gone! Not like you can talk pops! But for your information I haven’t had a drink in a while!”

“You let my daughter drink?! She’s not even 21 Pepper!”

“Dad! I’m a grown ass woman. You can’t hold Pepper responsible for my actions!”
“How often did this go on?”

Bella half laughs. She comes to her feet only to turn ghostly white.

“TONY!” Pepper quickly braced Bella against her.

Tony ran over to them and scooped Bella up.

“Did she just faint?!” Pepper said in hysterics.

Tony narrowed his eyes and checked Bella’s pulse. He laid her down the office couch.

“Get her some water and a wet cloth.”

Pepper nods and takes off. Bella comes to and blinks her eyes a few times.


He puts his hand to her forehead.

“Does she have fever?” Pepper questions as she returns with the water and washcloth.

“No…” He states as if confused.

“Bella, I need you to come clean now. Are you or are you not drinking? Just a simple yes or no.” Tony questions softly.


He nods. Tony helps her back to her feet. He leads her to her bed and gets her settled in.

“If you don’t get better by tomorrow. You’re going to the doctor.”
“Dad, come on. I’ll be fine; I don’t need to go to the doctor. It’s probably just a bug or something.”
He shakes his head on this and exits the room.

“Get some rest.” He calls out as he pulls the door to.

Pepper however had this odd expression on her face.

“Look I’m sorry I snapped at you I just…”

“That’s not it and I deserved it anyhow.”

Pepper heads into Bella’s bedroom and pulls the door shut. Tony sighs and looks to the door in wonder.

“Pepper!” Bella scolds, but with laughter.

“I’m not pregnant.” She whispers.

“Are you certain?”
“I’m on birth control of course I’m not.”

“And you haven’t been late?”

“Well yeah, but it’s stress… Seriously, I’m totally not pregnant.”

Bella steps out of the doctor’s office. She looks to Pepper wide eyed and scared out of her mind.

“I’m totally pregnant.”

Pepper covers her mouth in shock.

“So you’ve been drinking. You’re pregnant. The apparent father comes from a realm of gods. Only he’s gone now, leaving you to raise a child on your own. Bella sweetheart, hun, sweetpea, are you an idiot?!”

Bella’s jaw drops.

“TONY!” Pepper scolds.

“Give me your hand!” Tony demands.

Bella swallows back nervously. He takes her hand and smacks it with his own.

“That’s it I’m taking your privileges away!” He utters with full on exasperation.

They both watch as Tony heads on out and vanishes for the rest of the night.

“What is it?”

Heimdall narrows his eyes as he observes Midgard.

“It seems the earthling woman is with child.”

Odin grits his teeth.

“Do not tell me it is my son’s!”

Heimdall sighs. Odin slams his staff down furiously.

“Very well, I see it’s time I took matters into my own hands!”

Heimdall looks to Odin in alarm as he vanishes.

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  1. Ugh Victoria again. Guessing the venom is going to have a wierd reaction with the gamma stuff. Glad Jake was there to help though. Go Bad Ass Bella. Hmmm so some Hulk abilitier but not full transformation….interesting.

    Ugh Ms Jones is so annoying. Alice needs to get her own life instead of messing with B’s. Malice is getting on my nerves along with Ms Jones.

    Bruce is getting brave with the classrooms stuff. Hope Ms jones or someone doesn’t catch them.

    Wonder why Jake hasn’t come over. Hmmm the Cullen thing is worrisome too. Ms Jones is going to be a problem I think. Jake really does have temper issues. oh wow Jake saw?!?!?! Oh My Edward has really gone off the deep end. hmmm Bruce is mad. Can’t wait for the confrontation.

  2. Odin is not around that is Loki in disguise.he has Odin stashed some place.he always wanted the throne and now he has while Loki/Odin is on Midgard will Thor get free and kick his ass.

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