Chapter 7 Clashing Of The Realms

Chapter 7

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“Easy…” Clint utters and helps Bella to their table.

“Ugh… well that parts going to be fun!”
Clint looks to her oddly.

“Part? Part of what?”

Bella swallows back and sort of laughs as he pushes her chair in.

“I’m pregnant.”

Clint gets this slant jaw look to his face. That and he felt rather bummed out. Part of him hoped it wouldn’t work out with this other guy, selfishly. But what mattered in the long run was her happiness. He could see the stress written all over her face. He wanted to help whatever way he could.

“Well is it mine?!”

Bella raises her brows towards him as he takes a seat. She smiles.

“I don’t know, is it?!” She fires back.”
“I don’t know, you tell me?!”

“Well hell Clint, is there something you’re not telling me?”

They both softly laugh.

“It’s Don’s.”

He sighs.

“OK well who’s the mother?!”

“Hell if I know.”

Bella laughs a little again, but also sheds a few tears. She quickly wipes them away and clears her throat.

“Don’t… It’s just me Bella. I’m all ears if you need. Always have been, always will be. So what’s wrong?”

“Let’s just say I’m not so sure where the father is.”

Clint grits his teeth.

“What?! Bella, please don’t tell me he pulled the old cliché thing to do.”

“It’s not like that. It’s just well something happened. It was against his will, but now I’m wondering if he’s even coming back. I mean I’m sure if he knew… but that’s just the problem. He doesn’t even know. He once said he’d always find me. So I’m hoping I can trust that.”

Bella rests her forehead against her hand as her elbow was on the table.

“I think I’m lost.” Clint admits.
Bella takes in a deep breath. Yet again she tells her crazy story. Once she was done Clint just sat there blinking. Both of them hadn’t even touched their food yet. He forces himself out of it and sips from his tea.

“So… you’re pretty much pregnant with a demigod?”

“Um yeah, I guess, like in a way yeah.”

He nods and leans back in his seat.

“You are aware that if I hadn’t known you half my life, I’d be checking you in at some fancy hospital.”
“That’s about what I figured. My father had the same mien when I repeated the story.”

“So who all knows about this?”

“Just you Pepper, and my father. So please let’s just keep it that way for now.”

“You’re fucking kidding me right?”

Clint and Bella turn their direction towards the familiar voice. It belonged to none other than Johnny Storm and he was on a date. Bella miserably covered her face.

“Jesus Johnny.”

“Only you would get yourself into this freaking mess! What were you thinking? You go on about how wrong I treated you. Yet you let some guy that disrespects you far more than I ever have get you freaking knocked up?! I mean come on not only did he have women in his lap at the bar you work at. But he left you once he did his business! Yet I’m the pig?!”

“Johnny… you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.” Bella whispers with humiliation.

All eyes were on them now as Johnny didn’t even bother whispering. Clint was about to lose his shit at the disrespect coming from this little shit’s mouth. He never liked Johnny from the beginning. And once he got his powers he became even more nuisance. The two of them couldn’t be more opposite. Clint felt as though Johnny never had any respect for women whatsoever.

Johnny wiped his mouth and came to his feet. He made his way to the table and reached out for Bella’s hand.

“It’s ok we’ll go take care of this.”

Clint, Bella, and Johnny’s date looked to him oddly.

“Take care of what?”

“I think we both know. Look I’ll pay for it. I’m not going to allow you to be in this situation.”

Clint immediately jumped out of his chair and got right in Johnny’s face. Bella still didn’t get what Johnny meant. However from a man’s perspective Clint knew DAMN WELL what Johnny was hinting at.

“You’ll do no such thing. Bella would never do something like that and you know it. I can’t even believe that you would even suggest such a cruel thing! To think you’re some sort of public icon. What would your beloved fans think if they heard you?!”

Bella narrowed her eyes upon them.

“Johnny?” She questioned in wonder.

“Me cruel? I would have never left her!”

Johnny’s date throws down her napkin and storms out of the restaurant.

“…dammit…” Johnny complains as he takes notice.

“No more than you deserve.” Clint mutters.

“You shouldn’t add your two cents on something you know nothing about!” Bella barks irately.

“If you would have gotten over yourself and learned to forgive, you wouldn’t be in this situation! I would have taken care of you. I’d never allow you to be faced with this sort of dilemma!”

“You’re right Johnny… I should have just stuck around and ignore all your little affairs that went on behind my back. Marry you one day and raise your children and act as if all is right in the world.”

“It was just the one time! And I said I was sorry! What do you want from me?!”
“TO LEAVE ME ALONE! I’VE MOVED ON WHY CAN’T YOU?! You’ve changed Johnny… For the worse. Why can’t you see it? You weren’t always like this. You’ve let whatever happened take control. I always had your back Johnny, but not this time. I’m sorry… but you did this to yourself. You could have controlled yourself if you truly wanted, but you didn’t. It wasn’t just the sleeping around. You became so full of yourself, it got to where I couldn’t stand to be around you. I never thought I could feel that way about you. I don’t’ know of a single woman that wants to sit there and listen to some guy boast about himself constantly. It’s beyond nauseating, to say the least. You suddenly grasped this incredible need for attention. Yet the one person willing to give that to you, you pushed away. You were swimming in women, money, and paparazzi. These things just eventually added up Johnny. I’m not in love you anymore and haven’t for quite sometime. I will always care about you Johnny. Everything else though is dead between us.”

“It doesn’t have to be…” Johnny whispered in a pleading matter.
Bella comes to her feet and starts to head out of the restaurant. Johnny makes the mistake of grabbing her arm and trying to force her back to him. Clint taps him on the shoulder, when Johnny turns his direction. Clint pops him in the face. He then grabs him by the collar of his shirt.

“I don’t care who the hell you are. You will do as she wishes and leave her alone. Stay out of her life!”

Johnny goes to return the blow and Bella steps in between them.

“NO!” Clint shouts and Bella takes the hit.

Johnny’s eyes widen and his jaw drops.

“Bella!” He panics as she reaches to her jaw.

Clint immediately yanks her behind him and shoves Johnny back.

“That’s it!” Clint shouts and continues to shove him outside.

“It was an accident babe!” Johnny calls out.

“Come on man, you know I’d never harm her! EVER!”

Clint ignores him as they head on outside.


Bella steps out of the restaurant. Susan Storm (Johnny’s sister) just happened to have heard everything that was going on as she stepped out of one of the nearby shops. Susan rushes over seeing Bella’s face. She cups her chin.

“What the hell?”

Johnny sighs.

“It was an accident. She got in the way.”

Susan immediately puts a force field around her brother. She cuts him a look of sheer hell. She then turns her attention back to Bella.

“I’m so sorry. Believe me I will be dealing with him! He WILL NOT bother you again. I give you my word Bella. I apologize to you as well Clint. It seems my brother is in for a very rude awakening.”

Susan roughly grabs her brother by the forearm and literally drags him into her car. She peels out of the parking lot, burning rubber along the way.

Clint places Bella in his car and takes her back to Stark Tower. From there he rushes her inside. He sits her on the couch, then grabs a frozen pack of vegetables and places it on Bella’s face. Tony walks in at this point. He’d forgotten to give Bella the keys to her Viper. He twirled them around in his hand as he stepped inside. Only he came to a halt and tilted his head a bit. Tony walked over to where Bella and Clint were. He moves Clint’s hand that was holding the vegetable pack to Bella’s face. Tony snarled back.

He looked to Clint.



“WHO DID THIS?!” Tony demanded.

“Johnny.” Clint retorted.

Tony nods and starts to rush out of the room.
“Shit.” Bella rushes up and chases after her dad.


Tony kept heading towards the doors.

“Dad please, don’t do anything stupid!”

Tony freezes and turns back around. He points directly upon her.

“I’m going to the station and going to press charges on the little bastard! You have NO SAY IN THIS! NO ONE IS GOING TO HIT YOU EVER! I don’t care what the stipulations or whatever excuse the little shit has!”
“It was an accident!”

Tony furiously shakes his head.


Bella lowers her head.

“He meant to hit me…” Clint says as he explains what took place to Tony.

“Bella was trying to put a stop to it.” He says once he finishes the entire story.

“Accident or not, he knowingly hit a pregnant woman in the face. There is no reason under heaven and earth that will force me to let this go!”

Clint gently holds Bella back as her father storms out of the tower. Bella closes her eyes for a moment. She wasn’t sure how to feel about any of this.

“Um Clint, I think I’m ready to call it a day.”

He looks to her concerned.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah I’m just really tired.”

He takes in a breath and nods.

“OK then. I’m a ring away if you need.”

She smiles.
“Thank you Clint.”


At this he gives a simple nod and exits the tower. Bella takes in the deepest of breaths as she watches Clint drive away. She then heads on to her room. Bella showers and puts on her white silk gown. All she wanted to do was sleep. She didn’t want to think about anything. She’d brushed her teeth and hair. Bella then stepped out of the bathroom.

Bella nervously came to a complete halt. Before her stood a man with a golden eye patch, white hair and beard. He was dressed similar to that of Thor. Only his tunic was of silver, gold, and his robe was of red and gold.

“Odin?” She called out in wonder.

She’d remembered Thor’s description of his father. He said nothing just stood there.

“Is Thor alright?” She questioned apprehensively.

Odin slowly approached her.

“How dare you bed with my son like some sort of Midgardian harlot!”
Bella raised her eyebrows on this.

“Excuse me?!”

He points upon her.

“You’re not worthy enough to carry the offspring of an Asgradian, much less that of royal blood! A god!”

Bella half laughs.

“Well I’m sorry to disappoint. You sure have a way with people and words! I’m touched.”

She points in return.
“Where is he?!”


“With all due respect you’re the one that copped the attitude first and you’re not my King. Around this realm we have a president, but even he doesn’t get bowed down upon. In fact he’s usually one of the most disrespected people ever. Just comes with the territory, I suppose. So what brings you to Midgard, Odin?”

“I’m here to dispose of that abomination within your womb.”

Bella swallows back. He brings out the staff within his robe. Bella takes off running like a bat out of hell.

Frigga rises as she sees Heimdall is away from his post.


He quickly bows before her.

“Please rise. What ails you?” She questioned with alarm to her voice.

“Your majesty, please forgive me, but I felt I had no other choice. I know what it means to betray a King. I fear that he is to do something that cannot be taken back.”

Frigga makes her way over.

“Walk with me Heimdall.”

She takes his arm and has him escort her out of the palace. He begins to tell her about Thor and the Midgardian he’s impregnated. Frigga freezes and turns to Heimdall.
“You mean to say my son is back in Asgard?”

“Yes your Majesty. Your husband had him imprisoned.”

“Now, why would he do such a thing?! Hadn’t he served his punishment already? And where is my husband now?”

“In Midgard your majesty.”
“Now why would he go to that realm?”

“I believe he seeks harm upon the woman and child.”

Frigga’s eyes widen.
“Where is Thor?!” She demands.

Heimdall hurriedly takes his majesty to the area Odin had Thor locked away.

“I knew something didn’t seem right! He just hasn’t been himself lately.” Frigga hisses as they rush towards the area.

Heimdall leads her to an underground area with what seems to be a never ending staircase. Frigga and Heimdall look to one another in alarm.
“How much time do we have?”

“Not much your majesty.”

Frigga takes in a deep breath.

“Forgive me Odin.” She utters knowing she was about to go against her husband’s wishes.

But within the last few months, her husband seemed different. He’d become more distant. He even slept in a separate chamber. She just figured it was the stress of losing Loki and having his other son cast away. Frigga closes her eyes and raises her hands in the air. She uses all she has to break the spell and wield the hammer back to her son.

“Your majesty!” Heimdall calls out as he catches her.

Thor paced about his cell. His knuckles where caked with dry blood as he’d been desperately trying to break free. He’d worn them down so much punching at the four walls around him. The bones to his knuckles in his right hand were visible from the meat and flesh being pulled back. Thor pushed past the immense pain and continued to try off and on.

He stopped though as something suddenly came over his body.

“Hammer!” He called out and reached out his right arm.

‘HAMMMMMMERRR!” He bellowed desperately feeling the surge of it’s energy.

The Mjölnir came crashing down in the area he was in, destroying everything in its path. Thor grinned as it landed in his hand.

“Ah, there you are old friend!”

He held his head high as the energy continued to course through him. He shot out of the area with a bolt of lightning. He saw his mother and Heimdall outside the area. He landed before them and respectfully bowed down to his weakened mother.

“Are you ill mother?”

“Do not concern yourself with me, my son. You must go to earth and immediately and stop your father!”

Thor narrows his eyes upon his mother as Heimdall continues to brace her against him.

“Stop him?”

“He isn’t himself Thor. You must take caution around him.”
Thor looks to Heimdall in confusion.

“The Earthling carries your child.”

“Isa…? Isa is with child?!” Thor utters in mere disbelief.


Thor nods his heart raced beyond belief as he took off.

Odin sends out his staff sending agents and other Stark employees flying. He continues towards Bella as she runs out of the building. Bella continues dodging traffic as she dashes across the street. Her heart was running ninety to nothing.

She gasped out as Odin appeared before her blocking her way. She took a few steps back.

“Don’t do this!” She begged as she continued to back up.

“THIS CHILD IS ALL I HAVE LEFT OF YOUR SON! You’re NOT taking it away from me!” She cries.

Bella covers her stomach protectively as she continues to step away from Odin. Odin laughs as Bella stumbles back against a patio chair by one of the coffee shops. She falls back on her rear, but continues to desperately back away from him. He points his staff upon her.

“Actually I have a much better idea.”

Her eyes widen as her body starts to pull towards him.


The others around them start screaming and take off running at the scene before them. Bella couldn’t fight the pull.

“PLEASE YOU CAN’T DO THIS! THIS IS THE CHILD OF YOUR SON! YOUR GRANDCHILD!” She shrieks in terror as he raises her by the collar of her gown.

“Better yet…I do believe I have other plans for you and the little bundle within your womb. You… are coming with me!”

He leans into her ear

“I’ve got a little secret to tell you…” He says menacingly.

“I’m not really dead…”

She gasps back and looks upon him.

“Loki…?” She whispers.

He smiles and winks.

“I’m taking you to a realm you’ll never escape. There you will give birth! When that day comes I will return to collect the child. I will raise it as my own. I can’t think of anything that would anger my brother and father more.” He laughs.

“Of course once you’ve given birth, your services will no longer be of any use to me.”

“The hell with you LOKI!” She growls and spits in his face.

Loki still in the image of his father snarls back. Bella brings up her knees and flings out her legs with great force. She breaks out of his hold and takes off running again. Tossing back whatever she can get a hold of such as trashcans, chairs, and benches.

The wind suddenly picks up. Thunder booms loudly about the area. Lightning fills the sky. Bella continues to run with fear in her heart. Just a few feet away, a bolt of lightning strikes. She cries out and starts to back up a little. Before her stood the figure of a man, he was in a crouching position. He wielded a massive hammer and Bella already knew. She covered her mouth in shock.

“…Thor…?” She nearly whispered.

He came to a stand and locked eyes with her. Her heart skipped a beat at just the sight of him. She couldn’t fathom what she was seeing. Deep down she knew he was telling the truth, still it was one thing to hear about it entirely something else to see it.

She starts to be pulled back again. Bella looks upon Thor.

“It’s Loki!” She announces as she’s lifted off the ground into the air.

He nods and swiftly sends his hammer sailing through the air. It slams Loki through three cars and up against a dumpster. Thor catches Bella as she plummets back down.

“You came back…”

“Did I not say I would always find you Isa?”

She smiles. Thor nods and sits her back down. He presses his forehead against hers.

“I want you to go hide.” He undertones and kisses the top of her head.

She looks to him in question.
“Now Isa! I will find you, you’ve my word. You must GO NOW!”

Bella nods and takes off running as Thor holds his brother off.

“How dare you!” Thor points upon his brother with his hammer.

“Not only do you take on the image and role of father! But you dare come after my unborn child and their mother! You had everyone believing you were dead! You had us all fooled we mourned you brother!”

Loki laughs.

“OH I know. It’s quite interesting to see how others perceive your death. How they “mourn”…”

“I DID MOURN YOU BROTHER! YOU HAD ME BELIEVING…” Thor trails off feeling ill in thought.

“Why?! Why do you do these things Loki?! There was a time you and I were inseparable! I loved you brother! But now… I CAN’T EVEN STAND THE SIGHT OF YOU! WHERE IS FATHER?!”

Loki shrugs.


The windows to the nearby businesses shatter.

“I see someone’s in a rotten mood.” Loki taunts twirling Odin’s staff around.

Thor sails right for him and takes him to the pavement. He bashes his head into the pavement repeatedly.

“First my father! Now my lover and child! I cannot believe you’re my brother!” Thor yells as he continues to beat the living shit out of Loki.

Thor growls out though as someone grabs him and tosses him across the way. Thor half laughs as he looks upon the man.

“And this! What is this! This is not any affair of yours metal man.”
“Says the man that looks as though he works for Medieval Times! Let me guess you’re the black knight?!”

“It would be wise for mind your own business and allow me to get back to dealing with my brother!”

“Ummm, no can do. You see this is my town and I don’t take kindly to you two knuckleheads tearing it apart. So sorry kiddos, but it seems you need to take your fight somewhere else. I’m calling a time out!”

“How dare you talk to me in such a way! Do you have any idea who I am?”
The man in the red and gold iron suit shrugs.

“That’d be a big fat no and frankly I don’t give a damn.”


Loki sends a wave of magic Thor’s way. Thor is sent through one of the nearby café’s.

“See that… That right there is why you two really need to get lost! That just so happens to be one of my favorite café’s they make the best chicken and dumplings!”

Thor growls out as he dusts himself off and steps back out of the dinner. The man in the iron suit checks to make certain everyone in the café was ok.

“Everyone alright?”

They nod and scramble to their feet. He gives everyone a thumbs up just as Thor sends his hammer his way. The man flies back at great force. Beams shoot out of his hands and Thor is knocked for a loop as well. During this time Loki had made his escape.


They both turn as Bella runs out from a nearby building.


The man in the iron suit rears back a bit.

“Thor…” She calls out desperately.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” The man in the suit utters.

They both turn to see him take off.

“Who and what the hell was that?”

“I have no idea.” Thor replies in wonder himself.

Thor looks around for his brother. He paces around with irritation. He looks to her in thought trying to figure out what to do. How was he to keep her safe and deal with what was taking place back home in Asgard?

“HOLD ON!” He calls out as he grabs hold her.


He freezes and looks upon her in wonder.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking you to Asgard.”


He looks to her oddly.

“Isa, I can care for you better in my own realm. That and you need to be in Asgard to give birth. The doctors on your realm cannot help you the way ours can.”

“Wait, so you know?”

“Yes Isa.”

He starts to take off again.

“My father!”

She sighs.

“He’s back…Thor I just got him back. I can’t leave.”

Thor shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Isa, if you remain here it could very well cost both your lives. I cannot care for you properly here on Midgard.”

“You’re telling me I have no choice?!’

Thor sees the painful expression on her face.

“I’m sorry Isa…”
“Then I suppose it’s time you meet my father. The least I could do is let my father and Pepper know.”

Thor hated the crushed look she had about her. He took in a breath and dropped his hold. He took her hand instead and kissed it.

“Whatever I can do to ease the situation.”

However, Thor gets a better look at her face. He cups her chin.

“My brother?!”

She lowers her head.

“No… long story.”

Sirens are heard from a distance.

“Ugh we better get scarce.”

She looks back to the tower in thought.

“Well here goes nothing.” She utters and starts leading Thor that way.

“Um not just no, but HELL NO! You’re not taking my daughter anywhere Fabio.”

Tony chugs back his scotch and slams down the glass.

“I just got back kid and you’re already heading out the damn door. What about your responsibilities here?”

Thor sighs.

“Sir, she and the child are at great risk the longer they remain on this realm. I need her in Asgard.”

“Very well she can go, but you’re staying here.”

Thor raises his brows on this.

Bella pinches the bridge of her nose. Tony pours himself another drink.

“Bella and I will go to this “Asgard” and you can stay here!” He says ever so sprightly.



A bored voice from the corner of the room.

“Pepper.” She had her head about the palm of her hand.

“Huh, you’re here?” Tony smarts.

“Shut it, Tony.”

“Aw, love you too baby!”

Tony paces the room and points directly upon Thor.

“You see you and I have this problem. I don’t particularly like you.”

“Don’t pops please just…”
“No, no let me finish.”

Tony finishes his drink.

“Apparently a lot took place while I was gone, such as you knocking up my daughter. Now you come swooping in and have the balls to tell me you’re taking her away from me?!”
Thor looks to Tony with confusion.

“I never laid a harmful hand on Isa!”

Bella explains what knocked up means in Thor’s ear. He nods with raised brows.

“Well yes that… That I did, but it wasn’t intentional.”
“It never is, now is it?” Tony sneers.

“My daughter is just a couple months shy of being 20 years old. Already you’ve stuck her with the responsibility of being a mother!”

“With all due respect sir, you’re not one to talk! I witnessed everything Isa faced during your absence. Not only did you have the weight of this entire business on her shoulders, but you had her living in some hovel when you were surrounded in luxury!”

“Thor!” Bella scolds.

“Watch your fucking mouth!”


Bella cuts both men an oh shit look. Both hop up and stare each other down face to face.

“Knock it off both of you!”

Pepper sighs and comes to her feet. She places her hand on Tony’s shoulder. Bella takes Thor’s hand and both women start to drag both men away from each other.

“It is not my wish to break you two apart! I know how Isa feels about you! I would never do anything to come between the two of you! But you must understand the situation. It is not to be taken lightly. I will do everything in my power to protect my future wife and our child!”

Tony and Bella both give the same look of surprise as if it hadn’t occurred to them.

“Wife…” Tony utters looking as though he might faint.

Thor nods with a prideful smile. Bella lets out a nervous laugh. Tony grits his teeth and takes his bottle of fifty year old scotch and throws it across the room. Both women jump Thor places Bella behind him protectively. He shakes his head and gives Thor a look of death.

“No… No I know what that would detail of! You’re not taking her! And that’s FINAL! So here’s the deal. I go with you this Asgard. I see what it’s all about so I know my kid is in good hands and safe! You see I’m her father and there is not a chance in HELL this is going to go your way. I don’t care who the fuck you are! God or not I’m fucking Tony Stark and that’s my little girl and you’re not just going to come waltzing in here and tell me you’re taking her away to another planet where I will never see her or my grandkid. You can pretty much go FUCK yourself Thunder God! If this place is suitable TO ME! Then she will stay, but only long enough to have the baby. Then THEY BOTH come back to EARTH! Where they both will live and die!”

Thor grits his teeth.



Pepper looked upon Bella in concern. The poor girl looked as though she were to have a panic attack any moment. She backed up against the wall looking to her father and Thor scared out of her mind. She ran her fingers through her hair. She then took off towards the bathroom. They all grimaced as they heard her puking.

Thor went to check on her and Tony beat him to the punch. Pepper sighed noticing how Tony rudely bumped into Thor on the way. Pepper patted Thor on the shoulder.

“I’ll handle it.” She whispered.

Thor merely folded his arms about with a frown.

Bella finishes upchucking Tony wrinkles his nose in disgust, but held her hair back. He was having flashbacks of when she used to get sick as a child. Like the one time she ran 104 temp. Tony was losing his mind. Bella was had been upchucking and her entire body hurt nothing seemed to sooth her. She fell asleep with him on the couch that night with a bowl in her hands. Two days later Tony had gotten what she had. Bella took care of him in return. She was 10 years old and acted as though she were 16. She cleaned up his messes, checked his temp, gave him his medicine, and fixed Tony some soup.

Once she was done Bella came to her feet. She cleansed out her mouth and washed her face and hands. Tony handed her a towel.
“Dad… Please stop giving him such a hard time. He’s dealing with a world of crap as well. You haven’t any idea what Thor has dealt with. He’s got his own family issues and concerns with his realm so please try and take that into consideration. He’s got so much on his shoulders. You just haven’t a clue. I feel split in the middle on this, because I love you both. I just got you back dad. You honestly think I want to leave? But that’s what sucks about this because. I’m in love with Thor and I’m having his child. I’m literally being pulled by the life of two realms and I don’t even know what to do. I can’t lose either of you, but I also can’t choose. Neither of you can expect that of me. Because if that’s what it comes down to. Then I won’t and neither of you can make me. There has to be a center… Someway to make all this work. Where I can be what Thor and our child needs, but also respect the loved ones I have here.”

Tony places his hands upon her shoulders and looks her in the eyes.

“Is this what you want?”

“What do you mean?”

He sighs deeply.

“Blondie in there, you know the guy that I’m sorry to say, but is even prettier than you are! Leave it to you to get a god to fall for you kid. I get the one daughter in this entire world that can sweep away a god! I mean why? WHY ME?!”

“That’s right dad this was all just part of my evil plan.”

“I wouldn’t put it past you.”

Bella softly laughs and leans weakly against the counter.

“I don’t know what to tell you dad other than I love him and that yes this is what I want. I’ve already lost you both once. Just as you dad I don’t want to lose Thor all over again. So I have to find a way to make this all work somehow.”

“Well you are a Stark…” Tony says with a smirk.

“If there’s anyone that can figure out a way, it’d be you kid.”

Tony opens the bathroom and Pepper lands on the floor. He looks to her oddly then smirks.

“Hey sweetie, how was your trip?!” Tony taunts knowing she was eavesdropping.

Pepper covers her face.

“That’s right…” He says in a tsking matter.

“Wallow in that shame.” He steps over her.

Bella giggles and helps Pepper back to her feet.

Thor looks to Bella concerned as they step out of out of the room.

“Are you alright Isa?”

She nods and makes her way over. Bella takes his hand and leads him out of the room so they can talk privately.

“What happened Thor?”

He places his hand upon the bruise on her cheek.

“You first.”

She takes in a breath, before filling him in on what all took place while he was gone. In return he tells his story. Only they both knew it to be Loki now rather than Odin.

“I apologize greatly for the trouble my brother has caused Isa. I never wanted you involved in my quandaries.”

“Like you didn’t deal with mine?”

Thor smiles.

“Nothing I couldn’t handle.” He beams.

Thor takes in a breath. He gently puts a hand upon her tummy. That smile grows wider.

“I’m to be a father. This… this is wonderful news Isa. I swear to you I will do everything within my power to keep you both safe and blissful. I cannot think of a better honor. I love you Isa.” Thor lovingly wraps his arms around her.

“I love you too Thor, but we really have a lot to discuss.”

“That we do.”

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