Chapter 8 Follow The Rainbow?

Chapter 8

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(Continuous laughter…)

“You’re kidding me right? This entire thing is a walking punchline.” Tony says as they appear at the rainbow bridge.

Thor looks to Tony confused, but doesn’t comment. Thor keeps his arm around Bella as they cross the bridge.

“What happens if we fall?” Tony questions.

“It is not something I’d suggest.” Thor utters with a shrug.

“This puts a whole new perspective on follow the rainbow.”

“Knock it off pops and it’s follow your nose and taste the rainbow.”

Tony dies in laughter.


Once they get to the end of the bridge. Tony cocks brow at Heimdall.

“Look Bella, they even have a black guy allowing him through the back door!”
“DAD!” Bella scolds with her entire face flushed with embarrassment.

Tony pats Heimdall on the back.

“How’s it going big fella?! What’s with the giant helmet? Are you maybe compensating for something?”

Bella’s jaw drops.

“Says the man that wears a gaudy iron suit…” Heimdall hints about Tony’s secret.

“Huh?” Bella says in wonder.

Once Bella’s attention is elsewhere, Tony cuts Heimdall the cutthroat motion. Heimdall merely smiles, but looks back out to the other realms keeping watch. Once the palace is within viewpoint Tony comes to a complete stop.

“It’s a city of gold.” He remarks taking it all in.

“It’s beautiful.” Bella softy states.

Thor smiles with pride. Tony however rolls his eyes.

“It’s not all that great. I bet it’s a bitch to upkeep.”

“Dad… could you at least try to behave?”

He sighs.

“What’s the fun in that?” He utters with a smirk and starts walking again.

Thor looks upon Bella.

“Is he always so…?”


Thor grins.


“I’m afraid you have a lot to learn when it comes to Tony Stark.”

“I can hear you, you know.”

The doors to the palace open once they stand before it. Thor nods towards Bella. He enters. Tony and Bella follow behind. Tony leans into Bella’s ear.

“You think all this is real gold?”

Bella sighs.

Thor bows down before his mother. Frigga smiles and comes to her feet.

“Rise my son.”

“You never bow down to me…” Tony complains.

“I wasn’t aware you wanted to be a queen dad.” Bella fires back.

He cocks a brow towards her.

“Smart ass.”

“You set yourself up.”

Sif and the Warriors Three eyed Tony and Bella oddly as they continued to banter. Frigga makes her way down the stairs and hugs her son.

“And how are we feeling mother?”

“I’m quite fine. You worry too much.”

“Mother, this is Isabella Stark and her father Tony Stark. They come from Midgrad.”

A warm smile comes about her face as she looks upon Bella. She walks over to Bella and takes her hand. Frigga gently pats it.

“Welcome to Asgard. I’m Frigga, Thor’s mother.”

Bella smiles in return.

“Yes, Thor speaks fondly of you.”

“I truly hope so.” His mother says with soft laughter.

Bella couldn’t believe how gorgeous Thor’s mother was. However, she was also very nervous. She wondered if they knew she was with child yet. Nonetheless, their son’s.

“Welcome to our home…” Frigga offers her hand to Tony as well.

He respectfully takes it and shakes it.

“Any word on father yet?”

“No my son, I’m afraid not.”

Thor sighs.

“You are aware of what Loki has done mother?”

Frigga’s smile fades and she nods.

“Heimdall filled me in.”

She looked back to Tony and Bella.

“I do apologize on Loki’s behalf. He has brought much shame upon Asgard and myself as a mother.”

Tony looks to Bella confused.

“I’ll explain later…” Bella whispers.

Thor makes his way to Sif and the Warriors Three. He smiles and hugs each of them. He turns back to Tony and Bella.
“These are my faithful friends Lady Sif, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg.” They each nod in return.

Only Fandral approaches Bella and takes her hand. He kisses it.

“An honor to meet such beauty.”

Thor shakes his head.

“And how do you know Thor?” He inquires.

“You cannot court her you fool.” Thor bellows.

“Shouldn’t that be for the lady to decide?”

Tony smirks on this realizing that Thor’s little group of friends weren’t aware of the situation.

“Very well… Isa?” Thor offers with a smirk.
Bella laughs.

“Well that depends how do you feel about courting a pregnant Midgardian?”

Fandral rears back a bit.

“Pregnant? But you’re so tiny!” Volstagg remarks.

Hogun dies in laughter as it’s starting to come together. He slaps Thor on the back.

“It’s about time!” He remarks joyfully.

Thor nods with a beam about him.

“Thank you Hogun.”
“What’s about time?” Lady Sif questions.
Thor takes Bella’s hand.

“My friends I’ve finally found the one!”

“You mean to say the child is yours?” Sif asks in disbelief.

Thor nods.

“It was not expected, but I find this to be a wondrous occurrence.”

“I’m sure you do…” Tony smarts bitterly.

“After all your part is done.” He continues on.

“Dad… don’t…” Bella warns.

“A child out of wedlock?” Sif continues on in her skepticism.

“A matter that will be taken care of soon enough sis.”

“I agree my son this is truly a wondrous occasion, something to be celebrated!”

Tony looked to Frigga and Thor peculiarly.

“Two entirely different realms indeed, your son comes to down to my planet plants his seed within MY DAUGHTER. And you all wish to celebrate this?”

“You are unhappy with this?” Frigga questions.

“You’re damn right I am.”

“Dad please, I’m begging you not to do this.”

“I’m sure you all would be whistling another tune if it were the other way around!”

Bella quickly grabs her father’s arm and leads him into a more private corner.

“What are you doing?!” She hisses.

“Acting how a real god damn father should act. These people are nuts. I mean look at this place. And this fake way of them dealing with the situation. Her son goes and knocks up some innocent girl from another realm, yet this woman is all up in arms about it. Doesn’t that seem fishy to you?”
“What exactly are you trying to say pops?”

“I’m saying these Asgardians have tasted the rainbow long enough. Clearly the air around here is filled with acid and Lucky Charms!”

“You’re acting like a jerk dad.”

“Tell me how you really feel.”

“I just did. I don’t think any of this is fake. Not everyone handles things the way you do!”
“I can see that. And how are you not freaking out? How can you be so chill about all this? You’re the one about to squeeze out a god size watermelon soon and being rushed into this whole royal marriage thing.”

Bella shrugs and looks back towards Thor.

“I don’t know. Something just tells me I can trust him. I believe in Thor dad. I honestly feel with him I’m safe and so is the baby.”

Tony pinches his eyes shut in misery.

“I hate this. All of this.”

Bella sighs.

“I’m sorry you feel that way dad.”

“Would it have killed you to end up with a normal guy? Just some boring accountant or maybe even a Walmart busboy.”
“They don’t have busboys at Walmart pops. If you’d ever been in one you’d know this.”

He wrinkles his nose.
“Don’t insult my intelligence.”

“Hmm, besides I’m a Stark dad. We don’t exactly do normal.”

His upper lip curls.

“I’m going to ignore all puns that could be read into that.”

“Probably for the best!” She retorts with a smirk.

She heads back over towards Thor.

“Karma’s such a bitch…” Tony hisses to himself.

Bella closes her eyes for a moment feeling that faint like feeling returning. Thor takes notice and hurriedly scoops her up. Sif narrows her eyes upon this from where she stood with the Warriors Three.

“You must rest, I will take you to my chamber.”
“Um isn’t that what got you two into this mess to begin with?”

Thor ignores him and starts towards his chamber with Bella. Tony puts a hand upon Thor’s shoulder. The Warriors Three come to direct attention aiming their weapons at Tony. Thor motions for them to lower them.

“Separate chamber.” Tony demands.

“I must be able to watch after her. How can I achieve that if she is in another room?”

“Then she’ll stay in mine!”

“Don’t fight…” Bella pleads weakly.

Tony sighs in defeat.

“Fine, I suppose you can’t do anymore damage than what is already done.” He sulks.

Frigga takes Tony by the arm and shows him to one of the guest chambers. Thor lays Bella down in his bed. The sheets were golden silk and the comforter was the color of Thor’s robe. Thor slightly lifted her body and pulled back the covers. He pulled them over Bella. The bed was so comfortable, Bella felt as though she were melting into it. She buried her face into his pillow. Her eyes soon closed Thor moved strands of hair away from her face. He kissed her lips and rose. Thor looked out the window. He thought about Loki and wondered where the hell he was. He still felt on edge about that. Then he still hadn’t a clue where Loki had Odin. Thor folded his arms about his chest.

“Where are you father?” He wondered out loud.

Thor put away his hammer. He then paced about the room. His mind was trying to grasp everything that was happening around him. Thor looked back to Bella in thought. He sat upon the black onyx chair that was at the matching table in his room. Thor’s room was massive. He’d a fireplace, table and couple matching chairs, a few Asgardian plants, a chest at the end of the bed, a walk in closet that contained his wardrobes. He kept in mind to have some dresses made for Bella. He also had a connecting “washroom” as they called it. That would put Bella’s entire bathroom back at her old apartment to shame. Their technology wasn’t as advanced as Earth’s; then again they also worked more with magic. As to why Bella needed to be in Asgardian hands during the birth.

Once the sun went down Thor disrobed. He joined Bella and pulled her into his chest.

Tony looked around the chamber they had in him in incredulity. He half laughs and rolls his eyes. Frigga had showed him around. She even had him some Asgardian clothing sent to the room for in the morning. Red wine was set out on the table about his room. His room was much like Thor’s only a slightly smaller version. The furniture was white onyx and the bed sheets were silver silk and black. Even he couldn’t deny how spectacular this place was. That’s what had him concerned though. He feared he’d lose his daughter for sure. She had everything she needed right here. Why would she need him? He looked out the window in thought. There would be no reason for her to ever return to earth after this.

He opened the red wine and ignored the wine glass that was set out. Tony sat at the edge of the open window that overlooked Asgard. He drank straight from the bottle and watched as the sun set. He groaned in misery thinking even that was too perfect for his liking. Damn this place FUCK ASGARD!

“What’s with you?” Hogun asked Sif.

She shook her head. He nudged her shoulder with his own as they walked outside the palace.

“Try again my friend…” He hints seeing it all over her face.

“I just never imagined Thor could be so irresponsible.”

Hogun raised his brows.

“He hardly knows this Midgardian woman. Yet already he acts as if he’s head over heels. That and she’s already pregnant? Doesn’t all this seem a bit odd to you?”

Hogun shrugs.

“Well in a way, I suppose. Thor seems genuinely happy though.”

Sif shakes her head.

“Something about it all just doesn’t set right with me.”

“And what is that exactly? Or do you even know?”
“She’s Midgardian for one. A bit average for Thor’s liking. It’s just not someone I’d picture him settling down with that’s all.”
“Average? I must say I disagree. I found the Midgardian to be quite pretty.”

Sif scrunches up her nose. Hogun laughs.

“But she is weak… already she seems as though she can barely handle the pregnancy.”

“A little harsh don’t you think? She’s a Midgardian Sif… Of course she’s going to experience some issues. That and she’s carrying the child of a god. I’m sure that alone takes a toll on the human body.”

“All the more proof that Thor wasn’t wise in his decision in choosing a mate.”

“Are you brave enough to share those words with him personally?”

Sif softly laughs.

“Like he would listen to me.”

“Even if he did what would you expect him to do in this situation?”

“The child is Asgardian…”

Hogun looks to her puzzled.

“The child of course belongs here. The Midgardian however does not.”

“She is the mother Sif…”

“Once again, something they both should have thought about before being so careless. He honestly should know better. He doesn’t take his responsibility to Asgard serious enough. I fear he’s in for a rude awakening. I do not see Odin taking kindly to this once he returns.”

“I suppose we will find out within time. However, I do not feel Thor finds himself careless in his decision.”
“And what do you feel on the matter?”

“No matter his decision I trust in Thor. I know he will follow his heart. I feel he has chosen this woman for a very good reason.”

“He didn’t choose her Hogun. Can’t you see what this really is? Thor is too honorable not to go through with this. The Midgardian is with child. Thor will take it upon himself to do what he feels is right. Even if that means he settles down before he is even ready. We all know how Thor is. He is not ready to father a child. Much less take a wife.”

“You do realize this is our friend and future king you speak of.”

“Ay, I do. It’s because he is my friend I speak of the things I do. It causes me great concern. I’m not so sure I trust this Midgardian or her father. How wise is it that we welcome them so quickly? Are we not taking enough risk with Loki still on the loose?”
“Hmmm…” Hogun leans against the walls of the palace and crosses his arms.

Sif sits upon a log and crosses her ankles.

“I suppose we shall wait and see how this all turns out.” Hogun says with a small grin.

Bella giggled as she awoke. Thor was hovering over her with a smug grin.

“Well good morning to you to.”

He quietly chuckles and kisses her.

“I believe you were having some very pleasant dreams…” He says in a hinting matter and rubs against her.

Her eyes widen as he kissed along her neck.

“How do you mean?”

Thor chuckles again.

“You talk in your sleep, amongst other things.”

“I what?”

He nods. Bella felt his bare skin against hers realizing he already had her unclothed. He continued to rub his hard cock along her wet sex. She inhaled deeply with the teasing he was giving her. She could feel him throbbing along her slit.

“Thor…” She uttered in a breathless pleading matter.

He continues with the torturous teasing. She grits her teeth and claws at his back. That egotistical smirk appears on his face.

“What is it you want Isa?” Her body felt even more on fire on his seductive words.

“You…” She replies as she slightly pulls at his hair and obsessively kisses him.

Thor had her so riled up he slid right on in. He kept in mind to keep it gentler than their usual. He had his powers now, he was no longer human. He kept a steady pace and paid close attention to her body mannerisms. He didn’t want to harm her or the child. Even as a god nothing had changed in how he saw her. She felt just as amazing as the first time. If anything Thor found himself craving her even more. Her calling out his name and waking up to her humping him only added to his desire. He loved hearing her say Thor baby in that sultry tone of hers. It drove him mad with sheer lust.

“Isa…” He uttered longing for much needed release.

He couldn’t get over how incredible her pussy felt. The scent of her arousal carried over as he breathed her in.

Bella wrapped her arms around him as if holding on for dear life. His chest was pressed up against her breasts as he drove himself within her. Bella could tell a little bit of difference during sex this time. His dick for one thing felt even denser. In fact his body itself felt more compact in general. She could tell the difference just running her hands along his biceps. Everything about Thor now as rock hard muscle, his touch however remained gentle and pleasuring. Thor pulled out knowing he was about to come and massively he was extremely backed up. Sure enough without even touching himself he shot out with gritted teeth. It landed all over her tits, tummy, and pussy. Bella’s jaw dropped in shock on how much there was. Curiously she dipped her finger in the puddle on her tummy.

“Well I can see how I became pregnant now.”

Thor laughed and he reached over grabbing a white kerchief from his nightstand. He wiped away his mess. He then clears his throat.

“It’d been awhile.”

Bella nods, but the frown returned when she remembered how Loki had him locked away. She wanted to beat the bastards face in.

“I shall draw you a bath.”

“Aren’t you to bathe me?!”

He has a good laugh at this.

“If that’s what the lady wishes…” He says with a wink and exits the room.

She giggles into her pillow. Bella put on the robe, Thor had set out for her. She truly felt as though she were back in time. The windows had no glass to them. Just as medieval times back on earth she reached out her hand and felt the sun beaming down on her. She smiled in thought. Thor came up behind her and picked her up. Her arms wrapped around him as he brought her to his wash room.

“You Asgardians love gold don’t you?”

He shrugs and sits her down on the counter. Thor slips off her robe. Then picks her up once again and places her in the biggest tub she’d ever seen.
“Holy shit…” She uttered.

Thor raised his brows on this. He watched her curiously for a few minutes as she bathed. After she dunked her head under, Thor grabbed a washcloth. When she came back up he was at the tub. His hand was in the water with the cloth. He soaped down the cloth and began bathing her.

“I was teasing you know?”

He nods and pecks her on the neck.

“Hmm… that maybe, but it is I that wishes to worship you.”

“Oh that was very good.”

“Also very true…”

Once he’s done soaping her down he takes of his robe and gets in the tub as well. He gently dunks her under rinsing her off, and then brings her against him. They sat in silence for a few moments. Bella thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of him just holding her. She reached back wrapping her arm around his neck. He kissed along her arm.

Bella however took back a breath remembering Loki’s threat.


“Yes Isa?”

“Why would Loki want to take our child away?”

Thor narrowed his eyes on this.

“He mentioned something about taking me to another realm. He wanted me to give birth. Then he said he’d come to collect the child and raise it as his own. That it would anger you and your father. Why would he want to do something like that?”

Thor’s jaw clenched tightly.

“He said this?!”

“Yes… He let me knew he’d end my life afterword.”

Thor carefully moves Bella over. He steps out of the tub.

“What else did he say Isa? It is important you tell me everything.”

“That was actually it. You showed up not long after.”

Thor nods with fisted hands.

“He had no right to talk to you in such a way even more so coming after you like that! My brother hasn’t any idea the true wrath that lies within my veins at this very moment! As for our child… HE’LL NEVER TOUCH A SINGLE HAIR UPON OUR CHILD’S HEAD! HOW DARE HE EVEN THINK ABOUT SUCH A THING! ALL OF THIS ANGER AND JEALOUSY HE’S NOTHING MORE THAN A CHILD HIMSELF!”

Bella swallowed back and came to her feet as Thor paced about the room. He grabbed a white cloth that was like a towel only much softer and thinner and wrapped it around her. Thor was doing his best to try and calm down. He didn’t want to take the anger he felt towards his brother out on Bella. When they came out of the wash room a dress was and necklace was already set out for Bella on the bed. That was also already made.

“When did…”

Thor merely smiles and starts getting into his regular Asgardian clothes, which were just as dressy as his warrior clothes. Bella guessed it was just a royal blood thing. His robe was black and his tunic was silver and had slight hints of red throughout. Bella curiously watched as he partially tied back his hair.

“How do you do that?”

“And what would that be?” He inquires as he begins to help her into her dress.

She couldn’t’ believe all the layers these things had. Noted they were beyond beautiful, but a pain in the ass to put on.

“Looking sexy in anything you wear. It’s hardly fair I know. I get you’re a god and all, but still…”

He smirks and shakes his head.

“Sexy huh?”

She nods as he clasps the golden choker around her neck.

“Um should I really be wearing this? It looks expensive.”

“That just means you were meant to wear it Isa. You obviously don’t truly grasp just how breathtaking you truly are.”

Thor walks her in front of a lengthwise mirror. Her dress was royal purple and gold. Thor wrapped a black shawl over her dress. She raised her brows in amazement as she glared upon herself in the mirror. She felt as though she were dressed for some fancy ball at Halloween. He leans into her ear.

“You could put any Midgardian or Asgardian woman to shame Isa. That is no lie. Can you not see what I see?”

He takes her hand and twirls her about. Thor pulls her up against his chest and kisses her. Thor then takes her hand and leads her to the breakfast room. Bella giggled to herself once she entered. Tony sighed knowing it was referring to him and what he was wearing. They had him in Asgardian wear as well.

“Quite fetching pops!”

Thor smiles.

“Yes it seems to suit you quite nicely sir.”

“I’m afraid it’s going to take a lot more sucking up than that thunder god.”

Thor nods and pulls out a chair for Bella then pushes her in.

“Then I suppose I keep doing my best to prove myself worthy of your daughter.”

“There is no one worthy enough of my daughter.” Tony declares as he sips from the beverage they had at the table.

Bella shakes her head upon her father in a scolding matter. Nevertheless, they bring out the food. Bella’s eyes widen and she quickly covers her mouth and leaves the room. Tony and Thor simultaneously sigh and watch her run out of the room.

“Poor dear… she must be feeling dreadful.”

Thor and Tony were heading the same direction. Frigga however stopped them both.

“Please allow me…”

Frigga knocks on the door to Thor and Bella’s chamber. When she doesn’t get a direct answer she opens the door. Frigga rushes over and helps Bella to her feet.

“I’m sorry…” Bella apologized feeling embarrassed as she didn’t make it to the bathroom.

“Don’t be… Just us girls. Nothing I haven’t seen or been through.”

Frigga sits Bella down in one of the chairs.

“Please don’t!” Bella pleaded as Frigga took it upon herself to clean up the mess Bella had made.

Bella covered her face in utter humiliation. Frigga softly laughed.

“Do not take shame in being ill. You carry a gift. I wish to help in any way I can. There’s no need to be embarrassed around me. I raised Thor for crying out loud.”

Bella softly laughs at this.

“I can only imagine.” Bella admits.

“Oh he was most certainly a handful. Both boys were actually.”

Frigga hands Bella a glass of water.

“Thank you.”

“It’s no problem at all.”

Frigga sits across from Bella.

“You’re quite lovely I must say.” Frigga admits as she truly looks Bella over.

“I don’t feel so lovely right now.”

Frigga softly laughs.

“Well if this is how you look on your worse day then I can only imagine how exquisite you must be on your best!”

“Ironically, I was thinking about how pretty you were two when we met yesterday.”

“I suppose great minds think alike.”

“Why don’t I go ahead and gather one of our doctors? That and I have a trick I wish for you to try out. For when you’re having one of your nausea spells. I have these smelling salts that have proven to work with our women here in Asgard. Maybe they will work for you as well. They usually wrap it in a kerchief when they get that feeling they simply bring it to their noses and breathe it in. It’s said to work wonders.”
“Smelling salts huh? I’m willing to try anything at this point.”

“Good deal. You just sit here and relax. I’ll fetch one of the doctors.”

Once she leaves the room, Bella covers her face again.

“Ugh, I can’t believe I upchucked in front of the Queen.” She groaned in misery.

“Way to go Bella!”

“So I see it’s a Stark thing.” She hears her father announce as he enters the room.

“What would that be?”

“Talking to yourself when you think no one’s around.”

She blushes.


He laughs.

“So you tossed your cookies in front of the Queen?!”

She rolls her eyes.

“Awesome!” He goes for a high five.

“Now come on… don’t keep me hanging. You know the saying keep high five alive!”

Bella folds her arms about her chest and leans back in her chair. Tony sighs.

“Fine have it your way.”

He sits down and kicks his feet about on the table. He frowns and runs his fingers within the collar of his clothes.

“Kind of itchy… I must say it looks far better on you than me. I look like a fanny boy.”

“A fanny boy? Really pops that’s where you take it?”

“In New York standards, yes! By the way did you hear the news about that soldier?”

“What soldier?”

“It was a few days ago I forgot to mention it. This guy from like World War II or whatever had been frozen for all these years. Until now… It’s crazy story. You really ought to check it out when you get back home…” He says but with this sad expression to his face.

“How is that even possible? I mean shouldn’t the guy be dead or aged so rapidly he died from a heart attack alone?”

“Like I said crazy story, apparently he was part of some sort of experiment back then. They called it the super soldier serum.”

“Hmm sounds cracked.”

Tony laughs.

“I think we’ve both seen enough in this world to know anything’s possible.”

“Seems SHIELD can’t wait to get their hands on him.”


Bella takes in a breath.

“What’s up pops…?”

He presses his lips together and shrugs.

“Come on now…”

Tony sighs.

“We both know I can’t stay long. I just got back from Afghanistan. Pepper can only do so much and as much as I fucking hate to admit it. I know you’re in good hands here. Blondie’s no going to let anything happen to you. That much I can say. I still don’t like the guy or god whatever the hell he is. I still say he’s Asgard’s Fabio.”

“Be nice dad.”

“Could you maybe do me a favor before I go…”
“What’s that?”

“Could you get him to say it just once?”
“Say what?”

“I can’t believe it’s not butter.”
Bella rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

“Fine… I never get what I want!”
“Way to be the adult dad.”

“Hmm… anyway your loverboy let me know I can visit anytime. Apparently that guy with the helmet.”

Bella giggles into her hand.

“Thor called him Heimdall.”

“Ah, well whatever his name is. He sees and knows all or something about the other 8 realms… whatever thunder god was blabbing on about at the table earlier.”
“Would it kill you to call him by his actual name?”

“What’s that again?” He taunts.

Bella sighs.

“Anyway if I announce I want to come to Asgard. Then I’m supposed to be beamed up or something like Star Trek.”

“That’s funny…”
“Why’s that.”

“I mentioned something along those lines once when Thor vanished. A beam of light took him away it was freaky to say the least.”

“I suppose you better get used to it.”

“Look kid, just take care of yourself ok. You also better make damn sure you don’t have that baby without Pepper and I. They better find a way to get us here for that.”

“It’s a deal dad.” She offers her hand and they shake on it.

Tony kisses the top of her head.

“I’ll have a stack of files for you when you return.” He utters with a smirk on the way out.

Bella smiles and shakes her head. For some stupid reason she felt the urge to cry. She blinked her eyes doing her best to force it back. Thor peeked his head in at this point. Bella cleared her throat and wiped her eyes.

“He’s free to visit anytime Isa. I will never keep you away from your family and friends. I hope you know that. I’ve seen what they mean to you. We are alike in that aspect. We hold our family and friends in high regards.”

Frigga steps in with one of the Asgardian doctors.

“Hello, Isabella my name is Sage and I’ll be your doctor.”
“Sage?” Bella inquired with a smile.

“Yes my lady.”

Bella raised her brows towards Thor.

“I wish to examine you to determine how far along you are and we’ll go from there.”

Frigga takes Bella’s hand and gives it slight squeeze. I’ll leave the three of you to it.
“Thank you.”

Frigga nodded and headed out.

“My mother likes you.”

“Well that’s one Asgardian down. I got a list of others to go.”

Thor chuckles.

“I don’t believe you will have any issues Isa.”

The doctor gets her set up on the bed. He was a tall man. Slightly more slender than the other Asgardian men Bella had met so far. He’d cinnamon colored hair and a hint of mustache and beard. Thor took her hand and she kept her eyes directed on him as Sage examined her.

“Ah, yes…” She winced a bit as he felt around.

“A little over 11 to 12 weeks I imagine. “

Bella’s jaw dropped realizing that meant the very first time they had sex. She got pregnant.

“No shit?”
“Isa…” Thor scolded with a slight grin.

She covered her mouth.


He sighs.

“So I’m like three months pregnant?!”

The doctor nods. He then cleans himself and her up.

“Sage can see things that not all of us can, making him one of the best.”

Sage smiles.

“See things?”

“Such as?”

Sage helps her rise back up from the bed.

“Twins…” Sage says with assurance.


Thor’s eyes widen.

“You’re going to have twins, a girl and a boy.”

Bella starts laughing.

“That’s pretty funny doc…”
The doctor shrugs.

“Everything looks fine. I want to see you once a week.” He goes to exit the room.

“You’re certain Isa is having twins?”

“Yes, congratulations!” He calls out and pulls the door shut behind him.

Both Thor and Bella stare upon one another in shock.

“What troubles you my son?” Frigga questions as Thor paced about the throne room.

He comes to one knee before her.

“Thor my son it is only us about the room. Please just tell me what’s on your mind.”

He nods and comes to his feet.

“Mother, I’m not certain what to do. Father is still missing. Loki is still somewhere out there. Then I’ve my responsibilities to Asgard and to my soon to be wife.”

“What does your heart tell you to do?”

Thor takes in a deep breath.

“That father would want me to protect Asgard at all cost.”
Frigga nods.

“Then I believe you already have your answer.”
Thor winces in thought.

“But what of father?”

Frigga cups Thor’s cheek.

“We don’t give up hope. Go be with her. Do not feel guilt on this. She needs you Thor. Your father would understand. Let Heimdall and I worry about the rest for now. The Warriors Three will keep their eyes open as well.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Follow The Rainbow?”

  1. B’s pushing her luck with the classroom stuff. They are gonna get caught if they don’t take care. Glad Jasper told them to leave but I bet its not the last time they’ll see them I’m afraid. Ugh Paul needs a green smack or two.

    How B&B have kept it wuiet all this time is amazing with Ms Jones around. Was thinking E or Dr C would make an “anonymous” phone call or something to the school. Aww for Charlie and Sue. Wonder how long till he finds out about the wolves. Renee is such a witch. Ugh Edward just had to show up. Respect?!?! Ha Ha. Ugh of course she had to get kidnapped. What did Charlie mean? Jessica is such a biatch.

    At least Bruce found the cellphone. That is the bad part of Jasper leaving. No one to watch out for her, esp with Victoria on the loose. and they had to know E would not listen and come back.

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