Chapter 9 Revelations

Chapter 9

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Bella bent down and placed her fingers within the water. She’d never see such a gorgeous water fall. The entire area around it was filled with rainbows. She smiled in thought. She brought up her hand and curiously sniffed the water, wondering if it was anything like back home. Bella shrugged as it didn’t smell or taste any different. She leaned against a nearby tree and watched the waterfall and the bright rainbows it created. As she sat down her fingers ran through the grass and dirt beneath her. So many things reminded her of earth. Then again so many things couldn’t be more opposite. There wasn’t any electricity, gas, or things of the such. This planet wasn’t polluted like that of earth. The air was even fresher, she thought as she took in a deep breath. There were no highways or high rises. She truly felt as though she’d gone back in time. Asgard however, was nowhere near big as earth.

A wave of nausea came over Bella. She tried the smelling salts Frigga had suggested. They seemed to be working like a charm. With one deep breath her nausea would begin to fade and eventually disappear. It was by no means permanent, but very helpful. Her eyes closed and without meaning to she’d fallen asleep. Something she’d noticed as of late, she always felt tired.

She eventually woke to something cold, wet, and making a snorting sound. Her eyes shot open and she jumped at first. Bella took in a breath of relief, seeing it was a beautiful black horse.

“Hey there…” She whispered and slowly brought up her hand.

Bella petted it’s snout. It bobbed his head and nudged her for more petting. She softly laughed and came to her feet. Thor had been looking for Bella so they could discuss wedding plans. He smiled as he watched her interacting with the horse. Bella continued to pet the horse as it begged for her attention. She patted it once more and went to walk away. The horse followed her and nudged it’s snout against her butt. Bella’s eyes widened and she whipped around facing the horse once more. It let out a braying sound and shook it’s head. Thor died in laughter.

“I believe you’ve made a friend.”

Bella shakes her finger upon the horse.

“Easy now…”

She petted it’s head and headed back towards Thor. Thor took her hand and kissed it.

“And how are you feeling?”

“Better thanks to your mother.”
He nods, but chuckles again as the horse was right behind her.

“On you go now. Go find Sif you beast.” Thor demands the horse and waves him off.

The horse brays with disappointment and takes off.

“We shall celebrate tonight.”

Thor smiles, but it soon fades.

“I had hoped for father’s return so that he may be here as well. However, considering the circumstances we cannot wait much longer.”
“Our wedding day ,of course.”

“Right…” Bella says with a certain tone to her voice.

Thor lowers his brows at this.

“What is it Isa?”

“Just still trying to process all this that’s all.”


She looks back towards him as she was pacing the area.

“You do not want this marriage do you?” He questioned with hurt in his voice.

“I just always envisioned things a little differently that’s all.”

“How so?”

“Thor…” She says looking to the ground.

“Isa, just tell me what it is. I wish to help whatever way I can.”

“Well for one I always thought I’d be proposed to Thor not just having it set in stone that we’re to marry. It just makes it feel as though we’re purely marrying for the child’s sake rather than our own. And what about my family and friends? I mean how does this all work? I’d want them at our wedding and for them to be a part of our lives.”

“Proposed to?”

Bella blushes a bit feeling rather silly, but it did truthfully bother her.
“Such as how you’re kind does on Midgard?”

Bella sighs and half laughs.

“But you are not on Midgard anymore. Things are different now Isa.”

“I never said my thoughts were exactly rational.”

“You’re right they’re not. These expectations you have!”

“Excuse me?”

“Can you not see how I feel about you?”

“Can you not see my side of things?!” She fires back

Thor nods and suddenly vanishes within a bolt of lightning.

“Um Thor?” She called out.

She pinched the bridge of her nose as he didn’t return.

“Great… that went well.” She muttered and headed back to the palace.

“Are you alright my dear?” Frigga questioned as Bella entered the palace.

“Yes mam…” Bella says doing a slight curtsey.

She hadn’t a clue how to go about dealing with royalty even that felt weird to her. Frigga was speaking to Lady Sif. Bella went on to her and Thor’s chamber deciding to give them their privacy. Halfway down the hallway. Sif calls out to her.


Bella turns towards around facing Sif. Sif smiles warmly.

“Might we go for a walk? If you’re up to it that is.”


Sif nods and Bella follows her out of the palace.

“It seems word of your and Thor’s engagement has spread across Asgard.”

Bella nods not sure what to say to that. She could only imagine how his people perceived her.

“I can only imagine the amount of pride you must be feeling right now.”

Bella smiles, but it soon fades.

“After all it’s not it’s not every day a Midgardian such as yourself gets impregnated by a god. Of course you do realize how this will reflect on Thor? I can only imagine how his father will feel about such an event. Thor was meant for a higher purpose. You will grow old before his time. You cannot honestly expect him to stay alongside of you. It would be quite cruel don’t you think?”

Bella half laughs and nods. She crosses her arms about her chest.

“Do tell me where you’re going with this Lady Sif.”

“You seem like a smart earthling. I do not believe there is any reason to dig beneath the surface here. We both know how this will turn out.”
“Let’s just pretend I’m not as smart as you assume. Do humor me with your intellect on mine and Thor’s future.”
“That’s just it. There is no future for you and Thor. With all due respect… there is no possible way this could ever work. He’s the god of thunder for crying out loud. You’re merely human. The only thing connecting the two of you at the moment is the child within your womb. And even that could be considered as an abomination. It will be a half breed. I do not even know how it is possible for the lineage to work this way now. How can one that isn’t even a full god be expected to be one day entrusted to the throne?”

“Anything else I should be aware of?”

“I’ve upset you?”

Bella raises her brows on this.

“Gee you think? I get that you Asgardians have a different way of talking and dealing with situations such as this. But I’m not so ignorant that I cannot read between the lines. First of all, our baby is not an IT. Secondly, I really don’t give a damn what you think when it comes to mine and Thor’s future. That’s between us. Thirdly, it seems you’re the only one with the problem of our child being a half-breed. No one else has even mentioned this.”
“Because no one wishes to upset Thor, he has been through so much. I’m afraid you’re only adding to his coexisting problems.”
“Let’s just skip the bullshit and cut to the chase. What is it you think we should do?”

“Thor needs to be free. He will wish to honor the Asgardian name by doing what he deems to be right. So it’s not so much about what he should do. His mind is already made up. He will see this through because he feels it is what’s right. You on the other hand could do him the kindness of releasing him of such vows and expectations. After all he is to be king. There is no place for you by his side once this occasion takes place. No Midgardian woman should ever be queen of Asgard. What I’m trying to say is this… Once the baby is born. It would be wise for you to go back home. I’m sure you miss your family and friends anyhow.”
“And our child.” Bella questions through gritted teeth.

“It would remain here in Asgard. It is the only way this could work. You’d of course be free of any obligations. We would care for the child. You and Thor could go about your separate ways.”

Bella grabs Sif by the collar of her tunic.



One of the Asgardians quickly yanks Bella off Sif. He was as big as Thor only he had cropped chestnut hair and was clean shaven.

“Balder…?” Sif inquired as if in disbelief.

He wore a deep blue warrior’s tunic and royal purple cloak. He looked Bella over.

“I take it you’re Isa?”

Bella nods and he releases her. The man does a slight bow.

“It is an honor. My name is Balder, God of Light. I’ve just returned from my journey and heard the wonderful news.”

Sif rolls her eyes. Balder catches this and looks upon her.

“Can it be that I’m detecting some jealously? You should know better Sif. Whatever history you and Thor had… that’s all it is now. I do believe it’s time to move on. No sense I taking it out on his wife to be.”

Bella looks to Balder and then to Lady Sif.

“History?” She questions.

Balder grimaces, realizing she hadn’t a clue. Sif shakes her head. Bella starts laughing.

“Of course… it all makes sense now.”

Bella’s entire face grew red with humiliation. She walks away heading back to the palace.

Balder turns to Lady Sif.

“What has come over you?! Does Thor’s happiness mean nothing to you! I happened to have heard every word you said to that Midgardian woman. I never knew you to be so cruel! You damn near make Loki look better in comparison sister! I’ve never been so ashamed of one of my own.” He points upon her.” This will rip Thor’s heart out! Have you any idea what you could have caused or might still could cause?! You and Thor had one drunken night! ONE! You read far more into it than he never had. And don’t dare consider using his guilt on this. You know he feels guilt to this day. He blames himself for what happened that night. You however woman, are just as much to blame. You see Thor might’ve been too drunk to remember! However, I was not! I remember very well what took place that night. You never were one to hold your liquor very well. And you were all over him. Whatever hopes you had of you and Thor that’s all they are and ever were. Just hopes. You are not children anymore and things to tend to die down. I’m sorry Sif, I truly am. But I will not allow you to take it out upon his wife to be or their children. That is beyond cruel and we are not cruel are we Sif? I truly hope not. Or do I need to question where your loyalty truly lies and is Loki the true son of an Frost Giant or is it YOU WOMAN! At the moment I cannot tell the difference!”

Sif’s jaw drops.

“Leave the Midgardian woman and her child be! I mean it Sif. I will be keeping my eye on you. Do not disappoint me again. I’ve always had Thor’s back and I will continue to in whatever decision he makes. If he had any inkling of this! I do not even want to imagine the amount of pain he would feel. He thinks you are his friend even refers to you as his sister! You should feel shame in yourself.”

“Tell me I’m wrong!”

“Very well, YOU’RE WRONG! IS that clarification enough for you?! I never knew you of all could be so shallow. This is just like the time Loki put that curse on you!” Balder runs his fingers through her locks of hair.

“You were so vain you thought you’d simply die when you lost your golden locks. You truly believed that you would die because your beauty was tarnished. But you never were tarnished. You were still just as beautiful, in fact you still are.” He puts a single finger to the area of her heart.

“The only thing that is tarnished is this…” Balder rests his forehead against hers.

He then kisses it.

“If only you weren’t so blind. Then again, you never could see anything past Thor.”

Balder caresses her cheek and walks away. Sif swallows back and puts a hand upon her cheek and watches as he walks away.

Bella answers the knock at the chamber door, Balder nods towards her.

“Might I come in?”

“Um sure…” She says with a shrug and steps aside.

Balder enters the room and looks around.

“I apologize on Lady Sif’s behalf.”
“Don’t… If anyone should be apologizing it should be her.”

Balder sighs.

“Might I sit down Ms? It’s been quite a long journey. I’ve only had time to speak with her majesty and once I learned of you, I had to meet you.”

Bella motions him over to the table. She sits across from him. She couldn’t help, but to realize just how much alike Thor and Balder were. She caught herself doing a double take. Bella cleared her throat hoping he didn’t take notice of the odd looks she was cutting him. He could damn near pass as Thor’s blood brother she found herself thinking. Balder sighs and leans back in his chair.

“Then at least allow me to apologize for the way you found out about Sif and Thor. I just truly hope you take my word for it. There is nothing here between them, at least not when it comes to Thor’s feelings. He hasn’t seen any romantic interest in Lady Sif in quite sometime. They truly shared just the one drunken night together. I can assure you, the only reason for Thor not telling you was out of his own shame. Thor took what he’d done pretty hard. He felt he’d dishonored Lady Sif there was a time the two were very close. In fact so close that Odin and other Asgardians automatically assumed that they were meant to be. That one day Sif and Thor would rule Asgard together as husband and wife and do Asgard proud with the children of a warrior and a god. However over the years Thor’s feelings had changed. He began to see Sif more like a sister rather than a potential love interest. Whilst Sif’s as you can see never did change.” Bella noticed the look of disappointment on Balder’s face.

“Without meaning to Odin had put into Sif’s mind that she and Thor were meant to be. Honestly, I feel he was more focused on the potential power that could reside within Asgard if they had eventually married.”
“Great, so no pressure right?” Bella emits sarcastically.

Balder laughs.

“Believe me when I say you have nothing to worry about. If the Queen says her son’s feelings are true, then that they are.”

“I don’t question Thor’s feelings for me. I’m more concerned on how his father will feel once he returns.”

Balder nods in thought.
“We shall cross that road when the time comes. And thank you…”

“Not pertaining to his majesty in the past tense.”

“Believe me, I know that feeling all too well.”

“Hmmm… I shall wish to hear your story if you do not mind.”

“It’s rather long.”
“I’ve just returned, believe me I do not wish to go anywhere for sometime. I could use a good story. I wish to learn more of the one that’s managed to gain the heart of my dear friend.”

Bella shrugs and begins her story.

Everyone in the SHIELD building stops what they’re doing as Thor appears on their monitors. He was shouting something outside of the headquarters. Tony pinches the bridge of his nose and everyone looks upon him.

“Friend of yours?”

“More like a thorn in my side.”

Thor was just about to take his hammer to break in. Tony quickly gets on the speaker.

“No, no. There’s no need for that now.”

Thor stops and looks up towards the camera’s. He looked desperate, lost, and confused.
“I need your help.”

Tony’s heart dropped.
“Let him in!” Tony demands.
“Excuse me?” Fury barks.

“Let him in!” Tony repeats.

“I don’t believe you call the orders around here.”

Tony grabs Fury by the collar of his shirt.
“YOU really want baby Heuy knocking your door down? That just so happens to be the father of my future grandkid. You will let him in!”

“I will do no such thing!”

Captain Steve Rogers separated the men.
“Fine, your little mission you wanted my help on. You can forget it!” Tony grabs his jacket.

“We need you to help us find Dr. Banner!”
“Sucks don’t it?!” Tony fires back and starts to rush out of the headquarters.

Fury has his people open the doors allowing Thor into SHIELD Headquarters.

“I need your help.”

“Is Bella alright?”
“Isa is fine, but she is not very happy.”

Tony smiles.
“Oh is that so?”

Thor nods as if disappointed.

“I’ve upset her in how I’ve done things. I’m not accustomed to your ways. I could use your help.”

Tony sighs with frustration.

“And humor me what is it you need?”

“She has let it be known that her wishes were that I would have proposed.”

Tony dies in laughter.

“A little late for that don’t you think?”
“I do not find this a laughing matter. She’s is truly upset.”
“Well I can imagine so.”

“Can you show me?”

“Show you?”

Steve raises his brows on this. The other SHIELD members look upon him peculiarly. Clint however overheard this and shook his head. Natasha smacked him in the back of the head.

“Be nice.”


However Thor freezes and his attention goes on Captain Steve Rogers. He snarls back. Tony raises his brows on this.
“Trust me, I had the same reaction. Looks a bit familiar don’t he. Only the other is peewee in comparison. ” Tony admits.

Thor aims his hammer at Steve. Steve folds his arms about his chest and looks around making certain it was him Thor was looking upon.

“You know, I don’t think I like you.”

“With all due respect, you don’t even know me.” Steve replies wondering why Clint, Tony, and now this new guy acted this way around him.

“I know, but I still do not like you!” Thor bellows.

Tony laughs. He then looks to Fury.

“You teach him.”

“Excuse the hell out of me?!”

“I think you know where the bathroom is by now.”
“Don’t get smart with me Stark.”
“Too late, I just so happen to be highly intellectual. All the more reason you need me! You want Iron Man’s help on getting Banner. Then you do this one solid for me.”

Tony pats Thor on the back.

“He’s the one you want to go to. Colonel Fury you always were a bit of a ladies man weren’t you? You know back in your hayday?”

Fury shakes his head bitterly and watches as Tony exits the building. Fury looks to Thor.

“And who the hell are you?”

Thor no longer saw the point in hiding.
“My name is Thor. I come from Asgard. I’m the God of Thunder!”

“Ok…” Fury says and grabs his jacket.

“So what do thunder god’s like to eat?”

“Whatever Isa’ cooks.”
“Isa huh? Well we might have to improvise.”

“So you’re telling me that you not only come from another realm, but you’ve managed to knock up Stark’s daughter? No wonder he’s pissed the fuck off lately. You stole his little girl.”
“She’s not all that little and I can assure you I did not steal her.”


“When are you going to tell me how to go about this proposal the way you Midgardians do?”

“Midgardians huh?” Fury bites into his burger and chews before giving a direct answer.

“First of all you need a ring and not just any ring. It’s gotta be the one… That and drop this whole god attitude. You’re not helping anyone especially yourself.”
“But I am a god.”

Fury nods and sips from his chocolate shake.

“That maybe… But you’re not THE GOD. There is only one!” Fury points to the ceiling.

Thor looks to him confused.

“Thou shalt not have any other gods before me. Does that happen to ring a bell?”

“I do not understand what you’re talking about.”

Fury sighs.

“Look… let’s just forget the whole bigger picture and go to the one that really matters to you. Ok so you’re a god. However, the woman you’re in love with is not. She may very well love you at the moment, but if you keep up this little ego complex of yours, pregnant with your child or not. You will only run her off. You pretty much let it be known that she and her father had no choice in this. In our society, our realm even. Women don’t take to kindly to that. They’re all about women’s rights and things such as that. Now I’ve known Bella since she was a little tyke. If there’s one thing I know she’s one of the strongest, smartest people on this god forsaken planet. How you managed to win her over? Hell I haven’t a clue, but you did. Don’t you think for even a second that her being with child is going to keep her by your side. You got to prove to her that you can be humble. Because right now from what I’ve heard on her father’s side of things and yours. You’re only setting yourself up for failure. These demands and expectations you have. They will only get you so far before you scare her off. That and you need to find some way to win her father over.

I’ve never seen a father daughter relationship tighter than theirs. Believe me if you do not win Stark over you will NEVER win her over. It’s just one of those things. You need to find the center balance in your relationship. Treat her as your equal rather than barking orders of what’s expected of her now. Put yourself in her shoes. Think about how you would feel. Having your world flipped completely upside down taken away from your father and pretty much being told that that’s just how things are. That you have no choice, but to go through with everyone else’s expectations.”
Thor sighs and leans back realizing he had been there, but hadn’t realized he was doing the very thing Loki did to him to Bella. Without meaning to he’d banished her from her own world and made such demands of her. He prayed to the All-Father that she would forgive him, not knowing that his situation had become infinitely more difficult.

“Ah, Thor!”

Thor narrowed his eyes in disbelief. On two things as well, one his best friend was finally back. Two he’d just come out of his and Bella’s chamber. Thor looked to the door in thought.

“Come now brother!” Balder said and opened his arms to Thor.

Thor smiled even through his own odd insecurities. He patted his back as he hugged Balder.

“Been quite some time my friend.”
“Yes it has. How did your journey go brother?”

“Ah, I missed home! Let’s just say I don’t have any plans to leave again anytime soon. I wish to keep my feet planted.”
“That’s wonderful news. We’re glad to have you back.”

Balder looks towards the door.
“It seems you and I have some catching up to do.”

Thor takes in a breath.

“That we do. Are you to come to the celebration tonight?”


“In honor of mine and Isa’s wedding.” Thor says, but with a hint of apprehension to his voice.

Balder sighs taking notice.

“Not having doubts now, are we brother?”

“I’m not used these uncertainties and thoughts that course through my mind as of late.”

“Then you might wish to take heed before entering that room.”

Balder pats him on the shoulder.

“Some rather new events took place after you left her. Not only did you not explain to her where you were going, but you just took off. That and let’s just say some skeletons fell out of certain closets today.”
“How do you mean Balder?” Thor says with slight dread to his voice.

“Let’s just say no matter how beautiful the young Midgardian is. I do not envy you at the moment.”

Thor swallows back and glances back towards the door yet again.

“Good luck my friend. I tried to talk her down, but it seems you had already dug somewhat of a grave before my arrival.”

Thor nods and watches as Balder walks away. Thor heads to the chamber door and places his hand upon it for a moment. He bravely opens it to see Bella at the window. Night was beginning to fall and the wind was picking up some. Her hair was blown back by the breeze as she turned to him.


She shuts her eyes for a moment and turns back towards the window. Thor makes his way over and gently runs a hand along her shoulder. He went to kiss her neck, only to have her step away from him. The beginnings of tears were in her eyes.

“You left without a word in the middle of a heartfelt conversation.”

He goes to say something.

“NO! You’re going to hear me out and don’t you even think about vanishing on me!”

Thor nods in defeat and quietly listens to what she has to say.

“I’ve been nothing, but perfectly honest with you. I haven’t withheld anything from you. I told you things that no one else knows about me. I literally dropped whatever life I had back on my planet just for you and our unborn children. I love you Thor and I get it ok. You’re a fucking god! Well when I fell for you, you weren’t! You had to survive our world just as any “Midgardian” would. Yeah I’m human ok, but so were you at one point. You truly think your fucking powers impress me? I could give a flying fuck about your abilities. That’s not the part of you I fell for. You were different. Only you get your powers back, you find out I’m pregnant and the man that fell from the sky on that very first day returns. You hold yourself on this pedestal and at times I feel I can’t keep up! I don’t envy you by no means, so let’s get that straight. I wouldn’t want the burden, that is to one day be on your shoulders. I know you have a lot on your mind and I get it trust me if anyone understands where you’re coming from it’d be me. It wasn’t that long ago I had to walk in my father’s footsteps. And he’s not even fucking royalty, even if he’s treated like it or think’s himself to be often enough.” Bella sighs realizing she’s getting off track.

“I wanted you to ask for my hand in marriage. Not to be thrown into the deep end as if it’s just merely expected out of me. That’d I’d feel…” She wipes her eyes as the tears make their appearance. She sucks back a breath trying to fight them.

“This is just starting to feel more like a business arrangement than a wedding.”
“Isa… that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Bella leans against the wall with one hand a few tears land on the floor.

“When were you going to tell me about her Thor.”
“Her?” He inquires.

Bella snaps a look back towards Thor.

“Don’t… you know damn well who I’m talking about. What else are you hiding from me? I mean here we are about to wed and I’m to have your children! I could be future Queen one day. Yet you don’t even trust me enough to tell me you had a one night stand with Sif!”

Thor stumbles back as though he’d literally been socked one.

“Balder explained everything to me. But it shouldn’t have been him. It should have been you. He tried his hardest to make you seem like this white knight. The only part I kept having trouble with was the part where I gave you my all. Yet you withheld from me.”

Bella half laughs as he hears the celebration about to begin.

“I’m not really in a celebrating mood. You should go catch up with Balder and the rest of your friends. I’m tired. I’ve asked your mother to set me up in another chamber for the time being. I just need some time to think and it’s not like I can go home.”

Thor closes his eyes. Bella heads towards the door.


She freezes at the door.

“Isa, I love you and I want you in my life, I always will. Even if there were no child involved, I know what it is I feel and it’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt. However, I would never want you to do something you do not wish to do. It is your decision on what it is you want. If you wish to marry me then I’d be the happiest being within the nine realms. If you do not, I will respect your decision and have your back always. Nothing you could do would ever make me stop caring and fall out of love with you. Even if you so happened to fall for another one day. My heart, it belongs to you. For that I apologize ahead of time, no matter your decision. I know it is not fair to you, but I can no more control my feelings then that of the weather as they say on your realm. If you deny me, I would not blame you. I do not deserve you and I know that. Your father was right. No one could ever amount to what you truly deserve Isa. I maybe a god, but you are an angel. That is how I first saw you and it is how I will always see you. I once thought to myself, but angels they do not exist. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now when I say angel… I do not mean in the terms of beauty in which you most certainly have, angel as in spirit. You are so full of life. You don’t have any problem standing up to anyone when you’ve been crossed, even me. That was my draw to you. You say it how it is. You live the way you want. You don’t let anyone tell you any different or stand in your way. Therefore, I will tell you this much. If you decide this is not what you want we will find a way to make it work with our children. I would never keep them from you and I know you feel the same on that. I don’t even have to question it. My fellow Asgardians and parents are sure to frown upon it. But it is yours and our children’s happiness that mean the most to me. If that means we cannot be together as husband and wife in order for you to have that. Then so be it. I will not stand in your way. As I stated before I have your back I always will.” He sighs.

“As for Sif… I’d wanted to tell you Isa. Truth of the matter was I was ashamed. I didn’t want you to see me that way. Even more so after what your ex put you through, part of me felt as if I told you about that. You would assume I was no better than Johnny. I didn’t want to be another one of your ex’s. I wanted something more. So I went about it cowardly, buy trying to hide it and hoped that you would never find out. You’re right. I should have come to you. I should have been forward from the beginning. I not only hurt Sif, but myself and my own honor. Here I was the son of Odin. I went and had a drunken night with a very good friend of mine. One I’d never wished to cause any pain or humiliation. I took advantage of her! I treated her as though she were a mere harlot, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sif didn’t deserve what I did. And I knew…”

Thor pinches his eyes shut.

“Isa…” He leans against the wall looking ill.

“I knew how she felt about me. I always have and I took advantage of that. In my head I knew I could get her to do whatever I wanted. At the time, it I didn’t think, I merely allowed it. It wasn’t until the next morning. I had my walk of shame. I woke up and saw my friend beside me in bed. She smiled at me and I knew then just what I’d done. Sif couldn’t have been happier in our arrangement. Only she read more into it then I. I used her Isa. I KNEW HOW SHE FELT AND I STILL CHOSE TO TAKE THAT ROAD! I hated myself! I still hate myself! What I did was beyond cruel and unforgiveable. And it seems I owe you yet another apology not just for leaving without telling you why and because of the past I kept hidden from you, but because… I made you think I was mad at you because you were comparing me to the men of your realm. That wasn’t why… I was mad at myself! Because when you asked what this was. I remembered, I was one of those men! I’d hurt someone very close to me because, I acted a fool. And when you questioned me about us… I’m sorry… Isa, I can never apologize enough you deserve so much more than I could ever possibly offer. You should know and I pray you know! When I was with you, it was out of love and passion. It wasn’t just about lust! Those men were in your apartment! They’d means to harm you! The things they said and did! Then you didn’t come home and my mind wandered and my fears became so strong that when you entered that door all I could think about was how madly in love I was with you and how badly I wanted to be with you. I was so thankful you were alright.”

Bella nods part of her wanted to reach out to him. The other part was broken and confused.

“Goodnight Thor.”

Heimdall turned to Bella as she approached him.

“My father… how is he?”

Heimdall nods and narrows his eyes. He turns to Bella with a bit of alarm to his face.

“He’s dying.”

“Something is wrong.” Heimdall points to the center of his chest.

“Right here…”
“Send me back!”

Heimdall sighs and looks around.

“Please sir, you can’t let this happen! Send me to my father!”

Bella appears before the house. She takes off running and enters the living room. Her dad was on the couch. Bella screamed out as her father looked to have had a hole in his chest. It wasn’t until she got closer that she saw the metal like cylinder within his chest. Bella grew desperate trying to figure something out.

“Dad…” She shook him with tears in her eyes.

“…gar… age…”

She pulled back at his words only his eyes closed.

“NO! Dad please.”

Bella took off fast as she could to the garage praying that’s what he was trying to say. She looked for whatever he was trying to tell her. She saw the device that looked about the size of the hole in his chest. Bella grabbed the item and rushed off. Blue veins were spread across her father’s body and he was powder white. Her hands shook as she tried to figure out what to do.

“Dad… please you can’t do this to me.”

She pleads as her hands continue to shake. Bella looks to the device and begins to quickly do whatever she can think of. She manages to get the arc reactor in. Her father sucks back a breath.

“Dad…” She reaches out to him just as she gets yanked back.

Tony falls off the couch trying to get to her. He crawls on the floor out of desperation reaching to her.

“No… not her.”

“She was the one I really wanted.” Obadiah sneers and forces Bella up by the roots of her hair.

He takes off with her. Bella struggles in his hold. She sends back her elbow and gets him good in the sternum. Obadiah slams her head up against the back of trunk, knocking her out. He pops open the trunk. Pepper was already cuffed and tied up inside.

“I knew she’d come.” He utters to Pepper with a devilish smirk.

“You know Ms. Potts…” He tosses Bella in next to her.

“I’m curious… Just who do you think he’ll choose?”

He roughly pulls Bella back up against him.

“His precious little girl? Or his lover and best friend? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.”

He shoves Bella back down. Pepper tries to scream out, but her mouth was gagged. He slams down the trunk door and hurriedly gets in the limo. They sped off leaving Tony crawling amongst the ground as he desperately tries to regain his strength.

Thor had told his mother that Isa wasn’t feeling very good. Still the festivities continued, it was just the Asgardian way of doing things. They loved a good celebration no matter the occasion. Frigga simply spread the word that Bella wasn’t well. Thor himself wasn’t in a celebrating mood. He’d kept to himself most of the night. Balder nonetheless, knew something wasn’t right. Thor wasn’t even having his usual drinks. He just sat there while everyone danced and drank themselves silly. Balder patted him on the back.

“Let’s go…”

Thor shrugged and followed. They went for a walk and were exchanging stories of what all had taken place over the last year or so during Balder’s absence. Balder knew that Thor needed to know the truth about what took place with Sif and Bella. He hated to do this to Sif, but he knew deep down this was her own doing. Balder regrettably told Thor everything he’d overheard between the two women. By the time he was done Thor looked as though he’d have a complete meltdown. Thor was just about to approach Sif himself, when Heimdall approached them in a panic.

“It’s Isa!”

Thor and Balder stopped in their tracks.

“What do you mean Heimdall?”

“You must go to Midgard at once! She’s in trouble!”

“What is she doing there?!” Thor bellows at Heimdall and grabs him by the collar.

“Easy, my friend.” Balder pries him off Heimdall.

Thor grits his teeth.

“WHERE?!” He roars.

“Her father, go to him!”

Thor nods and takes off.

Thor lands in a crouching matter before the Stark house. He rushes over and see’s Tony crawling about the ground outside. He was trying to brace himself up using the walling of his house. Thor hurriedly helped him to his feet.

“Bella…” Tony uttered breathlessly.

Thor lowered his brows.
“Sir!” Thor braces Tony against him and leads him back into the house.

Tony half mumbles, “I hate you.”

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Revelations”

  1. Can’t wait for E to die. Love B kicking his ass. Oh no Charlie?!?!? Grr for those stupid Kings for making B think that. Glad Jasper is helping bruce. Hope they can get Charlie out of there. Grr fucking doucheward trying to kill him. Hulk Baby Smash; ROFLMFAO. Puny Kings; Love it!!!. Why would he need to leave? They are in Italy not forks? Are they afraid of him being followed? I like Charlie knowing but not Bruce leaving.

  2. Oh wow. Sif is a real piece of work. Glad Bella stood up to her and to Thor as well. Aww for him going to Tony to ask for help. Fury is too funny. Ack Obidiah!!!!!

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