Chapter 1 Toeing The Line

Shield Mates

This is a Bella/Captain America aka Steve Rogers story pairing. This story is rated MATURE for a damn good reason ladies now drink up! Gamma warning my computer’s had a radiation leak… Some characters may be affected. Movies/Comics fusion! Agent Frank Nelson is my bitch… I just made him up think of Sean William Scott portraying him.


“Get your acts together!” Nick yells at his team.

Bella rolls her eyes as Iron Man finally makes his appearance.

“Bout fucking time.” Bella hisses as he swoops past.

“Well I couldn’t let you have all the fun.”

She tucks and rolls as a droid fires directly at them. She points to Iron Man.

“Don’t you even get me started on you Tin Can!”

Bella flinches as a droid comes flying straight for her. She quickly dodges as it punches through the asphalt beneath her. She fires her gun directly at its chest. The sparks fly into her face. She shouts out as it burns her lip and cheek. She tries to lift the heavy machine off her, but it won’t budge. She grits her teeth continuing to struggle. It’s suddenly lifted off her and tossed aside. He offers her a hand up.

“You’re late…” She teases.

He grins.

“Am I?”

“You act as though you’re traveling from another planet.” She taunts whilst taking out another droid.

“You don’t say!” He smugly says slams his hammer against another set of droids.

They’re sent flying back.

“I gotta get me one of those.”

“Oh sure! You’re all chipper around him…” Iron Man hints.


Bella hollers out as she’s lifted into the sky. Iron Man sighs and takes off after her. Bella fires her last rounds. The droid drops her as it malfunctions. Iron Man catches her before she plummets to the ground.

“You’re welcome!”

Bella looks to him for a moment, but turns her attention towards something else.

“Frank three o clock!”

He turns and fires.

“Thanks babe!”

She nods and rushes towards the building; that had her attention at the moment.


Bella takes off running. A beam is fired her direction. She quickly slides against the asphalt. She growls out as the skin on her arm; is peeled back from the friction. She quickly rolls under an eight wheeler taking cover. It fires again and the truck is in flames. Yet again she rolls out. She continues to run seeing Ultron heading towards building. He was a silver machine much like Iron Man. He’d crimson eyes and mouth. His body was made from adamantium. The thing damn near indestructible. One of Tony Stark’s inventions; gone haywire and unleashed… Jarvis had taken over. With his own intelligence behind the droid; only Jarvis wasn’t so nice anymore. The AI had gone evil. Her heart raced in fear.

“Heads up Agent Swan!”

She hears Nick. Bella quickly drops to the ground. She hears Nick firing away. Nick swiftly helps her up and they both take off towards the building. They both tuck and roll as a beam is shot directly between them.

“Colonel Fury!”

She steps across the debris as Nick was thrown through a wall. He groans out.

“Jesus!” She offers a hand.

“That sucked.” He gruffly says dusting himself off.

She softly laughs. She takes notice of Hawkeye running along one of the roofs of a nearby building. He reached back into his pouch. Bella sighs.

“When will he ever learn?”

Nick looks over to see what she’s talking about.

“Out of arrows again…”

“Nothing new.”
She says, but turns her direction back towards the particular building again. He was getting too close for comfort. The earth beneath them shakes. Bella turns and nearly screams. His eyes locked with hers for a moment.

Nick laughs.

“You always react the same to him. Think you’ll ever get used to Hulk?”

“Fuck no. He’s one scary son of a bitch!”

“Funny he’s the tamer of them all.”

“Whatever you say director.”

Bella turns back.

“Dammit, I think he knows.”

Nick sighs.

Frank makes his way over.

“Let’s go Agent Nelson.”

Frank winks upon Bella. She warmly smiles and they take off. Her heart drops as they finally managed to get there. The building had been invaded. Bella fought her way through trying to check on the bunker their loved ones were in. Ultron flew right past her. Thor dropped in through the hole in the roof. Both shared the same look of panic. Bella took off again. The ground beneath had been busted through. She heard Charlie and Jane below.

“You guys alright?”
“Yeah…” Jane answered.

Bella sighed in relief.

“OK Jane, Dad step back. We’re gonna get you out.”

Thor nodded upon Bella and he jumped in. He picked up Jane and Bella took her hand helping her out of the bunker. He then helped Charlie as she took her father’s hand. Thor began to help the others out. She continued to help Thor get the others out. She was leaning over as he handed off a little girl. Bella had her in her grasp and was about to hand her off to Jane.

Bella came to a full stop.

Ultron nodded directly upon her and fired a beam. Bella shrieked out and reached out her hands. She flew back against the impact that hit the others. Thor had another person in his hold as he heard the commotion. He leaped out to see Bella crawling on her hands and knees towards the others. His eyes widened and he turned.


He ran towards Jane. Bella crawled towards her father.


“Jane…” Thor utters completely shattered.

“Dad… Please…”

She shook Charlie in her hold. She winced seeing the blood on his shirt.

“Bells…” He groaned out.

Bella grimaced as she lifted his shirt. She pressed her hand down on the wound. But she could see his insides and already knew. She locked eyes with Charlie. She pulled him into her arms.

“It’s ok Bells…”

She shakes her head. Tears ran down her face as his eyes came to a close. She looked up to see Thor holding Jane. His teeth were gritted he too had tears running along his face.

“Jane…” Bella whispered.

Thor pinched his eyes shut. Once he opened them; he and Bella looked upon one another. The both of them without words; completely broken. Bella lowered her eyes back down to Charlie. Beside her was the little girl. Everyone she and Thor pulled out now lifeless. Bella reached out to the little girl. She took her hands and simultaneously closed their eyes. Bella came to her feet. The area around her spun. Thor took off with Jane in a bolt of lightning. Bella came to her knees as she looked upon the bodies. She screamed out and pulled at her hair.

From there Bella made her way out. She walked down the road in a trance. The war continued around her. Bella threw down her weapons each step she took. She ignored everything around her. One of the droids landed right in front of her.

Thor and Hulk look over. Bella walked up to the droid. She took its hand and put it to her heart.

“Get it over with.”
Iron Man flew past as he heard Nick shouting at Bella. He looked down seeing the scene as well.

“What is she doing?!”

The droid begins to light up.
“ISA NOOOO!” Thor shouts as he still had Jane in his hold.

Hulk quickly bounds over. He picks up the droid and smashes it with his bare hand. He scoops Bella up looking her over. Her eyes roll back and Bella passes out.

Chapter 1

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Please read then leave your review.

Four years ago…

“What’s this?” Bruce questions looking to the file; Tony had tossed over.

He’s was going over some lab work. Tony shrugs and kicks back on one of Bruce’s chairs. He props his feet on one of the tables. Bruce takes off his glasses and sighs.

“Do you mind? I’m trying to work here.”

Tony reaches over and grabs Bruce’s red apple. He starts eating it. He motions toward the file as he chews.

“Might want to look into that.”
Bruce shakes his head.

“I was going to eat that.”

Tony goes to hand back the half eaten apple. Bruce takes in an irritated breath. He then opens the file. He sees the picture of the young girl by the name of Isabella Marie Swan.

“What’s this?”

“Just keep reading.”

Bruce grows pale as he continues to read through the files. Tony curiously watches the expression on Bruce’s face.

“This can’t be correct.”

“Oh it is. Trust me I checked into it myself. She’s a spitting image of Betty. She’s also top of her class. So she’s got daddy’s wits as well.”

Bruce pinches the bridge of his nose.

“She had a child?”

Tony shakes his head and tosses the apple core into the trash.

“Correction she didn’t impregnate herself.”

“Why didn’t she ever tell me?”

“I don’t know. Maybe, because General Daddy dearest is a bit of a jackass?”

Bruce saw where the adoption papers were signed by General Thaddeus Ross. He’d given her up after Betty died giving birth to Isabella. She was adopted out to a Renee and Charlie Swan they reside in Forks, Washington.

Bruce stumbles back a bit as the room seemed to spin all the sudden.

“Whoa… easy now.”

“This isn’t real. What game are you trying to play here Tony?”

Tony rears back a bit.

“Now we both know when it comes to things like this. I don’t play around Bruce.”

“Why would you even look this up? What made you even think to?”

“Boredom maybe? I don’t know just did.”

“Well you’re wrong. Betty and I never had a child!”

“Hmm… Well if it were me personally. I’d look into it. Think about it. A part of Betty is still out there.”

“Even if so what the hell do I do with a teenage daughter? One that’s seems to be doing quite fine without me.”

“Aren’t you just the least bit curious?”

Tony comes to his feet.

“Anyway you keep that. Thanks for the apple!” Tony leaves and Bruce glances towards the file once more. A wave of nausea hit. His heart raced. He opened the file and looked upon the picture once again. Tony was right. She was a spitting image of Betty Ross.

“Betty…” He whispered softly.

Bruce sits in the car and waits in the school parking lot. He becomes frozen as she walks out of the building. She was placing ear buds into her ears. Isabella pulled her hood over her head and was heading towards a red truck. He noticed a boy following behind her. He narrowed his eyes as the tall, lanky, rustic haired boy leaned directly into her and breathed her in. Bruce noticed as they walked by how dark the boy’s eyes had become.

She continued to walk clueless to the boy directly behind her. Another blonde haired boy ran right up to her. He put his arm around her shoulder and was talking to her. The rustic haired one looked pissed. Bruce sighs and he leans back as he watches in the rearview mirror.

“Great…” He mumbled; realizing she certainly grew the attention of the teenage boys.

She really is a spitting image of her mother. He thought in misery. Bruce stepped out of the car. He knew he was taking too much of a chance. But he wanted a better look. He was curious about how her voice sounded. Who were her friends? Was she happy? What kind of parents were Renee and Charlie Swan? He felt robbed. He knew nothing of his daughter’s past. He lost all the years of her childhood. His hands shook in thought. He didn’t understand. Bruce felt on edge and nervous as he looked upon her. He wanted to talk to her, but knew that was pushing it. He didn’t belong in her life and he knew that. She was better off. Especially, considering the obvious. He’d no room for a child in his life. Still, he felt betrayed by Betty’s father. The man always hated Bruce’s very existence. Hated him even more for ever having loved his daughter. Bruce had wanted to marry Betty. No other woman had even come close in comparison to the way he felt about Betty.

Now here he was in the parking lot of some small town school. He lurked in the shadows from a distance watching “their” daughter. The last thing left of Betty Ross and any proof that she had ever existed.

The ground beneath his feet was slick. He watched from a safe distance. Bella was leaned back against her truck her eyes were closed. Before Bruce could clearly think. He heard the sound of screeching wheels. He narrowed his eyes that direction. A van had lost control in the parking lot. He turned realizing it was heading right for Bella. Bruce transformed without another thought. He quickly dashed over and bound right before the van. He took the hit and quickly escaped before she even took notice. However, the rustic hair boy did. They locked eyes for a moment. He too had gone to save Bella. That’s when Bruce realized there was something off about the boy. How’d he get there fast? But Bruce got there before the boy had.

He hadn’t time to question it further. He took off into the woods and forced himself to calm down; so he could change back. Once he turned back around. The boy now stood before him.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” He snapped.

Bruce cocked a brow as he was now back in his human form.

“I should be asking you that.”

The boy sneers upon him.

“Stay away from her!”

Bruce narrows his eyes.

“You haven’t a clue who you’re dealing with kid. I’d watch whatever you say next.”

The boy looks him in the eyes.

“She’s mine…”
Bruce trembles all over. He tries to fight it off, but the boy had just crossed a line. The boy slams Bruce back against a tree with great force. Bruce begins to morph and picks the boy up like he was merely a flea.


He rumbles and he tosses the boy across the woods. He runs towards the boy again; the ground trembling as he ran. He plowed through trees and he picks him up again. He brings up him eye level and stares him down. His hot breaths blow across the boy’s face. He growls upon him and drops him where he stands.

Bruce returns to his human state. He pins the boy back.

“Who are you?”
“Edward…” The boy says with great fear.

“What are you?!”

The boy doesn’t answer. Bruce starts to shake again. Edward could tell he was about to alter again.

“A vampire.”

Bruce leers upon him.

“You stay away from that girl! Don’t you even so much as look upon her; or I’ll snap you like a twig. I’ll be watching!”

The boy’s entire body was cracking from the impact from earlier.

“Do we have an understanding?”

The vampire swallows back nervously.

“DO WE?!” He shakes all over staring him down.

“Yes sir.”

Bruce nods and releases Edward. He watches as he takes off running. Bruce covers his face for a moment; realizing what he’d just done. But he wasn’t about to let some teenage vampire; around his daughter!

Bruce continued to watch after his daughter off and on. He was thankful to learn that Charlie Swan was a good man. Not only that, but chief of police. He took good care of Bella and loved her unconditionally. However, he didn’t care too much for Renee. He learned that they were now divorced. She hadn’t much to do with her daughter. She’d remarried another man. Charlie had been raising Bella since. He learned that Bella was very smart. She was top of her class in chemistry; which Bruce took a sense of pride it. It truly made him feel as though she truly was his daughter. She was shy though, kept to herself often enough. She had a few friends such as Mike, Angela, Jessica, Eric and a few others.

The only other issue Bruce took upon himself to handle; was her new wolf friend. He too took romantic interest in Bruce’s daughter. The difference was he wasn’t as dumb as Edward about it. Bruce made his point. He let it be known; that there would never be anything other than friendship between the two. When Jacob went to argue this, Bruce simply Hulked out. The boy had shifted in retaliation. Nevertheless, once Hulk roared in his face. Jacob damn near pissed himself and whimpered. He took off after that. To Bruce’s surprise Jacob remained friends with Bella, but kept his distance; when it came to anything else. She never learned the truth behind Jacob. To her he was merely a boy. That was the way Bruce wanted it. He wanted her safe by all means.

Stories of the huge green man that saved Bella began to spread about the school. Bella felt the impact that day. The earth beneath her shook at great force. Nonetheless, when she opened her eyes all she saw was the van. She never saw the Hulk. Only Edward and a few other students did. She never believed their story and thought they were simply messing around.

After Bruce knew she was safe and sound he went back to the Avengers. Deciding not to press his luck. The longer he stayed looking after her; the more the urge to tell her who he was came about. He couldn’t do that to her. No matter how badly he wanted to be in Bella’s life. He didn’t deem it fair to turn her little world upside down. She seemed content and that’s all that mattered to Bruce Banner. Little was he aware that not long after Bella graduated she enlisted. With her mentor none other than Captain Steve Rogers himself.

“So you’re certain it’s too late for college?”

Bella shakes her head with a smile.

“Dad… I already said my oath.”

He sighs as the bus pulls up.

“Damn kiddo.”

“It’s gonna be ok dad.”

He nods and wraps his arms around her.

“You had better take care of yourself Bells.”


She kisses his cheek and grabs her bags. She gets on the bus. Once she finds a seat she waves Charlie off. He waves in return. Charlie’s heart breaks as he watches her leave for boot camp.

2 weeks later…

“You want out now Private Swan?!”


“You’re lying aren’t you?! Look at you sweating all over the damn place! You’re weak, and pathetic. You can’t even muster a proper push up. Now drop down and START OVER!”

She drops down. Her drill sergeant shakes his head.

“The rest of you are dismissed!”

The group takes off to the barracks. Her drill sergeant crouches down.

“You will redo the entire obstacle once you are done!”

“Sir yes sir!”

She fights for a breath as she continues. After she’s done with her pushups and obstacles; Bella stands before her drill sergeant.

“You’re wasting my time. I don’t like having my time wasted. Get your pathetic excuse for a soldier out of my fucking face!”

Bella swallows back and nods. She takes off towards the barracks. This had been her life for the last 2 weeks the first week was more like orientation and classes. Now she felt as though she were in literal hell. Her body ached all over. She was tired, hungry, and thirsty. That wasn’t the worst part. There weren’t many girls in their group. The men often enough gave Bella a hard time. The one in particular. His name was Douglas. So many times she wanted to pop the living shit out of him. Yet refrained knowing she’d only end up getting punished.

Bella had ten more weeks to go. Part of her felt she would never make it. There were times she wanted to back out. She knew that’s what her drill sergeant and Douglas expected her to do. In fact she swore that’s what they wanted. Still she fought the battle. She fought to keep the courage. It wasn’t just them she wanted to prove herself to. No it was herself as well.

Three more weeks…

“FUCKING BEAUTIFUL PRIVATE! LOOK AT YOU PANSIES! SHE OUT DID EACH OF YOU!” He takes Bella’s gun from her hand and checks it over.

“NOW TAKE IT APART AND START OVER!” She nods and does as ordered.

As he walks away to check on the others. Douglas looks over with a snide grin. He was tall and muscular; he also thought he was God’s gift to women. He didn’t like it when Bella turned him down. Since then he’d been giving her absolute hell. It also never failed. Each time Bella went to defend herself. Her drill sergeant only caught the tail end. She would be punished and called out for whatever Douglas pulled. So as of late she did her best to ignore it. Only today… He’d crossed a line…

They were heading out preparing for a speech given by none other than Captain Steve Rogers; Captain America himself. Bella had never met him. She had heard the stories though. She’d seen him in the newspapers and on the internet. Often enough, she thought he was probably a douchebag in real life. That he was high on himself. She could care less about meeting him. Everyone else however, was all up in arms about his visit.

They were getting seated in preparation. Steve was already coming up on the stage. Today he was in his brown U.S Army uniform. He didn’t want to go full on Captain America for this speech today. Just as he steps on to the stage. He looks around. He takes off his shades as a particular group caught his attention. The wrong kind…

Douglas laughs. He grabs Bella and pulls her into his lap. Bella quickly goes to jump back out. He wraps his arms around her waist.

“Since you’re so good with guns. I thought you could polish mine…” He hints and her jaw drops. Bella was insulted as she felt his arousal pressed up against her.

Steve raises a brow as he continues to look on. Bella manages to squirm free. She turns around and decks the guy across the face. One of his friends hops up and grabs her from behind. He starts to drag her away from Douglas. Bella flings back her head busting the guys lip. She quickly twirls around and rushes the guy into the ground. She knees him in the crotch. Bella jumps back up and literally leaps onto Douglas. His chair flies back with him in it. The group begins to get out of line due to the commotion. Steve sighs with impatience. He shakes his head and folds his arms about his chest. Meanwhile, Bella’s waylaying Douglas without giving him a moments rest. Her sergeant yanks her off him and drags off with her. Steve continues to watch as she struggles to get free.


Her sergeant shoves her onto the ground. Her eyes widen realizing now; who it was that had dragged her off him.

“Sir I…”

“I will deal with you later! As of now to the fields! YOU’RE A DISGRACE! DO YOU REALIZE WHO THAT IS UP THERE?!”

Bella turns. Her face was bright red as the others looked upon her. Not just the entire boot camp, but Captain Steve Rogers himself. She was mortified. His eyes locked with hers for an instant. He nodded towards her. She swallowed back nervously. Here she was standing in front of a legend making a total ass of herself. Granted, she figured he was completely vain anyhow. Still this was freaking Captain America. Even she had common sense enough to know better.


Bella’s heart literally sunk down to her gut. She lowered her head in shame and took off as ordered. Hot tears streamed down her face as she started the obstacle. She wasn’t to stop until given orders to do so. This was the usual punishment. Two hours had passed a storm was blowing in. Still Bella kept going as her drill sergeant wasn’t there to release her yet. Her hands were now raw from the rope in the climbing part. She turned as she started over yet again. The lightning shot across the sky. Drops of rain began to fall. Still she didn’t break.

Steve finished his speech. Though the annoyance flowed through his veins at what he’d just witnessed. He kept it professional, but he wasn’t his usual self. Normally, he’d make some jokes or something. However, this group he found himself not too pleased with. They seemed awfully immature, rowdy, and very disrespectful. Mainly speaking, the very guy that was harassing the girl from earlier. He didn’t even allow any questions like usual; when he was done. Nor did he sign any autographs. Besides, a storm was blowing in.

Once Steve as done he made his way down. He approached the sergeant first. The sergeant saluted him. Steve saluted in return.

“At ease.”

He lowered his hand.

“Where did you send the woman?”

The sergeant looks to him oddly.

“Woman sir?”

“I think we both know who I’m referring to.”

“She’s being punished as we speak Captain.”

He tilts his head.

“I do not believe that answers my question.”

“She’s at the obstacles receiving her punishment sir.”

He nods and looks over to Douglas. He waves him over. Douglas gets this shit ass grin on his face. He salutes him as he makes his way over.

“It’s such an honor sir.”

Steve raises his brows on this. He salutes in return.

“Honor?” He questions.
“Well yes sir. I’ve looked forward to meeting you.”

Steve nods.

“Follow me private…”

“Douglas Martin sir.”

Steve nods again and starts towards the obstacle course. On the way he waves over Douglas’s friend to follow as well. He too shares the same shitty egotistic grin. Like they couldn’t believe Captain America personally called upon them. Little were they aware they’d done nothing more than get under his skin. It’s pouring down as they continue about their way. He stops as he watches Bella running the course. She was in her fatigues. A fog leaving her mouth as she did her best to continue. He knew she’d been at this for over two hours now. That riled him up even more.

Curiously he watched her run a course. She was tired it was evident. The woman didn’t even hesitate. Nor did a single complaint or fit come from her. Not only that, but even through her weariness she aced the course. The only issue was she was slower in finishing. He knew that was bound to happen after two hours of going. She starts over yet again after she’s completed the course. The ground beneath her was no more than mud now. Halfway through she bust on her ass sliding into the tires.

The guys start laughing. Steve cuts them both a look. They clear their throats.

“Come with me.” He says and makes his way over.

Bella’s running along the tires as he approaches her. She immediately stops and comes to attention. She salutes him. He salutes in return.

“At ease.”

She nods nervously. He looks to the guys.

“I believe these two owe you a sincere apology.”

The guys look upon him in full disbelief. Bella keeps in her parade rest pose. However, the men break out disrespectfully.

“Huh?” Bella softly says.

She realizes she said this out loud and quickly shuts her trap.

“How do we owe her an apology?!”

Steve takes in a breath. He turns towards Douglas.

“I hear you have a thing for cleaning guns. You may go and get your firearm. You will bring it out here. You will disassemble it, clean, and reassemble your gun for three hours.” He turns to the friend.

“You will join him.”

Steve turns seeing the sergeant behind them now. He was cutting Bella a rueful stare down. Steve cleared his throat.

“As for you… I see that you have no problem defending your men. However, you seem to have an issue in defending women. Therefore, you will stand here at attention for three hours as well. Do we have an understanding of what is expected out of each of you?”

They salute. He salutes back.

“I never did hear that apology…”

They look to her.

“I apologize…” The guy says, but with disdain.

Steve nods and grabs him by the collar of his uniform.

“Now say it and MEAN IT!”

He nods again.

“I do apologize for my behavior.”

Steve then looks to the other two. They apologized as well.

“Very well, Private Swan follow me.”

She salutes nervously. She feared what was about to take place. Bella follows Steve into the cafeteria of the base. He approaches the window looking upon them. He makes certain they’re doing as ordered. Steve grabs them both some towels from the kitchen. He hands Bella a couple. He dries himself off. Once he’s done he looks to Bella.

“Have a seat.”

Bella sits down still her nerves were getting the best of her.


She turns to him in disbelief. He begins to pour them both a cup. He hands her a cup and sits directly beside her. Bella’s hands shake a bit as she adds some creamer and sugar.

“What is your full name private?”

“Isabella Marie Swan sir.”

He nods and sips from his coffee.

“How many weeks do you have left?”

“Seven sir.”

Steve leans back in thought.

“You are free to speak as you wish. Whatever is said will remain between the two of us Ms. Swan.”

She shyly looks to him.

“Is this something that’s been taking place since your arrival?”

She takes back a breath.

“Not at first no. It’s just escalated as time progresses.”

“I see… I do apologize myself for this behavior. It is unprofessional and you deserve respect.”

Bella wasn’t sure what to say. She gave a simple nod and took a sip of her coffee as well.

“I will be taking over from here.”

Her eyes widen and she started to choke on her coffee.


He smiles, but continues to look out the window; drinking his coffee.

“I see something in you. I’d like to see if my theories are correct. If so then you’re meant for a much higher purpose. I’d like to find out.” He comes to his feet.

“Please finish your coffee. Take a nap even. You have the rest of the day off to do as you wish. I will be seeing you first thing in the morning Private Swan.”

Bella starts to come to her feet.

“At ease…” He says and exits the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, Bella sits there staring at the door in utter astonishment


8 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Toeing The Line”

    1. Praise! I enlisted in the Army straight out of high school and the shit I went through and got from the male members of my unit was insane and almost unbearable. Thank god I shut them up real quick when I progressed through the ranks quickly and they just stayed where they were! Finally shut them up and put them in their place.

  1. I’m loving this already. It started out with a bang and had me hooked from the very beginning. I love it and can’t wait to read more…thanks hon, huggs. Peggy

  2. When i was in the Army there weren’t females in basic yet but there were still guys like Douglas.I just figured they were Gay and hid it behind their bullying and macho crap.

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