Chapter 10 Wedding The Avenger’s Way

Chapter 10

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“Oh come on someone has to win eventually.” Darcy groans.

She was merely bored now. Thor and Bella had been arm wrestling for 20 minutes now. Neither, truly getting the upper hand. Their strength was too much alike. Darcy sighed and handed Bella forty bucks.

“Just win already! Your beer is getting warm!”

Thor and Bella continued to lock eyes; neither wanted to call it quits. They were both determined. Both downed their pints of beer. Thor slammed down his empty glass.

“Another!” He shouted like the drunken barbarian he is.

Bella rolled her eyes.

“Really? I think you’ve spent enough time on our planet; to know what manners are.”

He grins.

“Manners! Ha!” He scoffs in a drunken frenzy.

“Yes, Thor manners!” She barks back.

A waitress makes her way over.

“Um no, my friend here will be cleaning that up.”

He looks to Bella and shakes his head.

“Now THOR!” Bella slams down her hand; in a finished victory.

“HA! In your face!”

“What is in my face?”

Darcy and Bella laugh.

“Now clean up that mess. Don’t you dare, make that poor woman do it! She doesn’t get paid; to take care of drunken buffoons.”

“Technically Bella…” Darcy starts to imply.

“Shut it, Darcy…”

Darcy laughs.

“Ok fine!”

Bella comes to her feet and hands Thor a broom and dust pan. He looks to it as if completely lost.

“Now all he needs is an apron.”

She and Darcy laugh. Thor eventually figures out how to sweep up his mess.

“There, are you happy now Isa?”

“My cup runneth over.”

He chuckles and empties the dust pan into the trash.

“Oh my God!”

Thor hears Darcy say this and he looks upon her vainly.

“Not you! Bella!”

“She is not a god! She’s merely strong as though one. But she’s still a silly girl!”

Bella cuts Thor a go straight to hell look.

“I meant in the sense, that Bella totally has you trained.”

“Trained? What is this trained you speak of?”

Bella puts her finger to her lips. Darcy covers her mouth giggling.

“What does she mean, Isa?”

“Now, now, Thor we all have our little secrets.”

“There are no secrets between us friend.”

Bella nods and finishes her other beer. Thor clears his throat.

“It is not the same.” He says and she and Darcy nod, in agreement.

“I know… I keep expecting her; to walk through that door. Making up some excuse as to why she’s late. Having some boisterous story; in which to tell us, of something else she has discovered.”

Each lowers their heads to Bella’s words. However, Bella comes up with a smile. She turns to Darcy.

“I still remember when Jane; had you convinced that she could pick up a better signal; if you wore that foiled tin hat.”

Darcy blushes and dies in laughter.

“Yeah, not my finest moment.”

“Foiled tin hat?” Thor questions.

Bella nods with a grin, still about her face.

“Jane had convinced our friend here. That she could only pick up a certain single; from other realms of this planet. Was if Darcy stood in a certain position. With this ridiculous triangular shaped tin hat. Darcy looked like a complete idiot. She’d this serious look on her face. She just knew she was helping Jane; with this major discovery! Only Jane was snapping pictures, laughing her ass off.”

Thor chuckles.

“That’s nothing compared to the time; you stayed the night for the first time!” Darcy utters.

Bella covers her mouth in memory.

“Oh no… I remember that. You intended that prank to be on me! Only Jane took the bait. I thought she was going to murder you! Darcy put this stuff called saran wrap, under the toilet lid. It’s clear so you can’t see it. She assumed, I was going to fall for the trap first. Only it was Jane. Jane went to pee and well…”

Thor covered his mouth in laughter.

“She didn’t!”

“Oh yeah, she totally did.”

“It is a wonder, you are still breathing!” Thor replies.

“Darcy had the nerve to get mad at me, in return. You were such an ass, when we first met!” Bella remarks in memory.

Darcy bites her lower lip and shrugs.

“I thought you were stealing my best friend away…”

Bella narrows her eyes. Darcy sips from her daiquiri.

“You really thought that?”

She nods.
“She was spending more and more time with you. I got a bit jealous. So, I reacted like a cold hearted bitch. The only problem, was we all started hanging out; like damn near every day. I started liking you dammit.”

Thor and Bella laugh.

“I never knew that. I honestly, thought you like pmsed 24/7 or something.”

“Actually, that is true!’

“Oh, I don’t doubt your word on that.”

They’re all plastered, by the time the manager makes his way over. They assumed it was about keeping it down. Only he looked directly upon Bella.

“You should leave.”

Bella covers her mouth as Thor and Darcy start laughing.

“Sorry we’ll keep it down.” Bella says with a shrug.

“Ms. I will not tell you again. Leave or I will call the police. You’re kind isn’t welcomed here.”

Bella nods. She comes to her feet.

“Isa…” Thor utters shaking his head.

“It’s Bella, Randle what are you doing?” Thor defends.

The manager narrows his eyes upon Bella.

“That’s not Bella. I’ve met your lovely lady friend, many times. She looks nothing like this.”

Thor hops up and grabs him by the collar of his shirt.

“Look her in the eyes and tell me that’s not MY FRIEND!” Thor roars.

“Get your fucking hands off me!”

“Thor…” Bella pleads as she grabs his arm.

Darcy sighs and finishes her drink. She stumbles a bit; as she makes her way out of the booth. She jabs her finger into the manager’s chest. Darcy goes to say something only…

Bella’s jaw drops; as Darcy vomits all over the guy’s shirt.
“YOU NASTY ASS BITCH!” He snaps at Darcy. Bella furiously, growls out unleashing the beast.

She grabs the guy and drags him out of the bar. She holds him back the back of the shirt with two hands. She starts to twirl him around in a circle. She starts rapidly spinning. Thor and Darcy look on in downright shock. Bella releases him and Thor swiftly catches him, before he flies into the bar window. The police arrive surrounding them. One gets on a loud speaker. Thor and Bella look to one another. They already knew the rules. They merely had to go about it. Bella was an Avenger now; so the three of them were arrested on spot.

“This is ridiculous. These puny things cannot hold me! Yet, I’m to act as if they can!” Thor bitches.

Darcy’s so drunk that everything is hilarious to her. Such as being handcuffed and arrested.

“For once I’m in the same boat.” Bella says with a shrug; feeling awkward about that.

“I cannot believe, we’re being arrested!” Thor barks.

“You humans are so utterly…”

“Thor… sweetheart…” He cocks a brow Bella’s way.
“Shut up!”

He half chuckles.

“Besides, you know Tony will get us out.” She sighs though. She was thinking about Steve’s reaction to all this.

Bella groans in misery. She’s then stuffed into a police cruiser. She can hear Thor continuing to complain. Darcy was still giggling. Conversely, she sunk back in her seat; the more she thought about Steve. “Dammit.” She mumbles.

“Hi Tony!” Bella says all good-humored like.

Tony shakes his head. He looks upon the three of them, in the cell.

“I’m guessing you’re Mo out of the group? That’d make Darcy Curly? Or is that you Thor buddy?” He paces outside the cell; with a arrogant grin about his face.

“I never thought I’d see the day.” Tony states. He shakes his finger upon Bella as though she were a child.

“I figured, I’d follow in your footsteps Tony! After all you are my hero!” She declares with a huge grin.

“And after all this time I thought it was the Captain!”

She shrugs and leans against the corner of the cell. Her arms folded about her chest. Darcy was lying on the cot, still giggling off and on. Thor was pacing around like a caged lion.
“Hmm, and I should bail the three of you out because?”

“I can kick you around like a tin can…?” She says sweetly.

“You drive a hard bargain sweet pea. Only I’m not bailing you out… Just these two…” Bella looks onto Tony confused.

“That one’s bailing you out.”

Bella’s smile turns into a frown; as she sees Steve at the front. He was signing some papers and taking to the receptionist.
“Good luck!”

Tony declares as Darcy and Thor are released to him. The cell snaps shut again. Thor cuts Bella an apologetic look. Bella felt sick as Steve made his way over. He personally opens the cell.

“Let’s go.” He says not directly looking upon her.

In fact the way he said it; was downright drill sergeant mode. She swallowed back nervously. He had his green military bike. He handed her his helmet. He hopped on and motioned for her to get on.

“Hold on.” He called as she climbed on.

She wrapped her arms around his waist. He drove her back to headquarters. Steve got off his bike and walked her to the door. “Goodnight.” He said, but almost coldly. He turned his back to her; then started heading to his bike.

“So that’s it? Just goodnight and you can’t even look at me?”

He kept his back to her.

“What is it you want me to say or do, Bella?”

“Well aren’t you going to yell at me? It is what normal couples do right?”

He shakes his head and turns back around.

“What good would that do either of us? You just left; without saying anything to me. The only word I get after; is that you’ve being arrested. That you also have assault charges filed against you. Tony and I managed to sway the guy out of it, but still Bella. I expected…” He shuts his eyes for a moment.

“Expected…” She utters fighting the urge to cry.

“I just expected more from you. That’s all.”

She nods feeling as though; he’d stabbed her.

“I’m sorry I disappointed you.”

“You think this what this is? Disappointment? Bella, I just wanted you to talk to me. Don’t you see I’m in your corner? I felt like you were pushing me away. I want to be there for you and help you. But how the hell do I do that; when you don’t even trust me enough, to come to me?”

“You think I don’t trust you?”

“What am I supposed to think? I get that Thor’s like your brother. I respect that. He’s a great guy. If anything, I’ve come to think of him as my own. He’s the closest thing to a brother, I’ll probably ever have! But I’m to be your husband, Bella. I want you to be able to feel as though; you can turn to me for anything. I don’t ever want you to feel; as though you have to hold back with me. I love you. Can’t you see nothing’s changing that?! I only ask that you don’t push me away. I’m right here, Bella. And I will always be there for you. Just try and keep that in mind.”

She nods with tears forming in her eyes. Steve sighs and makes his way over. He wipes the beginnings off with his thumb. He punches in the code and walks her inside. He truly hated her living here. It was getting under his skin. This was work, not a home. He puts his hands upon his waist as he looks around. Bella stepped out of her shoes.

“Would you mind terribly; if we bumped up the wedding date?”

She looked to him peculiarly.

“I hate this… Bella… “He sighs shaking his head.

“I want you home…” He hints.

“This is not a home…”

“Home is with me.”

Her heart rather fluttered at this.

“I know I agreed to a month, but could we maybe try for a couple weeks instead?”

“So let me get this straight. You bail me out of jail. You deservingly, get pissed with me. You say a bunch of things; I don’t truly merit hearing. Then you ask if I’ll marry you sooner; so I’ll move in?”

“Don’t forget the part, where I ask you… if you need a nightcap.”

Bella shakes her head half laughing.

“And on a further note… you deserve far more than, I can ever hope to offer.”

Bella walks over to him. He’s looking out the window; onto the beach. She wraps her arms around his chest and leans her head, against his back.

“Thank you…” She softly says.


“Everything, including bailing me out. I know you didn’t have to do that.”

He smirks a bit shaking his head.

“Had you ever been arrested before?”

“Nope, but there’s gotta be a first for everything.”

“Tell me Captain, do you still keep a pair of swim trunks in your locker.”

“I assume, you would know better than I do. When I truly think about it; you’re kind of a bad girl aren’t you?”

Bella blushes a bit. She merely shrugs.

“Always breaking the rules…” He says shaking his head.

“Aren’t rules meant to be broken?”

He grins.

“It’s not just the rule breaking. When we first met, I thought you had mistaken the army for the navy.”
“How’s that?” She looks to him confused.

“You cuss like a sailor.”

Bella laughs.

“I think it’s only gotten worse; since you’ve trained under Fury.”

“I’ve not a clue, what you’re talking about.” She lies with a mischievous grin.

He turns to see her heading into her room. He half laughs and heads on to the locker room. He gets into his black swim trunks. Tony always kept the pool extra heated. Not that the weather truly bothered Steve or Bella now. They felt its affects, but not to that of a normal human. It was about 70 outside. Summer time in fact was around the corner. Steve headed on to the pool and jumped in.

Not long after Bella stepped outside. She was in that purple bikini; Tony spoke of. Steve thought he just died. He also didn’t like the idea that Tony of all people saw her in it first. He was right. She certainly filled out a bikini. He stared at her, like a kid with his first skin mag. It was boner’s ahoy for the Captain. He couldn’t control it if he wanted to. She made her way down the stairs of the pool. Her breast merely floated above the water; the higher up the water came.

The closer she came towards him, the harder he grew. He swallowed back in thought. Once she got to him; she locked her arms around his neck. Her breasts were pressed right up against his chest. He had to grit his teeth; he was so turned on. He began to ache downstairs.

“Are you ok?”

He nodded. He couldn’t talk at the moment. Not without a high pitched shrill of a voice. He was trying to calm down somewhat. But he was having a “hard” time. Bella rests her head against his shoulder, for a moment. He breathed her in and held her. After while she let go and she swam a few laps. He forced himself to swim along with her. If he didn’t he’d end up either touching himself; or bending her over the edge of the pool and having his way with her. Option two, was what he truly wanted. They swam for about another half an hour. They even raced each other a couple times. Both in which he won. He couldn’t help, but to laugh. Bella wasn’t too thrilled about that.

Steve was leaning back at the deep end of the pool. His arms were resting along the edge. His eyes closed. They quickly darted open; as he felt his swim trunks being tugged at. He looked down to see Bella under the water. Before he could even muster a thought; sudden warmth wrapped over him. He took in a breath of shock. This was something; he’d never had done before. He pulsated in her mouth. He wondered how; she was able to hold her breath that long. She hadn’t even come up; as she continued to pleasure him. He needed release desperately now. Bella came back up catching a breath. She continued to stroke him with her hand. He feverishly kissed her. His fingers intertwined with her long hair; as he slightly pulled at it. He was wound up beyond belief. All he could think about now is how badly, he needed inside her. Without another thought; he lifted her up out of the pool. He sat her on the edge. He untied her little string bikini; baring her sex to him. His hard on was pressed up against the wall, of the pool. Steve put his tongue to work. Making this an absolute first as wel… He’d never had oral sex or gave oral before. The moment he tasted her he couldn’t stop. He never imagined it’d be this erotic, but it was. Her sex was warm and wet. That and to his surprise she tasted sweet. Literally… he hadn’t a clue women could taste like that. Everything about her below, had his senses stirred crazy. Steve began to see just how far he could get his tongue inside her. She squirmed beneath him in pleasure. He’d grip her hips; keeping her in place as he continued. He was so riled up by all this. Steve felt himself starting to come. He tried to hold back, but it was too much and this was too new to him. He felt as though a virgin at the moment. He found himself slightly embarrassed, by how his body was reacting; like a teenage boy’s would.

He didn’t dare admit he’d already came to Bella. He knew he was nowhere near done anyhow. So he just let himself fully release into the pool. He moaned out as he came to a finish. He didn’t stop with her however. He placed his fingers inside. If he’d came he’d make certain he gave her multiples. He’d already tasted her climax a couple times. Something he found highly provocative. But he also liked watching. It didn’t take long, for her to squirt along his fingers. He cleaned her off with his tongue and placed her back into the pool. He untied her top and tossed it out of the pool. He carried her towards the stairs of the pool. He positioned her back lying against them. He couldn’t get over just how sexy this was. She was arched back. His for the taking. He sucked and licked along her gorgeous tits. Steve then slid inside her. He was caked in nice wet instant warmth. He firmly gripped one of the steel poles outside of the pool.

“Steve…” She moaned arching her back even more.

He became more forceful in his movements. He plunged at her with all he had. She literally screamed out in release alone. Her nails slight scraped along his chest. At this he shot another full load. They kissed once more before making their way out of the pool. Steve tossed her towel over. She dried off and wrapped it around her. He dried off as well. Once they were done they rinsed off in the shower and went on to bed.

Bella runs her fingers along Steve’s chest. He was still sound asleep. She had her leg draped across his waist. His hand was latched upon her thigh. She smiled and snuggled up against him. Bella then decidedly went to check on things. Since she was living here now. It was her job to make certain there were no messages from Fury or Tony. All was clear thankfully and she was about to make her way back to the bedroom.

“Now, now what do we have here?”

Bella slowly turns to the familiar voice. She quickly grabs Steve’s jacket and covers herself.

“LOOOKI!” She hisses.

“Now why would you go and ruin my little show for?”

He narrows his eyes.

“There’s only one person that says my name like that.” He walks up to her and curiously tilts his head about.

“But you cannot be her. She’s shorter, a bit pale complected and well not quit as attractive as you. And I must say I do love green; as you can tell of course.” He winks his green eyes baring into her hazel.
Bella rolls her eyes.

“What are you doing here? And furthermore how did you get in here?”

He shrugs and aimlessly walks around the room.

“You first… What happened to you?”

“I fell into a batch of chemical waste…” She smarts.

“Is that all? Well whatever it is. It’ suits you!”

She sighs.

“Does your brother know you’re here?”

“Actually, he’s who I was looking for. Looks like I just got lucky, in what I stumbled upon! There seems to be some trouble back home. Our father has returned and he wishes to see his favorite son.”

“Don’t do that to him Loki. Why do you insist on this constant battle and hatred?”

“You truly believe I hate my brother?”
She looks upon Loki with raised brows. He chuckles a bit.

“I must say Isabella. I rather like the new you. Quite fetching…”

He reaches over and yanks Steve’s jacket away from her. He grins giving her the once over.

She grinds her teeth together and slams him up against the wall. She decks him across the face busting his lip open. A bigger grin forms on his face.



He flips the pin and presses himself up against her. Only to promptly get yanked back off… Steve punches him repeatedly in the face. He then tosses him across the room. Steve tosses Bella her white robe. Loki dusts himself off as he comes back to his feet. He sorely moves his jaw about. He sighs with slight agitation.

“Where is my precious brother anyhow?”
“I’m not his keeper, Loki.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” Loki says snidely.

“I don’t suppose, I could have a kiss before I go?”

“I hope Thor beats you to death, with his hammer.”

“Yes well that’s sweet and all, but I truly must go now. Do tell him, I stopped by of course.”

“Will do. Now follow the rainbow leprechaun and head on home!”

He does a slight bow before her.

He looks to Steve with a snarky grin about him.

“Do watch out for this one. She’s a high roller. I’ve seen her in battle.” He looks back to Bella.

“I must admit; I’m rather curious as to what you have up your sleeves…” He says with a shrug.

They watch as he exits the front door; as if it’s nothing.

Thor nods once Bella’s done telling him everything Loki said.

“Then I shall return home at once!”

The other Avengers nod.

“I do not know for sure when I will return.”
“That’s understandable, you do what you gotta do Thor. I truly hope everything will be ok.”

“I will do my best; to make it to your wedding, Isa.”

“Trust me we will understand. I hope your father is doing well.”

He nods towards the others and Bella walks him out. He looks to the sky, then back to Bella once more. He hugs her tight and pulls back, with his hands upon her shoulders.

“Take care my friend.”

“You too.”

He takes off and Bella takes in a breath.

“So is that everything now?” Bella questions Steve once he gets off the phone.

“I do believe so. Everything’s finally set.”

“Everything, but the dress.” She says with a frown.

He chuckles.

“Whatever you chose. You will look ravishing as always.”

“I’m just not so sure how ravishing I will feel. Honestly, will I even fit into a wedding dress? That doesn’t look like a parachute?”

“You could always go for something short and skin tight…” He says with a smirk.


He chuckles.

“I’m just putting it out there, sweetheart.”

He continues to help her box up a few things. It wouldn’t be long; she’d be moving in. He grew more anxious as time progressed.

“Just one more time, Tony! One and see what happens!” Bella snaps as he shocks her again.

He sighs.

“I just want to see what gets you all…”
“All what?” She hisses as she’s going over some case files.

“She Hulk! You’re entirely too calm; considering who your father is.”

Bella rolls her eyes and starts to drink her soda. He zaps her again and quickly takes off.


She takes a nearby book and sends it sailing. It smacks him directly in the forehead. Bella’s eyes widen and she jumps to her feet. Steve and Bruce come in to see her carrying Tony in a fireman hold; to the couch. Both men look to her in wonder. Bella cuts them both a guilty expression.
“What? He wouldn’t stop zapping me!” She declares in defense.

“So you knocked him out?” Bruce questions.

“Correction, that book over there on the floor did!”

“And how did the book get there?” Steve accused with a grin.

She bites her lower lip. Tony groans out as he comes too. She was still crouched over him.

“That sucked.” He utters in pain. He reaches to his head feeling the goosebump.

Bella shakes her head.

“Did you carry me?” He looks around.

She shrugs like it’s no big deal. Tony grins.

“So, just how much can you lift?”

He looks to Bruce in thought. Bruce shakes his head towards Tony.

“Just one little test that’s all.” Tony comes to his feet, but winces at the pain on his noggin.

Bella half sighs and gathers him an ice pack. She shoves it onto the bump.

“If you weren’t such an ass…” She says with a bit of a growl.

“Yeah, yeah… now follow me, sweet pea. I wanna see about something.”

Steve and Bruce curiously follow behind. Tony pats his car lovingly.

“Just be careful with her. She’s one of my beloveds.”

“What is it you’re wanting exactly? You want me to drive your car?”

“No, no I want you to lift it.”

Bella laughs.

“Sure…” She rolls her eyes and starts back towards headquarters.

“You’re right… I doubt you can do, what daddy can.” He shrugs.

Bella stops in her tracks and turns to face Tony. Bruce sighs. Steve however, looked on with interest.

“Let’s just go on inside and have us some ice cream!”

Bella gently pushes Tony out of the way. She glanced the car over in thought. She then looks to Bruce. Tony smiles, but keeps his mouth covered; so no one can see it. Bella rolls her shoulders a bit. She takes her hands and gets firm grasp on the front end. Tony cringed bit as she starts to lift it off the ground.

“Careful now… don’t hurt it!”

Bella starts to maneuver her body under the car balancing it out. All three men look upon her in amazement. There stood Bella Swan; holding up a car straight into the air. Her arms only slightly quivered. Her teeth ground together as she went to place it down. Steve helped her lower the car back down. She wasn’t sure what to think. Part of her thought it was pretty cool. The other part, felt even more like a freak.

Tony moves his hand; revealing his positive beam.

“I knew it!” He says wiggling his finger happily.

“I want to see more!” He says full of beans.

Bruce growls out under his breath. He started to tremble a bit. Tony sighs disappointedly.

“Fine! I never get what I want!”

The three of them look upon him in cynicism.

“Well… most of what I want. Is that better?”

Each of them shakes their heads in disagreement.

“Fine! I don’t get what, I want when it comes to her!” He points directly upon Bella.

Bruce and Steve snarl back like a couple of guard dogs. Tony raises his hands in defeat. “You’re such a whiny little bitch…” Bella whispers with a smile; just so Tony can hear.

He laments and heads back inside.

The Big Day:

The monitors flicker off and on as Fury’s trying to come through.

Bella makes her way over and adjust the settings.


She nods and folds her arms about her chest. The entire SHIELD group looked on. Bella sheepishly waved. A few of her old friends smiled and waved in return. She was in her wedding dress. She’d been waiting for Thor; in hopes he’d show up, at the last minute.
“I need you to get ahold of Rogers and Stark. Tell them they are to arrive at Agent headquarters, at once.”

Bella narrows her eyes.

“Did you hear me Swan?”

“Loud and clear…”

He nods and starts to go off line. But comes to a complete halt; once he finally takes notice of how she’s dressed. He sighs.

“That’s today?”

Bella nods with a sigh. Fury pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Look, just tell them first thing, in the morning. It can wait until then.”

“How bad?” She questions.

“Just go Swan. It can wait. Good luck.”

The screens go black. She turns to see Bruce at the door.

“You ready?”

She nods, but felt slightly nervous now.

Bruce escorted her to the white limo.

“We’re only fashionably 15 minutes late!” He declares looking to his watch.

She groans.

“Hope he doesn’t think you’re a no show.” He teases, but she looks to him with slight panic.

“You really think he would?!”

Bruce softly chuckles.

“No seriously!”

“Calm down, I was playing. You know joking…”
“That’s so not funny!”

He grins and shrugs his shoulders. The limo pulls up to Central Park. Bella was taken back on how it was set up. This wasn’t her doing. It was much fancier than; she ever imagined. There were streams of golden lights around the trees; where the service was being held. White benches for the guest, red rose petals were everywhere. The weather was perfect and there was only a slight gust of wind. Guest, in which hardly she or Steve would personally know; considering they both hadn’t any real family left. SHIELD and The Avengers was the closest thing; they had to anything of the such Bruce got out and opened the door for her. He took her arm again and they headed towards the ceremony. Bella was happy to see Clint and Natasha had made it. The only one missing was Thor. Even Darcy was there; she waved rather vivaciously. Bella smiled and waved back. She blew Natasha and Clint kiss. Clint pretended to catch it shoving Natasha out of the way. Bella laughed as Natasha elbowed him. All of this played out; as Bruce walked her down the aisle. Bella wasn’t even hearing the wedding music; they walked down to. She hadn’t even taken notice of Steve.

Steve however, hadn’t taken his eyes off her. Apparently, she’d taken his advice after all. The dress was strapless, white, snug, and stopped just before her knees. Her hair was clipped back, but the rest of it flowed about freely along her shoulders. She wore white heels showing off her sexy legs. He realized he wasn’t breathing the entire time. He finally gasped for air as Bruce came to a stop. He damn near pinched himself wanting to make certain this wasn’t a dream.

Bella finally locked eyes with Steve. She expected him to be in military dress. Only he wasn’t. He didn’t want to be for this. Today he was just Steve Rogers and he was marrying Bella Swan. There was no work involved. This was personal. He wore a white dress shirt and black bowtie and tux. Steve was hot steaming sex and Bella stood there dumbfounded. Bruce finally nudged her. “Holy shit…” She whispered in awe. Bruce sighed and slightly elbowed her. She blinked a few times and Steve grinned.

Things tended to get more interesting. No one ever noticed who the priest was; that was doing the ceremony. He had his face covered; with the bible the entire time. It wasn’t until he began; that the familiar voice played out.

“And who gives this bride away?”

Steve and Bella spontaneously snap a look. He lowers the bible and grins. Bella’s jaw drops as Tony was in a priest outfit.

“Tony what are you doing?” Bella hisses.

“That’s what I would like to know!” They hear Pepper jeer along with Bella in the crowd.

Tony sighs. He shakes his head and rips off the collar. He throws it down to the ground revealing a regular tux.

“Easy now…”

“I want this to be official…” Steve harshly whispers.

Tony vainly grins.

“OH it’s as official as you can get.” He pulls out a certificate from his suit.

Steve reads it over.

“You’re an ordained minister?” Steve inquires.

Tony salutes him.

“Yep, as of 7:30 this morning!” Tony says with a beam.

“And this is real?”

“Yep! 100 percent legal.” Tony looks to Bruce.

“So are you going to let go now, old man?”

Bruce and Bella look to one another. Bruce nods. He looks upon Steve.

“You take care of her. I mean it!”

“Bruce…” Bella whispers embarrassingly.

“I will. You’ve my word.” Steve says sincerely.

Bruce takes in a deep breath. He kisses Bella’s forehead. He looks back to Tony.

“I do.” He places Bella’s hand into Steve’s and joins the other guests.

“The couple has chosen to do their own vows. So I suppose for now, all I’m going to ask; is if there is anyone that feels there is a reason; why these two shall not wed?”

Tony’s eyes widen as chase was in pursuit and cops were heading right for the wedding. They knocked down the cake, champagne, and Pepper’s chocolate fountain (with the strawberries)

Without another thought Bella and Steve quickly apprehend the fugitives. The guest look on as a fight breaks out; as they try handing them off to the police. Bella’s dress slightly gets ripped at the leg. Steve’s jacket and shirt got ripped open. They both shove the men back towards the police.

“Um thanks?” One of the officers says with a shrug.

Steve sighs. Bella rolls her eyes.

“GO!” The both of them demand with full on frustration.

Tony starts laughing, but quickly comes to a stop. They both were cutting him a go to hell glance.
“Soooo, is that a yay or nay? Shall we proceed?” Tony questions the guests. The guests groan out. Darcy flips Tony off and Clint aims an arrow towards Tony. Tony’s eyes rather bulge out.

“Soo, proceeding.”

Clint nods with a wink Tony’s direction. Natasha covers her mouth in laughter.

“Right… Ok the couple has chosen to write their own vows.” He looks to Steve.

Darcy quickly sneaks her way over with the rings. She hands them off. Bella softly laughs as Darcy nearly trips on the way back. Steve clears his throat and places the wedding band halfway on her finger. He’s first to do his vows.

“Many people spend their lives searching for their soul mate, their one true love. Some people are lucky to find the person they can truly call the better half of themselves, while others spend the rest of their lives searching and never finding. I am happy to count myself among the lucky ones, because I found you. I love you, Bella. I know that you are the only one for me, my one true love. I am happy and I am grateful that you came into my life, that where others have spent their entire lives looking for the one, I have found you. And now that I have found you, I shall never let you go. I promise you, Bella, that I shall hold you and cherish you and give you my heart, that I shall support you and care for you. Faithfully, I shall always stand steadfast at your side with your hand in mine, regardless of what life would bring to us. I take you now as my wife, and I shall remain so for the rest of my life.” He finishes placing the ring on. Meanwhile, Bella had butterflies at Steve’s vow. Hers didn’t feel near as romantic in comparison.

Tony then nods towards Bella. She places the ring halfway on Steve’s finger.

“I Bella, affirm my love to you, Steve as I invite you to share my life. You are the most beautiful, smart, and generous person I have ever known, and I promise always to respect you and love you. With kindness, unselfishness and trust, I will work by your side to create a wonderful life together. I take you Steve to be my lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as we both shall live.” She pushes the ring up fully. Steve swallowed back in awe. Trying to keep from kissing her already…

“I suppose I can now pronounce you husband and wife. Everyone please stand and officially welcome Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. You may now kiss your bride of course.”

Steve grins shaking his head. He wraps one arm around Bella’s waist. He leans her back in a classic romantic fashion and passionately kisses her. Everyone claps and a few such as Tony and Clint whistle. Bruce actually had a genuine smile, on his face. Pepper kissed his cheek and patted him on the back.

“You did good Bruce.”

He softly chuckles.

“Now you ready for that honeymoon?” Steve questions, over the loudness of the crowd.

Bella takes in a breath.

“Um, yeah about that…” She looks to Tony then to Steve.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 10 Wedding The Avenger’s Way”

  1. Girl can’t seem to have anything normal in her life.still waitng for gramps to show up…..on a side note I have had this discussion before,when the Avengers were fightingto save N.Y. where were the X-Men ,The Fantastic Four and Spiderman while this was going on? were just sitting there eating popcorn and watching the show while the Avengers were getting their butts kicked?

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