Chapter 13 Poison

Chapter 13

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She Hulk’s eyes widen as she landed and the ground beneath her shook. Captain America nods and points her out to a certain direction in which to hide. She nods and ducts behind a nearby shed. She hadn’t expected her landing to have such an impact. It was nowhere near as great as Hulk’s, but nonetheless startling. She shut her eyes temporarily as men ran out their direction. She looked towards her husband apologetically. He puts his finger to his lips and winks.

They were mentioning something about a small earthquake. She sighs to herself. Nothing any girl wants to hear. Even if you are She Hulk. Thankfully, the men just looked around a bit. They never saw either of them. Captain America waves her over. She discreetly makes her way over avoiding surveillance cameras and guards.

“You alright?”

She nods. He kisses her.

“You ready?”

“Yes sir.”

He nods in return.

“Stay close.”

They craftily and patiently sneak their way around. One soldier almost calls them out. She Hulk hurriedly knocks him out. She swiftly hides him and checks his pulse. She nods towards her husband, letting him knew he was alright. She returns and they start their way in. Captain America sighs in relief seeing Black Widow and Hawkeye had done their jobs. A side door opens Captain America quickly grabs She Hulk and they duct behind the door. They both widen their eyes as a line of soldiers is stepping out. They lock eyes with one another. They were both hip to hip trying to avoid being seen.

He leans directly into her ear and whispers.

“Some honeymoon huh?”

She grins and he winks as he pulls back. Before the door closes all the way he swiftly grabs it. They both manage to sneak in without being seen. Yet again they duct behind a wall. Captain America opens a door to the area they’re in. She follows him inside. It was an empty room that looked like some sort of conference room. The lights were off inside.

“We got to find a way to the basement. That’s the only area I can even think of where hostages would be held.”

The floor beneath them starts to shake though. Captain America creeps back towards the door. He looks through the glass. He looks to his wife. The trembling becomes more pronounced. An earth shattering roar blast through the entire base. Windows start to shatter. Screams are heard throughout the base.


Captain America calls to the rest of the team.

“Change of plans, I need reinforcements and be haste!”

“Roger that Captain.” Iron Man replies.

He nods towards his wife. They dart out the door. He instantly sends out his shield. Red Hulk turns their direction. His eyes fixate on She Hulk. The shield hits him in the gut and he growls out sending the shield flying right back for them. Captain America catches it before it hits them. She Hulk takes off running she slides right between Red Hulk’s legs. Just before she makes it past she brings up her legs. Captain America winces as he’s hit right in the groin. He starts focusing on getting the soldiers out of harm’s way. At the moment they hadn’t any weapons on them they were defenseless and even with their guns they still were against this red beast.

She Hulk leaps back over and she lands on his shoulders. Her legs wrap tightly around his neck. Her teeth ground together. As she takes a few blows to her thighs. Captain America rushes over and he slams his fist into the Red Hulk. He takes both Captain America and She Hulk by the throat. He tosses them both through a wall. They both roll over and groan out.

“Captain!” She Hulk yells as Red Hulk was about to stomp on him.

Captain America’s hands shoot out. His teeth grind together as he holds him off. His arms shake.

She Hulk soars after him knocking off balance. Captain America rolls over. Red Hulk grabs She Hulk and repeatedly slams her through walls.


“NOOOO!” Captain America shouts out he leaps up and catches her.

The area around them starts to tremble again. They hear the sound of walls being burst through. Captain America turns to Red Hulk.
“You’re in trouble now buddy.”

Hulk bellows out in Red Hulk’s face. He takes Red Hulk and literally tosses him through the roof out and out of the base. Hulk takes off bonding after him. Captain America places She Hulk down. They turn to see Black Widow and Hawkeye.

“Follow me.”

The three of them follow Captain America.

“DON’T YOU EVEN!” Captain America shouts as the soldiers aim their guns at his She Hulk.

They look to him oddly.

“That’s right! So lower your damn guns NOW! A single one of you fires at my wife. I will make you hurt!”

Black Widow softly laughs at the men’s reactions. They quickly lower their guns.

“Sorry Mrs. America.” One of the younger soldiers replies

She Hulks eyes rather widen at this. She looks to her husband oddly. A small smile forms on his face.

“Hey I dig it…” He says with a shrug, but takes off again.

They rush into the basement and sure enough. There were the families of the soldiers… mainly women and children She Hulk and Black Widow covered their mouths in shock. Some of the soldiers came up behind them. Captain America looked to them.

“Grab your loved ones and go! Do not turn back do not return to this base. Do not answer to General Ross ever again. We will be taking matters into our own hands. I will personally hold a meeting for the members of this base. I will give you word on where to move on next. This base is no longer functioning or even consider to be in existence. For now you all take your loved ones and go on leave, until further notice!”

The soldiers nod. They help the soldiers get their loved ones out. She Hulk freezes though as she feels the quaking return. Her heart sinks to the pit of her chest. She thinks about that day. She looks to the women and children.

“Wait!” She shouts desperately.

Captain America tilts his head in wonder. She Hulk continues to listen. She desperately looks to her husband.

“We need to make a back way exit now!”

He looks to her confused. She Hulk starts grabbing whoever towards the front of the way out and starts to shove them back. Sure enough a red hand is smashed into the basement. She barely manages to shove a child out of the way.

“GO!” She yells at the soldiers.

“NOW!” She ground her teeth together as she holds Red Hulk back best she can.

Her husband joins her as they do their best to hold him off. She Hulk’s eyes begin to glow again. Her veins pulsate. She screams out on top of her lungs. She uses all she has to send Red Hulk flying back. She then rushes over to the end of the basement. She starts punching at the brick. Black Widow and Hawkeye look to her oddly. She continues to punch. Once Captain America see’s what she’s going for he joins her they both start making another way out. The memory continues to play out. He turns to see tears in his wife’s eyes and absolute desperation. She lets out one last cry and she uses her body to finish bursting through the wall. A way out is made as She Hulk does one last leaping blow. Captain America starts handing her some of the victims. Soldiers appear alongside of her and help. They begin to load up a few of the vehicles on base.

The battle returns towards the base.

“NO HULK!” She Hulk shouts.

“Away from the base!”

He nods and slams into him again. Only Red Hulk fires right back.

“NO DAMMIT!” She Hulk shoots out her hands. She uses all she’s got to hold her father up to keep him from landing on a child.

“Kind of heavy HULK!” She growls.

His entire weight was on her back. She came down in a crouching stance. Her arms and legs shook. Captain America quickly grabs the boy and hands him over to his mother. She Hulk rolls out from under her father. Captain America leaps out before her taking a hit intended for her from Red Hulk. He uses his shield to cover himself. Red Hulks massive fists had slammed into the shield both the Captain and Red Hulk soared back a bit. Iron Man began firing at him from above. Red Hulk furiously jumped up he swiftly grabbed Iron Man. Both She Hulk and Hulk eyed one another. They nodded as if in conversation. The both of them took off running. They both slammed into Red Hulk with all they had Captain America caught Iron Man as he came down.

Red Hulk painfully growled out. It sounded as though thunder as they crashed about him. Captain America saw the struggle within Red Hulk.

“Don’t let him run. He’s wearing down!” He calls out.

The others nod. Naturally, that’s just what Red Hulk tried to do. She Hulk took off running as Red Hulk threw Hulk off him. Red Hulk grabbed one of the vehicles that had the soldiers and their loved ones inside. She Hulk’s heart sank. She froze and was thinking of the best way to save them.

He threw the vehicle however. She Hulk bonded into the air. She caught the vehicle and landed in a squatting stance. Hulk had taken off after Red Hulk. Captain America helped her lower the vehicle back to the ground. They checked everyone over. Thankfully, it was just a few bruises and cuts nothing major. At this knowledge She Hulk took off.


She heard her father rumble. He took his hands and smashed them into the earth. Thus, sent Red Hulk stumbling back. She tilted her head a bit. Red Hulk reached to his heart. His breathing had become erratic. She dove after him as he staggered back. She socked him in the face, then head-butted him. Hulk gently lifted her off Red Hulk. He looked upon his daughter and shook his head. He handed her off to Captain America.

“Bella safe!” He demanded pointing to Captain America.

Captain America nodded.

“You’ve my word.”

Hulk nodded and grabbed Red Hulk. He took off running.

“DAMMIT HULK!” She shouted.

She struggles to break free of her husband’s hold.


“I gave my word.”

“Please! He needs my help!”

“Sweetheart, he can do this. Let him do this.”
“I already lost Charlie and Jane!”

“Dammit Bella!”

She breaks out of his hold and takes off. He rushes after her. The both of them come to a complete halt. Captain America grabs his wife and pulls her back against him. Red Hulk was beginning to morph back in Hulk’s hold. Hulk held him up off the ground. Hulk shook him he then placed him down as he was now back to General Ross. He continued to grab at his heart. She Hulk gasped back as her father finally switched back. Bruce now hunched over General Ross as he was on his knees. He grabbed him by the collar. His entire body shook as he did his best to keep the beast at bay. Tears streamed down Bruce’s eyes.

“I loved your daughter! I loved her with every ounce of my being! You think me the monster?!”

Bruce points to his daughter.

“That’s the only thing left of your daughter! Do you truly believe she would wish for you to harm HER FLESH AND BLOOD! THAT IS HER CHILD! OUR DAUGHTER! THE ONE THING LEFT OF BETTY AND YOU WISH TO DESTROY HER! She’s all I got. She’s all you got you bastard!” Bruce decks him across the face.

General Ross begins to sweat profusely. He continues to grab at the area of his heart. He falls back and shuts his eyes.

“Heart attack…” She Hulk mutters.

“He can’t handle the radiation. It’s poisoning him. It’s just as I assumed. I just never had the chance to test it after it settled.”

Bruce pinches the bridge of his nose. Bella makes her way over. She takes her father’s hand. Bruce grabs hold of her and hugs her. The man begins to cry. Bella shuts her eyes and wraps her arms around him.

“She’d have been proud of the remarkable woman you’ve become. Your mother…” He sucks back a breath.

“You two are so much alike. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I failed you both. I’m so sorry Bella.”

Bella pulls back and looks him in the eyes.

“You never failed either of us. I’m sure my mother would agree. You can’t keep doing this to yourself Bruce. Deep down you must know none of this was your fault.”

“I never even knew you existed! Not until it was too late.”

She shakes her head and takes both her hands into her own.

“It’s never too late. Even a grown woman needs her father. Besides Steve you’re all I have as well.”

Bruce kisses her forehead and hugs her again. Captain America smiles and looks over to hear Iron Man crying. He softly laughs and pats him on the back. Tony under that suit clears his throat.

Bella zooms in on the sample back at headquarters. Just as she assumed it’d become toxic and deadly it was killing all other cells. She leans back in thought and waves her father over to have a look.

“You were right.” He states as he observes.

“This just proves this shouldn’t be just handed out to anyone. It’s not just deadly to others around them, but to the host.”

“We need to make sure that there are no more strands of your DNA left.” Bruce mentions.

“You’re right. We need to dig up all possible areas starting with the base first. Possibly Ross’s home and wherever else he might have been experimenting.”

Bella sighs and makes her way to the window.

“Something on your mind?” Bruce questions.

“Just concerned about Thor, Loki has not returned. There’s no telling what all is taking place back in Asgard.”

She paces around a bit.

“And if Loki even returns. I will have to trick the bastard just to even get into Asgard. He’s my only hope.”

“And just how do you plan to do that?” Bruce inquires as he takes off his glasses.

He tosses them about the lab area.

“Loki might be the god of mischief, but even I have a few tricks up my sleeves.”

“Funny, coming from the girl in a swimsuit!” Tony remarks as he makes his way over and hands her a shot.

“Watch yourself Tony. I might just have Steve sketch you out a nice little iron speedo.”

Tony smiles.

“I bet I could pull it off. I have been working out you know.”

“We’re meant to protect others Tony. Not scare them off.”

She downs her shot and hands back the empty glass.

“She has a point.” Steve agrees as he enters the room.

She grins and pats Tony on the back.

“Face it Tony. You’re getting old.”

“Says the woman that’s married the crypt keeper.”

Steve makes his way over and wraps his arms around her. He’d just had a shower and was in a white T-shirt and jeans.

“You ready to head on home?”

She nods.

“What makes you two so special?” Tony smarts.

“Leave them be Stark.” Clint utters.

“Leave them be Stark.” Tony mocks.

Bella and Steve ignore him as they head on out. Once they get home Bella runs her a bath. She gets into her gown after word and brushes her hair. She enters the kitchen and covers her mouth. The lights were off and candles were about the table. Steve had a single red rose in his hand. During her time of bathing he’d managed to pull off a romantic dinner. It was some sort of angel hair pasta dish with shrimp and garlic rolls.

“Oh wow…”

He smiles and holds out a hand. She takes it. He hands her the rose and kisses her lips.

“This is the, I’m sorry about our honeymoon being postponed guilt trip dinner.”

She softly laughs.

“Well it looks and smells very good.”

He nods and caresses her cheek. He steps back and pulls out a chair for her. She sits her rose down beside her silverware. He pushes her in once she’s seated. Steve leans down and kisses her neck.

“I love you.”
“I love you too.”

He takes a seat across from her. They begin to eat. He’d white wine poured for them. He looks to her off and on in thought.

“You were pretty amazing out there today.”

She lifts her head looking to him oddly.

“I didn’t do anything that spectacular Steve.”

He shakes his head in full disagreement.

“You took control of the hostage situation. If you hadn’t done what you had Bella, a few of them or more even would have died. They’re all safe because of you. Even I didn’t think of literally busting a way out of there.”

She leans back in her chair.

“It wasn’t your fault Bella. I saw it in your eyes today. You still blame yourself don’t you?”

She flinches a bit.

“That’s about what I thought. Sweetheart we all lose some. That’s how we learn. And even then it’s not always avoidable. We unfortunately can’t save them all.”

She downs her wine and sits down the empty glass. He reaches over and pours her some more. They both eat in silence for a moment.

“Have you ever just froze in mid-battle?”

He looks to her curiously.

“How do you mean?”
“I froze. I didn’t even react. I just stood there. I saw it coming Steve. I couldn’t even move. I’d never had such a thing happen before. It’s like something took over my body. My mind was literally screaming. Do something anything. But my body wouldn’t reply to its demands. It’s like I was literally frozen in place.”

He knew exactly what she was talking about now.

“Yes, yes I have. Shellshock aka battle fatigue. A lot of soldiers have faced this from time to time. I too had couple moments of this. It happens. It’s like after so long of dealing with certain situations you get a psychological block. It’s more common than you’d imagine. I’ve witnessed this many of times with my men and others.”

She takes in a breath.

“Couldn’t have been worse timing…” She utters in a whisper.

He lowers his brows at this, but says nothing. They finish eating. Steve wipes his mouth and comes to his feet. He takes her hand and brings her against him. She giggles softly as he reaches over and hits a button on a remote. Frank Sinatra starts playing. He smiles and twirls her around then brings her back against him. He holds her close and dances with her. After a couple songs he starts kissing her. His fingers ran through her dark locks of hair. His kisses became more eager.

“Bella… God you drive me mad.” He whispers and kisses along her neck.

She literally rips his shirt off. She runs her hands along his bare chest. He looks down with raised brows. He chuckles a bit and scoops her up.

“Point taken.”

He carries her to the bed. He slips her gown off her body. He takes off his jeans and boxers. His teeth ground together in pleasure as he suddenly feels her mouth around him. He throbs in her mouth. He watches as she goes down on him.

“That feels so good… keep going.”

He gently ran his hand along the back of her head. He held her hair out of the way as he continued to watch.

“Damn!” He uttered as he also witnessed her playing with herself as she pleasured him.

Her fingers were in her sex and she wasn’t being shy about it at all.

“I need you now!” He demanded he couldn’t take anymore. He pulled out of her mouth.

He laid her back on the bed and pulled her towards him. He spread her legs and entered her. She cried out and her hips came off the bed a bit. He stroked himself about her. His name left her lips as she moaned out.

“I’m gonna come!” He announced breathlessly.

He pulled out and marked her with his seed. She raised her brows on this. He hunkered down afterword with his hands on the bed.

“I was severely backed up.” He explains as to the massive mess he made across her breast and tummy.

“I can tell!”

They both quietly laugh. She raises back up and kisses him again. Bella then goes and rinses off. When she returned Steve was already out. She smiled and tucked him in. She kissed his cheek and she too went on to bed. She reached over and cut off the lamp. Bella then lay on his chest. His arms wrapped around her. She felt him kissing the top of her head.

“Goodnight Steve.”

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

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