Chapter 14 Steve Rogers Or Captain America

Chapter 14

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Bella giggles as she and Steve end up on the floor, after rolling around on the bed. He grins and pulls the covers up over them.

“It’s ok we can just stay right here.”

She bites her lower lip as he kisses along her neck and shoulders. Steve wiggles his brows as she crawls over him. He smacks her on the rear and eagerly kisses her. He moans against her breasts as he sucks on them feeling her nipples growing erect against his tongue. Bella places him inside her. She felt him swelling up and pulsating. She bucked her hips about and kissed along his neck. Steve gripped her tightly as he felt her licking along his chest. As she came up he groped her breasts feeling them bouncing around as she rode about him.

Steve froze though and went complete dumb for a moment. He watched as she arched back and continued to move about him. However she was sucking on her own breasts. Something he’d never seen her do or knew was possible. Steve felt himself grow even harder. It was a good thing she was continuing because he just lay there as if in shock. This growling moan like sound left his mouth as he fired off. Bella followed not long behind causing him even more sensitively as he felt her warmth running down him. He just looked at her for a moment. His heart was still racing to what he’d witnessed.


“So?” She questions in return running her hand along his chest.

“You suck on them too huh?”


He grins ear to ear.

“Huh… um… wow…”

She giggles and pecks him on the lips.

“So… how often do you do that?”

She doesn’t answer at first and crawls off him. He watches as she heads into the bathroom. But he hears her call out before she shuts the door.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

He rolls over and chuckles into the comforter.

Once she’s done he takes his shower. Bella gets them some breakfast ready. She was making waffles and cutting up some fresh strawberries. Steve’s phone rings and Bella answers it.

“What do you want Tony?”

“Well good morning to you sunshine butt!”

“You bet tons of sunshine blows right out this ass Tony!”

Steve raises his brows as he heard this from the hallway.

“So what is it another experiment gone bad? Do you need your back shaved? Or do you need to ask my husband what tie looks best?”

He peered over to see Bella grinning mischievously. She popped a piece of strawberry in her mouth.

“Actually, our little sweet pea I was calling to see if either of you have watched the news or read the paper.”

“Um no Tony some of us actually enjoy having a life and sleeping in.”

“What’s that?” Tony replies back sarcastically.


“Hmmm well do me a favor and call me once you do.”

Bella sighs.

“Does this have to do with a job?”
“Um no not really… I don’t believe so.”
“Then what is the importance?”

“Oh believe me I believe this one is pretty close to being in the brink of way personal.”

“Look Tony my strawberries are burning.”

“Burning? Strawberries?”

“Ok fine I lied oops tunnel…” She hangs up the phone and Steve looks to her with his arms folded about his chest. He leaned against the counter.


“Oh nothing.” He shrugs shaking his head.

“He’s worse than an ex-girlfriend or something. I think he calls you every day.”

“Make that twice a day.”


Steve nods. Bella fake gasps.

“What would Pepper think?” She covers her mouth.

“What would I think!?”

“Do you think?”

“Watch it Steve!” She pops a strawberry in his mouth and finishes making their breakfast.

“Hmm…” He licks his lips after.

“So what did Tony want?”

“Seeing if we’d read the paper or watched the news.”


“He didn’t make that clear. It sounded more like a game to him. So who knows?”

Steve shrugs and heads outside to get the paper. Bella hands him a cup of coffee as he comes back inside. He sits down and unfolds the paper. His eyes suddenly grow to that of saucers he spits coffee all over the paper. Steve hits his chest a few times and comes to his feet.

“What’s with you?”

Bella questions as she sits down his plate.

“Nothing… coffee went down the wrong pipe.”

She shrugs and goes back to finishing up. He quickly scans over the article. He pinches his eyes shut and promptly throws the paper away.

“I didn’t even have a chance to read that.”

“Oh sorry…” He utters and starts eating his breakfast.

“You’re acting all odd.”

“I almost choked to death of course I am.”

“Um sure R.I.P Captain America who died choking on a cup of coffee.”

“You never know it could happen!”

“Oh sure it could. Just not took keen on putting that on your tombstone or being a widow! That’s Natasha’s job!” She taunts.

Steve laughs.

“Such a dark sense a humor we have.”

Bella shrugs and takes a forkful of waffle into her mouth. When they’re both done with their food. Bella looks out the window as if in thought.

“We’ll find a way…” Steve says softly.

She takes in a breath.

“Loki…” She utters with distaste.

“He’s such a little weasel. I can only imagine how pissed off Thor is about now. Wherever he is, I just hope he’s ok.”

“This is Thor we’re talking about. I’m more than certain he’s fine, just severely pissed.”

Bella smiles.

“Oh undoubtedly pissed.” She agrees.

Steve takes her hand and kisses it. He raises up from the table and takes their dishes. He rinses them out and sighs as Tony calls yet again. Steve quickly answers it.

“Not now Tony…”


Steve hangs up with annoyance.

“Is something else wrong?”

Bella questions, before he even has a chance to answer. Tony calls again.

“KNOCK IT OFF TONY!” Steve barks.

“You guys might want to come mingle this way.”
“We don’t need to be there for that! Look I was about to tell her just…”

“Your wife’s BFF is down! He’s awaiting her arrival as we speak!”

Steve looks upon his wife and nods.

“We’ll be right there.”
“What’s going on?”

“He says Thor’s at his house looking for you.”


Steve nods and grabs his keys.
“We’ll take the bike.”

“Steve, there’s something you should know…”
He looks to her in question.

“The only way we can travel to Asgard is through Loki or Thor. Seeing as how Thor isn’t around…”
“And just how do you presume we go about that?”

“We’ll have to somehow trick him into taking us with him.”

“And how?”

“I haven’t got that far yet.”
Steve grins.

“Well do let me know when you figure that one out.”

She pops him on the arm on the way out.

“Sure thing Captain…”

“I’m still your superior you know.”

“That’s not what it seemed like this morning.”

He freezes whilst twirling his keys around in his hand. He takes in a breath and shrugs. Bella hops onto the back of his bike.

“Whenever you’re ready Captain.

He was just enjoying the view of her in denim shorts and a skin tight purple tank top on his bike.

He grins and quickly snaps a picture with his phone.

“What are you doing?”

“Making wallpaper.”


He pockets his phone and hops on.

“Hold on.” He says and revs the engine.

Once they get to Tony’s Pepper opens the door. She and Bella hug and they step on inside.

“About the paper…” Tony started.

Steve gave him the cut throat motion.

“Sorry Tony, Steve threw it away before I even had a chance to read it.” Bella remarks.

“Oh did he now? Well I can clearly imagine why…” He taunts eyeing Steve.

Steve rolls his eyes.

“Now why would you say that Tony?” Bella inquires.

Pepper smacks him in the back of the head.

“Why don’t have to be such a jerk Tony?!” Pepper scolds.

“What I’m not the one that wrote the article?!”

“Article? What article?”

“Bella sweetheart it’s not even worth our time.”

Tony dies in laughter. Bella makes her way over and yanks the paper out of Tony’s hand. Pepper sighs and places a hand on Bella’s shoulder.

“Seriously, take your husband’s advice… Just let this one go.” Pepper says taking the paper back out of Bella’s hand.

Tony sighs and takes the paper back out of Pepper’s hand and places it back into Bella’s.

“She’s a big girl she can take it. Can’t you sweet pea?! After all it’s just all in the life of being married to the Captain!”


“STARK!” Steve scolds along with Pepper.

Bella narrows her eyes upon the title. Sympathy Marriage? The article went on about Captain America’s bravery, charm, and apparent act of kindness. Seemingly word of their marriage had just truly gotten out. Steve knew it was because of what he’d said at the base. About them not shooting at his wife. He’d never publically announced he was now married. He hadn’t even had time to tour or even consider going into that. And there it was again Bella was paying the price. Women were pissed because he was no longer the eligible bachelor and Bella wasn’t what they’d expected in him settling down with. The article clearly stated that he must’ve felt sorry for her. That there were speculations even that she wasn’t even from this planet etc…

Another words Captain Steve Rogers married Isabella Swan out of pity and because he’s just that kind of guy. When that couldn’t be further from the truth… If anything, Bella before and after her transformation was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen besides Peggy. And the draw to Bella was because she reminded him a lot of Peggy. They were both gorgeous, courageous, and said whatever was on their minds. That’s what he liked in a woman. Someone that was real! Someone that got him and visa versa. Around Bella he could be himself. That’s what he saw. He’d never love another the way he loved Bella. After losing Peggy if he’d ever lost Bella he’d be done even trying again. He couldn’t handle another heartbreak like that.

But apparently others disagreed with his choice. What was considered normal women felt all out of sorts about this and robbed. All the ones that assumed they had a chance. The ones that had dreams of the possibility of him one day choosing them. When does Bella get a break? Steve pondered this very thought. He’d grown sick and tired of this. The look on her face as she was reading this, it made him ill. He felt guilt in something he hadn’t even truly done. His fame alone was killing their marriage he felt. Shit it was killing his wife! His hands balled up and he shook his head. He found himself wanting to take her away from it all. Leave the fame all of it behind! Why wouldn’t they accept what he wanted? He wanted some sort of peace and happiness with the wife HE CHOSE! Why did it matter what they thought?! He didn’t want his Captain America persona to destroy what they had. That was his fear now. The way they would build him up and cut her down had him in ire. They didn’t’ know SHIT about his wife or what she’s done for this country! Hell for New York alone! Countless lives had been saved because of HER! All of this was because of her skin color. He was beginning to feel as though he was back in the days of segregation like that date he’d taken her on. She needed to be white, petite; some pretty little blonde number is what others expected out of him. Just like his dancers someone along those lines. Well that wasn’t his cup of tea. He didn’t want any of his groupies or dancers. That was also why he always turned them down when they’d asked them out. Something about it just had no draw to him. They seemed so fake to him. But apparently they were taking it upon themselves to decide for him. What is best for the Captain? What road should have he taken instead. Reasons as to why the one he settled down with wasn’t good enough for him. Why it would never work! Why she didn’t’ deserve him! How sweet he was though for being so thoughtful to take that plunge of someone of her kind. This was fucking Bruce Banner’s daughter. How dare they be so disrespectful? Steve’s mind was literal hot lava at the moment and he felt as though he’d erupt.

Tony continued to laugh about the whole ordeal. Steve cut Pepper a warning look and she nodded in understanding. He was about to pop the living shit out of Tony Stark. Pepper led him out of the room. They could her bitching him out from where they were.

Bella hadn’t uttered a single word. She merely sat the paper back down after she read it. She didn’t even look upon her husband.

She went to approach “Thor”. Only Steve gently grabbed her arm pulling her back.

“I think maybe we should talk about this.”

“What’s there to talk about? You obviously didn’t want to this morning. In fact you were trying to keep this away from me.”

“Only because I didn’t want you getting hurt.”

“And what did you assume Steve? That I’d never see it or hear about it?”

“Bella please sweetheart you know I meant well… I just…”
“Save it Steve…”

“Dammit Bella come on now! None of that is true and you know it! I’m not the enemy. I’m your husband! You honestly think any of that SHIT matters to me?! You know me better than anyone! Look at me!”

She shuts her eyes and turns to him.

“What we have is real. Don’t you doubt it even for a second.” He grabs the paper and shakes it in his hold.

“These people don’t know shit about us! They might think they know Captain America! But they don’t! THIS IS ME! You’re the only one that will ever truly know what’s behind the suit! Hell you and Bucky, and Peggy were the only ones that ever truly knew me! You even know the man before that stupid experiment. I’m RIGHT HERE!”

Bella takes in a breath.

“I don’t care what they think. Neither should you! The only thing I’m pissed off about is that this is all

lies! And they have you extremely misrepresented. If they had an inkling of what you’re truly like. They’d be kicking themselves in the ass! YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND AND MY WIFE! ALL THESE OTHERS WELL YOU KNOW WHAT SWEETHEART THE FUCK WITH THEM!”

He shreds the paper into pieces and tosses it into the trash.

“If they can’t accept my wife! And the way I want to live my life! Then they obviously don’t need Captain America anymore!”


“I’m serious Bella!”



Bella stumbled back in full disbelief.

“Please tell me you don’t mean that.”

“I sure as hell mean it every word of it!”

She looks to him with tears in her eyes.

“Steve, I’m one person. Just one Steve… verses the millions. You do the math! I might be your wife, but I’m still your biggest fan. And you can’t treat all fans the same. I doubt seriously they all agree with that article! You can’t make them all pay! I fell in love with Steve Rogers, but I was trained by the fucking Captain, so show some god damn respect! Captain America never quits! He doesn’t give up! He doesn’t let others push him around! Where the fuck did he just go?! When you find him be sure to let me know!”

“And what about what I want? What you want? This is OUR marriage OUR life?! When does the life of Steve Rogers come first for a change?! Yeah I know that’s totally selfish right? But for once in my life I finally have everything I’ve ever wanted. Yet, I have to concern myself with the world around us and their input on the way I live my life.”

Pepper and Tony look to one another. She shakes her head bitterly upon him. Tony sighs.

“Now in all defense I hadn’t a clue it’d go that far.”
“Fix this Tony! Or you’re sleeping on the couch for eternity! I mean it!” Pepper storms off and Tony takes in a breath.

“Okay… Guess I had that one coming.”

Tony comes up behind the two of them. He puts his arms around their shoulders. He kisses both their cheeks.

“Now calm down you to crazy love birds. Maybe it’s time for a little marriage counseling.”
“SHUT UP!” She and Steve both chorus.

Tony raises his hands in the air.

“I’ve an idea actually.”

They both look to him as if they want to punch him.

“Just relax I got this all under control.”

Bella looks around.

“I thought you said he was here?”

Tony genuinely smiles and motions towards the living room.

Bella forces that smile as she sees him sitting there.


He smiles and comes to a stand. He opens his arms for her. Steve and Tony exchange looks, but say nothing. Loki twirls her around, he then places her down. He then clears his throat and looks over to Steve. They simply nod towards one another. Tony grins to himself noticing Loki’s hand was on Bella’s ass. Pepper’s eyes widen. They watched as Bella discreetly pried it away. Loki sighed.

“I’ve missed you.” He says and caresses her cheek.

“Missed you too Thor. So how are things back home?”

“Much better now! Think we could talk more privately?”

Bella shrugs.

“Sure. Just let me go see about that plant Pepper was telling me about. I’ll be right out.”

He nods and heads outside.

“Plant?” Pepper questions.

Bella looks directly upon her husband.

“Don’t believe anything you see. Find a way to keep close. Any signs of him about to teleport you cling to him for dear life and don’t let go. If something happens and you get to Asgard and I don’t please just find Thor and see what’s going on.”

He rather rears back at this as Bella kisses his lips. She pats her hand along his chest. Bella hurriedly heads outside so not to raise suspicion.

“I thought you were the Captain.”

“I’m starting to question my ranking around her as well.” He admits with a small grin. He grabs his shield on the way out, but stays in his civilian attire.

Tony shows Steve another exit out so he can sneak up on Loki if needed. Loki takes Bella’s hand as they walk. He sighs as if something’s wrong.

“What is it Thor?”

“It seems the feelings are one sided.”


He half laughs and shakes his head.

“There’s just so much pressure.”


“Yes it seems father as somewhat changed the rules on me. In order for me to gain the throne I must have a bride.”

Bella had to stop herself from laughing at him. Thor never truly cared about having the throne. In fact he thought it a burden he didn’t truly want. But it was no secret he was next in line. However, Bella played along. She patted him on the shoulder.

“You’re Thor you’ll have no issues finding a potential queen.”

He softly chuckles and shrugs.

“That maybe, but there is only one that I want. I wish I had come to you sooner. I should have told you my feelings.”

“And what of Jane and Steve, Thor?”

“What of them?!” He says almost bitterly.

“He doesn’t deserve you! I was the one there for you during your hardest times of need! I was the one that helped to hold it together. We’ve been through so much together. You and I make sense. Hell I met you before I even met Jane! My feelings for her only grew because I was in denial about what you and I had. I was a fool Isabella! Now look! I never once told you my feelings. I might have loved Jane, but it was you that never once left my mind. It was you that I thought about in every given situation. Why can’t you see it too? You and I have always made more sense! You barely know Steve! Dammit Isabella he was gone for three years! THREE in which I WAS THERE! I’d give you a lifetime and more! I’d give you a kingdom if you’d just come with me. They do not share the same rules in Asgard as they do here on Earth. Such trivial things do not matter. You and I could still marry and be together. And look at it like this. We could leave this all behind! You wouldn’t have to worry about Steve or Tony’s thoughts as you wouldn’t’ ever have to see them again. We’d be free to stay in Asgard and live our lives. They’d never even know!”

“So you want me to run away with you to Asgard and become your wife?!”

“More than anything!”

Steve was growing more and more furious as this conversation continued. He wanted to beat Loki’s face into a bloody unrecognizable pulp.

“I thought Steve was your friend. You said so yourself Thor. That he’s like your brother.”

He sighs and looks to the ground.

“I only said that for your sake. I just wanted you to be happy.”
“Say I go with you and take this vow. I discard my husband and friends. Then what?”

Loki instantly wraps his arms around her waist.

“I would become your husband. I would be the one to protect, love, and honor you. You would make new friends. We could even start our own family if you so wish. Or at least enjoy the art of practice.”

He breaths her in. Bella fought the grimace feeling Loki’s erected self against her.

“I’ve wanted you for so long.”

Steve’s eyes widen and his hands ball up into fists. Loki was kissing along Bella’s neck and shoulders now. He knew his wife had to play along to get into Asgard, but this was killing Steve. He didn’t’ like ANY other man or god for that matter touching his wife. Steve didn’t have time to worry about such things. He knew Loki was about to take off with his wife, whether she agreed or not. He could see it in his eyes. If Steve didn’t act fast, Bella would vanish along with Loki.

“Thor…” Bella uttered and shook her head.

Steve narrowed his eyes though as his wife started acting funny. Her head swayed a bit as Loki cupped her chin.

“Come with me. Rein over Asgard with me be my queen and forget this life! You’re not wanted here anyway. With me you are free Isabella. You’re beautiful you will be treated as the queen you’re truly meant to be treated as. You and I make sense we are the same. Let this life go… Free yourself from the cruelty of this place! Give yourself to me! No more do you have to feel not worthy! THESE PEOPLE ARE BENEATH YOU GIVE INTO THE BEAST ! NO MORE HOLDING BACK! BECOME THAT IN WHICH YOU WORK SO HARD TO HOLD BACK! NO MORE FIGHITNG IT! RELEASE IT!” Bella’s eyes roll back and began to glow that lively green color.
Steve did his best to get as close as possible without being noticed. Bella’s eyes came to a close. Loki moved strands of hair away from her face. He then looked around. Steve quickly ducked out of sight. Once he turned back around Loki was kissing his wife! Not just any kiss either. His tongue was down her damn throat and his hands were all over her. Her eyes were still closed. Steve took off running as fast as he could seeing the starts of Loki flickering in and out. He knew he was about to teleport. He’d his arms around Bella as he did this. Steve barely managed to get a good hold around the both of them as Loki traveled back to Asgard. Once the three of them appeared at the rainbow bridge, Bella’s eyes shot open. She grits her teeth together and picks Loki up by his throat.

“Don’t you EVER TOUCH ME LIKE THAT AGAIN!” Steve grabbed him by the hair yanking him from her hold.

Bella then promptly hunkers down and pukes. She couldn’t believe he had his tongue in her mouth. She almost caved in and couldn’t play along.

Meanwhile, Steve was relentlessly beating the shit out of Loki.

“WHERE IS HE?!” Steve demanded.

Loki laughs between the powerful blows Steve gives.

“YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD GET AWAY WITH TAKING MY WIFE?!” Steve shouts and punches him in the gut. The wind is knocked out of him.

Bella wipes her mouth and gets up still feeling nauseas. Steve holds Loki back and eyes his wife.

Bella makes her way over and pops in him the face over and over until they hear his jaw snap. Steve nods and he starts dragging Loki by the hair across the bridge to the palace.

Steve and Bella exchange looks. Asgard had recently been in battle. Bella grimaced and shook her head.

“You’re going to tell us where your brother and father are! Or we’ll both take turns beating it out of you!”

Loki tried to teleport out, but was too beat up. He wasn’t healing fast enough for the blows Steve and Bella had given. He starts laughing and sighs.

“Well this isn’t quite going according to plan…” Loki utters in defeat as he snaps his jaw back into place.

They enter the palace and drag him along. Bella looked to her husband.

“Everyone’s gone… even the guards.”

Steve shakes his head.

“What have you been up to LOKI?!” Steve barks as he continues to shove him around.

“Where is everyone?!” Bella demands.


Bella lifts him over her head and throws him through a wall of the palace.


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  1. Sounds like they are doing to Bella what the “fans” and paparazzi are doing to Nikki Reed being with Ian S. Stupid people think they are entitled to an opinion. Ewwww kissing Loki

  2. Loved this chapter!!
    I know Loki is supposed to be the ‘bad’ guy here but he’s just one of my faves! Really hope someday in future you have the time for a Bella/Loki fic. 😊

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