Chapter 15 The Wrath Of Gods

Chapter 15

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Thor was pacing around in some sort of glass cell.

“He keeps me here by some sort of witchcraft!”

“Witchcraft?” Bella questions confused.

“Dark magic Isa whatever it is. It’s powerful enough to keep me at bay. I cannot even call to the Mjölnir!”

“FREE HIM THIS ONCE, LOKI!” Bella demands.

Loki laughs.


Loki tries again to teleport still he was too weak.
“Sorry it’s going to take a bit even with your abilities.” The Captain utters as he grabs him by the collar. He drags him to the front of the area, where he had Thor trapped.

“Release him or I’m going to bash your head into this glass repeatedly.”

Loki sighs with full on irritation. He puts his staff to the glass. It begins to crack and shatters to the floor. A gust of wind burst throughout the room. The Captain grabs his wife and they take cover. Loki flies back at the impact of the spell being broken. Thor grits his teeth and his hammer returns to him. He twirls it about angrily eying his brother.


“Relax brother they are fine.”


“Eh, Jotunheim perhaps? I’m not quite certain just a little spell gone wrong that’s all. Nothing personal.”
“Jotunheim! You’ve managed to get them on enemy territory? Do you realize the uncertain danger they are in?! How could you do something like this to our own father and people?! I cannot believe you are my brother!” Thor looks to Bella and the Captain apologetically.
“Then you get my earthling friends involved! Because of you I didn’t even make it to my best friend’s wedding! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS LOKI! BUT FOR NOW YOU WILL TAKE ME TO FATHER AND OUR PEOPLE NOOOOW OR SO HELP ME I WILL RIP YOU APART AND HANG YOUR LIMBS ALL ACROSS ASGARD!”

Thor picks ups brother up and lifts him into the air.


Loki sighs and looks to Bella.

“If you had just run away with me none of this would be happening about now. I blame you.”
“You would…” Bella utters as if bored.

Thor narrows his eyes on this.
“What did you do Loki?”
The Captain sighs.

“He thought he could steal my wife by pretending to be you and confess his undying love.”
Thor looked to his brother with raised brows.

“What were you thinking?”

Thor half laughs and shakes his head.

“You honestly believe that even in my appearance you could somehow make her fall for you? That’s a joke in itself Loki. Thus, just proves how incredibly ignorant you truly can be.”

Thor’s attention goes back to Bella.

“How long did it take for you to realize he wasn’t me?”
Bella smiles.

“Well for one he called me Isabella. Two he didn’t have the hammer!”

Thor rolls his eyes.

“Isa, I apologize deeply for my idiotic brother. I see that they’ve done quite the number on you already. No more than you deserve. Now father!”

Loki sighs and shakes out of his brother’s hold.

“Fine!” He says exasperatedly.

They gather in a circle each place their hands upon Loki.

“Just give me a minute.” Loki utters as his body continues to heal.

Thor rolls his eyes.

After a few more minutes they appear in the realm of Jutunheim, a very dark world with vast land and massive black cliffs and boulders, also a land known to be filled with frost and rock giants.

“I cannot believe you would send our own father and people to this realm brother. What were you thinking?”
Loki shrugs.

“Your father, not mine! We only share the blood of our beloved mother! Keep that in mind next time you wish to refer to him as such!”

“You take over a kingdom in which to rule yourself. Only you send everyone away? How is that ruling? You can’t even take over a kingdom properly! And how dare you! My father took care of you as though his own son! His own flesh and blood and this is how you repay him?!”

“Actually it was only Odin I sent away. The Jotun’s and I had a bit of a disagreement. There was a war and well you can figure out the rest from there.”

“You brought us to war?!”

He shrugs again as if no big deal.

“We almost won!” He implies with a grin.


Bella and her husband look to one another as the ground beneath them starts to tremble. Thor grits his teeth already knowing.

“Are you with or against us brother?! I need to know where you stand! I NEVER KNOW WITH YOU!”

Bella looks around as the boulders around them start to crackle. The trembling grows worse and a thunder like sound spreads across the area they’re in.

“Rock giants.” Thor declares.

“Prepare yourselves.” He warns Bella and the Captain.

A huge boulder sails across the sky. Captain America sends his shield out and it splits the boulder in half as the four of them dodge the aftermath.

“You’re kidding me.” Bella utters seeing the slew of rock giants heading their way.

Thor shakes his head and points to his brother irately.


Loki laughs.

“This is hardly the laughing matter.”

“Oh trust me I know. Still I mean it is kind of funny…”

Bella and her husband look to one another and shake their heads. Thor shoots off into the sky. Electricity flowed about his entire body as he headed towards the giants. Bella shut her eyes for a moment. Her husband noticed that when she opened them they had that green hue to them. They took stance and prepared for one hell of a battle to come. Loki goes to teleport and tries to leave them. The Captain swiftly knocks him down with his shield.

“Oh no you don’t, you will stand and fight with us!”

Loki rolls his eyes.

“Quit acting like a complete coward and a pussy!”

Captain America raises his brows towards his wife on this.

“What? It’s true!”

“OH I’m not disagreeing…” He says with a smirk.

A loud boom surrounds the area as Thor smashes his hammer into the earth. Giants fall to the ground and the battle begins. The giants rush back to their feet and run towards them. These giants were a good eight feet tall. A dull gray color, they’d foul breath decaying teeth, and were just down right disgusting to even look upon. She Hulk awakes fully as she uses her husband’s shield to bounce off of. She soars towards the giants and clotheslines them to the ground.

“What a woman…” The Captain hears Loki utter breathlessly as he gawks at his wife.

He smacks him in the back of the head. The Captain then twirls his entire body around and slams into oncoming giants. His fist fires right through one of their stomachs. Loki uses his staff to fight them off. Thor sends bolts of lightning towards the others in the distance. He does his best to keep his friends and brother safe hoping to keep as many away from them as possible. He growls out as he’s smashed into the ground a good eight feet. She Hulk reaches down and offers an hand. He clamps his hand around her wrist and climbs back out. Thor dusts the dirt off his body.

Thor quickly yanks her back as one of the giants pierced a blade through her back. She gasps out and drops to her knees. The Captain rushes over and quickly takes out the giant. He then removes the blade. Her fingers dig into the earth as her body begins to heal itself. Her husband puts a hand upon her back and checks her over as Thor continued to fight the giants off.

“Are you alright?” Her husband calls out.

“Yeah just sucked.”

“I can imagine.”

He helps her to her feet and kisses her forehead.

“Amazing…” They turn to hear Loki.

“You my dear really are one of a kind.”

Bella shakes her head with irritation.

“My father is the Hulk you idiot.”

The Captain has a good laugh at this as they tag team against one of the giants. She Hulk hops on its’ back and the Captain sends several jabs its way. It begins to crackle and fall apart. She ends it with the snapping of its neck. She tosses its head at Loki’s feet.
“That’ll be yours if you don’t get us to Odin!”

He raises his hands in the air.

“She’s right!” Thor agrees and lands directly in front of his brother.

“So lead the way brother! And you had better pray that father is alright!”

Thor twirls his brother around and literally kicks him in the ass.


Loki starts walking and the three of them follow leaving the remains of the rock giants behind. They walk for what seems like hours. The scenery hardly changing except for the storm that was rolling in.

“I take it that’s not your doing?” She Hulk points out to Thor.
“I’m afraid not Isa.”
“Great, something tells me storms on this planet are not so kosher.”

“Is anything on this God forsaken place?!” Thor bellows.

The four of them freeze as a bolt of lightning hits just before them. The clouds above them begin to swirl around and the wind picks up.

“As if this place wasn’t dreary enough.” She Hulk complains.

The hairs on the Captain’s arms begin to stand. He looks to his wife in alarm. She notices this too and could feel the energy rising beneath her feet.

“Steve!” She shouted and went to knock him away from the current about to hit.

He dropped down and his entire body was struck.


She rushed to his side as he hit the ground. His body began to spasm.

“Dammit!” She cupped his cheeks and looked into his eyes.

“Come on Steve baby.”

Thor narrowed his eyes and hunkered down over him. She took his hand as he gritted his teeth.
“Grrrrr that sucked!”

She Hulk and Thor took in a breath of relief. They helped him back to his feet. Thor patted him on the back.
“Shocking right?”

“Thor!” She Hulk scolded.

He chuckled.
“What? He’s alright aren’t you?”

“You sound like freaking Tony.”

Thor wrinkles his nose at this.

“You’re right.”

They look over to see Loki dodging his own bolt coming towards him. It misses, but Thor gets this certain look and he sends one directly upon his brother, right on the ass. The three of them laugh as he reaches to it and looks to Thor bitterly.

“Is everything alright brother?”

He snarls back and starts to lead the way again.

“There it is.” Loki says pointing to the palace off to the distance.

“And we can’t teleport there because?” She Hulk questions the brothers.

“Too dangerous Isa, we have to know the lay of the land perfectly. We would not only risk our lives, but those of Asgardians and our father.”

She Hulk nods in understanding.

“Then we trudge on. Hopefully catch them completely off-guard.”

“We can only hope.” The Captain says as he looks around thinking of a plan.

He points out a certain winding area up the mountain near the palace.

“Where does that lead?”

Thor tilts his head a bit.

“Around the back of the palace.”

The Captain smiles.


They each look to him oddly.

“What better way to surprise them then to be unsuspected guests blowing their way in.”
Thor nods with a slight grin.
“AH, yes brother, now the hard part.”

They look to Thor and Loki.

“Getting past the guards and I’m not talking just a few. We’ve our work cut out for us I’m afraid. Going to be an awful long journey ahead of us.”

“Well I for one can’t wait.” She Hulk utters.

The Captain sighs.

“Then I suppose we had better get started.” Thor and the Captain kick Loki back towards the front.

“Lead and no tricks!” Thor demands.

Halfway there the Captain turns to his wife and gives her a wink. She smiles in return as they continue on. They eventually come up to the steep trail of the mountain. Loki leans back against the mountain for a moment catching his breath.

“What about a break?”

“No breaks.” Thor expresses and grabs his brother by the collar.

Thor shoves him back up the trail.

“Keep going.”

Thor purposely falls behind. She Hulk walks directly behind Loki keeping an eye on him. Thor looks over to Captain America.

“I don’t know what all my brother might have said or done. I truly hope he didn’t cause you and Isa any real issues.”

“Nothing we couldn’t push past.”

Thor sighs.

“Let’s just put it this way. My wife is not easily fooled. She knows those around her. She knew right away.”
“And what of you?”

A nervous laugh escapes the Captain. Thor shakes his head already seeing it.

“Come on now…” He whispers as they both look towards She Hulk.

“I don’t call just any man my brother. If anything you’re more my brother than that of my own, sadly enough. I’d trust you far more than I’d ever trust that of my own blood.”

The Captain nods in shame.

“You truly believed I was after Isa?”

“For a moment…” He admits.

“Ah, come on now…” Thor chuckles a bit.

“Isa’s a phenomenal woman. I’ll admit and gorgeous no doubt. But she was never mine to have. She’s always belonged to you brother. And she always will. You brother have her heart and possibly her soul. I’ve never seen someone so into anyone the way Isa is to you. Isa and I have more of a family bond if I’m to be honest. She’s my best friend sure… but she’s also like the sibling I never had and wish I had. Hell the both of you are.”

“I let my own insecurities and fears take over for a moment. You played a very important role in her life, which I could never give. I also found myself envying the years you got that I hadn’t. What I would have given to have those missed out years. I suppose that’s where my concerns came to play. You both seemed to grow a bond during my time of absence. Not a single day or night went by that I didn’t think about her. In fact it was damn near maddening. This hold she had on me. I just couldn’t seem to let it go no matter how much I tried. Then to come back and find her engaged and so many other things I’d missed out on. I began to feel like this second tier person in her life. Selfishly, that wasn’t what I wanted.”

Thor smiles and pats him on the back.

“Oh, believe me brother you’re not.”

She Hulk looks back and sees how far back they both are.

“Having trouble keeping up?” She smarts.

They both grin.

“Sometimes…” Her husband softly mutters.

She looks to him oddly. Thor chuckles. She shrugs and turns back around.

“Oh I don’t envy you dealing with that one. Not one bit brother.”

The Captain grins and shakes his head.

“I’m sorry I doubted you, either of you even if just for a moment.”
Thor shakes his head.

“Don’t… we’re good. We all have our moments. We’re men after all. I’m sure I would have reacted the same or far worse in fact, as you’ve all been witnessed to my anger. Truth of the matter is, I’m still not over Jane. I don’t believe I ever will be. Always appreciate what you have. Cherish it as though it may very well disappear any second. I only wish I’d taken my own advice. There was so much I should have told her so much I should have done. That’s all time that I will never get back.”

They lift their eyes back Loki and She Hulk’s direction. She grabbed Loki and quickly yanked him out of the way of an arrow made of ice. It would have gone right through his skull.

“Immediate family or cousins?” She Hulk smarts knowing about Loki’s history and his real father. There were no secrets between she and Thor. They knew everything about each other. This was one of them.

“Or was it daddy dearest himself?”

Loki sneers at her.

“You’re welcome asshole!”

Loki’s eyes widen and he swiftly knocks her down as a whole slew of arrows soar their direction. Thor sends out his hammer the area the arrows are coming from.

“Now you’re welcome.”

“Ugh get off me!” She tosses him off.

Her husband decks him across the face seeing how he’d grabbed his wife’s breasts.

“Touch my wife in that matter again and see where it gets you!”

The four of them continue to dodge arrows as Thor attempts to knock the frost giants off the cliff across the way. Snow began to fall heavily the further up the trail they went.

“Think they’ve been warned?” The Captain questions.

A loud horn sounded and the each look to each other.

“You just had to say it brother didn’t you?” Thor scolds.

The Captain sighs.


“I suppose we had better speed this up.” Thor says as they pick up the pace.

The arrows continue to fly. The snow only gets worse. She Hulk turns to the others.

“What would happen if we just smash on through the mountain?”

Thor and the Captain look to one another.

“What if I wanted to smash through this mountain and just walk right on through?”

Thor smiles.

“Well let’s find out my friend.”

She nods.


He nods as well and makes his way over.

“You two keep us guarded.” He speaks to Thor and Loki.

“Yes sir!” Thor replies with a smirk.

Thor and Loki do their best to shield them. She Hulk and Captain America begin to literally use all they have to burst through the actual mountain of ice and rock. Before long they manage to spilt the middle of the mountain. The Captain grins seeing how she was right. It led right on to the palace it was a tight and rather dangerous squeeze. However, it was by far safer than that of what they were currently facing.

“So change of plans?” He remarks looking upon her.

She nods and steps on in. He turns towards Loki and Thor.

“OK let’s speed this up.”

They back up as Loki uses his magic and staff to defend against the flying objects that were more than just arrows now. Thor continued to use his hammer. She Hulk and the Captain make their way through the mountain dodging rock slides and struggling to fit through the narrow passageway.

What they weren’t expecting was the war that was already taking place. They came across the palace to see that the Asgardians had somehow already broken out from whatever prison they had them in. Thor chuckled on this.

“It seems my people have already taken matters into their own hands.”

“I can see that.” She Hulk replies.

“Then I say we just jump on in.” The Captain comments.

“Sure why not!” His wife agrees.

Thor joins his men. Meanwhile, She Hulk and Captain America work as a team taking out whoever they can.

“We must stop this!” Loki shouts.

Thor turns to see the panic in his brother’s eyes.

“Who do you side with brother?!”

Loki honestly looks conflicted as he turns towards his brother and his friends, then the ice giants.

Loki takes in a breath and charges at one of the frost giants. Thor nods in approval and goes back to fighting. She Hulk smashes her fists against the ground and the entire area shakes. Her husband grins. The frost giants were even bigger than the rock giants they were 10 feet tall, blue skinned, and had red eyes, jagged teeth. Only they had more girth. They were stronger by fair and had the ability to send out projectile hits anything made of ice.
“That never gets old.”

She laughs as frost giants tumble to the ground.

“If only your father was here to see this.” He says with pride as he watches his wife fight.

“And I don’t just mean Banner.”

She nods his way in understanding and blows him a kiss. She rapidly turns to deck a frost giant in the gut and another in the face. He sends out his shield just as Thor sends out his hammer. Loki hand slammed his staff into the ground. The impact of all three sent every frost giant before them to the ground or through the walls of the palace.

A few bodies of the Asgardians lay about the area though as well. She Hulk turned to Loki harshly.

“You see what you’ve done! You and your jealous ways! Look before you Loki! THIS ALL THIS IS ON YOU! These are your people!”

Loki swallowed back and looked to the bodies. He actually flinched.

“This wasn’t what was supposed to happen, not them just Odin! No one was supposed to die.”

“You’re nothing more than a monster!”

“Isa!” Thor scolds.

“OH come on this is your brother! These are your people lives that shouldn’t have been expended because of his warped mind!”

Thor sighs he’s always felt the confliction when it comes to Loki. So much confusion, hatred, disappointment, yet there was also love. He loved his brother. He wanted to trust him. But he wasn’t sure how anymore.

“When does it stop!” She Hulk demands.


Five of the frost giants grab Thor and have an ice blade to his throat.

“Even Gods can lose their heads and I seriously doubt they regenerate!” The main frost giant barks.

Loki becomes frozen.

“That was not the deal. The Asgardians and my brother are not part of this!” Loki shouts.

“Did you honestly believe you ran the show? You’ve nothing here to keep you safe.” The frost giant laughs.

“Laufey is dead. You are nothing to us. You see you wanted to trick your brother and your people in order to gain the crown. Only we tricked you in return by taking over Asgard as well. You all belong to US! Thor is the true heir to the throne therefore he must DIE ALONG WITH ODIN ASGARD BELONGS TO US NOW AND YOU WILL ALL BECOME OUR SLAVES!”

Loki quickly teleports and slams his brother out of the way. He takes the form of Thor. The frost giants look to one another confused as both images now lay about the kingdom.

The Captain turned around to see his wife was nowhere to be found. He darted his eyes throughout the entire area.

Bella discreetly made her way about the palace. Deep down she knew the only way to save both brothers was to find Odin. She just hadn’t a clue where to look exactly. She only prayed Odin was well and alive and not in one of his Odinsleep stages he was known for when weakened. Granted he was the strongest of all Asgardians, but this was always his most vulnerable state Thor had once confided in her on this himself. He’d great concerns during these times his father took to recuperate.

She came down a winding set of stairs leading to a very dark room. Bella grabbed a torch that hung about the wall. It seemed to be leading to some sort of underground area. She continued down the long staircase. Once he stairs finally came to a stop she came to an area with some sort of platform that was above the ground. She waved her torch before her to get a better look. She took in a breath as she saw the white of his hair. The fire glowed against his skin. A gold patch was over his eye.

“Odin…” She called out as she timidly made her way over.

She kept in mind that he was a god after all. That he may have the same temper or worse than that of Thor. If Odin hadn’t a clue who she was and felt threatened… she thought to herself as she stepped towards the platform they had him laying upon. Nothing guarded this man. He just lay there. She wondered how a god could be kept down here. There was no sign of him truly being held prisoner. Bella was soon to have her answer though as she began to cough. She reared back knowing she was immune to such things. She began to feel as though she were freezing. Bella felt dizzy and fog escaped her mouth as she breathed in the air. She turned to Odin once more. Poison… The area around them, somehow had poison about the air they were breathing in. She began to feel fatigue. Bella did the only thing she could think of and fast. She literally scooped Odin up. She took off towards the stairs, only to feel something breathing right against her neck. She froze and slowly turned.

Her jaw drops. The beast before her breathes directly in her face. Her head sways about as she begins to realize the poison is coming from him. That and he’s the one guarding Odin, she half laughs behind the struggle to stay awake. Out of desperation she takes her torch and stabs it through the creature’s jawline. It makes this loud shrieking cry and staggers back on all fours. This thing had massive paws and claws. The teeth on this thing looked as though a shark’s. It’s body alone could swallow her whole. Ironically, it ripped the torch out from his mouth. It grabbed Bella by the waist and tossed her into his mouth. Bella screamed out as loud as she could, praying someone would hear her. She forced her arms and legs out and struggled to keep the creature from chopping her up to nothing. She found herself wishing her father had somehow tagged along. She was nowhere near the size of Hulk. Though she was powerful it was nowhere near what she needed in order to survive this beast. The inhalation of the poison grew worse the longer she was in the creature’s mouth. The creature continued to try and squash her with his great jaw. Her arms and legs shook as she continued to hold him off. She knew she couldn’t last much longer.

She gritted her teeth realizing no one was going to hear her. She shut her eyes as the weariness continued to grow worse. Her body began to cave. Bella was starting to give in. She dropped to her knees in the creature’s mouth. Her time in boot camp began to replay as she continued to hold her hands up on the roof of the creature’s mouth. Its breath was foul.

I need you at your fullest potential. If you cannot give me that you’re no use to me. She heard in memory of Captain Steve Roger’s voice. The memory of Douglas and the other soldiers that tried to force themselves on her, the humiliation she had felt, the anger, the desperation that coursed through her. Then she thought of Frank and her own grandfather. Those words yet again I need you at your fullest potential. If you cannot give me that you’re no use to me. Bella cried out and came back to a stand. She stretched out her arms and legs as far as they would go. She continued to cry out in agony and the creature’s jaw began to break. The beast jarred around in a panic about the room. It slammed itself into walls and trying desperately to get her out from it’s mouth. A loud popping crack like sound echoed throughout the room. It’s jaw hand snapped in half. Bella fell and came to a crouching stance before the creature. It whimpered and backed away from her. She kept her eyes locked on to its in an alpha like matter. She gave a simple nod it’s direction as it backed into a corner and continued to whine. She scooped Odin back up and carefully, but with haste made her way up the stairs.

Once she made her way up. She came to her knees with Odin still in her hold.

“ODDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!” She cried out in desperation.

The Captain froze and turned the direction of the echoing cry he’d heard. He took off and ran that direction. His wife looked upon him desperately. She looked to have been put through the ringer, he found himself thinking.

“Help me wake him.”

Concern washed over him and his heart sank a bit.
“Please just help me wake him!”

He nodded and rushed over and began to do whatever he could think of.

A massive vortex of wind and a blue element fills the entire area of the palace where the battle is taking place. Everyone looks upon each other in wonder. The Asgardians begin to float above the ground, even Loki and Thor. The wind is knocked out of each Asgardian. They all pass out.

“I got this from here.” Odin declares as he looks upon Steve and Bella.

He nods and sends out his hand. They both begin to fly back at great speed. Steve reaches to his wife as they continue to soar. She reaches to him in return both panic stricken. He manages to grab hold of her and wraps his arms around her protectively. The both of them groan out in great pain as they land and hard. They begin to cough and roll over. Steve opens his eyes to check over his wife only to realize they’re back on earth.

Thor and Loki awake before the throne.

Odin had his elbows about his knees looking upon his sons with great fury.


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