Chapter 16 We Start Out Somewhere

Chapter 16

I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Read then leave your review please. This is the last Chapter thank you so much for your support and wonderful reviews. Tony Stark is in the works after my Thor story.

Steve and Bella eye one another from across the Avenger’s headquarters. Bruce took notice of how they were acting. He sighed and took off his glasses. Tony twirled about in his chair as if he hadn’t a care in the world. Bruce walked over to his daughter and took her hand. Steve raised a brow as he led her into another room.

“You’re in trouble now!” Tony smarts.

“Hulk smash!”

“Tony!” Pepper scolds.

Tony and Clint laugh.

Steve cuts Clint a look. Clint clears his throat and pretends to be looking at something else.

Bruce led his daughter to the gym area of the headquarters.

“Let me guess this has to do with the newest headlines.”
Bella flinches as if Bruce had waylaid her.

He nods and sits down on one of the benches. He rolls up his sleeves.

“I’ve been there you know. What you’re feeling when it comes to your husband is what I felt with your mother. You need to get something straight though. There’s nothing wrong with you. Not a damn thing. You’re beautiful, smart, and one hell of a fighter. Why do you think Captain America of all the men in this world follows you around like a lost pup. And why do you think he looks like a wounded pup every time he feels he’s let you down?”

Bella sighs and leans against the wall.

“My advice to both of you is to let this go. You’re both in the public eye now. There’s not much you can do about it other than let them know nothing can break you. As an Avenger there will never be a day you’re not in the spotlight. And being married to another Avenger member is only adding to that flame that was already there. If anyone can make it work, it’s you two. He loves you Bella. There’s nothing you can do to chase him off. I don’t even think Hulk could.”

They both laugh and Bella shakes her head in thought.

“It’s just so frustrating you know. He’s like up here…” She motions up high with her hand.

“And I’m here…” She motions a few feet lower.

“Now that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

“Oh believe me it is.”

Bruce nods and comes to his feet.

“Wait right here. I’ll be right back.”

He returns with a green folder. He places it in her hand.

“What’s this?”

He smiles and takes his seat again. He doesn’t answer. Bruce folds his arms about his chest and waits. Bella takes in a breath and sits across from him. She opens the folder and looks to him oddly. She takes out the newspaper and other media clippings. Each of them was pertaining to her aka (She-Hulk).

She lifts her eyes towards him. She skims through them.

Many were praising She Hulk and all her hard work. Women loved the fact that the newest Avenger was woman. A few even stated how it was about time. They felt they had someone to look up to.

“You see… You’re wrong…” He says with a smile.

“You’re already a favorite of theirs. That last article Bella was merely about how shallow some people mainly single women can be. It had to do more with jealousy than anything else. I guarantee it.”

Bella blushes as she picked up a Playboy article about She Hulk. Bruce wrinkled his nose once he gathered which one she was reading. He quickly yanked it out of her hand. But she’d already read it. It was an article about how hot men thought She Hulk was. It even had a proposition for her to pose for them. Bruce clears his throat.

“Yeah I told Tony to burn that one. He never listens. I’m sure he did it just to irk me.”

“So Playboy modeling huh? Dad…”
Bruce half laughed, but froze once he realized what she’d said. He swallowed back. Bella winked and came to her feet. She leaned over and kissed his forehead.

“Thank you…” She whispered and exited the gym.

He nodded to himself, once she left.

Steve followed as Bella headed outside. She turns to him with a serious look.

“My father thinks I should get into modeling.”
“I don’t argue that.”


Steve nods.

“Bella, I’ve said it a million times and I’ll gladly say it a million more. You’re simply one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever laid eyes on.”
“So you’d support my decision if I wanted to quit this Avenger thing and become a model.”

He shrugs.

“Whatever makes you happy. I won’t lie I rather like working alongside of you…”
“So you don’t have a problem with me posing for Playboy?” She hands him the position page she’d managed to sneak out from under Bruce’s nose.

Steve picks up the paper and his jaw drops.

“Huh?! Like NAKED?!”

She nods.

“…eh…” He rubs the back of his neck.

“They want to pay you to pose naked?! I mean they do that?!”

Bella shrugs and starts to walk away.
“Um… I really think we should talk some more about this first!”

She smiles, but keeps walking.

“I’m not so sure how I feel about that!” He calls out.
“I mean shouldn’t I be the only one that see’s you naked?!” He calls out and winces as he feels a hand upon his shoulder.

Steve turns around to see Bruce’s hand. He lets out a nervous laugh. But notice’s that Clint, Tony, and now Thor also stood behind him. Steve cleared his throat.

“You were saying?” Bruce inquired.

Tony rubs his fingers together in a scolding matter.

“So you’re saying that Loki is somewhere on earth without his abilities?” Bella questions.

Thor nods and takes a plunge off his beer.

“It is the punishment father sought best. He is to remain as though human and has been banished from Asgard.”

Bella groans out.

“Is he trying to punish us earthlings?”

Thor has a good laugh at this.

“So where is he?”

“Who knows… and with Loki there’s no telling what he’s up to… Father was awfully angry. Loki seems to forget that during father’s sleep spells he sees and knows all that goes on around him.”

“Really?” Steve asks with interest.

“Yes… so it was quite interesting, to say the least. Father also sends his appreciation. He knows what you both did in order to help us. He made it known if either of you ever need anything, I’m to let him know.”

“It was nothing really. You’ve already done so much for our realm and that’s what friends do. You just don’t question it. You just go about it.”

Darcy walks in and slides in beside Thor.

“Get me one of those thingy’s with the pink umbrella!” She says to the waitress as she walks by.

“It’s sex on the beach.” Bella says sipping from it.

“Ohhh I did that once! Talk about sand in all the wrong places.”

Bella laughs. Clint, Natasha, Pepper, and Tony walk in before long. They each move to a bigger table. They all drink and share stories. Towards the end of their fun filled night. Tony turns to Steve.

“By the way you two have a tour to go to in about… Eh.. 5 hours.”

Steve and Bella rear back in wonder.

“Tour? I didn’t schedule any tour.”

“Huh is that so?”

Steve nods.

“Well that’s funny.”

“What are you up to Tony?”

He shrugs and takes a sip off his drink.

Five hours later…

Captain America and She Hulk look to one another confused. There wasn’t the usual dancers or anything over the top. In fact it was just a bunch of soldiers and other civilians. Iron Man flew past and dropped down on the stage. He stood before the podium.

To Bella and Steve’s great surprise, Iron Man began a speech that was dedicated to the both of them. The other Avengers showed up as well. Bella and Steve turned to the loud blunder that caused the ground beneath them to shake it was Hulk. He nodded towards his daughter.

“What’s going on?” Captain America questioned.

Thor patted his shoulder.

“It was the only way we could think to do this.”

“Do what exactly?” He asked as Iron Man continued his speech.

However once he finished. He took off his mask.

“Now what you’re about to see here… is a story. A story of how two people became Avengers and how those two Avengers fell in love.

Captain America and She Hulk froze. They don’t know how he managed it, but he did. First played out the story of Captain America, the story that most everyone already knew of how he began. The part that floored them the most was it got to Bella’s story. Somehow he’d managed to get videos of her starting out as that small town girl in Forks. Then it went on to her joining the army. There was footage of her training before and after Captain Steve Rogers. It showed a training session they never even knew was being filmed, of just the two of them. Of how hard he pushed her, how determined Bella was, how she never complained or gave up. Steve couldn’t control the smile that formed on his face as the memories before them played out. He put his arms around Bella’s waist as they continued to watch. The film from there skipped on to that dreadful day when Bella as She Hulk was tormented on that base. People in the crowd gasped out. Steve held his breath it was hard for even him to watch. Neither had any idea there was footage on this. He held her tighter during this. It skipped on to one of She Hulks first few missions as an Avenger. It showed how she and Captain America worked with the other Avengers and together as a team.

“We look pretty damn good together!”

Bella laughed as her husband whispered this in her ear. Then the film went on to their wedding day. That’s were Iron Man put it to a close. He then looked up towards them. He motioned them over.

“And here are our two beloved Avengers now!”

The crowd literally lost their minds as they turned to see Captain America with his arms around She Hulk. They both timidly waved. Captain America took her hand and led her on up on stage. She nervously made her way up. Everyone was clapping and hollering. Tony winked upon her and patted her on the shoulder. The Captain took the mic at this point. He looked upon his wife. He locked eyes with her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, what you have just seen is completely true. Some of it I didn’t even know was filmed. Now you understand what I’ve been trying to say for a while now. In World War II, there was a famous slogan that read “Captain America can shoulder the weight of our nation!” Well I’m telling you right now, the Bella Swan you’ve just seen is the heart of our nation. How could I have possibly have chosen anyone else? I’m thankful every day that she chose me.”

He turned to look back at her, “I love you…always.”

At this he passionately kisses her. Iron Man sticks thumbs up in the air.

Thor randomly grabs the both of them and they vanish.

“What the hell?” She Hulk looks around.

Thor chuckles as they both look to their surroundings. They were on some sort of private Island of Asgard. It was breathtaking. “Everything you need is in there. You will personally be served breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ve left the times on the counter in the kitchen of when to expect this. You’re both to relax and do whatever it is you wish.” He points to a mansion like looking palace. “And I do mean everything. Make yourselves at home and for as long as you desire. You will not be disturbed here you both have free rein to this island.”
“Thor?” Bella questions.

“Isa… this is my personal gift to the both of you. I could not attend your wedding and though I got to see it earlier. I never got you a gift. Please… accept this. Only as Bella and Steve… This is your honeymoon.” He takes her hand and kisses it.

“Enjoy and when you’re ready to leave all you have to do is call to me. I will come gather you then and take you back to your realm.”

Thor and Steve shake hands.

“Thank you Thor.”
“No, thank you brother!”

Thor nods with a genuine beam to his face and takes off. They walk across the white sand and head into the damn near glass looking palace only it was more of a mansion. The moment they stepped in they came to a stop. It was the most gorgeous place either of them had seen.

“It’s crystal.” Bella utters as she ran her fingers along the mansion.

Steve curiously ran his hands along it as well. The flooring beneath them was white marble. All the furniture inside was glass and torches run by magic were spread about the walls. There was no light switches or any of the such.

“What about clothes?” Steve wondered out loud.

They soon had their answer. They entered the bedrooms and each closet was filled with Asgardian clothes.

“Not that we’ll need them…” He heard his wife mouth off.

He chuckled.

“About that… You’re not really going to pose nude for that thing are you?”

She turns to him with a smirk as she holds up one of the beautiful Asgardian dresses to her. She hangs it back up.

“You really should know when I’m pulling your leg by now Steve.”

He takes in a breath of relief.

“You do remember I was frozen for years on end right?”

She smiles.

“Oh I remember…”

Bella starts to walk away, but is stripping off articles of clothing. He grins and picks up her black thong along the way. Steve wiggles his brows and continues to follow the trail of clothing. To his surprise she runs out on the beach in the buff.

“Holy shit…” He uttered and started to take off his suit.

He laid his shield on the couch and joined her. Bella locked her arms around him. Steve kissed along her neck, working his way up to her lips. He lifted her up and positioned himself and placed his dick within her sex. It was instantly warm and very inviting.

“I love you too Steve…” She whispered in his ear.

A soft moan left his lips at this as he worked her about him. She gloved him perfectly. His movements became more forceful as he sucked on her breasts. Bella felt Steve taking his entire tongue along her breasts. Her legs wrapped tightly around him. Both of them locked their fingers within the other’s hair as they began kissing again. Bella felt him getting even harder and he began to pulsate even more within her. She knew he was about to come. Steve gritted his teeth and planted his hands about her waist. Bella arched back giving him the ride of a lifetime as he started to come. His eyes widen as the Asgardian moon reflected upon the area they were in. She cried out his name and brought herself back up. Her arms latched around him again.

“Limber aren’t we?” He said with a smirk.

“Oh you have no idea… Still so much to learn Captain…” She uttered in a sultry voice.

“Oh really?”
She nods with full assurance.

“Hmm…” He moans as he rubs his face between her breasts.

Loki hisses out as he appears in a ballpit in the middle of a pizza joint. Children of all ages were laughing and throwing the balls from the pit right at Loki. He goes to point his staff upon them only to realize he doesn’t have it.

“Why am I not surprised…?” Loki says in sheer misery.

He sinks back into the ballpit.

Steve and Bella continued to kiss.

“So what’s it like making out with an old guy…”

Bella giggles and sighs.

“Knock it off Steve.”

“Well look at it this way it could be worse. You could have married Deadpool.”

Bella gasp out as if insulted. She smacks Steve on the arm and he dies in laughter.

(just a little author fun)

“See I told you I’d make it in this story somewhere…” Deadpool says as he’s kicked back on his couch.

“…eh… Worse story ever! I wasn’t even in this movie! What the fuck?!” He switches the channel and bites into his chimichanga.

“But Bella… she was hot… Wouldn’t mind me some She Hulk action.”

He stops channel surfing as he gets to the women’s Volleyball.



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  1. having recently discovering your site, i love all your stories, at least the ones i’ve read already. i love this story btw. i’ve been doing some major marathon reading and enjoying myself truly.

    now what to read next….. 😉

  2. Such a great story! Loved the ending! Tony did good showing all how Steve couldn’t live Bella more. Nice gift from Thor too. Loki working in a Check E. Cheese type place is a total hoot! And gotta love Deadpool.

  3. Lmao!!! Deadpool had to sneak in didn’t he? Loved this story, and loved how you had Steve be himself and not just Captain America. Though I think it would have been funny fir a language to make it in… even though if I remember correctly this was before that movie.

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