Chapter 2 Finding The Warrior

Chapter 2
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Bella jumps out of bed. Steve had sent a roll of Blackcat fireworks into the barracks. He stood outside waiting for her. She quickly dressed and pulled her hair back. He’d personally had Bella sent to a separate barrack. This way it was easier to personally train her. She would no longer have to deal; with the harassments of Douglas and his group. They were directly next door to her beforehand. Bella quickly laced her boots and sprinted out of the barracks. She came to attention before him. He wasn’t in his suit like yesterday. Today he was in a form fitting white army shirt and fatigues. He was dressed a bit like she was. She thought that was unusual for someone of his ranking. Bella also took notice that he was rather attractive. She held her breath; realizing she was full on checking him out now. She damn near rolled her eyes upon herself. Idiot… What are you one of his groupies? Knock that shit off Bella. Get your head straight! Bella continued to scold herself and forced her eyes to stay locked within his and not his flawless body. She saluted and he did in return.

“At ease.”

She went into parade rest.

“We will be using the east field each morning. The others are taken up. We will wake half an hour before the others. You’re to go to bed half an hour before them as well. I’ve already discussed the issues with your sergeant. If there are any issues you’re to come to me directly; no one else. Any issues…” He hints thoroughly.

She nods.

“As of now Private Swan, I’m your drill instructor. I will be for the remainder of the seven weeks. Now follow me.”

Bella follows him out.

Once they make it to the field. He stands before her.

“You will drop down and do your usual pushups. When you’re done; you will do your usual laps. After that we will be doing things my way.”

“Sir yes sir.”

She drops down and begins. Bella says nothing as he drops down as well. Naturally, he’s able to do more and at a faster pace. Bella wasn’t sure if this was his way of showing off or what. She kept quiet and respectful. Once she was finished she came up and took off. She began her laps. Yet again he ran beside her. She looked to him peculiarly. He caught this and she quickly blushed turning away.

“Leadership by example Private Swan… I will not ask you to do something; that I myself will not take part in. Therefore, anything I ask of you; I will be alongside of you all the way as a team. The way it’s meant to be. Do you understand?”

“Sir yes sir.”

After she’s done her laps she goes back to attention. He tosses her a rifle and they go over some drills. He nods in approval. She was precise and perfected each in a timely matter. Steve even had her try some in motion drills as they marched about the field. Yet again she had precision.


Bella pivoted her foot and faced him. She saluted him. He saluted in return.

“Present Arms!”

She presented.

“Order Arms!”

She brought down her rifle.

“Port arms, Arms!”

She brought up her rifle diagonally with both hands.

“Left shoulder, Arms!”

Bella did as ordered.

“About left, Face.”

She pivoted her foot turning sharply.


She marched forward for a bit.


She came to a stop.

“About FACE!”

She pivoted completely around. He came over and took the rifle from her hand.

“You’re a fast learner aren’t you Private Swan?”

“Sir yes sir.”
He nodded in thought.

“You need things bumped up a bit don’t you?”
A small smile forms along her face.

“Sir yes sir.”
He placed down their rifles and paced around in thought. He looks back to the rifle then to her. Steve narrows his eyes.

“At ease… rest…”

She nods.

“I will return shortly.”

She looks upon him oddly, but doesn’t question it as he takes off in a sprint. She sips from a bottle of water. Before long Steve returns.

She comes to attention and salutes. He nods as his hands were full.

“At ease.”

He hands her a weighted vest, wristlets, and anklets. Steve grabs her rifle.


She snaps to attention. He places the rifle into her hand.

“You seem to have aced this very obstacle. However, have you ever ran it with arms?”

“Sir no sir.”

He nods.

“Then you’re to do this each morning. Until you’ve perfected it. You’re to put on these as well; adding to the difficulty. This will cause you to become weary at a faster pace. Your body will hurt like hell. You will want to give in. You will want to plead for it to end. But you will not stop and you will not plead… Will you Private Swan?”

“Sir no sir!”

“And why is that?”

“Because I’m a U.S Soldier sir.”
“That’s right.”

Bella nods.

“Fall out Private!”

She takes off and begins. He too packs himself down. He grabs a rifle and follows behind her. Bella tries her best not to get discouraged. Steve had already run the course twice as she was barely finishing her first round. Just as she came around to start her second round he was on his third. She gritted her teeth. Even through the crisp cold air about them she was sweating. It didn’t help she often dropped her gun. Especially, during the climbing parts; after the sixth time of dropping her gun. Bella furiously growled out.

“Son of a bitch.”

Steve stops and turns.

“Excuse me?”

Her eyes widen. An oh shit look came about her face.

“Not you sir I… I keep dropping my rifle.”

He looks to the ground.

“Then you can pick it up; after you give me twenty, knuckles to your rifle! You will watch that mouth of yours Private!”

She swallows back nervously.
“Sir yes sir. I do apologize sir.”

He turns quickly. Once he’s facing the other way; he smirks shaking his head. Bella’s nerves were shot as she continued. She thought she’d have a heart attack. She couldn’t believe she’d just said that and in front of freaking Captain America. She felt like a complete horse’s asses.

She continued about doing her best to hold on to her rifle. She began to watch Steve more closely as he continued about. Curiosity flowed about as she wondered how he kept from dropping his rifle. The more attention she paid she picked up a few pointers. She took in a breath and tried for herself. The one she hadn’t thought of was when he went under the trip wire. He moves his body about; with his rifle braced between his arms and inner elbows. She merely tried to drag the gun along with her. She softly laughed upon herself. His methods were much cleverer than the route she’d been taken. She began to follow his methods still she dropped her gun a few times, but not near as much. Her body was in excruciating pain as they continued. She wanted nothing more than to pass out.

They continued this for another hour. He came to a stop and watched her run the course once. He nodded to himself seeing how her body was beginning to give in. The point was to have her doing this damn near blindfolded when he was done with her.

“Front and center!”

She rushes over and comes to attention.

“Parade rest.”

She positions herself.

“You will now join the others. Eat and rest. You will meet me back here in 1500.”

“Sir yes sir.”

She salutes and he salutes in return. He watches as she heads off. Steve then gathers everything picking up for now. Once she enters the cafeteria and grabs her tray. Bella sits alone like usual. Her stomach growled. She hadn’t realized how hungry she was. Bella grabbed her fork and went to eat her food. Douglas and his group of friends walked by. One of them grabbed her tray and emptied it into the trash. They laughed and continued on outside. Bella took in a breath and grabbed a pint of milk. She downed it quickly; before anyone had a chance to take it from her.

She then went back to the barracks. Bella drank a bottle of water as the hunger pains continued. She then looked around the barracks it felt weird being isolated now. She placed her headphones on and kicked back on her bed. She shut her eyes for a moment. Bella hadn’t realized she’d fallen asleep. Not until she heard the blowing of a whistle outside. She shot up and looked to the time.

“Shit…” She grumbled and nearly fell out of the bed; rushing out the door.

He shook his head as she exited the barracks.

“I’m so sorry sir I…”

He cocked a brow.


Her eyes widened. She realized she spoke out of line and hadn’t properly addressed him yet. She snapped to attention. She saluted him and he returned.

“I will not listen to any excuses you may have. I gave you specific orders. You have defied those orders. You kept me waiting…” He sighs with full on irritation.

“Follow me.”

“Sir yes sir.”

Once they get to the field. He turns towards her.


She comes to attention. She swallows back nervously.

“You will drop down and give me 50! Then you will roll over and give me 50 setups prefect ones or I will make you start over! From there you owe me 20 laps! Do we have an understanding?”

“Sir yes sir.”

He nods.

“Get started.”

Yet again he floors her. He too drops down. She can’t help, but to cut him and offbeat glance.

This was her punishment. So why was he partaking in it as well? As though he could sense her eyes on him. He answered as though she’d simply asked out loud.

“As I said before a team… When you screw up Private Swan you take the team down along with you. Each decision you make affects those around you. If you fall, I fall right along with you. Like a domino effect. You must take precaution in the choices you make, always.”

“Sir yes sir.”

She utters softly.

“I don’t believe I heard you Private!”

“Hooah sir!”

A genuine grin comes about his face.

Bella finishes her set. She then rolls over starting her setups. He stops for a moment observing her. He raises up and makes his way over. He plants his hands on her boots.

“Start over. You’re to come all the way up. You’re barely managing a full setup Private!”

“Sir yes sir.”

She brings herself up properly now as he continues to keep his hands where they are. He looked upon her for a moment. She’d taken off her fatigue jacket after her running the course earlier. She too was now in her white undershirt. Steve found himself having to look away. Each time she brought herself up he caught himself staring at her breasts. Ok Steve you hypocrite… he thought bitterly. He couldn’t help, but to take notice of her sex appeal. She had that innocence about her only adding to it. Despite everything, it was her eyes he took the most notice off. They were hazel and taunting.

Afterword they hopped up and started their laps. He then began set her up for some repelling exercises. Steve helped her get into the harness and strapped in. That in itself was torture he stood directly behind her. Her scent carried over knocking him for a loop. He did his best to concentrate. Certain urges were coming over him. Ones he knew were wrong unprofessional. He could and would not act on these desires; no matter how heavy they were.

Bella could feel the heat of his breath traveling along her neck. That’s how close he was as he strapped her in. It caused her to feel heated and funny all over. A feeling she’d never had before. It made her blush as it traveled to other regions. Stupid virgin… He’s your mentor knock it off! Not only that, but he’s freaking Captain America. He’s got plenty of women to choose from. He doesn’t see you that way. Quit acting stupid… She blushed again as their bodies were pressed up against one another. He was giving her a push towards the climb ahead. Once she leveled her feet. He handed her some gloves so she wouldn’t tear up her hands.

Steve didn’t bother strapping himself in. He just grabbed on to the rope. He gave the go ahead and they began to make their way up. He then showed her how to come back down properly. They worked on this for about an hour. He then moved on to other climbing obstacles. He wanted to teach her about balance, patience, and then work on timing. Whilst they went about he gave her the run down to proper dealings with certain situations. As he was going over this at one point Bella got her ankle tangled into one of the ropes she was scurrying across. She gasped out as she lost concentration and her entire body came down as she dangled from the ankle. She gritted her teeth as her entire weight was on that one ankle.

Steve quickly made his way over and began to untangle her.

“Heads up!”

She braced herself as she came down on the netting beneath them.

“That’s why we take our time Private!” He scolds as he drops down beside her.

“That could have been a far worse situation. You got sloppy because, you were in a hurry. What’s the hurry?! Surely, nothing worth breaking your damn ankle over! Now start over and do it right!”

“Sir yes sir.”

He takes notice of her limping a bit as she makes her way off the ropes. She doesn’t complain or say a word. She continues on and finishes the course as he commanded. After she’s completed this correctly. He looks to her.

“Take your boot off Private Swan.”

She looks to him confused, but does as she’s told.

“Sock too.”

She removes the sock and he nods. Her ankle was already bruising and swollen.

“You’re to head to the barracks and take care of that at once. You’re no good to me wounded Private Swan. We will start again early morning.”

“Sir yes sir.”

She salutes and he salutes and return. She starts to walk away.

“That’s another thing Private… Eat! I can hear your damn stomach from here!”

She softly sighs.

“Sir yes sir.”

He saw the look on her face, but couldn’t quite read what it was.

“Starving yourself is not acceptable. I need you at your fullest potential. If you cannot give me that you’re no use to me. I expected you rested, hydrated, and with a full stomach first thing in the morning. That and we will have no more tardiness. Is that understood?”

“Sir yes sir.”
“You’re dismissed.”

Another week had passed. There were no more instances of her being tardy. She was beginning to grasp the training he’d set up. However, Bella began to grow weaker, paler; he even noticed that she was losing weight. He decided to find out for himself what exactly was going on. She never spoke a word nor complained. She continued about their training. Often enough he wondered how she even stood on two feet; much less preformed the task given to her.

Steve took it upon himself to discreetly follow her to the cafeteria one day. He stayed hidden to where he could merely take a peek inside. He saw her with her tray. She at a table keeping to herself. It didn’t take long for him to have his answer. Bella wasn’t starving herself. She was having her food taken away from her. He noticed how she quickly stuffed a couple rolls into her jacket. He thought that was odd behavior. Until he saw Douglas and the others make their way over. They quickly snagged her tray and dumped it out. Something she was apparently used to. She didn’t even react. She just sat there and watched as it took place. They high fived one another and left. What infuriated Steve the most was how the sergeant took notice, he did nothing. He sat there and finished his food. Steve gritted his teeth.

Steve just wasn’t aware of how bad things were at this camp. He’d never been so ashamed! These were U.S SOLDIERS! They stood for AMERICA! Something he took much pride and devotion in. Yet this was one of the worst groups he’d ever come across. He couldn’t’ believe half of the things he was witnessing. They weren’t just starving Bella. He’d overheard them talking about her and saying some of the worst things imaginable. They weren’t even aware he was in the area. He stayed hidden and discreet.

If he had known what was to eventually come he’d have dealt with them at that very moment. He hadn’t a clue… He knew about hazing how this was an ongoing thing for most bootcamps. He just never dreamed they’d take it to the extent they had. Much less to another U.S soldier and a woman at that. Steve had gone to discuss the issues with Private Swan. He’d also taken upon himself to grab some pizza so she’d actually eat. He never dreamed he’d walk in on what he had.

Bella lay down and shut her eyes. She had her alarm set for her next session with Steve. She was so sound asleep she never heard the men enter the room. She awoke in a panic as Douglas clamped his hand over her mouth. They blew a fog horn right in her ear. She struggled to lift up in the bed. The others kept her pinned down.

Douglas roughly cupped her chin.

“So you like screwing the Captain? You sucking some cock? You think we don’t know what this is? Why the hell would he personally choose you?! You’re NOTHING! LOOK AT YOU! I could break you in half! You think you’re so fucking special! First off you think you’re too good to date anyone here. Captain America comes along and you’re all up in arms. Following him around like the little slut you are! You’re nothing more than one of his little groupie whores. He’s using you! He knows what a tight little bitch you are.”

Bella grits her teeth.
“I bet he likes fucking your tight little ass. Is that why he has you here away from everyone else? Having you all to himself, easy access? Are you a screamer?”

Bella kicks out her legs and sends Douglas up against the nightstand. She breaks out of the others hold. She takes the lamp and smashes it into Douglas’s face.


The others laugh.

“So it must be true!”

“You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about Douglas! Now leave at once!”

“Nah… I think you need to learn a little lesson. May be it’s time we get a piece of what he’s getting.”

He reaches over and grabs her by the roots of her hair. He slams her up against the wall. Douglas socks her in the gut. He then punches her across the face. He leans into her ear.

“By the time we’re done with you; you’ll be wrecked for anyone else.”
She sends back her elbow. She quickly reverses the pin. Bella bust his lip open. Then she quickly turns to a guy coming up behind her. She shoves him back and he hits his head on the wall. She swings at another guy as he comes for her as well. He stumbles back taking a good hit. Bella turns back around. She goes to knee Douglas in the crotch and the other three yank her back. They hold her down as Douglas makes his way over. He rips her shirt open. He grabs her roughly by the hair again.

“If you tell a single soul. We will make your life ten times more hell than it is already slut!”

They force her into a corner. One of them yanks down her pants and the others drop theirs as well.

“Fuck look at that…”

Douglas says with a smile grabbing himself. He leans into her as the others hold her down.

Douglas is suddenly sent sailing across the barrack. One of the others get knocked up against the wall. Steve forces his arm back. Bella gasp out as she hears it snap. Steve shoves him onto the ground. He grabs another by the collar of his shirt. He decks him across the face. Bella quickly pulled up her pants. And tried to cover herself best she could. Steve took off his shirt and handed it to Bella. She put it on. He grabbed the other one and tossed him through the door. He landed outside up against a tree. Steve grabs Douglas and slams his fist into his gut. He then rams his knee into Douglas’s crotch. He tosses him outside as well. He grabs the other two and they shared the same fate. The four of them groaned out in pain as they lay in a pile outside of the barracks.

“Bella…” Making the first time he’d ever called her by her first name.

She looks upon Steve. He sighs shaking his head. He wasn’t even sure what to say. Full on shame filled his heart. Anger coursed through him. He cupped her chin gently checking her over. They’d beat the hell out of her. However, he noticed she’d put up a good fight. A few had some pretty good marks; that he knew hadn’t come from him.

“I’ll be right back. I got to take care of those assholes first. They will be dishonorably charged. Once they are out of the infirmary. They will be arrested! You have my word.”

Bella nods and she looks to the ground. Steve shut his eyes for a moment; knowing she was fighting the urge to cry. He said nothing else as he made his way out. He took care of the men as promised.

Once she knew Steve wasn’t within sight. Bella looked around the room. Her heart raced as everything was coming to play. It was all beginning to hit as too what truly took place. She rushed out of the barracks and gagged. She’d nothing to puke up so she merely dry heaved. She reached to her gut as it ached greatly now. Bella forced herself to come to a full stand. She made her way back inside. She grew furious as she began to cry. The heated tears ran down her face and she hated them. She felt betrayed by their appearance. She began to toss whatever she could reach across the room. Bella screamed out as she ran out of things to throw.

“Hey…” He spoke softly.

She jumped and turned. Their eyes locked as he leaned into the doorway. He made his way inside and ran his fingers through his hair. This felt personal to him now. He wasn’t even sure why. It enraged him more than anything that it was HER! Steve looked about the destructed room. He slowly approached her. He gently took her hand and sits her on the bed. He placed the pizza box beside her. He handed her a soda.

“Eat Bella…” He continued to speak softly and began to clean up.

Like she were in a trance; Bella opened the pizza box. Her stomach embarrassingly growled loud enough they both heard it. Something about that made her close the box. She covered her face. Steve made his way over. He sat beside her and neither said a word. He simply hugged her and let her cry it out.

He’d encouraged her to finally eat. Once she was done. Bella looked him in the eyes.

“Thank you sir.”

“Bella, for today it’s just Steve.” She nods and sips from her soda.

After they ate; Steve got out the first aid kit. He doctored up her face. Steve got her to open up somewhat about her personal life and where she came from. He too talked a bit about his history. Without realizing it they’d been talking for hours. It was almost time for lights out. Steve came to his feet.

“I’ll see you in the morning.” He hinted.

She nodded.

“Goodnight Bella.”

“Goodnight Steve.”

He smiled warmly and made his way out.

Bella woke the next morning to him banging loudly on a pot. They continued like normal. Only today, once they were done with their usual sessions. He got some foamed sparring gear. Considering everything he figured she could use the stress release. That and she needed the knowledge. He just didn’t realize the amount of sexual tension that would be behind it. He’d swore she was having the same issues. Yet neither spoke of it. Even he blushed a couple times during certain circumstances. The worst was when she’d actually managed to get him in a pin. Bella had his wrists pinned down and stared him down. He had to quickly roll her off him. He sent her to rest as he gathered himself. He damn near popped a boner on her. After what those bastards pulled; he’d be damned if he put her through more dishonor. He was getting irritated with himself. The more time progressed as he trained Bella. The more the impulses came about. That was never his intention. Sure he took notice of her attractiveness the moment he first saw her. That wasn’t why he took her in. It was the way she lit into those guys. The way she stood up for herself. That and when he watched her run that obstacle the way she had. Something about her struck a chord within him.

After that one day there were no more reoccurrences. She never saw Douglas and the others again. Steve had kept his word. They went back to their training. As time progressed he’d bump it up. He couldn’t get over how fast she picked up on everything he’d taught her. She was also a natural with any gun he tried her on. She could damn near fire any target he gave. He had her join the others in practice of actual battle. He watched as she sparred as they went about real life battle situations. A prideful grin came along his face as often enough she was the one leading the others or they’d not know what to do and they’d be looking to her for advice. Steve Rogers was right from the beginning. Bella Swan had a higher purpose. It wasn’t the army. No she belonged somewhere else. He continued to watch in sheer amazement. Bella had managed to not only free the hostages, but she led them to safety. Then returned leading the others in taking down the enemies. Once they were done with their mission. Steve full on clapped.

“Now that’s what I wanted to see! That right there is what’s needed! I got proposition for you Private Swan!”

She looks to him oddly and takes off her helmet.

“Follow me.”

She nods and follows as he begins walking towards the barrack. Once they enter the room. He looks directly upon her.

“You are free to speak as you wish now. Give me your honest thoughts on what I’ve to offer you.”

He tells her all about SHIELD and what they stand for. What her new life would detail of if she follows this path instead of the army. He also tells her that how he began. He was one of the very first SHIELD agents. This seemed to intrigue her interest. He answered her questions and he too asked her a few. Once they were done he patiently waited as she looked to be in thought.

“When would I start?”

“I’d get you a flight out this weekend. Colonel Fury would be anxiously waiting your arrival. I’ve already given him a bit of the scoop on you. Couldn’t help myself. All I can say is I was right about you. This is your decision though Bella. Don’t let my influence direct you either way. I want this to be your choice and yours alone. If you wish to stay here and progress. I will not stand in your way. You also have my fullest respect and admiration whatever your decision. I can honestly say. I rather hate that our session has come to an end. It was a true pleasure and honor.”
She beams at his words.

“Thank you sir.”

“No thank you. I mean that wholeheartedly.”

Both however, found themselves struggling with their emotions. They’d grown fond of one another greatly. If it wasn’t for the fact he had to head out first thing in the morning. He’d ask her out since there was no longer a conflict of interest. But he had no business dragging her into anything of the sort. His life was complicated and he hardly stayed in one place. He was always needed somewhere. It wouldn’t be fair to any woman. There was just something about her. He’d never want to hurt Bella. She was different from other women.

“I’d take great honor in following in your footsteps Captain.”

He smiles.

“You’ve no idea how much that means. I’ve a feeling you’re going to go a long ways. They’ll be lucky to have you. I only wish I’d more time in which to get to know you on a more personal level. I took pleasure in your company.”

Bella smiles in return.

“Permission to speak freely…”

“You already had it, but yes proceed.”

“I was afraid you’d be an egotistical jerk the first time we met.”

He chokes back in laughter a bit.

“Oh really?”

“Yeah…” She says with a nice red hue to her face.

“To be honest there was a time; where I rather was. That was a few years back. There comes a time; where you learn humbleness is the best way to go. I’m no better than any other soldier out there Bella. Just as you and everyone else. We’re equals, a team, that’s how it’s meant to be. We all fight to serve one purpose and one only. We serve, protect, and honor our country and serve under God.”

She nods feeling rather gloomy.

“Is something wrong?”

He takes back a breath.

“When do you leave?”

“First thing tomorrow morning.”

Her heart did that dropping thing.

“Oh…” She said with disappointment.

“Something’s come up and I got to be on the first flight out.”

“Will you at least say goodbye before you go?”

He narrows his eyes studying her.

“I most certainly will.”

The next morning aka bootcamp graduation. Out of habit Bella opens her eyes. Now would have been the usual time; Steve woke her with something loud, annoying, or just flat out scary as hell. She rolls over to look at the time. She gasps out as he’s lying on top of the covers. He was looking to the ceiling with a smile about his face.

“Morning sweetie!” He said all chipper like.

She falls out of the bed. His eyes widen and he looks over. He chuckles a bit.

“You ok?!”

“Um… Hooah…” She utters.

But stays on the ground for a moment. He comes to his feet and helps her up. They gaze upon one other for a moment.

“Here as promised.”

She nods and swallows back. She hated that knotted up feeling in her throat. He clears his throat. He takes her hand and kisses it.

“Like I said before… an honor. Good luck in your graduation and future Bella. Colonel Nick Fury will be awaiting your arrival bright and early Saturday morning.”

He takes in a breath and heads towards the door.


He freezes and slowly turns back around. Bella rushes over and hugs him. He softly chuckles.

She drops her hold and takes a step back. She salutes him once more. He salutes in return and from there they part ways… Not seeing one another until a few years later.


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  1. Damn does reading the parts about the intense training bring back memories! I just wish I had had a drill sergeant like Captain America with his leading through example mindset. All of mine were the typical yell all day and tell us how to do it but never do it with us pricks.

  2. Can’t believe the hell she went through with her “fellow” cadets. Total disgrace to the human race they were.
    Amazing to see her succeed and graduate. Too bad Steve and Bella couldn’t act on their feelings.

  3. WIsh it had a next button luv. Other than that loved it. Something in me could never stand Bella from the books girls like that make me want to beat my head upon something. I have always loved a adaptable Bella who is not easy to forgive because That is human. Bella in the army and all she was going through is so spot on with my moms army stories. You got a gift girl from all the stories I read I see it. Oh and I’m not reading that fast simply I’m a story jumper thanks to authors sucks as yourself that right people in that give me ideas on pairings. Which in turn cause me to jump ship and look for it. It’s like I have add for stories lol

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