Chapter 3 Stealing Home

Chapter 3

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Bella rolls over. Bruce nodded her way as he stood off to a corner of the room. Bella raises up and brings her feet off the hospital bed.

“What the hell?”

She growls and rips the heart monitoring pads off her.

“What’s this shit?”

She goes to take out her IV. Bruce stops her.

“I don’t have time for this.”

“You were having irregular heart patterns; it was just a precaution. I believe that’s why you passed out.”
She grits her teeth.

“I need to be out there! NOT IN HERE!”

She goes for the IV again. Bruce looks over to her heart monitor as it picks up again. She grabs at her heart. Her body begins to sweat profusely. Bruce narrows his eyes and feels her forehead.

“You need to calm down.” He says softly.

Bruce tapered his eyes upon the engagement ring on her finger. He says nothing. This was a situation he never thought he’d be in. Here he was with his estranged daughter. The both of them completely alone as the others continued to fight. They’d been working together off and on for three years. Still Bella hadn’t a clue he was her father. With her life as difficult as it was already. He hadn’t the heart to tell her. No matter how badly he felt the urge.

At first he was thrown off completely when he first meet Fury’s “new” SHIELD team. He damn near passed out when he looked upon her. It kept everything within him not to react. He couldn’t get over just how small the world truly was. What where the odds right? He was an Avenger and his daughter was now a SHIELD agent. At first he hated the mere idea; the danger behind it all. He hated her facing that on a daily basis. Yet as a father as well he felt a sense of pride. Not only that, but after working with her off and on for three years. He’d begun to see that she was easily one of the best SHIELD agents they had. Because, of her a lot of lives had be saved throughout the years. The only ones that even knew the truth was he and Tony. No one else even had a clue that they were related.

“Where am I anyhow?” She looks around.

“Avenger’s headquarters.”

“Why would you bring me here? Shouldn’t I be at SHIELD instead?”

He half smiles shaking his head.

“I’m not so sure Hulk would pass security.”

She sighs.


She brings her feet over the edge of the bed and starts to rise.

“Agent Swan I strongly advise you lay back down and get some rest.”

“I’ll rest when Ultron and those droids are taken out of the picture.”

“It’s being handled.”

“Dr. Banner, I appreciate your help, but I have a job to do.”

She rips out the IV and quickly places a hand over the area putting pressure on it. Bella looks around.

“Which way is out?”

He sighs and folds his arms about his chest.

“Dr. Banner…” She says with slight irritation.

He finally points, but knew she wouldn’t even make it to the door. Sure enough she takes five steps that direction. He catches her before she hits the floor. Bruce carries her back to the hospital bed and sets her up yet again.

Thor turns just in time to see a familiar shield flying right for Ultron. Ultron is sent throughout the city flying through multiple buildings. The shield returns to its rightful owner. Thor nods towards him.

“It’s about time!”

“Yeah I believe it’s safe to say you’re fashionably late.” Iron Man adds as he zips past.

“Try three years late.” Thor mimics.

Captain America sighs.

“Yeah, yeah… I got a bit side tracked.” He says with a shrug as they rush over towards Ultron.

Captain America turns to see Colonel Fury and Agent Nelson. He wondered where she was. The one person he’d looked forward to seeing most. He looks up to see Iron Man and Ultron battling it out. Meanwhile, they were taking out droids left and right. He was glad to see that Ultron took a pretty good hit with his shield and was starting to malfunction somewhat.

As Fury came into closer proximity. Captain America took out a couple droids. He nodded towards Agent Nelson as he fired one coming right for him. Once they had a second’s break he turned to Fury.

“Agent Swan?” He questioned.

Fury sighs.

“She’s back at headquarters… Avenger’s headquarters.”

“What’s she doing there?” He asked curiously whilst tossing his shield throughout the air again; at another set of droids.

“There were some complications.”

Captain America narrows his eyes, but they keep going.

“How many of these things are there?!”

He questions looking around.

“Who knows Jarvis done lost his AI mind.”

That was another thing he noticed. Where was the big guy?

“And Hulk?”

“With Agent Swan.” Fury answers gruffly.

He looks around and starts to come up with a plan. Black Widow had been on her own mission as well leaving them even more shorthanded. He also took notice that Thor wasn’t quite acting himself. Something was off. In fact something was dreary about the entire group; the more attention he paid. He’d begun to worry even more about Agent Swan.

He forced his personal feelings at bay for the moment. He knew they’d been at this for a week now. It was time to rid of Ultron once and for all. He began to send them to their post.

Iron Man knew if they could just take out Ultron the other droids would malfunction eventually. It was because of Ultron they even functioned. Captain America’s shield was the one thing that could even attempt to break through that adamantium exterior of Ultron’s. He’d already got one good blow. If he could just manage to get in a few more hits. Captain America looked up in thought; even better if he could merely take his head.

However, the battle continued on for two more days. They finally were able to bring Ultron down. During those two days he had never seen the Avengers or even SHIELD this way. There were no jokes. This was the most serious he’d ever seen them. Iron Man himself had nothing quirky or sarcastic to say. They all simply went about the mission.

Thor gritted his teeth as he managed to get a hold on Ultron. He’d his entire body wrapped around him as they came crashing down. Iron Man sent out a beam towards Ultron. Thor leaped out of it’s way as it hit across Ultron’s chest. Captain America prepared his shield as Thor forced Ultron back to his feet. Thor conducted out a paralyzing bolt throughout Ultron.

“NOW!” Thor shouted.

He nodded and aimed his shield right for Ultron’s head. Iron Man quickly yanked Thor out of the way as the shield went completely through taking Ultron’s head. It barely missed Thor as he was pulled out of harm’s way.

Iron man looked up and sure enough his assumption was right. The droids began to malfunction one by one. They began to fall from the sky. Hundreds of them dropping down like flies.

“This could take a while to clean up.” Iron Man mentioned.

“I believe you’re right.”

Hawkeye leaped down off a nearby building. He had a burrito in his hand. Captain America reared back a bit.

“Where the hell did you get a burrito and why?”

He shrugged and looked around.

“Ran out of arrows?”

Iron Man smarted.

“You do know I can do more than archery?”

Iron Man shrugs.

“Could’ve fooled me.”

Still Agent Swan was a no show. So was the Hulk. It took them a few days to clean up the aftermath…

“You can’t keep me here!”

Bruce half laughs.

“I beg to differ. You seem to have forgotten about the big green guy.”

Bella shudders in thought.

“That’s so not fair!”
He smiles on how childlike she sounded at that moment.

“It is what it is.”

“We should be out there helping them!”

The heart monitor he has strapped to her now goes off. She looks to it annoyed.

“Now would be a good time to relax.”

“Do I really have to wear this stupid thing?”

He nods. He puts on his glasses and starts to scribble something down on a notepad.

“What is that? What are you writing down?”

She yanks the pad out from his hold.

“You’re keeping notes on me?!”

“It’s just a precaution.”

She shakes her head.

“I’m fine!”

“You hungry?”

She looks to him as if he’s lost his mind.

“We both gotta eat right?”

Bella sighs and looks out the window.

“More people are dying…” She says softly.

He looks upon her not sure what to say.

“My dad and Jane!” She shuts her eyes thinking about the little girl as well.

They had pulled out twenty people out of that bunker. In attempt to save them; they died anyhow. Not a single one of them lived. They died because she made a judgment call. She’d hoped that he was about to destroy her instead. That was the direction his aim was after all. He even nodded directly upon her as though he were going to. Bella had purposely not looked to the others in hopes he’d stay locked on to her! She was wrong; at the last second his aim had changed. She watched as it happened! She just stood there and watched it happen! Jane and Charlie were dead, because of her! Her hands balled up.

“I’m not hungry.”

She knew he wouldn’t let her leave. So she went roaming about the building. If she was going to be forced to stay here. She might as well get to know the place. It was huge. She could tell they had it built for when Dr. Banner went all rampage on them.

Bruce took his glasses off and tossed them onto the desk. He rubbed his eyes shut. He wasn’t sure how to go about any of this. Bruce picked up the blood sample he’d taken; when she was asleep. His hands shook a bit as he held the tube. He wanted to test it. Yet he feared the outcome. All the signs were there though and that scared the living shit out of him. The more he watched her. The heart patterns, her sweat spells, the way her body shook all over; when she was pushed too far. He didn’t want to believe it. He couldn’t fathom it. He’d never forgive himself. He looked to the sample once more. He sighed and refrigerated it for now. He hadn’t the heart to run the lab. He kept telling himself it was just his imagination. It was just the fear that had his suspicions coming to play. She was fine… She’d be fine…

After wandering around for a bit Bella came across the gym. She stepped inside looking around. A smile came out her face as she saw a particular locker, Captain America’s. She looked around and took in a breath. Skillfully, she managed to break into the locker. She blushed knowing what she was doing was entirely wrong. It’d been three years since anyone had even seen or heard from him. In fact she was the last person to have seen him. She was merely curious. She saw a black duffle back full of workout equipment. He’d a stack of workout clothes folded nice and neatly inside; a pair of shoes and some socks. She bit her lower lip in thought. She picked up one of his shirts and breathed it in. She felt very wrong in what she was doing. She’d die if anyone caught her. Frank in particular. She wrinkled her nose in thought.

They’d worked together for three years it took her two years to finally agree to a date. She hadn’t wanted to date anyone; since she’d returned from boot camp. She remembered feeling silly in hopes that maybe Captain Steve Rogers would make an appearance; somewhere in her life. That there was a small amount of hope; that he too would see something in her. Nevertheless, time continued to fly and there was no word. A bit of fear had hit as well to his safety and she prayed to God each night he was alive and well somewhere out there. After two years of no word and feeling stupid about the entire idea after all. She finally agreed to dating Agent Frank Nelson. They now lived together and would be married by this time next year. He had made it clear he didn’t want matters rushed on the idea. That they should remain engaged for a while first. That too felt odd to her, but she shrugged it off to being another “man” thing. Frank was just like that. He always had everything already set out on the table more or less. He put his mind to something and that was that. She saw no point in arguing over it. Fairly, she was in no hurry to get married. So she could care less about when it took place.

They had been dating for about a year now. They’d been engaged for a week. Honestly, she almost said no. It was just something about how he proposed. It felt so cold so business like. They were at a hotel on SHIELD business. They’d just made love. It wasn’t long afterword he presented her with the ring. There was no mention of love or any of the such. In fact he more or less made it clear; that since they’d been together for almost a year and they both worked for SHIELD; that it only made sense they tie the knot. She looked to the ring again. She realized something else. Frank had never even told her he’d loved her. Not once. Yet he’d proposed. She took in a breath. Nevertheless, she’d told him plenty of times she loved him. And she did… However, it just was an awkward feeling relationship often enough.

She just didn’t feel the way she’d heard it was supposed to feel. She felt comfortable in their situation. Other than that there was no real thrill. Not like she’d hoped. He was attractive, the sex wasn’t too bad, he was one hell of an agent, and he treated her right. It also seemed that the ladies loved him. Women often enough threw themselves at him. Which caused a bit of jealousy at first, in her field however, she learned that just went with it. Men often came on to her as well. Not near as much as Frank. Certainly, not as much as the Avengers such as Black Widow, men absolutely loved her. Bella could see why. She was beautiful and one hell of a bad ass. Thor was the funniest one. He was so clueless and so in love with Jane. He never even noticed the sheer about of women that flocked to him or gawked for that matter. Even as her best friend Bella knew he was rather hot. He was a god after all.

“Jane…” She whispered in thought.

She too was one of Bella’s friends. Jane and Darcy had grown close to Bella over the years. They had a lot in common. The three of them were highly intelligent, yet knew how to let loose and have fun. They had often met for lunch and were known to have their outings. That in which usually left them coming home in the wee hours of the morning drunk off their asses. Darcy was a trip for sure. Bella’s heart sank at the mere idea of giving her the news. Jane and Darcy were like sisters. Damn near inseparable.

Frank yet again entered her mind. Yet she was going through Captain America’s locker; like some teenage girl. She rolled her eyes in thought feeling awfully foolish.

“You should be ashamed of yourself. You’re fucking engaged.” She uttered softly.

She looked back to the gym in thought.

“If the big green guy wouldn’t let her fight out there. Then she could at least release some stress in here.” She looked down to her SHIELD clothing. She turned back to Captain America’s locker.

She shrugged and opened it again. She grabbed one of his shirts and his gray sweatpants. She pulled her hair into a ponytail. She rolled her eyes at the heart monitor around her chest. It was uncomfortable as hell. Charlie and Jane entered her mind again. Bella swallowed back. She wondered how Thor was handling things out there. Bella couldn’t’ stand this. She was never one to be on the sidelines EVER! Fucking Hulk! She half growled in thought. Her monitor went off.

“Oh shut up!” She snapped at it.

Bella walked over to the punching bag. She wrapped up her hands.

Bella swung at the punching bag in thought. She’d lost Renee not long ago. Established, the woman hadn’t had much to do with her over the years. She was still her mother. It still hurt. What upset her even more; knowing she was at the funeral of a complete stranger damn near. Her mother had a brain aneurism. The cause was never truly discovered. It was just another one of those mysteries in Bella’s life. Bella literally had no family left. Charlie was it. He too was now gone. She continued to punch at the bag. The flashes hit again as she remembered holding him. The way he told her it was ok… IT WASN’T! She let him die! She stood there like a fucking idiot and watched them all die! Part of her hoped Thor would end her very existence himself. She wasn’t sure how she could live with herself. She wouldn’t even fight him if he came after her. She wouldn’t blame him. She’d accept whatever fate she had following this. She deserved it! Bella had let both teams down. She failed them all!

“Fall in Agent Swan!”

Like clockwork engrained into her. Bella turned and came to attention. Her jaw dropped and her monitor perked up. None other than Captain America stood before her. She saluted and he saluted in return. He smiled.

“Well do I get a hug or not?!”

She slowly approached him in disbelief. He opened his arms and she dove in. He hugged her and twirled her around. He placed her back down and looked her over. He lowered his hood.

He narrowed his eyes taking a better look.

“Are those my workout clothes?”

She swallowed back in thought.

“Bella, did you break into my locker?”

She cleared her throat.

“That’s a lot of questions Captain.”

He laughs.

“It’s really good to see you and it’s Steve.” He says not able to stop gazing upon her.

She looks him over feeling as though she were in shock.

“Yeah it’s been what three years or so?”

He nods.

“Too long…” He declares softly.

She takes the wraps off her hands. His focus goes to the ring on her finger. He shut his eyes for a moment. He felt as though he’d got punched right in the gut. That was something he’d hoped he wouldn’t come back to. But he knew it was bound to happen. Three years… a lot can happen. He forced it back and took her hand looking to the ring.

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Agent Frank Nelson.”

He raises his brows taken by surprise.

“Well congratulations. When’s the big day?”

“Not for some time and thanks.”

Bella suddenly felt like a horrible person. She wished he hadn’t seen the ring. She’d forgotten about it. What’s wrong with me? She thought. She was engaged! Shouldn’t she be happy about it? Willingly showing off her ring with pride? Celebrating even? Then why did it feel like a sudden death sentence? Frank didn’t deserve that. How would she feel if it were the other way around? Bella couldn’t’ belief herself! The moment Steve saw the ring she felt like she died. She’d spent two years waiting for him. She wanted to laugh at herself now. Honestly, could she act any more foolish? What’s not to say he’s engaged or even married as well now? He could have children for all she knew.

“So what about you?”

He looked upon the heart monitor around her chest. He’d just realized what it was.

“Why are you wearing that?”

She sighs.

“Dr. Banner’s keeping tabs on me. He seems to think my heart has some abnormal patterns or something. But I’m fine. He won’t let me go back out and join the others. I’ve been freaking sidelined.”

He nods and makes his way to his locker. He grabs some clothes to change into.

“It’s over now.”
“What is?”
“Ultron’s no more so are the droids.”
“Wait… you were out there?!”
He nods.

“Yes Bella, I arrived a few days ago.”

“And I missed it?!”

He looks to her strangely.

“I missed the chance to fight with Captain America?!”

He chuckles.

“There’s always next time.”

Thor enters the gym and they both freeze looking upon one another. Bella cuts him a guilty expression. Her throat knotted up.

“Isa…” He said softly.
“Thor I…” She lowered her head in shame.

Steve looks over in wonder. He pulled one of his shirts over his head; changing out of his suit. Thor shakes his head.

“Sorry is such a shitty word for what I’ve done.” She says softly.

Steve looks to Thor completely lost.
“Sorry?” Thor questions.

“What have you to be sorry for?”

“Come on Thor even you saw it! They died because of my carelessness.”
“Whatever nonsense you’re talking needs to stop. We both know that isn’t true!” He fired back not believing the words coming from her mouth.

“Oh come on it’s true! Jane and Charlie died because of me! You lost Jane because of me!”

“YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH NOW!” Thor rumbles.

“That’s not true and you know it!”
“The hell it isn’t!”

Her monitor sky rockets. Steve looks to her alarmed. She grits her teeth and rips the monitor off.

“AND JUST HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO TRY AND KILL YOUSELF TODAY ISA?!” Thor bellows and picks the monitor back up.

“I should have died! That’s what was meant to happen. He was supposed to kill me not them. I was the bait! That’s how I had meant for it to be. IT was ME! NOT THEM! NOT CHARLIE, JANE, AND THAT LITTLE GIRL! A girl in which I don’t even have a name to call her! ONE LIFE! ONE! MINE! In the exchange of twenty!”

She reaches to her heart. Thor and Steve come towards her.

“Don’t… I’m fine.”
She shuts her eyes for a moment.

“You cannot blame yourself. When we both know the truth. I was there too Isa. There was nothing either of us could have done.”

She nods and her entire body begins to writhe in pain. She takes one step and falls to one knee.


Steve and Thor immediately bring her back up. They take her to Dr. Banner. He hops up the moment he sees them bringing her in. He looks her in the eyes and quickly sticks a syringe into her arm.

“What the hell!” She snaps at him.

“I’m sorry.”

She looks to him confused. Her eyes roll back and they lay her down.

“What’s happening to her?!” Steve says in damn near panic.

Bruce sighs and looks back to the fridge. He knew now was the perfect time to have that lab work done.

“I’m not quite sure, but I don’t have a very good feeling about it.”

They both look to him puzzled. Tony comes in with Agent Frank.

“How is she?” Frank questions.

Steve steps aside as Frank takes her hand.

“She was fine, but she just had another episode. She’d gone a few days with just a few flutters.”

Thor sighs.

“That maybe my fault; I got her worked up.”

Steve looked upon Frank in misery. What he wouldn’t give to be in his place right now. He just hoped the guy knew how lucky he truly was.

Tony checks Bella over as well. He looks to Bruce a certain way. Bruce shakes his head.

“No way…”

“Shut it!” Bruce warns.

“How do you think she’ll feel about that?”

“I mean it Stark!”

“What’s going on?!” Steve demands.

Tony laughs.

“Go on now tell them! I’d love to see their faces. Agent Nelson’s in particular. I mean if this what I think this is… It’s his reaction; I’m mostly curious about!”

“One more word Stark I mean it just one more!” Bruce warns as he was trying to keep it in.

“Would you like for me to tell her? I mean she despises me anyhow. The news might come easier from me.”

Bruce grabs Tony by the collar.

“You’ll do no such thing. This is my business not yours!”

“And what about her Bruce? Ever think about how this affects the one person who’s feelings should matter to you? How do you think she’ll feel? Knowing she’s been working aside of you off and on all along? For three damn years? Yet you haven’t even tried; to come clean about the truth! Three years is a long damn time!”

Tony breaks out of his hold.

“I told you I will handle this. I still got some more tests to run.”

“Even if they come out negative; that doesn’t change the one FACT! And what about the four other years in which you knew? Let’s see she’s how old now? 22 or 23?”
“23…” Bruce says in thought; pinching the bridge of his nose.

“Charming development. Why didn’t you tell her? I mean seriously.”

Steve was growing highly agitated by the both of them now. He didn’t like this little game they were playing. Why was everyone else; Bella included being kept out of the loop? What he truly thought was odd was Frank’s behavior. Shouldn’t he be freaking out and demanding answers? Steve turned back in thought. He was texting someone on his cell. The guy had a smile on his face! Why would he be smiling at a time like this? The cell phone had some cheesy pop song go off and he took it to another room. Thor and Steve shared the same expression. Steve looked to the others.

“Is he always like that with her?”

Tony half laughs.

“You don’t really know him do you?”

“I’ve only met him a handful of times.”
Tony sighs.
“Let’s just say the guy’s a hoot!” Tony says with a wink.

“What is that supposed to mean?”

They grow quiet as he reenters the room.

“So… who ya texting?” Tony taunts.
Frank cuts Tony a look and shrugs.

“Was it your mother? I truly hope it was.”

Tony had his ideas about Frank. Only he hadn’t any proof yet. He’d seen him off and on at clubs. When Bella wasn’t around he was very flirtatious. Quite the ladies’ man in fact. Not that Tony ever saw him screwing around. Not that Tony could talk either, but since he and Pepper… well Tony had stayed pretty grounded. Not so much for Frank though. Bella hadn’t a clue what he was truly like when she was nowhere around. He was another person indeed. Frank liked them young, rich and often enough in multiples. He just hadn’t been caught with his pants down yet. The closest thing Tony had was him accepting a very risqué lap dance. He smirked in memory and downed his drink.

“My mother’s dead.”

“Oh…I bet that would be awkward now wouldn’t it? Still you should tell her I said Hello!”

Bruce and Steve looked to Tony trying to figure out what all that was about.

They all turned as Fury appeared on one of the monitors.

“Do you still have my Agent?”

Bruce sighs and turns his direction to Bella.


“Well I wish to speak with her at once.”

“She’s out at the moment.”

“Very well you tell her that after she’s come to. She’s to call to me first chance she gets!”

Bruce shakes his head.

“She needs her rest first!”

“She can rest later. She knows very well what this job entails of. I won’t discuss this further. Once she wakes you tell her I AM WAITING!”

Bruce goes to say something else and Fury goes off line.

“It’s about the droid.” Frank says coming to his feet.

“Droid what droid?” Steve questions.

“The one she stepped in front of.”

Steve looks to each of them in wonder. Tony and Bruce sigh simultaneously.

“Seriously, you think he’s going to give her a hard time about that? You know considering the situation? She wasn’t in the right frame of mind! Neither of us were!” Thor defends.

Frank shrugs.

“That’s Colonel Fury for you.”

“She just lost her father for crying out loud!” Thor shouts.
“He can’t possibly be that cold!”

“Fury believes in getting the job done. Pushing all personal matters aside no matter the circumstances.” Frank replies his face still buried into his phone.

Steve wanted to take that cell phone and shove it up Frank’s ass. He was spending the entire time texting. Bella had just gone through literal hell. What was this guy’s deal? Steve shook his head and made his way over. He pulled up a chair and sat beside her. At this point he didn’t care if he pissed the guy off. If he wasn’t going to be there for her he damn sure would!

Tony grew another smirk on his face taking notice. It was like this was all beginning to fold perfectly into play. This had his curiosity. He knew if this was the way it looked. There was no way in hell Frank stood a chance. This was comical to say the least. He wondered if Bruce took notice of Steve’s sudden attentiveness as well.

“How’s our little warrior holding up?”

They turn to see Hawkeye entering the room now.

“Ah we’re all here! How I love our little reunions!” Tony wits toasting his glass into the air.

“She’s stable for now.” Bruce says, but is going over some files.

Clint nods and makes his way over.

“So what happened?”

“She’s having some abnormal heart patterns. I’m not sure what to make of it yet.”

“Sure you don’t.” Tony challenges and he kicks back. He pulls up his sleeves and starts to overlook the city.

“Tax dollars are sure to go up again.”
Thor makes his way over and take’s Bella’s hand for a moment. Thor looks directly to Steve. Not Frank… Only Steve…

“Look after her.” He then looks to the others.

“I don’t want one person giving her hell over what took place today. I mean it! Not even Fury himself. I was there! I know what took place! None of this is her fault.” He looks down as if he’s about to lose his shit.

“I must go now. I’ve to take care of Jane’s loved ones. They haven’t any idea what has taken place. I’ve not had the chance to confront them.”

He then looks to Frank. He yanks the cell phone out of his hand and crushes into a thousand pieces.

“Have some respect. Isa just lost a friend and a father. She risked her life trying to save those people! She needs your support. These stupid trivial devices you humans play with.” He scoffs with full irritation.

“At least you still have Isa. She nearly died today! I lost the one person I cared most about! I will never get her back! Yet you sit here on your little gadget; doing whatever it is you’re doing! You don’t even deserve her!” He picks Frank up by the collar.

“Be a man! If you cannot then at least act like one!”

He drops him. Steve’s eyes widen. Tony covers his mouth trying not to die in laughter. Bruce nods in approval. Thor pats Steve on the back before he leaves.

“Nice to see you again brother.”

Steve nods.

“You too, brother.”

Frank rolls his eyes once he leaves.

“Fucking Viking, he owes me a new phone!”

Tony has a good laugh at this.

“Yeah good luck with that. Actually, wait to give him this news until I can see for myself.”

Frank looks to Bella.

“I think it’s time we left.”

They each look upon him with narrowed eyes. He lifts Bella up from the bed and starts to carry her out of the headquarters.

“And where do you think you’re taking her?” Bruce questions with gritted teeth.

“We’ve even better facilities at SHIELD. She’s also in better hands there. I’ll call to Fury; right away.”
Tony shakes his head.

“If you mean the infirmary wings. They’re the same. I’d know… I mean seriously…” Tony points to his head.

“She’s better off here. I can take better care of her.” Bruce states firmly.

“I’m taking her and that’s final. I do not appreciate the way; I’m being treated here. She is my fiancée. Therefore, it is my decision not any of yours. “

He heads right for the doors. Bruce shuts his eyes trembling all over.

“Easy now…” Tony hints.

“You will put my daughter back on that bed, NOW!”

Tony beams at this. The others look on in complete and utter shock.

“Daughter?” Steve questions mystified.

Frank half laughs.

“Charlie Swan was her father. He’s dead now so… That leaves me to have the last and finale decision.”

Steve couldn’t get over how cold this guy sounded. What the hell happened during those three years? How did Bella Swan end up with such a dick?! Does she not realize she deserves far better?!

He turns his back to them again and Clint fires an arrow at the door handle.

“She stays with us.” Clint demands.

Steve makes his way over and puts his hand upon Frank’s shoulder. He leads him back to the bed. He takes Bella from his hold and lays her back down. He then pulls out another chair. He sits Frank down in it. He then take’s Bella’s hand and places it into Franks. He squeezes the hell out of his shoulder and walks away.

Tony gives Frank a wink.
“Drink?” He offers.

“Father?” Steve inquires as he sits directly beside Bruce.

Bruce takes in a breath.

“Long story.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

Bruce leans back taking off his glasses. He rubs his face. Clint sits straight across from Frank watching his every move.

Bella whimpers out and each man there wanted to yack. The display before them was unreal. Frank jumps up as she comes to.

“Hey baby…” He said all lovingly.

Steve rather rears back as Frank wraps his arms around her. He starts damn near making out with her. Steve and Bruce both half growled. Then they looked to one another unusually.

“How you feeling sweetheart?” He questions after breaking away from her.

His hands remained on her ass though.

“I’m ok.” She says looking a bit confused as she looked around.

“Good why don’t I take you someplace nice? We’ll eat and get you home so you can rest.”

“Um ok…” She says with a shrug.
“Bella…” Bruce mutters with exasperation.

“I’m fine Dr. Banner.”

“I’ve told you repeatedly to call me Bruce.” He damn near snapped at her.

The others shake their heads upon him. Tony puts a hand upon his shoulder. Bruce takes in a breath. He shuts his eyes for a moment.

“At least wear the monitor. If it starts to get out of control; you’re getting too worked up. It’s important that you take my advice. Since apparently you will not let me properly do what I need in order to help you.” He states as calmly as possible.

She looks to him wondering why; he looked upon her the way was. In fact each man here looked upon her with that same look. She just wasn’t sure what it was. Her eyes locked onto Steve’s. Frank lowered her down.

“Will you be down for a while?”

He nods.

“Yes Bella, I plan to stay for a bit.”

“Awesome, it’s good to see you again Steve.”

“Steve…? I see how it is… He must have a soft side for you Swan.” Tony says hintingly with a smug grin and a wink.

She smiles. Frank however, turned towards Steve once Bella wasn’t looking. Steve couldn’t help himself. He waved happily upon Frank and leaned back in his chair with a snide grin.

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