Chapter 5 One Of Our Own

Chapter 5

Please read then leave your review. Thank you. I do not own Marvel or Twilight. Bella’s new transformation as the She-Hulk is on this story and my profile this is how she looks now.

Steve crouches down and picks the ring; up off the floor. He looks to it in thought. It was undeniably clear. Bella had broken up with Frank and was in the midst of kicking him out. Bruce looked downright ill as he looked around. He ran his fingers along the crack in the hallway. Thor looked upon the packed bags in the bedroom. Clint ran fingerprints. Fury began to dig through Agent Nelson’s things. He now had his own suspicions. Tony looked to the TV and Playstation.

“What a loss!” He scoffs shaking his head.

He grins upon the porno that was now on the floor.

“Huh, I think we have us a winner!”

He pockets the Bluray. Steve comes to a stand and looks around some more. He saw the pictures of her and Frank. Something about them seemed so fake to him. In fact the more he looked around this apartment. It felt like a prison. This didn’t feel like a comfy home. It was monotonous nothing lively even stood out. He picked up one of the pictures and shook his head. He placed it back down. He looked back to Fury. Fury had finally managed to break into Agent Nelson’s gun safe.

“What are those?”

Fury held up a couple tranquillizer darts.

“They look to be fucking tranquillizer darts. Heavy duty ones at that.”

Bruce froze at the words. He slowly turned facing Fury. He made his way over and took the darts from Fury’s hand.

“Sure now you just go right on ahead.” Fury sarcastically fires.

Bruce looked upon the darts. He suddenly pinched the bridge of his nose. He knew where these darts had come from. He recognized the name all too well. They came from none other than the base of General Ross!

“I know where she is.” Bruce softly says and for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t just Bruce Banner that was scared beyond all measures. So was the Hulk.

“And where might that be?” Fury inquires impatiently.

Bella wakes to find herself laying on some sort of metal rack; up against the wall of a metal room. Before her was some sort of window. She couldn’t see out of it though. She saw that her hands, waist, and wrists were strapped down in metal as well. Her head was pounding. Her vision was still a bit blurred. The recall of the latest events began to come into play.

She gasps out as her vision is finally coming to. Her skin was completely green. Her hair was a soft black. She could see her own reflection through the window. Her lips looked as though she was wearing black lipstick. Her eyebrows were now black as well. Not only that, but her entire body had changed. She looked herself over in panic. She was more voluptuous, taller, and muscular. BUT GREEN! What the hell? What did Dr. Banner do to me?! She thought knowing he was the only one that even looked remotely like this.

Little was she aware that her every move was being observed. Outside that window was General Thaddeus Ross and Sergeant Franklin Nelson aka Agent Frank Nelson. She hadn’t a clue she was on a military base. She called out the only name she could think of the last person she saw.


Bella was beyond scared she hadn’t any idea what was going on.

“Frank please!”

Sergeant Nelson rolls his eyes. General Ross sighs agitatedly.

“She doesn’t seem all that strong. Not like her father. She’s nowhere near as big either.”

Sergeant Nelson grins.

“So what’s it like being the grandfather of a freak?”

“That’s no granddaughter of mine! She’s nothing more than a monster! Once you’re done having the test ran on her. I want her sent to the lab. We’ll have her exactly where we need in no time. She’s going to make one hell of a soldier by the time we’re done. Just a little mind manipulation is all we need.”

Sergeant Nelson leered as he looked upon her.

“I can’t believe I slept with that.” He was thoroughly repulsed.

“She looks like the sister of the Jolly Green Giant. All kinds of fucked up. If only her tits were that big before. Damn… What a waste of perfectly suckable tits!” He tilts his head in thought. The metal bar covered her breast somewhat. Other than that she was in blue prisoner shorts.

General Ross shakes his head and walks away.

“Hmm, if she wasn’t all avocado like some freaky alien shit.” He grins in thought still his eyes were focused on her breasts.

Sergeant Nelson sips at his coffee. He twirls his finger in the air.

“Alright you heard the General. Let’s get this party started.”

The specialist nods.

“You make sure you get every little detail recorded.” He points to one of his men.

“Sir yes sir.”

He turns back towards Bella as he takes a seat. He softly laughs.

“Let’s try something a bit shocking shall we? Amp it up Spc. Smith!”

“Sir yes sir!”

A sudden blast of electricity fills the room Bella’s in. Her body jolts back with the impact. She becomes paralyzed through the voltage. Sergeant Nelson holds up his hand in the air motioning them to stop. Bella’s head comes back up with gritted teeth. He smiles.

“Baby, baby, baby just so CUTE when you’re angry…” He heckles.

“Again…” He lowers his hand back down and finishes his coffee as they send another round of electricity about the room.

“Like what you’ve done with the place.” Fury says as he walks around.

“Yeah well get your own.” Tony expresses as he starts going through virtual maps of General Ross’s base.

He tapers his eyes as he goes through every nook and cranny.

“They don’t call it the Hulkbuster for nothing.” He mocks realizing just how hard this attempt to break in was going to be.

Steve paces around the room in thought. He turns back to the others.

“I think we all know I’m the only one that can even attempt such a stunt. They won’t be expecting me. Well Captain America that is…”

Tony smiles.

“That’s right… A good ole speech of encouragement, a few autographs, and you might just be able to work your way right on in.”

Bruce shakes his head.

“They know he’s an Avenger.”
“That maybe, but I highly doubt that even General Ross would be able to turn down the Captain. That and how do we know for sure they’d be expecting us. They don’t know we know, I imagine. Frank did a pretty good job of keeping his tracks covered. If it wasn’t for the branding on the darts we’d never known. The guy spent three years fucking us all over. I can just imagine the fit Fury is throwing about now. General Ross is expecting the green giant, not Captain America. I doubt seriously, he’d even connect the two. As far as he’s concerned Captain America’s completely unaware.”

“Just how long has this Agent been working for Fury?” Steve enquiries as he’s piecing it all together now. He’d meet Agent Nelson a handful of times. One of the times was at the base. He’d come discreetly to watch Bella in action. So he could give Fury a rundown of what she was capable of. The second time was on his most recent job. He remembered he was truly disappointed that they hadn’t sent Agent Swan instead. He’d high hopes of working alongside of her for a bit. If that had happened they’d have seen each other again before the entire year was up. Instead they sent him. He just hadn’t a clue about anything. They were too busy with the mission for him to get to know him on a more personal level. Once Agent Nelson had completed his part of the mission he was nowhere to be found. Otherwise, he’d have asked about Agent Swan. So three he counted in all three times he’d dealt with Agent Nelson. The other was when he returned to the base and had Steve sign some papers. This was when Bella had agreed to join SHIELD. Steve as her instructor had to release her into SHIELD rather than the army itself. It was done more like a transfer and promotion.

“He’d started not long before Swan.” Tony says with a shrug.

“Like how long before are we talking?”

“Eh…” Tony looks to the others in thought.

“What maybe a few weeks before her arrival?”

“You’re kidding…”

Steve shut his eyes complete nausea swept over him. The realization that Bella’s fiancé was nothing more than a spy. That the last year with him had been nothing more than a lie. This made Steve want to personally end Frank’s very existence. His hands had stayed permanently fisted. Without even realizing it; Steve had just signed Bella up for betrayal! Word must’ve somehow got out to General Ross; about her joining SHIELD. Which meant one other thing; Agent Nelson was nothing more than a U.S soldier and a spy. They’d been planning this all along. He wondered just how long they’d been keeping tabs on Bruce Banner’s daughter. The relationship in itself was no more than a pose so Agent Nelson could watch her more closely. To think he was using her! Having sex with her! Making her believe he had indeed loved her! She was making wedding plans! Everything was a complete and total lie. One of the worst kinds of betrayal Steve had ever seen.

Meanwhile, Bruce had to do everything in his power to keep the green beast at bay. He was just aching to be released. He wanted to take out that entire base. He wanted to take his daughter’s fiancé and Betty’s father heads and smash them together! Like Steve he too was beginning to see the big picture. For three damn years his daughter had been spied on. She was being observed and they were merely patiently waiting. He held the POSITIVE blood sample in his hands as they juddered. The gamma radiation had been passed down after all. That’s what General Ross had been waiting to see! If only Bruce had tested her when she first arrived! If he had done something sooner! He was furious with himself. He’d never forgive himself for this! Not only did he send down the dreadful DNA to his own daughter. Causing her a cursed life such as he had! But now she was under the hands of GENERAL ROSS. A very dangerous man with hatred in his heart. He’d every reason to hate his own granddaughter. Bruce knew deep down; he wouldn’t think of the fact that Bella was Betty’s daughter. No he’d only sum up the fact that she was BRUCE’S; immediate hate would spill from him. He wouldn’t even think of Bella as his granddaughter. He wouldn’t think of the fact that Bella’s the last thing that remains of Betty. He wouldn’t even consider that Betty was her mother. To him Bella was merely a mistake, a monster. The very monster that killed his daughter as she gave birth to her. There was no telling what was being done to his daughter. Several things came to mind; torture, experiments, lab work, interrogations, she’d be caged like some damn animal because, that’s the only way they could hold her. Then possible death if they could even manage to do so. Bruce knew he could never even begin to make amends for the living hell he’d just caused his own flesh and blood. If Betty was still alive; it’d kill her to know her daughter was going through this. Hell it killed HIM! His body continued to quiver all over.

Thor had already made up his mind that Frank was dead. He spent the entire time pacing around swinging around his hammer. Tony was coming up with a plan of his own. He knew it was going to be literal hell breaking into this base. He looked to Steve in thought. Sure they may be able to get him in. But if shit went down could they get him back out? He maybe Captain America, but unfortunately General Ross flanked over him. They also had more manpower and weapons of mass destruction. This wasn’t just any base. This was one of the biggest bases in the United States. He rolled up his sleeves and continued to scan through the entire base; inside out.

Each Avenger now turned towards Bruce. He could no longer sustain it. Steve was first to lock eyes with the beast before him. For the first time ever… Steve witnessed tears falling from the Hulk’s eyes; ones of vehemence, betrayal, and love for his daughter.

Clint took notice as well and called to Natasha.


He took in a breath.

“Just how busy are you?”

“Why you missing me already?”
He half grins and shakes his head.

“As always.”

“Hmm, what’s up?”

“It’s personal. You might want to get down here.”

“How personal?”

He sighs.

“It’s Agent Swan, Natasha.”

“On my way.”

He nods as she hangs up.

Meanwhile, Hulk stayed frozen in place. He just stood there loudly breathing. He continued to tremor. No one not even Tony mentioned a word. They let him be. Each man there knew if they were in Bruce’s situation. They too would have unleashed the beast. It was a wonder he wasn’t destructing everything in sight. Steve knew deep down he wouldn’t calm down until they had her back. If he could Hulk out he would as well. He felt just as pissed about all this. Even more so in the fact; that he knew he’d put her in this situation. The moment he asked her to join SHIELD he pretty much handed her off to Frank. He might as well have put a big red bow on her head. Fury was back at Agent headquarters. He too had begun to make plans. He too had Frank on his shit list.

Steve figured if Captain America can get in there. Somehow break her out of wherever they were holding her. He could also pull of some other tricks up his sleeve. Possibly break down some barriers possibly leading both teams right on into base. If nothing else surrounding it; they needed a way to let General Ross know they meant business. That if it came down to it. They would fight to get her back! Besides breaking his girl free his only other concern was knowing he’d be fighting a war against American soldiers; if they so put up a fight. He didn’t like that idea in the least bit. That’s not what he stood for! This shouldn’t even be happening. Yet again he found shame in his own branch! Thus, made the second time Bella had been placed in harm’s way because of soldiers of the United States. He was beginning to wonder just who it was he fought for. Sure it was the people! The civilians…. Ones he’d always fight for! But who exactly was he working alongside with? He might be SHIELD and an Avenger. But he was a U.S Solder first something he took pride in! Yet, he took no honor when it came to men like General Ross, Douglas, Frank, and Bella’s old drill sergeant. They were merely betraying one of their own. Hitherto these men fought under God and for the United States. The mere idea had him ill. He knew they were out there. He could no more control the actions of others than he could the weather. The fact that it had hit so close to home. To someone he admirably cared for and deep down; he knew he was wildly in love with. That hurt him more than anything. Bella had never done anything to deserve such disregard. She too stood for a cause. She cared about others and passionately. She’d put herself on the line many of times in order to save the lives of others. If anything… She was someone they should all be looking up to.

The more he thought on this. He began to suit up. He’d made plans to address these very issues. He wouldn’t stand for it anymore. If anyone could do something about this madness; it was Captain America.

“PLEASE STOP!” Bella cried through the pain.

She’d begun to wonder how she wasn’t dead yet. Her body ached all over. She hadn’t any idea still where she was. What was going on? Why was this being done to her? No one had even talked to her. She hadn’t seen a single face. She was merely trapped in this room being electrocuted over and over. She finally had a full ten minutes rest. She lowered her head. That’s when something else began to fill the room. It seeped through the vents. She started to cough and her eyes water.

“Tear gas?” She questioned.

She shook her head realizing it wasn’t tear gas. She remembered from her days in boot camp. This was fucking nerve gas! WHY?!


The gas rose and began to hit. She fought to hold her breath. Her head swayed about as she tried her best not to breathe it in. However, because she’d held her breath for so long… When she finally caught a breath. She inhaled a great amount. She cried out through the pain. It coursed through her entire body. She began to sweat profusely. The sweat ran down her face and entire body. Her body felt funny. She couldn’t move as she became paralyzed. Something else began to course through her. Bella knew through her military experience and through SHIELD; that she should have remained paralyzed; that her organs should be malfunctioning by now. That possibly with this close of proximity she should be dead! Especially, after the shock therapy she’d just been through. How was she still alive?! What had happened to her and why was all this being done to her?

“So you’re just gonna walk right up to the doors?” Tony questions.


He genuinely smiles.

“Huh, perhaps I’ve under estimated you after all old man.”

Steve rolls his eyes.

“You really going to start that again?”

“You’re right sorry patriot boy. Where are my manners?”

“Suit up Tony.”

Steve begins to give everyone the play by play. He uses Tony’s virtual map to point out post. He also points out where certain guards maybe posted as well.

“NO killing! That means you too Hulk. Other than that take whatever means necessary.”

Hulk growls.

“As much as I’d love to end Frank myself we need him alive. I want answers. I want to know what’s going on and why they have Bella. We need him alive. That’s not to say we can’t rough him up a bit; as for Ross. He’s game. I could care less considering the situation. Frank is mine though. I will personally deal with him.”

Hulk pounds his hand on his desk breaking it in half. Steve sighs.

“I need you to trust me Dr. Banner. I care a great deal for your daughter. That’s why I need you all to listen to me on this.”

Iron man enters the room laughing at Captain America’s last comment.

“Oh he cares alright.”

“Watch yourself… I’ll end up playing a nice game of kick the can.”

“Funny…” Iron Man boos.

“No ones to make a move; until I make it out of that base with Bella.”

“And what if you both don’t come out.”

“That’s not an option. This is a mission I will not fail. I will get her out!”

“And if you don’t?”

Captain America does a once over with the base again.

“I will take whatever measures necessary to get her out.”

He zooms in on a particular room. He looks to Tony.

“What room is this? This isn’t in the original blueprint. He points out.” Tony makes his way over drinking one of his nasty green shakes.

Steve’s nose wrinkles at the vile smell coming from it. Tony grins taking notice.

“Would you like some?” He taunts shoving it in his face.

“Just answer the question. Why isn’t this in the original blue print? It’s like a new addition.”

Tony zooms in and out as he flips it around. He looks back to the original.

“Huh, I think Agent Frank made a boo, boo. I don’t think we were ever meant to see this.” Tony half laughs.

“I can only imagine how PISSED he’d be if he knew his little spy forgot to cut out this one minor detail.”

Steve and Tony look to one another in thought.

“Apparently he’s not near as good as General Ross had assumed. This kid’s leaking with loopholes.”
“Too much time on that little gadget.” Thor hisses.

“And with his pants around his ankles.” Steve adds with derision.

“Truly he is remarkable isn’t he?”

“He’s something alright.”

Steve looks to Hawkeye.

“Barton you heard from Romanoff?”

“She’s on her way.”

He nods.

“Ok then let’s go.”

General Ross goes over the notes and observations. He looks back towards Bella.

“One more test.” He looks to Frank.

He hands him a rifle. Frank looks to him oddly.

“See if she’s just like her father.”

“What do you mean sure.”
“Aim for the sternum. I want to see if she’s bulletproof as well.”

Frank looks to him in shock.

“And if she’s not.”

General Ross looks back towards her and shrugs.

“She’s now the property of the U.S Army. She must understand that this is all in the name of science. If she doesn’t survive then so be it. One less threat to our country. Someone like her doesn’t belong out there amongst society.”

Frank nods.
“On it sir.”

General Ross watches as Frank enters the room.

Bella snaps her head the direction of the door as it opens.


He smiles.

“Hey baby.”
“OH thank God please get me out of here.”

He presses his lips together. He makes his way over. Frank looks upon her.

“Frank please I just want to go home now!”

He caresses her cheek and moves the strands of hair from her face. He takes a few steps back eyeing her. A smirk comes about his face.

“You know I’ve been doing some thinking. I do love you Bella baby…” He winks and quickly brings up the rifle firing away.

“Awesome sir!”

Captain America smiles.

“Look I’ve come along ways. Why don’t I just ride with you guys back to the base?”


He nods and hops into the jeep. So far everything was going as planned. The only thing he had to watch was word of clearance getting back to Frank. He hoped he could move quickly before word of his arrival got back to him. He wasn’t sure how high in ranking he was. He was thankful to see nothing was radioed in about him coming in. He hoped it stayed that way. These were first year privates that’s what he’d hoped for. To keep them in aw long enough; he could merely take advantage of the situation and be taken right on in.

For his sake that’s exactly what happened. His nerves however, were getting the best of him. He knew it was because of how personal this mission was to him. There was no failure. He wouldn’t accept that. Once they got him through. He deterred pretending to be heading towards another group of soldiers. He even walked right up to one and signed an old patch of his. From there he used slyness. He kept a smile on his face acting his usual Captain America self. He held conversations signed autographs even shook hands. Every move had to be precise, timely, and done with patience. He couldn’t afford to get sloppy no matter how fast he wanted to get to her. He also couldn’t afford to raise any suspicions. Captain America made his way around keeping everything in mind about where certain areas were. Whilst keeping up his act he checked each room he passed discreetly as possible. He wasn’t quite near the one area he needed to be. The one he and Tony were positive she was being held.

Bella screams out as the bullet pierces through. She starts to break through the contraption holding her. Men rush into the room firing tranquilizer darts at her. She grits her teeth. Franks eyes widen as the bullet that had pierced through her; hand now landed on the ground. Her body began to heal itself. She stared Frank down as he rushed out of the room like the little bitch he is. The others rush out as well. The darts weren’t quite taking her down fast enough. Frank knew she was about to burst through the steel alloy hold they had her in.

He quickly sent the heaviest electric jolt they had about the room. Bella shrieked out so loudly Captain America now heard her as well. Chills filled his spine. It killed him as he finished autographs for a group. He had to continue with the plan. Once he was done he shook their hands. He then quickly started that direction. Once he hadn’t any eyes on him he took off running fast as possible. He entered the room. He saw the station was empty. However, when he turned around literal shock hit Captain America. There she was… in her new transformation. Being electrocuted continuously as they had her strapped down inside a metal room. He quickly went to the control panel and found the switch to turn off the electric flow. He looked back up to see her head swaying about.

“Bella…” He whispered with utter heartache.

He leaped over the console and entered the room in which they held her. He made his way over. He lifted her chin gently with his fingers. Her eyes bat a bit as her head continued to sway.

“Steve…?” She weakly said.

He nodded. Steve couldn’t stop gazing upon her. Bella was just an inch shorter than him when before she was a head shorter. She was very petite as well. Only now she was shapely, muscular, yet highly erotic and very feminine. She still had the same innocent beautiful hazel eyes he remembered. However, something came over him like a tidal wave. She was simply the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. He couldn’t’ believe his eyes. He gritted his teeth and snapped her legs free first. He then broke free her left hand. Bella’s eyes locked with his. Both of them were taken by surprise as she ripped her right hand free on her own. She instantly wrapped her arms around his neck. Captain America’s heart raced. He could no longer hold back his feelings. He fully broke her free her out of the contraption. His lips heatedly found hers. For an instant the both of them forget about everything around them. He hiked up her leg as he continued to kiss her. All he could think about was how badly he wanted her. The both of them interrupted by the irritating voice…

“You can’t be in here!” Sergeant Nelson barked holding a rifle aimed at Captain America.

He lowers Bella’s leg back down. He slowly turns. He walks right up to Frank. He took his gun and snapped it in half. He then punched Frank out and flipped him over his shoulder. He held out his hand for Bella. Bella looked down realizing she was topless. Captain America hadn’t even taken notice until now as well. That too made it hard for the Captain to look away. He quickly took Franks jacket off and tossed it over. She placed it on and buttoned it. She then took his hand. They made it halfway down the hall when General Ross caught them.

“Where are you taking her?!”

Men began to surround them.

“She doesn’t belong here sir! I’m taking her home!”
“She’s of the U.S Army’s property now. I strongly suggest you hand her back over!”
“I will do no such thing.”

“Captain Rogers you will release her back into my custody and that is a direct order.”

He shakes his head and turns his back to him.

“Then I will be defying your orders General. She’s a human being. She’s no one’s property.”

“She’s a monster! She’ll have the same fate as her father!”

“Good! He’s a good man! She should follow in his footsteps! In fact we all should Bruce Banner has fought for our cause many times! We all could learn a thing or two from that man. I’m sorry to say I don’t feel the same about you. I feel you are an utter disgrace. I feel for your men having to follow your orders.” Captain America then looks to his men.

“This woman was once one of you! She’s still fights along the same cause we do! Yet you all took a part in having her tortured! Is this what we stand for? To torment one of OUR OWN! Every last one of you should be ashamed! General Ross has been spying on this woman for years! He had Sergeant Nelson invade her life and turn it upside down with nothing, but lies! An innocent woman! This is not who we are or what we’re about!” He felt the pull on Bella’s hand the entire time. He knew she was wondering about everything that was being said. Still he didn’t let go. He wasn’t about to.

“You seem to forget the destruction and lives lost due to his monstrous form! And what’s to say he can keep it under control. The both of them should be under constant observation and under my authority!”

“The only monster I see is the one that’s standing right before me! And with all due respect sir your authority SUCKS! I’d seriously consider retiring. You never know when homeland security could pop in and do an investigation!”

“Very well you leave me no choice. Apprehend them both!”

Iron Man enters the building signing an autograph. He looks upon the scene.

“Um.. World peace?” He says with a shrug.

He walks right up to General Ross.

“The Hulk helped us win the battle of New York. Now we’ve got a female version. That could very well start PMSing any minute! Don’t be stupid.”

Iron Man pats him on the shoulder.

“Love the suit by the way, quite fetching.” He picks off a piece of lint.

General Ross goes to say something else, but the other Avengers step inside as well as Fury himself. All, but one. Hulk … Hulk was outside of the base somewhere. He knew if he came within the grounds itself. He’d break Captain America’s orders. He’d kill anyone that got in his way. He was livid.

“Just what in the hell is going on here?!” Colonel Fury ordered as he looked around.

“I think he called in a code red!” Iron Man smarted.

Colonel Fury stared General Ross down.

“You won’t get away with this.” General Ross spouted off.

“We already did. Good day General.” Fury salutes him then turns his back to him.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 5 One Of Our Own”

  1. Some how it doesn’t surprise me that the government doesn’t know it has a rouge General doing what he pleases right under their nose.they should have taken him and dropped him in a dep dark hole some place.

  2. Poor B. She’s a real trooper going through all that torture.
    Awesome Captain got in and rescued Bella.
    They seriously need to put Frank and Ross through the same precedures as they did to Bella.

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