Chapter 6 Sergeant Nelson In Recycled Toilet Paper

Chapter 6

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Bella stood under the shower. She welcomed the warm water as it ran down her body. She soaped herself down and scrubbed her hair. Flashes of everything that had took place hit.

I do love you Bella baby… She jumped back in the shower; in memory of the gun going off. She looked down to her entire body. Bella went to shut off the water only to break the nozzle off. So the shower kept going. She half growled and grabbed a towel. She wrapped it around her and stepped out of the shower. She headed to the locker room. Bella walked up to the mirror and wiped the steam off. She gazed upon herself in the mirror. She shut her eyes in shame. She felt hideous. Bella looked upon herself as though staring at a stranger. Like an alien stood before her. She put her hand up against the mirror.

Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach. Natasha had stopped by her place and packed her some clothing. Bella put on one of her shirts and it shredded at the arms and breast area.

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

She couldn’t even get into her pants. She ground her teeth together and threw the bag at the mirror smashing it to pieces. Her eyes widen and she stepped back a bit. She covered her mouth; she hadn’t meant to do that. There was a knock at the locker room door. She walked over and peeked her head out.

“You alright?”

She blushed a bit. Steve looked to her with concern.

“My clothes don’t fit…”She said feeling as though she’d die.

He nods.

“You can borrow mine.”

Bella nodded, but kept her head down.

“I’ll be right back.”


Before long the door opened again. He handed them over.

“No need.”

Once the door closes again she gets dressed and brushed her hair. Surprisingly her socks and shoes still fit. That was about it. She left her hair down not wanting to look upon the mirror again. Like a nightmare she’d never wake from she walked out the door. She entered the main room. Each Avenger and Fury stood before her now. The urge to bolt out of there and hide somewhere she’d never be found came about. She looked none of them in the eyes. She could feel their piercing stares. She felt like the main attraction at a zoo. SHE HATED IT!

Bella welcomed herself to Tony’s bar. She poured herself a drink and leaned against the counter.

“You can all stop that now.” She said and downed the Jack.

“By the way Tony… I broke the nozzle to the women’s shower and the mirror is no more.”

He raises his brows. She takes in a breath; complete humiliation washing over her.

Tony grabbed her glass and poured another one to the brim. Bruce sighed knowing it’d take some time for her to even feel the effects. She begins to think about everything Steve had said back at that base. She looked up to Bruce.

“Is it true?”

He took off his gold frame glasses. He folded his arms about his chest and nodded. She nods in return and downed the other drink.

“How’s that even possible? Honestly, that would mean only one of two things. Either my mother which I hardly knew to begin with was loosey goosey and you’re a complete asshole! Or I’m adopted and you’re still an asshole!”

“Bella…” Steve whispered.

“And you! You knew and didn’t tell me?! I mean honestly did everyone here know?! BUT ME?! HOW MANY YEARS ARE WE TALKING DR. BANNER? OH WAIT SORRY DAD!”

She shakes her head.

“Unfuckingbelieveable! I was engaged to a spy. Who kidnapped and tortured me! The last year of my life was nothing more than a joke! We’ve yet to have Jane and Charlie’s funerals! I’ve been suspended from my job! I find out Charlie’s not my real father after all, but the HULK?! Making you nonetheless, another man in my life; that has no problem lying to my face! We’ve worked together for how long now? And you wait until I become this?! THIS ?! THIS THING!” She smashes her glass into Tony’s sink.

“IS that what you wanted old man for me to become like you?! And what if this didn’t take place were you ever going to tell me?” She couldn’t control the anger that was coursing through her. She felt betrayed and angry with everyone in this room even Steve. She never thought he could make her feel that way, but he had. She turns back to her best friend.

“Let me guess you knew as well?”

Thor lowers his head in shame. She starts laughing.

“The hell with you! ALL OF YOU!”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. She didn’t mean that and she knew it. They had come for her each of them. Even Natasha stopped what she was doing for her! Her heart sank in thought. She felt so mad. It wouldn’t go away.

Tony put a hand upon her shoulder. He went to hand her another drink. She quickly turned and went to shove him off her. She screamed out as she sent him flying through the wine rack. Wine and glass were everywhere.

“OH MY GOD TONY!” She full on panicked.

She rushed over and helped him back up. She covered her mouth in shock. He groaned out a bit.

“Tony, I’m sorry I…” She looked upon her hands in disbelief.

She simply meant to push him away. Not to damn near kill him!

“I’ve had worse…” He says shrugging it off.

Once she saw he was ok. She took off. Steve followed after her she’d headed into the gym.

She sat off in a corner and had her knees brought up against her chest.


“That’s just it… I am looking at you. The only problem I seem to be having is; I can’t take my eyes off you.” She looks upon Steve as if he’s insane.

“Well sure you can’t! I’m like a side show at a carnival!”

He full on disagreed.

“You also don’t hate him. You’re mad; rightfully so. You’re right we should have told you. I should have, but more than anyone Dr. Banner should have come clean by now. I will agree with you there. Bella, I just found out myself not long ago.”

“I was never even told I was adopted. It’s like every aspect of my life; has been nothing more than a lie. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I don’t even know who I can trust. I’m about to have a funeral for a man; that also spent each waking moment of his life lying to me. They even had some stupid story about the day of my birth. I mean honestly, didn’t they think about the fact that eventually I’d see the DNA didn’t match up? So who’s my mother? Is it Renee? Or someone I’ve never even met?”

Steve takes in a breath. This was a conversation she should be having with Bruce. Bruce needed to step up and come into terms with this himself! Steve crouches over and he brings his hands along her face. She recoils and shuts her eyes.

“How can you even stand to look at me Steve?”

He doesn’t answer. He knew no matter what he said now; she wouldn’t believe him. The best way to go about this was to merely show her. Through his actions alone. He brings her up from the floor. He keeps her cornered. Steve kisses her again. He continues to kiss her as his hands are up against the wall. He pushes his body up against hers. He’d wanted her for so long; he found it hard to stop. It didn’t matter what shape or form. She was still Bella. She was beautiful either way. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that it didn’t matter; if she remained like this or went back to her original self. He wanted her in a bad way. With Frank out of the picture… there was NO ONE standing in his way. He’d no longer hold back his feelings. Instead of hiding it this time. He pressed his hard on right up against her. Steve wanted her to know how he felt. He softly moaned out feeling the heat traveling from her to him. Meaning she was just as turned on. If she wouldn’t believe what he had to say on the matter. He had no issue making it more than “obvious“. He heard her gasp out as he got a bit of friction against her. The problem is he didn’t want to stop. He leans into her ear.

“I spent three years thinking about you. Three years trying to hurry and get back to you. When I came back and saw that you were engaged. It damn near killed me Bella. You’re just going to have to deal with the fact; that not even you can push me away. You’re beautiful and it’s time you realized that. You always were and always will be.”

He leans his forehead against hers. He does his best to collect himself. He pecks her on the forehead and exits the room. He feared if he hadn’t. He’d try to make love to her. That’s how bad it was. He wanted to rip her clothes off and take her right there against the corner. That’s all he could focus on. After all she’d been through lately. He knew he didn’t need to rush things too much. He needed to let her keep the pace on that issue alone. Frank had done a real number on her. Steve knew he’d have to pick up Frank’s mess along the way. But to him it was worth it. He was more than happy to do so. He’d help build her up whatever way he could. He’d do whatever he must to know that at the end; it’s him she comes to. Steve Rogers she desires and would one day possibly love. That’s all he could ever hope for. So he left it at that for now.

She stood there in a daze for a moment. Her heart was racing something fierce as she remained in the corner. After she collected herself she stepped back out. When she reentered the room only Fury and Bruce remained. She didn’t know where the others were. Fury walked right up to her.

“Just so you know. You’re still not getting your badge or gun back.”

She shut her eyes for a moment. She opened them half laughing.

“Please tell me that you understand why?” He says with impatience.

“Because you’re a dick?”

He grins not able to help himself.

“You do realize that you’re the only agent; that’s ever gotten away with talking to me like that right?”
“Only I’m no longer an agent remember? So I can say and do whatever the fuck I want.”

He nods.

“You’re no longer a SHIELD Agent, because this right here is where you belong. OH and believe me I’m pissed the FUCK off about this. I have to be logical about where you belong and where you’re needed most.”
“What exactly are you trying to say?”

“Welcome to the Avengers Swan.”

Her eyes widen a bit.

“Oh and just so you know. I wasn’t going to really suspend you after all. I just wanted to piss you the fuck off. I also hoped it’d open your eyes somewhat… You don’t seem to grasp just how many lives are affected by you and you alone! You’re needed Swan! We all count on you. Why the fuck do you think we all arrived at that base? Now I have to start the fuck over! I only pray I can even begin to find someone as good as you are!”

She just stands there completely baffled. Fury grabs his trench coat and starts to head out of the headquarters. He stops at the door, but doesn’t face her as he says…

“Ms. Swan it was a great pleasure working with you. You’ll be greatly missed. Do me proud…”

Bella runs her fingers through her hair. She turns to Bruce.

“Did that just happen?”

He nods with a slight grin. Bruce twirls around in his chair. He reaches back and grabs another. He pulls the black revolving chair beside him. He pats it hintingly. Bella laments, but sucks it up and gently sits beside him. She’d already found out the hard way; she couldn’t just plop down on any surface without destruction of some sort.

“I don’t deserve your time and I know that. I’m merely asking for you to hear me out. Will you be willing to sit there and listen to my side of things? On what actually took place? Why I never told you? When I know I should have. To hear the truth once and for all? Even about your mother?”

She nods with a million emotions scrolling through her.

“Ok… let me think of where exactly to begin.”

He takes in a breath. He rubs his face at first then begins his story. He starts from when he first met her mother until the most recent of events. By the time he’s done telling his story hours have passed. He looks up and sees a bewildered looking Bella. She just sat there in silence. He was afraid he broke her or put her in shock. She finally swallows back. She looks straight on ahead, but softly she ask.

“Do you have a picture of my mother?”

He beams at this.

“Yes, in fact I have a box of them. I even have some letters if you wish to read them.”

She nods. Bruce comes to his feet he puts on his blazer.

“They’re at my place. Just stay put and I’ll be right back.” He looks back at her as he’s about to leave.

“Actually… Would you like to accompany me? Perhaps we could grab a bite to eat along the way? We could get you some clothes as well?”

She looks to him for a moment. She looks down to Steve’s clothes.

“Um sure…”

Bella grabs one of Tony’s jackets and follows Bruce out.

The men watch from the observation room. Natasha was gathering what she could from Frank. Only problem was, since Frank had been working alongside of each of them off and on. He already knew the game. He knew exactly how Black Widow worked. He wasn’t falling for it. Steve finally gets enough he comes to a stand.

“Time to take matters into my own hands.” He motions for the others to follow him.

Steve steps inside the lockdown room they have Frank in.

“Thank you Natasha, but we’ll take it from here.”

She sighs with irascibility. She exits the room. Before Sergeant Franklin Nelson now stood Thor, Tony, Clint, and Steve… Steve pulled up a chair directly in front of Frank. The others folded their arms across their chest eyeing Frank as they stood behind Steve. Steve leans back for a moment. After a few minutes of just staring him down he leans over with his elbows along his knees.


“Tell me now, do you still have that one suit that went haywire on you?”
“And which suit would you be referring to now?”

The other’s look to him oddly.
“What? I’m an inventor not a perfector. It’s how you learn. Not that any of you would know about that!”


“Head back in the game!”

“The suit that stretched out your entire body. The one Pepper said almost ripped you apart?”

“Ah, that one! Yes actually I do.”

Steve nods.

“Go get it.”

“I, I Captain!”

Tony practically skips out of the room all happily. Frank rolls his eyes.

“You think I don’t know realize what you’re doing? These little scare tactics won’t break me.”

Steve nods again. He thinks about everything this bastard has done to Bella. How the entire last year of her life was utter hell, because of this man sitting before him.

“Oh believe me these aren’t scare tactics. This right here is what happens when you push me too far off the edge. You haven’t even a clue just what it is you’re in for.” He leans into Frank’s ear.

“And when I’m done… I’m letting Daddy have a shot with ya!” He pulls back with a wink and pats Frank on the shoulder.

Frank rolls his eyes.


Before long Tony returns with the suit.

“Help him get into it.”

“My pleasure!” Tony said full of beans.

He chuckled the entire time.

“This going to be so much fun!” He squealed once he was done.

He was now in one of Tony’s malfunctioned Iron Man suits. Tony had some sort of remote in his hand. The other Avengers looked to him oddly.

“I haven’t had time to reboot Jarvis and clear the evil doer’s AI mind yet…” He says with indication.

Steve comes to his feet. He paces before Frank as they have him up against the wall of the Avenger’s interrogation room.

“I’m going to ask you a series of questions. For each one you do not answer. Tony will get to have his fun. For each lie you tell me, Thor will. I can assure you that even through that suit you will feel it. For each time you try to sway around the subject. Clint will fire one of his arrows at your hands; since that’s the only area not covered. The suit was never completed so sucks to be you.”

Clint gets one of his arrows propped and ready to go. Thor twirls his hammer around with a smug grin about his face. Tony begins to giggle like a little girl eyeing the remote.

“I just love our little get gatherings!”

“Number one… Give me the exact date you were sent to first spy on Agent Swan.”

Silence… Steve nods towards Tony. Tony grins ear to ear and switches on the suit. Frank begins to cry out as it starts to stretch his arms and legs apart. Steve brings up his hand and Tony frowns as he comes to a stop.

“Again the date!”
Frank swallows back as his body ached all over. The suit was suffocating and he was already covered in sweat.

“I don’t remember the exact date. General Ross had gotten word of her arrival. Apparently he’d been keeping tabs on her and Dr. Banner for a few years now. I was sent here three weeks before her arrival.”
“So the day I called to Fury and gave him the heads up on a new possible agent…” Steve mumbles in thought.

“How long have you personally been stalking her?”

“Since I first arrived on base and…”


He shakes his head. Clint nods and fires one of his arrows. Frank screams out in pain. He brings up his hand in shock.

“You fucking shot me?! WITH A BLOODY ARROW?!”

Clint shrugs and takes out another one in preparation.

“This is a good day isn’t it?” Tony says to Clint favorably.

“Yes, actually it is.” Clint agrees.

“Answer the question!”

“There was one time I was sent to observe her back in her hometown. She was still in high school. I spent a day following her around.”

“She was just a kid!” Steve growls.

“I was following orders!”

Steve rears back slightly.

“Just how old are you?!”


Each member looks to one another.

“Are you telling me that you first saw Bella; when she was just a teenager in high school? And you and Ross were already making plans…” Steve stopped for a minute he was trying not to kill him NOW! He was beyond pissed off. She was just a teenager! Yet her life was already being invaded. She hadn’t even been aware. How sick can you get?

“You watched her as an innocent teenage girl. Already making plans on how to seduce your way into her life?! And he called her a monster?!” Steve was the one shaking all over now.

That was just a year before he’d met her. A year before he personally trained her! His jaw clenched tightly.

“So you’re telling me her own grandfather had been planning this for years now?”

“Yes… Once he got word that his granddaughter was now a teenager. He knew it wouldn’t be long before daddy’s DNA activated. I was merely sent to keep tabs on her. It went as far as General Ross telling me to become engaged to her. I was to take whatever means necessary; to win her affections. To marry her even go as far as to having children; if that’s what it took to gain her trust. That was why I remained patient for the last 2 years she kept turning me down. I was to act as her friend and work my way in through whatever means necessary. So I put on my charm and drove the bitch into my arms!” He snaps towards the end.

Steve sighs and turns towards Thor.

“Now hold on I didn’t lie!”

Steve shrugs as Thor slams his hammer across his junk.

“Talk about her in that kind of disrespect again. We start taking fingers next. Comprende?”

He doesn’t answer. Steve grits his teeth and fires his fist across his face. He does it hard enough he knows; he’ll feel it even through the suit. His head flies back against the wall. He grabs him by the shoulders of his suit.

“I believe I asked you a question!”


“Yes what?”
“Yes sir.”


“I do believe if our little sweet pea was in here just now; she’d have lady wood!” Tony smarted with a smirk.

Steve looked to him strangely.

“Really? That’s where you went.”

Even Thor’s nose was wrinkled on this.

“I think the only one that carries that is Natasha.” Clint softly says.

They each look to him.

“Well you would know brother. We’ll just take your word for it.” Tony wits.

Thor chuckles a bit.

“Thanks for that mental image that will scar me for eternity.” Thor heckles.

“You’re welcome!”

“Jokes! You’re all going to stand there making jokes!?” Frank expresses with derision.

“Correction… YOU ARE THE JOKE!” Steve declares.

“Next question… What was General Ross’s plans with Agent Swan? I’d answer carefully with precision. Start from the beginning to the end of the plan.”

Frank shakes his head.

“I can’t answer that. You know that! It’s code.”

Steve nods and looks back towards Tony. Tony gives Frank a wink and amps up the suit. Frank screams out as one of his arms is forced out of socket. Steve raises a hand. Tony frowns again like a little kid having his toy taken away. Frank continues to wail like a little bitch.

“SHUT UP!” Steve snaps irately.

He continues to cry out in pain. Thor doesn’t even wait for Steve’s permission. He waylays the hell out of him. Steve cuts him a look.

“What? He’s annoying.”

Steve shrugs and nods in agreement.

“Code… huh? I believe you’ve already broke damn near every code there is to being a U.S soldier. When it comes to classified information… You and General Ross both broke code. The both of you, should be discharged, imprisoned, and brutally raped on a daily basis!”

Each Avenger looked to Steve in full on disbelief. They weren’t use to this side of him. They knew that Frank had pushed a button for him to ever talk like that.

“Now answer the question before we decide to finish ripping that arm off!”
Tony grinned.

“The original plan was to have her executed immediately if any signs of transformation took place. However, as the years progressed. General Ross changed his mind. He began to come up with other plans.”
“Such as?”

“Like he’d once tried to do with her father. He wanted to turn Bella into the ultimate soldier. General Ross began to come up with a plan; along with Dr. Wyngarde a scientist that works for the lab at the base. They figured their mistake with her father; was the fact that they should have done a lobotomy, first. Then brain manipulation. Another words they wanted to do a lobotomy on Agent Swan and reboot her mind. They wanted to start from a clean slate with her. From there General Ross and Dr Wynarde could create the perfect soldier. One that took only the orders of General Ross. He’d have complete control over Agent Swan and she’d become the new lead in battle. He’d already begin to set up a few places of experimental trials for when she was completed. If the plan went as well as expected. He’d then work on creating an entire army with her DNA.”
“So let me get this straight. They were going to conduct a lobotomy on my girl. Reprogram her to General Ross’s expectations then have her cloned; if this all came together as planned?”

Frank snarls back in memory of them kissing.

“How can you stand it? You still call her your girl?! Are you into bestiality or something?! That girl went from hot to fugly in the matter of minutes.”

“OUT!” Steve demanded looking to the other Avengers.

Tony smirked and rushed the others out of the room. The others looked on through the observation window.

“I could go for some popcorn.” Tony declares.

“That does sound good.” Clint agrees.

Thor chuckles as they watch.

Steve picked him up and tossed him across the room. He then rushed over and picked him up by the throat.

“Guess we’re all about to see just how sturdy my suits are.” Tony said with interest.

“Ohhhh.” Clint flinched as Steve sent several jabs at Franks gut and face.

He slams him through a wall and lifts him up in the air.


No one says a word as he walks on past them. He heads straight for the gym and takes the rest of his anger; out on the punching bag. Destroying one bag after another…

Natasha enters the room as he’s half an hour into the punches. She clears her throat and he doesn’t break. He continues on…

“Rogers…” She says softly and puts a hand upon his shoulder.

He keeps punching.

“I did this to her…” He says swinging away.

“I handed her off Romanoff. I placed her right into his arms. I even signed the damn papers.”

He stumbles back a bit. That heart dropping feel came over him again. Natasha grabbed hold of him and hugged him. Steve broke down.

“How do I even begin to fix this? How do I help her? HOW?!”

She too was crying now.

“By doing what you’re doing now. What we all need to do…”

She pulls away and looks him dead in the eyes.

“Be there for her… even if you don’t have all the answers or know what to say. Just be there…”

Bella looked around the house as they stepped inside. Bruce cut on the lights.

“Sorry… haven’t been home in a few days.” He explains and starts to pick up a little.

She couldn’t get over how surprisingly nice and bright the place was.

“Looks fine to me.”
Bruce’s nerves were shot though. He wasn’t even sure how to begin with this relationship now. He knew he wanted to, but hadn’t a clue how. He knew she’d never see him the way she saw Charlie Swan. That was to be expected. That’s where he felt incredibly robbed. He’d kill to have that. All he could ever hope for was some sort of relationship no matter how small. He wanted to be in her life somewhere.

“Make yourself at home.”

They actually had somewhat of a decent time going to eat. They got her a few outfits as well. He insisted he pay for them. She fought it at first, but he damn near pleaded. It was bad enough he missed out on her childhood. Silly as it was just being able to buy her dinner and clothes; made him feel slightly father like. He wanted much more though. He’d help with whatever means necessary. The thing he’d hated most about their little outing; was the looks she was getting. He saw the pain written all over her face. The way they whispered and stared upon her. Often she’d cover her face or rush past the people gawking at her. He wanted to Hulk out and punch the living daylights out of them. That’s what he didn’t understand. She was nowhere near the monster he was, when he transformed. That fascinated him somewhat. She was actually quite pretty. Sure she’s his daughter; there’s sure to be some bias there, but even he noticed how she caught the eyes of the other Avengers. Mainly Captain America’s, in fact he was beginning to see that there was something there. More than friendship between the two. That felt odd to him in the sense that he actually rather hoped that there was. He’d always liked Steve. He was a good man and if he was to single handedly pick any man to be with his daughter it’d be him. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that he’d treat her right and love her for who she was. It was funny considering every other guy he’d chased off. Except for Frank… only now he wished he had. He just hoped Frank was better than the others considering he fought alongside of Fury. He never imagined the truth behind it all.

Bella was looking at the patio door to the backyard. Nothing about his place screamed out Hulk. She honestly expected something dark, rather destroyed even… She half smiled in thought. Though she too was in the same boat. She wasn’t sure how to think or act. This felt so peculiar to her.

“I’ll be right back.”

She nodded. Once he left the room she got on her cell and begin to set up arrangements for her father. She then quickly called Darcy. She learned they were having Jane’s funeral tomorrow. Charlie’s would be the very next day. She pinched the bridge of her nose in thought. This truly was a never ending nightmare. Once she hung up; Bruce entered the room with a shoebox.

“Dr. Banner…” She shook her head.

“I mean Bruce.”

He looks upon her as sits upon the vanilla leather sofa. He takes the lid off the box.


“Why haven’t I switched back by now? I’m calm… ” She hints.

He takes in a breath. He too had wondered that himself.

“Honestly, I’m not sure. I thought maybe once things die down; we could run some more test. Perhaps it’s just taking a bit to phase out. You’ve been through a great deal.”

She nods. He hands over the box.

“This is all your mother’s things. Her pictures, letters, etc…”

Bella’s hands shook nervously as she began to go through the box. She picked up a picture of a beautiful dark haired, pale woman. Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth. They looked almost exactly alike. Well before Bella Hulked out.

“She was pretty.”

He smiles.

“Not even a big enough word for your mother. There aren’t any true words to describe her. She was witty, charismatic, full of hope, and love. You remind me a lot of her. She was one of a kind. Perhaps that’s why I never found anyone else. Then again I haven’t the heart to look. After Betty I stopped caring so much in that department. I stayed hidden for few years. I focused on the science of whom and what I was. Learning everything I could about control. I even learned everything about losing control as well. I began to travel amongst some of the most destitute cities around the world. Because of your mother in mind and who she was. For a few years I dedicated myself into helping those families in need. So many women and children needed a doctor, but could not afford it. I found it was easier to tame the beast when I kept myself busy. If they could not pay in money I accepted bread or whatever trade they could give for my services. This was an ongoing thing until Black Widow found me. It took some convincing, but she brought me here. I’ve been an Avenger since.”

Bella picked up a letter.

“It’s ok Bella. I don’t want there to be anymore secrets between us.” She nods.

He comes to a stand.

“I’ll give you some time. Would you like anything to drink?”
“I’m ok.”

He nods and gives her sometime to go through everything. Bella blushed at some of the letters. It was very adamant they were madly in love, her mother especially. The way she wrote to Bruce. Bella felt like she was suddenly in some sort of 60s or 70s romance novel or movie. They even talked old fashioned and much more sophisticated than that of today. She continued to look through and even saw a picture of her and Bruce together. They were an attractive couple. She couldn’t get over how young her father looked in this picture. She came to the bottom of the box and found a gold necklace.

Bruce entered the room at that point. She had it dangling in the air; looking at it. He makes his way over and gently takes the necklace from her hand. He runs his fingers along it in memory.

“I hadn’t realized I still had that. I gave this to her on her birthday.”

He looks to Bella and narrows his eyes. He leans over and clasps it around her neck.

“She’d want you to have it.”

“I can’t…”

Bella goes to take it off.

“Please… Just…”

He takes in a breath and sits down in the recliner across from her. He nervously runs his fingers through his hair.

“I won’t lie Bella. I haven’t a clue what I’m doing.” He clears his throat and shakes his head. Bruce rests his elbows on his knees.

“I’d give anything to have seen you grow up. Hell, I’d have sold my own soul to the devil if that meant the three of us could have been a family. Truth of the matter was I never even knew you existed. Not until you were already a teenager. You had Charlie… I didn’t see any sense in interrupting whatever peace you had.”
Bella winced and Bruce sighed.

“Like I said. I’m clueless…”

“That makes two of us.” She says softly.

“I can say this much Bella. And I truly hope you hear me out on this. Now that you’re in my life; I don’t want to lose you. I’ve lost your mother. I lost you once as well already. I don’t want that to happen again.”

“Where’s our little Sweet Pea?” Tony questions as Bruce enters headquarters.

“She fell asleep on the couch. She needs her rest.”

“Ah, has she gone back to the apartment yet?”

“She doesn’t want to see that place again. She also made it clear she doesn’t want anything there.”

Steve overhears this and twirls around in Tony’s chair.

“So where’s she going to live then?”

Bruce sighs.

“That’s what I was wondering. The apartment wasn’t livable as it was now anyhow.”

Tony looks around in thought.

“She could live here…”

“At headquarters?!” Steve questions.

“Sure why not. We already got a couple bedrooms. She could take her pick and stay as long as she needed. That and we’d have someone always on call!”

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Well what’s your suggestion? She move in with you? I mean honestly are you two even official yet?”

Steve rolls his eyes. He goes to say something about how he’d love for her to. However, “daddy” was eyeing him ruefully. Crap… he thought and decided to keep his mouth shut.

“Or what about your place daddio?” Tony smarted.

“I wouldn’t object.” He says with a shrug.

“Hmm, interesting.” Tony says with a smirk.

“Where oh where will she choose? I wonder if Pepper wants a new roommate.” Tony wiggles his brows in thought. Both Steve and Bruce cut him a go straight to hell look.

He raises his hands in the air.

“Easy now boys… just a suggestion.”

Steve looks back to Bruce and nods as he comes to a stand. He motions for him to follow. Bruce follows him to the interrogation room. Thor was keeping guard. The three of them eye Frank. He was still in the beat up Iron Man suit. Steve gives him the rundown of everything that was said. EVERYTHING… All it took was the part about the lobotomy. Hulk was awakened. Thor and Steve stepped aside. Steve looks to Bruce.

“He’s all yours…. Hulk Smash…” Steve says with a nod.

He nods as he and Thor exit the room. Thus, leaving the Hulk to do whatever he wished with Frank. Hulk burst through the room.
“…oh shit…” Frank utters and he pisses himself as Hulk picks him up.

Frank could feel his hot breaths even through the suit.

“Please! Sir look I…”

Hulk shakes his head and growls on top of his lungs.

“YOU DIE!” He has him dangling by the legs. He slams him back and forth like a rag doll against the floor of the interrogation room.

The other Avengers hear this and nod towards one another. Tony pours everyone a drink. They hear the sound of Hulk ending the life of Sergeant Frank Nelson.

The suit he was wearing began to break apart. Hulk continued to smash his body against the floor. He then twirled his body around like a lasso. The Avengers witness his body flying out of the headquarters window. Hulk soared directly behind it as he grabbed him and slammed in deep into the ocean floor. He was never to be seen again.

“Are you certain?”


General Ross takes of his jacket. He rolls up the sleeve to his shirt. Dr. Wyngarde nods and sticks him with the syringe.

“It’s all done sir.”

General Ross nods.

“Why you though sir?”

“Apparently, that’s the only way to put this at proper use. Now I can lead my men and we’ll be indestructible!”

Dr. Wyngarde smiles.

“Then we shall wait and see…”

“Thanks to that man I lost my daughter.” He looks down to see the red veins already spreading along his arms.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 6 Sergeant Nelson In Recycled Toilet Paper”

    1. Who better than the woman who almost lost her life because of that dick and he’s her granddaughter of all things! He deserves to rot in hell but I’ll settle for some good old fashioned “Hulk Smash”

  1. Looking forward to the timely demise of Gen.Ross.if he had gotten his super troops who would he have used them against.was he crazy enough to think he could take over the government?

  2. Feel for Bella, she’s got a lot to go through even though she’s been through so much.
    Frank got what he deserved.
    Can’t believe they left General Ross free. We know he’s going to be a major problem.

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