Chapter 8 Bout’Time! Hooah!

Chapter 8

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Bella immediately stumbled back. She cut Steve an apologetic glance.

“Steve I…” She pinches the bridge of her nose.

“I’m so sorry…” She says with a soft quivery voice.

That wasn’t the worst part. Tony and Pepper had gone all out. They had everything moved out of the room. Tony had altered Avengers Headquarters into some sort of 1940s ballroom. There were guests already there. They were dressed to the part; each guest in a suit or dress revolving around that time; even Tony and Pepper. The only one that wasn’t was Bruce. His eyes were sealed on to Steve with full on disproval. He was in one of his regular taupe suits. He looked flustered. Thor and Darcy step on in. Steve and Bella remained frozen at the door. Steve however, had a beam about him. Bella still was in shock. Steve took her hand and went to step inside.

“How do we explain this Steve? How do I even begin to make this up to you?! I really am sorry. I never meant…”

He shakes his head.

“Come on Bella, sweetheart. We have guests to entertain.”

“But… Shouldn’t you be furious with me?”

“Why would I be?”

“How can you be so chill about me screwing up your life?!”

He quickly covers her mouth as everyone’s looking upon them. Tony cocks a brow on this.

“Honeymoon over already?”

The guests laugh and Bella looks to Steve in misery. Steve smiles upon everyone. He then motions with a finger. “Just give us a few…”

He takes her hand and leads her to the balcony. Bella leaned over trying to catch a breath. They could hear the waves from the beach below. There was a full moon tonight and the sky was beautifully clear.

“Steve…” She whispers feeling terrible about what she’d done.

She turns however, and he’s on one knee. He held out a ring.

“Would you be willing to marry me for real?”

Steve swiftly jumped back up. He caught her just before she hit the ground. Tough girl Bella Swan aka She-Hulk had fainted! Steve’s eyes widen as he looked upon her. He’d never seen her faint before. He gently slapped at her cheeks trying to stir her awake. Her eyes fluttered a bit before she fully came to.

“Hey there, gorgeous.”

He checked her over making certain she was ok. He helped her to her feet. Bella could barely breathe as she looked upon him.

“Did you just…”

He nods feeling somewhat anxious. The music blared from inside Swing, Swing, Swing by Benny Goodman was playing. Steve truly felt as though he’d fallen back into time.

“You really want to marry me?”

He smiles.

“Bella, I wanted to ask you when I first came home. I’ve held on to this ever since.”

Her jaw drops.

“You what?” She says softly in disbelief.

“That’s right sweetheart…”
She lowers her head in shame.

“Don’t… please don’t do that.” He lifts her head back up.

“Just say yes…” He pleads looking her in the eyes.

She softly giggles and nods.

“Is that a yes or no?”


He grins and places the sapphire diamond engagement ring on her finger. Steve kisses her and twirls her around in his arms. They get one moment to take each other in before they get ripped apart by Tony and Pepper.

The both of them get their own make overs. Steve’s first to finish and is back out listening to the music and mingling with the guests. He was in one of his original 1940s military suits. Steve lost all concentration though as Bella made her way down the stairs. She was in a deep purple ballroom gown that draped right at her black and purple heels, silk gloves that ran up to her elbows. Her hair was curled and pinned back just like the girls from that time. His mouth watered at the sight. She fit the part all too well. She was breathtaking. He made his way over and escorted her to the dance floor. Frank Sinatra’s The Best Is Yet To Come played as he began dancing with her. Tony looked on from a distance with a smile. He gave Steve a nod and downed his drink. Thor and Darcy high fived one another. As the lyrics began Steve twirled her about then brought her back against him.

“I’m afraid you’re about to find out; just how terrible of a dancer I am.” Bella uttered.

“Hmm…” He twirled her around again.

“You seem to be doing just fine.”

She softly laughs.

“I don’t swing…”

He chuckles.

“I don’t either…” He says with a wink.
Her jaw drops a bit.

“Did the Captain just make a modern day joke?”

Bella runs her hands along his suit in thought.

“So this was what flashback Captain Steve Rogers was like?”

He nods.

“Not bad.”

He twirls her again and brings her even closer to his chest. Steve shut his eyes for a moment. He was taking everything in. He couldn’t believe she’d said yes. He was mystified. Bella had her head against his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Bruce heading right for them. Bruce nods towards Steve.

Steve takes in a breath seeing it written all over his face. Steve reaches over and taps Tony on the shoulder.

He places Bella’s hand in Tony’s. Tony nods getting the hint. Bella cuts Steve a worried look. She hadn’t seen Bruce. He gives her a quick wink as Tony starts dancing with her.

Bruce motions for Steve to step outside. Steve follows him out. Once Steve pulls the door to; Bruce shakes his head.

“A bit soon don’t you think?”

Steve shakes his head in full disagreement.

“I don’t truly believe so.”

Bruce laughs with full on irritation.

“This is ridiculous! I expected a bit more sense coming from you of all people. She just hopped out of a relationship and right back into another?! Now she finds herself engaged yet again?! What’s in it for you? I mean what’s the hurry?!”

Steve sighs.

“It wasn’t exactly how I had planned, but in all fairness. This is between Bella and I.”

“I am her father!”

“Yes and I can respect that. Times have also changed. Normally, I’d ask you for your daughter’s hand. Let’s face it though. You’d have never agreed.”

Bruce shakes his head.

“Is that really what you think?” Steve hadn’t a clue what Bruce truly thought of him. He didn’t have a problem with Steve. He had an issue with how fast things were moving.

“I never meant any disrespect Bruce. I love your daughter. I’ve given this a lot of thought. She’s the future I want. If you want someone to be mad at; then so be it. I’ll take whatever you wish to dish out. Just leave her out of it.”

“She needs to know just how stupid this all is!”

“Bruce…” Steve shakes his head.

“Don’t… just don’t.”

Bruce grits his teeth and starts to go past Steve. Steve grabs his arm.

“Don’t do this… Think about what you’re doing if you go in there and cause a scene. She just returned from having her adoptive father’s funeral! Your daughter has a smile on her face the moment. You really wish to be the one to take that away from her. We both know that’s not what you want.”

“If I were you I’d drop that hand!” Steve sighs and drops his hold. Bruce pushes his way past.

“Dammit Bruce!”

Bruce heads on inside. Steve speedily follows him. Bruce heads straight for Bella. Steve looks to Tony with alarm. Tony narrows his eyes as Bruce ask to cut in. Bruce twirls his daughter around. He looks around the room then back to Bella. He does his best to keep himself under control.

“Is this what you really want Bella?”

She looks to him peculiarly. She nods. He closes his eyes momentarily.

“So you really love him?”


“You don’t feel this is too soon?”

He questions twirling her around again. She stumbles a bit and he breaks her fall. He lifts her chin with his fingers.

“Does he make you happy?”
“Bruce…” She says half exasperated.


“Yes Bruce. Steve makes me happy. No, I don’t feel it’s too soon. This is what I want.”

He nods and twirls her around once more. Don’t Fence Me In by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters was playing.

“Sooo will you at least let me give you away?”

Bella’s the one to close her eyes this time. Mixed emotions on this played out. Her heart nose-dived in thought. She always thought Charlie would be the one giving her away. Then again she also thought he was her real father. Bruce sighs already seeing the inner struggle within her.

“It’s ok Bella… I understand…”

He kisses her hand and goes to walk away.

“Bruce…” She calls out with a hint of desperation.

He slowly turns back to face her.

“I’d really like that.” She says with a rock building up in her throat.

A small smile forms on his face, he nods and walks away. Bella felt like she couldn’t breathe though. Charlie pierced through her mind. She rushed back out to the balcony. She hadn’t realized just how much that would affect her. It wasn’t that she didn’t want Bruce giving her away. It had more to do with the realization that Charlie Swan truly was gone. Thor stepped out onto to the balcony. Bella was leaned over looking out to the beach. He ran a gentle hand along her back.

“Are you alright Isa?”

She nodded, but turned to him with tears.

“How do you do it Thor?” She shut her eyes again and took in a breath.

“And what might that be Isa?”

“I mean… the pain… does it ever go away?” She hints.
“I hate to say this, but it never does. It’s always there Isa. All I can really say is that within time. You learn to adapt. You find other ways to deal with that pain and hole in your life.”

“I just want it to stop.”

He nods and takes her hand. He has her face him.

“Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen. Just know that you’re not alone. I’m right here Isa. We’re in this together.” He turns back to the room filled with others in support of her and Steve.

“And you see all those people? All of them Isa… We all have your back. Steve’s as well. He’s a good man. You’ve done quite well for yourself. Even if neither of you quite planned this. Maybe, it’s fate trying to tell you both something.

She smiles. They both turn to see Darcy and Steve dancing. Thor softly chuckles. He offers an arm.

“Shall we?”
Once the song is over Steve returns to Bella. He hands Darcy over to Thor. Tony has a bottle of champagne sent over to Bella and Steve. The server pops it open and pours them a glass. The guest grow quiet, the music stops, and suddenly all eyes are on them. Steve lets out a hint of a nervous chuckle. Tony grins and raises a glass in the air. So do the other guests.

“I have known these two for a little while, so I feel that I can speak for them. Our beloved Captain is quite the stuffed shirt when he wants to be, and little Bella is a spitfire on a good day. So you see, they balance each other out.”

Pepper chimes in from next to Tony, “It doesn’t hurt that they love each other.”

“Yeah, that too!” Tony replies. “So from one Avenger to another, congratulations; to Captain Steve Rogers and his soon bride to be Isabella Swan.

They all drink to the toast. Once they finish their champagne. Steve takes Bella’s empty glass and places it on an empty serving tray. He takes her to the dance floor once more. His eyes widen at one point as she’s kissing along his neck; as they’re dancing. He takes in the deepest of breaths. She softly giggles feeling his “enthusiasm.” He clears his throat; knowing that’s why she was laughing. Steve looks around. He seriously doubted they’d be missed. He takes her hand and heads towards the door. Once they manage to sneak out. He obsessively kissed her. He works his way from her lips, to her neck, and shoulders. As he comes back up he leans into her ear.

“Let’s get out of here…” He hints.

He steals one of Tony’s cars for the night. Bella laughs as he opens the door for her.

“You’re full of surprises. And Tony’s going to throw a fit!”

He shrugs with a slight grin. Steve drives her back to his apartment. She bites her lower lip as he parks. He sits there for moment looking a bit nervy. His hands run along the steering wheel of Tony’s cherry red Acura. He nods as if to himself. He then gets out of the car. He walks around and opens Bella’s door. He takes her hand and leads her to his apartment. Before he opens the door he gazes upon her. She smiles and he unlocks the door. Steve watches her curiously as she steps inside. He flips on the lights. He locks the door. Then he places down his keys and takes off his jacket. His apartment was just as she assumed. She grinned as she ran her fingers along one of the old Captain America shields. His apartment had a hint of patriotic and military touch. His furniture was brown leather and he’d cherry oak furniture. His kitchen was done in a classic 50s diner look. She found it soothing. It was also very tidy.

“I like it.” She says with a shrug and looks out his patio.

His apartment was slightly bigger than her old one. He’d an extra bedroom and 1½ bath as well.

“It’s funny actually.”
“What’s that?”

He says placing his arms around her waist.

“It’s just what I pictured.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“Definitively good.”

He kisses along her neck again and unzips her dress. His warm hand runs down the sexy arch of her back soothingly. He leaned over and took a good gander. His fingers ran along the seam of her black thong. Steve runs her hands down her shoulders until the dress drops to the floor. He swallows back realizing she wasn’t wearing a bra. All she’d about her was her thong and heels now. He loosened his tie as he stared upon her. He couldn’t help, but to notice how she suddenly looked a bit shy and embarrassed even. Curiously, he turned her towards him. He lifted her chin with a single finger. Steve already knew just by one look. She was feeling insecure. He said nothing on the matter. He began kissing her whilst he struggled to get free of his clothing.

She gasped out as he worked his way down her neck. His hands ran along her breasts. He ached greatly as he took his tongue and grazed them along her erect nipples. Before he could really think about what he was doing. He was sucking on them. Something he’d fantasized about often. Bella felt the bareness of his body against hers now. His cock twitched against her as it was aching for release. Steve picked her up and her legs wrapped around him. They kissed all the way to his room.

He lay her down on his black comforter. He’d a sturdy metal bed. Steve too first struggled with keeping furniture. He understood exactly where she was coming from on the, don’t know your own strength term. Her jaw rather dropped as she first got a good look upon him. He took notice.

“Something wrong?”

“Other than the fact you’d have wrecked the original me?”

He full on blushes gathering her meaning.

“Does that have it’s own gravitational pull?”

He cocks a brow at this.

“Guess you’re about to find out…” He says seductively and crawls over her.

Instant heat fired through her core. He cruelly rubs himself against her as little teaser of what’s to come. Bella moaned out and quite significantly. She automatically clamps her hand over her mouth. Steve smiles and moves her hand. He pins down both her wrists. He wanted to hear every cry she gave. The mere idea had him almost coming already. In fact precum had already begun to drip down from him. This made a first for him as well. Though he and Peggy almost took that plunge. He never got the chance. That was what drew him to Bella. Not only did she look a bit like Peggy, but they both shared a bit of the same personality. He never thought it possible to love another. And he hadn’t until Bella came along. How he was in deep.

He took a moment to take her all in. He released one of her wrists. Steve curiously watched as he ran his fingers along her sex. She had a very slight strip of hair. He found it sexy as hell. Everything about her was highly erotic. He watched her face as he placed a finger inside her. She instantly squirmed beneath him on the bed. He looked back down at the show below. Something about her brought out a bit of a bad boy side to Steve. He could feel it rising within him. This urge to have her screaming out his name; made him almost dizzy in euphoric thought. He placed another finger inside. She was nice and warm. She also practically hugged his fingers. Once his fingers were good and soaked he stroked himself with her juices. It felt and smelled so good.

He couldn’t believe he’d gone four years without this. Hell three years without her! He closed his eyes for a moment as he was nearly in pain from aching so bad below. She took him by surprised as she reached down and ran her hand along his cock. She bit her lower lip in thought. She could feel it pulsating in her hand and it was nearly hot to the touch. That was another thing Bella noticed. She was NEVER this anxious for Frank. She was damn near foaming at the mouth for Steve. She felt like an animal in heat. It kept all will not to hump him as though she were one. She never truly dreamed she’d be having sex with Steve. Much less be engaged to him!

She places him inside her. Bella instantaneously started to orgasm. She couldn’t control it if she tried. She’d wanted him for so long. Just seeing him hovering over her in desire drove her completely insane. Steve felt it as well and his teeth ground together as she was drenching him. In fact as he began to stroke his way inside her it got even heavier.

“Steve…” She cried just before he felt her releasing again.

He couldn’t believe the way her body was reacting to his. He passionately kissed her as he continued. She literally felt like heaven. He felt himself about to erupt. Within a couple more hard thrusts he shot his load. However, it was a first for him…

He looks back upon her. Her arms wrap around his neck as he kisses her again. He takes his time this time. He guides himself along her at a steady pace. He leans into her ear.

“You’re so beautifully sexy. I don’t ever want to stop.” He whispers unreservedly.

“I love you, Bella…” He says as his moves become more vigorous now.

Her emotions tugged at her greatly. She’d never been told that during sex before. She found herself on top of Steve now. He grinned as she continued kissing him. Yet again he was struck stupid as he watched her moving about him. Her breasts swayed about stunningly with each movement. His hands ran along them in awe. Both of them even through their endurance were covered in sweat. Neither wanted this to end. His fingers interlocked with her gorgeous strands of midnight hair. This felt unreal to him. He merely had the fantasy he’d spent three years yearning for right in his grasp. She was all his now. He watched as she bounced around on top of him. He felt himself about to get off again. He gripped her hips spurring her on even faster about him. His teeth ground together and his eyes shut tightly as he came again.

Bella didn’t move at first. She gazed upon him and ran her fingers along the beads of sweat on his neck and chest. He was so perfect. Not just in appearance. Bella was beginning to see just how truly perfect Steve was. What woman could ask for more than what she had right here? She took his hands into her own. Then brought them to her face. She closed her eyes for an instant and kissed the palm of his right hand. He brought her down against his chest. Neither of them moved. He ran his hands along her back.

“I love you too.” She whispered.

He smiled and kissed the top of her head.

It wasn’t until they both decidedly got up to shower they realized they’d managed to puncture the bed through the wall a bit. Bella looked to Steve wide eyed.


He chuckled a bit shaking his head.

“Could’ve been worse I suppose.”

Bella however, looked to the ground the post to the bed were buried into his bedroom floor.

“Oh no…” She utters in disbelief.

He tilts his head looking down.

“Huh…” He says with a shrug.

“That’s certainly new.” He comments with a grin.

They both laugh a little as they really look upon the slight destruction; all about the area of the bed itself. Steve leads her to the bathroom and he starts the shower. He had her step inside first. He didn’t expect the scene before him as he stepped inside the shower. Her eyes were closed as the water ran down her hair and body. He swallowed back nearly drooling all over himself. It was official that to Steve, Bella was the ultimate wet dream. She kept flooring him with her erotic body. He couldn’t fathom how she ever thought less of herself. How could see look in the mirror and not see what he sees. She opens her eyes and she softly giggles. He shrugs already knowing he was rock hard again. It wasn’t something he could help. She was too intoxicating.

She lets him by and ends up having the exact same trouble. She was scrubbing her hair with his shampoo. Yet he damn near looked like a god as he stood under the shower. She even thought about how he could give Thor a run for his money.

“Damn…” She hadn’t realized she said this out loud.

He looks to her oddly. She covers her mouth.

“You were saying?”

“Just admiring the view Captain.”

She thought it was cute how he’d blush. It always happened when she flirted with him. With the amount of groupies he had and who he was in general. Bella found it fascinating that she could get him to blush. He’s freaking Captain America she didn’t think it possible.

She looked down to the gorgeous sapphire, diamond engagement ring. Still, she couldn’t believe that his initial plan was to propose when he returned. She’d have never dreamed that in a million years. He looks to her in thought.

“Do you like it?”

She nods still eyeing the ring.

“I love it actually. You remembered my birthstone as well.”

He points to his temple.

“All in here; hard to forget.” He says meaningfully.

He pulled her back towards him. He helped her rinse out her hair. He wanted another excuse to run his hands along her.

“So when would you like to turn me into your slave?”

She softly laughs.

“Slave huh?”

“I might as well be honest; after what we just did. I’ll be easy to manipulate and you’ll have me groveling at your feet.”

“The Captain grovels?”

“Only to one…”

He says and cuts off the water. He pulls back the curtain and grabs the both a blue towel.

“Well when do you wish to get married?”

“Like right this very minute…”

She laughs.

“Seriously, I’d stand here willingly naked. While some strange guy; we don’t know does the ceremony.”

“You’re too funny.”

“Not really a joke.”

“OK we’ll do just that!” She taunts.


They both look to one another grinning.

“Hmm, what about a month or two from now?” She suggests.
He frowns.

“So that’s a no to now?”

“You seem to be forgetting the enormous green beast; with substantial anger issues.”
“Ah yes… daddy…” He says with a wrinkled nose.

“Ugh, that’s still so weird to me.”

“I can’t even begin to imagine.” He tosses her a white army shirt and some black pajama pants.

“Just so you know you’re not going anywhere…” He says as he pulls a white tank over his head.

“Oh is that so?”
He nods assuredly.

“You’re my personal p.o.w?”

“And what war would that be?”

He smirks knowing it was a very corny answer, but he decided to go with it anyhow.

“Love and Lust? Does that work?”
“And how long are we talking here?”

“Much longer than the cold war…”

“Let’s see 45 years… ?”
He nods. She grows serious for a moment.


“What’s that like exactly?”
“What do you mean?”

“Living through all these wars and life altering events?”

He sits upon his couch and pulls her into his lap.

She nods as he leans against her shoulder

“It can be lonely, beyond frightening, at times depressing; as others tend to die around me; as I trudge onward. Then there are the times where it can be prideful. To be able to talk about the things I’ve seen and experienced. It can be a thrill as well. I’ve also met some very interesting people. Such as Sinatra himself; I was thinking about that when we were dancing today.

“You met Frankie?”

He grins.

“Yes and a few others such as a few past presidents.”

“Which ones?”

“Roosevelt, Kennedy, A couple I don’t wish to remember… and Reagan.”

They both laugh.

“I can only imagine which ones”

He makes a disgusted face.

“You’d be dead on I’m sure.”

“Wow…” She leans against him in thought.

“That’s gotta be something.”

He shrugs.

“I’d keep bragging, but I’m very humble Bella…”

She giggles a bit.

“Sure you are.”

“Did you meet the King?”

“Hmm, I’m guessing you mean Elvis?”

She nods.

“Yes, but it was a simple handshake. That led to a decent karaoke number. Love Me Tender I believe!”

“Somehow I could actually see that.”

She twirls around in his lap straddling him. She runs her fingers along his hair.

“What were you like… before the serum?”
He narrows his eyes. That was a question he hadn’t been expecting. No woman’s truly asked him that. In fact yet again, only Peggy had ever truly seen both sides of him. Other than that no one had ever asked him such a question. He found himself intrigued that she’d ask. He takes in a breath and thinks back.

“Bella, I was just a kid from Brooklyn. That couldn’t meet the expectations of passing what was required in order to join the army. I failed miserably.”
Bella shakes her head and points to his heart.

“No… I want to know what Steven Rogers from Brooklyn was like. I don’t care that you were scrawny or failed your test. Tell me something about you that no one else knows. Tell me about the man before Captain America even entered the picture.”

“I gotta tell you. You’re the first woman that’s ever asked me that Bella.”

She pecks him on the lips.

“It’s just something I was always curious about. I wanted to ask you back in boot camp. I was afraid you’d taken insult to it.”

“If anything you’d have just thrown me off-guard such as you already have.”

She runs her hand along his chest.

“So tell me.”

He nods and begins to tell her the story of the kid from Brooklyn. How he grew up and who his friends were. He tells her about his best friend Bucky that had also enlisted. About how he died helping him on a mission. He speaks of when his mother died from pneumonia. He mentioned that his father was an alcoholic that died when he was young. He admitted that he was a bit of a mischievous kid that often got in trouble; or that often enough trouble found him. He even talks about some of the things he witnessed once the Nazi’s took over. Her heart sank at some of the disheartening things she’d heard from his lips. Often enough he looked as though he could cry. He even told her that was what pushed him into the direction of the military field. He wanted a part in taking them down. Chills ran down her spine as he told the stories of the Red Skull, the concentration camps, all the cruelty behind what this monster had done.

Just as they had back at bootcamp that one night; Steve looked over to the time. He saw that it was now four in the morning.

“Hmm, maybe we should get some sleep.”

Bella shrugs.

“Come on sweetheart even we need our sleep.”

She sighs and he comes to his feet. He carries her to the bedroom and lays her down. He pulls the covers over them as he lies beside her.

“Goodnight Bella.”
“Night Captain.”

She says with a slight giggle. He grins and playfully pops her on the rear.

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