Chapter 9 A Swan’s Fate

Chapter 9

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Steve pulled back the covers. He looked upon Bella in amazement. She was sound asleep. He gently ran his hand along her body. He’d finally got the girl. He grinned in thought and leaned over. He pecked her on the cheek. Steve snuck out of the bed. He put on his navy blue pajama pants. He then went to make some breakfast. After giving her so much hell as her drill sergeant; he figured he’d try and make up for that. He softly chuckled to himself. This still seemed unreal to him. If this was a dream he never wanted to wake. He’d half the mind to ask her to move on in. He couldn’t believe how he was acting or feeling about all this. It was senseless, irrational, not his usual way of doing things. I was just something about her.

He started a batch of pancakes; when his cell went off.

“Yes?” He saw it was Stark and knew he was about to get an earful.

“Funny thing… I was watching my surveillance last night.”


“Well two things…”

“And they are?”

He questions as he flips a pancake.

“Better yet, make that three things!”

“All ears.”

“Well first of all it’s very rude to leave a party in which you’re the honored guest. Secondly, someone stole my car. Not just any car… No THE car. Thirdly, I’m so proud of you! I must say they grow up so fast!”

Steve smirks and shakes his head.

“Funny Stark.”

“Hmm, seriously though I want my car back, like pronto.”

“NO can do, I’m spending the day with Bella.”

“In one of my most prized possessions?”
“Is Pepper hearing all this?”

“Are you considering her one of my possessions? I mean granted, the Stark logo she’s got tattooed to her ass…”

“Goodbye Stark.”


Steve hangs up the phone. He lifts his head as he leans over the counter. Bella was wearing one of his shirts as she entered the kitchen. Still, he couldn’t get over how sexy she truly was. She snagged a piece of bacon from a plate. Steve tilted his head and lifted up the shirt she was wearing. His hand ran along her bare ass. He was already hard. He was in the knowledge; that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“You cook?”

He nods and kisses her lips. She ran her hands along his bare chest.
“Anything you can’t do?”

“Take my eyes off you…” He says softly.

“Smooth Captain.”

He grins.

“I do try.”

He hands her a plate and fork. Steve pulls out a chair for her. He sits beside her. Bella places a forkful of pancakes in her mouth. After she swallowed, she sips from the orange juice he had on the table.

“It’s sad you know.”
“What’s that?”

“When this is the abnormal for us. I can count on one hand. How many times; I’ve actually sat down at a table and ate since I joined SHEILD. This actually feels weird now. I use to cook for Charlie every night and we’d eat just like this. It’s crazy when you think about it.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” He eats a couple bites and looks around.

“I don’t think, I’ve ever ate in this kitchen.” He mentions; now that he thinks about it.

She laughs.

“I believe that actually. This is really good by the way.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“So you’re full-fledged Avenger now?”

She nods.

“How do you feel about that?”

He nods.

“I’ve always been more partial to the Avengers than SHIELD. Fury would have a runaway; if he heard me say that.”

Steve chuckles.

“You’re right he would.”

“I just seemed to have more in common with them.”

Steve beams at this.


She shrugs.

“So you and Thor are pretty tight?”

“You could say that. We’ve had each other’s backs; more times than I could ever count. Can’t say the same for Stark. We fought like cats and dogs at first. I couldn’t stand the guy. First off, it was the ego. Secondly, for one of the world’s brightest inventors; he’s lacks greatly in common sense alone.”

Steve nearly chokes on his orange juice.

“That’s a bit ironic.”
“What’s that?”

“I couldn’t stand the guy either; for that mere reason alone. I couldn’t agree more. He grows on you though. He means well. He’s just got his head in the clouds often enough.”

They finish their pancakes and Steve leans back in his chair.

“So besides the obvious…. How did SHIELD go for you?”

“Great actually, for a while Natasha and I worked together.” She clears her throat.

“It wasn’t long after she had to go on another mission. I got stuck with Agent Nelson.”

Steve winced.

“Bella, I really am sorry, about all that. If I had any inkling of what was to come…”

“Don’t … You can’t do that to yourself. He had everyone fooled. I never dreamed anyone could fool Fury.”

“Ditto there.”

He notices her looking to the ring.

“So you really had this? When you first came back?”
He nods watching her reaction closely.

“May I ask when you got this?”

He half laughs and rubs his face.


“Come on now… Spill it.”

He takes in a breath and folds his arms about.

“A few weeks after we parted.”

Her eyes widened.


He shakes his head. He unfolds his arms and pinches the bridge of his nose.

“Bella, I’m sorry. I know how crazy that sounds. I just…”

“Just?” She says softly.

“I wanted to tell you, before I left. I wanted to tell you then; how I felt. You must think I’m insane.”

She laughs with her mouth covered.

“Are you telling me? You held on to this the entire time?”

He nods.

“I couldn’t get you out of my head. I had to get the ring. It was bothering the hell out of me. It’s almost like that damn thing pacified me; just knowing I had it.”

“So you went in search for the Red Skull? With this in your clutch?”

“Fraid so sweetheart.”

“Jesus Steve… I’m pretty sure that tops off damn near any romantic notion out there.

“Wait… you’re not creped out?”

“Well that depends… did you keep a lock of my hair or pair of panties as well?”

“Both of those things were awfully hard to come by. But no… no such luck!” He teases.

Bella blushes a bit. He reaches over and grabs his wallet off the counter. He takes out her picture. It was a bit worn; from how much he he’d take it out and merely look at it. She looks to him in shock.

“But I thought you left…”

“I had to see you graduate.” He says with a shrug.

“So you were there?!”

He nods with a smile.

“Once I bared witness to one of my best. I took my leave.”

She swallowed back. The picture was of her on graduation day. She was in full uniform.

“I can’t believe you were there…”

“I was packed and ready to go. That’s when I saw you all lining up. I couldn’t resist.”

She handed the picture back.

“It’s too bad, I don’t look like that anymore.”

He raises his brows on this and places the photo back into his wallet.

“You haven’t a clue do you?”

He comes to his feet and places the dishes into the sink. Steve rinses them off and dries his hands. He then turns back towards her. He leaned against the counter. He motioned her over with his finger.

Bella raised up and made her way over. His hands ran up her thighs as he lifted up the shirt. He continued to run his hands along her. Obsessively, he began kissing her. His hands ran along her ass and worked their way up to her breasts. He felt around then decidedly, lifted the shirt. He popped out of the slit of his pajama pants, he was so stiff. Due to this, he picked her up and slid right on in. Bella curiously watched as he drove himself within her. He took notice of her looking. He wanted to give her a good show. So he got a firm hold of her and worked her about him robustly. Bella looked to be surprised; as she witnessed herself orgasm against him. It literally came gushing out around his cock. He’d witnessed this as well and knew he wasn’t going to last. This was incredibly too hot. Everything about Bella was overly sensual. He was thankful he had outstanding stamina. He’d a feeling with Bella as a wife; he’d most certainly need it. That mere idea alone sent him over the moon. Just as he was about to come he pulled out and gave her one last little show. Her reaction alone made him feel a bit conceited. He liked knowing he could drive her to that point. Without even touching himself; he rubbed up against her. He shot across her tummy and all over her sex. He watched as it dripped off her and down her legs.

They locked lips as he laid her on the couch. Bella might’ve been a soldier, an agent, and now she was an Avenger. Which also gave him a strong sense of pride; however, through all these things. He wanted to treat her the way she deserved. As her lover he wanted to show Bella; that she was still seen as this gorgeous woman. On the field that was different. But when it was just the two of them, he felt the need to spoil her. He wanted to give her everything. She’d had enough bullshit in her life. For once Steve wanted to her to know what it was like; to come home to someone that gave a damn. That loved her unconditionally. With him she’d have both sides; someone that knew her inside out. The woman and soldier; the best of both worlds; such as he hoped to show her his. Sure, he could be a real hard ass. That was engrained into him; from all the years of his military experience. Nevertheless, part of him had always wanted someone to come home to. Someone that he knew would be waiting for him. Someone that understood why he made the choices he did. Why at times he might have to be go away, but would know he’d always come back. That he’d be faithful and honorable to whoever had that sort of patience. He knew without a shadow of a doubt that Bella would. She’d always have his back and he’d always have hers. That’s just who they were, especially together. She had her duties. He had his. But at the end of the day they had each other. That’s all he could ever ask for.

He held her as they lay on the couch. He couldn’t help, but to kiss her off and on; whether it was her lips, neck, or shoulders. He of all people knew what it was like to be alone. And even though she had Frank, he knew she’d been just as lonely after all these years. He didn’t even consider that a real relationship. If anything she was in a prison. Just as how that apartment felt to him. It was like Bella had been in lockdown for damn near three years.

“Could I take you out tonight?”

She laughs against his chest.

“I know we’re doing everything backwards.”

“So it seems… but yes I’d like that.”

“The engagement was just my way of making sure if our date didn’t go well; you couldn’t just up and leave.”

“Watch it now we’re not married yet…”

“We could fix that…”

“OK, I’ll let you go tell that to Bruce.”

He raises his brows on this.

“So looks like we’ll be waiting!”

Bella laughs.

Bella steps out of the Avenger’s headquarters. She was in a black dress, black heels, and she had her hair partially pinned back letting the rest flow about freely. He took a moment to gawk upon her. Tonight he wasn’t in his usual military wear. He wore blue jeans, a white shirt, with a cobalt dress shirt (he’d left unbuttoned), and he had brown boots on. Bella bite her lip in thought as she took him in. She wasn’t used to seeing him outside military clothing.

He made his way over and escorted her to the car. He opened the door for her. Once she sat down he leaned over and kissed her.

“You look beautiful.”

“Not so bad yourself.” She says tugging at his over shirt.

He grins.

After he’s inside he starts the car. He wasn’t quite sure where to take her. This was all new to him. He hadn’t been on a real date in many years. In fact he’d ever even been on a modern day date. He hadn’t any idea; how they went about things nowadays. He was beginning to feel slightly nervous. Last thing he wanted was to look like a shmuck. He still was had some old fashioned habits; he knew he’d have to break eventually. He hadn’t a clue what they were really in for. Neither did Bella…

He decidedly took her to one of the nicer restaurants.

Once they got inside. Steve began to realize just how shallow people truly were. It never entered his mind; about Bella’s new altered appearance. He never once thought about how others would perceive her. Steve simply thought her; the most gorgeous woman he’d ever seen. Others agreed even. He’d taken notice of men even women scoping out his fiancé. However, a majority were complete assholes about it. What pissed him off the most? This was the day and age of ended segregation. Yet, with the way others looked upon her. You sure as hell wouldn’t think that. Steve couldn’t fathom just how cruel people truly could be.

He pulled out a chair for Bella. Once she seated a man came to them offering some of the house wine. Smitten… He couldn’t take his eyes off Bella. Especially, the area of her cleavage. Steve forced his jealousy back and remained a gentleman. After all this was their first date. The man even had the balls to place Bella’s napkin in her lap. Steve cocked a brow towards the man in disbelief.

When he leaves a waitress comes to take their order; she totally snobs Bella. Doesn’t ask her what she wants to eat or drink. She focus’s solely on Steve. Even cuts him a few flirtatious glances. She goes to walk away.

“Excuse me…” Steve said and she turned with a smile.

“You’ve not taken my fiancé’s order.”

She looks to him oddly.

“That’s your fiancé?”

Steve’s jaw clenched tightly. What’s was sad about the situation. Was this girl was fairly pretty and young. Only clearly she had her head straight up her ass. Steve takes Bella’s hand from across the table. He smiles with earnest pride.


The waitress rolls her eyes. She turns towards Bella.

“What would you like?”

Bella was doing everything in her power to remain calm. To not get overly emotional. She knew this was her life now. This was something she was going to have to deal with. Bella orders her drink and food. The waitress nods and walks away. Steve fist remained folded under the table. He’d never imagined he’d want to hit a woman before. He could see the hurt all in Bella’s face. He kissed her hand and focused on her. He could care less about everyone else around them. Nonetheless, others just couldn’t help themselves. If they couldn’t be seen they had to be heard.

This older woman around her fifties turned back from her table. She was with her husband. Her jaw dropped the moment she saw Bella. Her husband was all already scrutinizing Bella. Steve knew that it was because, of him that his wife even turned around to look.

“HONESTLY! Do they just let anyone in here?”

The woman looks around the restaurant

“Where’s the manager?!”

Steve locked eyes with the husband. He gave him a nod. The husband sighs.

“Knock it off dear.”

“No, we’re paying good money to eat here.”

Steve nods and comes to his feet. Bella quickly reaches over and takes his hand.

“Please don’t…” She looked upon him pleadingly.

He shuts his eyes for a moment. He hated this. These people hadn’t any idea. They were judging Bella and didn’t even know a thing about her. Then he grew even more irate. He sat down as Bella requested. The waitress that had totally snubbed Bella returned with HIS food not long after. To make matters worse. She recognized him. He’d rather hoped no one would tonight. She handed him her memo pad for her orders and asked for his autograph. She was like a gushing schoolgirl.

He raises up a finger.

“Just hold on a second.” He gets on his phone and walks away from the area.

He returns after a couple minutes. He nods towards the waitress. He takes the memo pad from her hand. He scribbled something down alright, but it wasn’t his John Hancock.

“By the way, I just got off the phone with my friend Tony Stark. He just bought the place. This making him your new boss! He told me to give you this.” He states with a genuine smile.

The girl beams and holds the folded piece of paper to her heart. He gives her a wink. He then takes Bella’s hand. He looks directly upon the elderly couple. He then plants his lips on Bella’s and passionately kisses her.

He leads Bella out of the restaurant. The girl continued to smile; until she opened the folded paper. It read.


Once they got to the parking lot. Bella pulled out of his hold.

“I’m really sorry about all that.”

He looks to her puzzled.

“I think we both know what. Come on Steve… Don’t you see that with me? This is how you’re life is going to be?”

He shakes his head.

“You think I give a DAMN what those people think?! This is our life Bella, not theirs!”

She lowers her head.

“You don’t deserve this Steve. Ever since you came back; it’s been nothing, but drama. I seriously doubt that’s the life you want.”
“Sweetheart, you seem to forget; just where I came from. I wasn’t always this man. This… isn’t new to me. Trust me if anyone understands, it’s me! The only difference is there’s nothing wrong with you! It’s them! If they can’t see what I do. Then the hell with them! It’s their loss!”

Bella was trembling all over. He’d noticed it in the restaurant, but it seemed to be getting worse. She gritted her teeth. He’d seen her father Hulk out enough to recognize the signs. He knew she was trying to hold it back. But she’d been pushed to the brink. He gently reached out to her.

“Look at me Bella…”
He put his hands upon her cheeks.

“Breathe and just look in my eyes nowhere else.” He took her hands into his own.

He kept his eyes on hers.

“There… Just like that…”

He nodded and began to lead her back to the car.
“I know a great hotdog place!”

She half smiles. He pats her on the leg and drives out of the parking lot. They head to one of the hotdog stands. That seemed to go better. They both had a good time and got full. She seemed more comfortable at the park eating hotdogs, than she did at the restaurant. Which was fine with Steve. Being a kid from Brooklyn he’d never turn down a good hotdog.

Afterword, they headed to a movie. That went rather perfectly. They watched a romantic comedy. They had popcorn and sodas. Steve even got to experience a bit of a make out session. Perfect until, they went to leave. Across the street was a bar. Outside this bar was some drunk perverts. That hadn’t a filter. Bella and Steve were looking at the movie posters and were minding their own business. One of the drunk guys started making cat calls.

They ignored it and continued talking about the upcoming movies. Steve was telling her about some of his favorites from back in the day. This guy comes up behind Bella and gooses her. Steve went to hit the asshole. Only, he was already laid out on the ground. Bella swiftly picked him up and pinned him up against the wall. She kneed him in the crotch. She then punched him again in the face. Steve quickly wrapped his arms around her waist. He dragged her off the jerk. Not because he wanted to, but because it was clear she’d already broken his nose and possibly his jaw. She struggled trying to break free.

He knew she’d kill the guy if he let her go. He dragged her back to the car. He placed her inside. The guy’s friends were making their way over. Steve shook his head.

“You need to put that bitch of yours, on a leash.”

Steve simply nods, but decks the guy across the face. The others take their swings, but he dodges and grabs one of them and tosses them into nearby dumpster. One of the guys gets a decent hit right into Steve’s gut.

“NO!” Steve shouts as he hears the car door open.

He starts tossing guys off left and right . They were some damn biker group. Bella growled out in full on She-Hulk mode. She’d seen Steve get hit and that was it for her. She too starts grabbing men and nailing them . She and Steve toss them back into the bar parking lot in which they came. He watched her closely his main fear wasn’t about her getting hurt. He knew damn well she could hold her own. It was more about her killing one of the idiots.

By the time they were done. They’re clothes were ripped in some parts. Their hair was a wild mess and they were both covered in sweat. They looked around them and both shook their heads. They then looked upon one another. Bella covered her mouth in laughter. Steve raised his brows on this. He reached over and pulled her towards him. He pressed her up against Tony’s car. Then he hiked up her leg and began kissing her.

“So how’d the date go?!” Tony questioned the next day.

Steve and Bella locked eyes for a moment. They both softly laughed and shook their heads.

“That good huh?”

Bella nods and starts to go over some of the lab work; Bruce had done. They thought it best to compare his strand with hers. Both were trying to figure out how come; she couldn’t change back like Bruce. Bella shook her head as she zoomed in on the strands.

“There’s not that much difference. Clearly, yours seems to have more oomph than mine. It’s all over the place. So the radiation wasn’t as potent down in passing down the gene? That’s rather interesting…” She utters in thought.

Bruce nods in thought. He takes off his glasses in defeat. He tiredly rubs his face. They’d been at this for hours now. Still, nothing truly stood out as to an exact answer. She looks to her father.

“I’m gonna need you to get mad.”

He looks to her oddly. Tony, Steve, and Thor look to her strangely. Bruce narrows his eyes upon her.


Tony chuckles in pure amusement.

“Fine… Tony where’s that shocking stick of yours?”

Bruce cocks a brow. Steve grins shaking his head.

Bruce sighs.

“That’s not needed.” He holds up a hand as Tony holds up the device.

“That’s just it, Bella. I’m always mad. I just learn how to control it.”

“Great, so that’s where I get it from?”

He shrugs.

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“SO like HULK out now!”

“It’s not safe. I can’t always control the beast Bella. That’s what amazes me about you. I don’t understand how you can keep your mind. It seems to be affecting you in an entirely different aspect. For one thing you shouldn’t be near this coherent. You should be in a constant raging bull mode.”

“Raging bull mode?”

He nods.

“Bella, all the Hulk thinks about is anger, destruction, and killing. There is no real sense of control once he takes over. I just don’t see how you do it. How can you be so chill considering…”

“OH believe me its there. Like all the fucking time.”

Bruce narrows his eyes.


“Your mouth that’s what.”

Bella laughs.

“A little late, to be giving me the potty mouth speech, old man.”

Steve’s eyes widen. Thor and Tony look to one another not sure what to make of this. Bruce rolls his eyes. Steve rises from the chair cautiously watching.

“Yep nothing you can do. Fucking sucks don’t it?”

“Bella…” Steve warns.

Bella discreetly holds back a hand. Her eyes stay locked onto Bruce’s. The other Avengers look on to them with concern.

“You watch your mouth and tone…”

Bella smiles.

“Whatever…” She says with a shrug. And she goes to walk away, but purposely knocks his papers off his desk with a clean sweep. Bella could suddenly feel his hot breath against her back. Something that used to make her grimace.

She slowly turns and holds up a yielding hand.

“Stay…” She says softly.

He grits his teeth in his massive form now. He growls at her. She giggles a bit covering her mouth.
“Sweetie… What are you doing?” Steve whispers with alarm.

“I got this.” She replies her eyes staying locked onto his.

“You’re not going to hurt me. Now are you?”

He slams his hand down on the ground. It causes the entire headquarters to shake.

“Um we just rebuilt not very long ago Swan… Can ya at least try not to piss the big guy off. I’d appreciate it!” Tony remarks.
“Really…?And you talk about my dirty mouth?”

He looks upon her like a angered bulldog.

“Play nice now. Hold still, it’s just a little prick.”

Tony looks over to Thor.

“Well I’m certainly not checking!” Tony smarts.

Thor cuts Tony a confused look.

“That won’t work we’ve tried it before!” Tony warns seeing the syringe in her hand.

She ignores him.

Steve and Thor’s jaws drop. Bella uses all her strength and drives the needle into his arm. He grits his teeth and thunders in her face.

“Knock it off!” She barks back.

“That needle should have snapped, before you even got it in his arm!” Tony announced.

He shakes his head with full on agitation as she takes a sample from him. She growls back, but pats him on the shoulder.

“Alright Bruce…” She says tenderly now and starts to set up for the lab work.

He smashes his hand up against the wall. She doesn’t even turn to look.
“Did that make you feel better?” She questions as she places a sample into a slide.

Tony covers his mouth in laughter. The look on the Hulk’s face was priceless. The Avengers were completely thrown for a loop. It was official that only She-Hulk could tame the Hulk.

“Can Bruce come back to play now? Kind of need his help…” She says zooming in on the DNA sample.

She starts comparing it to Bruce’s then hers. The answer was now staring her right in the face. She didn’t need a degree to know what she was looking at. She pinched the bridge of her nose in utter misery.

“What is it?” Steve questions apprehensively.

Tony makes his way over and takes a gander himself. Though he wasn’t near as fluent in this area. He too knew exactly what it meant. This was it for Bella… There would be no switching back. The strands were too different. Hers was too weak in that sense. Hulk’s was everywhere and dynamic. She-Hulks though animated enough wasn’t near as strong and there weren’t near as many cells. This was her true form now.

Bella made her way outside.

Bruce was back now and he took a look as well. He shut his eyes feeling ill now.

“Dammit…” They heard him whispering.

He took the microscope and tossed it across the headquarters.

“What’s going on?” Thor questioned in wonder.

Tony sighs.

“There’s no coming back for that one.” He hints looking to the door.

“Are you saying Isa is stuck in this transformation?”

“This is no transformation. It was never meant to be. This is her altered state now. It was meant to take place no matter what. This is Bella Swan now. She was just a late bloomer. Honestly, this should have taken place sooner.” Bruce utters with the ultimate guilt flowing through his veins.

“I did this to her! To my own daughter!” He was quivering again and stormed out of the room.

Steve takes in a breath. Not that it bothered him one bit. But he knew it would destroy Bella. That was the only concern he had. The three of them look upon one another.

“So now what?” Thor questions.

“We support the both of them. Help them in whatever means we can.” Steve said as he looked towards the door; where she’d gone.

“Bruce will continue to blame himself. Bella…” Steve sighs and shuts his eyes for a moment.

“I take it that’s what that phone call was about last night?” Tony hints.

Steve nods.

“That’s about what I figured. I never dreamed I get that kind of call from you of all people.”
“Call what call?” Thor inquired.

“He asked me to buy out that new ritzy seafood place.” Tony half laughs.

“Great, I own the place and can’t remember the name now.”

“That doesn’t surprise me.” Thor mocks.

“Yeah, yeah in all fairness; I was working on a project when he called.”

They both notice how Steve’s looking to the ground. His hands were on the top of his head as his elbows were planted on his knees.

“Those people…” He says through gritted teeth.

“They’re all about seeing Captain America. They kiss his damn ass. Then they take one look at my girl just one! They either want to hump her damn leg or it’s the exact opposite. They want to give her hell. That’s what last night was about. In this day and age, I never dreamed we’d still be dealing with discrimination. They’re too damn bullheaded to look past anything else. So her skin is green… hell if anything. That’s what makes her even more alluring. She’s one of a kind! Even before this, she was. Now it’s just more pronounced.”

Thor nods and sheepishly looks to Steve.

“I must admit… Even I’ve caught myself glaring a few times. Rather hard not to.”

Tony dies in laughter.

“The best bud? The bro?” Tony accuses with a grin.

“I dare you to go tell her that. Only wait until I’m baring witness to this. I’d love to see our little sweet pea, knock out her bff god!”

Thor sighs, but continues ignoring Tony’s comment.

“She is rather striking. And the Captain’s right you know. She’s of a kind. That does somewhat add to her charm.”

Tony raises a guilty hand of his own. Steve cocks a brow at this. Tony nods and presses his lips together. He looks to Steve and shrugs.

“It’s not my fault the girl can fill out a bikini.”
Both men snap to attention now.

“When did you ever see Bella in a bikini?” Steve questions accusingly and with a hint of jealousy.

“Well, she does live here now. Apparently, she rather digs the pool. I came to check on things the other day. She was in purple bikini having a little swim. Let’s just put it this way. I believe our friend here had a very good time last night!” Tony says raising his glass towards Steve.

Steve knew he couldn’t deny that; so he gave a simple shrug and leaned back.

“So if you two see it… Then what the hell is everyone else’s problem?”

“We live in a world where no one likes the “new.” It’s taken as an instant threat. As Avengers we’re used to the extraordinaire. Such as her father for instance… We’ve all witnessed things outside this realm. Society just hasn’t a real clue as to what all is out there. Take the mutants for example. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few. Quite an interesting group; if I do say so myself. Yet, just as our precious little Swan; they too are pushed out of civilization like a bunch of lepers. Which is rather interesting when you truly think about it. You and Thor should be under what’s considered “the exiled“. The only difference is people do not see either of you as such. Because, your both brutally handsome and beyond what is considered perfection in a human species.” He points to Thor.

“And I don’t want any corrections on that. You may be a god, but around here you’re just another chowder head male.” Tony says with a wink.

Steve softly chuckles. Thor rolls his eyes.

“Would you like for me to demonstrate? How different I truly am?” Thor threatens.

“Such the lovable barbarian, my friend. But no I’m having a good hair day for once. And I have a date with Pepper tonight. I prefer to keep the follicles in the ultimate perfected state; in which they’re in now. So rain check?”
“Whatever excuses you must come up with.”

“Hmm,” Tony paces around in thought.

“I say we run a few tests of our own.”
“Test? What sort of tests?” Steve questions with distaste.
“On our little sweet pea, of course. I suggest we see just what all she can do. What are her strengths? What are her limits? What are her weaknesses?”

“YOU’LL DO NO SUCH THING! ISN’T THAT WHAT WE JUST BROUGHT HER BACK FROM! That’s exactly what those A-Holes were doing to her! She’s a woman Stark! She has feelings!”
Tony cocks a brow and pours himself a drink.

“Then what do you suggest Captain? We just toss her onto the battle field and learn the hard way? Don’t you feel that is more of a risk? You can’t let your personal feelings get in the way.”

“Listen to yourself Stark! This has to do with the fact; that this girl has already been through the ringer. Yet, you want to continue treating her; as though she was some sort of damn lab rat! I won’t stand for it! She’s to be my wife! Not one of your stupid experiments!”

“Touchy aren’t we?!” He says and downs his drink. The glass clings against the marble island. He pours another drink as Steve shakes his head furiously.
“And what if it was Pepper, Stark? Huh? How would you feel about it then? You tell me not to get personal?! The hell with you! I have no problem showing you up. We both know who the victor would be Stark! You keep your hands off my girl!”

“There is a huge difference between my fiancé and yours. Sure Bella’s a woman, but she’s also an Avenger now! She was a U.S soldier trained by the best there is! Then a SHIELD agent trained by none other than Fury himself! I think she can handle a few more bumps in the road. It’s what she’s built for. She’s a fighter!”
“You’re such a dick Stark!”

Tony raises his hands in the air.

“So I’m a dick. Fair enough… I have a feeling you’re going to regret this however.”

“There are other means on how to go about this!”

“Such as?”

“I’d train her.”

They all turn to see Bruce reentering the room. He was rolling up his sleeves. Tony smirks.

Bruce looks to Tony.

“I will take matters into my own hands. Steve’s right, hands off! You should know better by now. I will NOT allow you to treat my daughter; as though some science project. So knock it off. That’s not happening.”

Tony shakes his head. He looks to Thor.

“Let me guess you’re on their side?”

Thor looks outside. He narrows his eyes.

“Isn’t Isa an Avenger now?”

They all nod.

“As I’ve stated already, but yes.” Tony wits.

“Then why are we discussing these matters behind her back? If it were myself, I wouldn’t take kindly to this. She’s one of us now. I do not wish to discuss this any further. Therefore, you will all leave me out of it. I’ve already made this mistake once; when we found about the lineage. I will not repeat this very mistake.” Thor exits the building.

Steve pinches the bridge of his nose.

“We’ll good to know that like usual; I’m the bad guy!”

Tony tosses his glass into the sink.

“It’s been fun, but I believe I’m going home now.” Tony grabs his jacket and keys.

He steps outside to see Thor and Bella getting into a cab. He grins and peeks his head back through the headquarters door.

“I think someone just stole your fiancé!”

Steve tilts his head towards Tony. He’d his arms folded about his chest.

“I just witnessed her hopping into a cab with her “best bud“! Chow!” Tony says slamming the door as he exits.

“Ass…” Bruce and Steve simultaneously state.

They both look to one another afterword peculiarly.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 9 A Swan’s Fate”

  1. Thank you Thor for pointing out the obvious. Do they not realize how pissed she will be when she finds out they didn’t include her in the conversation about the tests, and although Tony does have a point Steve does as well. She was just rescued from being a science experiment…isn’t there a better way to find her strengths and limitations.

  2. Don’t the Avengers have a regular training area? thats were theyshould go to test her strengths.i thought Tony had some place set up like the Danger Room ? wonder where the BFFs went to?

  3. Love Steve and Bella together! Just adorable.
    It’s true how sad and prejudice the general public can be. I feel for her.
    Tony brought up some good points, they need to know how well she can be in a fight but Steve is right too. She was just experimented on so she might not be ready for tests. Kudos to Thor for pointing out the obvious, not to talk about her behind her back or exclude her in anything.

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