Chapter 1 Distraction

Beauty and the Beast

Author note: By request (GoddessNyte) I will be doing this one and a Bella/Batman is in the works. I’m getting to everyone’s requests as I can. Just give me some time to finish a couple of my other works. I believe my next ones were Bella/Thor, Bella/Colossus, Bella/Young Xavier. I’d have to double check my messages lol. Thanks for your patience.

This will be my very first attempt at doing a story from the villain’s perceptive. Please be gentle with me lol. It’s a little scary to be honest to enter that mentality. However, Joker is one of my absolute favorite villains of all time. Think of Heath Ledger (R.I.P such a shame…) when reading this. Only I want to keep that mentality he had and add some of Jack Nicholson 1989’s Batman and Arkham Asylum’s Mark Hamill jokers into the mix. As much as I love Heath, I felt Jack also did a wonderful job so I’d love to work some of him in there. And who doesn’t love Jack Nicholson? Seriously? The guy’s a freaking genius. I will be taking this a different approach I want to see what happens when you dig into the history of Joker. Some of the history will simply be what I make of it. No one truly knows the exact origin of Joker. I know a little, but not even in the comic books is it exactly clear. I know he had a wife that died and she was pregnant. Before the accident he was the criminal known as Red Hood. I will be dipping into some of that, but the rest I will be adding my own flare to. This will not follow any particular time frame of Joker or Twilight. If anything I’m just jumping in there and seeing what happens. Rated MATURE as always. Reasons such as violence, language, SEX, bloodshed. Please keep in mind just as my Deadpool story this is JOKER it’s not going to be filled with unicorns and rainbows … It will be very dark in some areas. Expect drama, angst, horror, romance, humor, action and utter madness.

Who exactly is the Joker? And furthermore, what the hell is with Bella? Why isn’t she the least bit frightened of him? Why won’t Joker blow her damn brains out when she just keeps pushing his buttons over and over. This story will take place as the Joker has already been at large for over a year. This will be my very own Joker origins story… So do not expect it to follow exact history… Do enjoy!


“Look lady I just want to make a withdrawal. It’s my account my money. I don’t see what the problem is. You have my driver’s license and everything right here proving who I am.”

“Ms. Swan this account shows it belongs to someone else. I cannot allow you to withdrawal money from another account that is clearly not yours.”

“You’re kidding me right? I’ve been using this account for three months! I’m the only one on it!”

“Mam, I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Bella half laughs.

“I’m not going anywhere until this is solved. I want my hard earned cash and I want it now! SOMEONE AROUND HERE HAS SCREWED UP! NOW I WANT THIS FIXED AND PRONTO!” Bella slams her hand on the counter.

She hears odd laughter behind her. She rolls her eyes.

“Mam, if you do not leave. I will have to call the police.”

“Good you’d be doing us both a favor. Looks like I’ve been robbed by the bank!”

“Hmm…” She hears the man behind her groan.

The cashier picks up the phone.

“No, no, no… I believe I can’t let you do that…” The man says rather softly with slight irritation to his voice.

Bella goes to turn with annoyance. Only the man grabs her and roughly places his hand over her mouth. He puts a gun to her head.

“Tsk, tsk you rather put a damper on my plans.” He whispers harshly into her ear.

“Looks like you’re my new toy. Oh boys!” He calls out and men in black suits and clown masks storm into the bank.

The man feels Bella’s hot breath against his hand. She was sighing as if bored?! He reared back somewhat in wonder. He continued to watch his men however, making sure they did as they were told.

“I don’t like having my plans jeopardized. It puts me in a very rotten mood. You see I had this all perfectly planned. All expect the part where you interfered. Naughty, naughty girl you’re in a lot of trouble.”

The guy lowers his black hood to reveal he too was wearing a clown mask. The other men shove empty black bags towards the cashiers. The man that had Bella watched everyone closely. Just as he had planned they began to take one another out as they did their job. He merely watched as he held her hostage. They were doing all the work for him.

“You smell good what is that? Chanel or CK…?” He breathes her in again trying to figure it out.

She rolls her eyes.

“I don’t wear perfume you jackass.”

He raised his brows on this. He tilts his head a bit. Curiously he moved his hand to her throat to feel her pulse. It wasn’t even racing. It was fair.

“Hmm…” He grumbled feeling rather disappointed. He hadn’t known anyone that didn’t fear him before. Well other than one… He thought with a dismissive shrug.

Once his men were done loading up the money and canceling one another out, he got a tighter hold on Bella. He began shooting all the henchmen that were left. One of the employees came out with a gun. He aimed it right at Joker.

“Now I wouldn’t do that not unless you want her death on your hands. Just one little mistake that’s all it takes. I’ll decorate your office with her brain matter. I highly doubt it’s as pretty as she is.”

The sirens were already heard outside. He cocks the chamber. Still her pulse was unwavering. He hears her sigh again. He narrowed his eyes and fired at the male employee with the gun instead.

“Why’d you do that?!” She barks and yanks out of his hold.

He scratches the top of his head with his gun. She feels for a pulse. She was thankful the guy was still alive.

“This is supposed to be fun!” He swings his gun about in the air. He didn’t like how this girl was acting. She was throwing him off his game. He then randomly fires at her feet.

“You missed.”

“I never miss…”

She leans back against the counter she was next to.

“Are we done here?” She scoffs with bitterness.

He shakes his head and grabs her again.

“Oh come the fuck on!” He tazes her, knocking her out.

He flips her over his shoulder and heaves her into one of the seats in the bus. The man then throws in the bags of cash. He shoots the driver and throws the body down. He then takes off his mask and tosses it across the bus. His eyes glance towards the girl once again.

“Hmm…” He turns his direction back towards the road.

Chapter 1

I do not own DC Universe Characters or Twilight.

Bella came to find herself bonded to a chair. Her arms and legs were tied with rope. She squinted her eyes as she looked around. She couldn’t quite figure out where she was. It looked to be almost like a warehouse. It smelled of fresh paint. Green and purple furniture was in the room she was in. Very strange artwork hung about the walls. Some of it was very gruesome and had a good amount of bloodshed. There was also a framed joker card. She that that was rather odd.

She took in a breath and began to try and squirm out of rope. She winced as the rope was chafing against her skin. Bella gritted her teeth as continued to try and break free.

The man leaned back in his seat and watched Bella’s attempt to escape.

“Shouldn’t we do something boss?”

He held up a dismissive hand.

“No one touches the girl, but me.”


He sighs and shoots the man in the head without even looking.

“Get rid of that… and leave me be.”
His men nod and drag the body out of the room. Once they’re gone presses his lips together then licks them. He tilts his head somewhat as she manages to free one hand with her teeth.
“She’s quite limber. Hehe oooo hoo heee! Will you look at that?! Limber indeed!”

He continues to watch as she succeeds. She’d flipped herself back in the chair and reached over undoing her feet after her hands were free.

“Hmmm…. Well I guess it’s time for a proper introduction!”

He shuts down his monitors. He looks in the mirror and straightens his suit and tie. He licks his hand and runs his fingers through his hair. He tucks away his gun and heads out of his office. Bella came to her feet and rubbed her sore wrists. She turned as she heard clapping.

“Bravo, bravo good show!”

She lowers her eyes towards the man in the purple suit. He wore a green vest underneath, green tie and a lighter shade of purple dress shirt.

“Let me guess Prince fan? Or did you suffer the years of Barney as well?” She mouths off.

He cocks a brow and steps into the light. She sees his face more clearly now. He looked to be wearing some sort of clown makeup. His hair was about shoulder length and green.

“Do you know who I am?”

She shrugs and looks around.

“Can’t say I do, don’t know a whole lot of clowns. Not a big fan.”

“Come on now… think…” He encourages and circles her.

“Obviously, you’ve seen me somewhere.” He poses smugly.

“Look I don’t give a fuck who you are. I’m late for work and I’ve had a really shitty week. So either kill me or let me go. I don’t care either way. If anything you’d be doing me a kindness.”

He nods and takes out his gun. He tilts it to the side and puts it up to her head. He looks her in the eyes. He shrugs and pulls the trigger. The man dies in laughter.

“Hahahahahaaaa, that never gets old!”

“I’m glad you’re amused.”

“Oh so am I? This is quite fascinating you didn’t flinch!”

Bella nods and swiftly decks him across the face.

“Funny, you did…” She utters and starts to walk away.

He wipes the blood from his lip. A huge beam comes about him.

“Who are you?” He questions in nearly a pleading matter.

Bella ignores him and keeps walking. He slants his head somewhat. She was in a black skirt, a burgundy sweater and knee high boots. She begins searching for a way out. There was a lot of construction going about the area. A lot of men with guns too she noticed.

“What are you some sort of mobster?”
“You really don’t know?”

She sighs getting more irritated by the moment.

“Where’ve been the last couple years?”

And there it was… finally he had a reaction out of her. She swallowed back and actually stumbled between steps. He promptly grabbed her and forced her up against him.

“That’s what it takes? Let me guess you got some sort of heart wrenching story. Well let me tell you mine… Such as how I got these scars…”

She yanks out of his hold.

“I don’t fucking care how you got them and I don’t care to know who you are. I WANT TO GO HOME JACKASS!”

One of his henchmen grabs her and pops her across the face. She angrily returns the blow.

“HAHAHAHAAA! Boys isn’t she a riot! Gutsy little thing!”

The henchman goes to shoot her and the man rolls his eyes and shoots the henchman first.

“How do you even keep men when you keep killing them all?!”

He shrugs.

“Great dental plan?”

“How do you not know who I am?” He runs a hand along her waist as he circles her.

Once he makes a complete circle he grabs her by chin. He squeezes crudely.

“Let me guess you know the guy that dresses like a giant rodent.”

She looks to him oddly.

“Good ole batbrains the heartthrob of Gotham.”

“You’ve lost me.”
“Hmmm, have you been under a rock these last couple years?”

“Um no…” She continues to walk around.

“Do you smoke rock?”

She shakes her head.

“Do you like rocks?”

She sighs.
“Did you have a pet rock?”

She turns and looks to him ruefully.
“I want a pet.”

She finds a set of double doors. She heads that direction. He continues to follow.

“I had a pet once. Only it died. I was told it was because I wasn’t very responsible. I still don’t know exactly what that means.”

She pushes at the doors. Bella tries using her entire weight against them.

“How do I get out?”

He folds his arms about his chest and leans against the wall.

“You know, I’m not certain!”

He noticed something along her neckline. As she walked past he grabbed her again. He twirled her around and ripped her sweater open in the back.

“What the fuck?!”

She covers her front. He looks to the massive scars along her back. He runs his fingers along them.

“Hideous… Now where did these come from?”
“You’re one to talk…”

He grits his teeth and grabs her by the throat. He slams her back against the wall.

“Watch yourself sweetheart. You haven’t a clue who you’re dealing with.”

Her eyes watered as he began choking her.

“Your name!” He demands and squeezes harder.

Her hands wrap around his wrists.


She snarls back and digs her nails into his wrists.

“Fuck you.”

He grins and leans into her ear.

“It was quite lonely back in Arkham Asylum. I might just take you up on your offer!”

He runs a hand along her skirt.

“Hey boss…”

He turns and drops his grip on Bella. She comes down and tries to catch her breath.


“I think that Batman guy is snooping around. He’s just a few blocks away.”

He nods and turns to Bella.

“He wants to save the damsel. Throw him off track boys.”

He yanks her up and drags her into another area of the warehouse.

“Batman? There’s seriously a guy that calls himself Batman?”

“Hahahaha haaaa Ooooh.” He reaches to his gut.

“And let me guess… you’re like The Clown or Jester…?”

“That’s Joker, sugar lips and don’t you forget it!” He harshly whispers right in her ear.

He blindfolds and cuffs her hands together. He then flips her over his shoulder. Joker carries Bella into an underground room. He places her on a cot.

“Don’t wait up dollface. Time to play!”

He yanks off her blindfold on the way out.


“Girl? What girl? There are a lot of girls you know. Petite ones, fat ones, athletic ones, manly ones! Hehehehe ooooo I’ve seen some very manly girls. Then again I’ve seen some girly men! What exactly is your type?”

Batman tosses him across the rooftop. He rushes towards him and grabs him by the collar.

“We never talk anymore? Why must we partake in so much violence? I do believe our relationship has been taken to an unhealthy level.”

“Knock it off Joker! I’m not in the mood!”

“Hahahahahaaaaaaa.” The Joker laughs so hard he tries to catch his breath.

“Guess that means our little honeymoon phase is over?” Joker sighs.
“That’s just too bad! I just love our little get togethers.”

“I’m not playing around Joker. WHERE IS SHE?!”

“Such a shame how I do love to play. “

Batman punches him in the face and hangs him over the edge of the building.

“Hehehehe you should see the view from here!”

“Oh so do I. You should see for yourself!” Joker swiftly jars his body upward as he gets a good grip around Batman’s neck. He flings him over the building as well.

“See what I mean…? Breathtaking!” He menaces. Batman hangs next to him as he’d fired off his grapple gun.

“Now where do I get one of those?”
A helicopter makes its way over.

“That’d be my cue. Gotta fly!” Joker lets go and Batman reaches out to him.

Joker smiles and waves. A ladder is lowered from the helicopter and he catches it. He blows Batman a kiss.

“CALL ME BATS! As for the girl… this one’s mine. Find your own. Hahahahahaaa find your own… Good luck with that Batty boy!”

“You know I’ve never had the chance to try out my new little safe room.”

Bella opens her eyes and hears the Joker’s voice over some sort of intercom.

“I do hope it’s comfy.”

Bella couldn’t see through the dark room.

“Perhaps, if I turned on the lights?”

She covers her eyes as a bright light cast over the entire area. She saw she was in a solid cement room. There was a TV, very small couch, patio table and chairs, a half bathroom with a shower and toilet only. A couple of pairs of sweat pants and white shirts were folded and laid out for her.

“You’re kidding me right?”

“Normally yes.”

“I have a life you know?”

“Ah, yes and what might that be? A jock of a boyfriend or husband? Blonde and blue eyed children? A big ole fluffy golden retriever? All awaiting you back at your fancy Victorian house?” She lowers her head looking to the floor.

“Hmm, I thought so. I’d even go as far as to say no one’s going to miss you.”
“Why are you keeping me here?”
He hits the mute button and simply watches. She was looking around for a camera, but he had it hidden a place she’d never find it. He zoomed in and leaned back curiously. That’s when it dawned on him he still had her cuffed.

“Now, now, I don’t suppose that’ll work.” He sighs and comes to his feet.

Joker makes his way down the metal ladder that lead to the secret room. She was sitting on the cot looking miserable. He tosses the key in the air and catches it as it lands.

“Want this?” He waves it about.

He drops it into his mouth and wiggles his brows. He uses his tongue to push the key out. His teeth hold the key in place. He motions for her to come get it. She rolls her eyes and lies down on the cot. He makes his way over and crouches down. He pulls her head towards him. Joker kisses her placing the key into her mouth. He playfully slaps her cheek afterword.

“Now don’t you go and swallow.”

Joker exits the area and locks it up tightly. He looks down after he’s done. He sees he’s got a boner.

“Hmm, you’re making me look bad. We’ll finish this conversation later.”

He leans against the wall for moment. He makes a bird shadow against the wall with his hands. He moves his hands about as if it’s flying.

“Swallow… Hahahahahaaaa!” He slaps at his thighs and walks away in laughter. “Swallow… I’m on a riot!”

For a solid week he observes her curiously off and on. He brings her food and something to drink throughout the days. She didn’t do the typical screaming and crying most women would do in this situation. If anything she was entirely too calm. She just seemed very agitated. Yet again, he watches as she takes the key he’d given her for the handcuffs. (Another area he found himself impressed how quickly she managed to escape. Once he’d placed the key in her mouth. She pulled off this little number of dropping the key directly into her hand and freed herself like it was merely a cakewalk. He had her hands cuffed BEHIND her back though.) She cuts an area upon her thigh. This was something she did every night at the same time. He leaned back in marvel. She’d do this then and allow herself to bleed out. She’d then go about her day as if nothing happened. He’d seen where she had scars around that same area from doing this repeatedly. He controlled the TV in her room so he’d usually place it on the news or cartoons. He’d never seen her actually watch it though. She spent most of her time sleeping or just sitting there like she was in a daze.

He’d now seen her fully naked several times as well. The scars were all across her back and down her tail bone a few were even along her shoulders and neck. It looked as though someone had literally whipped her repetitively. Before long she went to shower, one of his favorite past times. He rubbed himself in thought. After too long he looked down realizing what he was doing. He raises his brows. “Why do you make me hurt you?” He grunts as he continues.

Still that kiss stayed in his mind that only further egged him on. He truly hadn’t expected it to knock him for a loop like it had. One of his henchmen walks in without knocking. The Joker immediately shoots him furiously for interrupting. He turns back to see her stepping out and putting a towel around her.

“No, no, no sugar lips…” He sighs and shoots the already dead henchman again.

Joker bitterly comes to his feet and adjusts himself. He kicks the henchman on the way out.

“I need a hobby…” He mouths as he heads towards the area he has Bella in.

Bella turns and gasps out. She already had her sweat pants on. She was putting on her shirt. He stood there and merely watched.

“Every heard of manners?”

He doesn’t answer he lifts the cushions to the little love seat that was in the room. He takes the cuffs and the key. Joker looks to her and shakes his finger as though a scolding matter.

“Tsk, tsk… Why would you go and ruin a beautiful body like that?”

He takes out his blade.

“If you want more scars I can give you that.” He licks the area of his scars around his mouth.

He cups her chin. He brings the blade right up against her flesh.

“I see you doing it again, I will help you make some very pretty scars. Just like mine. We could be twins! I’ve always wanted a twin.”

He gently runs the cold steel along her cheeks tauntingly. She stays frozen. He drops his blade and places it back into his pocket.

“Do join me for supper.” He says all chipper like.

She looked to him confused as he left the top open for her. She takes in a breath and climbs up the ladder. He offers her a hand as she makes her way to the top. He jerks her right up against him.

“Do I get a name now?”

“Marcy Denton.”

He shakes his head.

“Dirty little liar. Try again Ms. Swan…” He points to his temple.
“I’ve a very good memory.”

She rolls her eyes.


“Full name…”

“Isabella Marie Fucking Swan.”

He nods.

“I wasn’t aware you were into that. Perhaps we should have had swan for supper.”

He leads her outside. A black limo was waiting outside for them. She looks to him oddly. He opens the door for her. She slides on in and he slides in next to her. He puts an arm around her shoulder. He pulls a purple rose out of his jacket and hands it to her.

“Um ok…” She utters softly.

“This looks like a good place…”

She turns as the limo comes to a stop at his words. They pull up to a fancy mansion.

“Keep the meter running.” Joker says as he opens the door.

He leads her straight to the house.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking you on our first date.”


“I know, I’m excited too!”

He nods and drags her right up to the residence door. He bangs on the door and winks at Bella as he takes out his gun.

“So do you mind if I call you Marie?”

She raises her brows in confusion. He holds a gun up to the man’s head. Joker leads Bella inside and locks the doors. She tugs on Joker’s sleeve.

“I can’t believe you’re doing this are you crazy?”

He looks to her seriously.
“No. No I’m not.”

“Could’ve fooled me.”
The woman at the table screamed. Bella winced.
“Um I’m sorry?” Bella says feeling confused.

The Joker looks to Bella oddly.

“Why?” He questions looking puzzled.

“You crazy bitch!” The woman mouths.

“Excuse me? He’s doing this not me!”

“Hahahaha ooooo heeee. That’s good stuff. Touchy aren’t we?”

Bella watches in sheer disbelief as he ties up the man and woman. They’d a candle light dinner set up and a very fancy meal with wine. Joker stuffs red apples into their mouths to shut them up. He takes Bella’s hand and leads her to the table. He pulls out a chair for her.

“Do you have any idea how trippy this is?”

He doesn’t answer. He pours them both some wine.
“We can’t do this. It’s not right.”

He sits down and leans back.

“Right? And what is right my precious Marie?”

“My name is Bella.”
He nods.

“I take it everyone calls you either Bella or Isabella?”

She nods.

“That’s why I’m going to call you Marie.” He states as if that explains it all.

“Please do enjoy…” He motions towards the food.
“I can’t eat this…” She whispers.

“This is wrong. I…”

“You just keep saying that.”

Joker stands back up. He makes his way over to the woman. He pulls the apple out of her mouth.

“Are you his wife?”

The guy looks to Joker wide eyed. The woman starts to stutter.

“That’s about what I thought.” He shoves the apple roughly back into her mouth.

He takes the apple from the man’s mouth.

“Where is your wife?”
“At work.”

“Hahahahahaaaa Oooh haaa heee! What’s your wife do for a living?”

“She’s a pediatrician at the ER.”

Bella’s jaw drops.

“Bastard…” She uttered.

Joker nodded and crams the apple nearly down the guy’s throat.

“Still feel this is wrong my dear?”

She shakes her head looking to the couple in disbelief. He nods in satisfaction and sits back down. Bella takes in a breath and sips at the wine. The couple had some sort of very fancy lobster dish. Something Bella wasn’t even sure how to go about it. She watched the Joker curiously. He just dived on in. He downed his glass of wine and poured him another. He topped Bella’s off.

“How’d you know?” She whispers.

He lifts his eyes her direction.


She nods towards the couple.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

She shrugs in confusion.

“Not only is she half his age, but she’s not wearing a wedding ring. He however, is. Not hard to put it all together.”

He looks to her in thought.

“How old are you?”


“Hahahahahaaaa!” He licks his lips eyeing her.

“Excuse me?”

“So I’m dating someone a decade younger than myself.”
“Um we’re not dating.”

“What do you call this?”

“You kidnapped me remember?! How the fuck is this a date?”
“Shh…” He winks.
“Don’t ruin the moment. It’s people like you that cause unrest.”

“Funny I’d say the same about you.”

“No, no I’m what gives people rest, it’s just eternal.”

“That’s not funny.”

“No actually it’s kind of funny when you think about it.”

“What’s wrong with you?”
“If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that… Let’s just say the meter maid would hate me.”
“If you even allowed them to live.”

He puts a hand to his heart.
“Now you’re getting it! I say this date is going swell! See, we totally get each other. I think it’s love. It feels like love.” He looks down and raises his brows.

“Oops, I was wrong. It’s lust.”

Bella covers her mouth.

“This looks pretty serious. Maybe you should take care of it.”

Bella’s jaw drops. She slaps him across the face.

“Would you quit doing that?!” He half growls behind gritted teeth.

“I happen to like your pretty face. I’d hate to mess it up!”

She shakes her head and rises from the table.
“You’re such a jerk!”

He sighs and throws down his napkin.

“So dramatic…”

“And you’re completely unhinged.”

He grabs her and pulls her towards him.

“Aren’t we all? Even you… I bet if I were to dig deep enough. I’d find something.” He moves the loose hair away from her face.

“I could only imagine what would bring a young woman such as yourself to not fear death! And why do you cut yourself sweetheart? You think I’m crazy because I hurt others. But which is crazier? Truly think about it!”

She shuts her eyes and yanks away from him.

“I’d never take the life of…” She stops herself and flinches.

“Ohhhh. Now there we go. Hehehehe, go on now. You’ve got my interest.”

“Nevermind, can we go now before the wife or the police show up.”

“Who did you kill?”

Her hands ball up into fists. She eyes him with complete hatred.

“Do you get off to tormenting me?!”

“Essentially no, that’s during your shower time.”
He blocks her other attempt to slap him. He squeezes her hand as he holds it in his.

“I already warned you to knock it off. Secondly, you asked, I was simply being honest. You’re a very stimulating woman and I’m a very horny man.”

“Holy shit… You have a motherfucking camera in my room?”
“Technically, it’s my room.”

“I can’t believe you! You fucking perv!”

“Then perhaps next time I feel in the mood. I shall make my appearance known and fuck the living daylights out of you. Is that what you would like? I assumed my approach was much more gentleman like, but by all means…”

“Nothing about you is gentleman like!”

“Oh that’s where you’re wrong… if I weren’t I’d have fucked you by now.” He leans into her ear.

“You’ve yet to find out.”

He found himself a bit taken back. He’d his hand along her neck at that point. He raised his brows with a huge grin on his face.


Her pulse never once picked up when he had a gun to her, or when her life was threatened. However, now it was skyrocketing.

“Uh Oooh Marie, I do believe you’re in trouble now.”

She looked to him in question.

“Hehehehe, sooo much trouble…”

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