Chapter 10 Who Runs The Show

Chapter 10

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Bella feels ice cold water hit her face. The pillowcase was still on her so she fought not to drown. She lowered her head not able to move anything else. Her arms and legs were bond to a chair.

The pillowcase is yanked off her. Black Mask was straddling her lap. He roughly cupped her chin.

“Who are you?!” He demanded.

Bella noticed he wore brass knuckles. His men all had guns aimed at her. Bella rolled her eyes and didn’t answer. He nodded and socked her across the face with the brass knuckles. The urge to scream out in pain was there, but she just gritted her teeth.


She smiles knowing she was going to die anyhow. So nothing she said or did mattered now.

“Joker’s girl!”

“That’s a very, very stupid answer. I want a name.”

“Chelsea Clinton.”

He punches her again.

“WOULD YOU FUCKING STOP THAT?!” Bella shouts irately.


“Courtney Love.”

He nods and takes out his blade. He jerks her head to the side.

“You really love your Joker so much? How about I make you quite the matching pair?”

Bella winces as she feels the steel cold blade pressing against her cheek.



She feels the tip of the blade dig into her cheek.

“Full name.”

“Isabella Marie Swan.”

“What is your relationship with Joker?”


Bella noticed the black mask he wore was fussed onto his face. Like it had melted on at one point. His eyes were very dark and menacing. His suit was white with gray stripes. She jumped as she felt the blade starting to pierce through.

“I’m not sure how to answer that!” She admits and swallows back.

“Do you let him fuck you?”

“Now I don’t kiss and tell.”

Bella couldn’t help the scream that left her lips. The whole tip of his blade went through her cheek. Her chest heaved.

“Do you wish for me to continue this?”

She could feel the blade hitting against her teeth. He jerks the blade back out.


Bella nods.

Black Mask snarls back with full disgust.

“You let that clown fuck you?!”

“YES!” She shouts back.

“Do you enjoy it?!”

“Fuck yeah I do asshole!”

He pops her across the face again.

“I knew it you disgusting bitch.”

His legs begin to squeeze hers together in the chair.

“Are you really a whore?”

“No and what’s with all these questions?! How does this help you sleep at night?!”

Bella frowned at the copper taste in her mouth as she swallowed back the blood in her mouth.

“So you’re willingly with Joker?”

She sighs.


“I don’t buy it! Are you a spy? Cop? What’s your deal?!”
“No and no and I don’t know what’s your deal?”

He nods and knocks her out yet again.

“Oh Croc ole boy where ya at?” Joker calls out as he and his new henchmen walk amongst the sewers.

“Come on now… no need to be shy. I just wanna talk!”

Joker grins as they feel the ground beneath them tremble.

“I do believe he was slumbering. Oh dear he’s going to be mighty grumpy.”

Killer Croc furiously leaps out of the sewage. He grabs one of the henchmen and starts chomping down.

“Help yourself boy. Just keep in mind I’m off limits. Ya remember what the princess said!”

Croc eyes Joker as he helps himself to a few of his men. Sounds of screaming and gunfire is about the sewer. Joker leans against the sewer walls and waits as if bored.

“Are you done buddy ole pal?!”

“What do you want?!” Croc roars.

“Your help.”

Joker nods.

“You see Croc ole boy I’m having a very, very rotten no good very bad day! And Australia’s just not in the cards for me.”

“How’s that my problem?!”

“Hmmm, well… Seems someone’s stolen my squeeze?”

Croc looks to him confused and with irritation.

“You know you’re little prison mate?!”

Croc snarls back and Joker hears his teeth grinding together.

“That’s right.”
Croc slams his hands down splashing sewage everywhere. The remaining henchmen jump back.

“Some pretty boy by the name of Black Mask has taken her.”

Croc bounds out of the sewage and lands on the platform next to Joker. Joker wrinkles his nose and takes a kerchief to wipe off some of the sewage Croc had gotten on him.

“Yes well hmmm this was one of my favorite suits!” Joker complains as he licks his scars.

“Where?!” Croc demands.

“Well by all means do follow! HAHA! There’s a buffet just waiting for ya Croc ole boy! Only the one with the black mask is MINE! He’s off limits.”

Bella’s body jars back in the chair and it flips backwards. Black Mask had a taser to her neck.

“ENOUGH OF THE GAMES! Now I’m going to ask you a series of questions and you’re going to answer them correctly. I will take matters into my own hands if you do not and trust me… you won’t be looking so pretty once I’m done. You honestly think that even Joker would want you by the time I’m done with you?! NO ONE WILL! ANY MAN WILL TAKE ONE LOOK AT YOU AND RECOIL!”

Bella’s entire body shook. Her breathes were uneven as she tried not to show any fear, but it was there. She felt ashamed. She was Joker’s girl! Joker’s girl doesn’t show fear dammit! She didn’t fear Joker so why the fuck should she fear this son of a bitch? She grew irate with herself as she looked into his eyes. Black Mask got right in her face. Close enough his lips were practically on hers. Bella quickly bit down on his lower lip and started shaking her head violently. He growled out and punched her in the face. Bella didn’t let go. If she was going to die she was going to leave him a memory he’d never forget. The fused on mask cracked along his chin and cheeks as she continued to bite down and pull.

He took out his blade and began cutting into her cheeks. Bella let go.
“Did you ever take theater as a teenager?!” Black Mask taunts with fury.

“You know the drama mask? Since that’s clearly all you are. Then instead of giving you Joker’s smile. I’m going to give you a lifetime of patheticness just like you truly are! Every day you look in the mirror you will see my face! Not a day will go by that you don’t think about me! Joker’s a little BITCH in comparison to me!”

Bella screams out as he finishes the job. He slaps both her cheeks afterword.

“Now let’s see how much your Joker desires your company!” He chuckles.

Bella spits whatever blood she’s got in her mouth in his face. He cuts the rope to her chair, freeing her arms and legs. He drags her by the hair up to the middle of the room they were in. They were in some sort of mansion. The floor was white marble and cold to the touch. Bella placed her hands around his wrists. As he yanked her up off her feet.

“What’s his next move?!”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“Tell me or you’re going to have even more scars!”

“I want to know all Joker’s next moves and I want to know now!”

“Now, now my precious pet! You’re only allowed to fuck me! Ole Croc ole boy!” Joker rings a small dinner bell.

“Chow!” Joker keeps his gun aimed at Black Mask.

“But you’re mine… Marie my dear… come to daddykins…”

Black Mask growls and shoves her down to the ground as Killer Croc stares him down whilst chomping down on one of his men. Bella tries to stand, but drops back down to her knees. Joker actually winces as he finally sees her face.

“Marie… You will get up and come to me.” He says locking his eyes with hers.

She nods and brings herself back up.

“Thattaya girl.”

Her knees tremble as she makes her way to him. He nods and encourages her to continue as he holds out a hand for her. Once she takes it he immediately brings her up to his chest. He keeps his gun on Black Mask. Meanwhile, Killer croc and Joker’s henchmen were having a field day with Black Mask’s men. Killer Croc however, ate whoever he pleased even a few of Joker’s men. Shots were fired, but nothing could penetrate the massive beast’s reptile structure.

Joker ran his fingers along the cuts on Bella’s face. Just as Jack… Her cheeks were flapping and the inside of her mouth was visible. He checks her over thoroughly seeing every bit of damage done to her. Joker then waves Croc over.

“Be a pal and take my squeeze outside. Joker’s got a little hell to pay.” His voice grew even menacing than usual.

Croc scoops Bella up with one hand. He lets out this odd whimper cross with a growl like sound. He looked over and tries to wipe the blood from her face.

“Go on now Croc ole boy.”

Croc stomps out of the mansion destroying whatever’s in his path.

“Crunchy meat?” He questions as Bella had passed out.

Killer Croc growls and pulls her up against his chest. Another whimper escapes his mouth as he sits in the middle of the road and waits for Joker and his men to be done with Black Mask.

“Tie him up boys and don’t be gentle.”

The henchmen slam Black Mask down into the chair he had Bella in. They tie the knots so tight he has no circulation to his feet or hands.

“You… go get me the crowbar in the back of the van.”

The henchman nods and rushes off. Joker smiles.

“HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOOO you and I are going to have soooooooooo much fun! I can hardly wait!”

They return with the crowbar. Joker taps his fingers against his chin.
“Don’t you fucking dare JOKER! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!”

Joker licks his scars and jumps up and down in laughter.
“He thinks he’s gonna live through this! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOO boy’s.” He laughs again and stumbles back grabbing his gut.
“He’s just so funny! I used to think you were soooooooo serious. I suppose I had you pegged wrong.”

Joker circles Black Mask completely whilst running the crowbar along his neck. Once he gets behind him he leans into his ear.

“Have I ever told you how I got my scars?” Joker licks his lips.

“It’s a funny story really.”

“Oh, but you do… and I’m not crazy.”

Joker makes his way back to the front.

“And I do believe it’s the other way around. No one upstages Joker and lives to tell about it NOOOOOOOOOOO ONNNNNNNNNNNE! NO ONE TOUCHES WHAT IS MINE! YOU TOOK MY SQUEEZE AND NOW I’M GONNA TAKE WHATEVER I WANT FROM YOU!”

He licks his lips again.

“Now back to my scars…” Joker says as he takes the end of the crowbar and starts to pry of the left side of Black Mask’s mask off.

Black Masks grits his teeth as it starts to take flesh along with it.

“I was just a boy and it was family photo day. I wanted to go play with my toys though. I didn’t want to take a family photo. My father wasn’t too happy with me of course. Every time he got me into the living room as the photographer set up.”

Joker finishes prying off the entire left side of Black Mask’s mask. He nods as he looks to the giant piece in his hand the back of it had meat and flesh embedded into it.

“Hmmm.” Joker groaned and tossed it over to one of his henchmen.

“Keep that… I want to frame it.”

The henchman looks to him oddly. Joker licks his lips again and moves the crowbar to the right side.

“Well he finally got me to get still enough to take the photo. Only I wouldn’t smile. Each one they took I was frowning because I wanted to go play. I didn’t want to take any stupid photo. The photographer went through an entire roll of film. Still nothing… They never got that smile they wanted. My father nodded and he apologized profusely to the photographer.”

Joker gets part of the mask off as he continued to tell his story.

“He then picked me up and took me to the kitchen. He propped me up on the counter. And he said… son… why won’t you smile?”

I said I don’t want to!

My father nodded and he took out my mother’s carving knife. He said well son I can help you with that. He cupped my chin and said it’ll be ok son. You’ll never frown again… he then carved a smile onto my face much like that of a jack lantern at Halloween and that’s how I got my scars.”

He jerks the rest of the mask off. Still Black Mask wouldn’t scream. Joker snarled back he cupped his chin.

“Why won’t you scream?” Joker says as if pleading and truly upset.

“You’re ruining this for me!”

Black Mask stared him down. Joker slapped his grotesque face that was practically all meat now and his nose was nothing, but cartilage. Joker sighs and presses a button on the flower he had pinned to his suit. Black Mask screams out in terrific pain. Joker jumps up and down in joy.

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You know what they say too much acid is bad for your enamels.”

Black Mask’s bone structure began to show through his cheeks as the acid ate away his flesh.

“Looking better already!”

Joker throws down the crowbar. Black Mask’s continues to scream. Joker nods and takes out his knife.

“Just a small incision… right about…” Joker feels around with his hand.

“HERE!” He stabs his blade into his gut and places his fingers inside.

He takes out his intestines and places them in Black Mask’s hands.

“HAHA! It’s never ending. You must have had a great digestive tract system.” Joker looks to his men.
“Here hold this…” He places the other end in his henchman’s.

“I do love a good game of Tug of War! ANNNNNNNND GO!”

Joker heads outside after making certain Black Mask died a slow torturous death. Bella was passed out in Croc’s hold. He was petting her and looked as though he were crying.
“Are ya crying Croc ole boy?”

Killer Croc growls out blowing the hair on Joker’s head back. Joker chuckles.

“Ha, ha yes well… hand her over now boy.”

He growls again and holds Bella closer to him.
“She’s hurt!”

“I know that! YOU ID…”

He picks Joker up and growls in his face.

“Haha, Croc my boy you know I was must messing with you!”

He pats him on the shoulder.
Croc bitterly places him back down. Joker holds out his hands.

“Now may I please have my squeeze back?”

Croc makes a terrible face, but carefully places her in Joker’s arms. Joker nods and begins to walk away, only he turns to see Croc following.
“And where do you think you’re going?”

He points to Bella as if that answers Joker’s question.

“Stay!” Joker demands as if dealing with an unruly mutt.

Killer Croc slams his fist into a nearby building.

“NO! Crunchy Meat FRIEND! MINE!”

Joker sighs.

“Very well, but you’re sleeping outside and I’m not building you a doggy door nor am I feeding you! Settle down suitcase!”

Croc nods and follows.

He keeps up with the van as they drive onto a nearby hospital. Joker grabs the nearest doctor he holds him at gunpoint. He then quickly has him grab some supplies from a nearby ambulance. He then kidnaps him.

Joker paces the room and watches the doctor’s every move as he holds him at gunpoint. The doctor had Bella sedated and was working on sewing her up.

“I’m doing the stitches small as possible to prevent as much scarring as I can, but there’s only so much I can do.”

Joker says nothing in return. He simply continues to watch.

“She’s going to have to eat nothing, but liquids for a while. I suggest she gets on some sort of vitamins. She may also lose some weight during this. This woman is going to need some major TLC sir.”

Joker nods still he says nothing. Once the doctor is done he goes to Joker’s bathroom and washes his hands. Blood drains into the sink as he scrubs down. Joker makes his way to the bed and checks Bella over inch by inch making certain the doctor did his job. The short blonde haired doctor stepped out of the bathroom.

“She will be ok?!” Joker questions, but in a demanding like tone.

The doctor nods assuredly.

“If taken care of properly yes, she may very well deal with some emotional issues as well as physical. This can do a lot to a woman’s pride and it looks as though she was a very pretty woman.”
Joker sneers and cocks his gun.
“IS!” He corrects.

The doctor swallows back nervously.

“Yes sir… I stand corrected.”

“OUT!” Joker shouts and fires at the wall behind the doctor.

He didn’t kill him on the mere principal that he helped Bella and could be needed again. The man nods and takes off.

Joker sits on the edge of the bed. His fingers run along the stitches. He looked to the medication he had the doctor pick out from a drug store. They were confused when Joker only robbed the place to get what medication Bella needed. He didn’t even attempt to steal a dime. Then again no one fully understood that Joker never truly did what he did for the money. It was never really about the money.

However, Joker had left the building. Jack pinched the bridge of his nose. This crying laughter thing escaped his mouth. He pulled at his hair and shook his head. Actual tears came down his face as he continued to laugh hysterically. Jack failed to protect her. So did Joker. He was pissed at the both of them. Jack carefully placed her in his lap. He kissed the top of her head and rocked her. He did everything in his power to keep Joker at bay. Joker was pissed, but Jack didn’t care at the moment he was more powerful. But there was something else Jack discovered… Joker gave a shit after all… That’s why he tortured Black Mask the way he had. That’s also why he went off on that date when Batman took off with Bella. He might not love Bella at least not in the sense of what Jack felt. But there was something. Jack knew that’s what would keep Bella alive or at least he prayed it would. He continued to hold her feeling as though he was reliving Jean all over again. Thus, made him only hold Bella even tighter. Jack didn’t leave her side for the entire 48 hours Bella was out. The only breaks he took were to the bathroom. He didn’t eat or sleep he merely kept watch.

Bella eventually come too, but makes a painful whimpering sound. Her hands automatically go to her face. Bella goes to scream, but Jack quickly stops her.

“Don’t you’ll rip the stitches…”

She looks to him wide eyed. Bella runs to the mirror in the bathroom. She shakes her head looking panic stricken. Jack peers into the doorway. Bella stumbles back and falls against the tub. He rushes inside and crouches down to her level. She continues to shake her head and her hands shake. Tears stream down her face. Jack narrows his eyes. He reaches over and runs her a bath. Still it was a fight to keep Joker at bay. Bella didn’t need Joker at the moment she needed him. Jack was determined to keep their deal. She was the bedroom, bathroom connected. She was on his time! Jack did his best to remind Joker that. He pulled at his hair again as he continued this struggle. Joker always was the stronger of the two, making this more difficult on Jack to remain intact.

Jack lifts Bella into the tub. He scrubs her down as she covers her face. Jack moves her hands away and shakes his head.

“Don’t!” He demanded.

The tears continued and Jack continued to scrub her down, taking extra precaution of her wounds. Something overcame him and he got in the tub with her suit, shoes, and all he didn’t even bother taking anything off. He grabbed hold of her and pulled her up against his chest. He squeezed the hell out of her as he did, like he was afraid to let go. Neither said a word just lay there in the tub. Afterword he gave her, her pills and made her a milkshake to drink with a straw. It didn’t take long for her to pass out. However, Joker wasn’t going to hold back much longer. Jack growled back feeling him creeping up on him. He kissed the top of Bella’s head and tucked her in. He then practically sprinted out of the room.

He took off his sopping wet jacket and threw it on the ground. He came to his knees as he ripped at his shirt. He pulled at his hair again and growled out. Jack shut his eyes losing the battle. Joker came too. His eyes lifted towards the nearest henchman. That demonic smile returned. He started to laugh. Joker’s men looked to him oddly.

He came to his feet. He ran his fingers through his hair and laughed all the way to the kitchen. Joker poured himself a glass of wine. He took once tiny sip and tossed the entire bottle and wine glass out the window. Joker then grabbed a henchman as he walked passed and threw him out the window as well. Black Mask was dead and so were his men. Still that didn’t rid of Joker’s rage. He needed release. He called to the other men. Killer Croc kept guard and looked after Bella. Joker went into town with damn near every weapon he owned. He unleased hell upon Gotham that night and he didn’t return until they screamed Joker’s name in terror!

Bella stepped out of the room. She was still doped up from the drugs. Croc had somehow managed to fit into Joker’s funhouse and was literally sitting in front of her door. She wanted to ask how long he’d been there, but couldn’t talk with the stitches. She reached to them as they were beginning to have that burning sensation again. Bella swallowed back feeling as though she were starving and dehydrated. Croc cut her a wounded pup look. Bella patted him on the hand as she walked past. Croc watched as she went to the fridge. Bella was dying for real food. Her stomach ached as it growled. She grabbed the milk and some cereal and blended it up with a wrinkled nose.

Once she was done she went to drink it. It made the burning in her cheeks worse. She threw the cup down in defeat and whimpered out covering her mouth. Croc paced around anxiously as he continued to observe. Bella kept trying different things, but everything either hurt or taste rancid. Out of frustration she started throwing everything out of the fridge. She then sunk to the floor in defeat. Bella brought her legs up to her chest.

Croc growled at Joker as he showed up an hour later. Bella was still out cold by the fridge.

“What’s with you Croc ole boy?”

Croc picks Joker up and shoves him into the kitchen. Like placing a doll into a toy house. Joker rolls his eyes and aims his gun at Croc.

“Watch it I’ll make luggage out of you!”

Croc smashes his hand up against the wall. Shaking the entire area.

“Haha oh you know I didn’t mean it!” Joker laughs and puts his gun away.

He tilts his head upon the scene before him. Bella sprung out on the floor surrounded by the mess she’d made.


Joker steps over the items and crouches down.

“Wake up Marie!” He calls out.

He grabs her wrists and Bella automatically jumps awake and put a knife to his throat. Her eyes were crazed and she dug the blade in deep enough it was cutting into him.

He sighs.

“Are you trying to make me want to fuck your brains out?!”

Bella brings down her blade. Joker takes out his kerchief and wipes the blood from the knick she’d put on his neck. He then scoops her up and places her on the counter.

“CLEAN THIS UP!” Joker demanded the henchmen.

They hurriedly began to clean up Bella’s mess. Practically knocking each other down trying to get it cleaned up.

Joker licked the stitches on her face. He then makes her drink a blended up banana and yogurt all that was left and still good.

“Hmmm…” He slightly tilted his head as if in thought.

He randomly flipped her over his shoulder and took her to the bedroom. Joker tried to hand her pills and water over. She knocked them out of his hand. He grabbed her chin.

“That’s enough Marie. Take the fucking pills or I’ll shove them down your throat sweetheart!”

Bella roughly grabs him by the collar of his jacket. She starts beating on his chest as hard as she can. Joker nods and takes out his gun. He places it in her hand. He places the barrel right to his heart and stares her down. There are no words for either, Joker simply waits for it. Bella takes the gun and shots at the picture of herself on the wall. She shoots out her eyes nose and mouth. She hands the gun back to Joker. Joker takes her to the bathroom and props her on the counter. He takes out some makeup and starts fixing up her face. He starts with some white makeup covering her entire face. He then puts black eye shadow on her eyes giving them a smokey look. He hums happily as he continues to work. He outlines her eyebrows with black eyeliner. He presses his lips together and stands back for a moment. He slightly tilts his head every now and then. He raises his brows as he grabs some red lipstick. Bella wondered to herself why Joker had all this makeup when he didn’t use it. His was all natural. Still she couldn’t talk not without ripping her stitches. He put on the lipstick. He opened another drawer and pulled out some green hair spray. Joker covered her eyes as he began to spray every ounce of her hair.

Joker then left her there and went to her closet. He tapped his lips with his index finger as he looked around. He grabbed his favorite purple dress and stepped back out. Joker helped her down from the counter and helped get her into the dress. Once he was finished he grew rock hard as he gazed upon her. He twirled her around and had her face the mirror.

“Now that my dear Marie is art!”

He kissed along her shoulders and glanced back into the mirror.

“I always knew we were meant to be! HAHA!”

He twirls her around and dips her.

“OH the fun we’re going to have! I can’t wait sweetheart! I absolutely can’t wait! HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA wooooooooooo!”

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