Chapter 11 Surprise, Surprise!

Chapter 11

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Couple months later…

Bella sat in front of the mirror in the bathroom. She took the knife Joker had given her. She flinched with each stitch she snipped. Once she got to the last stitch she covered her mouth for a moment. Bella closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. After she opened them once again she began to remove the black thread from her lips. She then ran her fingers along the scars. They were opposite of Joker’s whereas his was a permanent smile. Hers was sad literally. She just sat there for a few moments staring into the mirror. She blinked a few times and came her feet. Bella went to the kitchen, where she ate and drank herself to oblivion. She’d lost 10 pounds during her liquid diet. She’d gone through an entire bottle of wine and was on her second one.

Joker returned from a job and saw the food and wine about the table. Bella was three sheets to the wind. She staggered around the kitchen. They eyed one another as she sipped from a bottle of wine. Joker slowly approached her. He ran his fingers along her scars. He took the bottle of wine from her hand and downed the rest of the contents. Once he was done he tossed the empty bottle across the room. He then licked upon her scars. From there he fanatically kissed her. Joker lifted her up against the wall, high enough that he brought her legs over his shoulders. She wore nothing but a pair of panties and green tank top. He pulled her panties to the side as his cock grew anxious ready to come out and play as he tongued her pussy. He bathed it thoroughly with his tongue. Her fingers pulled at his hair in ecstasy. He lays her down on the kitchen table.

“Give me a show Marie sweetheart. I wanna hear you purr when you play with that little pussy of yours.”

He ripped her tank top open and took a few steps back. Bella slide in a couple fingers and slightly bucked her hips into the air. Joker nodded and grabbed himself a chair. He sat back and undid his pants. He gritted his teeth.

“Fucking scream for me Marie. You know daddykins likes it when you do.” He scolds and strokes himself even harder as she obeys his demand.

“Hmmm…” He moans out as he witnesses the evidence of her climax all over her fingers.

“Jack please.”

He comes to his feet and makes his way over. Joker takes her fingers into his mouth licking each one of them clean. He then places his dick into her mouth.

“Make daddykins feel good.”

Joker begins to fucking her mouth.

“That’s right keep sucking. My little princess loves my cock doesn’t she?”

He pulls out of her mouth and comes across her breasts.

“Lick it up Marie.”

He watches with a smirk as she licks the come of her tits.

“Good girl.”
He lifts his eyes towards her.

“You like being my personal slut don’t you.”
He has a good laugh at this.

“OH Marie my dear you truly are a riot.”

She hops off the table and hits him on the arm.

“Behave or you’ll have to be punished!” He growls.

She starts laughing and Joker freezes. She stops and swallows back at the look he was giving her. Bella covers her mouth and looks to the ground. Joker reached over and cupped her chin. It wasn’t what Bella thought. She feared Black Mask might’ve been right after all. That wasn’t it though. Bella hadn’t laughed since before the incident. It struck something within Joker. He dipped her as though they were dancing.

“Get dressed princess we’re going out!”

Bella nods and rushes out of the room. Joker reached to his heart as she left the room. He rolled his eyes and shook whatever it was off. Bella came out of the room after a few more minutes. Joker was kicked back on his throne. He cocked a brow her way and shook a scolding finger upon her.

“No, no Marie… Wrong outfit! And you don’t even have your makeup on!”

He sighs with hindrance and hops down from the throne. He takes her hand leading her back to the room and into the bathroom. Joker begins to fix her up with the green hairspray, makeup, the works, and he does her red lipstick last and has it trail down her scars. Joker heads into the closet and grabs one of her short purple skirts, a green corset, and purple blazer. He brings them to her and says nothing as he exits the room again. He grabs her high heeled purple boots and purple and green stripped knee high stockings. Yet again he hums to himself as he helps her get ready. Once he’s done he stands behind her in the mirror and rests his head against her shoulder.

“Now you’re ready my dear, unless I say otherwise. This is what you’re to wear from now on. Do we have an understanding Marie sweetheart? You’re Joker’s princess time to act the part.”

He kisses along her neck nipping her every once in a while.

“Hmmmm…” He moans as he runs his hand up her skirt.

He places her gun in her usual area and gets her set up like usual. He twirls her around afterword and glanced her over. Bella wraps her arms around his neck to keep from falling. He grins as his hands are along her waist.

“Things ought to get much more interesting! Hahahahaaaaaa! Oh I can’t wait.”

He takes her hand and practically drags her out Funhouse.

“Load it up boys!”

“Where are we going Jack?” Bella whispered once they were in the back of the limo.

“Tell me Marie, are you a fan of art?!”

She looks upon him oddly.

“Um yeah I suppose.”

He pulls her into his lap.

“We’re going to make art tonight!”

Joker’s men park a few blocks away at a nearby garage.

“Stay put boys. It’s just the lady and I tonight.”

Joker opens the door and takes her hand they stay within the shadows as they make their way throughout Gotham to the art museum. She didn’t know though that Joker had already set everything up. He had henchmen already inside. The doors opened and Joker rushed her on inside. The henchmen locked everything up. All kinds of different paints were set out like a buffet line, amongst other things such as bats, hammers, fighting sticks, guns and knives. Bella turned to Joker with a puzzled look.

“This is one of Gotham’s most beloved art museums. Lots of money has gone into this very museum. Works of Picasso, The four famous turtles and my personal favorite…” He points upon a painting of Dante’s Inferno. “That one my precious pet is not to be touched. Everything else, skies the limit!” He motions for one of the henchmen to start some sort of CD player. The Blue Danubel Waltz begins to play. Joker places a red paintbrush into Bella’s hand. And dances with her towards one of the paintings. It was of a man and woman dancing ironically enough. He used her hand to paint a mustache on the woman and breasts on the man.

He then twirled her around leading her to another painting. Joker wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed along her neck.

“What should we do with this one my dear?”

It was the Mona Lisa. Bella tilted her head a bit, further exposing her neck to him. His hot breath ran down her neck. She motioned for one of the henchmen to hand her a painting board. It had several colors to it. She looked to be in deep thought as she began painting her new face amongst the Mona Lisa’s. The scars, the hair, and the makeup.

“Hmmm still she doesn’t do you justice.”

Joker took the brush and board from her hold. He added a few of his own touches and when he was done he wrote across the Mona Lisa’s chest Joker’s! Just as he had when he took Bella’s virginity… And there it was again… Bella smiled and laughed. To anyone else with the new scars on her face it only made her look completely demonic and insane. To Joker however lust washed over him completely. He found himself feeling more possessive. She was his to claim no one else had better even look upon his princess! Somehow it felt even more set in stone. There was no way he was ever letting her go. No matter how much she kicked and screamed. He was keeping her. A smile came over his face in thought. Now if he could only have Batman in his clutch his life would be complete. His two favorite and biggest obsessions in this world. Bella continued to giggle off and on as she destructed the area around them and painted to her heart’s desire. Joker died in laughter as she even painted one of the henchmen to match the background of another painting.

“HAHAHAHAAAA! I do believe we’ve found your true calling. You my dear Marie are an artist!”

Joker makes his way over and paints a cock across the henchmen’s face and made it look as though it were squirting across his face. The other henchmen laughed. Bella however walked up to one of the ones laughing and gave him a set of breasts. She winked and slapped his cheek playfully afterword. She and Joker took the bats and hammers to all the statues and sculptures throughout the building. Bella began to loosen up even more. Her smile was utterly genuine she was having the time of her life. Joker laughed along with her as they made their way through each room. The danced, drank, and destroyed every bit of art in the museum. Except for the Dante’s Inferno… In which Bella had one of the henchmen sneak off with as a gift for Joker.

Before much longer sirens were heard. Joker flipped her over his shoulder and quickly darted off to an area he’d already prepared for an escape route. Killer Croc was already waiting for them. He took Bella from Joker’s hold and placed her on his shoulder.

“Croc! How many times must we go through this! Hand me back my squeeze!” Joker reaches out for Bella.

Croc takes off ignoring Joker.


Joker hears Bella giggling.

“Hmmm, you’re only encouraging him! You know you’re going to be punished severely!”

Croc turns back to Joker and lets out a roar. Joker sighs and rolls his eyes.

“Sweetie, can you keep it down mommy and daddy are having a conversation!”

“NO punishing crunchy meat!” Croc bellows furiously.

“But she likes it…” Joker says honestly looking confused.

Joker sighs and licks his scars.

“Papa’s gonna do some spanking…” He grumbles under his breath as they head back.

They’d done their share of jobs as time proceeded. Word of Joker and his princess were spreading across Gotham. Both were greatly feared. Some even feared Bella far worse than Joker. No one ever knew for sure when she was going to snap or defend you. Together they were the good and bad cop of criminals. Whereas Joker had no real conscience Bella still had some of hers. She would often catch Joker in the act of something she didn’t agree with. However… there were a few times she took care of the matter when the person pushed her too far over the edge. Taking a life was no new thing to Bella now. No longer did she cringe or seem bothered by it. Still there were times she didn’t feel it necessary to kill certain civilians. She felt some were more deserving of death or torture than others. This is where she and Joker locked horns often enough. Though Joker would never admit it, Bella usually always got her way when it came to whose life was worth saving. It pissed Joker off to no end. He never understood why he agreed, but he would. He felt this odd need to keep her happy. Then again when the tables were turned and she was the one taking a life or doing the torture. Joker walked around with a permanent hard on. Nothing turned him on more than watching his princess in action. In fact their sex lives had become even more heated. Working alongside of her drove him even madder than he already was. It got to the point where he couldn’t stand to do a job without her. So he constantly had her tagging along.

It wasn’t just about robbing places and destruction. It was about terrorizing whoever got in their way. Spreading the fear of Joker about the city. Putting on a show! Joker always wanted to be in the spotlight. He only allowed Bella to merely glimmer alongside of him. Days became weeks, weeks became months before either of them realized it. They’d been together raising havoc for over a year now. Irritatingly enough for Joker anyhow Killer Croc never left her side. He would only return to the sewers every so often, but he wouldn’t be gone for longer than a week. He’d always return like a loyal pup by Bella’s side. Joker constantly was trying to find ways of making him leave, but there was no having it. Killer Croc was here to stay.

At times Croc and Bella would go out on their own and raise some hell. The image of her on his shoulder spread throughout Gotham they feared this duo just as much as she and Joker. Often enough she’d just let Croc have his fun as she crossed her legs and would kick back on his shoulders. Bella though was nowhere near the killers Croc and Joker were. Often enough she would occasionally bring out their softer sides. Bella only killed when she deemed it truly necessary. She just wasn’t a big fan of taking lives. Now torturing…? She was the queen of this. Another thing that would rile Joker up. He loved watching her make someone sweat, scream, and cry.

Joker paced the area of his throne. He hadn’t seen Bella in over 48 hours now. She’d been in her lab he’d set up for her. He was beginning to get moody and antsy. She was more like an addiction of his now. He couldn’t stand it. Croc was gnawing on one of the henchmen and leaning against one of the walls the warehouse. He used the bone of the henchman’s legs to pick at his teeth when he was done.

Joker sighed and loosened his tie. He’d had enough of being ignored. He growled under his breath and headed into the lab.

Joker peered over the corner. Bella was in her lab coat, glasses, high heels, her hair was up in a ponytail, but it was frizzy and a mess.

“Hmmm…” Joker hummed to himself growing aroused.

Cages of rats were about the area. She’d some sort of chemical testing going and the works. She was deep into whatever she was working on. Pictures of her progress were hung about the walls in order of her failures to her success. Joker continued to look on as Bella took down her hair. She ran her fingers through it letting her hair flow freely about her shoulders. She took off the black reading glasses. Bella tiredly rubbed her eyes. She leaned back in her chair and shut her eyes for a moment. Joker quietly made his way over. He sat upon her desk and looked around the room. She’d fallen asleep in her chair. Joker took it upon himself to dig through a few of her things to see what had been occupying her time away from him! He should always come FIRST! He growled in thought. He begin to realize she was working on the titan again. From the looks of things she’d managed to keep the last strand she used in the last batch of rats for over 33 hours now. She’d recorded every attempt she’d had. Joker opened one of the cages and picked up one of the rats. It’s eyes were green and it had grown triple the size it looked as though it were more like a nutria now. Joker held it up by the scruff of it’s neck. He looked back towards Bella.

“Haha! Could it be? Did my little princess figure it out?!”

The rat whips it’s head around and bites the shit out of Joker’s wrist. Joker flings it against the wall furiously. Bella’s eyes shot open. She saw the splatter mark against the wall and her latest project laying on the ground. She gritted her teeth and came to her feet.

“NO!” She scolded and rushed up to the dead rat.


She scoops up Joker’s mess bitterly.


He shrugs.

“It bit me!”

She growls under her breath.

“I worked hard on this Jack! You just destroyed over 34 hours of progress. Now I have to start all over!”

Joker shook his head and yanked her up by one arm.

“Not right now you’re not!”

She jerks out of his hold.

“Marie…” He hisses in warning.

“Don’t you have anything better to do then to go nosing through my work and destroying what I’ve already done?!”

Joker’s eyes become dark and menacing. He reaches over and literally flips her over his shoulder.
He ignores her and carries her out of the room. She kicks and hits at his back. Joker carries her to the bedroom. He slams their door shut. Joker then tosses her on the bed. He makes his way to the bed and cuffs her to the headboard.

“Jack…what are you…”

He growls at her and points upon her irately.
“You’ve been a very bad girl Marie!” He slightly pulls at her hair and roughly kisses her.

“You are mine! I don’t like being ignored!”

He takes out his knife and uses it to tear at her clothing. He runs the cold steel of the blade along her neck, chest, and torso, just enough to send her chills. He then licks the tip of the blade and stabs the knife through the nightstand beside their bed. Joker unzips his pants and takes himself out.

He positions himself over her and grips the headboard with one hand. He uses the other to place himself into her mouth. Joker says nothing. Bella squirms about rubbing her thighs together. Joker moans and swells up greatly in her mouth. He was very backed up he’d been dying for release.

“Fucking suck it Marie! Make daddykins feel good. When I come you will swallow it all and remember who you belong to!”

It didn’t take Joker long to get off. He wasn’t used to going this long without release. As to his rotten mood, since Bella had come into the picture he was used to endless sex. He takes himself out of her mouth.

“Thattaya girl.”
Still Bella continued to rub her thighs together. Joker too notice and smirked.

“Is someone having a bit of trouble?”

She nodded.


He tucks himself away and zips himself back up then zips his pants. He winks upon her as he straightens his tie. He adjusts his suit in the mirror.

“Let this be a lesson Marie. I’m not to be ignored!”

Her jaw drops as he exits the room leaving her as she was and still cuffed to the bed.

“Jack!” She shouted.
He smiled as he pulled the door shut and walked away.

“JACK!” She growled out furiously.

She could hear him dying in laughter as he walked about the Funhouse.

“YOU ASS!” Of course that only made him laugh harder.

A few hours later Joker returned to the room. She was sound asleep with her hands above her head still cuffed to the bed. Only Jack had taken over now. He shook his head and gently undid her cuffs. He lay her arms by her sides. He kissed one of her hands like a gentleman would. But even Jack couldn’t help, but to grow aroused by the beauty before him. Only as time progressed, jack making himself more known, his feelings were growing deeper and deeper. He found himself wanting things that Joker would never want. Ideas poured through his mind. Things he knew that he could never truly have. Jack felt robbed. Jack hovered over Bella and gently kissed her lips. He merely lowered himself down and laid against her chest.

Bella woke to this. She took in a confused breath, but nevertheless she ran her fingers through his hair. She kissed the top of his head knowing it was Jack now. She could always tell the difference. Over time Bella had just grown to accept both men, even when she wasn’t sure who would appear from one minute to the next. After a few more minutes Joker lifted his head, only it was still Jack. A single look was all it took for her to know. She cupped his cheek with her hand. Jack kissed it and shut his eyes momentarily. Little was she aware that all hell was about to break loose. Jack had just made love to her he took his time paying attention to every part of her body. Neither said a word just enjoyed one another’s embrace. Both softly moaned out as Bella arched off the bed. He stroked himself within her and could feel her juices soaking his cock. Right after Jack came he kissed her lips and pulled out. He then leaned into her ear and whispered.

“I love you.”

Her heart skipped a beat at his words she never dreamed in a million years she’d hear him say that. Unfortunately, Joker heard it as well. Bella gasped out as he flew off the bed as though he’d been thrown. Jack pulled at his hair trying to keep Joker’s anger at bay. He began to destruct the entire room. She jumped as he threw whatever he could get his hands on. He looked to her with complete desperation.

“RUN!” He literally cried out on top of his lungs.

Bella’s eyes widened.

“Bella darling, run!” Her jaw dropped he’d never called her that before.

She nodded with tears in her eyes. Bella took off running.

Batman watched over Gotham from one of the high rises. He was just about to call it a night as he fired off his grapple. Only he picked up the sound of nearby alarms going off. He turned that direction and took off.

He lurked within the shadows of a nearby jewelry store. The alarms were still going off yet there was Bella perched up on one of the glass display cases of engagement rings. Her legs were crossed as she was trying a few on and glancing upon them on her finger. For each one she didn’t like she’d toss about the ground. A bottle of Jack sat beside her. She’d been downing it straight from the bottle. Bella had broken into another store before this. She had her hair and makeup done like usual. Her finger nails were painted green to match her buttoned blouse. Instead of a blazer she wore a purple vest over her blouse. She wore her usual tight purple skirt, knee high boots and she was wearing green knee high stockings with purple polka dots today. She kicked her feet about as though a child would.

“Do you always spy on vulnerable women?” He hears her say softly.

He swallowed back and stepped out of the shadows.

“Something tells me you’re hardly vulnerable.”

She shrugs and hops down from the counter.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” She stumbles around with the bottle of Jack in her hand.

She growls out and shoots the alarm system.

“Finally, damn that’s annoying.”

“I think it’s time you came with me. We can get you some help.”

Bella starts to laugh so hard she reaches to her gut in laughter.

“Thanks, but no thanks Bats. I remember all too well, how you help others. I’m not going back there.”

She waves her gun about the air and continues to drink.

Batman raises his hands in the air and starts to slowly approach her.

“Not so fast dark knight. You just stay right there.”

She aims her gun directly upon him.

“I wonder what he’d think if it was me that took your miserable life.”

Batman raised his brows on this.

“You see if I aim for your mouth. There’s no armor there. You’re as good as dead.”
“That’s not who you are. You’re not like him. And you don’t have to be! Let me help you.”

He narrowed his eyes upon the scars on her face. He grimaced and shook his head.

“What has he done to you?”

Bella keeps her gun aimed at him. She walks a complete circle around him.

“He’d either be really PISSED or happy as hell when I bring you to him with a big red fucking bow!”

“NO!” Batman shouts as Batgirl crashes through the glass.

Bella automatically fires her gun at Batgirl. Batgirl falls to the ground. Bella rolls her eyes and makes her way over to Batgirl. She checks her over and feels for a pulse.
“She’ll live. She’s just going to be…”

Bella gasps out as Batgirl tazed her. She grits her teeth as she comes to her knees.

“THAT FUCKING HURTS!” Bella shouts and takes her bottle of Jack across Batgirl’s face.

She fights to get feeling back in her left arm. She socks Batgirl in the face afterword and pins her up against the wall. Batman yanks her off Batgirl. Police now surrounded the area. Commissioner Gordon was on the loud speaker.

“And that’s my cue it’s been fun wonder twins!” Bella calls out and fires the grapple gun she’d managed to steal from Batgirl during their confrontation.

She takes off running about the rooftops of Gotham. Batman and Batgirl chase after her.

“Sir, I got the target in range.” One of the officers declares.

Commissioner Gordon nodded.

“Then take it! Don’t let her out of sight!”

The cop nods and fires. Batman quickly swoops down and catches her before she hits the ground. He instantly puts pressure on the bullet wound.

“Dammit.” Batman uttered as she began to cough up blood.

She reached up and desperately grabbed Batman by the collar of his suit.

“Tell Jack I love him too.”

Batman said nothing he merely nodded.

“Boss you might want to see this.”

Joker lifts his eyes towards the TV in the throne room as one of his henchmen turn on the news. He had his head rested upon his fist. That changed quickly as he jumped to his feet. He wasn’t the only one watching either. He and Killer Croc stared at the screen in disbelief. They all watched as Bella being chased down by Batman and Batgirl. Once they witnessed her being shot down and falling from the high rise, Killer Croc ripped the TV from the wall and threw it across the room.

Joker shut his eyes and staggered back for a moment. He began to laugh. He came down to his knees as he continued to laugh. Killer Croc stormed out of the Funhouse he headed straight for the policemen responsible and began his own killing spree. Joker on the other hand, came back up with gritted teeth. He looked towards the painting (Dante’s Inferno) Bella had given him. Murderous intentions flowed throughout his veins. He stepped out of his lair and looked up to the sky. The bat signal was in the air.

“You’re not worth it anymore…” Joker hissed.

Bella blinks a few times gathering her surroundings. The room she was in was brightly lit. The walls and ceramic flooring were solid white. Bella turned to see a woman in a white leather recliner. She smiled and pushed up her glasses.

Bella sat up and looked around. She winced in pain as she saw the bandage around her stomach. Bella was in orange prison scrubs and bare foot. The blonde haired woman pushed up her glasses and crossed her legs. She was very pretty, Bella thought to herself. The woman leaned back in her seat and was jotting something down on a clipboard.

“Ms. Isabella Marie Swan, my name is Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel.”
Bella swallows back the back of her throat felt parched. The woman came to her feet and sat next to Bella. She handed her a glass of water.

“Um thank you…” Bella said after she drank what seemed to be the best glass of water she’d ever had in her life.

“Don’t mention it. Would you like some more?”

“Yes please.” Bella said reaching to her tummy where she’d been shot.
The Dr. sighs as Bella drinks three more glasses.

“I told them they were giving you too heavy of a dosage, but they claim you’re dangerous.” She looks upon Bella as if in thought.

“But you don’t seem like the dangerous type. Believe me I’ve met dangerous. You’re just not it. They think I’m crazy to allow you in here without protection. But my sessions are private. Anything you say will remain between us and in this room.”

The Dr. comes back to her feet. She makes her way back to her recliner and leans back. She sticks the end of her pen in her mouth.

“Where am I?”

“Arkham Asylum.”
Bella groans out in misery.

“Again?” She sighs.

“Thanks Bats. The idiot can’t take a hint.”

The Dr. looks upon her oddly, but nods.

“I wanted to speak with both of you alone first. Then we will begin our actual sessions.”


The woman smiles warmly.

“Well, you are Joker’s girl are you not?”

Bella’s heart did this dropping thing.

“He… He’s here?”

The Dr. nods yet again.

“Yes Ms. Swan, it seems you both must’ve caused some stir the last time you were here. They’ve tightened security significantly.”

“Like that’s going to stop him.” Bella says with a mischievous smile.

The Dr. continued to write off and on in her memo pad.

“Seems Batman finally got a hold of you both.”

Bella dies in laughter.

“Now that’s pretty funny!”

“And why is that Ms. Swan?”

“Just how much time do we have Dr. Quinzel?”

“All the time you need hun.”

Bella smiles and lays back down on the sofa.

“Then you’re in for one hell of a ride Dr.”

The Dr. smiles in return.

“Oh, I’m counting on it Ms. Swan.”

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