Chapter 12 Three’s Company

Chapter 12

I do not own DC Universe or Twilight. Read and then review. I’m sorry for the late update on this. I couldn’t make up my mind on where to take this, but here we go… (Sigh, fingers crossed) Let the games begin! Next chapter will be longer this is just the buildup. I seriously hope I don’t offend anyone by how I took this… but it’s Joker and we know how things could get…

“And how does that make you feel Ms. Swan?”

Bella softly giggles and crosses her legs.


“Mad?” Dr. Quinzel inquires.

Bella nods.

“Does a lot of things that Joker does make you mad?”

“Very…” She says with a smile.

Bella bites her lower lip in thought and stares at the ceiling.

“Then why do you think it is you stay by his side?”

“Haven’t you been listening Dr. Quinzel?” Bella sighs as if slightly annoyed.

“Why yes of course!”

Bella rises and maneuvers herself to sitting position.

“Not very well or you wouldn’t have to ask me that!”

Dr. Quinzel takes in a breath. She takes her glasses off and narrows her eyes upon Bella.

“I’ve upset you?”

Bella sighs and folds her arms about her chest.

“I meant nothing by it. I merely wanted to know why you think …”
“I heard you. I don’t like repeating myself Dr. Quinzel. You seem to have a horrible habit in asking questions you’ve already asked me. Perhaps it would be best to go over your notes rather than ending up repeating yourself.”

“I do apologize, Ms. Swan. It’s just that this is our third visit and I’ve yet to get Joker in here as well. We haven’t even got to the surface yet with you. You haven’t even begun to open up about your life before Joker.”

Bella nods and comes to her feet. Dr. Quinzel watches as she paces the room.

“What’s going through your mind right now?”

“How much I want to get the fuck out of here.”

Dr Quinzel nods.

“That’s to be understandable.”

“As to your earlier comment, what’s there to know? Everyone is dead. Why rehash something I don’t wish to? What is the point?”
“To help you.”

“Help? Helping me?! You think that forcing someone to relive something they never wish to relive again is helping?! What kind of a doctor are you?!”

“I’m only trying to help. Ms. Swan I’ve reason to believe that you don’t belong here. You’re the sanest person here in Arkham Asylum. I do not agree with their decision on this. If I could prove otherwise Ms. Swan I can help you, but in order to do that you have to help me.”

Bella looks to be in thought. She tilts her head a bit and slowly turns back towards Dr. Quinzel.

“You really think you could get me out of here?”

Dr. Quinzel smiles and places her glasses back on.

“Yes Ms. Swan I truly believe so.”

“Very well… ask away!” Bella says with a mischievous grin.

“And how does that make you feel?”

Joker raises his brows and giggles a bit.

“Horny… HAHA!”

Dr. Quinzel sighs with frustration.


“Why yes! Very much so!”
“Why don’t you try to dig a little deeper than that? Doesn’t Marie mean a bit more to you?”

He shrugs.

“I do want to hit her sometimes.”

Dr. Quinzel looks to him in disbelief.

“Have you hit her?!”

“Ummm no. I don’t believe so.”
“Why do you think that is?”

“You know… I’m no quite sure! HAHAHAHAAAA! She most certainly deserves it! The little hmmm…. Where is my little princess anyhow? You’ve yet to bring her to me as promised!”

“Just a couple more sessions and then we can begin the couple’s therapy.”

Joker snarls back.

“But I want my princess now!”

“I can see that.” Dr. Quinzel says seeing how he had a raging hard on and he wasn’t even attempting to hide it.

“Hehehe… hmmmm…”

“What would you have done if Marie had indeed died?”
Joker grits his teeth together and his eyes become dark.

“I’d have Guano Breath and his little Batwhore hung, quartered, and drawn and I’d make certain that everyone that resided in Gotham watched, women, men, and children!”
“It sounds to me as if you love Marie.”

“Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa! Love? No, no my dear Dr. Quinzel she merely entertains me! She makes things so much more interesting. She makes daddykins feel good.”
“Daddykins?” Dr. Quinzel questions with raised brows.

He nods as if that answers her question. He begins to fidget as if bored.

“Tell me about Jack Napier.”

He snaps a look towards her.

“How do you know that name doctor?”

“It’s right here in your files.”
“My files?! I have files! HAHA! FILES! OOHHH WHAT DO THEY SAY?!”

“That you are Jack Napier. That you had a horrible accident.”

Joker looks down to his pants.
“Well I’m no Jack Napier, but I just might have an accident if I don’t get to see my Marie soon!” He says with a darkened tone and pokes at his hard cock with his finger.

“That’s not going away.”

“And how are you today Ms. Swan?”

Bella shrugs and takes her seat.

“Still in this shit hole.”

“I’m still working on that.” Dr. Quinzel says with a slight giggle.

Bella narrows her eyes upon the doctor as she could have sworn she winked at her. Bella clears her throat in thought.

“And what is it you’re thinking about Dr. Quinzel?”

She lifts her eyes towards Bella.

“Aren’t I supposed to ask the questions?”

Bella smiles.

“Can’t a patient wonder about her doctor’s thoughts? You know so much about me. I’ve even told you about my family and key events in my life that no one else knows. Yet I know nothing of you. It hardly seems fair. You seem like a very intelligent woman. Why on earth would you choose to treat mentally instable people?”
“Very well, I find it a challenge. Something about most of my cases intrigues me.”
“Do I intrigue you?”

“Very much so, in fact I dare say I look forward to your sessions the most. I’ve never met anyone quite like you Ms. Swan.”


“Just Bella is fine drop that whole Ms. Swan crap.”

“Very well behind these doors I’m Harleen.”

“Harleen huh?”

She nods.

“What if I called you Harley?” Bella said in a rather sultry like tone and paid close attention to the doctor’s reaction.

Sure enough Bella smiled and nodded to herself. She lay down on the couch.

“Harley?” The doctor asked in a rather quivery voice.

“Oh yes, I do believe it suits you.”

Harley takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes.

“Well Bella, between us girls why do you love a man that doesn’t love you in return?”

The doctor had put her notes down and stopped recording. Bella noticed this and rolled over facing Harley.

“Jack does love me.”

“But Jack is no longer there Bella.”

Bella smiles.

“Yes he is. I see him all the time.”

“Bella, I’ve been treating Joker as well. Jack Napier is long gone. Joker doesn’t love you and he never will. Why must you torment yourself?”

“Oh my, someone’s breaking the rules aren’t we doctor?”

Harley takes in a breath.

“Jack’s not going to appear for you Harley… He belongs to me. Jack Napier is mine and I am his.”

“But you’re Joker’s princess.”

“Yes that too.”

“How do you do it? How do you give yourself to two men? One that doesn’t even exist? You’re such a beautiful young lady Bella. Don’t you feel you deserve better?”

“Just imagine doctor. Don’t you ever get tired of the same ole same ole everyday? Let me guess you have a couple of cats at home. You have a cup of coffee and a bran muffin in the morning. Even after your third cup of coffee you still feel run down. You’re bored and don’t even know why. You don’t have a boyfriend, husband, or children because your job is your life. You don’t have time for anything else. Nevertheless you do the same thing every day. You might change it up a little or might even meet some interesting clients. I’m sure their stories are pretty crazy.” Bella rises and sits up. She leans further out towards Harley.

“Don’t you wish at times you were the client? Don’t you wish you were crazy enough to be interesting? That’s why you do this isn’t it doctor? You’re so sick and tired of the same old shit that you wish to live through us crazies in here and the only way to do that is to come to work every day. To leave that boring roach invested apartment you call home. So you can come here and live through us!”

Bella smiled noticing how Harley was breathing rather hard. She undid the top button to her smoky gray blouse and ran her fingers along the collar.

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re referring to. I’m here to help people, ones such as yourself that do not belong here.”

“Of course you don’t.”

“I’m growing very impatient doctor. You see I want my squeeze and I want her now! You keep telling me that we are almost done! I’ve answered all your questions! If I don’t see my little princess soon you and I are going to have some issues.” Joker declares with a sneer.

The doctor sighs.

“I’ve your first session set up for tomorrow.”

“My squeeze will be there?!”

“Yes sir.”

He smiles and lies on the couch.

“Then ask away.”

“Where’s Jack?”

“There is no Jack. I do believe we’ve discussed this before.”

“I really wish to talk to Jack Napier.”

Joker shoots up and grabs her coffee table and tosses it across the room. He then grabs Dr. Quinzel by the collar of her shirt. The guards rush in about to put a stop to it. She shoots out her hand.

“It’s ok… We’re ok here aren’t we Joker? You’re going to want to see your princess tomorrow.”

He snarls upon her. Joker places her back down. He even straightens out Dr. Quinzel’s collar and pecks her on the check.

“Of course!” He says rather chipper like.

Dr. Quinzel takes in a breath of relief and sends the guards back out.

Once she’s done with her session with Joker she goes and talks to the guards.

“Starting tomorrow I want no more surveillance in my room! My sessions are private!”

“It’s for your own safety doctor.” One of them says.

“And I signed a waiver! I know the dangers. But I also respect my patients’ privacy. I mean it no more! If I die in there I die! But I will not have you all storming in anymore!”

“He could have killed you.”
“He needs to know he can trust me! That what he says is between us! How is he going to trust me if the moment something goes wrong, you all burst my fucking door down?! NO MORE! Or I’ll have your jobs! I signed a waiver for a reason and you all had better abide by it. You do your job and I’ll do mine!”

Couple session first day…

“Hello Ms. Swan how are we today?”
Bella smiles and makes her way over. Only she surprises Harley by sitting in her lap.

“I love this top where’d you get it?!”

Bella tries to look for a tag. Harley goes to clear her throat and tell her that Joker was on her way. Only Bella’s breasts were right in Harley’s face as Bella searched for the tag to her blouse. The door opened and Joker stepped inside.

“Marie my dear, what are you doing?”

Bella quickly turns back with a smile. The guards pull the door shut.

“Playing…” She says happily and kicks her feet about.

“Hmmm…” He groans.

Joker makes his over and yanks Bella out of Harley’s lap. Harley’s jaw drops as Joker immediately take his cock out and jerks Bella’s pants down. She knew she should stop them and say something about how they couldn’t do that. But Bella was right in her face as Joker bent her over. Joker spanked Bella.

“You belong to me Marie!” He growls out and slams himself inside her.

He pulls at her hair as he starts fucking her.

“Who do you belong to Marie?!” He demands through gritted teeth.

Harley found herself in literal heat and didn’t understand it. It wasn’t Joker though that had her riled up the most. The more she was around Bella the more fascinated she became. In fact Harley was beginning to grow her own little obsession. She spent hours on end listening to Bella’s sessions, looking over her pictures, she wouldn’t call in no matter what on days that she knew Bella was going to have a session. Harley rubbed her thighs together and stared at Bella’s cleavage as Joker continued to fuck her.

Joker growled out furiously and Bella looked to Harley in shock. Harley kissed her and was grabbing at her breasts. Joker hurriedly finished so he could get off. He was turned on by what he’d witness. However Bella was HIS! NO ONE WAS GOING TO HAVE WHAT WAS HIS!

“Fuck Marie you’re being a very bad girl! Papa’s going to fucking spank you! KNOCK THAT OFF!”

He comes and continues to stroke himself within her tight little pussy. He then forces Bella back up.
“I’ll let it slide this once because it was a woman! You made my dick fucking hard as hell. But you won’t ever do that again! Do we have an understanding?!”

Bella goes to try and explain in his ear however he reached over backhanded Harley.

“MARIE IS MINE! You don’t touch her unless I give you permission and I did not! She’s my squeeze get your own!”

“We could share…”

Bella’s jaw drops and her eyes widen. She covers her mouth quickly though as she started to giggle. Joker snaps back towards Bella.


Bella slowly approaches Joker. She runs her hand along his chest. Bella grabs him by the collar and starts to obsessively kiss him. He moans into her mouth and grabs her ass. Bella then leans into his ear and whispers while stroking his cock through his scrubs.

“Jack baby, I need you to trust me. You too Joker baby… I’m getting us out of here.”


He gets a handful of her hair and roughly kisses her again. He then looks her in the eyes.

“Does my little princess want to play?” He whispers in return.

She nods.

“Very well… daddykins can play just this once.” Bella gasps out as he scoops her up.

He sits on the couch and places Bella in his lap. Harley rubs her jaw but then adjust herself.

Bella keeps her eyes locked onto Harley. Joker begins to play along. He starts off by kissing along Bella’s shoulders. Harley tried to focus on the questions she needed to be asking, but couldn’t. She crossed her legs and pushed up her glasses. Joker began to run his fingers along Bella’s crotch and her hips were gyrating along with the motion. Joker grinned while seeing Harley’s reaction.

“Like what you see?” He uttered and continued to toy with Harley by molesting Bella right in front of her.

“She likes to be called Harley.” Bella says in a sultry tone and winks at the doctor.

“Is that right? Harley huh? I think my princess want’s to take you for a ride. Haha! A ride! Oohhh! Well Harley, you like my little princess?”

Harley swallows back.
“What happened earlier was very unprofessional of me. I do apologize. Um, let’s just get to the session!”

“Hmmm. Session? But that’s so boring… I haven’t seen my squeeze in quite some time doctor. I mean as a doctor you should know I have needs. Let’s just get to the questions another day shall we?”
He lays Bella down and began to strip her down.

“You can observe that’s fine take notes or record even. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.”

Harley tried not to watch as they went at it yet again. But she had a live porno going on and two of her favorite stars. Her eyes however stayed locked onto Bella. She wished there was a way she could get Bella to see her the way she does Joker. What she wouldn’t give to have Bella touch her like that. Bella’s hands ran all along Joker. Her arms and legs would wrap around him off and on and she kissed him like there was no tomorrow. She’d do anything even become Bella’s slave. They both turned towards Harley as she let out a moan without realizing she had.

Joker laughed and went back to what he was doing. Bella winced during a certain part and he looked down. He narrowed his eyes upon the area she’d been shot.

“Hmmmm.” He groaned but kept going.

Once he was done he pulled out. He looked over to Harley as he came on the area Bella was shot. Joker rose and pointed upon Harley. He was curious as to how desperate for his girl she was.

“Clean it up.”

She narrowed her eyes.


“Clean my princess up, I made quite a mess.”

Harley nods and grabs some tissues. He shakes his head.

“No, no with your tongue! And only the mess you’re not to touch or lick anything other than my semen!”

To his great surprise, Harley obeyed. Bella looked to Joker wide eyed and raised her hands in the air letting him know she wasn’t touching Harley in return. He nodded in approval and folded his arms about his chest. He grew curious as to how much they could get away with. It seemed this doctor was very obsessed with his girl. He wanted to use this to its fullest advantage such as getting them both the fuck out of Arkham Asylum. He wanted to smack the little bitch around. Yeah he was turned on. Part of Joker wanted to watch the two fuck like mad. But the mere idea also had him wanting to choke the Harley to death! In fact a lot of things about the bitch made him want to smack her around! He thought his princess got on his nerves but Harley was crossing a thin line.

Once Harley was done she looked over to Joker as if waiting for word on what to do next.

“OH I do believe things are about to get quite interesting. Very interesting indeed. Hahahahahaha!”

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