Chapter 13 Taste Like Pudding!

Chapter 13

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For a solid week Joker and Bella continued to play their little game. They kept it minimum with teasing and gestures at first. Joker paid close attention to Harley’s reactions. He knew his princess would have Harleen Quinzel wrapped around her little finger in no time. The mere idea excited him. Yet pissed him off all the same. Once the week had come to an end however Joker was growing more impatient. He wanted out of here. He wanted his princess to himself. He needed to be out causing havoc about Gotham city. That and well Batman still had to pay! He was done with the games! Batman was no longer worth the trouble. He’d finally crossed a line and Joker had plans to get his point across! NO ONE TOUCHES HIS GIRL NO ONE!

“She says sweetheart you really should smile more. I love it when you smile. I still wouldn’t smile. My princess doesn’t like not getting her way. So she comes up to me with the very blade I gave her. My precious squeeze takes the blade and cuts me open like a jack o lantern! HAHA! Get it Marie Sweetheart a JACK o lantern?”

Bella cut him a look of surprise. Joker never ever referred to Jack. It stunned her beyond belief. It only made her wonder though if Jack himself was trying to come through. Bella smiles.

“Anyway afterword she looks me dead in the eyes. She says, why do you always have to be so serious?!”

Bella smirked at Joker’s bullshit lie.

“Is that really what happened?” Harley questions Bella.

Bella shrugs.

“What can I say I’m a very creative being?”

“She most certainly is.”

“And how did you get your scars?”

“I felt so horrible about what I’d done to my Jack. That I took that same blade and took punishment amongst myself. I wanted him to smile so I forced it upon him. So in return I only deemed it fair that I never smile again.”

Joker leans over and licks Bella’s scars.

“Neither of your stories add up you do realize this?” Harley says with slight annoyance knowing they were both full of shit.

Harley sighs as they were too busy making out.

“Bella, why don’t you tell me more about this Volturi?”

Bella froze.

“I’ve already told you everything.” She says through gritted teeth.

“I apologize. But I do feel you should talk about it some more.”

“Why would I want to do that?” Bella says rather darkly.

“You said everyone that was close to you died. Sometimes it helps to talk about it.”


Joker smirks as Bella’s eyes grew cold and dark.

“Do tell me doctor how does it help?”

Harley nervously swallows back.

“Haven’t we been down this road before? You ask me one question one time and that’s it. I do hate repeating myself!”

“Uh oh… now you’ve done it.” Joker utters with amusement.

“I sat in the lap of a vampire king while he loved on me and killed off everyone that had ever entered my life!”

“If it had been my lap instead, I’d at least have offered to let you participate.”

Bella and Harley’s jaw drops at Joker’s cruel words. He dies in laughter.

“Oh Marie my dear… it’s the least I could do!”

Bella goes to slap him. Joker roughly grabs her hand and forces it back down. He pins her down on the couch.

“Think about it… and admit it. When that pathetic ex of yours met his doom, don’t you wish it was at your hands instead? That you could have humiliated him the way he had you. He was an embarrassment. He couldn’t live up to your expectations. He wasn’t even man enough to take your virginity. Think about all the times mommy and daddy pissed you off. Your best friend everyone you watched die at one time or another had lied to you, betrayed you, or shunned you out at one time or other.”

“I never wanted to them to die!” Bella shouts at him behind tears.

Joker closes his eyes for a moment as he presses a raging hard on against her, the mere idea of her taking a life. He didn’t care who’s made him want to fuck her right away.

“Liar, liar pants on fire. What I wouldn’t give to strip away your morality Marie! It’s in you I can fucking see it. Go back and think about it. Instead of his lap you’re in mine. I’m devilishly handsome as always. I bring in your loved ones one by one. Only I leave it to you to decide who lives and dies. They don’t even have to know it was your decision. Tell me Marie my dear? Truthfully would they all live? If I leaned into your ear… just like this.” Bella gasp out as he presses himself against her even harder.

“And whispered who’s next?”


Joker growls out.

“THE TRUTH!” He shouts.

Harley goes to say something. Joker put up a single finger her way as if he already knew she was about to interrupt.

“Tell us Marie. Who lives and dies that day if you could go back?! If you were given a real choice or hand even in how it went.”

Tears streamed down her face. He moaned again and licked them off her face.

“Tell me who would be first to die?!”

She swallows back as the tears continue to pour.


Joker smiles in satisfaction.

“And why is that my dear?”
“Because I hated him!”

“Hmmm and why?” Joker questioned as he kissed along her shoulders.

Harley found herself strangely aroused by this. So much so she forgotten she was supposed to be taking notes.

“He broke every promise he ever made me and turned out to be a complete coward and a pussy.”

Joker chuckles as he continues to kiss her.

“How does he die Marie?” Joker hisses in longing.

“I rip off his little pencil dick and cramp it down his mouth. I duct tape his mouth shut and watch him choke to death.”

Joker grins.

“Puts a whole new meaning to the phrase CHOKE ON IT! HAHA Oh I love it! NEXT!”

Bella winces.

“Next Marie!” He demands.

“Mike Newton.”

“And why?”

“He was always doing annoying things like kissing me when I didn’t want to be kissed. Flirting with me continuously even after I turned him down multiply. He never got the point.”

“How does he die?”
“I strap him to a chair and have every male Volturi member there humiliate him.”

“Touching him where no man wants to be touched by another, for every time he recoils the way I used to, he’s bitten and they slowly drain him to death.”

Harley’s jaw drops at Bella’s words.


“I don’t want to do this anymore.” Bella pleads.

“You’re Joker’s princess! You will do as you’re told and answer the fucking question. WHO DIES NEXT?!”

Bella gasps back in sobs.


He heatedly kissed her.

“Sir perhaps it’s time you left…”

Joker cuts Harley a fucking go to hell look for interrupting him. Harley swallows back and clamps her hand over her mouth. He nods towards her in silent understanding and goes back to what he was doing.

“My mother.”

Harley’s eyes widen and she freezes. Joker himself stops at this. His eyes lock with Bella’s. He smirks.
“Now that one I didn’t expect. Interesting…” He says behind a sneer.

“Do explain…”

“Yes please do…” Harley whispers curious as well.

“She turned her back on me the moment she married Phil. I had to leave all my friends and life back in Phoenix behind. Her and her new hubby traveled the world in luxury. While I spent my time in that shitty town. She knew I hated to be wet and cold! All it ever did was fucking rain. It wasn’t long after I met fucking Edward and my life went to utter shit.”

“How does she die?”

“Alone… in complete darkness. Where she will never see another face again.”

Joker dies in laughter.

“It isn’t funny.”

“Oh yes it is! WHY I LOVE IT! IT’S BRILLIANT! SPLENDID AND DOWNRIGHT HILARIOUS! Do tell me what do you think their faces would look like if they knew you were the one that had decided their fate? That you were the one running the show all along, oh dark mistress!”

Joker gasps back.

“What would your mother think?!” He covers his mouth in fake shock.

“And would you cave the moment they begged for forgiveness? When they cry out Bella no! PLEASE SAVE ME NO! I DIDN’T MEAN IT!”

Bella flinches at his words.

“If I was the one running the show, things would have been far more interesting. I’d like to meet this “king” and point out the error of his ways. He obviously knows nothing about running a show. Nor does he know anything about how to woo one such as yourself.”

Harley and Bella look to Joker oddly.


“Ah, yes… I do believe this Aro had some sort of feelings for you.”

“That makes no sense.” Bella says rolling her eyes.

“Hmmm… Think about it Marie. He let you live… He killed everyone you loved. He had you sitting in his lap as he showed you affection during so. And once he releases you he continues to keep tabs on you and controls your bank account. If that doesn’t say love then what does?”

“You’re sick.” She hisses.

Joker grins.

“That maybe, but I’m not the one holding out.”

“Holding out?” Harley questions.

Joker nods confidently.

“He’s waiting… I’m just curious as to why.”


“Yes, what is it with the two of you?! Are you hard of hearing?!” He snaps.

“What do you mean Jack?”

He shrugs and goes back to kissing on her.

“It seems I’m not the only one that desired a pet.”

“That doesn’t make sense.”

“This is getting rather boring now don’t you think? When do we start talking about ME again?”

Harley sighs and Bella takes in a breath of relief. She detested discussing anything about herself.

“And she won’t let me kill them! But Jack they don’t deserve to die! I’m the fucking JOKER! I WANT TO KILL! I LOVE IT ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT AND THERE’S JUST SOOO MANY WAYS ONE CAN DIE! It’s quite fascinating really. The look on their faces just before it happens! Hahahahahahaaaa! It’s to die for! HAHA Marie to die for!”

Bella sighs.

“If you don’t truly care about what she thinks they why don’t you just kill them anyway?” Harley questions with full interest.

Joker narrows his brows. He taps his fingers upon his chin.

“You know, I’m not quite sure!”

“And how does that make you feel?”
“Hmmm…” Joker hums as he runs a hand along Bella’s arm.

“Like smacking her around! Showing her who’s BOSS!”

Bella’s jaw dropped. He chuckles at her reaction.

“Oh Marie, my dear you know you deserve a little smack from time to time! Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa!”

“And you don’t?!”

He shakes his head.

“You think you don’t get on my fucking nerves?!”
“Watch yourself Marie…” He says with a menacing tone.

“And what exactly Mr. J do to get on your nerves?”

Bella lifts her eyes towards Harley.

“Mr. J?

Harley nods.

“It’s my name for Joker, since I’m not allowed to refer to him as the other…” Harley hints.

Bella smiles.

“That’s right. Only I can.”

Bella leans back and crosses her legs. Joker sighs as if bored.

“Tell me Harley what’s your name for me?”

“Would you like a name?”

Bella nods. Joker cocks a brow Harley’s way.

“Missy B perhaps?”

Bella shrugs as if indifferent.

“I suppose it’ll do for now.”
“Do you not like it?”

Harley looked as though she were pouting. She placed down her clipboard and took off her glasses. Bella tilted her head about. She hintingly nudged Joker. He grumbled under his breath.
“You should get contacts.”

Harley raised her eyes towards Bella.

“Seriously… Don’t you think so Jack?”

Joker narrows his eyes towards Harley. Bella rose from the couch and made her way over to Harley.

“May I?”

“Um sure.”

Bella took Harley’s hair down from her usual ponytail. She used her fingers to comb it out. Bella then fluffed it out around her shoulders. Bella eyed Joker as she stood behind Harley.

“Doesn’t she look pretty, Jack?”

Joker presses his lips together as if in thought. He then taps his fingers along his chin.

“Too many buttons. It reads frigid and recluse. I never could get into the whole nun fetish!” He hints and points to her blouse.

“Right… My Jack likes the naughty schoolgirls! ” Bella says and she reaches down and unbuttons two more of Harley’s crimson red blouse.

“Oh you do know me so well! Plaid skirts, little white cotton panties, and never ending legs. You think my little princess is simply to die for now Harley. You should see her when she’s not in these horrific scrubs. She could make a queer twitch! HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!”

Joker nodded in approval as he observed. Harley was already breathing heavy. However she reached over and grabbed Bella’s wrist.

“I’m sorry Bella, but you need to have a seat. We can’t have our sessions getting out of control anymore.
Bella sighs as if disappointed. Her bottom lip puckers out. Joker shakes his head.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?”

Bella makes her way back over to the couch and covers her face.

“Now you’ve done it. You’ve got her all upset!”

Harley looked on with alarm. Bella starts to cry. Joker immediately wraps his arms around her and pulls her into his chest.

“There, there Marie.”

Harley swallows back. Joker cuts her a rueful glare.

“I don’t like when it when someone upsets my princess! Harley…” He declares darkly.

“I… I’m sorry. I truly meant nothing by it Bella hun. I just…”

Bella’s sobs become even louder.

“I was just trying to tell her how pretty she was.” Bella cried.

“I know sugar lips…”

Harley takes back a breath.
“You really think I’m pretty?”

Bella nodded against Joker’s chest.

“Well I find you quite stunning as well Bella.”

“No you don’t! You acted as if you didn’t even want me touching you!”

“Awww. Marie sweetheart…”Joker pats her back having a field day with this.

He knew Bella all too well. He’d seen her pull this con when on the job many of times. He always played right along. Joker loved the sick thrill he got from it.

“That couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Bella peeks over from Joker’s chest. Harley sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose.

“I fear I might not be able to be your therapist for much longer. I’m sorry. It’s become a conflict of interest.” Harley says as if broken hearted.

Joker smirks to himself.

“Are you breaking up with us sweetums?” He says in a rather seductive voice.

He watches her reaction as he runs his hand up Bella’s shirt.

“It’s my fault isn’t it?! I did something wrong!”

“Nicely played.” Joker whispers in Bella’s ear as he kisses along her neck.

“You’re being a very naughty girl, Marie. Now she doesn’t want to see us anymore!” He growls loud enough for Harley to hear.

He randomly flips Bella over his lap and starts to spank her.
“Papa spank!”

He yanks her pants down enough to expose her ass and continues. Harley swallows back and runs her fingers along her collar.

“I don’t believe that is necessary. She’s done nothing wrong.”

“So you’re telling me you don’t wish to punish her as well?”

“Punish her?”

Joker nods. He wiggles his finger upon Harley.

“Come on now Harley, no need to be shy.”

Harley takes back a breath. Joker wiggles his brows and runs his hand along Bella’s rear invitingly. She bravely comes to a stand and makes her way over. She gasps out as Joker grits his teeth. He reaches over and yanks Harley over his lap as well.
“You really think I’d let you punish my princess! HARLEY!”

Joker jerks her skirt up and pulls down her black panties.

“Hmmm…” He groans out looking at Bella and Harley’s asses side by side.

He ran his hands along them both. Bella cut Joker a look of unreserved jealously. She looked pissed when she saw his hand on Harley’s ass. Joker winked upon Bella. Harley cried out as Joker slapped her ass way harder than he ever would Bella’s. He took turns between the two, each time around with Harley he didn’t hold back. Red hand marks were spread across Harley’s ass.

“Marie…” He growled in agony.

He shoved Harley off his lap. He then whipped his cock out.

“Suck it, Marie.”

He grabbed a lock of Bella’s hair and forced her mouth around his cock.

“KEEP GOING.” He growled as his hips lifted off the couch.

He lowered his brows as Harley hopped up. She crawled over towards Bella. Harley ran her hand along Bella’s sex. Joker stirred below yet was grew with fury as well. His cock swelled up and become rock hard in Bella’s mouth as Harley placed a finger in Bella’s pussy.

“HARLEY!” He scolded but was humping Bella’s mouth as he watched.

He growled out and pulled out of Bella’s mouth. He sprang up and grabbed Harley by the hair and dragged her back to her chair.

“She’s my squeeze!”

He puts his hand around her throat.

“You didn’t ask permission.”

“Jack…” Bella warns with concern as Harley’s face was turning red.

Harley put up a hand indicating she was alright.

“She needs to know her fucking role Marie. YOU BELONG TO JOKER!”

Bella hurriedly makes her way over and places a hand upon Joker’s shoulder. Harley rips her own blouse open. Joker let’s go and tilts his head about.

“Hmmm… Not bad Harley…”

Bella frowns and hits Joker on the arm.

“Hahahahahaaaaa. Is my little princess jealous?”

Joker grabs Bella and brings her against his chest. He leans into her ear.
“You can lie all you want my little pet. But I caught you looking as well.”

“Jack.” She hisses.

Joker roughly kisses her.

“You can look all you want. But you had better remember who you belong to sugar lips.”
“That goes double for you Jack!” Bella says furiously as she shoves him back and slaps him across the face.
“Behave Marie!” He scolds as he grabs her by the hair.

They look over to see Harley playing with herself and moaning. Joker grins upon Bella.

“I do believe she’s putting on a show!”

Joker takes off Bella’s prison scrubs. He immediately latches on to Bella’s breasts. He moans against them as he sucks on them. Joker curiously feels to see if Bella was getting wet from it.

“I knew it…” He hissed with a beam.
“Marie, my dear, are you partially bi?”

Her jaw drops and he dies in laughter.


He sticks his fingers inside and forces her to look upon Harley. He presses his hard on against her as he does. Bella floods his fingers with a good indication that she was turned on. Joker leans into Bella’s ear.

“I want you to do your fucking job and get us out of here! Do whatever it takes. Just this once Marie, I mean it. Only daddykins gets to watch.” He whispers harshly.

Joker eyes Harley.

“You stay put!”

Bella makes her way over to Harley. She straddles her lap and whispers into her ear as she rocks back and forth. Joker sneered but grabbed himself and began to stroke his cock as he watched. He couldn’t decide whether to be mad or in pure lust. So he decided on both. He ground his teeth together as he watched his princess grinding on Harley’s lap. He growled between moans as he observed. Bella pressed her bare breast up against Harley’s.

“You think you can still help me?”

Harley looked to Bella oddly.

“I need to be free. I don’t belong here. You said so yourself.”

Bella nervously swallowed back as she kissed along Harley’s neck. Harley arched back. Harley’s hands run along Bella’s back and down to her ass.

“I don’t have a pet yet…”

“Pet?” Harley questions.
“I’m Mr. J’s Pet, but I don’t have one of my own. You could be mine Harley. You should come with us. We all belong together and you know it. This is meant to be.”

Joker caught Bella completely off-guard as he swiftly made his way behind her. He positioned Bella just right and rammed his cock in as deep as it would go. Literal madness washed over Joker his nails dug into Bella as he fucked her. At the moment he was in full on lust and all he could think about was getting off and getting the fuck out of this idiotic place.

“Well fucking show her Marie. Show her what we have to offer if she joins us.”

Bella looked back to Joker apprehensively. He turned her back around and motioned her head towards Harley’s mouth. Joker lost it as Bella set herself free at his hinting permission. She kissed Harley and began to fondle her breasts.

“Marie you little slut, I knew it.” He chuckles a bit but was still pissed even through his sheer amount of covetousness.

He pulled out just before he was about to come. He wanted to prove a fucking point however to Harley. That no matter what HE still ran the show. EVERYTHING was his call and they did nothing without his say! NOT EVER! Or there would be consequences.

“Open your mouth Harley!” He irately demanded as he held his cock in his hand.


Bella couldn’t believe her own actions as she forced Harley’s mouth open. Joker shot off into her mouth.

“Swallow! ALL OF IT!” Joker was also caught a bit of guard by Bella’s actions.

He loved it! How fucking forceful she was being with Harley. How she was dominating her. He wondered if Bella even truly realized what she was doing. He still wanted to kill Harley no doubt. The bitch had it coming. Nevertheless, he loved watching his little princess having her fun with Harley as well even if it angered him greatly. To Joker Harley was no more than an obedient dog.

“Lick it clean Harley.”

He smirked at Bella’s words. Joker’s eyes locked with Bella’s as he felt Harley’s tongue lapping along his dick. Joker bent down and heatedly kissed Bella.

“You and I were meant to be my precious Marie.”

He shoved Harley off his cock and walked away. Harley kissed Bella and ran her hands along her.

“I can get you out of here puddin’.”


Harley nods and licks her lips.

“You taste just like pudding.”

Bella narrowed her eyes upon Harley realizing her voice had somewhat changed. It was more high-pitched. Bella looked to Joker oddly. He didn’t even seem to take notice. He was lying on the couch as if already growing bored again.

“Me and Mr. J? Right Harley?”

Harley nods and caresses Bella’s cheek.

“Anything for you Missy B.”

Bella smiles.

“That’s what I like to hear Harley baby.”

Joker grinned at this and folded his arms behind his head.

“Thattya girl Marie. You little fucking tease…” He uttered to himself.

The three of them got situated and dressed.
“Tomorrow… I’m getting you both out of here. You just need to follow my lead.”

Joker raises his brows as Bella grabbed Harley by the collar of her blouse and kissed her once more.

“Tomorrow… Harley baby…” Bella said so seductively that she had Joker and Harley damn near climbing the walls. They both watched as she walked away and the guards were leading her back to her cell. Joker cut Harley a look before the guards escorted him back as well.

“Later Harley…” He uttered with a wink and was escorted out.

Joker and Bella looked to Harley oddly as she handed them both lab coats and white scrubs.

Bella looks to Joker with concern.

“You honestly think we can just put these on and walk right on out of here?”

Harley nods.

“With me accompanying you yes.”

Joker shrugs upon Bella. He strips down and begins to get set up. Harley had gotten the works name tags and everything. She even grabbed some makeup for the both of them to conceal their faces better.

“We must work fast.” Harley looks to the time.

“Most of the guards are off to lunch. We’d only have a handful to fool if we go now.”

Bella nods and hurriedly gets set up. Harley makes her way over and helps the both of them look the part.

“You are Dr. Jackson and you are LVN Monroe. Let me do all the talking unless I hint otherwise.”

Joker frowns at this. Bella pecked him on the cheek.
“Do I have any say in the plans?”

“Do you want to get out of here?” Bella inquires.
Joker sneers.
“Fine… but just this once! I don’t take kindly to taking orders from others.”

“Jack please she’s just helping us break out.”

“Hmmm….” He sighs.

“Let’s just get this over with. White my dear is not our color.” He says frowning upon the uniform as he looks into the mirror.

Harley places the surgery mask onto Joker’s face. She looks over to Bella.

“Keep your head down and pretend to be reading over these files.”

Bella nods. Harley glances upon the both of them once more.

“OK then… Here we go.”

Harley looks upon Bella.

“Stay close…”

Bella nods and Joker rolls his eyes.

“Stay close.” He mocks with full on jealousy once they start exit the room.

Harley had already taken care of all surveillance footage temporarily. She had it frozen for 15 more minutes. She only prayed that was enough time. She used her ID card to go through the first security door. Thankfully the first couple of hallways the security guards didn’t so much as bat an eye. It wasn’t until the very last hallway. The one leading to their freedom that trouble arose.

“I’m sorry Dr. Quinzel, but we have to see their ID’s as well.”

Harley smiles and sighs.

“They don’t have ID’s silly. They’re visitors. I was merely showing them around.”

Both security guards look to one another. One of them Bella noticed was eyeing Joker in particular.

“Do I know you?”

Joker shrugs.

“Do I know you?”

Bella rolled her eyes and Harley pinched the bridge of her nose. Bella swiftly disarmed the guard closest to her she put a gun to his head. Joker chuckled in amusement.

“I do believe the party has just begun.”

Harley shook her head.

“Don’t do this guys…” She pleaded.

“Relax Harley. We’re getting out of here.”

Bella says. Joker nods and rips Harley’s ID tag off her neck. He uses it to open the door as Bella takes their hostage. The other security guard starts to rush off towards the emergency button. Joker hurriedly grabs the gun from Bella’s hand and shoots him in the head. He chuckles to himself afterword as both women cut him a look of disapproval.

“Now that felt great!” Joker said as he handed Bella the gun back. She put it back to the guards head.

Joker popped Bella on the butt. She gasped out as the gun went off. Bella dropped the body and looked upon Joker irritated.

“Oops…” He says with a shrug.

“We needed a hostage.”

Joker grins and looks back upon Harley.
“Who’s not to say we don’t have one?!” He yanks Harley over to Bella.

Harley’s jaw dropped and Joker winked upon her.
“Do be careful! She tends to get trigger happy.” Joker warns as they start down the hallway.

Alarms were going off throughout the entire building now. The residents of Arkham could be heard throughout. Some were laughing, crying, shouting about wanting free as well. Harley found herself strangely turned on as Bella dug the gun into her back. Bella looked over to Joker as they were at the door but she knew there would be a sheer amount of guards outside just waiting for them. Joker nodded and he quickly made his way to one of the security rooms. Bella shot the guards as they came at him. Joker then picked up one of their guns he began to shoot the control mechanism to the cells, freeing every person in Arkham. He smiled excitably and clapped his hands together.

“Oh, this is going to be a blast! HAHA”

He takes both women by the hand.

“Now this is where I run the show! Follow my lead. Bella drop your weapon.”

She looks upon Joker in a sulking manner.

“Drop it Marie, you have plenty of toys at home!”

She sighs and drops it. Joker then slams the door open and begins his own little game.

“Hurry save yourselves!” He shouts out at Harley and Bella as he pushes them towards the gates.

“THEY’RE ESCAPING! ALL OF THEM!” Joker shouts out frantically.

“They already killed her husband!”

He points to Bella.

The guards look to them wide eyed.

“Hurry please they are seriously outnumbered! It’s a blood bath in there!”

One of the guards opens the gate for Bella and Harley. They take off.

“Go on sir, we got it from here.”
“Do be safe!” Joker says as if concerned.

They nod and rush inside.

The three off them take off into an alleyway. Bella lifts the lid to a nearby sewer. Harley wrinkled her nose.

“You with us or not Harley baby?”

Joker sneers at this. Bella winks upon him however. He tilts his head curiously, but doesn’t comment.

“Boots?! Are you there?” Bella called out with hope.

She grins ear to ear as she hears the familiar tromping sound. Joker rolled his eyes as he appeared and held out his arms. Bella hopped into the sewer and Killer Croc caught her.

“Crunchy meat!”

Bella pats him on the head.

“Aw, I missed you too!”

Joker looks over to Harley he smirks. He heaves her into the hole. She landed on Croc breaking her deathly plunge.

Joker sighed with full disappointment.

“Do be careful Harley my dear! I’d hate for you to have some sort of accident.” He calls out as if sincere.

Harley and Joker locked eyes. He waved upon her. Bella hadn’t even seen what Joker had done. He laughed amongst himself and climbed on down.

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  1. I love this story and I’m interested in this take of Joker. I’m interested I think his chapters turn of events with Harley falling for bella and bella turning out bi now that was an amusing surprise. I’m looking forward to what actions Joker is going to take against Batman and the police force of gothem for shooting down his princess. Anyway I’m excited for the rest of this story so take your time but please update soon and until then.

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This site is the cat’s pajamas

Addicted to Godric...Eric...Andre...(Sevrin)

Fanfiction & Etc. by Meridian (*psst* Bring coffee...)

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