Chapter 15 Pale Moonlight

Chapter 15
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About a week later…

“All my best wishes… I’ll happily be your nurse once you get home! Call Me!” Toodles – Joker

Bruce rolled up the card in his hand furiously. Commissioner Gordon sighed. “Joker had sent the flowers to the police station. He had them labeled Batman.” Bruce nodded.

“How’s Barbara?”

Bruce grimaced at the look on Gordon’s face.

“Our suspicions were right. Doctors say she’ll never walk again.”

“Where are we going, Jack?”

“It’s a surprise!”

Joker had her blindfolded as they stepped out of the stolen limo. Joker had his arm around her waist as he led her to the area. He came to a stop and lifted the blindfold. Bella’s hand flew over her mouth. She handed over Harley’s leash. He folded his arms about his chest as she took off running towards the building. Harley started too as well and Joker forced her back, by jerking on Bella’s leash.

“Behave, Harley!”

“Sorry, Mr. J.”

Bella pulled open the doors and a huge smile formed on her face. It was just like the old Fun House! Only bigger, better, and it had a lot more toys! Only this he called the Mad House. Joker jerked Harley along as he followed behind Bella. He watched as Bella looked throughout all the rooms. She turned back to him with a beam.

“I love it!”

He nodded. He went and sat down at his throne. Harley sat at his feet like usual. Joker patted his lap and Bella made her way over. Bella hugged his neck.

“Thank you!”
“Hmmm… leave us boys…”

His men hurriedly scrambled out of the room. Joker kissed along her shoulders.

“You know if you really want to thank me…” He hinted and slightly lifted off his throne as the “point” pressed up against her.

Bella twirled around in his lap and kissed him.

“It’s been awhile since we put your little pet to use.”

Harley perks up as she overhears this. She goes to stand and Bella pulls back on her leash.

“You wait, Harley.” Bella calls out.

“Ok puddin’.”

Joker unlaced Bella’s corset.

“Why don’t you and Harley give Daddykins a show?”

Harley looks to Joker as Bella climbs off his lap.

“Free rein, unless I say otherwise…” Joker makes clear to Harley.

She smiles and eagerly follows as Bella tugs at her leash. Joker leans back in his throne and watches. Bella pulls on Harley’s leash and kisses her. Joker still had his moments of sheer jealousy and anger. However his lust seemed to override it all. At times anyhow… Others he’d smack her around to get his point across. At night she slept at the foot of their bed, on a pallet, on the floor. Joker had a serious tent pitched as he continued to watch. They stripped one another down and Bella had Harley sucking on her tits. She then had Harley lick down her torso and forced her on her knees. Joker’s breathing grew heavy and he tilted his head about.

“HARLEY YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!” He scolded and gripped his cock firmly.

“Get that tongue in there. You know how my Princess likes it.”

Harley nodded.

“Keep her in line, Sweetheart!”

Bella bites down on her lower lip. Joker undid his pants and began stroking his dick. He clears his throat and waves them over. He had them both going down on him. There was always a difference between the two though. Bella never commented on it and it suited her just fine. He was never as imitate with Harley. He only kissed Harley during sex and that was usually when she and Bella were. When it wasn’t sexual, only Bella was allowed in his lap. In fact it was a rule! Bella would be spanked if she didn’t sit in his lap. At times she played with this rule for the punishment alone. And he never cared about Harley’s needs. He only cared about his and Bella’s. Their tongue’s lapped along his cock.

“Hmmm good girls…Keep going Harley. Really deep throat it!”

He forced her head down more. He never called her anything other than Harley, unless she got under his skin which was a lot then he had a lot of “names” for her. “The little bitch” seemed to be a favorite of his. He wiggled his finger about for Bella however. He took turns between kissing her and sucking on her breasts.

“Faster Harley!” Joker complained and moved her head about showing her the pace he wanted.

Bella gasped out a Joker began to finger her. Another thing he never did for Harley. He could care less. Joker pulled out of Harley’s mouth and shoved her away from him. He pulled Bella into his lip. Bella moaned out and arched back as Joker moved her about him. Harley kissed along Bella’s neck and reached around groping her breasts. Harley squeezed them together and Joker sucked on them. He had Harley walk around so he could play with both their breasts and take turns licking and sucking on them. Something he knew his princess took pleasure in. She liked watching this as much as she got off to Harley going down on him. He had them kissing again as Bella continued to ride his cock. Harley went to finger herself and Joker slapped her hand away.

“I didn’t hear my Princess say you could do that!” He snapped.

Harley whimpered out as he grabbed her roughly by the hair.

“Hold on, Sugar lips.” He says and lifts Bella off his cock.

He looks to Harley.


Harley nods and hurriedly drops to her knees. He and Bella heavily kiss as Harley finishes him off. After giving her a mouthful of come he gives Harley a kick, letting her know they were done with her. He brought Bella up against his chest. Before long she’d fallen asleep.

“Harley, I’m hungry.”

She nods and comes to her feet.

“What would you like, Mr. J?”

He shrugs and positions Bella into a cradling position. He puts himself away and fixes his pants.

That was another thing. Harley had to do all the cooking, their laundry, make their beds and pick up after them. That was Joker’s rules. Bella wasn’t to lift a finger. She truly was his brat now. If Bella tried to argue this… Harley was punished even more so than usual. Something Bella didn’t quite agree with. But she knew when Joker made up his mind on something that was that.

“I’ll fix you something! What about, Missy B?”

He kisses the top of Bella’s head.

“You can worry about her later. Oh and throw ole Cro boy a bone while you’re at it.”

Their new location resided right over Croc’s lair. Something Joker hadn’t truly planned but took all credit for when Bella found out. Harley’s voice never returned to that of her PhD level. It remained high pitched and childlike. No one ever commented on it. Joker now had over 50 men working for him and the numbers were rising as the days increased. With the Bat out of commission so to speak it became easier to commit crimes and load up on men.

There was only one thing; Joker still had to take care of. And that was coming up here soon. He was merely taking care of all his business in Gotham first.

Bella runs into the throne room wide eyed. She had her lab coat on and a syringe in her hand.

“Boots I need Boots!”

Joker reared back in wonder. He casually came to his feet. Bella felt the ground beneath her shake.


He hurriedly took out his gun as a massive shadow appeared behind Bella. Harley clung onto Joker for dear life.

“Get off me!” Joker sneered and elbowed her away from him.

“MARIE!” He shouted as the being appeared behind her. It took its huge hand and flung Bella across the room.

Joker gritted his teeth and fired several rounds into the odd looking creature before him. His men rushed into the room and they too began firing at the creature. Joker barely managed to leap out of the way as it came barreling right for him. The being grunted and groaned out. It was pulling at its hair and beating on his chest. Joker noticed how it was sweating some sort of neon green substance. From the looks of things, it was the titan. As a gift to his little Princess, Joker forced the Riddler into making her a lab of her own here at the Mad House. She had the top line in everything she needed. Only now it looked as though one of her projects had gotten way out of hand. Even with all the rounds he and his men fired. It was hard to take down. It was ramming its shoulders and head through the walls of the Mad House. Joker rolled his eyes, knowing he’d have to have all that repaired now. .

He looked over however to see his princess hadn’t gotten back up. Bella was lying on the concrete floor motionless.

Joker hollered and shoved Harley down so he could get to Bella. It was then that something happened. Something that no one would ever comment on. But everyone in the room witnessed. That would be Harley, 30 something of Joker’s men, and Killer Croc had just made an appearance. The creature was barreling right for Bella. Joker leaped out firing the last two rounds he had. Everyone in the room looked on in utter shock, when the two shots didn’t seem to faze it. Joker stood before Bella with gritted teeth. Joker got slammed back against the wall. The creature held Joker up with one hand. Joker swiftly distracted it with one hand as he was pointing to Killer Croc. However with the other. He pressed the acidic flower he always wore on his suit and sprayed it right in the eyes. It dropped Joker instantly and covered its eyes bellowing out in pain. As it staggered back it bumped into Killer Croc who now stood directly behind him. He took both fists against the creature’s back. He then ripped its jugular out with his teeth. Once he was done he sat down and had himself a good meal. A meal that was nearly as big as him.

Harley ran over with tears in her eyes as Joker scooped Bella up.

“Wake up, Marie!” He demanded.

“Mr. J!” Harley said in a panic.

Killer Croc looked over with concern as well. Joker slapped at Bella’s cheek. At this Bella shot up and sucked back a breath.


Joker nodded.

“That sucked…” She grunted out in pain.

Harley covered her face in tears.

“Knock that off, Harley!” Joker barked.

Harley nodded and did her best to force the tears away.

“Are you alright, Missy B?”

Bella nodded and reached to her head.

“Jack, I figured it out! Did you see what I made?”

He sighs.

“Did you see how big and strong he was?!” Bella was damn near childlike in her eagerness and pride.

Joker chuckled.

“Yes Marie. How could I not?!”

Bella giggles as Joker carries her to his throne.

“Clean this up!” He demands.

Bella tugs on his purple blazer.

“I made a Titan Henchman! How cool is that? And he didn’t explode like all the others!”

“Hmmm…” Joker looks to Killer Croc in thought.

He narrows his eyes and tilts his head.

“Marie my dear, how do you feel about going to back to Italy?”

She looked upon him as if he were nuts.

Joker smiles.

“You know visit some old friends of yours? HAHA! I do believe I’ve the perfect plan. Oh it’s going to be so much fun! I can hardly wait!”

“Jack! No! Not my Boots!”
“He’ll be just fine, Marie!” He says as he grabs one of her syringes from the lab.

He places it in his jacket.

“Of course, we’ll have to wait until we get to Italy! Then we can shoot him up with this.”

“Excuse me?!” He challenges darkly.

“You heard me! You’re not going to do that to my Boots! You use one of your fucking henchmen! Hell we could have an army if you wanted!”

“That’s not a bad idea… But you saw how well that played out.”
“That’s because the dosage was too much. But I got it perfected now!”
“Then your precious “Boots” should be just fine!”

“Jack please… not him.” She clings onto his arm for dear life.

“I love my Boots! I won’t let you hurt him!”
Joker grits his teeth. He pins her up against the wall.

“Yes, he’s my friend!”

“What did I tell you about love?! Haven’t you learned anything?!”

“I don’t care what you say! He’s my friend! And I happen to love you too, you ass!”

“Don’t be a fool, Marie!”

“Just admit it, you love me too!”

He dies in laughter and reaches to his gut. Bella’s entire face turns beet red and tears stream down her face.

“Love?! You honestly believe I love you?!”

Bella slaps the shit out of him. She gasps out as he wraps his hand around her throat.

“What did I tell you about that?”

“Go ahead, if that’s what you want! Go on and kill me, Jack! It won’t change how I feel.”

Joker closes his eyes and shakes his head. His grip loosens and Bella takes back a breath. When he opens his eyes again, they lock with hers. He caresses her cheek.


Bella covers her mouth in shock. This had made the first of Jack Napier’s appearance, since he’d told her he loved her. He hadn’t made an appearance for two reasons. One Joker was punishing him and wouldn’t let him. Two, he feared what Joker might do to Bella.

“Jack?” She whispered.

He nodded and pressed his forehead against hers.

“I’m here, Bella darling.”

Her arms instantly wrapped around his neck. She hugged the daylights out of him. She hadn’t realized just how much she truly missed him. She’d begun to fear he’d left the building so to speak. Bella found herself feeling so confused when it came to Joker and Jack.

“I missed you so much!” Without meaning to Bella broke into literal sobs.

Jack hiked up one of her legs and heatedly kissed her. Her heart kicked to life as he kissed along her neck and shoulders.

“I missed you too.” He utters as if in agony.

“So fucking much.” He says through gritted teeth.

He kisses her once again. His movements become more desperate. Jack starts to breath heavily. He looks around to see where they are. He frowns seeing as how they were in the lab. Jack drops his hands and motions towards the door.

“Let’s go to “our” room.”

There he knew he could have his fair share of intimacy and Joker hadn’t a choice, but to stand back. This was Jack’s time now. In there, Joker couldn’t interrupt that was part of their deal. He follows Bella out of the lab and to their room. Harley was already in their making the bed. She smiled upon them.

“Hey puddin’!”
Bella made her way over and pecked Harley on the cheek. Jack narrowed his eyes. He wasn’t quite sure how to feel about Harley. Part of him felt sorry for her. The other part knew she’d created this mess herself. She made herself a victim. Harley had this hopeful look on her face. Something Bella must’ve picked up on.

“Not today, Harley. I don’t share Jack. Jack is mine and mine only.”

Harley smiled.

“Like how I’m yours too?”

“Yes, Harley.”

Harley made her way over to Jack. She genuinely hugged him. Bella watched curiously. Jack actually hugged her in return.

“Take care of our girl, Jacky boy!”

“I will, Harley.”

Harley skipped out of the room and shut the door for them. Bella couldn’t believe how well Harley took that. Like she actually seemed happy for Bella, that Jack had returned. Jack loosened his tie.

“So I’m sharing you with her now as well?” He says sounding overly bitter.

Bella grimaced.

He shakes his head and puts a finger to her lips. Their time was limited as it was. He didn’t want to spend it arguing. He sighs and kisses her forehead.

“Just a lot to take in at times is all. Just try not to bring in any more lovers, for my sake at least. Joker might be all for it. But it’s not my cup of tea. I want you to myself. I want all of you Bella. Don’t get me wrong your friend Harley is quite stimulating, but she’s not you.”

“Harley isn’t my lover Jack. You are… I don’t love Harley. I care about her sure and yes she’s my friend, but…”
“You’re using her… Like Joker uses you.”

“Jack…” She says in a pleading like voice.

He takes in a breath.

“Just don’t let him totally consume you. Remember I’m here. I’m always here.” He says putting a hand to her heart.

“I get that you’re Joker’s girl. But in my eyes you’re so much more. Don’t ever let that die.”

Bella nods as he backs her up against the foot of the bed. Jack gives her a slight push and she lands on the bed.

“And right now… YOU’RE MINE!”

He throws off his jacket and vest. He then unbuttons his shirt as he does this, Bella gives Jack a bit of a strip show. He smirked as he observed. Once he had his clothes off, he crawled onto the bed and towards Bella. He used his teeth to take off her panties. The only thing she had on. Bella giggled as he held them between his teeth, once were off. He took them into his hand and breathed them in.

“Bella…” He groaned as her scent floored him.

He looked to her pussy in thought and licked his lips. Jack lifted one of her legs and kissed and licked along it. He continued all the way to her sex. Jack spread her lips apart and took a gander. She was already glistening with wetness. He breathed her in again. She always smelled so mouthwatering. He had to taste her. He’d had to hold back for far too long. Jack dove right on in. He instantly moaned out against her pussy. Bella arched her back at the intense pleasure. His tongue ran along her clit over and over teasingly. She cried out his name as he took his tongue deep into her slit.

She felt his hands reaching beneath her. He got a firm hold of her ass and squeezed her cheeks. As he did this he lifted her more towards his mouth.

“Your pussy… fuck it taste so good.” He utters before diving once more.

Bella hit a massive orgasm. Jack eagerly lapped it up.

“More… I want more.” He begged.

He took turns between fingering her and licking that clit of hers. When he was done he rolled over, lying on his back.

“FUCK!” He called out.

Within seconds Bella had his cock in her mouth. He thrust off the bed a little and pulled her hair back, so he could watch.

“Keep going, darling. It’s been so long since I’ve come in that sexy mouth of yours.”

She lapped along his dick more vigorously. Bella felt him throbbing even harder now. He began to swell up even more. She knew he was about to blow. Just before he was about to come. She hurriedly began to jerk him off. Her eyes lifted towards him, watching his reaction. As she opened her mouth and jerked him off.

“FUCK YEAH!” He growled as he witnessed his come landing all along her tongue and lips. She licked it all up and swallowed it down.

Thanks to that little show she just gave him. He was still rock hard. That and well “Jack” hadn’t had sex in a couple of months now. He felt as though he were in overdrive.

Bella found herself taken back. Jack grabbed her and pinned her down to the bed. He kissed damn near every part of her he could reach. He licked and sucked on her breasts. Bella ran her fingers through his hair as he hovered over her. His lips found hers once again. From here, Jack took his time making love to her. Kisses traveled along his chest and neck as he thrust himself within her. She was so warm and inviting. He gritted his teeth in thought. And so fucking TIGHT… He felt her release once again and Jack found himself coming again as well. He stayed right where he was for a few moments. They continued to kiss and take in whatever they could of one another.

Bella ran her hand along his chest as he held her.

“I know you can’t say it… But I love you.” Bella says softly.

Jack nods and it killed him. But she was right, he couldn’t. Joker wouldn’t allow it. Joker wouldn’t allow ANYTHING that showed weakness. However, Jack also knew what Joker had done the other day with the Titan Henchman. That wasn’t Jack! NO Joker was still punishing him and wouldn’t let him come through no matter what. He tried. He’s been trying. Desperately! Then again, he feared what would happen once he broke through. He’d never forgive himself if Joker hurt Bella on his behalf. This confused Jack though. Why did Joker risk his own life protecting Bella? Joker came first! He always came first! Since when does he ever have an act of selflessness?

“Is something wrong Jack?”

He shook his head and held her even tighter.

“No, Bella darling.”

Bella never even knew. She was still out cold when Joker took the intended hit. Once Bella was asleep Jack rolled her over. He swallowed back rather hard. His emotions were getting the best of him. His fingers ran along her body as he took her in. He shook his head seeing the engraving Joker had left in the scar the bullet had left. He bent down and kissed it. Her beautiful scarred body, he thought to himself. It truly showed just how rough Bella had it. Yet, it also showed just how breathtaking she truly was that even with the scars. Men and well women now… seemed to flock to her. She was extremely desirable.

Jack tucked her in and decided to take care of something else, before Joker returned. He exited the room, quietly pulling the door shut. Harley was doing the dishes, as he entered the kitchen. Harley heard him enter the room and froze. He nodded a certain way letting her know it was him and not Joker.

“She’s asleep now.” Jack clears his throat.

“Just be careful, Harley. I’m not the only one with jealousy issues. And I fear you haven’t a clue just what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

Harley smiles.

“I’d do anything for Missy B.”

Jack takes in a breath.

“Then that’s the one thing we have in common.”

Jack makes his way over and helps her dry off a couple dishes. He could feel Joker knocking at the door though. He sighed and looked over to Harley, handing the towel back. He gave her a peck on the forehead.

“Watch after her for me. Will ya?”

She nods.

“It was nice meeting you, Harley.”
“You too, Jacky!”

He nodded in return and rushed out of the room.

Joker, Bella, Harley, Killer Croc, and sixty of Joker’s men stand before the gates of the Volturi.

“Nice place?! Are you sure you’re not having second thoughts Marie my dear?”

She cuts him a go to hell look.

“Hahahahahaaaa, Oh Marie sweetheart! I’m merely stating you might want the King of the Crypt Keepers instead of the Clown Prince of Crime?!

Bella grits her teeth.
“Is that what you want? For me to choose Aro instead?!”

Joker shrugs.

“It wouldn’t matter if you did. You belong to me, Sweets! It’s not about what you want! It’s about what I want!”

He tilts his head about and runs his hand along her ass. He smacks her on the rear.

“Hmmm, well I suppose it’s time we visit the three wise guys. Fire in the hole boys!”

Joker uses a bazooka to blow down the gate leading to the Volturi palace. He then walks up to the doors. The henchmen take out the guards with their guns and grenades.

“KNOCK,KNOCK!” Joker calls out as he reloads the bazooka. He gets positioned and fires again.

“Hahahahahaaaaa!” He hands the bazooka over to one of his men.

Joker continues crushing the debris leftover beneath his feet. He makes his way down the hall as Harley, Bella, and the henchmen use grenades, bazookas, guns, and acidic weapons, to take out whatever guards came their way. Killer Croc helped himself to whoever came his way. However he pouted and looked to Bella with disappointed.

“What’s wrong, Boots hun?”

“No meat!” He says showing her the vampires after he’d chomped down on them.

“Sorry Boots! I should have mentioned that!”

Killer Croc groans and stomps about bitterly. Joker died in laughter.

“Hahahahaaaaaa Ole Croc Boy normally you get a burger! Time to eat the chips! HAHA!”

Bella began to set up some claymore mines as they made their way down. Joker nodded keeping note of where she was placing them. He had the remote to them in his blazer.

Bella clung onto Joker’s arm before he reached for the familiar double doors.

“There are a lot of them and you need to remember some of them have special abilities.”

“Wait til they get a load of me!”

Bella sighs as he heads on inside. The Kings had already heard the entire ruckus and were merely waiting. They each looked to the odd assortment of guests before them.

“Hmmm.” Caius was first to hum with curiosity.

Aro however was first to shoot to his feet. He breathed in the air and smiled.

“Il mio prezioso Isabella! Hai finalmente tornare a casa!”

Joker rolled his eyes. Aro clapped his hands together with delight.

“So it was you! That scent! I knew it must’ve been. But you look so… different… And what’s with that silly getup and makeup my dear? Why you’re no clown! No, no, you’re magnifico, mozzafiato, e pronto!”

Joker’s men are about to make their move, but Joker motions for them to hold on. Aro informally makes his way over to Bella. Joker observed his every move. Bella cringes as he cups her chin. Aro sighs but with a hint of a smile.

“At least something’s haven’t changed.”

Aro takes a kerchief from his suit. He begins to wipe her makeup away. He narrows his eyes at the scars on her face, realizing that wasn’t part of her makeup, like he’d thought.

“And what happened to you, Belladonna?”

Aro’s attention now directed upon Joker. Joker cut him a dark glare.

“Has this demented clown hurt you? Was it he that did this?”

Bella reared out of Aro’s hold.

“Inquires the man that killed off everyone I knew.”

Aro nodded.

“Ah, but yes. You were in much need of a lesson. After all a promise is a promise and you broke yours. It wasn’t anything personal. It never was… Surely, you must know how I feel about you. But I couldn’t go soft. I had to treat you as though anyone else who goes back on their word amongst the Volturi. It wouldn’t be right of me to show such favoritism.” He reaches out and caresses her cheek.

“Hurting you like that pained me. To this very day, it still haunts me. But I tried so hard to get across to you. That even through my punishment. I’d only eyes for you.”
“And what of your wife?!”
Bella hisses. Joker cocks a brow of interest on this as well.

“As I stated… I didn’t take it so well… My punishment for you and once I freed you. It ripped my heart out. I felt the need to punish myself as well. And in all honestly my heart already belonged to you. You never knew just how I truly felt. But I knew if I set you free… within time you’d grow to appreciate what I’ve done. That soon enough, you’d look back and realize… you and I have something. Something special… And no need to worry about all the scars… even these…” He says running a finger along the ones Black Mask gave her.

“Once I turn you it’ll be like they never even existed. You’ll be back to your alluring self!”
“You never answered my question…” Bella reminds.

“Ah, yes my wife…”

He sends Alec out to retrieve something. Aro paces around looking to Joker and the others that accompanied Bella.

“And you are?” Aro inquires.

Joker makes a tsking sound with his tongue.

“Can’t you tell I’m a real estate agent? This place is simply to DIE for….”

Before long Alec returns. He’d a silk red pillow case with him. He handed over to Aro. Aro handed it over to Bella. Bella apprehensively took the bag. She rolled her eyes seeing it was his wife’s head.

“And how long ago was this.”

Aro raised his brows rather taken back by her mannerisms on this. She didn’t even seem fearful or sickened by what she saw. In fact she took out his wife’s head and was holding it up by the roots. Marcus grimaced. Bella took notice.

“And how did Marcus feel about you killing his sister?”

Aro smiled.

“He agreed that we all should take some sort of punishment of our own after what we put you through. No matter the consequences. I was just so angry. I felt so betrayed. You were to join us! Become Mr. Cullen’s wife! But you did no such things.”
“If you wanted me for yourself then why did you want me to marry Edward? Why would you want him to turn me?”
“So muuuuccch talking. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… And I thought my Princess said you were “Deadly”.”

“Your Princess?” Aro inquired bitterly.

Joker nodded.

“I am the Clown Prince of Crime! You can call us your majesties.”

Aro yanked Bella over to him.

“I don’t believe so. I’ll be taking over from here. I more than plan to make up for the wrong I’ve done. I’m much in need of a new queen. And I’ve searched everywhere for the Belladonna. Now that I have her back, she belongs to me!”

Joker swiftly twirls around and plunges the syringe filled with titan into Croc’s heart. Killer Croc growled out and Joker jumped back barely missing Croc’s attempt to knock him out.

“It’s for Marie! Do you want them to take her away from us, Croc ole boy?”

Croc’s eyes grew wild in thought.

“That’s right boy! GET MAD! GET MURDEROUS!”

Joker drops down to his knees in pain.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Bella screams out.

“Missy B!” Harley cries out as she’s reaching out to Bella.

Aro was dragging Bella away.

“JACK!” Bella cried out as she struggled to get to her weapons. Aro’s hold was too great however. She couldn’t even budge.

Killer Cro roared out as the titan began to spread throughout his veins. Joker gritted his teeth and reached to his temples. The pain Jane caused him was excruciating. He felt as though his head were about to cave into itself. He lifted his eyes towards the blonde vampire bitch responsible.

“Hahahahahahahaaaaa! OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He began to laugh uncontrollably as he saw Jack Napier and The Prince of Crime standing before him. But only he could see them. The Prince of Crime merely stood there laughing. Jack however was PISSED!

“JOKER!” Jack shouted.

“He’s going to take her from us! KNOCK IT OFF! GET UP YOU FOOL!”

Joker continued to manically laugh. So did the vision of the Prince of Crime standing beside Jack Napier. Jack had enough!

“QUIT FUCKING LAUGHING AND GO GET OUR GIRL!” Jack had Joker by the collar of his blazer.


Joker sucks back a breath as both Jack Napier and the Prince of Crime leaped after him. His body flew back at great force. He growled out in pain and pulled at his hair. This internal struggle was taking over his entire body. It was agonizing. Tears streamed down his face as he cried out. Jack Napier and The Prince of Crime were fusing and becoming one within the Joker’s mind, body, and soul.

Jane narrowed her eyes as her brother and the other’s looked on with confusion.

“Are you?” Alec questioned.

“No!” Jane snapped with confusion.

She screamed out as Killer Croc came right for her and her brother. The titan had taken over his body and he’d become so massive, he had to duck down to keep from bumping his head on the ceiling of the palace. The ceiling of the palace was at least thirty feet off the ground. Bullets were flying everywhere. Grenades were going off.

He however rose affected by nothing around him. He ignored the henchmen, Harley, the vampires, and Killer Croc. Everything around him… his eyes darted the direction where Aro and taken Bella. He nodded to himself and walked right through the intense battle happening around him. Nothing fazed him.

“NO!” Bella shouted as Aro had her in his chamber and on a bed Aro never used. They didn’t fucking sleep. Bella cringed, knowing damn well what that bed was there for.

“You’re where you belong now. Together we can rein! We are gods amongst men!”

Aro grew hard in thought of the power this one would possess. If Edward couldn’t read her and he couldn’t see her memories… He couldn’t wait to see what sort of vampire she’d become! Aro didn’t want to waste anymore time. He’d waited so long for this. He caressed her cheek.

“When you wake, you will see, everything will be better!” He went to plunge his fangs into her neck.

Only he hollered out. Bella started laughing and kicked him off the bed.

“Did you honestly think it’d be that easy?!”

She hopped off the bed and made her way over as Aro backed up against the wall, covering his face.

“OH what’s wrong did I get it in your eyes?”

She wasn’t aware that she had an audience. Her every move was being watched. She kicked Aro as hard as she could in the face.

“YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Bella shouted as she hoped around on one leg.

She growled out in pain but picked up a nearby wooden chair and threw it at him.


Bella shouted as she continued to throw whatever she could get her hands on. Aro forced himself up. Bella and Aro now faced one another. Bella laughed again seeing as how she’d melted off over half his face. One of his eyes was missing.

He however was full of pride and lust as he continued to observe.

“Looks like Joker was right. That stuff is pretty toxic!”

Aro started towards her but was weakened as the acid also eroded part of his neck, hand, and chest. Before Aro could get to Bella. He snuck up behind him. Bella locked eyes with his. He gave her a wink. He grabbed a sickle Aro had on display in his room. Bella’s jaw dropped as the sickle was rammed through Aro’s back and came out the other side, through his sternum. Aro was being dragged out of the room. He was dragged back into the area of battle. Only there wasn’t much of a battle taking place now. Killer Croc had a massive pile of broken bodies behind him. Henchmen were high fiving one another. Harley was using one of the fingers off the vampires to etch hopscotch into the floor. She happily hopped up and started her little game.

He took out his gun. He grinned ear to ear.

“The gag is up boys! The joke is all on you! Good ole Jack is back!”

Bella’s heart caught in her throat hearing the change of tone in his voice. Somehow it was deeper, darker, and even more menacing. She couldn’t even move, Bella was so stunned. Jack chucked Aro into the middle of the room. He fired round after round after around upon Aro. He didn’t even bat an eye, once he completely out of ammo. He strut on over and ripped the sickle back out of Aro’s body. He jerked Aro back up by the hair. Jack gritted his teeth and began tearing Aro apart piece by piece with the sickle. He saved his head for last. But as he took his head he looked Bella in the eyes. He dropped the sickle and made his way over to Bella. He held up Aro’s head before her. She nodded and Jack tossed it behind him. Killer Croc stomped on it with his feet. Jack swallowed back and pressed his forehead against hers. He then lifted her chin with a single finger.

“I’m tired of laughing all the time, but I have plenty of reason to smile. I love you, Bella Marie. And no one’s taking you away from me. I’ll rip their lungs out first!” Jack promptly grabbed ahold of Bella and fervently kissed her. Bella’s breathing became erratic as they continued to kiss. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and kissed all down her neck and shoulders.

It was because of her, Jack Napier was able to come through, more powerfully than ever. That desperation, anger, and everything that fucked the old Jack over washed over Joker. It became too much even for him to handle. Joker was drowning in Jack’s determination to take over! TO GET HIS FUCKING LIFE BACK! All Jane did was ignite that spark Jack needed. Without meaning to she helped bring Jack back from the dead!

“Hmmm…” He hummed running his hands along every part of her he could touch. Jack threw down whatever they had left of the claymores.

“Let’s go boys!” Jack called out.

Jack, Bella, Harley, Killer Croc, and the henchmen exited the palace. None of them looked back as Jack hit the remote. The entire palace went up in flames as the claymores went off. Leaving nothing left of the palace itself, or the vampires within.


A month later….

“Hmmm.” Jack hums as he kisses Bella.

“What do you want me to do with this one?” Harley calls out.

“Throw it in the back as well, Harley Sweetheart.”

“Okie dokie, J.W!”

He nodded and threw in a couple bags as well.

“Let’s load it up boys and call it a night!” Jack called out as they heard sirens from distance.

He hopped into the van and helped Bella and Harley inside. His men shut the back doors to the van.

“Hold on, darlings.” He said and grabbed ahold of them protectively as his men peeled out of there.

The three of them fell back against the bags of money. Jack chuckled and the girls giggled. Harley and Bella snuggled up against him. Like usual he kissed Bella first then Harley.

Still Bella came first in everything. To Jack his love was Bella, To Bella it was Jack, To Harley it was Bella. But the three of them truly cared for one another. They lusted for each other, but had mutual respect. Harley no longer had to ask permission to show her feelings for Bella. She sat with Bella and Jack at the throne. She slept in the same bed. She no longer had to worry about being abused, but in that same since. It was still Jack’s say. It was his way or there would be consequences. It was that way for anyone that went against his wishes. And he was now the most famous, powerful, and feared mob boss in Gotham City. He was known as Joker’s Wild. As to why the girls called him J.W in public, but Harley referred to him as Jacky or Jacky boy in private and Bella still called him Jack.

After he kissed Harley, she crawled over him and was kissing Bella. There were no more jealousy issues between Bella and Jack. They knew how they felt and they always put one another, before Harley. Something Harley had come into terms with and accepted. The way Harley saw it they were her DOM’s. The reason Jack allowed this odd trio? He and Harley shared the one thing in common. And always would. They put Bella’s needs first. They knew the other would die for her. That reason alone made this all easier to pull off. Jack knew if he kicked Boots or Harley to the curb. That would make his Princess of Crime unhappy. That’s not something Jack wanted. Her needs came first, always would. They still resided in the Mad House. Harley was now known as Harley Quinn. Bella was still known as Joker’s Princess. And Jack Napier was Joker’s Wild. His men were known as the Wilds. They hadn’t changed their appearances much either. The only thing that Jack hand changed was he now wore a purple and green stripped fedora and his suit matched it. His outfit was more mob like, the way he preferred it. His men dressed similarly, only without the fedora. They also hadn’t the flare Jack had. Bella wore a women’s blazer with the same fashion over her usual outfit. His weapons of choice? Throwing “Joker Cards” (like throwing knives), machine guns, and knives. He also carried various devices in which he used for torturing. But often enough, he left that up to his Princess. Joker’s Princess was still the best, when it came to torturing their victims for information.

The girls also came in handy on the job for distraction. He couldn’t count just how many times, they were able to get themselves out of a sticky situation, because of their little make out sessions. They got into some pretty heated ones too, ones that got even Jack hot under the collar.

Jack joined in on their kissing and he ground Harley against him, as she was still straddling him. But Jack knew what Harley really wanted. That had him even harder. Harley enjoyed a thorough fucking from Jack. But preferred Bella, but that didn’t stop him from teasing her. He wanted her begging. In fact he loved it when they both begged. He feverishly kissed Harley in thought. He then whispered into her ear.

“You want my Princess, don’t you Harley?”

She nodded with desperation in her eyes. Bella smiled and ran her hand along Harley’s back and rear. Harley moaned out at the slightest touch Bella gave.

“Jacky please, let me fuck my puddin’…” Harley whined.

“Haha! You can when I’m ready!” He taunted with smirk.

He ground her against him once more and rolled her over. The girls giggled as they got situated. The van had hit a bump and tossed them about a bit. Jack ran his hands along them both as they made out. Jack took it upon himself to strip them down as they continued. They didn’t break stride. Harley was grinding herself against Bella. Jack took a moment to appreciate the view. Their breasts were pressed together. Their tongues were rolling about. And Harley was fingering Bella. Once Harley had Bella where she wanted she began giving her pussy thorough bath.

“Thattaya girl, Harley. Get her nice and wet for me.”

As he undid his pants he slipped a couple of fingers into Harley’s pussy. She cried out in pleasure. They had Harley so wound up she was flooding his fingers within a couple of thrusts. Once he had his dick out he drove himself into her. He gave a few more thrusts with his cock just enough to get her off once again.

“Good girl. Now it’s my turn…”

Harley nodded and rolled off Bella and readily licked Jack clean. He caressed Harley’s cheek and nodded. He moaned out the moment he entered Bella. Something about her pussy… Sure Harley’s felt great it was nice and tight. But Bella’s felt like home… Once he was in, he never wanted to leave.

“Hmmm, she really did get you good and wet. Didn’t she, Bella Marie darling? You like having your little pussy ate out?” He taunted in her ear.

Bella moaned out as she began to orgasm. She cried out his name and her nails dug into his back.

“Fuck her harder!” Harley encouraged with a giggle as she kissed along Bella’s shoulders.

Harley was also pleasuring herself as she watched Jack and Bella. Jack smirked at this.

“Harley seems to think I’m not fucking you hard enough is that true sweetheart? Do I need to fuck you harder?”

Both girls simultaneously moaned out at Jack’s words. Harley welcomed herself to Bella’s breasts and sucked on them as Jack continued to fuck her.

“Good god, you two haven’t a clue how sexy you are. Hmm.. Hmm. Hmm. I could just eat you both up. In fact, I think I will!”

Once Harley raises back up. Jack kisses her as well and plays with both of their tits. He licks and sucks on Harley’s. Bella had multiple orgasms as she watched Jack and Harley. Jack pried himself away from Harley’s tits and went to sucking on Bella’s. His first concern was always Bella no matter the situation. But he and Bella wanted Harley to be pleasured and to enjoy herself as well. Jack’s rule though was Bella got off first and last always.

“Harder Jack, please!”

He chuckled as he’d been purposely holding off. He wanted to Bella begging. He gave into her wishes and slammed into her with everything he had. He didn’t even bother to count. Bella was soaking the money bags and the van. Harley cried out as she fingered herself to the pace Jack was fucking Bella.

“I’m about to fill up that sweet little pussy of yours. Harley’s going to lick it all up when I’m done, darling!”

Jack grunted out in a finish. He pumped himself within Bella a couple more times before pulling out. A long string of come followed along. Harley eagerly licked his cock clean. She then proceeded to lick up every bit of the mess Jack left within Bella.

“Keep going, Harley baby.” Bella pleaded as she petted her, feeling another peak coming along.

Jack’s men pulled up to the Mad House, but they knew the rules. If Jack was busy with his girls. They were not to interrupt! EVER, unless it was a dire emergency. They quietly exited the van and let them be.

“Yummy!” Harley said as she came back up.

“HAHA! My Princess taste good, doesn’t she?”

Harley nods and lies down on her back. The three of them kiss once more before getting into their clothes.

“Go on in, sweethearts. The boys and I will unload and be there shortly.”

Once Jack opened the doors, Jack’s men greeted them and helped the girls down. That was something Jack made clear as well. His men were to serve the girls with the utmost respect and were to treat them like true gentlemen would. If he ever witnessed otherwise, there would be consequences. A couple had already learned the hard way. One was drawn and quartered by Jack personally as the others observed. He’d made the mistake of yelling at Jack’s princess during a job. He wasn’t happy with how things were going and decided to take it out on Bella. Jack said nothing at the time, but once they got home, all hell broke loose and he took matters into his own hands. The other had a grenade strapped to his ass and that ended deadly as well. He’d made the mistake of grabbing Harley’s ass when she didn’t want to be touched. Bella and Harley had grown so close, that she’d come to Jack in tears that day. When Jack confronted the henchmen, he laughed. It looked as though his Princess had gotten to him first. He’d a black eye and broken nose. Bella might’ve been his love and little princess. But he had respect for Harley. And anything that upset his Princess, upset him! Therefore his men learned quickly NOT TO EVER FUCK WITH HIS GIRLS. As Jack often enough referred to them…


Bella nestled against Jack’s chest, lovingly. Harley lay against Bella’s chest. She was already nodding off. Bella petted Harley soothingly as she slept. Jack motioned for one of his men to gather Harley and put her to bed. Afterword he brought Bella down from his lap. He cupped her chin.

“I wanted you washed up. Put on one of those new dresses I got you. I’m thinking red…I want your hair down. We’re going out, Dollface!”
She nods and obeys his wishes. He leaned back and straightened his tie. His men entered the throne room with a group of men that owed him money. He narrowed his eyes and came to his feet. He lifted the fedora just slightly with the tip of his finger.

“Well boys?””
“Look, Mr. Joker sir, we…”

“Let me guess. You’ll have the money tomorrow?!”

“Yes sir, of course!”

Jack rolls his head about neck with slight irritation.

“Isn’t that what you said yesterday?”

“Well yeah, but this time’s different!”

“Yeah, he’s right! Just give us one more day!”

Jack licks his scars and nods. He makes his way over and takes out his blade. Their eyes widen. Jack’s men got a better hold on them. They already knew what was to come. Anyone that screwed Jack over knew the price… He’d already let them off once. Everyone got one and one only.

“No Mr. Joker sir, please!” One of them pleaded.

The other three recoiled in fear. He twirled the knife about and stepped before one of the men. “Smile!”

The man screamed out as Jack grabbed his chin and used his blade slit his cheeks open with. Something Joker’s Wild was notorious for. Several of his victims now had permanently engraved smiles about their faces. By the time he got to the third one his suit was covered in blood. They were hollering out in pain. He gritted his teeth.

“NO! NO! This won’t do! I have a date tonight boys!”
He took out a cigar, clipped it, and lit it. He sighed.

“If you do not have what you owe me tomorrow. It’ll be neutering time boys!”

He took a drag off his cigar and watched as his men dragged the others out of the Mad House.

“Hmmm.” He hummed to himself and took out a kerchief.

He wiped the blood off his hands.

Bella entered the room and Jack froze. He tilted about and motioned for her to twirl about. She smiled and did. He wiggled his brows, but said nothing. He pecked her on the lips and rushed off. Bella frowned at the mess on the floor. She pointed to a couple of the men.

“Clean this up!”

They scurried about and got to work. Bella kicked back on the throne and made certain they did the job right. Whilst she did she thought back to everything…

Part of her missed “Joker”. Yet the other part of her felt as though celebrating Jack Napier’s come back. But that was the thing they were the same man now. There was no more confusion and Bella had both sides of the man and clown she loved. And in her eyes her little world was perfect. She was able to reverse the titan strain in Killer Croc and he was back to his normal self now. He still resided within the sewers beneath their Mad House. Bella and Harley had become damn near inseparable. Sure there were times Harley got on both of their nerves, but that was just Harley. She truly was like a loveable pet. During those times though Jack and Bella would merely get her distracted, or sneak away.

Before long, Jack stepped out in one of his fancier purple suits. He nodded towards her and held out his hand.

“Shall we?”

Bella came to her feet and made her way over. Jack took her hand and kissed it. He then led her out to a limo outside. One of his men drove them to a restaurant. He handed Bella a gas mask and gave her a wink. They arrived at her favorite restaurant. Jack exited the limo and walked around he opened her door then escorted her on in.

There were bodies all over the place. Ones hit by the toxic fumes, Jack had sent throughout the vents of the place. They held the masks to their faces and stepped over the waiters and waitresses that were on the ground. Jack found them the perfect area and pulled out a chair for Bella. After he got her seated he went into the kitchen and found a couple plates of food and dessert. He grabbed a bottle of champagne on the way as well. He had his hands full of goodies once he came to the table. Bella helped him set everything down. When he took his seat he took out a single red rose and handed it to her.

“Thank you!”

After their meal he took her out on the roof of the restaurant. The moon was full and he had spot lights lit about the roof. Jack grabbed a hold of her and twirled her about.

“Tell me Bella Marie… Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moon light…?”


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14 thoughts on “Chapter 15 Pale Moonlight”

  1. Ha! Perfect ending, sweets! For true! I’m glad Harley has her version of happily ever after and Jack too. Truly, there had to be a balance, but I’m so glad he didn’t turn good or give up crime, etc… This is a good balance. And the ending quote!!! Perfect throw back to show the crazy as well as Jack. It’s always been one of my fave Batman lines. Methinks, it’d make a good story title too 😉

  2. Perfect ending.. and I loved the words.. they were my favorite part of the first Joker (Movie Joker). So perfect, and how you reconciled them all to one person… such brilliance!!!

  3. Awesome as always hon…I love the ending as well as the rest of the story…looking forward in reading more of your work…thanks…huggs

  4. Amazing story! I love the balance between Jack and Joker, and I also like how Harley got her happy ending as well. I’m gonna say it again and again: you are truly amazing and spectacular as well as a great writer with real talent! Don’t ever stop writing. 🙂 ❤

  5. This story was awesome. I have no idea how Bella was able to put up with all the craziness of dating someone with two different personalities and temperaments. I nearly had a heart attack just reading the part how joker reacted to Jack saying he loved her sheesh. All the time he pulled a gun on her hands shaking, grabbed her by the throat all of it. She had the patience of a saint to put up with all of it. I was very happy to see the ending it was awesome. I really hope you do another Joker/Bella pairing. I really love how you handled the dark nature of joker with her. I like her paired with dark characters call me weird lol. I always like the asshole characters that change some by the end as he did here. He was still mob boss but it was now some kindness and that I loved.

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