Chapter 2 Just Good Enough To Eat

Chapter 2

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“Rise and shine sleepy head!”

Bella jumps up startled. She rubs her eyes to the blurry purple image in front of her.

“Joker…” She hisses and throws her head back down.

“Well who else would it be my little dumpling?”

“Ugh.” She rolls into her pillow and buries her face into it.

“Not a morning person I take it?”

She flips him off and pulls the sheet over her head.

“Hmm… haven’t I warned you about that? Anywho, feel free to join me! Leave the bitchiness down here though. I’ve got a day of festivities planned for us! So exciting!”

She peeks out of the covers. He nods and winks her direction. She watches as he walks out of the room. Bella hears him climbing out. He leaves the hatch door open. She takes in a breath remembering last night. Joker had his henchmen take care of the couple. He swore up and down he didn’t have them killed. However, as they were stepping out they were pantsing the couple. Joker dragged her out from there, before she could see anything. After they got back to the warehouse he strapped a grenade to the limo driver’s hand and stirring wheel and told him to go on, so he wouldn’t have to pay the fair. She grimaces in thought. She wasn’t sure she could stomach another “outing”. Bella heads into the bathroom and starts to get ready. She puts on her usual white shirt and gray sweats. She does her best to comb through her hair with her fingers. She laughs at herself and rolls her eyes.

“Why do I care?” She mutters and exits the room.

Once she climbs out she just stands there for a moment looking around. This Joker guy had made this warehouse into some type of damn near funhouse looking place. Everything had to do with clowns, carnival rides, games and it smelled of popcorn and caramel. She runs her fingers through her hair.

“Yeah this isn’t creepy.” She utters as she continues to look around.

Bella takes a few steps and gasps out. She falls back into some sort of seat like to that of a roller coaster. In fact she looked down to see it was even on tracks like one. It takes her through several different rooms. She couldn’t believe the sheer amount of work that was done to the place. It was the most freakish carnival looking place she’d ever seen. The cart stops at a set of mirrors.

“Oh come on that’s so fucking cliché!”

She looks around realizing there’s nowhere else to go though.

“I hate fun houses.” She mumbles.

Bella steps on through the obstacle of mirrors.

“Getting warmer…” She hears his voice.

“You suck Joker.”

“Haha! Yes well if only you would. We’d both be happy.”

Her jaw drops.
“My mother always said honesty is the best policy.”

“I’m surprised you even had a mother.” She mouths off with irritation.

She looked around wondering where this speaker box was. The mirrors toyed with her image. They went from short, fat, distorted, really tall, etc… However she came to one mirror. It stood out amongst the rest. She found herself gazing into it without being able to break free.

Joker was watching from his monitors. He’d forgotten about that mirror. It was one Scarecrow helped him with. It had a touch of Scarecrows toxins. Not enough to be harmful. Well… to the body anyhow. Just enough to toy with your mind. He raised his brows on this.

“Oopsy forgot about that pesky little number. Wasn’t intended for you… It’s for the Bat.”

He continues to watch with interest however. She took a few steps back. Bella reached her hand out to the mirror as if reaching for someone.


Joker tilted his head a bit.

“Hmm, well I see it works. Just on the wrong person. She’ll be awfully mad after this.” He utters to himself.

Bella looked to see Charlie reaching out to her.

“Oh my god dad! But how I…”

Joker actually jumped a bit as an earth shattering scream left her lips.

“Uh oh…” He sighs and looks back to the screen.

Bella was laying on the floor in a fetal position. She jerked around as though she were being beaten. She covered her ears. Joker hopped up and rushed into the room. He quickly scooped her up and got her away from the mirror. He sat her down and checked on her pupils. They were still dilated. She was shaking all over. Bella scooted back into a corner and brought her knees to her chest.

“Kill me! Please just DO IT! LET ME DIE!”

Joker lowered his brows. He folded his arms about his chest.

“Now that makes you the first that’s ever begged for me to kill them. Usually it’s the other way around. Please don’t! Help me! Why are you doing this to me?! He mocks. “You know those sorts of cries. Sorry sugar lips you’re just going to have to suffer. I’m not ready to kill you just yet. You tend to make things a bit more interesting. Ask me later…”

Her eyes roll back and Bella passes out cold.

“Well that didn’t go according to plan. Oh well, at least I know the mirror works.”

He flips her over his shoulder. He then sits her on his throne area. He makes her comfortable and shrugs as he goes to step back down. His henchmen look to him oddly.

“What’s she still doing here boss?”

“Yeah won’t that bring the Bat here? We don’t want that do we?”

“I say we kill the little bitch. We don’t need her anymore.”

Joker nods. He calls to his boys.

“Which of you feels we should kill her? A show of hands… Don’t be shy now.” He questions.

A good amount raise their hands.

“And which of you feel we should keep the girl…? You know for possible leverage or for purely my personal entertainment purposes?”

A little less than half agree to this. Joker nods.

“You know… I’ve yet to show you one of my newest attractions!” He says full of beans.

“Do follow me boys!”

He motions for the ones that were for the girl staying to stay behind. He has the others follow him. He loved the fact that they were too dumb to even realize they were being set up. He opened a door and had them all step inside. Once the last one stepped inside. He pulled the door to and jammed it shut.

“On the count of three fellas.”

Sure enough he hears them counting. He pulls a lever and listens to the sound of electric currents flowing about the entire room they were in.

“Now I bet they found that shocking. Who’d have thought? Hahahahahaaaa shocking!” He wipes the tears from his eyes from laughing so hard.

He returns to see one of the henchmen getting touchy feely with the little passed out beauty.

“Did I not make clear that she’s purely for MY ENTERTAINMENT?! HANDS OFF! I catch a one of you so much as eyeing her I will give you such a pinch. Do make myself clear?”

“Yes sir!” The one that was had his hand along her thigh answered.

Joker nods.

“Now dismissed all of yah… Except for you…” He says with narrowed brows towards the one that had his hands on Bella.

“But Joker sir…Please it was a misunderstanding. I didn’t mean it I…”

Joker waits until the others leave the room. He says nothing as he circles the henchman.

“I’m not so sure I believe you.”

The man starts to literally cry. Joker makes a disgusted face.

“Well, I suppose I can cross off hearing a grown man cry off my bucket list. Parting is such sweet sorrow. You should have kept your slimy hands off.” Joker grits his teeth and blows the henchman’s brains across the room.

Bella jumps awake at this. She has this alarmed look on her face as she scoots back in the chair.

“Aw, did I wake you? Sorry about that!”

He blows the smoke that was still descending from his gun. Bella looks down to the body on the ground.

He shrugs.

“Do you ever go a day without killing someone?”

“Now why would I do that?”

She rolls her eyes and leans back feeling ill.
“You should try it sometime my dear. It’s a wonderful stress release. And it’s quite fun!”

“You’re so fucking demented.”

“You do know how to work your way into a man’s heart. Such kind words.”
“Well I do try!”

“Hahahahahaaaaa oh good one! I love it!”

She raises her brows and shakes her head.

“So how did you sleep after our little date?!” He asks happily.

“Once again that wasn’t a date you delusional clown.”

He nods and presses his lips together.

“You seem to have trouble with hearing.”

“My hearing is just fine.”

He steps up to the throne and places his hands on the arm rests.

“When I say it’s a date, that’s exactly what it was. Last time I checked I was the one calling the shots. Kapeach?”

“Um no Kapeach. I have a mind of my own you know.”
He gently taps his index finger along her forehead.

“That also belongs to me now.”

She half laughs.

“You don’t own me.”

“Oh believe me I do. Within time you will see that and become accepting of it. You see, my precious Marie I always get what I want. No one ever stands in my way. Did I not make clear I wanted a pet?”

She grits her teeth together.


“Well not yet… we haven’t got to that part yet. All within time…”

“That’s never going to happen!”

“You couldn’t be more wrong. He presses up against her and nuzzles her neck with his lips.” He can’t suppress the grin that forms along his face.

There was that pulse again. Her body was reacting to his touch, whether she wanted to admit it or not.

“Aren’t I just good enough to eat, sweetheart?” He whispers seductively into her ear.

He clears his throat and backs up. He had to he’d only end up forcing himself on her. For some stupid reason he was having some sort of morals. He fucking hated morals and didn’t understand it. She deserved a good beating. That and he were suffering from a torturous hard on. He should have her bent over by now and begging for him to stop. The more she screamed out the harder he’d fucking pound. He growls in thought as he eyes her.

“You’re making me quite angry…” He complains.

She has a good laugh at this. He cocks a brow.

“Touché and ditto, finally something we agree on.” She says with a grin.

“Hmm…” That only messed with his mind more.

He curiously takes out his gun. He watches her reaction as he runs it along her face, neck, and chest. He runs it down the area of her sex lastly.

“What is it with you and being so fucking trigger happy?”

He presses his gun up against her and cocks the chamber.

“Why are you so calm? It’s rather irritating. Everyone fears the Joker… Why don’t you?!” A long growl left his lips as he put his gun back up in defeat.

“Well you are a clown…” She fires back.

“You severely need a good beating.”

“Thought you wanted to date me? How’s that going to work exactly?”

He smirks.

“So you’ve finally come into terms with how this all works?”

Her stomach growls and he slants his head to the side somewhat. He instantly grabs her and flips her over his shoulder.
“Would you stop man handling me?!” She complains.

He pops her on the butt.

“Oh do shut up Marie!” He snaps back.

He takes her on another outing. The day just gets crazier for Bella. First off he takes her to a local fast food joint. Naturally, he orders what they want then holds up a gun at the drive through. She wasn’t sure how, but they made a clean getaway. She wasn’t definite, but she thought they were too scared to even phone the police once they saw it was Joker at their drive through. This felt so surreal it was ridiculous.

Afterword, he pulls up to park and they eat. She gathered it was one of his henchmen driving him everywhere. It was the limo from last night they were in. Once they ate. He took her to one of the fanciest clothing stores in Gotham. A place she’d never even walk past in an afterthought.

“Keep the car running boys. Papa’s gotta get his little arm candy some new clothes.”

He takes her hand as they head inside. He automatically fires a warning shot as the woman reaches for the panic button.

“I wouldn’t do that. Back away!”

He makes them walk away from the counter. He locks up the store and puts up the closed sign. Bella tugs at his sleeve.

“Please don’t do this.” She was blushing.

He shakes his head. He points to one of the women.

“Help my girl here find some clothes. Whatever she wants… on the house of course.”

“Joker…” Bella hisses.

He gives her a gentle push towards the woman. He rips out the phone cords from the walls. He ties up the remaining employees and the two other women that were shopping. Joker then sits down with his gun in his lap. He lifts his eyes towards Bella.

“We’re not leaving until you have selected an entire wardrobe. So I’d get to looking my dear. Do make it snappy.”

She shakes her head in disbelief.

“I’m not doing this!”

“Very well…” He aims his gun towards one of the innocent shoppers.


“Then I suggest you get busy.”

She sighs.


He grins and nods as she starts going through the clothes. He has her try a few on. At one point he pointed to a dress. She shrugged and went and tried it on. Joker momentarily forgot where they were and the fact that he was holding up a store. He placed his gun down and came up behind her as she looked in the mirror.

“Hmm… Now this one I like.”

It was a deep purple, short and skin tight. He looked into the mirror and moved her hair away from her neckline. He kissed along her neck. She gasped back a little. Her chest heaved with uneven breathes.

“You’re wearing this one out. Get some shoes to match.”

Bella couldn’t believe she was doing this. By the time they were done she had ten huge bags of shoes, clothes, and jewelry. They quickly loaded up the limo with the stolen merchandise. Bella’s eyes widen as she heard sirens. She looked to Joker in a panic. He shrugged and grabbed her arm. He stuffed her inside the limo.

“Hit it boys!” He called out as they peeled out and slammed on the gas.

Bella’s body started to jar back. Joker got a firm hold on her. Bella looked back to see the police chasing them.

“Shit…” She had risen up to look out the back window.

Joker speedily yanked her down as bullets started to fly.

“Hate for you to lose your head. So be a dear and stay down would you…?”

She nods with that look of shock. He looks to her a certain way as he’s hovering over her. Before Bella can truly think about everything that’s taking place. Joker starts kissing her. He moans into her mouth and slightly lifts her dress as he rubs against her. She should be stopping this slapping him or something, but her body wouldn’t allow it. She was in full on heat.

“Um boss!”

He sighs and comes back up. He looks to see they were being blocked in.

“It’s just so hard to find good help these days.”

He puts a gun to the henchman’s head.

“Out, I’ll take over from here.”

The henchman nervously nods and hurries out of the seat. He gets in the back with Bella. Joker eyes her through the rearview mirror.

“Hold on.” He warns.

She nods anxiously then puts on her seatbelt and grabs hold of the door. Joker pulls off a maneuver as he barely manages to zip past a whole slew of police. Charlie was a cop. Bella flinches in thought. Yet here she was now running from them. She noticed how Joker was looking at her through the rearview mirror. She took in a breath not sure what to make of any of this. What caught her off guard was the sheer adrenaline and excitement she was feeling. She didn’t even truly feel frightened. She turns as the henchman next to her falls dead on top of her. She wrinkles her nose in disgust. Joker dies in laughter as he witnesses her opening the door and shoving the body out. She shut it after words whilst dodging bullets.

She noticed the look he was giving her.

“What he was dead anyhow and he smelled terrible?!”

“Oooh I do believe you’re going to fit in just fine Marie.”

“Fit in?”

“Heheheheheeee you’ll see. You’re about to learn some very interesting things about yourself.”

He’d distracted her long enough that once she looked around she realized he’d lost the police.

“How’d you…?”

“It’s all in here…” He points to his head.

“The trick is to be smarter than everyone else around you.”

“Even the police?”
“Especially the police.”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. She swallows back in memory of her father. Everyone she knew now was dead, everyone! She sucked back a painful breath. That stabbing sensation coursed over her. She’d done her best NOT to think about it. She didn’t want to. Joker took notice that glistening look in her eyes. That painful look however, turned into a look of hate. There was anger in her eyes.

They wanted her to pay. They’d been found out because of her! So they made sure they did everything in their power to get their revenge. She watched as everyone died. Edward had exposed them all because of her. They blamed her for his betrayal. She didn’t get to him in time… It was her fault though and she knew it. She didn’t feel the same about him. She was second guessing herself. She was mad at him for his foolishness. At that moment she saw Edward in another light. He was weak, annoying, a spoiled brat! Because of these thoughts. She didn’t get to him before he exposed himself. Once he did the guards had exposed themselves to take care of him. All of Italy had learned the truth now. Over hundreds had died that day as they did their best to clean it all up. To make certain there wasn’t a single witness left alive. The only one left… was her.

Not only did they have her tortured, but they brought forth everyone she knew and she watched as they died in torturous ways. Charlie, Renee, Jacob, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Carlisle, Rosalie, Esme, Jessica, Angela, Eric, and Mike all met their doom. They forced her to watch each one die and gruesomely. Once they were done she pleaded for death. They wouldn’t give it to her instead they had her blindfolded they left her out in the wilderness. So many times she almost gave in and let nature take it’s course. She remembered freezing, starving, and dehydration had taken a toll on her body. She’d almost drowned once as she’d fallen into a river during her journey back to humanity.

This was the most alive she’d felt in years. Tears of anger ran down her face. She furiously wiped them away. Joker heard the growl that left her sweet lips. He pulled out a flask from his suit and handed it over. He watched as she drank from it. She made a face and choked back a bit.

“What is that?”

“Moonshine!” He announces happily.
“WHAT?! Jesus!”

“Just Joker is fine.”

“You could have warned me.”
“Now what would be the fun in that? That was much more fun. You really are terrible at this. So much to learn! Honestly, what would you do without me?!”

She rolls her eyes, but takes another sip. She makes that bitter face and hands it back. He parks in a hidden spot near the newly made Funhouse. Joker has his men unload her bags. He makes his way to his purple satin throne and sits. He waves her over. She swallows back as the moonshine made her dizzy. She steps towards him. He reaches out and places her into his lap. He runs his hands along her arms. She goes to wiggle free only he pulls her back again.

“This isn’t happening…”

“I believe it already is.”

“You’re a murderer and criminal amongst other things I probably don’t even know about yet. You and I couldn’t possibly ever!”

He slightly pulls at her hair as he kisses her yet again.

“Admit it, it excites you doesn’t it!” He gruffly declares.

“You’re just as curious about me as I am about you! “

“That’s bullshit!”

“Deny, deny, deny… Must we go through all the steps? You might be able to lie to me, but your body can’t.” He takes his hand and rubs the area of her crotch.

“Hmm… someone’s ready.”

Bella’s jaw drops and she shoves his hand away.

“That’s never going to happen EVER! Face it you and I that’s a joke within itself!”

He shakes his head and rolls his eyes as she hops of his lap. With her back turned to him, he’d his gun aimed right at her. Only his hand shook for the first time ever. He raised his brows on this. He turned back towards one of his men and shot them instead.

Bella saw that the bags of her clothes were already in the room. She also noticed the cot was now gone and she had an actual black heart framed daybed. A dozen of purple roses were in a clear vase on a new nightstand beside her bed. Bella felt a wave of nausea hit. She leaned against the wall and sunk down. Her heart was racing. She actually felt what it was like to fear again. Something she thought she’d never feel again. Yet she didn’t fear the Joker… It was her feelings. There was just no way she could allow herself to fall for someone like him! He was insane! A demon! She could never condone what he did or who he was!

She jolted back up and took the vase of flowers she threw them across the room. She began to destruct everything in her path.

“Feel better?”

She jumps and turns.


He nods and makes his way over. He places his gun into her hand.

“Why don’t you fire off a few rounds? It’ll help!”

He leans back against the wall and nods in encouragement. She aims the gun directly at him.

He licks his scars and shakes his index finger upon her.

“Now let’s be reasonable.” He takes out another gun.

“I imagine I’m much faster. In fact I’d go as far as to say. You’ve never fired a gun a day in your life.”
He sighs and twirls his other gun around in his hand. He shoots at her TV.

“It was outdated.” He declares with a shrug.

He points to her with his gun.

“So a 21 year old virgin. Doesn’t that make you a bit of an old maid so to speak? Think about it. So what was the problem? No one wanted you?! Or were you just to frigid to give it up!”

She growls out and fires at the wall behind him. “Hahahahahaaaaaaaaa ooooo I must’ve hit a nerve!” He puts his finger into the hole in the cement.

“You’re a terrible shot! Try again!” He motions with his hand.

“Come on now… ”
Bella takes the other bullets out of the chamber, all but one. She spins it and snaps it into place.

“Hmm now where’d you learn to do that?”

“My dad was a cop.”

“Hahahahahahaaaa oooooo hehehe heee…” He bowls over trying to catch his breath.

“Daddy was a cop! Ooh I love it! This just makes this soooo much more interesting.”

She aims the gun back at him.

“Your turn.”

“Ah, a game of Russian roulette?”
She shrugs not taking her eyes off him. He nods and takes out his bullets. He shows her he only had one in the chamber as well. He too spun his and snapped it shut.

“Shall we meet at dawn or just go ahead and get this over with.”

Bella’s hand shook as she continued to point her gun his direction. He watched her closely. Her eyes were wild. She shut her eyes and brought the gun to her own head instead. Joker came to immediate attention. Her hand didn’t shake it was steady once she had it on herself. Joker heard the clicking of an empty chamber. At this he walked over. He roughly grabbed her and jerked the gun out of her hand.

“You were supposed to shot at ME! You didn’t play the game right!”

He shook her as hot tears came down her face.

“DON’T YOU DO THAT! THAT CRYING STOP IT!” He grabs her by the collar and lifts her off the floor.

He stares her down as he fires off his empty round against his head.

“I suppose it’s just not our time sweetheart!” He shoves her on the bed and leaves the room.

He locks her up, but only because he and his boys had a job tonight. He bitched and groaned as he got ready. He reloaded his gun. He had to deal with fucking Black Mask tonight. He loathed the son of a bitch. Then again Joker loathed everyone, but especially him. The guy hadn’t any sense of humor and he was even more trigger happy than the Joker was. But he owed Black Mask so he hadn’t a choice. If he and his boys didn’t show up. Black Mask would eventually put a bullet in his head. Joker laughed to himself in thought as he straightened his tie. He looked to the monitors before he left. Bella was hunched into a corner of the room. She was rocking back and forth. He shrugged and kissed the screen.

“That’s not even half of what you owe me Joker!”

Black Mask grabs him by the collar.

“Easy now, we still got a few jobs to do.”

“I hear you blew up the last load you got. A very foolish mistake! Anything for attention! Give me one reason I shouldn’t end you right here!”

Joker’s men aim their guns at Black Mask. Black Mask’s men aim their guns as well.

“Hahahahahaaaa ooooooh what a predicament right boys?”
“You’ve a weakness somewhere. Believe me I’m going to find it. I return in a month! If you don’t have what you owe me by then. I’m going to strike you where it hurts the most. Even a sick clown like you is bound to have something. I bet it’s right under your nose and you don’t even realize it. You’ve been warned clown. Do not disappoint me again!”

He exits the meeting area with his gangsters. Joker straightens out his tie.

“Such a lovely man isn’t he boys! I simply can’t wait until our next get together. Fun times ahead!”

Joker waits until they get in their vehicles and speed off.

“Alright boys let’s wrap it up and get this over with.”

Before heading back home, they rob another bank.

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