Chapter 3 Band-Aid

Chapter 3

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The henchmen bring Bella to the table. They seat her down. Joker lowered the paper and looked upon her. She still looked to be in a funky mood. He balls up the paper into a wad and throws it down.


She looks to him and rests her head on the palms of her hands. He grabs some oranges from a fruit bowl in the middle of the wooden rectangle table they sat at. He starts juggling. He rises from his chair as he continues. Only she doesn’t so much as bat an eye his direction. He tilts his head somewhat.

“Marie what’s another name for summit?”

“I don’t know…” She says as if bored.

“MOUNTAIN TOP!” He chunks the orange right at one of his henchmen and knocks him out.

“Hahahahahaaaaa oooo Mountain top!”

Bella covers her mouth trying not to laugh. Joker winked and sat back down. He slides her over an empty bowl. There were three different boxes of cereal and milk on the table. He waves his men out of the room. They both eat in silence. He noticed she was wearing one of her new outfits today. The store he took her to mostly dealt with dresses and skirts. She got a few pants, but not many. She was a wearing black skirt that stopped just above the knees and a white blouse that showed off the slightest hint of tummy. She also had on some low ankle white converse.

“So what job were you slaving away at?” He questions with curiosity.

“Before you became a criminal.”

“I’m not a criminal.”

He licks his lips and motions his index finger about.

“Are those not the clothes we got yesterday?”

She looks down and shrugs.

“Stolen… and you were there if I remember correctly.”

“But you… I… I didn’t steal them you did!”

“Hehehehe oooo you do make me laugh. You should see the look on your face.”
He leans back and pulls a remote out from his pocket. He turns on the news. Joker merely sits back and waits to see her reaction. Her hand clamps over her mouth as she sees his and her pictures on the wanted list for the crime that took place yesterday.


“Hahahahahaaaa… good stuff huh?! Quite the couple, aren’t we?”

Bella covers her face. She quickly uncovers it once she hears the sales reps being interviewed.

“Yes the woman was crazy! And she kept trying on clothes that were at least two sizes too small. She obviously thought she was skinner that she truly was. She was very rude and could certainly use a tan. She wasn’t very pretty. Truthfully, the girl didn’t belong in our type of store she was very plain!”

Joker loses it again with laughter.

“Yeah keep talking fat ass!” Bella covered her mouth and looked to Joker wide eyed.

“OH I agree she’s certainly on the plump size of things. You had her jealous why else do you think she’s slamming you on national television. Women can be so fickle!” He says with a grin.

Bella sighs and pinches her eyes shut for a moment. Joker comes to his feet and he gathers everything off the table. Bella looks out the window of the room. She noticed he was having something else built outside of the Funhouse.

“What’s that?”

He lifts his eyes that direction.

“Oh just a little side project. You know for fun!”

“Fun? I’ve seen your idea of fun. I can only imagine.”

Whatever the building was it was completely metal. The henchmen walked around the workers with their guns.

“Have you always been this dark?”


He inquires and comes up behind her.

“I believe you know what I mean.”

“I’m not really in a therapy session sort of mood.”

He wraps his arms around her waist.

“Perhaps you should be asking yourself that very question. You just saw that you’re a wanted criminal. The most you seemed upset about was the fat bitch’s comment. You seem to be adapting quite well to this new life considering…”

“So what’s the worst that could happen?”

He laughs.

“Oh a little roughing up in the interrogation booth… Prison time… Batman and that little bitch sidekick he has tagging along.”

“They can’t do that in interrogations…”
“OH believe me, my dear they most certainly can and will. Especially, if they got hold of you and knew you were associated with me. They can’t wait to get their hands on me.”

“Well that’s a charming thought.”
“Isn’t it?”

He kisses along her neck.

“Not to worry I won’t let the big bad bat or the cops get you…”

“Who is this Batman you talk about?”

He makes a bitter face.

“He’s Gotham’s treasured dark knight. You see behind every criminal is a man with a hero just dying to take him down. Only there’s one problem… good ole Batbrains doesn’t believe in killing. That’s his downfall, his one weakness that leads to all his failures. For every life he saves he lets one die in order to honor this self-claimed oath of his.”

“So no matter who they are or what they’ve done?”

Joker nods.

“Such as myself… He’s let me live on several occasions.”

“What makes you think he won’t get tired of living up to this and one day end it?”

“OH he won’t trust me. And was that you showing concern for my safety?”

She rolls her eyes at this and doesn’t give him the satisfaction of answering this.

“And why haven’t you killed Batman then?”

He does his Joker laugh only much softer than usual.

“Then what would I be without him?”

She narrows her eyes and twirls around facing him.


“The Bat and I tend to go back a ways… He needs me and I need him.”

“Do you have any idea how creepy that sounds?”

He shrugs.

“So he’s the good guy. You’re the bad. Yet neither of you have the heart to cancel one another out?”

“Maybe one day… but life is far more interesting with him along for the ride. There are just so many wonderful games to play!”

“I don’t think even therapy could save you.”

“Hmmm, and why my dear do you think I need saving? Because I’m not the one on the other side of the fence? Face it sweetheart, all men wear mask. Whether it’s to cover up their scars or deep dark secrets. No one’s innocent. It’s a man eat man world and without someone like me. You’re beloved heroes would have no place in this world. So in a way if you truly think about it I’m their hero…”
“That’s really fucked up… yet ironically it makes sense.” She undertones not believing she just said that.

Joker looks to the time. He leads her to his throne area. He pulls her into his lap. To his surprise she doesn’t fight it this time. He continues to love on her as a few of his men enter the room.

“This had better be good boys.” He warns harshly.

“They’re here boss.”

Joker nods.

“Send them in.”

Bella notices how he gets a firmer hold on her. Three men with white suits enter the room they each had machine guns. Joker hand his gun propped up beneath Bella’s skirt. One of the men tilted his head Bella’s direction. He nudged the man beside him and they both started laughing.

“Hmm… Bring it out fellas.”

Joker’s men brought out what they got from the bank yesterday.

“That doesn’t look near enough Joker.”

“I still have a month remember… Plenty enough time.”

Bella goes to ask him what’s going on. He covers her mouth and leans her back against him.

“Who’s the dame?”

“I still got her on the clock boys and you’re cockblocking me. Hahahahahaaaa cock… blocking!”

“How much is she worth?” One of Black Mask’s men inquires with interest giving her the once over.

“You know, there’s an awful lot of roosters in one’s nest. Only one hen, she’s on my time and you’re soaking it up! Now do me a favor… Get lost…” He says in a very dark and gruff tone.
“Better not be HIS money you’re using clown!”

“Can’t we all just get along?”

“We’ll be back Joker.”
“Can’t wait! Haha!”

Once they’re gone he uncovers her mouth.

“Who the fuck were they?”

“Just a little business daddykins is cooking up. Don’t worry your pretty little head on it.” He pets her head and puts his gun back up.”
“And on the clock really? So I’m a prostitute now?”

“I imagine that’s rather hard considering you still have your cherry.”

“Shut up.”

“I’m simply trying to inquire that you must get incredible jaw lock or it hurts to sit!”

“Joker…” She hisses.

“Hahahahahaaa oooooh.”

She sighs.

“Aw, now don’t be mad sugar lips.”
He watches as she walks away. He sighs, but continues to laugh off and on.

“Jaw lock…haha!” She hears him mock as she heads to her room.

Later on he checks the monitors. He sees her reading something on her bed. Her legs were swaying about as she lay on her stomach.

When sundown rolls around, he heads to her room. He leans back and simply watches her for a bit, she was getting dressed. She turns around as she steps into her pajama shorts.


“Don’t you knock?!”
“Why would I need to do that?”

He walks over to her. He runs a hand along her rear and takes in her little light pink pajama outfit.

“Daddykins has another job.”

He nods and straightens the strap to her tank top.

“Do try and behave…”

“Why you don’t?” She fires back.
“Hehe, hmm papa might spank…” He warns.
He pops her on the butt before heading out.


He freezes before he heads up the metal ladder.

“Are those men really after you?”

He smirks, but to himself.

“Don’t wait up sweetheart.”

He hears her sigh as he leaves the room.

Bella noticed how he didn’t lock anything up this time. After an hour or so she bravely makes her way out of the room. She timidly looks around the area. She noticed his men had gone with him. Bella snoops through a few rooms out of curiosity. There was an awful lot of clown stuff. Lots of green, white, red, purple, and black. Bella truly felt she was walking through an attraction at a carnival. She even walked past a cotton candy and popcorn machine. The smell took her back to her childhood somewhat. She breathed in the cotton candy and thought about when Charlie and Renee used to take her to the circus. There were a few rooms that didn’t have much too them just cots, guns, knives, grenades, desks, chairs. She ran her hand along a few of the guns. She was half tempted to slip one for herself. Bella removes her hand with a simple shrug.

She continues to walk about the place was beginning to feel more like a maze. There was room after room. Once she made her way back around. She came to a certain room that wasn’t too far away from where she stayed. Royal purple bed sheets were on the bed. It was a king size bed. The furniture was black. Bean bags of every color were among the floors. Something about that made her laugh. It just seemed so innocent like. There was a big screen TV and some sort of smaller one on the nightstand next to the bed. She thought that was an unusual spot. She turned it on and shook her head. It was live feed of her living quarters.

“Fucking perv…” She mumbles seeing it was aimed at her shower.

She turns to see a picture of her taped to his wall. She was sleeping in the picture. Red darts had been thrown at it, but into the shape of a heart around her face. Bella looked to the other side of the wall to see a man dressed in black and some sort of cowl on his head. She wondered if that was this Batman he referred to. There were darts through his eyes and a mustache drawn above his lip.

“I don’t get it…” She whispers looking to the picture strangely.

“Who would willingly dress like that? How does he expect to be taken seriously?”

She turns around and gasps back a bit.

“Yeah that’s not creepy…” She expresses taking a few steps back.

Batman looked to the picture then to her.

“Let’s go.” He says with that gruff voice of his.

“Um excuse me?”

“I’m here to help you.”

“Help me?”

He nods. He starts to walk out of the room.

“Holy shit you have a cape!”

Batman turns to her and looks to her oddly.

“Don’t you know that’s like a golden rule with heroes? Never ever wear a cape. Haven’t you ever read a comic book?” She rolls her eyes. “…dumbass…” She whispers.
“A what?”
“I don’t even believe you on that one. You’re dressed like that and have never heard of a comic book?”

She sighs as he tilts his head in confusion.

“I think you might be slightly traumatized Ms.”

“You do realize that I was kidnapped nearly two weeks ago now right?”

He nods.
“I apologize I was doing my best to get to you.”

“The cops were chasing us just two days ago. But you were doing your best? Um sure… I’d be a corpse by now if it were… HEY!”

He wraps his arm around her and takes his grapple gun out from his utility belt.

“What are you doing?!”

“I’m getting you out of here.”
“Now hold on buddy, I never said I wanted to leave. Can’t you see I’m not truly being held prisoner?”

He shakes his head.

“You can’t possibly want to stay here.”
“It’s better here than out there.”

“Has he threatened your life or loved ones? I can assure you, you are safe with me and I will make certain your loved ones are protected.”
“A little late there all my loved ones are long since dead.”


“No some asshole vampire kings.”

“Whatever Joker has done to you…”
“He hasn’t really done anything to me other than irritate me.”

Batman ignores her and fires off his grapple. Bella beats on his chest on the way up.

“What are you doing?! Put me down!”

Joker and his men had just pulled up. Batman grumbles under his breath taking notice.

“Hey boss looks like the Batman’s taking off with your girl.”

Before the car even comes to complete stop, Joker hops out. Bella goes to run to him. Batman jerks her back.

“I can’t let you do that. He’s dangerous…”
Joker shakes his head.

“Let’s let the lady decide, shall we Bats? Hand off my squeeze, before I take it off. I don’t like anyone touching what’s mine.”

Batman drops his hold as he’s surrounded.

“Come with me.” Batman further insists.

She shakes her head and runs off Joker’s direction.
“What have you done to her Joker?!”

Joker smiles and takes her in his arms. He kisses the top of her head as he and his men keep their guns on Batman.

“A true gentleman never kiss and tells…”

“You won’t get away with this. She’s not yours to have. You need to let her go!”

“Whattaya say sweetheart? Do you wanna go with the big black bat?”

She shakes her head. Batman sighs in frustration.

“Oh boys… do take care of our guest. Goodnight Guano Breath! Hahahahahaaaa!”

After Joker gets inside he looks her over. He freezes though as she wraps her arms around his neck. He swallows back cautiously. He wasn’t used to women being hands on with him it was always the other way around. He’s struck stupid as she kisses his cheek. She lowers her hands and walks away after that. He cocks a brow and scratches the top of his head with the end of his gun.

Joker follows her from a distance and watches as she pours herself a glass of wine. She sits at the dining room table. She looks to him as she leans back.

“So how does this go exactly? Do we end up killing one another one day? I mean I don’t even know how you truly live outside these walls.”
“Would you like to find out?”

“You mean go with you and your men?”

He nods. She clears her throat a bit and drinks some of her wine.

“So it’ll be somewhat like the bank robbery you in which you held me hostage. Then the clothing spree?”

“All PG 13 in comparison. I’m not so sure you can handle it.”
She shrugs.

“You maybe begging for the Bats to come and take you away by the time you see just how real things can get.”

She looks to him in thought.

“Are there others?”
“Others?” He questions.

“I believe you know what I mean.”
“Do clarify just so we’re both straight.”
“How many other women are there?”

“Hahahahahahaaaa ooooo heheheheee. Do I detect some jealously some doubt even?! How intriguing… for someone that keeps fighting this…”
She shakes her head looking hurt. She rises from the table.

“Nevermind, just forget it. This entire thing is stupid anyhow. It’ll never work!”

She starts to walk away. He gently grabs her arm stopping her.

“Let’s just put it this way. If you ever were to break my heart I’d have no problem ripping yours out and eating it for supper. So if I were you I’d take that into serious consideration. How I treat you goes according to how you treat me. Keep me satisfied and there will never be a need to go scratching at someone else’s door.”

She nods with the starts of tears in her eyes.

“Then we finally agree on something…” She whispers and pulls out of his hold.

“Congratulations… You wanted me to fear you… you’ve succeeded. Only it’s not in the way you’d assume.” She says with her back turned to him.

“I didn’t want to feel anything for anyone. It always ends in pain. I’d much rather be numb. I’m not so sure I like this. I don’t want to care… about anyone.” She says darkly.

Bella heads on to her room. Joker lowers his brows in wonderment.

Later that night Joker rolls over in his bed. He felt someone in bed with him. He immediately pulled out his gun from beneath his pillow. He put it to their head.

“It’s just me…” He heard Bella whisper.

He felt her lowering the gun. Nevertheless, she’d caught him off-guard again. He froze as he felt her snuggling up against him. Naked as a jay bird at that… Joker was gone as he felt her bareness against him.

She gasped back a bit as he instantly hovered over her and pinned her wrists down. He could feel her erratic breathing. He slept in a pair of black boxers with purple hearts. So he easily popped right out of his boxers. Without warning Bella felt his cock enter her slit. She whimpered out feeling him throbbing hardcore inside her. Joker heard this and growled as he punctured right on through her hymen. He didn’t see the point in wasting any more time. It was clear what she came in here for. So he was taking care of business. Instead of stopping or slowing down he kept going. His approach was to take it like ripping off a Band-Aid. Just get it done. He freed her hands so he could feel her breasts. Bella felt him swell up even more inside her. His cock literally felt as though it had its own heartbeat. She shut her eyes and bit her lip at the agony. Though she immensely enjoyed feeling him against her and loved the way he took charge. She wanted the pain to go away. Sudden wet warmth was felt along her breasts. A soft whimpering moan left her lips. There was pain below, mixed with the pleasure above. It somewhat took her mind off the pain. Her nails dug into his back and her body hugged against him tightly as she continued to cry off and on. She was nice and tight and despite the discomfort she was in, he knew she was somewhat aroused. Bella was very wet. Her nipples grew erect against his tongue.

He moaned off and on and he sucked on them. This was far better than jerking off to her. He’d wanted to fuck her brains out since he first brought her here. He moved more robustly as the pressure hit. All he could think about was how bad he needed to fucking come. He gripped the pillow even tighter. He drove his cock into her as hard as he could. Bella screamed out and he distracted her with a bite on her ear. Joker flooded her with his seed. A beast like animal nature took over. He found himself stroking himself a few more times within her sex. He wanted to make certain she was good and marked. She was his now. He’d make certain she stayed that way.

Joker reaches over and cuts on the lamp. There was blood on his sheets, himself, and around her sex. Her eyes widened as she saw the amount. Her skin color suddenly went very pale. He had a good laugh at this. He runs his fingers along her sex and rubs the blood along his fingers. He shrugs. That’s not what had her attention though. She now knew it wasn’t makeup… His skin matched his face it was snowy white. She ran her hands along his chest in complete marvel. He even had a green four o clock shadow.

Bella looked down to see he’d written Joker’s in her blood above her sex. She shook her head at this. She went to argue this. Only his lips were planted on hers. He slightly pulled at her hair as his fingers intertwined with her long locks. OK fine you win… She thought to herself in defeat as he continued to kiss along her neck and shoulders. Who’d have thought a deranged monster had a romantic side? She was seeing it more and more however as time progressed.

The next morning Bella woke to see Joker straightening out his tie, as he stood before the dresser mirror in his room. He had already taken a shower and was getting ready. She watched with curiosity. He combed his hair and sprayed some sort of cologne on him. He stuffed a chained pocket watch into his pocket. Joker was stuffing grenades and guns into his jacket. He had holders for each weapon he stuffed into his jacket. Bella softly laughed. He slowly turned back.

“Planning a war?”

“Rule number one, always be prepared.”

He makes his way over and runs his gloved hand along her naked rear.


“Get dressed we got an adventurous day ahead of us.”

“A job?”

He nods.

“It’s time you see what daddy does when he’s away.” He pops her on the butt.

“Now go on hurry along.”

She nods and rushes out of the bed. Bella starts to head towards her room. He raises his brows on this.

“Marie, sweetheart…”
She turns towards him. He points towards his bathroom.

“You can shower in there. I’ve already set out your wardrobe and brought your things.”

“You picked out my clothes?”

He nods and head out of the room. She came to a complete halt as she entered the bathroom. There was already a bath waiting for her. It had bubbles and purple and red rose petals. She couldn’t believe this was the same deranged clown’s doing. She took in a breath and stepped into the tub. Bella winced at first as she was still a little sore. She dunked her entire body under the water.

Bella came back up and shrieked out as a set of toy teeth were floating above the water. They made a shattering sound as they opened and closed.


She takes the teeth and chunks them at him.


“Ooooo haha you should have seen your face!”

She flips him off and finishes her bath.

“You do realize I’m going to start taking that as an offer? It doesn’t matter where we are I just take you right there.”

A smile forms on her face.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

His brows raise at this. He licks along his scars and tilts his head slightly.

“Hmmm… Things just might get a bit more interesting.”

Bella stands up once she’s done.

“Um could I have a towel?”

He shakes his head taking her in.

“I prefer you like this.”

She sighs and steps out. He picks her up and places her on the counter. Joker starts checking over her entire body.

“Um what are you doing?”

He doesn’t answer. He even goes as far as to spread her lips and take a gander.

“Hmmm pink and it’s so small. It’s a wonder I was able to get in there!” He places a finger inside and feels around.

“Nice and really fucking tight…” He utters as if out of breath as he moves his finger around.

He reaches over and slams the door shut. He unfastens his pants. She too now wondered how he got in there now. Joker certainly hadn’t any shame in that department. Like the rest of him it was white it was ripped with pulsating veins. He placed himself inside. It was sore at first as he worked his way in. However, the moment he started stroking that soreness had left the building. Bella arched back. He’d one hand firmly around her waist. The other hand ran along her breasts. She was just a little over a handful she’d gorgeous milky white breasts her nipples matched that perfect little pink pussy of hers.

Joker leaned into her ear.

“Admit it… you liked the idea of me getting off to you. Knowing I had my hard ass cock in my hand and was jerking off at the mere idea of fucking you. Just like this sweetheart.”

He does his laugh, but at a soft tempo as he witnesses her coming so hard it was shooting out around his dick.

“And don’t even pretend you never touched yourself.” He pulled at her hair as he roughly kissed her.

“I saw those little fingers of yours sinning against your body. Do you have any idea how fucking hard I came during those times you naughty girl! I wanted to bend you over at that bank and have my way with you the first time I ever saw you. That short little black skirt of yours. Fuck I wanted to rip it off!”

Bella gasps out and slight dizziness overcame her she came so hard. Joker growled out and pulled out he sprayed all over Bella’s mouth and tits.

He grins and laughs.

“You’re all mine now… and you’re in for one hell of a ride.”

At this he fixes his pants and straightens his tie. He leaves her on the counter with a hint of astonishment about her. She heard him laughing hysterically as he left the room.

Joker was waiting outside with his men. Bella stepped out and had her hands folded about her chest.

“Really?! This is what you want me to wear?!”

“Hahahahahaaaa ooo would you look at that!”


“Yes sweetheart?”
“I’m not wearing this!”

The henchmen were giving her the once over and grinning as well.

“Fine then, I’m not going. Have fun!”

She starts to walk away. He rolls his eyes and makes his way over as he licks his lips. He tugs at her little white and black school girl uniform.

“What?!” She snaps at him.

“Distraction is key in any given operation. If you can distract the Joker like you did at that bank that day. You can distract anyone and I do mean anyone. Do you get it now?” He fluffs her skirt a bit with his hand.

“I’ll make it up to you later sugar lips.”
She continues to pout as he opens the door for her. He has a good laugh at this. Once they’re inside the van he props her leg up. He places a garter on her leg. He then straps a small derringer gun to it. Joker then unbuttons her blouse. He pins small knife holster to it and places a knife inside. He buttons her back up and looks her over.

“All set… let’s go boys.”

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