Chapter 4 Asking For Trouble

Chapter 4

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“This guy is one of the biggest perv’s of Gotham. All I need from you sweetheart is to put on your best acting skills go in there and flaunt that sexy body of yours.”
“What do I say or do?”

“Let your body do the talking… Let him think you’re lost and need to borrow a phone. If he actually gives you one stall him. If you’ve reason to believe your life is at risk. Shoot the bastard. I’ll hear it and be on my way. The guy won’t be listening to a word you say I can assure you that. I will come gather you once the boys and I are done.”
She swallows back nervously.

“I don’t know if I can do this.”

“I wouldn’t let you tag along if I doubted you even for a moment.”

Bella watches curiously as he and the men get into their outfits. The men were dressing in regular civilian wear which looked funny to her considering how big some of them were. They hid their guns within their clothes. She softly giggled. Joker winked as he put on a hotdog vendor costume of red and white. He then pinned her up against the van. He propped up one of her legs. Joker grew stiff against her. He then leaned into her ear.

“You’ll know him when you see him. He’ll be up front running with the other politicians. He’s short, fat, he wears a monocle, and smells like rotted fish. Don’t let your guard down. Watch him closely.”

He runs his hand along her ass.

“Daddykins will be keeping an eye on you sugar lips.”

He pinches her butt and she gasps out.

He pecks her lips and rushes off.

Bella gathers herself and straightens out her skirt. She takes in a deep breath and makes her way to the area the political speech was taking place. A wave of adrenaline hit Bella she felt damn near giggly about what she was doing. Yeah she was a nervous wreck about the chance of screwing up, but still it was somewhat exciting. Bella fought her way through the crowd. Once she got towards the front she saw the men in suits and guards. There was a tall blonde haired man at the podium. Harvey Dent signs were everywhere. She guessed that’s who it was. She hadn’t lived in Gotham long enough to know. Off to the corner of the stage she saw the man Joker was referring to. She brushed herself up a touch and made her way over.

She had his attention right away. He was gawking at her as she made her way from the crowd. She put on her best smile.

“Sir do you happen to have a phone?”

He slants his head and takes her in. He starts this annoying breathing loudly thing. He sounded as though he had some sort of sinus issues.

“Hmmmm.” He raised his brows towards her.

“Please sir, I could really use a phone. You see I’m new to town I need to call my parents and see if they can pick me up. I think I’m lost.”
“Lost huh?”

She nods innocently. The man looks around.

“I have a phone you can borrow. Just follow me.”

Bella followed him off to a more secluded area. Joker and his men hurriedly loaded up the man’s money that was intended to be used for a bribe/donation. He was running for mayor and that was his tactic. Joker had it out for the guy and was going to have him humiliated once he offered the donation to the city. Only by the time Joker was done there wouldn’t be a dime to donate. They hid the money within the hotdog vending machines. They had to take out a few guards in order to do it, but so far everything was going according to plan.

Joker had his men finish up as he took a gander towards the area Bella was in. He saw the man leading her away from the area. Once Joker and his men had what they came for. Joker wanted to stay and see the show. To watch his face once he knew the money was gone.

Joker set up the hotdog stand and pretended to be selling hotdogs. His men stood in line to keep civilians back if they happened to get in line for a hotdog. He gritted his teeth and squirted mustard and ketchup all over his men as he witnessed the man’s hand running along Bella’s skirt. Bella was eventually out of Joker’s sight.


“Stay put…” Joker said as he discreetly made his way to where Bella had followed the man.

“My phone is right in that room.”

“That room?”

He nods and rubs his flipper looking hands together. She shrugs and enters the small office area of the building he’d led her inside of. Bella rolled her eyes as she heard the door shut and lock behind them.

“You know if you need a ride I can give you one?” He says in a hinting crude sarcastic matter.

“Where’s your phone?”

“I thought it was in here.”
She shakes her head.

He practically waddles towards her. He grunts as if out of breath the entire time. Bella wanted to vomit he not only smelled disgusting. He was repulsive to look at.

“What’s your name?”


“Hmmm Frances, sexy…”

He breathes her in and pins himself up against her. Bella places her hand over her mouth literally trying not to hurl. His flipper hands go right in her panties.

“OK! I’m done.” She says and shoves him back.

He looks to her bewildered.

“Get the fuck off me.”

Bella goes to walk past him and leave the room.

“Not so fast…”

Little was she aware that Joker was now watching her every move.

“I offered you a ride…” He roughly pulls at her hair with his flippers.

“Oh I heard you.”

Now she’s the one pinning him up against the counter. The man grins ear to ear and runs his flipper hands along her ass. Joker cocks a brow at this as he continues to peek through the window.

She leans in as if to kiss him.

“Get your motherfucking hands off my ass.” She slams her knee right into his junk.

Bella does it twice afraid it was too small to get the first time.

She then grabs him by the collar and punches him in the face. Joker grins and merely stands back allowing her to do as she wishes. He returns the blow. Bella freezes and shuts her eyes for a moment. She wipes the blood away from her mouth.

“Hit me again!” She demands furiously.

The man literally punches the hell out of her. She spits the blood in his face. He takes a kerchief and wipes it off. As he does this Bella rapidly grabs a printer off a filing case. She uses it to knock him out. She kicks him with her Mary Jane’s once she’s done.

“I guess I broke the rules. At the moment I don’t really give a damn. You nasty ass son of a bitch.” She says with a shrug and kicks him. Bella unlocks the door and steps out. Joker steps out from the shadows and looks to her shaking his head.

“Look, I know what you’re thinking, but he started it.” She defends.

“Yeah that’s about what I figured.”

Joker peeks over to see the man rolling along the ground in misery. He points to Bella shaking his finger.

“I knew it…”

Joker makes his way over.

“I gotta say I saw the whole thing, but why’d you pee on him when you were done sweetheart?”
Her jaw drops.

“I didn’t pee…”

He takes his fingers and places them in her slit. She gasps out.

“Oh I so hate you…”

“Hehe! Do you now?”

He takes out his fingers licking them clean.

“Yum… I do believe I could get used to your hate.”

Joker, Bella, and the henchmen watch from a safe distance.

“Who is he?”

“The Penguin aka Oswald Cobblepot.”

“Penguin? What the hell is with Gotham?” She mutters.

“We used to be partners. He’s a bit shady when it comes to trust. He screwed me over so I’m returning the favor.”

The time now came for him to offer the donation. Something was wheeled out alright only it wasn’t the money. Joker started to laugh with anticipation. Bella was leaning against him and she felt him grow rock hard suddenly.

“Hmmm, wait for it…” He whispered in her ear.

They lifted the red clothed cover. Instead of money there looked to be some sort of bomb. She looked back to Joker. He forced her head back gently.

“You’re gonna miss the show.”

The audience was screaming. The already beat up Penguin looked to be in complete shock.


The countdown started as people were struggling to get out of the area. The security guards hurriedly begin to gather the politicians to get them to safety. Bella stared on in disbelief. She found herself confused on what to feel. She didn’t quite understand what was going on. The countdown was brought down to zero. A loud boom shook the entire area. A cloud of gas began to fill the air.

“What is that?”

He placed a face mask over her.

“Laughing gas my dear now might be a good time to go.”
He got her inside the van and removed the gas mask. Bella shook her head grinning.

“I can’t believe you just did that.”

“Hmmm, yes well I figure I’d torture him through public humiliation first then kill him.”

“Who the hell would vote for that guy?”
“You’d be surprised on how many idiots roam the streets of Gotham. Trust me I’m doing this city a favor by reducing the population.”

“Joker…” She hisses at him.

He raises his brows.

“Just being honest Marie.”

She sighs and shakes her head. Joker leads her to the corner of the van, away from his men. He unbuttons her blouse. He unclasped her bra and began to suck on her breasts. He fingered her below until he had her running down her legs. Joker then twirled her around and bent her over. He ripped her panties off and stuffed them into his pocket.

He then began to fuck her in the corner of the van. She had him riled up. He felt her orgasm again. It didn’t take long for him to get off.

“Hmmm… good girl.” He moaned afterword.

Joker supported her as she came back up.

“Face it Marie you’re a bad girl dying to come out of her shell. You can pretend all you want.” He points to his head.

“But I know better. I think I know you better than you know yourself.”

He says keeping her pinned into the corner as he buttons her shirt back up.

Joker runs his hand along Bella’s thigh. She’d fallen asleep in his lap. He was on his throne plotting his next scheme. He still needed a good chunk in order to get Black Mask off his back. Joker undid her blouse as she slept. He then pulled up her skirt. She still hadn’t any panties on. He unfastened her bra. Joker ran his hands along her breasts and private as she slept. She softly moaned and snuggled up against him. He grinned as his hand was still between her thighs. He teased her off and on in her sleep just so he could hear her moan out.

He carried her to his bed. Then had his men move her things over to his room. Joker took off his clothes and got into his boxers. He gazed upon her for a moment then lay down and cut off the lamp.

Joker awoke the next morning to see she was lying in his chest. He ran his hands along the scars on her back. He could feel the deep indentions within her skin. He narrowed his eyes and took a better look. There wasn’t a part of her back that wasn’t scared. It was everywhere. Joker found himself more and more curious. Normally, he could give a rat’s ass about anyone’s story. However, Bella had him intrigued he actually found himself dying to know what had pushed her over the limit. Even if she didn’t wish to admit it or see it herself, she had snapped. Just not the way most people would.

Bella rolled over and stretched out.

“Morning sunshine…”

She blinked her eyes a few times to realize she was in his room. He licks his lips and heads on out of the room. Bella raises up and sees her stuff had been moved in. She rubs her eyes and pulls back the sheets. Bella gasps out and falls out of the bed. Joker had put a fake rat in his place.

“Grrr!” She storms off and takes a shower and gets ready.

Bella grabs the fake rat before she makes her way out. Joker was waiting for her at the table. He was already laughing seeing the look on her face.

“How’s your morning been so far dollface?”

She tosses the rat at him. She sits down. Joker sits down the rat and pets it as though it were alive. Bella pours herself some Raisin Bran. Joker curiously watches as she takes a bit. However every time she hits a raisin she uses her spoon to flick it at one of the henchmen.

“Knock it off!” One of them snaps at her.

Joker cuts him a warning glance. Bella squints upon the particular henchman menacingly. She gets a spoonful of raisins and milk and flings it directly into his face.

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAA OOOOH she’s on a roll today boys.”

He narrows his eyes as Bella gets up. She keeps her eyes on the henchman. She yanks a pair of her panties out of his pocket. The henchman’s eyes widen. She walks over to the Joker and places them down on the table.
“Take care of this…” She undertones angrily and heads out of the room.

Joker picks up the black bikini underwear.

“Leave us…” Joker demands with a very profound and hostile tone.

The henchman takes a few steps back. Joker crumples up the panties into the palm of his hand. The henchman goes to fire his gun knowing he’s already a dead man. Joker shoots his hand off and the gun falls to the ground. He then rises from the table. He grabs the man by the collar of his shirt and shoves the man back against the wall. Joker then stuffs the panties into his mouth. Joker duck tapes his mouth shut. The henchman starts gagging and choking on them. Joker doesn’t even blink. He stares him down and punches the shit out of him over and over, until he suffocates to death on the panties.

Joker then chains up the body in the henchmen’s sleeping quarters as a reminder. Joker begins to go through each of their things. He finds nothing. However, once he comes across the henchman’s things that had the panties in his pocket he finds several more things of hers in his locker. A long growl escapes his lips as he continues to look through the locker. He grabs a trash bin and starts to throw away a few more of her bras, panties, a picture of Bella, a necklace and a swimsuit of hers. He fires an entire clip into the already dead body he had in their quarters. Once he’s done he calls for a meeting, in that very room. This room he also had rigged with traps incase his boys ever got out of hand or tried to riot on him.

Once his men are inside Joker slams the door shut. He refills all the chambers eyeing each of them. He leans back in his chair. He points up where the body is chained.

“This will not ever happen again.” He says in a daunting very soft monotone voice.

“EVER!” He slams his fist so hard on the table he’s at it breaks in half.

“Each of you is expendable. I RUN THE SHOW!”

He throws the table across the room and his chair. He randomly shoots a couple of his men.

The others back away in fear.

“WHO KNEW ABOUT THIS?!” He shows them the bin of Bella’s things and the locker in which they were in.

They each shake their heads.

Joker slams back one of his henchmen with the bin.


He nods and rushes out of the room. Once he returns Joker has them remain in the room. Bella was lying on his bed reading a book. He wiggles his finger for her to come to him.

He takes her by the arm and leads her to the area.

“From here on out any orders that come from her are to be taken as though they came from me. You just lost your rights buddy boys! Do I make myself clear?!”

Bella follows Joker back out. She tugs at his sleeve.

“Won’t that make them hate me and turn on me?!” She questions with concern.

He cocks a brow at this.

“It doesn’t matter what they think. We own them. Turning on you is a death sentence. Now get dressed we’re going out.”

“Dressed?” She questions looking down to her clothes.
He nods.

“Something a bit more spicy Marie sweetheart.”

She nods and heads to their room.

Joker plays with his tie as he awaits on his throne. Bella steps out in a very sexy white dress. It stopped just a few inches above the knee it was skin tight. It was cut in a V-shape right down the middle of her breasts area. Her hair was somewhat pinned back, but she had the rest wildly free. Joker swallowed back taking her in. He motioned his finger about and patted his lap.

Bella made her way over. He sat her in his lap and breathed her in. He lowered one of the straps to her dress and softly bit along her shoulder and licked it.

“Now this I like…” He showed his enthusiasm by pressing his erection right up against her.

He raised her back up from his lap and he came to his feet. Joker escorted her out to another limo that was waiting for them outside. She looked to him apprehensively.

“Where’s the trust?” He says with that hidden smirk.

Bella takes in a breath and nods as he opens the door for her. Joker wraps his arm around her and places a hand down her dresses. He squeezes her nipple between his fingers.

“Hmmm, I must say I do love this dress. It’s so slutty.”

She looked to him as if insulted.

“Oh believe me you’re my personal little slut. You might as well accept it sugar lips.”

He calls out to the limo driver and tells them where to take them. Joker then rolls up the privacy window. Once he does he lowers both Bella’s straps exposing her breasts. He spends the entire ride sucking on them. After he feels the limo come to a stop, he fixes her dress. Joker adjusts his hard on before stepping out of the limo. Joker takes them around to the side door of this posh restaurant.

“Wait for it…”

Before long Bella hears people coming out of the front. They were coughing , hacking, and gasping for air. She lowered her brows Joker’s direction.


He covers her mouth and keeps her pinned against the building. When the ruckus of the leaving guests dies down, Joker opens the side door. He puts his hand along the slope of her back and has her step inside first. Joker jams the door so no one can enter. He’d taken her to the most expensive restaurant in Gotham. He had his boys come set up a little tear gas mishap so he and Bella could have the place to themselves. Joker finished jamming all the doors so no one could interrupt their date. He made certain everyone was gone. Joker seated her at one of the corner tables. Red roses in a clear vase sat in the middle of the table.

“I’ll be right back…”

Bella watched as he headed into the kitchen. He then returned with two plates. They were plates that had been set out for intended paying customers. Only now they belonged to Joker and Bella. He left again and returned with two wine glasses and two very expensive bottles of wine.

“Pick a dish sweetheart.”

She shrugs and picks an angel haired pasta one that had mushrooms, white sauce, and shrimp.

“Ah, fine choice.”

For some reason even through the highly awkward situation she found herself giggling. He heard this and gave her a wink. He then licked his scars as he poured them some wine. He had some sort of stuffed ravioli and meatball dish. They both had garlic bread.

He still found himself fuming about his henchman. Only he was allowed to be obsessed with Bella. NO ONE ELSE BETTER NOT SO MUCH AS LOOK HER DIRECTION. His obsession of her was much like that of Batman. Like Batman he found himself absorbed. He could watch her all day. Something about her had him mesmerized. She was becoming more and more like a drug. He found he couldn’t get enough. If he could only have Batman where he wanted him. His life would be the utmost in perfection. His girl and the Bat what a wonderful thought. He downed his wine on this. It’d be like one happy family.

Bella grew gigglier; Joker was constantly topping off her wine once it got to the half mark. Her laugh wasn’t annoying like most peoples. He found it refreshing and innocent. When other people besides himself laughed he found it to be awfully annoying and very fake sounding. Not hers… it was very real and charming. For once he stayed quiet and intense like. That was something Bella noticed. When it was just the two of them he was somewhat different. He still had that in charge like mentality though. She knew that was merely engrained into him.

Joker stabbed his knife through the table when he was done. He leaned back and straightened out his suit. Bella lifted her eyes his direction. They’d now gone through two bottles of wine. The room seemed to sway a bit as Bella blinked her eyes a few times. Joker came to his feet and held out a hand for her. She took it and jumped a little as music randomly started playing through the background. She made it out to be Entry of The Gladiators By Julius Fucik. Bella softly laughed as he twirled her about. He’d then bring her up against his chest. He’d twirl her around every so often. Once the song was one he did a slight bow. Then Serenade by Josef Suk begins to play. They dance once more. She was taken back by how precise he was. That only made her more curious as to his history and how he became this mad man. She was also slightly embarrassed she hadn’t nowhere near the dancing charisma Joker had. Then again she didn’t really dance. He didn’t comment though on her lack of ability. If anything he merely picked her up a bit off the ground and continued.

“Don’t you find it fascinating that one composer’s name is Fucik and the other Suk. Perhaps, we shall take it as a hint my dear Marie.”

She softly laughs. He tilts her back at the end of the number. He licks up her torso, chest, and neck. Joker then kisses her.

“By the way you’ve got two left feet.”

She blushes.
“I never said I could dance.”

“Good thing too it’d be a horrible lie.”

Bella starts to look around.

“Expecting someone?”

“Actually the wine’s starting to get to me.” She hints.

“HAHA! Yes well I do need to drain the ole lizard myself.”

Bella wrinkles her nose a bit. He shrugs and points her to the direction. Bella does her business and goes to wash her hands. That’s when she lifts her eyes towards the mirror and sees Batman directly behind her. Her eyes widen and he clamps a hand around her mouth. Batman pinches the nerves in her neck and she passes out. He props her up in his hold and escapes.

Joker came out of the men’s bathroom and waited outside the women’s. He waited and waited. He began to grow very impatient. Without even knocking he entered the ladies room.
“Marie?” He called out with impatience and crossness.

He didn’t like to be kept waiting. He flung open each door of the stalls. She wasn’t anywhere to be found. Joker then looked around the restaurant. The more he looked around to find she was nowhere in sight the angrier he grew. He began to throw tables and chairs throughout the area.

“MARIE!” He yelled with fury.

Bella groaned out and her head swayed about. Batman looked over as he pulled over the Batmobile. She reached to her head as it was aching.

“What the hell?” She snapped as she gathered her surroundings.

Batman placed a file in her lap.

“Have you lost your mind?”

Batman takes in a breath.

“What is this?”

She looks to see the name Jack Napier on the vanilla file. Attached to it were a couple of miniature tapes and inside were a stack of papers.

“This might open your eyes somewhat. I believe you’re in a very dangerous situation. If you will not let me help you then at least read through those and see for yourself just who it is you’re dealing with.”
“Who the fuck is Jack Napier?”

“The Joker…”
Batman hands her a small tape player.

“On those tapes are his therapy sessions.”
“Therapy sessions?”

Bella runs her finger along a picture of Jack Napier before he became the Joker. He was a very attractive man. Batman was parked in front of a library.

“You can go in there and read upon this and listen to the tapes. This is a 24/7 library. I’d take your time before making any rash decisions.”

The top to the Batmobile is raised.

“You kidnapped me from my date with Joker for this?”

Batman nods.

“I’ve read up on you. You’re Isabella Swan from Forks, Washington. You had the highest GPA of your class. However, you’ve been missing for a little over two years. Now you randomly show up in Gotham of all places and end up with Joker? You seem like a very smart and sensible young woman. I found nothing relating to any sort of mental illness in your files. Not even in your family history. Why would you suddenly involve yourself with Joker? He had you held hostage, with a gun to your head, then kidnapped you. Now you have some sort of odd romantic relations with him?”
“Jesus? Stalk much?”

“I’m only trying to help you. I truly believe you have been traumatized. You need some help. If you’d only allow me to give you that. Staying alongside of Joker will only lead to your eventual death. He is incapable of love. He doesn’t understand love nor does he feel it. All his actions are based off his own needs and desires. Even you Ms. Swan, somehow he’s managed to fool you into believing he may somewhat care about you possibly love you. Maybe a small part of you thinks you can save him or change him even. But he is clinically insane. He’s nothing more than a murderer and criminal. I fear if you do not heed my warning seriously. I may very well find out about your demise at his hands. If he hasn’t started to abuse you already he will. There is no room for true honest feelings in the mind of Joker.”

“Now who’s being judgmental and negative? And I happen to know Joker more than you I believe even without this history. Yes he is insane. But I’ve seen sides of him that no one else has probably seen. When you spend hours on end with someone you see them for the good the bad and ugly.”
“He’s got you fooled Ms. Swan. Believe me you will only end up hurt in all this.”

“How do you think he will react or feel when he realizes I’m gone?”

“As I’ve stated before you are safe with me.” He hands her a card.

“You can reach me at this number. Once you are done let me know what it is you decide. I’ve means to help get your life back on track, Joker-free.”

Bella shrugs and heads on into the library. She finds a more secluded table and begins reading up on the research. She pinches the bridge of her nose and leans back in her chair.

“Jack…” She whispers in a practical whimper.

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