Chapter 5 Jack Napier

Chapter 5

I do not own DC Universe or Twilight. Please read and then leave your review thank you! (I wanted to do his origin from a narrator telling rather than Bella just reading through his files. And listening to his sessions. This way the reader truly gets how his life was before shit hit the fan. This is just some of what Bella learns.)

The Origin of Joker aka Jack Napier:

The little blonde hair girl giggles as Jack makes funny faces throughout class.

“Jack are we supposed to be distracting others when testing?”

“No Mrs. Williams.”

“That’s right now turn around and face the front.”

Jack sighs and twirls about in his chair. Halfway through class he turns back around with pencils in his nose. The girl covers her mouth in a giggle. He smiles proudly. It was no secret Jack was the class clown. He often made the other students laugh. He’d also always manage to find himself in trouble. At least three times a week he’d be sent to the principal’s office. Three times a week his mother would come up here in a panic trying to hide this from his father. Jack was just seven years old. His mother did her best to shield him from the things his father said or did. She also did her best to hide the fact that Jack was a bit of a trouble maker from her husband.

She’d show up her hair a mess. Her hands would shake as she signed the papers they often gave her stating she came and talked to her son about his behavior. Jack’s only real problem was he liked to make others laugh. Jack had many friends and they liked playing with him. However, Jack never understood why his parents never allowed them to come to his birthday parties or to the house period. Jack’s father was hardly ever home and when he was he was always drinking stuff that made Jack’s nose wrinkle. He thought it smelled funny like medicine. He kept to himself a lot or was always yelling at the TV about something.

Only recently his father had lost his job. He worked for a while through construction company. His father was a very strong, tall, and tanned man because of his job. His mother was young, pretty and blonde. Men took notice of her often. This caused some jealousy issues between Jack’s father and his mother. Mr. and Mrs. Napier had a very rocky marriage. Due to Mr. Napier losing his job he began to drink more. He quit even trying to find a job. This left Jack’s mother the responsibility of finding something. Which wasn’t easy she’d known nothing other than being a housewife and mother. Often enough others would look upon her and either laugh or snub their noses her direction. Jack’s father always made enough money that she didn’t have to worry about working. However, their electricity would soon be cut off. They were running out of food. His mother had finally found a job as a caretaker of an elderly woman. It kept her away from home more than Jack was used to. His father didn’t like it either. Often enough he’d accuse Jack’s mother of cheating on him. Even though she’d honestly be at work trying to earn as much as she could. She hardly made anything worth truly living on.

This left Jack’s father to have to come by the school today. Jack kicked his little feet about in the chair as he waited. His father stormed into the office. The smell of whiskey heavy on his breath. His eyes were bloodshot. His hair was sticking up in certain places. He looked as if he hadn’t showered or shaved in a month. He pointed directly upon his son.

“What have you done now Jack?! You think I don’t know?! You’re in a lot of trouble son!”

The principal has his father sign the papers, stating that he came and dealt with his son. Jack’s father dragged him out of the office by the collar of his shirt. He took him straight to the bathroom.

“You’re in for it when you get home! Do you understand me?! You had me wake from my nap to deal with your little punk ass! I’m done with your shit. You think you’re just so fucking funny don’t you Jack. Well you’re not! You’re just some stupid kid that’s nothing more than a thorn in my side. The moment your mother told me she was pregnant with you I should have fucking bailed! You ruined my life you know that! I had it all everything! Until you came along… Little fucker. Get your damn ass back to class and straighten up or I’ll straighten your ass up myself!”

Jack’s bottom lip quivered a bit. This was the start of the abuse towards Jack. His mother was the one that had always taken the brunt. She’d always gone out and beyond to protect him from the wrath of his father. She loved her son more than life itself. She’d do anything for Jack. Which was why she’d been saving up money and planning a way to leave his father once and for all. She kept the money hidden an empty flour pot and under the sink.

Later that day Jack had been let off the bus. The minute he walked in the door. His father began whipping him with the belt. He whipped him along his back, rear, and legs.

“Dad! Please! STOP!” Jack literally shrieked out.

“You fucking little shit!”

That night his mother had gone to bathe her son after she’d come home from work. She gasped out seeing the marks all over the backside of her son. Tears filled her eyes they were the very marks her husband had often enough given her. She did her best to keep her composure so not to upset her son. She finished bathing him and wrapped him up in a towel. She kissed and hugged on him over and over as the guilt consumed her. She put Jack to bed and read him a book. Afterword, she saw that her husband had gone on to bed as well.

She hurriedly went to the sink and reached for the flour pot. She opened it to see it was completely empty. Mrs. Napier heard the clearing of a throat. She turned back with fear.

“Looking for something?”

He shows her the cartons of cigarettes and booze he bought with her years’ worth of hidden cash.


“Anthony please… I…”

He makes his way over and slaps her across the face. Yet again he begins to beat on her. He punches and kicks whatever part of her he can get too. She lay on the floor in a fetal position.

Jack had heard the ruckus and was peeking around the corner. Tears streamed down his face as he held his toy clown tightly. His feety pajamas slipped along the wooden floor and he fell. His father turned towards him.

“NO!” His mother yelled.

“What the fuck are you doing up?!”

“Please Anthony he’s just a child!”

“You always did spoil the living shit out of him. Ever since he was born I’ve become second in your life. Hell not even that. You’re completely self-centered in my needs.”
“What is it you want? I’ll give you anything just please. He’s our son Anthony.”

His father grabs his mother by the hair and drags her into the bedroom. All Jack knew was his mother cried and odd grunt like sounds came from the room. Jack poured himself a glass of milk and sat at the table.

This continued off and on for a few more years. Jack found himself preferring school over home. His mother continued to have to provide for the family. His father continued to drink. His father also resorted to stealing in order to make ends meet often enough. He even had Jack involved more than a handful of times. He knew they’d never suspect a child. It worked like a charm every time. Jack had started stealing at the age of nine because it’s what his father had taught him. It was how you survived. By the time Jack was eleven years old he’d become damn near professional in stealing. The abuse continued only tonight it was Jack’s birthday. Things had gotten far worse than ever before. His mother had dipped into what little they had to throw Jack a little party between the three of them. Neither of his parents had any family left. He never knew what it was like to have grandparents, aunts, or uncles. This was all he knew besides school. He loved his mother she was always very patient, sweet, and nurturing when it came to Jack.

Jack’s mother covered his eyes with a smile on her face as she walked him into the kitchen. They lived in a small two bedroom house with one bath it was a bit rundown. Nevertheless, it was home to Jack.

“WOW!” Jack beamed and his mother hugged him.

“Happy birthday sweetheart. I love you so much.”

“I love you too mom! Thanks!”

His mother had fixed him a confetti cake with red, blue, green, and purple balloons. It had a carousel on it. She turned the gears to show him it worked. He giggled and petted one of the blue horses.

“I know how much you love the circus Jack.”

She handed him a wrapped present. It was just the one, but it was all they could afford. He unwrapped it to see it was the action figure he’d been wanting.

“MOM!” He said happily and hugged it to his chest.

She covered her mouth as she laughed at his reaction.

“Wow! Can I play with it now?”

“Well sure I…”

She froze as his father walked in. Whiskey in hand.

“What’s this shit?”

“It’s his birthday remember Anthony?”

“Where the fuck did you get the money for that?”

“I worked a little overtime. It’s ok Anthony I promise.”

“You mean to say we had our cable turned off so I can’t watch my games. Yet this little shit gets a new toy and cake? That’s money that could be used to turn the god damn cable back on.”

His mother took in a breath.

“Why don’t you go on to your room now and play hun?”

“Um ok mom.”

He went to take off with his new toy. His father however, picked him up by the collar of his shirt.

“Not so fast.” He ripped the toy out from his son’s hand.

“We’re taking this back. Where’s the receipt Beth?”

“But Dad.”

He pops his son in the face.


“He had it coming he’s a little shit and that’s all he’ll ever be! Why do you think those kids laugh at you? You really thing they’re your friend? No son it’s because you’re a freak, a loser and that’s all you’ll ever amount to!”

“Don’t you dare tell him that?!” His mother defended.

She grabbed her son and protectively placed him behind her.

“You know what… I want you to leave. I think we’ve both had enough of you!”

“Mom?” Jack nervously said.

His father laughs.

“Me leave?”

His mother nodded and firmly kept her ground.

“LEAVE! It’s clear you don’t want to be here anyway! And I’m sick and tired of how you treat your own son! I don’t’ care what you do to me! But don’t you dare touch our son ever again!”

He nods and grabs his bottle of whiskey. He pours the contents all over Jack’s cake. His mother and he both start to cry. His father puts a lit match to the cake. His mother shields Jack from the outburst it causes. He then takes the bottle and smashes it over his wife’s head. He beats on her.

Jack goes to defend her only to be tossed into the refrigerator. Thus knocks him out. Jack Napier wakes the next morning to find his mother still on the floor. She hadn’t a pulse and his father was long gone.

He lived his life as an orphan from that point on. He’d been tossed between foster home to foster home. Once he was sixteen he ran away from that life and began to live on the streets of Gotham. When he was 19 he’d had a steady job and was engaged to Jeannie. He’d won her over with his charm, romantic nature, and the ability to make her laugh. They married a few years later. He’d given up his job in order to take on his new life on stage as a comedian. He had been told he had promise the first few shows he made bank. However, before long his manager jumped bail taking off with a nights worth gig. This left Jack to do his own managing, accounting, and writing new material for his shows. His wife had also just given him the news that they were expecting.

Jack was over the moon. He couldn’t wait to finally be a father to have a family of his own. Jean as he called his wife Jeannie. He could always make smile and laugh. She even encouraged him to take this brave new step in his life. They used up their savings just to help get him the boost that was needed. However, once he found himself having to take on too much with the responsibilities and he couldn’t afford to hire anyone else to help with the baby coming along. Jack’s shows had begun to tank. He was booed off the stage a handful of times and even had security literally kick him out, he was so bad. The stress had begun to get to Jack. He knew he had a wife and child to care for. They were his responsibility that and he took shame in the fact that he felt he let his wife down. She had believed in him. How could he face her now? He was in over his head.

Still his wife had his back. She loved him unconditionally. She’d smile and laugh at his jokes. She never gave up on him. He’d grown more and more desperate though. He found it hard to get a job. Her tummy only continued to grow showing they were limited on time to prepare for the child. He’d learned he was to have a son. Though this had them both on cloud nine. Jack also found himself sweating bullets trying to think of what to do. Eventually he’d taken a job through the Ace Chemical Processing Plant. He still wasn’t making near enough money though. He’d work through blood, sweat, and tears over 14 sometimes 16 hours a day. For damn near pennies.

A friend of his had heard him complaining to himself about his check once. He confided in Jack that he and another group of guys had something big planned. Something so big they would never have to worry about money again. Naturally, this had Jack’s curiosity. He agreed to meet with them later. That night he’d gone home from work. He’d eat supper with his wife. She noticed that he seemed to be in somewhat a better mood. He’d made love to her and showered before he left.

“Where you going Jack?”

“Just a little side job. Don’t wait up sweetheart.”

“Side job?”

He nodded and kissed her passionately. He ran his hand along her rounded tummy. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Don’t be out too late Jack.”

“I won’t darling. Lock the doors on my way out.”

“I always do.”

He nods and playfully smacks her on the butt before he leaves. She softly giggles.

“Love you Jack!”

“I love you too Jean.”

That was the night he’d begin to talk to the man with no face. He wore a purple suit and green vest. He was always in his mind like his conscience. However, now he’d become visible. They’d banter back and forth in argument. The man in purple was always trying to get him to break the rules to do things Jack would never do. This no faced man messed with his mind. He found himself getting headaches. This was the night his true criminal history began. He never told his wife and did everything in his power to hide this part of his life from her. He continued to work at the plant so she never questioned the money that was coming in. He had her convinced it was a raise and that he was getting higher and higher in advancement. She’d become so proud of him and thanked him constantly for his hard work. There was the guilt residing within him. Still, the man with no face soon convinced him they were doing nothing wrong. There was food on the table, rent, and bills were paid.

One night however, this so called friend of his betrayed him on a job. He had Jack do all the work. Only to leave without giving him not so much as a dime. This was the money needed to get his son a crib and some clothes. Jack grew irate and found himself yet again listening to the man in purple. He personally welcomed himself into this man’s house. He soon learned that this man had been screwing everyone over in their particular group. He’d been bringing most of the money home. This guy lived in a fancy house in the suburbs. He was living off money Jack and his friends had earned during their “jobs”. Jack lost it. He threatened the man with a gun. Jack hadn’t a clue though what tonight would do to him. After his threat to the man’s life he left. Later, that night he’d come home to find his wife and unborn child had been brutally murdered. Their blood was spread amongst the walls.

Jack went into shock. He just stood there in utter disbelief. He couldn’t move. His wife lay on the floor with her hands around her tummy protectively. The police arrived and had arrested Jack. He was soon proved innocent in the accused murder of his own wife and unborn son. From there he stopped caring about anything. He became numb he also became Red Hood. He wore a simple red clothed mask that covered his entire face except his eyes. He dressed all in black. He’d begin doing bank robberies and other criminal like activities. Eventually, he ran into his wife’s murderer on a job. The man even admitted to it proudly. He shoved it in Jack’s face as he and his men gained up on him. They ripped of his Red Hood mask. They took a crowbar to him and began to beat him severely. The man then took out a knife.

“You know what Jack I like you. I really do. So instead of killing you. I’m going to help you learn to smile more. The guys and I agreed that’s one of your best features. You used to like to tell jokes right Jack? Well we miss the old you Jack! You were one of my best men. So sorry about the wife and kid, but hey it’s just business right. I had to get you where it hurt the most. You needed to know who you were fucking with. No one threatens me and lives to tell about it. You were an exception. I needed you Jack so I decided to take it a much different approach. Look at it this way. You no longer have to worry about two other mouths to feed. A whiny bitch harping on you all the time and a crying baby that keeps you up all night. I did you a favor. You should thank me! One day you will! Now SMILE Jack!”

Jack gasped back in horror as they held him down and he began to literally cut into his cheeks. He screamed out as they cut completely into the flesh.

Once they were done they left him there in the alley. He thought he’d die and bleed to death. He wanted to. He wished for death, but it never came. Something came over Jack. He came to his feet. Rage had filled his heart and soul. He broke into a local hunting store. He stole a couple guns, bullets and knifes. He went in search of his wife’s murderer.

It was a known fact that group often gathered at the Ace Chemical Processing Plant. Jack headed straight over there. They all stood in an office. Little were they aware he stood outside. He heard them laughing about his wife, his child, and him! They were making JOKES ABOUT IT! Jack growled under his breath and without another thought he began firing. He didn’t stop as he continued to shoot through the windows and walls of the office they were in.

Once he was done he stepped inside. He saw that he’d succeeded all five men were now lying in their own blood. He wrote the words RED HOOD with their blood across the wall. Nonetheless, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see him

Jack tilted his head somewhat. He couldn’t talk do to the fact his cheeks were nothing more than flaps of skin. His gum line and teeth showed through the massive cuts.

“I’ve come to take you in Red Hood, from the looks of things. You need medical attention immediately.”

Jack fired at the masked man in black and took off running. He began climbing throughout the warehouse trying to attempt his getaway. He felt dizzy however in blood loss. His adrenaline was fading and fast. He felt out of breath. He choked on his own blood as the caped man continued to chase him.

Jack had slipped in his own bloodshed on the metal ground they were on. They were a good twelve feet in the air. Jack began to fall back and the dark man came down to his stomach reaching out for him.

“NO!” Batman yelled realizing what had truly taken place.

Jack had fallen into the Ace Chemical labs tank. He was assumed dead. It wasn’t until months later Joker made his appearance and Batman learned the truth. Joker was his biggest failure as Batman. He took it personally and still does to this day. He’d always blame himself for Jack Napier becoming what he had. No man deserved the torment Jack Napier had gone through.

Bella had seen where he’d been caught just a little over a year ago and placed in Arkham Asylum as the Joker. He’d broken out within a few months. He’d been at large since. No one had been able to capture the Joker. Bella wipes her eyes and comes to her feet.

She makes her way to a payphone and calls the number on the card.

“Ms. Swan?”

“On my way…”

“I’m staying.”
She hears sighing on the other end.

“Did you actually read the files and listen to the tapes? Right?”

“And that’s your final decision? You really wish to stay with Joker?”

“You might’ve been hoping to scare me away, but your approach only had the opposite effect.”

She hears him hang up.

Bella looks around though. She hadn’t a clue how to get back to the warehouse and hadn’t a way to call Joker and ask if he’d come get her. She sighed and began walking and hoped she was heading the right direction. Bella was just about to cross the street when sirens were heard coming her direction. Squad cars surrounded her. She looks to them oddly. They step out and one of them gets on a loud speaker.


She narrows her eyes in wonder.

“RIGHT NOW!” She looked around to see guns were aimed at her and the man was referring to her.

“What the hell?” She uttered in disbelief.

She started to walk away shaking her head. Bella gets a few feet a warning shot is fired at her feet.



Bella starts laughing.

“You’re kidding me right.”

A few police officers sneak up on her and taze her. Bella gasps out and she reaches around and decks one of them across the face. They taze her again trying to get her down. Bella however kept swinging. They shoved her to the ground and cuffed her. They then shoved her into a squad car.


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