Chapter 6 Checking In?

Chapter 6

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“FIND HER AND NOW!” Joker shouts as he fires off a few rounds into the air.


Joker leans back in his throne. Rage continued to consume him. He rests his head on a fisted hand.

“Um boss?”
Joker narrows his eyes towards the henchman.

“I think we got a problem.”

Joker cocks a brow. It was the henchman responsible for listening to the police scanners.

“I think you might be proud though.” The henchman says scratching his head somewhat.

“Tell us everything you know and we’ll lighten your sentence.”

Bella continues to keep her head down. Because she’d hit a couple cops during her arrest and kicked out the window to the police cruiser they had her in a straight jacket. Bella hadn’t uttered a single word.
“What is the Joker’s next move?”

Bella motions for the pen and paper the cop had that was doing the interrogation. He curiously slides it over. She drew giant eyes and a big smile on the paper and he looks down to see what it said underneath. SUCK MY DICK was written in big bold letters. It looked like a set of nuts and the tip of a dick. The officer sighs.

“I can see you’re very lady like.”
She remains silent.

“I assume you need a lawyer?”

Still she just sits there.

“You do realize you won’t be taken to Black Gate? Due to your association with the Joker and your little stunt with the officers and the police cruiser you will be taken directly to Arkham. Right where you’re little lover man stayed! There you will be psyche evaluated and held in confinement. How do you feel about that? Such a shame a young and beautiful girl like you? Following down this path? I see your father was a cop. He must be very ashamed.”


“Before this you record was perfectly clean not even so much as a parking ticket. Must you really do this to yourself? All we want is a little information. Something that will lead us to the rightful one that should be sitting here at this very moment. We don’t want you. We want Joker. In fact I’d go as far as to say a few months’ time is all you’d have to serve. However, if you do not give us the information we need. You could very well face years. You not only hit one, but two officers. That’s assault big time! You of all people, the daughter of a cop should know better. You knew where that would lead you. So why’d you do it?”

Bella sighs as if bored.

The guy spends another hour trying to gather some sort of information. Bella sat there the entire time and never broke a sweat.

Eventually, she’s led to one of the prison vans. They drive her to Arkham Asylum. They lead her inside and get her set up. Once they’re done they stuff her into a cell. One of the nurses sticks a syringe in her. They then undo her straight jacket. She’s handed a set of orange prison scrubs. She could hear the other inmates hollering and banging on their cells. The place smelled like urine and mothballs. She looked to see she had a toilet, sink, and a cot. The place started to spin on her. She was wondering what they stuck her with. They hurriedly stepped out and slammed the cell doors shut. Bella was so drugged she hadn’t even noticed they had changed her clothes. She looked down to see all orange. Her head swayed about and she sunk down to the floor and passed out.

Bella wakes to feel the ground beneath her shaking. She rolls over and blinks a few times. Her eyes widen as she sees the guards leading this massive creature inside. Bella hopped to her feet to see he had chains around his neck arms and legs. He looked as though a reptile. He looked directly upon her and breathed in the air.

“Hmmm.” She heard him as he eyed her.

She swallowed back and watched as they placed him into this cell directly in front of her. The cell was massive and chained down as well. One of the guards looks to her and starts laughing.

“Enjoy your new neighbor…” He says with a wink.

Bella tilts her head upon the creature. They had him chained up in his cell.

“You too huh?” She utters softly and she sits down on her cot.

“Crunchy meat…” He grumbles and licks the air.

Bella softly laughs and shakes her head.

“Nice to know where your head is. Just so you know if you even attempt to eat me. I’ll release my bowels in your mouth. I doubt even you find that tasty.”

She lies down and listens to him heavily breathing.

“Hungry…” He grumbles.

“Sorry to say I don’t feel the same. You don’t look the least bit appetizing.”

“Crunchy meat!” He growls and shakes his chains trying to break free.

Bella sighs into her cot.

“Ok that’s enough of that Boots.”

“I heard you the first time. Repeating yourself isn’t going to help matters.”

After few more hours they bring them both their food. Bella heard an odd braying sound. She rolled her eyes as they had a goat with them. They slid her tray into the cell. She couldn’t even tell what it was. She watched as they led the goat into the other creature’s cell. She knew now this was just a scare tactic on their part. There were only two cells in this room hers and this monstrous creature.

“Here you go Croc. Nice and fresh…”

“Hmmm MEAT!”

“Really?” Bella uttered.

Her eyes widen as he immediately grabbed the goat once they shoved it inside. He bit into it and blood splattered so far it hit her in the face.

“Ah, sick…” She whipped it off with the sleeve of her top.

Bella looked to her food and shoved it back out of her cell.

“Thanks, but no thanks.”

One of the guards stays behind and makes certain he finishes the goat. Once the other guard leaves he makes his way to Bella’s cell.

“Ready to talk?”

“Actually I happen to like my new neighbor. I was going to ask Joker for a pet. This worked out just fine! Thank you! He’s adorable!”

“Smartalic bitch just wait and see how far it gets you.”

Bella nods she rapidly reaches out and grabs the man by the collar. She slams him up against the cell and knocking him out.
“Who’s the bitch now dick?!”
She hears the creature gruffly laugh.

“OH so you like that? Maybe you’re company won’t be so bad after all.”

She goes to lie down on her cot. However, a slew of guards enter the room. They look to her then to the guard on the floor.

“He slipped and fell.” She says with a shrug.

Bella sighs as they open her cell. They drag her out and place the straight jacket back on.


One of them socks her hardcore in the gut.

“SHUT UP!” The man barks.

Bella hunkers over trying to catch her breath.

“You are aware that that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!”
“You think you can associate with Joker and win any lawsuit? Face it princess, you’re on our turf now. We don’t take kindly to anyone that follows the clown around. Even pretty ones such as yourself.”

“So you honestly think you can get away with tormenting me?”

“Lady as long as you’re under Arkham’s roof we can do whatever we want to you. It’s our word against yours. You’re reputation isn’t looking so great.”

“Then by all mean’s… let’s play and see what happens.” Bella says darkly.

They shock her with some sort of zapping device. She grits her teeth. They don’t let up as she comes to her knees. She growls out. They drag her back into the cell and slam her into the corner of it.

“Goodnight princess. It’s lights out time. Hope you like the darkness.” The guard looks back to Croc across the way.

“I do hope for your sake he doesn’t break free.”
They all laugh and exit the room. Within minutes the room goes pitch black.

“Crunchy is funny!” He laughs again.

“Thanks Boots. I feel so honored that you’d think so.”

He laughs again. Bella’s eyes bat a bit as she tries to fight it. It was a losing battle. Bella woke up to the feeling of something crawling on her face. She tried to swipe it off her, but she was still in the jacket. She shrieked out and hopped up seeing it was a massive water roach. Bella flings her head back and it falls to the ground. She smashes it with her shoe.

“GRRRRRR FUCK!” Bella shouts out in misery.

Bella shut her eyes and her body was shaking. The sound of metal being dragging caught her attention she turned to see the creature had freed one of his arms. He was using his hand to try and break out his other chains. She tilted her head some seeing the massive sharp teeth as he chewed on the metal chains. Bella found herself softly laughing about the situation.

Many guards entered the room once again they had these electric sticks in their hands. She stepped back thinking they were coming for her. Only they went for the beast instead. They shocked him repeatedly he swing around knocking a few of them around. He growled out in agony as they continue to electrocute him. They did this over and over until his eyes began to bat. He sunk back against the wall. They chained him back up only this time they double chained the area of his neck, arms, and legs. The reptile like mass would spasm off and on as he was passed out.

“Idiots… you are aware if he ever breaks free. You’re all dead?”

“That maybe, however you’ll die first.” The guard says behind laughter.

The guards open her cell as the nurse enters the room with her meds.

“What is that?” Bella questions.

They had a tiny white cup of red and blue pills and a clear cup of water.

“Just something to calm your nerves.”
“I have the right to know what those pills are.”

The nurse sighs.

“I’m not taking those.”
Bella goes to walk away. One of the guards grabs her and slams her back against the wall. They force her mouth open.

“You can’t get away with this. Everything you’re doing is…”

They cram the pills into her mouth and she starts choking on the water as they pour it in her mouth. Bella loses it and ankle swipes the guard. She put the heel of her foot to his throat.

They all turn to see the doors to the area swing open. Bella freezes with her foot still to the guy’s throat.

“Aw, sweetheart! How was your day?”

She swallows back with overwhelming emotions consuming her.

“Not to worry I got this… Hahahahahaaa watch out boys she’s a feisty one she is! Oh and Croc ole boy how are you doing? Aw, he’s all tuckered out poor little fella.” He says with a nod as another set of guards were dragging Joker through the area. He too was in a straight jacket and they had him chained to some sort of gurney.

As soon as he’s wheeled out the guards shove her onto her cot. They lock up her cell and leave the area. For another four days they continue to torture Bella and Killer Croc. They drag her back and forth between therapy sessions she doesn’t utter a word. They keep her doped up. She hadn’t any appetite so she wasn’t eating.

Yet again she witnesses them electrocuting Croc. Only this time they were just doing it for their own amusement. He hadn’t even broken free of his chains. She shook her head on this. Bella could hear other inmates shouting and banging on their cells again. She and Croc locked eyes for a moment.

“Wonder what the fuss is all about?”

Croc paced around his cell a bit with agitation. Bella takes in a breath. Guards rush into the area. They immediately open her cell. One of them grabs her by the hair.


She looks to them bewildered.



Croc slanted his eyes their direction.

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about!”

The inmates around the area got even louder. Bella heard the sound of shots being fired. The guard zapped her.


Her body jolts to the impact. Croc starts yanking at his chains and growling. The cot to Bella’s cell starts to move over. Joker climbs out of the hole he’d dug leading to her area. He sees the guards over Bella. One of them forces her up.

“Stop fucking around, you think we don’t know you and Joker planned this?!”

Bella laughs and shakes her head.

“Why the fuck are you laughing BITCH?!” Joker snarled back at the man’s words and gritted his teeth.

Bella smiles at Croc.

“He’s so cute when he’s hungry!” Bella says happily and points to Croc standing directly behind the guards.

He yanks the one off her and chomps him down.

“Hmmm…” Croc says and continues to help himself to the guards as they go to shoot at him. Croc knocks them down.

“Good job boy!” Bella says as if praising a guard dog.

Joker watches curiously from Bella’s cell. Once Croc is done with his meal of guards he picks Bella up.

“Dammit.” Joker grumbles trying to come up with a plan.

He goes to step out and try to decoy the giant reptile. However, he merely rips Bella’s straight jacket off. Croc places her back down and pats her on her head. Joker noticed how wide Bella’s eyes were.

“Hahahahahaaaaa Ooooo, now how in the world did you manage that one sugar lips?!”

“Joker…” She says in relief and runs up to him.

He wraps his arms around her and twirls her around.

“Whattaya say? You ready to go home?”

Bella nods.

“I suppose I owe ya one boy!” Joker says to Croc.

“Hungry…” Croc says eyeing Joker.

“No Boots.” Bella says sternly.

“Hahahahahaaaaaaaa Boots? Oh I love it! It just shows we were meant to be!”

“This one’s mine.” She says staring Croc down.

Joker raises his brows on this.

“Well you heard her… I’m off limits. Find something else to pick your teeth with. You wouldn’t want me Croc ole boy. I’m all gristle!” Joker opens the door to show Croc that he’d freed all the other inmates.

“Bon appetite!” He declares and Croc takes off that direction.

Joker has a good laugh at this.

“Shall we?”

Bella nods and he leads her back into the hole in her cell. He’d dug another one that lead to a sewer area. He dropped down first then had her jump down. He caught her and placed her down. Bella covered her nose and mouth.


He takes her hand and continues to lead her out. Rats run past their feet and she practically climbs Joker to get away from them.


He bends down and picks one up by the tail.

“EW! Stop that!” Bella backs away from him.

“Don’t you just love his beady red eyes?!”

Joker goes to pet it’s head. It bites him though and Joker throws it down. He stomps on it. Bella covers her mouth and gags.

“Tsk, tsk such a sensitive stomach Marie, hehe!”

“Did you check yourself in or something?”

He looks to her confused.

“I mean how’d you get into Arkham?”

“Oh sweetheart you don’t check yourself into Arkham! I turned myself in! HAHAHAHAHAAA! Turned myself in what a hoot. HAHA!”

She looks to him utterly baffled.

“You turned yourself in?”

He nods and shrugs.

“Well how else was I going to break you out?”

He flips her over his shoulder. He pops her on the butt and continues to find the way out. His men had a van waiting from them up above. Joker placed her down at a ladder.

“Go on now.”

She nods and begins to climb up. He follows behind her. He helps her lift the sewer lid above. The henchmen lift her out of the sewer then Joker. They hop into the van and take off. Joker cups her chin and scans her over. He shakes his head.

“Hmmm…” He scoots back in the van.

Joker sits across from her. One of his henchmen slides his gun over. Joker takes it and starts cleaning it. His eyes however, never left sight of her.

“So what’s the story Marie? Where’d you go?”

Bella sighs and leans her head back against one of the chairs in the van.

“Batman…” She utters softly.

Joker puckers out his lips a bit.

“The Bat huh?”


“So the Bat placed you in Arkham?” He questions in suspicion.

“No… He thought he was saving me from you…”

Joker lowers his brows.

“What are you hiding sugar lips?” He says in a threatening tone.

“I don’t know Jack you tell me?”

Joker’s entire body grows tense. His eyes become wild.

“What did you just call me?”

Bella swallowed back for once her heart was racing. She saw that look in his eyes.

“Jack…” She whispers softly.

He nods and immediately crawls towards her.


The van comes to a stop as it pulls up to the Funhouse.

“Out!” He demands furiously.

Bella sighs and climbs out of the van. Once Joker hops out he roughly grabs her by the arm and drags her inside. He shoves her down and aims his gun at her. His hand shook unmercifully. He gritted his teeth on this.

“LEAVE US! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” Joker commanded his men.

They instantly took off. Joker lowers his gun and paces the area.

“You’re wrong… He’s not dead. You just have him on lockdown. You’re afraid to let him out.”

Joker fires just before her feet.

Joker puts up his gun he rushes over and yanks her up off the ground. He shoves her into the throne chair and takes out a different gun from his suit.

“I’d been saving this one just for you sweetheart. Time to open up!” He says and fires.

Bella gasps out as a dart is fired into her arm. “Hahahahahaaaa time for some fun now! Let’s see what’s inside that head of yours!” She goes to rip it out. He forces her hands back.

“Now I’m going to ask you some questions and you’re going to answer each one!”
Tears stream down her face and she slaps him hard across the face. He growls under his breath. “I’m going to give you that one for free. I had it coming. HELL far more than that even! I let the Bat and the cops snatch you after giving you my word they wouldn’t! By the looks of things they roughed you up pretty damn good! However, I saw you sweetheart! You were giving them hell! You’re a fighter! You’re always going to be a fighter and that’s how you’re going to go down! But right now it’s story time! Now I want to know everything and I want to know NOW! I want to know why the hell you just called me Jack! I want to know what Batman told you and I want to know how you got arrested! I also want to know how the fuck you got those ugly fucking scars on your back. I want to know why you chose not to go along with Batman! WHY WOULD YOU COME BACK TO ME?!” He cups her chin.

“That’s a very heavy dosage of Sodium Pentothal aka truth serum. Now let’s get started!”

She looks to him with complete hatred. The tears continue to run down her face.

“Question number one… Why didn’t you take Batman on his offer?!”

She shuts her eyes for a moment. She didn’t want to say why.

“Please…” She literally begs.

“Don’t make me answer that.”

He grits his teeth.


She takes in a breath and shakes her head.

“Because…” She tries to fight it. Her whole body quivered to the response about to leave her lips. She knew it was one sided. She felt foolish as the words left in a hushed whisper.

“Cause I love you. You horse’s ass.” She lowers her head looking to the ground in defeat.

“I SHOULD HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS!” She screams out animatedly.

“You’re right you should! You should loathe everything about me! EVERYTHING! You should be here out of fear NOT LOVE! That’s foolish, petty, and weak.” He says softly.

“You don’t love the monster… never forget my dear Marie I own you. I will always find you.” He articulates even more softly.

“Question number two… Your scars how did you get them?!”

She starts laughing. Her entire body trembles as she laughs. Joker leaned over and had his hands on the arm rest as he kept his eyes directly upon hers.

“Let’s just say you’re not the first monster I’ve been with.” She starts to laugh again.

“Oh he’d love to hear me agree with that now. I used to tell him how he wasn’t. Only he’s no longer alive. I let him die. I could have saved him, but I didn’t. I just stood there. I knew what was going to happen if I didn’t come to his aid. But I realized something. The moment I saw him again. I HATED HIM! HE WAS WHINY, PATHETIC, A LITTLE BITCH THAT TURNED HIS BACK TO ME YET I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAVE HIM?! He knew mine and my father’s life hung in the balance. He knew other vampires were after me! Yet he and his entire family left my father and me defenseless. I found myself hanging out with the wolves in order to keep us alive! It was the only thing they feared. That’s what kept us alive! Eventually, the pack took Victoria and Laurent and ripped them to motherfucking shreds and I enjoyed watching every minute of it.

I’d pined for him I thought I loved him. I thought I would be nothing without him. However, the more he was out of my life the better it was. No longer did I have him constantly whining and hovering over me. No longer did I have to sit there and question him as to why he wouldn’t FUCK me when I wanted it. That’s right you thought it was me! Well it wasn’t! He was the bitch in our relationship. NAG NAG NAG that’s all he did. Constantly feeling sorry for himself and had an excuse for everything. I can’t turn you because of your precious soul Bella. I can’t have sex with you because I could hurt you. I can’t kiss you the way you want because of my thirst! I don’t want you hanging out with Jake he’s dangerous! I don’t want you doing this or that! Because my life is complicated Bella, that’s why! That’s all it ever was with him. Edward Cullen was a whiny little shit that never stopped talking about himself and his need to stay this virtuous person! Only he wasn’t a person. He was a god damn vampire. HE SUCKED AT IT! HE WAS THE WORST VAMPIRE THAT EVER WALKED THIS EARTH!

His sister came to me wanting me to save his life. Please Bella please help him. OH MY GOD!” Bella laughs again and Joker tilts his head taking in every word.

“Of course I agreed! I should have listened to my friend Jake. I should have stayed in Forks. I should have left that behind me and let his precious little coven of a family come to his aid instead, but I didn’t. Oh no I can’t let that happen I thought foolishly and hopped on in. Once we got to Italy it was my fullest intention to save him. The entire trip I kept thinking about how to make this work. How do I keep Edward from exposing his truth self. How do you save a vampire when you’re this nothing human?! Only I didn’t expect what I’d truly feel once I looked upon him. All he wore was this red cloak. His hair was a mess, his eyes were sunken in and pitch black. I’d never seen him look so weak. I found it repulsive! I was mad at myself for thinking such a thought. But it was true I couldn’t stand to look at him. Here he was about to off himself?! He was the one that left me. Yet here I had to save his sorry ass because he had pussied out. I grew irate in my thoughts. Part of me wanted to watch him die. Part of me wanted to hurt him the way he’d hurt me. I wanted to watch him get ripped apart. IT was then I realized I was the monster. I never realized I could feel that way about anyone. But I did. I hated myself for such ideas for such cruelty. I pushed those thoughts away and went to step out. Only it was too late. He’d dropped his red cloak and exposed his skin letting everyone within the area know that he was a vampire.

I stood there and watched as the guards ripped him limb from limb and burned him right there. His sister appeared behind me and she’d this look of shock on her face as she too watched. She then slammed me back against the Volturi palace walls. She saw me in her visions. She saw me wanting him to die. Alice was about to end my life. The guards stopped her and we both watched as they killed everyone within the area. They drained innocent men, women, and children to the last drop and left them to die! BECAUSE OF ME! I DIDN’T LOVE HIM SO THEY DIED! I DIDN’T SAVE HIM SO THEY DIED!” She gasps back and Joker lifts her chin.

“Breathe…” He stresses softly as her entire face was red. He places a strand of hair behind her ear.

She nods and sucks back a breath.

“They dragged Alice and myself inside. The three kings by the name of Aro, Marcus, and Caius decided my fate. You see they had hopes that Edward would join their side. Become one of them. They felt I ruined their precious little plans. They didn’t even bother to read Alice on this as they knew she could sometimes control what others saw in her visions. Aro could see things about people just like how Edward could read minds. Only he never could read mine.” She laughs again.

“The bastard…” She takes in another breath.

“From there Alice and I were locked away. For four days while they cleaned up the mess across Italy. I was starved, dying of thirst, I was whipped with an leather strap with wire bristles at the end of it. For breakfast, lunch and dinner that was my punishment. Only I thought that was it. Until the fifth day… I was finally allowed to eat and drink something. It was the most wonderful meal I’d ever had. I ate to my heart’s content not caring if it was poisoned. Part of me hoped it was. After my meal I was led into the throne room. Aro placed me in his lap. He chuckled in my ear and ran his fingers through my hair. The double doors to the palace opened. Every Volturi guard there was now filled the room. It was then they began to lead them in one by one. They started off with my friends from school. Jessica was first to die. Aro forced me down as I tried to stop them. He broke my ribs was how hard of a hold he had on me. He forced my head back. Every time I closed my eyes he’d yank my hair back. Each day I’d be brought back into the throne room to watch someone else I loved or cared about die. They started out with just my friends, then the vampire coven my boyfriend was from, and then I watched my mother and father die. Afterword they kept me there for nearly two years. I pleaded for death. They wouldn’t give it. That’s when I began cutting myself. I felt I was already in hell. I felt so numb so dead. The pain reminded me I was still alive. I knew that the day the pain stopped I was finally at peace. Only the pain never did each day it felt the same.” Bella’s head sways about.

“My dad… I miss him so much. He was the only one that ever truly got me. They knew this and tortured him the most. With him they took their time and watched my face as I watched him slowly die.”

Bella’s head rolls back and her eyes start to close. Joker nods at this and picks her up. He carries her to the bed. She’s out for nearly two days. During this time he’d bathed her and burned her orange scrubs. He left her in a pair of silkily white panties and nothing else. When Bella finally came to Joker was nipping along her neck and shoulders with his teeth. His hands were planted along the mattress.

“Wake up Marie…” He gruffly whispered pressing his erection against her.

“I need some of that pink little pussy.”

She gasps back as she feels him entering her.
“Hmm that’s right sweetheart. Time to fuck it out of you.” Joker throbs greatly with each thrust he gives.

He kisses her rolling his tongue along hers. He then leans into her ear as he continues to fuck her as hard as he can.

“Ever sucked some cock sugar lips?”

She looks to him rather wide eyed. He grins and softly laughs.

“Oh… I see. Well I think you need some lessons. By the time I’m done with you. You’ll be on your hands and knees begging me to let you suck it. And if you’re a good girl and swallow I’ll fuck you with my tongue.”

He feels her release.

“That’s a girl. Now come again for Daddykins. Drench my fucking cock sweetheart.”

She arches back in climax.

“No, no… that’s not good enough Marie. I said to fucking DRENCH ME!”

He laughs as she ruins his bed sheets. He rolls them over with her on top of him now. Joker moves her about him and watches her tits bouncing. He raises his brows growing even stiffer inside her. Her hands ran along her breasts. She slightly leaned back. Joker gripped her more determinedly and worked her harder about him.

“No need to be gentle.” He hints with gritted teeth.

“REALLY RIDE IT!” He demanded.

Sweat ran down her body as she continued. His hips bucked off the bed in encouragement. Hot liquid escaped him as he grunted out in a finish. His fingers run along the beads of sweat on her breast.

“Hmmm… So much to learn my pet.” He pulls at her hair and brings her lips to his.

He playfully nips at her lower lip before kissing her. He spanks her on the rear as she lies across him.

“If you weren’t so deliciously fuckable I’d eat you alive.” He uttered as he sucks on her neck and bites down a bit.

“You taste scrumptious.”

He rolls her back over and licks her breasts and tummy.

“So damn good.”

He pulls out and makes his way off the bed. Bella gathers herself as she hears the shower start. She comes to her feet. Her mouth felt incredibly dry. She reached over and downed the water he had on the nightstand. Bella took a few steps and felt like she’d faint. She hadn’t truly eaten or drank in days. She forced herself to fight it. She put on her robe and headed to the kitchen. Bella managed to make it to the fridge, but she grew weaker by the moment. She opened the door and grabbed the milk and she hit the ground as she blacked out. Milk went everywhere. The henchmen looked to one another. Each was afraid to even touch her knowing it could get them killed. Then again, if they don’t help her they could be in bigger trouble.

“Um I’ll go get the boss.”

They nod as one of them volunteers. They knock on the bathroom door. Joker answers with just a towel wrapped around him.

“Hey boss something’s wrong with your girl.”

“Whattaya mean?”

“She fainted I think.”

Joker nods and grabs his suit he dresses along the way to the kitchen. He sees the henchmen hovering over her looking lost. He rolls his eyes.

“Well don’t just stand there you idiots!”

They look to one another still looking dumbfounded. Joker shakes his head and picks her up.

“Clean that up!” He demands pointing to the milk.

“Um boss?”

“Yes?” He says with full annoyance.

“We were thinking that she maybe hungry or thirsty?”

“You think I don’t know that you knuckleheaded TWIT!”

Joker carries her to the table and sits her in his lap.

“Well bring me something to feed her you imbeciles and get her some milk that’s NOT on the floor!”

Bella comes to and Joker’s got a glass of milk to her mouth.

“Drink up.”

She narrows her eyes bewildered. She drinks the milk though. The back of her head hurt. She rubbed at it.

“You decided to take a nap by the fridge silly girl. Don’t you know you can’t drink milk and sleep at the same time? Haha!”

He gets a spoonful of Cheerios.

“HERE COMES THE TRAIN CHUG CHUG CHHHH…” He puts the spoon to her mouth.

She folds her arms about her chest bitterly.
“Realll…” She starts to say, but he stuffs her mouth full.

“Thattaya girl.” He gets another spoonful and shakes his knee about as though she were a child.

“Oh look here comes the train again!”

She presses her lips together feeling silly. He pinches her nose. Eventually, she goes to take a breath and he stuffs her mouth full again. He starts humming as he feeds her.

“I can feed myself you know.”

“Toot, toot watch out for those tug boats!”

He shrugs and continues. He goes through the entire bowl. Joker then gets a huge grin on his face. He grabs a banana from the fruit bowl. He peels it open. Joker wiggles his brows.

“See? Practice!” He declares and stuffs the banana in her mouth.

She chews it back and hits him on the arm.

“HAHAHAHAHAAA Oooo you really deep throated that one.”
She goes to argue and he stuffs another mouthful in. Once she swallows it down. She cuts him an evil glare.

“Aw, sweetheart welcome home!”

She finds herself smiling even though she didn’t want to.
“You’re such an ass.”

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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