Chapter 7 Two In One Maybe More

Chapter 7

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Bella shut her eyes and soaked back in the bath. The warm water felt good against her body. She put one of her denim skirts and white buttoned blouse. She pulled her hair up into a ponytail. When she stepped out Joker was on his throne with his eyes closed. Bella crawled into his lap. His eyes shot open and his arms wrapped around her waist. He scanned over her little outfit.

“Hmmm Daddy like.”

His hand ran along her thigh. Bella clears her throat a bit. Her hand runs along his tie and she leans against his shoulder.

“What was your life like? You know before all this.”

He shrugs rather dismissively.

“It wasn’t really a life.”

Bella sighs.

“About Jack…” She says softly, but continues to love on him.

“Ah yes Jack…”
She noticed the different tone in his voice.

“He was an old friend of mine.”
“Friend?” She inquiries with confusion.

He nods and looked rather sad even with the permanent planted grin on his face.

“He died…” He says darkly.

Bella bites on her lower lip.

“And how did he die?”

“I failed to protect him sweetheart.”

A knot formed in her throat. She twirls around and faces him.

“He wasn’t a friend of yours… you were Jack Napier.”

He narrows his eyes and shakes his head.

“No Marie you need to listen better. I told you that ole Jacky boy was a friend of mine.”

She shut her eyes for a moment and leaned her forehead against his. She does her best not to cry. Bella sucks it back and looks him directly in the eyes. She tells him what she knows about Jack Napier. She could tell that his mental state had made him forget about yesterday’s mention of it.

“You are Jack…”

He reaches to his gun and she gently pushes his hand away.

“I’m right and you know I am don’t you Jack? You’re still in there. Some of these memories make sense to you don’t they? This was who you were and part of you is still Jack Napier.” It was the part that was the most intimate with her. She knew it too. That was Jack. How he treated his wife and mother was how he often enough treated Bella. That was Jack shining through. Everything else was Joker. Jack rarely made an appearance.

“Watch yourself Marie you’re pressing a thin line.”

Bella looks around seeing it’s just them in the room. She puts her hands to his cheeks.

“Yell at me, punish me, hell fucking kill me if you so desire. But I know the truth…” She wraps her arms around his neck.

“I know you’re in there Jack.”

Joker shoves her out of his lap and promptly leaves the room after firing off a few rounds. Bella sighs and pinches her eyes shut. She heard him leave with his men before too long. She heard him say something about a job. Bella went and cleaned up their room. Afterword she kicked back on the bed and watched the news. She knew if they were up to no good like she assumed they’d eventually be seen or discussed. Her body though was still taking a toll from being in Arkham. Without realizing it she’d fallen asleep. Bella jumped up to the sound of thunder. Lightening filled the room. She rolled over to see Joker still wasn’t in the room.

She put on her black silk robe and went to cut on the light. The power was out though. She sighed and felt around for the flashlight, Joker kept in his drawer. Once she found it she cut it on. Bella was trying to find the breaker box. She hadn’t a clue where to go.

The thunder grew louder and the lightening cascaded throughout the Funhouse. Bella’s eyes widen as she felt a hand wrap around her mouth. She was pinned back against the wall.

“BOO! Hahahahahaaaa!” She gasped out and hit him on the chest.

“That’s not funny.”

He reached to his gut in laughter. The lights came on as one of the henchmen found the breaker. Joker wiggled his brows as one of Bella’s breasts was exposed. He fixed her robe, but kept her pinned against the wall.

“Lock it up boys.”
They nod and start to carry in bags of what Bella assumed was money. Once they were out of the room. Bella looked him in the eyes.

“So where’d you go Jack?”

He shut his eyes for a moment and shook his head. Bella ran her hand along his chest and then down to his pants. He opened his eyes again as she rubbed along his crotch. Joker unzipped his pants and brought himself out. He put his hand along her shoulder and motioned her downward. A few of his henchmen were heading back. He quickly shoed them away. They took the hint and got lost. He took the flashlight from her hand and threw it down. Her warm mouth worked wonders around his throbbing dick. Watching her going down on him had him even more riled up. He jarred his hips about for more friction. It felt so good he was already about to come.

“Swallow…” He demanded as he flooded her mouth.

She did as she was told. He placed his index finger upon her chin lifting her head up.

“To the bedroom Marie.”

She nods and heads that direction. He puts himself away and zips his pants. Once he’s in the room he loosens his tie and shuts the door. Joker throws his jacket off.

“On the bed.”

Bella lies down. Joker leans against the wall and folds his arms about his chest.

“Daddykins needed a boy’s night out sugar lips you can go on the next job.”

“Are you still mad?”

“Undo your robe…” He tilts his head as she does this.

“And that was a trick question. I’m always mad.”

A slight smile forms on her face. He puts his gun and other weapons up.

“Spread your legs sweetheart.”

He nods and gawks at her for a moment.

“Have you never had your pussy licked?”

She shakes her head and swallows back.

“Do you want it licked?” He questions as he makes his way over.

“I can make you scream in pleasure. Is that what you want?”

Bella bites down on her lower lip. Her heart was racing.

“Answer me Marie.”

“Yes…” She says breathlessly.

“Yes what?”

Fear coursed through her, but she knew she needed to break through that wall of his. She just prayed he was too fucking horny to get to too pissed off.

“Please Jack.” She said lifting her hips off the ground.

Joker shut his eyes for a moment again.

“Marie you’re about to get your ass seriously spanked! I mean literally!” He says, but Bella saw the rocking hard on he had.

“Is that what you fucking want?!” He points to her heatedly.

She covers her mouth in a giggle.

“Call me fucking Jack one more time I dare you!” She noticed how he was stroking himself as he stated this.

“Eat me Jack!”

He sits on the edge of the bed and brings her over his lap. He wasn’t kidding he popped her a few times on the butt. However, to her surprise Bella found it kinky and pleasurable. She even giggled a bit. She couldn’t believe her own reaction. He fingered her sex then would pop her again.

He rolled her back onto the bed. He spread her legs apart and dove right in. Bella bit into the pillow and did this screaming moan into it. Joker reached over and yanked the pillow away from her.

He shook his head in a scolding matter.

“I want to fucking hear it.”

Joker went back to what he was doing. Sure enough he got her screaming again. He flicked his tongue about her slit. Joker moaned into her sex. He once again undid his pants as he pleasured her he began jerking off. He buried his face even deeper against her. He loved how the way she tasted and smelled. He breathed her in as he continued. Joker lifted his eyes as she screamed out again. At this he rubbed himself even harder. He tasted her sweet juices as began to orgasm. He took his entire tongue licking her clean.

“Hmmm, taste so good!” He growled and licked his lips.

Bella saw he had his cock in his hand. At this she took her fingers and began playing with herself. Once she came along her own fingers he took them and licked them clean. She gasped back rubbing her thighs together.

“Fuck me Jack please.”

He flips her over and positions her on her hands and knees. He gets a chunk of her hair and slightly pulls at it as he slams into her.

“Keep begging!”

“Please Jack it feels so fucking good.”
“That’s right sweetheart. I know how you like it.” He spills his seed within her and slaps her on the ass.

He pulls out and rolls over breathlessly.

Joker remains awake as Bella sleeps. He reaches to his temples and takes out his gun. He looks to it then to her. She whimpered out in her sleep and rolled over. He madly ran the gun through his hair and brought his knees up to his chest. Joker rocked back and forth eyeing her. He aimed the gun at her off and on. His hand shook more than it ever had before. While she slept he put it to her head. He then shut his eyes.

Don’t please not again. Don’t you dare take her away from me! YOU OWE ME! I’m not the only one that needs her! ADMIT IT!

Joker’s eyes widened at the familiar voice in his head.

That’s right! I’m still here. I’M HERE!

Joker hops off the bed and rushes out of the room. He heads outside of the Funhouse and screams out as he pulls at his hair.

“She’s in my way Jacky boy!”

That’s not true and you know it. I’ve always been here. All she did was give you a name. Now you know who the fuck I am. Oh the irony Joker.

Joker starts this hysterical laughing thing. He laughs so hard he starts crying. He furiously wipes his eyes as he bowls over in laughter.

Just take care of her. Don’t run her off or fucking kill her. Even you have some sort of god damn heart you MONSTER!

Joker laughs again.

“Now that my friend is hilarious.”

Bella stretched out her arms and legs. She smiled as she saw a purple rose before her. Joker winked and kissed her forehead. She took the rose and pecked him on the cheek.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and finished getting ready.

“I’ve you another outfit picked out.”

“We’re going out?”

He nods. Bella smiles and comes to her feet. She breathes in the rose before heading to the bathroom. She saw the maid outfit. The bath was already run for her. Once again it had rose petals in it. Bella however, kept aware waiting for the prank. She wondered where and when it would take place. This seemed to be a morning ritual of Jokers. She bathed and dressed. She then put on her outfit. She’d gone t to fix her hair so it would stay in place.

Bella shrieked out and reached to her heart as a fake snake popped out of the hairspray bottle.

She could hear Joker laughing from the kitchen. She knew he’d been waiting for it.

“Ass…” She utters and rolls her eyes.

She takes in a breath and finishes up. Bella heads to the kitchen. Her heels clank against the cement floor. Joker leaned back and motioned for her to sit in his lap. Once she did he eagerly kissed her. His hands ran along her body sensually.

“So what’s the job and when?”

“You my dear are going to steal from the illustrious millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne.”

“Well yes he’s all about the pretty ladies. I’ve a feeling you’re just his cup of tea. It just happens his maids wear this particular outfit. The only difference is you will cause the utmost in distractions. He will find himself drooling and practically tripping over himself. Not to worry he’s nothing like Penguin. Just keep in mind who it is you belong to.”

“And how will I be different from his other maids?”

“You have a real problem with undergarments. You’re a very naughty and forgetful maid. Bend over just the right way and it will give Mr. Wayne the perfect little kitty shot. He’ll lose his mind and forget what it was he was even discussing with you hehe!”

“You want me to give another man a kitty shot?!” She says as if appalled.

“Hmmm, of course not, just the hint of one. You give him a full one and I’ll have to punish you.”

He raises his brows seeing the gears turning in that head of hers. She smiles.

“So when is this?”

Joker kisses along her shoulders and leans her more against him.

“In just a couple hours.”

He pulls out a map of the Wayne Manor. He shows her where everything is and the particular area in which the item is that she will be taking.

“I don’t know about this Jack.”

“Now don’t go getting noble on me.”

She noticed how he didn’t flinch or act mad about her calling him Jack this time. However, this was something that she’d keep just between them. She respected him enough not to pull that shit in public or around the other henchmen. For one thing it was something a bit more personal between the two of them.

“This guy has money to spare…”
“It’s not that. This is just my second time doing this. Yet you trust me enough to go about this alone basically?”

“Well I’m not so sure how I’d look in this… I highly doubt I’m Mr. Wayne’s type, but then again you never know haha!”

Bella sighs.

“You’re going and that’s final my dear. Time to get over all this nonsense. Face it Marie my dear you’re one of us now. Being Joker’s girl has it’s requirements… One of them is being a good girl and doing as you’re told. When I want you to be naughty I’ll let you know.”
“I’m not one of your henchmen.”

“Haha! Now that is very true. I don’t fuck my henchmen. I don’t spoil them or give them pretty things. That and they are disposable.” He cups Bella’s chin.

“You however are NOT. Now when I say you belong to me that’s exactly what I mean. Your heart, mind, body, and soul are mine. Something I happen to take seriously ironically enough. I take pride in my possessions. If you meant so little to me you my dear would have long since bit the bullet. And trust me you haven’t any idea just how many close calls there have been. As we both know you’ve done more than push my patience! So there will be no more arguing with me or doubting yourself. When I set something up that is how it is unless I let you know otherwise. You had your chance to bail and didn’t take it. So admit it… This sort of life and being the lover of Joker excites you. It’s something you crave and can’t get enough of. You and I hahahahahahaaaa oh you haven’t a clue what exactly you’re in for! HEHE! Oh Marie, Marie, Marie… Hmmm.” He places her on the table.

He takes off her panties and places them in his pocket.

“How about a kiss?”

Before she can answer he’s literally Frenching her sex. He gives it one good lick afterword. Joker then fixes her skirt. He takes a white kerchief from his pocket and wipes his mouth clean. He then undoes the top of her maid uniform. He takes off her bra. He sucks on both tits until her nipples are nice and erect. He buttons her back up.

Then there was Jack… He caressed her cheek and looked into her eyes. Bella was beginning to see that she wasn’t just the lover of Joker, but Jack Napier as well. The man before her was a spilt of both personalities. Deep down she knew Jack’s what kept this very peculiar relationship going and kept her alive. His arms wrapped around her and he kissed her. A smile formed on her face as he kissed along her neck and shoulders.

After he lifted his head back up. Bella leaned her head against him. They both ate breakfast and began to prepare. When they got in the van Joker sit her up with the bug and they tested it. This way she would be able to hear him and he could hear her and anyone else she dealt with. He’d been in the van parked from a safe distance listening. He strapped a fanny pack underneath her maid outfit for the items she’d be taking.

He opened the van doors and she stepped down. He grinned hugely seeing that hint of her bare cheek as she stepped down. Once he shut the van doors he had a good laugh.

“Ohhh Mr. Wayne let’s just see how my girl makes you sweat. Hahahahahaaaa oooo sweat buddy boy sweat!”

Bella gets to the Wayne gates. She nervously hits the buzzer to be let in. Alfred narrows his eyes upon the screen seeing it was one of the maids. The gates open and she makes her way to the front door. Alfred opens the door before she even has a chance to knock.

“Good day Ms.”

Bella nods and steps inside. She had to stop her eyes from damn near boggling. The place was massive. Joker had warned her, however seeing it and hearing about it were two different things entirely.

“Ok head to your left and go straight to the kitchen. You will pass through three rooms before you get there. Keep your head up act like you own the damn place. Fake a nice little sneeze once you enter the kitchen.”

Bella takes in a breath. The last room she came to was this very long hallway with life sized knights armor on display.


Joker shakes his head hearing this.

“Hmm keep your head in the game.”

“You should see this…” She whispers.

“I have… How else do you think I know how the maid’s do their daily jobs? It’s amazing what you learn at a couple of Wayne gatherings. There’s so many guests using this guy you just blend right on in and you can learn whatever it is you wish to learn. Perhaps one day I’ll take you dancing at one of Richie Richie’s famous events. It’d be the perfect learning experience.”

He hears her sneeze.

“Ok now. To your right the middle wooden door… open it.”

She does as he says.

“Bingo… See that little cart of cleaning supplies?”

She nods as if he can see her. He hears her rolling it out.

“Thattaya girl, now I want you to head back through the rooms you came through. Go to the elevator and hit the 2nd floor.”
“Elevator?” She whispers in disbelief.

“Haha! Yes Marie sweetheart elevator.”
“What a douchebag…” Bella murmurs.

“Hahahahahaaaa you’d be the first woman I’ve ever heard say that about Richie Rich. The elevator will be to your right once you exit the three rooms.

Bella hits the elevator button. She drags the cart inside and pushes the button to the second floor. She hears Joker humming to the elevator music. She softly giggles.

“I’d dance with you if I were there sweetheart.”

She smiles and the elevator comes to a stop. She wheels the cart out.

“OK now things get a little tricky. You won’t be too happy with me, but you will actually have to clean a couple rooms before getting to the one I need you in.”

He hears her sigh and he starts laughing.

“Oh I’m sure you’re going to do a wonderful job. Keep in mind there are surveillance camera’s around. Keep your head straight and nose clean until I say otherwise. Head down the hallway in the middle.”

She shrugs and drags the cart that direction.

“Oh and Marie… put a little swing into that ass when you walk. Just in case… you’re being watched. Distraction sugar lips…”

She rolls her eyes.

“All the way down to the left, there will be a guest bedroom with a half bath. Start cleaning, don’t half ass it or raise any suspicion.”

Bella starts off cleaning the bathroom. She even put on the gloves and went all out.

“It’s like spotless. What exactly am I cleaning?”

“Just do it Marie and shut your trap…”

He hears her grumble under her breath. Bella grins deciding to mess with Joker a bit to pay him back. She starts humming a little and continues cleaning. He hears her softly whisper.

“You know we should get married and have a dozen children and I want a little lap dog with a big red bow. It’d be like one big happy family…”

Joker raises his brows. He folds his arms about his chest.

“You want a dog and a litter?”

“I don’t know about a dog, but I won’t say no to practicing.” She hears the voice behind her say.

Bella’s eyes widen.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA OOOOOO now that is priceless! How I do wish I could see your face sugar lips. I can only imagine. HAHA!”

She comes to a stand and turns around. Bruce was tilting his head he’d been checking out her ass as she was bent over. He found himself wondering if she was wearing a thong. She looked as if she was commando.
“Mr. Wayne…” She utters softly.

He nods and gazes her over.

“You seem familiar.”
“Well I should hope so I do work for you.”

Joker quickly looks up a name through the agency Mr. Wayne’s maids are sent through.

“You’re Ms. Leah Harrison.” Joker hints.

“You must be new to the agency.”

“You’ve been working for them for two months and for Mr. Wayne for one.”

“Leah Harrison, I started working for the agency two months ago. I was assigned to you about a month or so ago.”

He nods.

“No offense Ms. Harrison, but you certainly don’t look like the typical maid.”

“That’s because I’m not Mr. Wayne.” She says with a flirtatious smile.

“I’m better…”

Bruce softly chuckles.

“Oh believe me I’m not questioning your work ethic.”

“How very disappointing Mr. Wayne I see we’re on two different pages.”

He smiles and raises his brows. Bella found him to be a quite attractive man. However, his lifestyle alone had no appeal to her.
“Good one Marie you’re even giving me wood. You naughty girl you…”

Bruce clears his throat. He takes in a breath.

“You’ve to excuse me Ms. Harrison. It isn’t everyday I’m proposed to.”
She softly giggles.

“Now that I find hard to believe.”

Joker rolls his eyes.

“Watch yourself Marie…” Joker whispers to himself, but she heard it.

“An attractive man such as yourself? I’d imagine you constantly have women flocking to you.”

“An attractive man such as yourself?” Joker mocks bitterly. This was what he’d wanted her to do. For some reason it was pissing him the fuck off though. He snarled back as he continued to listen.

Bella couldn’t help, but to cover her mouth in laughter at hearing Joker’s jealousy.

“Hmm I still have that feeling we’ve met before.”

“Classic bullshit line, you got him hook, line, sinker. He wants to fuck your brains out. That’s what all men say when they want you desperately.”
“I’m sorry sir. I’ve not met you before outside of this manor. In fact I do believe this is the first time we’ve ever actually talked.”

“Then that’s a shame.” He says with a nod.

He was leaned back against the bed post as he talked to Bella. His hands were folded about his chest. It was driving him mad. Her voice was very familiar and so was she. Bruce couldn’t see past the fancy hair, full make up, her high heels, killer body in that maid outfit, and her flirtatious behavior.

Bella shrugs and remembered what Joker said. She turns around and starts cleaning the tub.

Bruce’s eyes nearly bulged out.

“Ms. Harrison I know this might seem somewhat unprofessional. But I was wondering if you would perhaps accompany me to a ball that is coming up this weekend.”

Bella freezes and raises back up. She turns to him.

“Are you asking me on a date?”

He lowers his brows some.

“Well… I’d like to presume so Ms. Harrison. You see I haven’t anyone to accompany me.”
“I haven’t a dress.”

She hears Joker growling.

“I’m sure we could arrange some sort of agreement. I’ve means to get you a dress any of your choice of course.”

Joker was throwing stuff around in the van. His anger was building.

“I’m quite flattered sir. However, not only do I not believe in mixing business with pleasure. I’m also very much engaged.”


He looks to her bare finger in question.
“Well yes sir. I do not wear my ring on the job of course. I’d hate for it to be ruined. It’s quite beautiful and meaningful to me.”

“I can understand that. I do apologize for holding you up. I suppose it’s like the saying goes. All the good ones are taken.”


Bella flinches at Joker’s words.

“Are you alright?”

Bella nods and forces that smile back.

“I’m perfectly fine sir.”
Bruce nods.

“I hope I didn’t keep you too long. Have a good day Ms. Harrison.”

“You too Mr. Wayne.”
“Please call me Bruce.”

“Leah…” He nods and exits the room.

After a couple hours Bella manages to work her way to the correct room. However, Joker had grown deadly quiet. She began cleaning and waiting for his word. She clears her throat, but nothing.

“What now?” She whispers.

Joker was steaming. He gritted his teeth and shut his eyes. This wasn’t even a real job. This was just to see if Bella had the nerve. To see if she could follow through and what she was capable of. This was a cakewalk in comparison to what she’d be facing later on. Joker wasn’t use to feeling something like this. He wanted to kill Bruce Wayne now, but not for the mere enjoyment of killing like usual. This felt somehow more personal. He pulled at his hair and shot at one of his henchmen. He truly wasn’t expecting her to be that good! Bella even had Joker convinced she’d had a bit of thing for Bruce Wayne.

Bella jumped at the sound of the gun going off.

“There should be a jewelry box. There is a camera in the room. It rotates. Wait until the camera is off the area of the box. Then take whatever you can. You must be haste. Then I want you to pretend as though you are finishing up for the day. Move slow, confident, and precise. Then I want you to walk right now of there as if nothing ever happened. I will have a cab waiting for you.” He said this behind gritted teeth. Bella shut her eyes for a moment.

She perfects the job without the camera catching her. She’d pocketed a watch, ring, bracelet, and some other very expensive jewelry of Bruce Wayne’s. Bella then put up her cart and walked right out the doors of the Wayne Manor perfecting Joker’s little test a little too well. Bruce Wayne hadn’t a clue he’d been robbed. Not until weeks later and even then he hadn’t any footage to work with to know who had done it.

Bella got into the cab. It took her straight to the Funhouse. Joker came out and shot the cab driver. One of his henchmen took the body and stuffed it into the trunk. They then took off in the cab to hide it.

“Did you really have to shoot him?”

Joker nods without blinking. He looked to be breathing rather heavy. He took her by the arm and led her into his room. He slammed the door. He reached under her little maid dress and yanked off the fanny pack full of stolen items. He eyed her as he opened it. He nodded once he saw it was filled to the brim of very expensive jewelry. He threw it onto his dresser. Joker then pinned Bella up against the door.

“YOU’RE MINE MARIE!” He shouts and grits his teeth.

“No one else can have you! Not ever!”

She looks him in the eyes.

“I don’t want anyone else.”

“You say that now…” He growls.


“I was merely doing what you taught me! You told me to…” He flinches and looks away from her. His eyes were bloodshot and manic.

“Look at me Jack…”

Joker shakes all over. He takes out his gun and swings it directly upon her. Bella shuts her eyes waiting for it. The look in his eyes… She was dead.

She jumps as the gun goes off. Once she opens her eyes she sees that he’s holding his own arm.



“But you’re hurt!” She goes to check on him.

“I DON’T WANT YOU IN HERE NOW GET THE FUCK OUT!” He shouts on top of his lungs.

Bella nods with tears in her eyes. She runs out of the room. She hears several more rounds being fired. Bella rushes off to the room of mirrors. She finds a corner and huddles off into it. Hours had gone by, neither Bella or Joker’s henchmen had heard from him. From the looks of things he hadn’t left their room. Bella made her a sandwich, but just stared at it. She grabbed the small glass plate it was one and she chunked it out of the window. She then chunked her chair out the window. The henchmen all backed away from her. This was a side of her they weren’t used to seeing. She yanked one of their guns from their hand. She went back to the room of mirrors. Through each reflection she saw of herself she fired. Glass shattered everywhere. She continued until the gun was out of bullets. She then threw the empty gun across the room.

Bella decided to brave it. She went into their room. He lay on the floor. She’d seen where Joker had dug the bullet out from his arm. The bloody bullet lay on a silver dish. Next to it was alcohol and gauze. She could tell he’d passed out before he even made it that far. She took in the scene before her. She found herself confused though. There was a puddle of blood around the arm. Around the blood though was a green ring. However, his arm itself had stopped bleeding and was now clotting. She found herself perplexed.

Bella hunched down and began to clean up his wound. She poured some alcohol over it. She then began to bandage him up. After she was done she rested her head on his chest.

The next morning Joker woke to see he’d been bandaged up. Confusion overcame him. Why didn’t she fucking leave? Why was she still here? Why would she even want to be with him? Jack was more alert than ever before.

Joker shakes her awake.

“Why are you here?”

She sighs as she comes up and rubs her eyes. She runs her fingers though her hair.

“Because you needed me.”

“I don’t…” He starts to say.

Don’t you even fucking lie to her! You do to need her! You can’t keep doing this! YOU JUST CAN’T! You’re about to ruin it for the both of us! I won’t go through this again! We have to find a way to coexist Joker. We have to find a way to share this life! You can’t hurt her and you know it! Even you don’t want to harm her that’s why you chose to hurt yourself instead. YOU CAN’T STAND IT CAN YOU?! THE IDEA OF FUCKING CARING ABOUT ANYONE! WELL GUESS WHAT YOU REALLY WERE MEEEEE! I WASN’T YOUR FRIEND JOKER AND YOU KNOW IT! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I’M CONSTANTLY RIGHT HERE IN YOUR MOTHERFUCKING HEAD! CAUSE WE ARE TRAPPED IN THIS BODY TOGETHER WE ARE ONE!

Joker starts this hysterical laughter thing again. He shakes his head.

Time to make a deal Joker. It’s obvious you’re more powerful than me. You always will be. However, I’m not going away not EVER! I will always be right here. Every day, every night, you will hear my voice! You will know that everything she told you was true! You cannot punish her for that! She’s right here! Through all the shit we’ve put her through! You didn’t deserve for her to come back and take care of your sorry demented ass! She may be with you, THE MONSTER! But she’s in love WITH JACK, ME! So here’s the deal Joker. The way I see it… she’s yours. She always will be. Out in the world and on the job. Marie is yours. But in the bedroom SHE’S MINE SOOOOOOOOOOO BACK THE FUCK OFF! Jack Napier growls out demandingly.

Joker laughs again pulling at his hair and scooting back into the corner of the room. He eyes Bella and continues to laugh. Joker reaches over and grabs her by the hair. He looks her directly in the eyes.

“Out there you’re mine…” He says with that commanding dominating tone.

In here you’re mine!” His hold had loosened up.

Bella swore to herself she heard the difference in his airs during both those statements. She swallowed back and nodded in agreement. He let go of her hair and wrapped his arms around her. He began kissing all along her body. Bella found herself twisted with mixed emotions. She was still hurt. She tried to understand like always only today was harder than most. She’d done what she had in hopes to make him proud. To make him believe she could handle this life. And that she could. However, what she couldn’t handle was not knowing if this was genuinely real. All he’d ever heard him say was how she was his. Around Joker she did her best to not cry. To keep strong, because that’s who he was. Joker didn’t fucking cry! He didn’t care about such petty things. So why should she? But the difference was… She still had her mind. Bella might mentally be more off hinge that she ever used to be. Still she thought more emotionally than that of Joker. She always would. They were both at completely different mentalities. She sucked back a breath losing the battle as he kissed along her body. Bella covered her face with humiliation. This was the side of her she never wanted him seeing. EVER! She wanted to stay strong to show him he couldn’t break down her walls. That she could take whatever he dished out.

She grew angry as she started to cry. Bella went to crawl away from him. She didn’t want him seeing her like this. However, his hold got tighter. He laid her down on the floor. Bella hit on his chest trying to break free of his hold.

“Let me go!”

“Never…” He said softly.

He had her wrists pinned to the ground as he hovered over her. He licked the tears off her face.

“I HATE YOU!” She yelled with her face vibrantly red.

He nods and rips her maid outfit open. Joker was just in his pants he’d already had his shirt and jacket off. Once he got himself free he rubbed himself against her in longing.

“Hate me all you want as long as you feel something.” He uttered softly and breathlessly.

“But right now just fucking feel me.”

She gasped out as he drove himself inside her. She couldn’t believe how hard he felt and the way he was pulsating inside her. Bella didn’t want it to feel good. She wanted to be mad at him. To yell at Joker and tell him what a god damn motherfucking jealous ass prick he was. In fact that was just on her lips at the very moment. She went to snap at him. Only it wasn’t even close to what she said.

“Jack please, harder!”

Her eyes widened and she covered her mouth. Way to stand your ground Bella Swan you idiot! She rolled her eyes upon herself. She heard Joker softly laughing as though he already knew of the battle within her. She gritted her teeth and clawed at his back. This only made him swell up inside her even more. He began to thrusts even harder.


Joker came harder than ever as she literally belted out in an outrageous climax. But he wasn’t near done. No he didn’t stop until Bella literally passed out from exhaustion. They both woke the next morning on the floor still. For once Joker wasn’t already up like usual and for once he was the one holding her. Usually it was her on his chest. This time he had his arms wrapped around her and they were hip to hip. Something she strangely enough found the utmost in comfort in. She felt content and safe oddly enough. This was Joker… that shouldn’t even make sense. She thought to herself.

Bella felt him sucking along her neck with the feeling of his teeth every once in a while. She rolled over facing him. Joker kissed her lips and ran his hand along her ass. He gave it a good smack.

She found herself burrowing against his chest. She was taken back by how much more loving he seemed this morning. She wasn’t about to complain.

“What are we doing today Jack?”

“No job today sweetheart.”

She nods.

“You’re never letting me go on another job again are you?”

He pulls back looking to her rather lost.

“Now why would you go and say something like that?”

She shrugs feeling confused herself.

“You aced it. That would be a complete waste to have you sitting here at home when you could be doing me wonders out there.”

Bella half laughs.

“Jesus Jack, I never know what the fuck to do say or think!”

She raises up and looks him in the eyes.

“I’m not some ditzy woman you can manipulate and treat like dog shit! Now what we do in the bedroom that’s different. I rather like being your submissive if I’m to be honest!” She says feeling herself rather blushing. Something she never ever truly dreamed she’d like or ever admit to.

He grins very egotistically.

“Now tell me something I don’t know Marie.”

“But you need to keep in mind you and I think differently. I get that you’re all fucked up in the head Jack! And I can deal with that and take it. What I can’t take is you aiming fucking guns at me and going fucking APE SHIT ON ME! There must be at least some sort of control something’s got to give Jack! I’m not some bubble headed idiot you can push around. If you bite I fucking bite back! I won’t keep playing this game with you! I JUST WON’T! That’s not a threat Jack! There must be a center line somewhere. Be as infuckinginsane as you want. But you need to remember just who it is you’re with. If you want someone you can constantly push around then maybe I’m not your girl after all. Maybe you need to find someone that can deal with your abuse. I’m not so ignorant to ever believe you’ll truly love me. I know that’s not truly engrained into you. Nevertheless, for some fucked up reason I actually do truly love you. Don’t even begin to ask me why because I haven’t a damn clue. This relationship will always be one sided. Now I know you care about me or you wouldn’t say and do some of the things you do…”

He cups her chin and shakes his head.

“Do you ever just shut the fuck up and let it all go? Just see what happens dollface. As for loving you? You’re right that’s not happening…” Her heart sank and she flinched as though he’d slapped her.

Joker will never love you Marie.” There was that voice again.

She swallowed back and her breathing grew heavy. He said this, but was caressing her cheek.

“But he’s also not going to hurt you.”

Her eyes widened as she truly realized what was taken place. She remembered back to last night. This was Jack Napier. She covered her mouth in realization. He’d meant what he said in the bedroom she was his. Out there she was Joker’s. Her arms instantly wrapped around him as though for dear life. He shut his eyes and held her. Joker rolled his eyes. Jack ignored it. Joker may not ever love Bella. Jack Napier however, was in head over heels. Joker though would protect whatever belonged to him and Jack. Bella just had to come into the understanding. That she now belonged to two very different men. He rose up and went to shower. Once he returned he was already fully dressed.

Bella wondered to herself just how many purple suits he had. Each was slightly different from the other. Today he went without his usual jacket. He just wore his green vest and rolled up the sleeves to his light purple dress shirt. He opened a particular drawer to the nightstand on his side. He took out the gun and knife he had her use on their first job. He made his way over and handed her the items.

“Always carry these on you. Under any given circumstances you are to stay alive. I mean it Marie. You kill whoever gets in your fucking way of making that happen.”

He looks towards the gun. She heard him whisper…

“Even me…”

She watches as he leaves the room. Bella runs her fingers along the gun. Chills filled he spine at the mere idea. She forced herself to get showered and dressed. Bella stepped out into the kitchen. Joker was bitching out one of his henchmen about something.

She sighed as it ended in him shooting him right in the head. He blew the smoke from his gun. He then turned towards her.

“Clean that up boys!” He demanded.

He wiggled his index finger. She nodded and made her way over.

He twirls her around and gazes upon her white shorts and cobalt blue skin tight tank. He takes her hand and leads her to the building he’d been working on.

“Ladies first…” He says as he opens the metal door.

Giant metal containers filled the area there was barely room to walk around.
“Titan?” She questioned curiously at the name on the canisters.

He nodded and watched her reaction with interest.

“What is titan?”

“It’s part of the chemical good ole Jacky boy fell in. I’ve been working for quite some time on this. Just think of the possibilities.”
She looked to him oddly.

“What sort of possibilities are we talking about?”

“Well this was only a touch… imagine what a lot more than that would do.”

He whistles like he’s calling a dog. One of his henchmen makes their way over.

“Yeah boss?”
Without warning Joker fires some sort of gun. It struck a syringe of the green toxins into his throat.

“Hahahahahahaaaaa oooo just watch my precious Marie.”

She took a couple steps back. The henchman began to scream out as if in pain.

“Joker…” She whispered concerned.

The man literally clawed at his face, neck, and chest. She hid behind Joker and peeked over his shoulder.

“What’s it doing to him?” She questioned over the man’s screaming.

“Just wait for it sweetheart!”

Bella however screamed as the henchman exploded.

“Damn… perhaps it was too much?” He questions as if to ask her.

“What the fuck?!”

Bella looks to see they’re both covered in body parts. She rushes out of the area and promptly pukes.

“That was disgusting!” She yells at him after.

He dies in laughter.

“Perhaps a lighter dosage next time?”
“Next time?!”

He nods with confidence and starts to walk away.

“Jesus!” Bella shouts as he struts along as if it’s any other day.

She hurriedly made her way to the hose and began to spray herself off. She continued to gag off and on. Once she’s done she bravely reenters the area. She covers her nose with her tank top and hunkers down over the massive mess. It was just as she assumed. The puddle around the area had that green ring to it. Bella made her way back inside.
“Do you have something I can put a blood sample in?”

He looks to her oddly and shrugs.
“I suppose so. I’ll go look.”

She nods and waits for him to return. After he brings her a tube and syringe she makes her way back to the area they were in. She takes up a sample and places it in the tube. She shakes it and looks upon it curiously. Joker steps in behind her.

“For someone with such a weak stomach you sure are taking things a bit far.”

“There’s just something I wanted to see.”

“Well by all means feel free to play! HAHA!”

Joker watches her with full interest.

“Do you know where a lab is?”

He cocks a brow.

“Now why would you need a lab?”
“To run some tests on this.”

“Hmmm I know where we could go. But he’s not going to be too happy.”

Joker nods.

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