Chapter 9 Joker’s Princess

Chapter 9

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Bella’s black high heel shoes clank against the ceramic tile as she walked back to her seat. She wore a black dress under her lab coat. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail as she worked. Joker had turned her old room into a lab so she could. Eight hours had passed so she figured she finally had the right dosage down. Only she lifted her eyes once she heard the rat squeak out as if in pain. The rat exploded just like that henchman and the twelve other rats she’d tested. She leaned back in her seat and pinched the bridge of her nose. A bit of guilt came over her as she looked to all the bodies of the rats. However, it was better to test the strand on them then a human. A frown came about her face as she thought back to the henchman.

Bella reaches to another box to see it was empty. She rolls her eyes and looks to the two henchmen that were in the room with her.

“Did I not say to grab the other two boxes?”

The henchmen look to one another and point to each other in blame.

“I don’t care who did it. GO BACK AND GET IT!” They both practically tripped over the other to get up the ladder and head back to the pet shop they’d robbed earlier.

Bella shuts her eyes realizing just how much Joker was rubbing off on her. She sighed in thought and began to box up the bodies of the rats with a wrinkled nose. Bella carried the box up the stairs and handed it to the nearest henchman.

“Burn this immediately.”

Joker perked up from his throne and looked her direction. The henchman goes to open it and she slaps his hand away.

“Did I say look inside it?”

“Um no mam.”

Bella nods.

“On your way, just take it to the incinerator.”

“Yes mam.”

The henchman promptly rushes off. Bella rolled her head a little, it had grown stiff over the few hours she’d been running tests. Joker smirks and wiggles his finger about for her to come to him. She makes her way over and he pulls her into his lap.

“Something wrong my precious pet?”

He kisses along her neck and shoulders.

“Just can’t seem to get the right dosage. I’m getting close I can feel it.”

“I still say you should do it my way sweetheart.”

He rubs her neck and shoulders. She closes her eyes enjoying the sensation.


“What are you going to do with the titan once we get it perfected?”

He smiles.

“Have a little fun of course!”
“Should this concern me?”

“Only if you’re against daddykins having fun…”

She sighs not sure what to make of that.

“I rather like this look by the way. He runs his fingers along the lab coat. Like my own personal naughty little doctor.”

“Well you are mad…” She hints playfully.

He grins and nips at her neck.

The henchmen enter the room with a couple other men. Joker tilts his head slightly.

“What is this?” Joker sneers.

“These are the ones.”

Joker cocks a brow.

“You boys snooping around my property?”

They look to Joker frightened out of their minds.

“Sir we didn’t realize it was your place.” One of the men said.

“And what exactly were you looking for?”

Both men look to the ground.


“Joker sir please just let us go we won’t tell anyone we swear!”

“Hmmmm…” Joker pecks Bella on the neck.

“They mentioned something about a Carlos…” One of the henchmen laughed.
“Carlos…” Joker utters.

“Carlos, Carlos… ah yes that does ring a bell.”

Joker takes out his gun and shots them both in the head.

“Did you really have to do that?!”

He shrugs.

“They know where our hideout is my dear. Besides Carlo’s was the name of the drug dealer that resided here before I took over. Think of it like this they’re all together now and they no longer need to concern themselves about their next fix sweetheart.”


“Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh Marie you’re just so adorable sometimes.”

Bella rolls her eyes.

“What about Batman he knows where we are and so do Black Mask and his men apparently.”

“Ah, yes…” He runs the barrel of his gun along her arm.

“That’s very true. Why don’t you let me worry about that?”

The henchmen drag out the bodies and clean up the mess that was left behind. The other henchmen return with the rats.

“Where would you like them?”
“Where do you think she wants them you twits?!”

Bella narrows her eyes hearing a certain sound coming from a box.

“That had better NOT be what I think it is!” Bella snaps and hops out of Joker’s lap.

She rushes over and lifts the lid.

“Kittens?! You brought me fucking kittens?”

“This one has rats. We thought you could use the kittens as well.”

“You want me to tests on kittens?”

They shrug clueless.

“I asked for rats and rats ONLY! Just how jacked up do you think I am?!”

Bella picks up one of the kittens.

“Do you want us to get rid of them?”
“Rid of them?” She holds it close to her chest loving on the little white and gray kitten.

“Yeah we could just take them out back and shot them.”

Bella’s jaw drops. She does something she’s never ever done before. She takes out her gun and shoots the henchman.

“HAHA! Ooooh boys you really did a number this time! Idiots…”

“GIVE ME THE FUCKING BOX!” Bella irately shouts.

The henchman nervously hands the box over. Bella angrily struts out of the funhouse. Joker continues to laugh. He waves his gun about.

“Did she ask for kittens?”

“Um no boss but…”

Joker fires off his gun with a disgruntled sigh, but goes back to laughing.

“Clean that up as well. Do make certain you all listen better. Why is good help so hard to find these days?!”

Bella strutted back into the funhouse about an hour later. He looked up curiously.

“And where did you go?”

“I was giving the kittens away.”

He raises his brows.

“You were giving kittens away?”

She nods still looking pissed.

“A soft spot for furry things?”

“It’s not funny!”

“HAHAHAHAAAA oh but it is my dear it truly is! You just killed a man in order to save a litter of kittens.”

Bella’s eyes widen.

“That’s right sweetheart…” He says with a wink.

“But… I…”

“But you what?” He says seductively and pins her against the wall.

He starts fingering her.

“Good girl…” He utters in satisfaction that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“Someone’s already wet.”
He leans into her ear as he licks his fingers clean.

“We have a job to do though. You know the drill.”

She looks to him bitterly.
“Haha! Go on now.”

“Ass…” She hisses.

He adjust himself as well as he had a raging hard on.

“Watch it Marie…” He warns.

She flips him off and keeps walking. He smirks and wiggles his brows.


He calls to his henchmen and tells them to get everything set up.

She steps out looking to him oddly. He gives her a simple nod. He’d managed to find the exact outfit she was wearing the day he kidnapped her.

“Perfect!” He announces happily.

He walks over to her and twirls her around.

“Ready to see if we can fool the same bank?”

She looks to him bewildered.

“I do believe someone was quite upset about them fucking with her account…”

He runs his hand along her rear and circles her completely.

“Don’t you want to know whose name is on your account?”

Bella nods. She’d honestly pushed that out of her head, since Joker took her that day. She hadn’t even thought about it.

“Think about it sweetheart. You worked hard for that money, money that you lost because they obviously didn’t do their job. They let someone slip right in and take control of what was YOURS. You know you never answered me…”


“What it is you were doing before I turned your little world upside down and made it far more exciting!”

“I worked nights at a bar and grill as a waitress.”

“Interesting… So let me guess you had your checks automatically deposited. You probably went to pay some bills or go to the store to see you hadn’t any money whatsoever? Even though you’d work a nice long couple of weeks to earn that cash?”

Bella nods.

“I also had some money in savings I’d inherited from my parents.”

“Well you’re going to go in there and demand it back! Every single dime not a penny less! Leave the rest to me. But I want the name of whoever took control of your account.”

“Why would you care about that?”
“You just let daddykins worry about that. Now let’s go my dear Marie times a factor.”

Like usual he gets her ready. He breathed her in just before she was about to step out.

“Oh and one more thing…” He calls to her with a certain smirk upon his face.

“Do be a good girl and make them scream!”

She looked to him confused. But he quickly shut the door and they peeled away. She hadn’t a clue what the hell that meant or why they just left. A nervous breath escaped her mouth as she walked up the steps to the bank. Bella came up to the counter.

“Can I help you?”

“Yes my name is Isabella Swan I came up here about a month or so ago. I had a few questions about my account.”
“May I have your account number?”

Bella gives her the number.

“I’m sorry Ms. but it seems this account belongs to someone else.”
“You’re wrong that is my account!”

“No mam it clearly states another person’s name.”
“Mam please lower your voice and I’m going to kindly ask you to leave.”

The other clerk beside her though recognized Bella. She was the one she dealt with last time. She began whispering something to the girl next to her. They started laughing.

“Really? You’re just going to sit there and laugh? What if it was your account that was jacked with?! Would you be laughing?!”

The woman rolled her eyes.

“That account has belonged to someone else for over a year mam. There’s no way this is your account.”

“Ok tell me this then where did the last deposit come from?”

“We can’t give out that information mam that is private. Now please leave before I call security.”

Bella half laughs and nods.

“I’m going to give you one more chance. I want the name on the account and I want it now!”


Bella sighs and takes out her gun. She fires a warning shot and everyone drops down.

“NOT SO FAST!” Bella fires at the security guard’s gun as he reaches for it.

Bella keeps her eyes on everyone. She walks up behind the counter and grabs the woman that was laughing. She drags her by the hair to one of the computers.

“You’re going to look up the number I give you and you’re going to tell me who the fuck stole my money and you’re going to give me the name of the dumb fuck set up the account exchange!”

What Bella wasn’t aware is that Joker was watching everything. He was one of the security guards. In fact the one she’d shot at. Joker had snuck in just a minute or so after she had. He fought the urge to laugh and he wanted to take her and fuck the living hell out of Bella. He’d never been so turned on before. She was taking control and it made his cock ache with desire. He could barely breathe now as he continued to watch.

“The name says Aro De Luca.”

Bella narrowed her eyes.

“Are you certain?”

The woman nods with tears in her eyes.

“Are there any other names in the account?”

“No mam please!”

“Yeah you don’t think it’s so funny now do you?! Now whose name is on the account exchange?”

The woman begins to cry even harder.

“Please Ms!”


Bella demands, burying the gun into the woman’s back as she pulls on her hair.

“It was me Ms.”

Bella half laughs.

“So you’d remember what the man looked like?”

The woman nods and looks to the floor.

Bella slams her back and puts the gun to her chin.

“Why did you put my name in ano…”

A gun is fired and Joker comes straight to attention. Bella swiftly fires her gun that direction.

“SHIT!” The other guard yells as she shot his hand.

“I’ll make it a headshot next!” Bella warns.

Bella looks to the hole in the wall directly behind her.

“One more person shoots at me she’s gets it!”

The woman whimpers out. Bella cocks the chamber.

“Why did you give my account to someone else? WITHOUT MY CONSENT?!”

Joker was losing his mind with lust.

“Please I’m so sorry!”


“He offered me half!” The girl finally admits.

“HE what?!”
“He told me if I did this he’d transfer, half of your savings would be put into my account. I’m so sorry please.”
Bella dies in laughter.

“You stupid… stupid bitch.”

Bella smacks her across the face with her gun.

“You’re going to give me everything back and I do mean everything!”

“I can’t!”

“I spent it! And the man only left a dollar in the account.”


Joker nods hearing all he needed to hear. He takes out his gun he fires a headshot from where he is directly upon the girl. Bella turns back wide eyed. He throws off his hat and wipes the makeup from his face off with a purple kerchief. His eyes stay locked onto Bella as he shoots the security guard beside him. Joker’s men enter the bank. Joker slowly approaches Bella. Once he gets there he immediately picks her up and places her on the counter. He pulls at her hair as he kisses her.

“Now that Marie is what you should have done that day. It’s what you wanted to do! Wasn’t it?!” He presses himself against her. His breathing was erratic and his eyes were wild.

The windows however are smashed in as Batman and Batgirl rush into the bank. Batman cuts Bella a look of disbelief.

“The Bats is cockblocking me again!” Joker complains.

He pecks Bella on the lips and helps her down.

“Now, now look who’s jealous…? Why so serious?!” Joker smarts at Batman.

“Don’t worry Bat’s I’ll still make time for you.”

“What are you doing?!” Batman says, but points to Bella.

“I don’t’ know. What are you doing?”

“Hahahahahaaaa Hmmm… isn’t she just to die for?!”

Batgirl rushes over and kicks Bella’s gun out from her hand. Joker sighs.

“Now that was a gift. That’s not very nice… is it sweetheart?”

“I wasn’t ready!” Bella shouts and cold cocks Batgirl in the face.

“HAHAHAHAHAAA WHOOOOOOOOOO!” Joker slaps at his legs, but quickly gets punched by Batman.

Joker takes out a deck of cards and sends them out flying at Batman’s face. Card’s laced with acid. Batman uses his cape to fight the toxins.

“Nothing personal!”

Joker grabs Bella and goes to take off. Batgirl fires off her grapple gun and yanks Bella back away from Joker. Joker rushes over and pants Batgirl.

“JOKER!” Batman shouts.

“Well whattaya know?! I didn’t know you liked your girl commando as well.” Bella wrinkles her nose at the 70s bush she had.

“What is that a pussy willow?” Bella questions.

“HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA! Ohhhh Love is in the air tonight HAHA!”

“See Bat’s we get each other… we’re on the same page. Looks like we’re both fucking our girls. Soulmates I’m telling you! SOULMATES! “

Batman grabs Joker by the throat and slams him back against the wall.

“Get her out of here boys!” Joker demands with his hands around Batman’s wrists.


The henchmen quickly escort Bella out of the room whilst firing at Batgirl who was chasing them down. Batman socks Joker in the gut.

“What are you doing with that girl?!”

“Hehehe! You’re worried about some girl when we were in the middle of a bank heist?! Have your morals changed Batbrains?! What will Gotham think? GASP!”

He slams him back again.

“You’ve done something to her Joker!”

“I’ve only unleashed what was already there.”
“What’s your game JOKER?! What’s in it for you?!”

Joker giggles and licks his lips.

“Madness! Complete and utter Madness haha!”

Joker manages to steal one of Batman’s tear gas pellets. He holds his breath and throws down the pellet the gas fills the area. Everyone starts coughing and covering their mouths. Joker breaks out of Batman’s hold and escapes.

Bella paces the area of the funhouse. An hour had gone by and Joker hadn’t returned. She looked to their henchman.

“Do whatever it takes to find Joker and bring him back here!”

The henchmen look to one another muddled.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!” Bella shouts.

They turn to hear clapping. She takes back a breath. He puts a hand to the area of his heart.

She footages over seeing how his face was beat all to hell.

“OUT!” Joker demands.

Her fingers graze along the marks and his busted lip. She takes one of his kerchiefs and wipes the blood from his lip. His eyes never leave hers. He wraps his hand around hers and brings it back down.

“I want you bent over my throne now!” He growls with full on lust.

Her eyes widen a bit.

“Now sweetheart I’m not reliable for what happens if you don’t fucking hurry! I MEAN IT!”

She nods and turns around he smacks her on the rear as she heads that way. Bella has her hands on the arm rests. He tilts his head upon the perfect pink kitty shot he was getting. He rips his pants open with eagerness. Bella screams out as he plunges his full length inside her.

“That’s right fucking scream!” He rumbles and reaches under her blouse feeling her breast and erected nipples.

“You’re Joker’s naughty little princess.”
The scent of her arousal made his eyes roll back and his dick ached even more. She started coming the moment he drove himself inside. He swore she was only getting wetter and tighter. He loved his little submissive princess. She was all his to fuck when he wanted. Still he couldn’t get his mind off seeing her in action. He would have fucked her in that bank if it weren’t for fucking Batman!


“Yes…” She replies breathlessly.

“I can’t hear you sweetheart.” He says slamming into as hard as he possibly can.

“YES!” She cries out in pleasure.

“Jack keep fucking me please.”

Joker continued to pump himself within her. She continued to moan and scream out making his dick harder than ever.

“On your knees!” He demanded as he pulled out.

He placed himself in her mouth.

“My little princess always swallows.” He reminds as he strokes himself within her mouth.

Bella noticed how he was referring to her as princess now. That was what Riddler referred to her as. She wasn’t certain what to make of it.
“Hmmm… keep going almost done.” He moans as he continues to come in her mouth.

After he’s finished she licks the tip clean. He then helps her back to her feet.

“Off too bed now. You need your rest.”

Bella nods and heads that way, Joker follows behind. He shuts the door behind them.

“I could have killed you today you know…” Bella utters.

He gets a huge grin on his face.

“I know…” He says with pride.

“Could have warned me.”

“Well that wouldn’t have been fun at all!” He scowls.

“When will you ever learn Marie?!”

She grins and bites upon her lower lip. He loosens his tie and starts to get undressed. He shows her that he retrieved her gun. Joker places it on the dresser.

“So who is Aro?”

Bella takes in a breath.

“One of the vampire Kings that had everyone I knew killed off.”
“The one that left these scars?” She nods.

He licks his own scars as he makes his way over. His fingers run along them.

“Hmmm truly revolting…”

She closes her eyes wishing he’d quit saying that.

“Jack…” She whispers painfully at his words.

However she feels him licking them and kissing along her back.

“You failed to complete your mission by the way.”

Bella sighs.

“You were supposed to get your money back.” He taunts.

“Every penny…”

“Jack I…”

He places a finger on her lips. He walks back over to the dresser and tosses a stack of cash on the bed. She narrows her eyes.


“It’s all in here…” He points to his head.

“Truly what would you do without me?”

“But this is way more than I had…”

“Think of it as interest and it’s all yours to do what you want with.”

“I don’t want it…”

Joker cuts her a look.

“Just use it to help pay off Black Mask.”

“First of all that’s MY BUSINESS STAY OUT OF IT! Secondly, it’s yours all of it end of story.”

“I don’t want it!”

He sneers at her. She tosses the money back over. Joker grabs the money and leaps onto the bed. He pins her down and forces the money into her hand.


“HE’S GONNA KILL YOU!” She shouts back with tears in her eyes.

“That’s the second time we’ve come back empty handed on a job Jack. Now please just take the money and put it with what you owe him!”

“NOOOOOOOO one upstages JOKER! I’ll take him out before he even has the chance! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER! NOW TAKE THE MONEY MARIE. DO NOT ARGUE THIS ANY FURTHER YOU WILL NOT WIN! YOU WILL DO AS I SAY WHEN I SAY!” She recoils and shuts her eyes.

He cups her chin.

“You will be taken care of! Do you understand me?! Now get some fucking sleep we got another job tomorrow!”

He parts her lips with his tongue and kisses her. He then licks the tears off her face.

“Very foolish Marie… caring about others… it never ends well. Why must you be so stupid?!”

She grits her teeth and slaps him across the face and hard. He smiles and laughs.

“Hmmm…” Joker kisses her again.

Bella feels his fingers enter her sex. He starts to finger her, but stops just as he feels she’s about to climax. He then continues and stops again.

“Jack!” She hisses.

“I might not hit you back. However, I can and will punish you.”

He pulls his fingers out.

“Now think on that one until the morning. Goodnight Marie.”

He hears her growl in frustration as he reaches over and turns off the lamp.

“Is something wrong?”

(About two weeks later)

“HAHA! Load it up boys!”

Sirens are heard and they hurriedly hop into the van. Joker and Bella get in the back with the money. The henchman driving slams his foot down on the accelerator. Joker braces Bella against the van as their bodies jar around. They both fall back as the van swerves to miss an oncoming car. Bella lands on top of Joker.

“Hehehe hmmm…”

They both still had their guns in their hands. He grinds her against him as their being shot at.

“FACE THE FRONT!” Joker demands as his men turn around.

“But boss just thought you’d like to know we’re being shot at.”
“Of course we’re being shot at you fucking idiot you we can’t hear it?! JUST GET US OUT OF HERE!”

One of the black bags was shot and the money went everywhere as the back of the van doors flew open. Joker ignores it all. He undoes his pants and takes himself out. Joker rubs his hard cock against her and Bella’s blouse and sucks on her breasts. Money flew around them as he pulled up her skirt. Joker started fucking her. A squad car came right behind them and began firing. Joker kept his stride, but fired back at them. Bella wasn’t sure why, but that excited her even more.

“Hahahahaaa woooooo!” One of his henchmen turned back.

Joker rolled his eyes and shot him.

“Did I not warn them? No respect…” He utters in Bella’s ear.

He grins feeling her wetness below.

“You like this don’t you sweetheart?” He says while shooting at the police car again.

He blows out their tires and they come to a squealing halt.

“Hmmm.” He moans and goes back to sucking on her tits.

It was no secret now that when Joker and Bella did a job together. It always got very sexual either during or right after. Joker had a fetish for bad girl Bella. Just her firing a gun make his dick so hard he’d nearly rip out of pants and jizz all over the place. In fact there were certain occasions Bella would rough someone up a little either to get information or just because they pissed her off. Joker actually came in his pants. Then there were times he’d literally grab her and take her to another room or off to the corner. Where he’d have his way with her. He gritted his teeth as he came. He softly chuckled and pulled out. They both adjusted their clothing.

They managed to get away and make it back to the funhouse, where Batman was already waiting. Joker had his arm around Bella as he and his henchmen entered the funhouse.

“I’m taking you in Joker, enough of the games.”

The Joker dies in laughter.

“Took you long enough didn’t it?! HAHA!”

“I mean it Joker.”
Joker kisses the top of Bella’s head.

“Why don’t you go freshen up sweetheart? Daddykin’s will be right there.”

Batman sighs.

“She’s going too Joker.”

Joker raises his brows, but ignores Batman’s comment.

“Go on now. Do as you’re told sugar lips.”

Bella looks to Joker concerned.

“Now!” He demands waving her off.

Bella starts towards the bedroom. Batman reaches out to grab her. Joker fires at his arm.

“Now, now Bat’s I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Haven’t I warned you before Batbrains?! She’s my squeeze!” Joker keeps his gun aimed at Batman.

“Looks like it’s time to find a new home fellas. How did you make it past all my little traps?” Joker says with a scowl.

“Marie… do as you’re told.”

She sighs and cuts him a desperate look. She heads on to their room. Joker and Batman eye one another, however Joker waits for it. Just one more step…


A trap door opened and Batman fell through it. It led right to the sewers. The door closed again. Joker jumped up and down in joy and reached to his gut in laughter.

“Ohhh I bet he’s down in the dumps about now!”

He wipes his eyes with tears from laughter. He looks to his boys.


The men just stand there staring at him.


He chuckles again once they leave the room.
“Down in the dumps!” He utters and loosens his tie.

Joker enters the room to see Bella was taking a bath.

“Jack?” She called out apprehensively.
“It’s me sweetheart.”

She sighs in relief.

“So how’d you get rid of him.”
“I’ve always got a few tricks up my sleeve.”

He enters the bathroom.

“Head on to bed after your shower. Daddykins has one more thing he’s got to take care of tonight. So don’t wait up.”

He cocks a brow and tilts his head a little as he watches her in the tub.
“Marie my dear are you playing with yourself?”

She gets a small grin upon her face and shakes her head.
“I’m cleaning Jack.”

He sighs in disappointment.

“I do enjoy a good show you know!”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Hmmm… when I return. I want to see you fuck yourself. Understood?”

She nods.

“That’s a good pet. Now behave while I’m gone or Papa spank.”

“That’s hardly fair you never behave!”

He leans into her ear and bites down on her earlobe. She gasps out.

“That’s because I do what I want when I want. And you do what I tell you to do when I tell you.”

“Jack…” She hisses.

“HAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA oooo Marie, Marie, Marie!” He shouts out and exits the room.

She sighs, but giggles to herself as she dunks herself under the water. Once she’s done with her bath Bella dries off then brushes her hair and teeth. She slips into her white night gown. Something “Jack” preferred he had a thing for white silk. Bella stepped out of the bathroom and froze. Black Mask was on their bed. His legs were crossed and he had his hands behind his head.

He motions his hands about and men come out of the closet. Bella quickly grabs her gun and they knock it out of her hand. They place a pillowcase over her head and tie it around her neck. Bella struggles as they start dragging her out of the room. She swings her arms about and kicks her feet. One of them punches her in the face. Bella screams out as they force her down and tie her wrists and ankles together. They continue to hit and kick her. Bella feels herself being dragged out by the rope around her wrists. The cool air hit once they got her outside. The pavement peeled back the flesh on her arms, legs, and back. She felt herself being thrown into a vehicle. She continued to scream out and was soon knocked out.

Joker returns rather bitterly. Tonight was the night he was supposed to exchange the money with Black Mask. Only he wasn’t there just his men. He wasn’t about to trust that. So it ended in a heated feud and shoot out.

As he enters though he notices some of his traps had been set off. That and there was a trail of blood leading outside. He growled under his breath. Joker took off towards his and Bella’s room. Not only was she not there, but there was more blood. His eyes became wild and he took out his gun. He made his way to his office and checked the monitors. He saw where they managed to break in making their way through the traps.

His fist went through one of the monitors as he saw everything else that took place. He shook all over and his teeth ground together making a strange noise as they did. Joker steps back out and shoots every henchman responsible for setting the traps, then he shot the rest on principle. Black Mask will pay!

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