Chapter 14 For The Love Of Bats!

Chapter 14
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“Oh booooyyyysss, mommy and daddy are back!” Joker announced as they entered the Funhouse.

He groaned and yanked away the tape the police and Batman had everywhere.

“He took my toys, Marie!” Joker said rather pouty like.

“He took my throne!” He growls as he continues to look around.

Joker grits his teeth realizing Batman took all of his things. When he said he was shutting down the Funhouse, he truly meant it.

“First my Princess and now my things?! MY THINGS!” He snaps and pulls at his hair.

Killer Croc brought Bella up against his chest protectively. Harley backed up against Bella as if seeking protection.

“Why does he insists on taking all… of… my… things…? It’s bad enough the little Bat Brat won’t share his wonderful toys. But he takes mine as well. We’ll he can’t have his cake and eat it too! ONLY I CAN!” He complained and waved a gun about, one that he’d stolen off one of the guards on the way out.

Bella took off running a certain direction. Joker sneered back with annoyance and followed. She froze once she made her way down the ladder. The little lab she’d created had also been destroyed all her hard work was gone. Bella and Joker swept over the entire area. Everything of theirs was gone. Bella’s bottom lip quivered and her entire face lit up with fury. She covered her face and the tears came. This only infuriated Joker more. All their money, weapons, furniture, her lab work, and other fun things were gone.

Harley went to console Bella. Only she got backhanded. Joker shook a finger upon her and shook his head. Bella had her face covered and was too busy crying to even notice. Joker rushed over instead and yanked Bella up to his chest.

“Now, now, Marie my precious pet. We’ll get new things! Better ones! BIGGER ONES! We both know how much you enjoy the BIGGER things in life. HAHA!”

“But I don’t want new things! I WANT OUR THINGS!” She cried sounding like a true Joker’s brat for sure.


Joker roughly pulls at her hair and licks the tears off her scars.

“That’s enough… Daddykins will get it back. Now stop your whining!”

She sucks back a breath her lip continued to quiver.

“Marie…” He warns.

She nods and lowers her head.
“Thattaya girl. Go on now!”

He gives her a slight push towards the ladder.

“Marie!” He scolds as she glances back once more.

Bella entered the room to see Killer Croc had Harley by one foot and was breathing her in. He wrinkled his nose and dropped her.

“Boots!” Bella scolded and rushed over to help Harley up.

Harley rubbed the back of her head.

“That wasn’t very nice!” Bella said.

Croc shrugged and reached over and scooped Bella up. He started that checking over thing, as if to make certain she wasn’t hurt. Bella giggled as he ran a finger along her tummy. Joker rolled his eyes as Croc brought Bella up on his shoulder. Joker muttered something about how everyone keeps taking his squeeze away from. He bitterly stormed off and continued to do a more thorough sweep of the place as he thought about his next move.

“Let’s go!” Joker ordered as they headed back out of the area.

“No! Not you two again!” The man went to slam the door in their face.

Joker stopped it with his foot.

“Now that’s not very polite, is it?”

Joker puts his gun through the crack of the door. He aims for the man’s head.

“Won’t you let us in?” The man stepped back wide eyed.

He held his hands in the air and Joker opened the door the rest of the way.

“Tricked you didn’t we?” Joker motions towards Harley.

They’d used her as a way to get inside. Bella set her clothing up just right. Just enough cleavage to make any man open the door.

“Where’s the little wife?” Joker inquires as they look around the familiar house.

“She left me.”

Bella starts laughing.

“Did she now?”

The man rolls his eyes as Bella locks up the house. Joker makes certain there was no one else in the house.

“And your girlfriend?”

The man sighs.

“I don’t believe that’s any of your business.”

Joker bolts over and puts the gut to his chin.

“We’re all friends here, now aren’t we?”
The guy starts to hyperventilate and bawl. Joker rolls his eyes, seeing as how Bella was doing her best to keep Harley from bolting out the door in hysterics. Joker sighs and grabs a pillow off the couch. He uses it to silence the gun as he blows the man’s brains out.
Joker narrows his eyes and merely watches as Bella continues to try and deal with Harley.

“He just killed him! He…”

Joker raises his brows, with a hint of a smirk as Bella slaps Harley hardcore.


Bella demanded as she dragged Harley back into the room by the roots of her hair. She forced her down on the couch. Bella had Joker’s full attention as she roughly grabbed Harley by the chin.

“Breathe…” Bella sternly stated.

Harley nodded.

“Are you done?” Bella questioned with annoyance.

“Yes I’m sorry. I…”

“Can you handle this or not? I need to know!”

Joker tilted his head about. This DOM attitude of his little Princess’s toward the doctor had him aching below. “Yes.”
“Are you sure?!”
Harley nods and kisses Bella. Joker growls under his breath. Bella heads out of the room in search of a bathroom. Joker struts on over, yanking Harley off the couch.
He drags Harley to another room. He locks the door. Joker pins Harley against the wall. Joker takes the bullets out of the gun and places one inside.

“You ever played Russian Roulette, Harley my dear?”

She shakes her head with tears streaming down her face. Joker spins the chamber about and without even looking snaps it back into place. He looks her in the eyes as he aims it to his head. He doesn’t even flinch as he fires. Harley jumped and he quickly forced a hand around her mouth to keep her from screaming out. He then forced her mouth open. He placed the gun into her mouth and locks eyes with hers again as he fires.

“BANG!” He shouts.

Causing her to jump and scream out around the barrel.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!” He jumps up and down in laughter.

“You should have seen your face! HAHA!” He laughs so hard he has tears forming in his eyes. Joker reaches to his gut as he continues to laugh.

Once he’s done he leans into her ear.

“Touch my princess without my permission again…”

He digs his gun up against her vagina.

“And I’ll give you a real BANG!”

“Jack?” He hears Bella call out.

“We’re just playing, Sweetheart. We’ll be right there.”

He winks upon Harley and unlocks the door. He motions for Harley to step out first as if he’s the perfect gentleman. Harley nervously swallows back. Joker places the three bullets he has left back into the chamber.

“Well whattaya think, Sugar lips?”
Bella looks to him slightly confused as she was looking through some of the things in the house.

“Home sweet home?”

She steps over the body and shrugs. She’d grown rather attached to the Funhouse.

“It’s ok.”

Joker sits down and reaches over pulling Bella into his lap.

“What is it, Marie?”

She takes in a breath and runs her finger along the seam of his orange scrubs.

“It doesn’t feel like “home”.”

He nods in full agreement. Harley timidly sat on the couch and kept to herself.

“Why don’t you go take a bath? Daddykins has a few errands to run.”

“Where are you going Jack?”

“To get the boys.”

He says as he feels her up. Bella rises from his lap and starts to strip down, leaving articles of clothing about the floor as she does.

“Like what you see, Harley?” He scoffs as she was eyeing Bella.

She quickly turned away.

“Would you like to join her?”

Harley lifts her eyes his direction.

“Answer the question!” He snaps.

She nods. Joker nods in return and motions for her to go on. She hops up like an eager child. He comes to his feet and leads her that direction. They both peer in and watch as Bella gets into the Jacuzzi. Joker wraps his hand around Harley’s mouth and presses himself up against her.

“It seems we have at least one thing in common. We love a good show don’t we Harley?” He whispers into her ear.

Bella was leaning back and was covered in bubbles her breasts were exposed.

“Isn’t she to die for?”

Harley nods.

“Would you die for my Princess, Harley?”

She nods again.

“Hmm… interesting. Now what’s the number one rule?”

He releases his hold, so she can answer.

“Not to touch unless I have your permission.

“Very good… now we’re getting somewhere. You see Harley… I don’t like you. You’re nothing more than a third wheel , toots. You’re cramping my style. You’d be better off letting me get my fill and slitting your throat once we’re done.”

She gasped out at this and he covers her mouth once again.
“Shut it. You seem to appease my little squeeze over there for whatever reason. So I’ll keep you around, for now. But I call the shots. No matter what you answer to me first always. I don’t care how much my Princess begs. Your orders come from me. Now, I want you to go in there, strip down, and get in that Jacuzzi. Do not let her know I’m watching. But I want you to dive under that water once you’re in there and eat out that little pussy of hers out.”

Harley looks to him in utter surprise.

“Go! Before I change my mind.”

She nods and hurriedly makes her way in. Joker stays within the shadows of the room and continues to watch. Bella couldn’t see him from where she was. Harley wasn’t aware that this was merely a test. Not so much for her, no, but for Bella. Joker noticed the odd look Bella gave Harley when she joined her but said nothing. She merely shut her eyes and leaned back, once Harley got in. Joker cocked a brow as he saw Harley duck down as ordered. Before long Bella’s eyes flew open and anger crossed her face. Joker grinned ear to ear.

Bella shot up and had Harley by the throat within seconds.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

Harley choked back.

“I was just trying to make you feel better.”

“What are you an idiot?! Only Joker can touch me like that! I belong to him Harley and you belong to me. And I’m telling you, not to touch me, unless he gives the go.”

“But he did.”

Bella releases her hold.

“Excuse me?”

“Joker told me to do this.”

“You’re lying. He’d never say that if he wasn’t going to be here!”

The wheels in Bella’s head started turning.

“He did! I swear! I promise.”
“What were his words exactly?”

Harley swallowed back. She knew he said not to let Bella know he was there.

“To eat out that little pussy of yours.”

Bella narrows her eyes, looking to be in thought. She wasn’t an idiot… Bella sat back down. To Harley’s surprise…


Bella arched back and let out a moan. At this point, Joker knew his little Princess had caught on. Joker swallowed back rather hard and continued to watch. He took a few steps closer to the door. He groped himself through his Arkham scrubs. Bella’s hands ran along her own breasts as Harley continued to pleasure her. Harley came up for air, but once she caught her breath. Bella grabbed a fistful of her hair and had her back under the water. Joker slammed the door back in full on lust. He hopped into the Jacuzzi. He ducked himself under just long enough to see the little show. Once he came back he zealously locked lips with Bella. The two of them had Harley taking turns giving them oral. Damn near drowning her. At least Joker was trying to drown her, hoping to make it look as though an “accident”. Before long, Joker shoved Harley away and scooped Bella up. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he vigorously moved her about him. He moaned against her tits as he sucked on them. What Harley didn’t seem to realize is that they were both using her, even during sex. She was merely there to pleasure them both, to give into their fantasies. Harley was forced to watch as they finished. Harley moaned out as she was self-pleasuring herself. They both looked over in the middle of having sex. That only spurred them on more. Harley was nothing more than a stimulant, henchmen, and slave. Even with her PhD, she was just too ignorant to see it.

She moaned out once more and they came in unison. Joker kissed Bella and pumped himself within her a few more times. He kissed along her neck and shoulders. He reached over however and gave Harley a slight shove back as she was trying to make her way over. He didn’t break stride as he kept her back and continued to kiss along Bella’s body.

“Missy B?”

Bella tiredly rolled over and squinted her eyes.


Harley nodded as Bella faced her.

“There are a bunch of strange men in the house! And they all have guns.”

Bella rose up with a smile.

“The boys!” She said happily and hopped out of bed.

Bella slipped on a robe and rushed down the stairs. Harley followed but with confusion.

Joker was last to enter the door and he had a couple of bags in his hands. He dumped them onto the floor and took off his new purple blazer. Bella greeted him with a kiss.

“You found them.”

Joker nods and runs a hand along her ass.

The henchmen were eyeing Harley. Each was wondering the same thing. Was she available? Or was she Joker’s girl too? Joker opened Bella’s robe exposing her to him.

“Hmmm…” He closes it back up before his boys have a chance to take a gander as well.

“I got you and Harley some new clothes. You two can go through them in the morning.”

He points directly upon Harley.
“My Princess gets dibs on whatever she wants first!”

Harley nods.

“Off to bed, Sweetheart. I’ll be up soon. The boys and I have a few more things to take care of. You too, Harley.”
Harley comes to her feet.

“Separate beds…” He warns with a growl and Harley nods.

The men look to Joker puzzled on how he said this. Joker ignored the odd looks he was getting.

Once the women were out of the room, he turned to his men.

“Boys it’s time we sent an old friend of ours a message…”

Joker stretches his arms out as Bella was lying against his chest. She was still asleep. He narrowed his eyes though seeing as how Harley was asleep at the foot of the bed. He shook his head thinking she even acted like a dog. Joker inched out his foot and kicked her off the bed. Harley went rolling back so hard, she hit her head on the wall behind her. Joker snickered as Harley cut him a look of utter surprise and rubbed the back of her head. He’d hoped that somehow put her in a comma. He points to the door and hugs Bella closer to him, just to get under Harley’s skin. She cuts him a pouty look.

“Now Harley…” He orders with impatience and reaches for his gun.

She nearly trips over herself in attempts to leave the room.

“Did you say something Jack?”
“No Marie Sweetheart, go back to sleep.”

She smiles and rolls over. Joker rises and starts to get ready. He and the boys had a long night ahead of them and he had to get started setting it all up. He and the boys had spent a couple hours just going over plans in general. Joker always was anal when it came to putting on a “show”. And tonight was going to be one hell of one. In the middle of their meeting Bella and Harley stepped into the room. Joker stopped in mid-conversation and cocked a brow Harley’s direction. Bella was in her usual “Joker’s Princess” getup, looking ravishing as always, even had her makeup on.

“Marie… what is Harley wearing?” He inquires with almost a sneer.

Harley was in a red and black skin tight suit, with opposing diamonds on the thighs of her legs. Bella had done her hair in pigtails, only they were in red and black as well. Bella had done Harley’s face in white. Harley wore a black domino mask, and red lipstick.

“Don’t you like it, Jack?”

He wrinkled his nose.

“I don’t see any of my colors at all?!” He says as if offended.

Bella grits her teeth. Jealousy washed over her.

The henchmen looked on as if expecting Joker to beat the shit out of his Princess. But no, Joker died in laughter and reached to his gut in a fit. His laughter continued as he made his way over. He dug into his suit and took out a black collar and leash. He placed the collar on Harley and connected the leash to it. He handed the end of the leash to Bella.

“She’s your responsibility. Make certain she behaves! If she gets out of line… Papa spank!”

Joker ran his hand along Bella’s stockings and up along her ass.

“Hmmm… Daddykin’s got you some new toys.” He waves one of the henchmen over.

He sets her up like usual as the henchman hands her newly stolen weapons over to Joker. Bella got that sad look to her again. Joker lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes.

“What is it now, Marie?” He questioned with impatience.

“It’s not the same… I want my stuff back!”

“You rotten brat! We busted our asses getting those weapons.” One of the henchmen barked.

Bella rushed over and grabbed him by the collar.
“Those were sentimental to me! I WANT THEM BACK AND I WANT THEM NOW!” She shouted in his face.

Joker pressed his lips together and waved his gun about. He nodded and paced around a bit.

“You…” He points to the henchman with his gun.

“Take ten of my boys and go to the police station. Do whatever it takes to get our stuff back.”
The henchman instantly grabs Bella by the throat and lifts her off the ground.

“I knew you’d be nothing but trouble!” He barks.

The other henchmen backed up seeing that looking the wild look in Joker’s eyes. Harley rushed over and beat on the man’s arm.

“YOU LEAVE MY PUDDIN’ ALONE. YOU BIG MEANIE!” And there was “that” voice again…

Bella smiled and they heard several rounds being fired. The henchman’s eyes grew wide as saucers and his hold on Bella dropped. She choked back and crawled amongst the ground as she fought for a breath.

“Holy shit!” One of the other henchmen commented.

Bella had literally blown holes all through his dick and balls. The henchman dropped to his knees, with his hands over his package. He couldn’t even scream or talk he’s in so much agonizing pain.

Joker casually makes his way over and hunkers down beside the henchman his Princess shot.

“What do you have when you have two balls in your hand?” Joker inquires.

The henchman chokes back in tears.

“My princess’s undivided attention, that’s what! Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa! Oooohhh hehehe! HAAAAAAAA! She got you good! You should have seen the look on your face!” Joker jerks him up by his hair.

He thrust the henchman right through a coat hanger on a nearby wall. It went right through the back of his neck and spine. The henchman began to convulse. Joker slapped at his cheeks.

“Why don’t you hang around?! Take a load off your feet!”

Harley quickly released Bella, before Joker took notice of her consoling her.

“Marie…” He called and she made her way over.

He reloaded her gun and handed it back. Bella hooked her gun back onto her purple garter. Joker roughly kissed her and bit down on her lower lip in a seductive matter before walking away. Joker then headed out the door. The girls and his boys followed him out. Bella saw that they’d manage to steal a few more vehicles. They had couple vans, black ones this time, and a black Caddy. Joker sends ten of his men to the police station. He has them take the van.

Joker takes the other 23 with him. Bella found herself amazed how Joker always managed to have all the help he needed. These guys weren’t any smarter than Harley. She thought to herself with a giggle. If they could con a doctor, just imagine the bigger picture! She continued to giggle in thought. Joker took notice and glanced her way. He licked his scars and then wiggled his finger about. Bella crawled over Harley and one of the henchmen as she made her way over to Joker. Both Harley and the henchman gawked at Bella’s ass as she did. Joker brought her into his lap. He lifted the purple corset she was wearing enough, to reveal her scar from where she was shot. It was times like this Bella wondered what he was thinking. He took out his blade and licked the tip of it, enough to draw blood. He then took the end of it and began to engrave a “J” into the area. Bella whimpered out in pain.

“What are you doing Mr. J?!”

He ignored Harley and kept going.

“STOP!” Harley pleaded.

The henchman held Harley back as she was trying to make her way over.

“Jack…” Bella said in an imploring matter.

She went to stop him and he slapped her hand away.


He continued until he was done. Once he finished he leaned her against the passenger seat. He licked the area clean. Joker lowered her corset back down. Then put his blade away. He pulled her up against his chest and kissed along her neck. After they arrived at their destination, Joker merely sat there for a moment.

“What do you want us to do boss?” One of his men asked.

“Yeah, we thought you wanted to…”
“Shut it, you imbecile!” Joker snapped.

Joker shut his eyes for a moment. He then opened the door.

“Out you go, Sweetheart.”
Bella looked to him puzzled. Killer Croc appeared as if from nowhere and scooped her up. The Joker nodded towards the henchman beside him. The henchman reached over and opened the other door. He literally shoved Harley out.

“Jack?” Bella inquired with a bad feeling.

He simply gave her a wink and shut the door.

“JACK!” She cried out as they peeled away.

Killer Croc brought her up on his shoulder. Slight panic washed over Bella. Considering how he dumped “them” both off. Had he truly had enough of Harley and was done with her as well?

“Hey, wait up!” Harley called out.

Bella noticed how her voice was still high pitched and childlike. Harley climbed up Killer Croc’s back and hitched a ride on the other shoulder.

Joker nodded once his boys set off the alarm in the bank. Joker hurriedly took out the security guard. Since the bank was already closed there was no one else there. Joker licked his scars and covered his ears as he blew the vault door open with a grenade. He nodded towards his men and they began loading up one of the vans, which was driven through the windows of the bank. Joker made himself look busy, but he was merely waiting…

Before long, he heard the familiar sound of a cape flapping about. He nodded to himself and tossed another bag of money at one of his henchmen. However as he did this something else flung out of his arms, heading the intended direction.

“Hahahahaha… What’s wrong Bats? Did Daddy not teach you how to play catch?”

Batman groaned out as the acid was melting the cowl to his face. He couldn’t remove it without revealing his identity. He went to use his grapple gun and try to flee the planned ambush.

“Truly, I’m rather disappointed! I was sure you’d have caught that one.”

The henchman began locking down the entire bank. They shut off the alarm and all of them now had their guns aimed at Batman. Joker reached into the van and grabbed an aluminum bat. He twirled it about as he casually made his way over.

“Tell me Bats…”

Batman went to throw one of his batarangs, but the acid had hit one of his eyes and he couldn’t see and the pain was excruciating. The cowl continued to melt on to his face. Joker takes this opportunity, to sock the hell out of him, right across the back. Batman groaned out and tried to come to his feet. Joker motioned for his men to join in on the beating. They’d already been given specific orders. This was all one big set up and Batman fell right for Joker’s trap. Making a first for Joker, to get the upper hand on Batman. Never had Batman been so defenseless against Joker.

“What is the worst thing that can happen to a bat while he sleeps?”

He takes the bat to Batman’s tailbone.

“Diarrhea! HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA Ohhhhh, get it, Batbrains?! Diarrhea!” Joker wipes his eyes as he continues to laugh.

“Two bats are going for their usual night feeding. After an hour passes, one bat gets tired of looking and goes home with no blood. The other bat comes home with blood dripping from his mouth. The first bat asks with envy, where did you get all that blood?! The second bat replies, follow me and I’ll show you. After a while, the second bat leads the first to a cave. He says, you see that wall over there? The hungry bat’s tummy rumbles in thought, Yes! Yes I do! The other bat replies, Well I fucking didn’t!” Joker laughs once again and takes the bat to Batman’s face. He stops though and frowns at his own joke. “I need to quit hanging around Eddie boy (The Riddler). What’s wrong Bat’s? Did you not see this coming? Am I driving you BATTY?! Hahahahahahaaaaaa Ooooh Batty! WOOO! Beating a Bat with a bat! Who’d have thought? HAHA!”

He takes the bat and slams it against whatever he can. Batman’s chest, back, shoulders, hands, and he even takes out both knees.

“You and I could have had something special! But you just don’t know how to play nice! Why must you be so selfish? You won’t share your toys with me! But you come right along and take what’s MINE?!” Joker gasps back mockingly.

“You never did play fair! I see how it is! You want it all! But you can’t have it because it’s all MINE! MINE! MINE! MINE! Tell me Bats… What’s it like? Knowing that in the end you haven’t a leg to stand on?! HAHA, LOOK AT YOU! SO pathetic! I’m truly disappointed. I expected much more of a fight! I’m not even breaking a sweat!”

“If you’re going to kill me just do it!” Batman finally manages to spill out.
“Kill you? HAHA! Why would I want to kill you? No, no, this , this is soooo much more fun! Besides where would I be without you?!” Joker says with a certain darkness and roaring to his voice.

“You know Bats! I used to think I couldn’t live without you! There was a time I even felt as though you completed me! Just two peas in a pod! But now…?” He takes the bat to back of Batman’s head and Batman’s ears start to ring and his vision becomes blurry.

He motions for the “surprise guest” he’d kidnapped earlier today. Another “setup” of his.

“NO!” Batman calls out as his men bring Batgirl in. She cut Batman an apologetic glance.

“I do believe that ship has sailed. You know I never thought I’d see the day! Perhaps if I were to even the score, I’d feel somewhat different? You believe in justice? Don’t you Bats? Isn’t what all this crusading around at night in a cape dressed as a giant rodent is about? JUSTICE? Well eye for an eye… isn’t that how the saying goes?”

“Joker, don’t do this! You don’t want to hurt her! It’s me you want!”

“But you’re sooo wrong. You see I want her to scream in terror. I want to watch your face during each and every agonizing moment. Why? Because it would please me. I thought about killing you. But I thought and thought… I even took notes! I thought to myself… What’s Batman’s number one weakness?! His worst fear?!”

Joker roughly grabs Batgirl by the hair.

“Death? No, no… Batman doesn’t fear death! HAHAHA Death fears him! No… you my dear sweet, precious Bats. You can’t stand failure!”
They hear sirens off to a distance. Joker sighs.

“Hmmm, how disappointing. How I do love to play! We never hang out anymore! You’d think with you being a bat and all you’d be all for it! You’re just always soooooooooooo SERIOUS! WHY? WHY! WHY! WHY?!” The Joker jumps up, stomping his feet in a tantrum.

“Why must you ruin everything we had?! We had it all you and I!”

Batman swore Joker actually had tears in his eyes.

“My toys, my vehicles, a few of my men, my Funhouse, BUT that just wasn’t enough now was it? You just had to go and RUIN IT ALL! SHE’S MINE! SHE WILL ALWAYS BE MINE!” He roars and shakes all over.

He takes the blade and looks Batman in the eyes.

“The only way for you to learn… is for me to take what is yours…”

“NOOOOO!” Batman hoarsely calls out, amongst his own pain.

Joker takes his knife and plunges it into Batgirl’s spine. Batman tried to get to her, but damn near every bone in his body was broken or fractured somehow. Joker gritted his teeth as the sirens grew closer. He twisted the blade as he yanked it back out. He shoved Batgirl’s body onto Batman’s. Joker wiped the blood from his blade onto Batgirl’s cheeks.

“She’s still warm if you wanna give it one last go?!” Joker sickeningly hints.

“Call me sometime BATS!” He said all chipper like as he and his men make their escape.

Bella covered her nose and gagged. Killer Croc had taken the girls to his underground lair (an old sewer). The particular area they were in was filled with bodies of rats, dogs, cats, and humans. All in which were ones he’d either already ate, therefore there were nothing but bones left, or the ones he was saving for later. Those were the one that smelled foul.

“Boots… please, it stinks in here.” Bella pleaded.

He looked to her as if not even fazed. In fact he breathed in the air and shrugged. He then grabbed one of the random bodies and started munching on it. Bella promptly took off. Harley went to follow but Croc scooped her up again and was checking her over like a doll. Bella climbed out of the sewer and lay in the middle of the road. She shut her eyes and breathed in the fresh air.

A very familiar voice however carried over from afar. Her eyes shot open, thinking surely it was her imagination. She swallowed back and looked to the stars as the voice continued, followed along with others. Bella rolled over and came to her feet. A car zipped past the driver honked on his horn, as he’d nearly hit her. Bella flipped him off and began walking towards the voices.

“Sir, we’ve been all over this city! She isn’t here!”

Bella peeked out from a corner of a nearby alleyway.

“Hmmm she’s here somewhere. We keep looking.”

“But we’ve been here for over a week. Just how long do you…”

They were looking in all the wrong areas. They were looking for Bella Swan not Joker’s Princess.

Bella swallowed back as the hooded figures before her began to argue. The one who’s voice she recognized picked up the smaller figure that was complaining. His hand was wrapped around his throat.

“The Belladonna is mine. I will have her! She should be ready to come home now. She’s had more than enough time to adjust!”

She froze as the man lowered the black hood from his cloak. He seemed to be breathing in the air. His head snapped her direction. Bella quickly ducked back. Her heart began to race as the memories came flashing back. She took off running as fast as she could. Bella screamed out as she slammed into someone. She already had her knife in hand, without even seeing who it was she brought it to their throat.


Her eyes darted towards his.

He narrowed his eyes as she lowered her blade and clung to him for dear life. This was a side of her he wasn’t use to. He wasn’t sure how to react. He put his hand upon her throat and felt her pulse. Since when does she fear anything?! That fear however turned into anger. Her entire body flushed over and she dropped her hold on Joker. She paced around and pulled at her hair.

“No! No, I’m not going back there!” She shouted furiously.

She took out her gun. Joker cocked a curious brow as she started back towards the area she saw the familiars. When she got there however they were already gone. Joker made his way over and yanked her over towards him.

“What’s your deal?” He sneers.

“He’s here.”


Joker put his fingers to her throat again. He gritted his teeth as he felt her pulse.
“You fear him?!” He utters as if insulted.

After all, she’s never truly feared Joker! Why the fuck should she fear ANYONE?! Joker scoffed to himself again in thought.

“YOU FEAR NOTHING!” He says as he grabs her by her corset.

“Joker’s Princess HAS NO FUCKING FEAR! SO WHY NOW?!”

She lowers her head.

“MARIE?!” He shouts in her face.

“He’s wants me back! You were right along, Jack! DAMMIT! HE THINK’S I BELONG TO HIM! ALL THIS TIME AND HE…”

Joker grinds his teeth together. She gasps out as jerks her back towards him he drags her back into the alley. He presses her up against the wall and rips her corset open. Joker unzipped his pants and whipped himself out. He lifted her skirt and dove into her crotchless panties with a hard thrust. He grabs her by the hair as he fucks the hell out of her.

“YOU BELONG TO ME!” He bellowed demandingly.

Joker closed his eyes at the sensation. She was flooding his cock.

“That’s right, Sweetheart, don’t you EVER forget it!” He claimed and she came once again.

She moaned out and he began sucking on her breasts. Joker threw his head back as he released.

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