Chapter 7 What Dreams May Come

Chapter 7

I do not own Marvel, Twilight, Die Hard, The Good The Bad The Ugly, Pirates of The Caribbean. Nor do I own Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, or Johnny Depp,. Though that would be interesting…

what dreams may come

The merc tilted his head as he stood before the sea of blood. He regarded the stone once again and nodded. “Come on, babe. If you wanted to choke on a snake all you all to do was ask.” Deadpool quipped as he took his katanas out and dived on in. He swam towards the bottom of the surface and was charging right for the snake. He drove his katanas into the back of it’s neck and jerked them apart. The snake’s head floated to the top of the surface, whilst the rest of it was still coiled around Bella. The merc grabbed it by the tail and twirled it about in a tornado like manner.

Screwball: Yippee Ki-yay, Motherfucker!

Writer: Oh I love Bruce Willis!

Jiminy: Actually so do I!

Screwball: Fuck off, both of you – this is my movie not that bald ass motherfucker’s!

Writer: He is aware this isn’t an actual ‘movie’, right?

Jiminy: Shhh, you know how sensitive he is about these things.

Screwball: I’m not sensitive, you little bitch!

Bella sunk right into his arms. He swam to the surface and placed her onto the deck. The merc pulled himself up and brought her up against his chest.

“Wakey. Wakey. Your loverman is here.”

He gave her cheek a gentle slap, but was quick to recoil, as she shot up and projectile vomited. Blood hit the merc, right in the face.

“Ewwww…”He murmured and wiped his face with the back of his hand.

“That was sooo gross. It’s okay, I still love you!”

Bella narrowed her eyes as she fully came too.

“Who are you?!”
“Oh come the fuck on! This again? Do we have to start allll over?!”

She regarded the man with a puzzled mien.

“Dammit! Okay, fine. I’m the hubby. You’re the little wifey. We’re married and want to get home so we can make babies.”
Bella gathered her surroundings once again and clung to him for dear life.

“That’s right. Daddy’s gotcha.”
“Where are we?!”

With her still in his hold he came to a stand.

“Not sure, but it’s certainly not one of our typical vacation spots.”

He climbed on up the stairs and Bella gasped out as the floating eye returned. She hid her face into the merc’s chest.

“Man, this looks like a creepy ass video game.” He murmured as he using one of his katanas to slice the eyeball in half. But doing this only caused it to split off – creating another one as well.

Bullshit! What kind of game is this? I already saved the princess. So like roll the credits and be done.”

He waited for moment then let out a sigh of frustration.

“That’s it. When we get back home, I’m calling the producer!”

Deadpool kicked and stomped at the hands sprouting out from the ground.

“Handsy little fuckers.”

“Just get me out of here. Please!”

“You got it, babycakes. We just gotta find the portal and we’re home- free.”

“Portal?” She questioned in that childlike mannerism again.

This had the merc cringing on the inside. He absolutely hated this. She wasn’t ‘his’ Stella. How would he ever manage to bring her back? Was it even feasible? The merc knew one thing for certain. He wouldn’t give up, no matter. He would do whatever it took – even if she never got her memories back. Wade loved her no matter the circumstances. He’d find a way in making it work, somehow.

Screwball: Yeah, because she’s fucking HAWT!

Jiminy: It’s more than that, admit it.

Screwball: Logan told me not to think about sex!

Writer: True. He did!

Jiminy: *sighs*

She swatted at the floating eyes, as they were hovering right over the top of her head. When she did this they sent a nice electric charge; one that traveled up along her arm and throughout the rest of her body. Thus affected the merc as well and brought him to his knees.

“Fuck…” He grunted out.

The hands reached out and were grabbing at Bella. They were dragging her out of his arms. He gritted his teeth and got a better hold on her. It became a literal game of tug-of-war.

“Hands off my Kool-Aid!”

A small whimper escaped her as they were clawing at her and ripping into the gown she had on. They pried her out of his grip and created an assembly line. They carried her off and she was reaching out to him with fear in her eyes. The merc used his katana to free himself. He tried teleporting but it was a no go. So he took off running as fast as he could. She screamed out as the ground beneath them began to shift. A massive hole formed within the ground and the hands were leading her that direction.

“SHIT!” Deadpool hollered once he took notice.

Bella let out a yelp as she was tossed on in. Deadpool didn’t think twice before sheathing his katanas and diving on in after her. Once he caught up to her he wrapped his arms around her and they were falling – through what seemed to be a never ending pit. The hands reappeared and where shooting out from the walls. They grabbed ahold of her and Deadpool; they were doing everything in their power to pry the two apart.

“Wrap yourself around me and whatever you do, don’t let go.”

She nodded and buried her face into his chest. He held her close but the hands continued in pulling them in opposite directions. The packet that carried the yellow jewel was torn off her dress. One of the hands snatched it up and she reached out for it.

“I need that!” She shouted, not understanding her own desperation.
Deadpool gave a mere nod and bit down on the hand. It dropped the jewel and Bella caught it.

“Thank you.”

“Babycakes gets whatever babycakes wants.”

She managed to smile, even if she hadn’t any recollection of the man that had come to her rescue.

“That’s my girl…” he uttered as if in awe.

Gravity seemed to change its course and they were floating down. The merc hadn’t taken notice. He was too engrossed in his Stella at the moment. Their wedding song was playing in the back of that mind of his. There were doves flapping about and they were tying ribbons in Bella’s hair and chirping along with the song. He caressed her cheek and his eyes locked with hers.

“What’s it take? I’ll do anything…” the merc murmured in a dreamlike state.

But she cranked her head a certain direction and didn’t so much as blink. She just stood there, staring, as something else had her attention. “Um… Deadpool to Stella. Come in, Stella. We were having a moment, remember?”

How did you get here? There is still life in you… You do not belong here!”

Deadpool turned towards the deep harsh voice. Whereas Bella saw what seemed to be a normal and rather attractive man. Deadpool saw what appeared to be some sort of demon.


“Holy shit Venom had sex with T-Rex?”

The demonic being sighed as if merely annoyed.

Answer the question!”

“Do you mind? I’m kind of busy at the moment! So if you would… go find yourself a nice place to FUCK OFF!” Deadpool spat as he gave Bella a slight shake.

“Hey!” He called out as she hadn’t budged.

The demonic creature put a couple of fingers to his temple and used his other hand to make a slapping like gesture. Deadpool was sent flying across the room where a wall of hands grabbed ahold of him. One was just about to grab his crotch, in order to hold the merc in place. That’s when he took notice of the eye within the palm. In fact all the hands had this…


The hand latched on and Deadpool let out a painful groan. He struggled to break free as the demonic being approached his girl.
“Ummm nope! Don’t you even think about …”

The being used it’s hair-like tendrils to pull Bella towards him.

“Okay, now I’m PISSED!”

Deadpool head-butted one of the hands – causing it to drop it’s hold. He jerked out of another and lifted his mask. He bit down on the one that had his other arm trapped. He landed in a crouching stance and withdrew his guns. He fired at the creature but was quick to rear back. The bullets seemed to bounce right off the demon and were heading back Deadpool’s direction.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” He shouted as one went through his arm and another through the chest.


Deadpool took the mind stone out from his pouch and tilted his head upon it.

“How does this work again?” He questioned, whilst poking at it like he were dialing a phone.

Jiminy: Use that to get in his head.

Screwball: Usually we put our head into something else.

Writer: Hehe, classic.

Jiminy: Now is not the time! Use the gem against him! Get inside his head! NOW!

Screwball: And what do I do once I’m in there?

Writer: Toy with him, duh.

Screwball: So like… you want me to play with him? No thank you! I’m a one man type of woman. I mean… wait. What?!

Jiminy: *sighing*

The creature reared back seeing Golden Retrievers – thousands of them, coming right for him. They surrounded him and he dropped to his knees with Bella in his hold. He let out a grunt as the puppies were licking him all over and wagging their tails.

Jiminy: That’s your method of attack?

Writer: Oh My God, PUPPIES!

“Blackheart…” the merc muttered once he truly got inside his head.

He was able to pick up on certain memories and most recent events.

“So that’s what they call you?!Lame. Oh man, I’ve heard of daddy issues, but yours… takes the cake. That Mephisto guy must reaaaallly have it out for you. What a suck-ass realm to rein over.”

Deadpool gritted his teeth as he was brought to his knees. Blackheart motioned his hand about and the ‘puppies’ burst into nothing.


“OUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT!” Blackheart roared on top of his lungs.

“MAKE ME!” Deadpool shouted and his body was sent flying back.

He reached out in attempts to grab Bella but he was sent on up the pit. The one in which they fell from and within a matter of seconds, he was flying on through the portal. Heimdall and Thor exchanged looks and shook their heads upon the merc. The three of them were knocked off their feet. The portal closed and was sealed shut.

“No. No. No. No! GOD DAMMIT!”

Thor was first to come to his feet. He let out a sigh as he helped Heimdall and the merc to theirs.

“Open the portal back up!” Deadpool demanded.

Heimdall and Thor shared the same grave appearance.

“I’m sorry to say that I cannot. The portal has been sealed and there’s nothing I can do to open it.” Heimdall explained.


Before he could so much as blink, Thor had grabbed ahold of him and they were heading back to Midgard aka Earth. The God of Thunder didn’t trust to have the mercenary so close to Asgard. He wouldn’t chance it. They appeared before Avengers’s headquarters and could hear the arguing from outside.

You’ll do this… Or I’m done.”

Resorting to blackmail?” They heard Tony spat in return.

This was followed by Peter laughing in mockery.

You know what? The hell with you. No… in fact, FUCK YOU! EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!”

This had the god and the merc raising their brows in bewilderment.

You know what sickens me the most? Is that you’re leading this team and letting all of this take place, right under this roof! Avengers my ass! I can’t believe you sent her off to the morgue. Where do your loyalties lie, Captain?”

The moment Deadpool caught wind of this he teleported into the building. He appeared before the Captain and stared him down.

“Where’s my girl?”

“Where she needs to be, I’m very sorry for your loss.”

“WHAT IN THE FLYING FUCK?! My girl isn’t dead! I had her! I…”

“Her body was showing signs of decay and…”

The merc grabbed his all-time favorite hero by the collar of his suit and brought him up against his chest.


Spider-Man cleared his throat on this.

“I don’t wish to be included in this decision as I took no part in it; neither did Mr. Howlett, Mr. Summers, or Gwen.”

He gave a simple nod and did something he never dreamed he’d do. He socked Captain America in the gut, and hard. But doing this sent tears to his eyes. Wade hadn’t felt this betrayed since Weapon X had promised to cure his cancer but turned him into a freak instead. The Captain just hadn’t a clue what he’d truly done or how it looked in the X-Force’s eyes.

“You don’t deserve the colors on your suit!” The merc shouted afterward.

The Captain staggered back and with a lump forming within the back of his throat. Still… he truly felt he had done the right thing. The young lady deserved to be at peace. Gwen covered her mouth as she was overcome with emotion as well. The merc came to his knees and hard. He ripped of his mask and Gwen rushed on over. She hadn’t any words of comfort, but wanted him to know she was there – all the same.

Logan’s claws made their appearance and he charged right for Mr. Stark. Pepper screamed out in horror. Tony fell back and had his hands wrapped around Logan’s arm as his claws were heading right for his jugular.

“Jarvis!” Pepper hollered out in attempts to activate one of his suits.

Thor pried the Wolverine off the billionaire and popped him across the face.

“Don’t be a fool!” He barked.

This had Cable shoving the god of thunder back. Cable pointed upon the Captain… “You and your team betrayed us all!” And thus began the war between the Avengers and X-Force…

“Hmmm…” Blackheart hummed as he ran his tendrils along the young woman.

He didn’t understand it. Why was she so different? How was she able to present herself in this realm and in this form? He regarded the other ‘souls’ aka hands in thought.

Outstanding…” he murmured as he closed his eyes, sensing the energy coming off her.

Not only could he sense it but he could feel the electric current within the soul. Blackheart smiled as his tendrils were feeding off her energy – making it his own. Her eyes rolled back and he braced her against him.

Yes… You will come in quite handy. Quite handy indeed.”

Gwen was so fixated on Wade Wilson; she hadn’t taken notice of the significant damage done to the Avengers’s headquarters. It wasn’t until Pepper questioned her as to the others whereabouts that she realized just how out of hand things had gotten.

“There’s only one person that can put a stop to this. And if we can’t bring her back…”

Pepper cringed on Gwen’s words, but nodded in full agreement.

“I haven’t any doubt that he can bring her back. He just needs some time. Look, let me help him and you keep an eye on the others.”

Pepper nodded once again and was quick to take off. Gwen planted her hands along the merc’s cheeks.

“Listen Wade, we’re going to find you a nice quiet place and you’re going to use that stone to bring our girl back.”

And on this note she helped the merc to his feet. This right here was the very reason Peter and Gwen had connected with Wade and Bella so easily. Like that of Wade and Bella, what Peter and Gwen had was rare. That’s not to say that Pepper and Tony weren’t as in love. But Gwen truly believed Peter to be her soulmate and Bella had expressed this about her husband many times, during their most intimate of conversation. Bella had even confided in Gwen that she felt her life would be over if anything ever had happened to Wade Wilson. And Gwen understood that feeling more than anyone. She couldn’t imagine her life without Peter Parker.


Gwen led the merc out to her car. The moment she had him inside, she darted on over to the driver’s side, hopped in, and hauled ass. She’d the perfect place in mind. This had her driving on out of the city and she was heading towards a cottage. It wasn’t just any cottage but one the four of them often visited, when they wanted time away. She hoped it was a place he would feel more at peace and could focus on whatever he needed to do. That and she didn’t wish to run the risk of Deadpool getting involved in the fight between the Avengers and the X-Force.

It felt weird… she wasn’t used to the merc being this quiet. But he just sat there, staring at the stone the entire drive. What she didn’t realize – is that he could see his Stella and he was on the verge of having a complete meltdown.

“Hello?” Bella called out as she wandered about the odd looking town.

She didn’t understand why there weren’t any people about. And all the buildings looked to be abandoned and the closer she came, the more she realized that they were all old and decaying. She felt as though she were trapped in a black and white western. Only there was a major creep factor to this. She caught what she thought to be a snowflake falling from the sky, but when she rubbed her fingers together they turned black. That’s when she realized it was ashes. She looked to the sky where it was coming from. But that was another thing. There was no sun, no moon, and no stars. And wherever she was, it was freezing. As to why she thought the ashes to be snow. She rubbed her hands along her arms but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get warm. Bella headed towards one of the buildings. It looked to have been an old pub. She hoped to find warmth and perhaps something to drink or eat, as she was starving and parched. But when she entered the pub, there was no one about. She narrowed her eyes and welcomed herself to one of the barstools. After taking a seat she decided to call out once again.

“Is anyone here?!”

She ran her fingers along the island of the bar and wondered where the man in the red and black suit went. And she was also curious as to how she got here. The young woman came to her feet and looked about the area. There wasn’t anything to eat or drink and there wasn’t any comfort from the cold.

“Please?! Someone. Anyone!” she called out as she walked about the pub.

Her stomach growled and the back her throat ached. She continued in rubbing her hands about her arms but it was no good. Bella remembered there being a church amongst the buildings. So she headed on out of the bar and decided to try that instead. Still, she kept her eye out for the man. She thought about some of the things he said and reached to her temples.

“If we’re really married… Why would he leave me?!” She questioned out loud and in a rather panicked like state.

She entered the church and shook her head in disbelief.

“Where is everyone and where the fuck am I?!”

As she said this a thought bubble appeared and Deadpool stepped on out of it. He popped it with a needle afterward.

“You rang?”

“How’d you…?”

“Eh, fourth wall inside a thought bubble, inside a fanfic!”
“I’ll explain when you’re older.”

He made his way over and pulled her into his chest. She closed her eyes and took pleasure in his warmth. They appeared at the bar. He seated her back down and headed behind the counter. He had on an outfit resembling Clint Eastwood from the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The black and white seemingly faded and everything was coming in color now. He had a bottle of whiskey in hand and poured her a shot. He slid it over and put on his best Clint Eastwood impersonation.


“So there sweet thang, I just wanna ask you one question. Do you feel lucky?”

She raised her brows on this.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking do I need to take five shots or six? And I’ll tell you the truth. I have to take six – just in order to touch myself at night. Then I can forget about my ugly mug and get in with this excitement. But this…” He cupped his junk and gave it a firm shake. “This… this is the most powerful weapon in the world and it will blow your fucking mind. So do you feel lucky? Well… Do ya?”

Bella covered her mouth in laughter but found herself puzzled all the same. Why was she laughing at something so derogatory?

“I can’t believe I’m laughing at this.”

“Honestly, I missed it.” Deadpool replied with a serious mien about him.

She took her shot and was surprised to find it was real. (Or so it was because Deadpool made it so.)

“You know… We should get married again. Only this time we invite all our friends and…”


“Well… yeah. I mean you did file for divorce anyhow so we might as well…”
“Wait… I what?”
“Yeah… But I don’t think it was really you.” He tapped his finger along his forehead.

“It was that Aldrich fucker, or the pops even for all I know. I’m no prize, I get that. But if there’s one thing I know, it’s you. And you loved me. So I didn’t get why you’d wanna leave me.”

Bella swallowed back and the merc poured her another drink. She downed it and the scenery around them changed. Her jaw dropped as they were suddenly hanging on a rope, above a ship. There were pirates below and they were at war with canons firing and there was smoke everywhere. She looked up with a gasp. Deadpool wore a pirate’s hat and was dressed like that of Captain Jack Sparrow. He used his katana to slice through another nearby rope and they swung on down.

“How are you doing all this?!”

“Just close your eyes and pretend it’s all a dream. That’s how I get by!” He called out in his best Jack Sparrow imitation. He had a protective hold on her and was sword fighting another pirate.

“I don’t understand!” She called out and he reared back as she unsheathed his other katana and just in time to spear it through another pirate.

“Now that was Static.” He murmured as if in awe.

She smiled and he gave a simple nod as they continued in taking on pirates.

“I can swordfight?!” She called out in sheer amazement and he nodded in response.

“You’re the wife of fucking Wade Wilson. Of course you can. Who do you think taught you in the first place?”

“This is so awesome!”

“Yeah it is!” He called out with a chuckle.

She gasped out as a nearby pirate grabbed her and had her by the throat. Deadpool pivoted around and ran his katana through his chest and jerked it back out.
“So what do you say?”

“To what?”
“Marrying me!”

“But you said we’re already married.”

“I said it and you said I said it. But I want you to say it like you know, you know?”

“What the…”


She narrowed her eyes as a vision hit; one of them sitting on the couch. There was a little brown dog and he was wagging his tail and barking, as this horribly scarred man was laughing and tickling her. This gave the young woman that pitfall feeling. She reached out as if wanting this… whatever it was to continue, but it was quick to fade and she spun around to the man in the red and black standing before her.

“Who was that man?!” She called out and he pointed to himself.

She tilted her head on this.


Like a slap to the face she was hit with another.

Wade!” (giggling)

The man from the first vision wiped chocolate onto her lip and she licked it off. He lifted her up and placed her onto a kitchen counter. He lifted the skirt she was wearing and ripped her panties off.

“STOP!” Bella shouted and was pulling at her hair.

The man in the red and black shook his head no.

The vision continued and the woman arched back as the man was fucking her.

“THAT’S NOT ME! I’D REMEMBER THAT!” She shouted interrupting the vision.

“No! Wait!” She cried out as the man was flickering in and out and the black and white ghost town reappeared.

She did a complete turnabout and clasped a hand over her mouth.

“No… Please! Look, I’m sorry! Come back!”

Gwen pulled up to the cabin and regarded the merc with concern.


His hands were balled up in to fists and he was shaking all over.

“What is it?”

“I can’t get through to her! No matter what I do! Everytime I think I’m getting some sort of breakthrough, I lose her! She’s so fucking STUBBORN!”

Gwen nodded in understanding.

“That she is… But so are you. And that’s why the two of you work. Now whatever you were doing… Get back into that head of hers and keep going.”
“I can’t…”
“And why the hell not?!”
“It’s fucking torture! She’s my wife and I can’t even…”
“Can’t even what?”
“You wouldn’t understand…”
“Why? Because I’m a woman?”

This had the merc rolling his eyes.

“No… well, yeah! I mean… Is this a trap?!”

“Let me guess, you wanna grope her breasts and bend her over something?”

“How’d you…?”
“Bella isn’t the only woman with a perverted mind, you know. Why do you think we’re such great friends?”
“Whoa… what do you guys do when the webslinger and I are away?!”

“I don’t know what do you guys do when we’re away?” She challenged in return.
“What’s that supposed to mean?!” He countered in a childlike manner.

“Exactly what is that supposed to mean?”

He put his hand to his forehead and looked as though he were getting a migraine. Gwen laughed and leaned back in her seat.

“Look… just be yourself. That’s how she fell for you in the first place. All she needs is to remember why.”
“I was… but…”
“No buts… Look, let’s get you set up and I want you back in that head of hers. Only this time you’re not leaving until we have her back.”

Bella sat in the middle of the road. She had her knees propped up and her arms wrapped around them. She hid her face within them and was rocking back and forth. She was doing everything within her power to ignore the cold, the hunger, and thirst. As it returned full throttle. She hadn’t meant to run him off. She was just scared and confused.

“So cold…” she uttered behind chattering teeth.

And even with her having no recollection of the man and who he claimed to be. She found herself craving his touch. There was something so warm and inviting about it and she hoped he’d never let go. But she just had to go and ruin it by freaking the fuck out. She had her reasons… still. What options had she? Stay in this god forsaken place or go back to Acidville with the loonatic in red and black. She’d much rather go back to fighting pirates and having drinks with the man with no name, than to be stuck in what she could only describe as fucking purgatory. What had she done to deserve being stuck in such a horrendous place? And why hadn’t she any recollection of her life before all this. Surely this wasn’t it?! Had she always been here? And was this it for her – an eternity of suffering and loneliness? Was this the so called husband’s doing? Had she upset him so much that he sent her back? There so many questions but no one around to answer them. She continued to rock and it was so cold that what little tears she did shed froze to her face.

“Why is it so cold?” She whimpered.

She lifted her head and heard what sounded to be galloping. Her jaw dropped as there was a beautiful black horse heading right for her. Just as it passed by she was snatched right off the ground.

“Please don’t leave me.” She called out and wrapped her arms around him.

This had the merc swallowing back with a pang of guilt.

“Not going anywhere, babycakes, I give you my word.”

And he meant it. If his only way of being with her was through this stone, then so be it. He’d take whatever he could get. The horse took off in flight and it transformed into a winged tiger. There was a rainbow in the sky and exploding volcanos below. She shook her head in amazement.

“I’m in a coma somewhere, aren’t I?”

He didn’t answer. She looked down feeling a bit of a breeze. Her jaw dropped as she was unexpectedly in a purple string bikini. The merc pivoted about and wiggled his brows.

Deadpools Heaven

“Now we’re talking!”

She blushed a bit as he ran his hands along her arms and was admiring the view.

“Fuck…” he grunted in longing.

“Come on babe. Marry me so we can make love like rabbits again. Please?!”

She lowered her head and he used his fingers to lift her chin.

“What’s it take to get you to realize that I wanna do right by you this time. I know I fucked up. Let me fix it. Please. Let me start over and do this the right way. I want to prove I can do this. But most importantly… Let me fuck the living daylights out of you. Stella babe, you’re fucking hawt as hell and Daddy’s in suffering.”

He lifted his mask, just enough to kiss her. The kissing lingered and before long they were making out. During which she reached over and slipped his mask off. He froze with a twinge of nerves. She planted her hands along his cheeks and gazed into his eyes. When nothing truly triggered she put her forehead to his and let out a sigh.

“Everything about you is so familiar. Yet it’s not… I want to remember. Believe me, I wish I could.” She murmured in defeat.

He let out a disappointed sigh of his own and went to say something on this. Only she up and vanished, right before his very eyes…

Most New Yorkers would say they could handle anything the city could throw at them. Robbery-whatever, murder-big deal, aliens-bring it on. What about when heroes battle other heroes? Some civilians wouldn’t even run, they stood there trying to comprehend what they were seeing. Right in the middle of Times Square the Avengers were going toe to toe with X-Force. Captain America was trading blows with Wolverine. Steve Rogers may be a WWII super soldier but Logan is the best he is at what he does. You combine that with adamantium claws and a vibranium shield and you get a truly epic fight.

“What’s the matter Rogers, not so condescending when the person you’re condemning can fight back?”

Steve winced but still fired back, “You know what we’re doing is right Logan! You shouldn’t be opposing us on this!”

“We’re fighting for Static you boy scout!” If only it didn’t stop there.

Not too far away Cable, another soldier but from a war-torn future had his hands full with the mighty Thor, the greatest warrior of Asgard. Both men were firing blasts at each other, one from a wide array of futuristic weapons and the other from a mystical hammer-Mjolnir.

“You are a fool to believe you could match an Asgardian, mortal. No matter the manner of weapons you use.”

Cable just smirked with one of his eyes pulsing with light. “Shut up and bleed.”

The third and perhaps most impressive fight was taking place in the air above. Tony Stark, Iron Man was flying in his armored suit and firing off repulsor blasts from his hands. The problem most New Yorkers had watching this was simple. The amazing Spider-Man, whether you loved him or hated him, he was one of their own. Peter had bitten off more than he could chew but that wasn’t going to stop him from standing up for what was right. To make matters worse, Tony felt Peter had turned his back on the rest of the Avengers.

“You got a lot of gall underoos. We made you an Avenger, is that the kind of person you are? Turning on your own?”

The spectators could easily hear the anger seep into the wall crawler’s voice.

“I, the kind of person who will do what’s right over what’s easy.”

Peter webbed the holes in Tony’s faceplate causing him to clang off the side of a building.

None of them were limited to their own fights either. Be it an electric blast ricocheting off a set of claws, a shield being diverted by a hasty web-line, both teams did everything they could to one up the other.

Above this massive melee watching from the top of Avengers tower was the architect of all this stupidity, Loki. Hiding under his illusions, the trickster god couldn’t keep the “devilish” smile off his face. “I wonder if all Midgardians are this stupid, not to mention my idiot brother. I swear the weight of that hammer brings down his IQ.” You know what they say about tempting fate though. With all the fighters so focused on what they were doing, none of them paid any attention to the low rumble off in the distance. If they had they might have noticed a fire that seemed to be getting closer. With how fast it approached, every one of the combatants on the street were blown off their feet or knocked out of the air by the wind generated as the fiery entity zoomed between them. With the rev of and engine and sound of a large chain being slung around, everyone looked up in time to see Ghost Rider riding up the side of the tower with a massive flame trail burning in his motorcycles wake.

As he landed on the roof, Loki realized that even holding his scepter, the Rider’s hellfire had dispelled his illusions. Both angry and fearful Loki spoke aloud, “What the…?”

“HELL!” Ghost Rider’s gravelly voice finished. “LET ME SHOW YOU!”

Whether he meant to, or not, the rider’s intervention caused both the Avengers and X-Force stopped their battle and focused instead on fight starting on the roof top.

Iron Man looked around, “This isn’t over. Consider this argument on hold.” With that being said he flew back in the direction of Avengers Tower. Without so much as a word, the others all followed after him.

Loki was not doing so well. Battling other-worldly fighters and creatures was one thing, demons from the pits of hell-not so much. His skin was smudged, his armor and even his hair was singed. Ghost Rider hadn’t even moved from where he had left his bike. Using a combination chain whips and hellfire blasts, the transformed Johnny Blaze wasn’t even breaking a sweat even if he had skin at the moment. However he had a job to do, he threw the end of one of his chains at the scepter in Loki’s hands striking the jewel. With a burst of light an uncut gem stone falls out of the jewel-like casing.

Flaring his hellfire, the Rider shoots a blast at the gem. His body morphs and flickers becoming a living flame and like a vacuum, the flame was sucked inside the stone.

The Trickster God was looking wide-eyed at what had happened, at the same moment all the other fighters arrived on the roof top.


“You son of a bitch…” Bella grunted as Blackheart had one of his tendrils wrapped around her throat.

Her hands were around his wrists.
“How?!” He demanded in that curt voice of his.

“Like this…” she snapped, taking her knee to his crotch.

He dropped his hold and let out a groan. Bella was quick to send him a nice round house and that’s when she sensed ‘his’ presence. She did a turnabout and her jaw hit the ground.

“What the…”

The man let out a hum of mere amusement. If he had a dollar for everytime… he thought. But he was somewhat spellbound at the moment. He’d never seen anyone get away with kneeing Blackheart in the crotch. Better yet get two good blows like that in. Either this girl was incredibly lucky or just clinically insane and hadn’t any idea who the fuck she was dealing with. That and well… it seemed as if Blackheart was off his game a bit. He should’ve sensed that coming. So why hadn’t he? There was something about this girl… Ghostrider tilted his head as he could ‘sense’ it. She was different and that’s what was throwing the spoiled BRAT off his game. Nevertheless… she was no match for the malicious no ‘doer. Ghostrider was quick to react, as Blackheart was just about to plunge one of his tendrils through the young woman’s back. He used one of his chain whips and slung it around Blackheart’s throat. He jerked it back and flung him about the room. But he was in no mood to make this a long winded ordeal. He knew what it was he had sensed now. It was this girl. She was in danger and since it was that of Blackheart’s doing – he picked up on it. From the looks of things he got here just in time. He gunned that bike of his and grabbed the girl. He spun the bike around and dodged Blackheart’s tendrils as he managed to break out of the chain. He shook his head with sheer annoyance.

“Hold on!” he called out and Bella held on for dear life.

He threw a chain over the pit she originally fell from. He pitched another towards Blackheart. It coiled around his legs. Ghostrider knew he’d break right out of it. But it would keep him distracted just long enough to bust on out here. He sped on up the wall, casting hellfire along the hands that tried their to intervene. He’d have laughed if it wasn’t for the dire situation. The look on this young woman’s face was priceless. That was something that never got old – the reaction of others. Though oddly enough, this woman didn’t seem afraid. If anything, she ran her hands along his leather jacket and on up. He wasn’t sure how to react when she came into contact with his face. She narrowed her eyes as if piecing together a puzzle.

“You have no skin and you were on fire…” She said but in a rather amused mannerism.

He made no comment and focused on getting the heck out of dodge. He really wasn’t in the mood to deal with Blackheart. And he sure as hell didn’t want to put this rather knock out of a woman at risk. Yes. He most certainly took notice. It didn’t help that she was practically naked. There wasn’t much left to the gown she had on. It was in literal shreds. And running those hands of hers along him sure wasn’t helping. It’d been awhile… since he had a woman’s touch. His life was crazy enough as it was. Last thing he needed was to add a woman in the mix. But if he were to take that route… He wouldn’t mind giving this one a shot. If nothing else take her out for a couple drinks and hear whatever crazy ass story she had. And he knew it must’ve been a doozy if she was there. For one thing… How was she there? It was more than apparent there was life in her. Or so he thought… That was until he hit that barrier and they sprung on out of the portal. The moment they were out of the soul gate… she was gone. Like she never even existed! He picked up the gem as it was still lying about the rooftop. He had made certain to keep it submerged in hellfire. This way no one could make the mistake of touching it in attempts of taking it. He’d end up with another damn soul to save. That or it’d end up in the wrong hands, again. Ghostrider decided that he would hold onto it for now. That is until he could find a better place for it.

Bella opened her eyes and immediately shot out a hand, clasping it around the man about to cut into her. She was set up and ready to be embalmed. The man dropped the surgical scissors and let out a high-pitched squeal. She hopped off the table and shoved the tray of surgical tools and everything else out of her way.

“Your lab coat… hand it over.” She demanded and the man’s hand shook as he took off his jacket and handed it over.

She buttoned it up and used one of the freezer doors to gaze upon her reflection.


Bella ran her fingers along the area where the man was about to start the embalming. She had a nice nick along the area of her jugular. She nodded and let out a laugh of utter misery. The man swallowed back as she spun around.

“You’re alive…” he said and she arched a brow his direction.

“Gee, what was your first clue?” she snapped and he backed himself up against a wall.

“Oh and you think you’re shitting yourself now… Just think what will happen if you tell ANYONE about this. Do I need to make myself clearer?”

“N… No ma’am.” The man nervously stuttered.

She gave a simple nod, gathered her personal belongings, and headed on out of the room. Bella made her down the hallway and rushed on out of the building. The moment the sun cascaded against her she came dropped to her knees.

“Please be real…” She whispered under her breath.

She closed her eyes and opened them once again.

“Loki…” she spat.

The young woman nodded amongst herself and came to a stand. She hailed a cab and hopped into the back.

“What the…” Bella murmured once she arrived at the Avengers Headquarters.

She could see the damage from where the taxi was parked.
“Look lady, you gonna pay me, or not?”

“How’s a nice crisp high-five sound?” She witted in return.

The driver cursed under his breath as she slammed the door. Bella entered what was left of the Avengers headquarters and shook her head.

“How did this happen?” She questioned out loud.

She turned to the clearing of a throat.

“That’s what I’d like to know.”
“Dr. Banner…”

He nodded as he walked about the area.

“So this wasn’t brought on by one of Mr. Hyde’s hissy fits?” She taunted with a playful smile.

Dr. Banner tilted his head on this.

“Fraid not… I take it you have your memories back?”
“For the most part…”

He nodded once again and started to make his way over. She held up a hand in protest.

“That’s close enough.”

He narrowed his eyes in question.

“Funny thing… I think you’ll find this somewhat interesting – considering your profession and all. You remember what they say about coma patients, right?”

“And what might that be?”
“That they can hear everything around them.”

This had the doctor swallowing back. He wasn’t so sure he liked where this was going. Bella reached to her temples and sort of laughed.

“Tell me doctor, did you or did you not agree with Captain Steve Rogers and Mr. Tony Stark on sending my ass to the morgue, before my husband even had the chance to complete the mission.”

“You were dead…”
She nodded and ran her hands along what was left of the bar. She grabbed one of Tony’s bourbons and chugged it straight from the bottle. She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand afterward.

“Admit it… you gave up on me, just like the others.”
“I can see why you would think that. If you’d let me explain…”

“EXPLAIN WHAT?!” She shouted as she took the bottle of bourbon and slammed it up against the bar.

She darted on over and grabbed him by the doctor by the collar of his shirt.


His eyes got that greenish hue to them and she rolled hers.

“That… that’s nothing in comparison to what I’m feeling at this very moment. I’d love nothing more than to ‘Hulk’ out and hand each and everyone of you your asses! I thought you were my friends. I thought you fucking knew me. But all I kept hearing was Tony rambling on and on. He acted as though I was nothing more than a pawn. And each of you backed him up – aside from Peter that is. Hell, even the Captain. Do you have any idea what that makes me feel like?! I suppose it was needed – the rather rude awakening. As I know where I stand amongst you Avengers now. I truly hope that none of you ever experience waking up in a morgue to find out yourself seconds away from being emfuckingbalmed! You wanna talk about creep factor – well there you go. That just about topped off the sheer amount of hell I’d already been through.”

Bruce was doing his best to fight ‘it’, but his emotions took over and so did the beast within. Bella stood her ground and stared him down. He was huffing and puffing and punching at the wall directly behind her.

“You wanna smash my brains in? Be my fucking guest! Go ahead and kill me. It won’t be the first and it sure as hell won’t be the last. If I’m gonna die it might as well be at the hands of a ‘so-called-friend’ than an enemy.”

On this note, she exited headquarters. Hulk let out a rather pathetic growl and punched at the wall once again. Matters only grew worse as she headed into town. Bella couldn’t believe her eyes. Cars were flipped onto their sides, a few of the buildings had taken significant damage, the city sirens were going off, police swarmed the area and were escorting civilians out of there. She just stood there, unable to move. She took out her gun in preparation – certain this was Loki’s doing. She hadn’t a clue just how out of hand things had gotten. She walked over and lifted the Captain’s shield up off the ground. She ran her fingers along the familiar markings.

“Logan?” she whispered amongst herself.

“This can’t be real. Tell me I’m having one hell of an acid trip. Please…” she murmured as the area around her seemed to spin.

But as she said this she was on the lookout for any bodies. And she found herself wondering if her husband was involved as well.

“Mrs. Wilson?”

She froze and gradually spun around.

“Lose something, Captain?”

He pulled a certain face as she tossed his shield over. He caught it, but his eyes never wavered from hers.

“You’re alive…” he said making her feel even more like the Bride of Frankenstein.

“Yes Captain Obvious, I’m alive. No thanks to you, or your team.”

“I can explain.”

“Oh, I’m sure you can. But that’s the least of my concerns at the moment.” She waved her hands about the destruction.

“Has our All American Hero gone rogue? Or am I piecing this together correctly? Because at first I thought that maybe Loki…”

“I suppose it’s time we had a talk…”
“Hmm…” she hummed and picked up a nearby diaper bag.

She tossed it over as well.

“Anyone harmed during this little temper tantrum?”

“I don’t believe so. I did my best to keep everyone out of harm’s way.”
“Oh did ya now?”

He nodded.

“Aren’t you supposed to be the one person that keeps your shit together, at all times? You are aware that others count on you for that.”

He rather sighed.

“So this is what happens when the Captain loses his grip on reality and thinks he needs to prove a point. This is you standing behind your convictions? And how am I supposed to feel about all of this exactly? Look around you and you tell me how you would feel if this was your welcome home party?”

The man recoiled on her words and was in attempts to find his own at the moment. But all he truly felt was shame. This had him thinking back to when he first awakened from the ice.

“So where’s my team?”
“Not sure…”
“And my husband… did he take part in this as well?”

“Are my boys hurt?”

She let out a breath of relief.

“Good. I hope they handed you your ass. I suppose that all brings me to one question… Where. Is. Loki?”

The Captain drew back a breath.

“We had him detained, but he managed to escape. And by escape I mean disappear.”

“Of course he did. This just gets better and better. I sure hope Mr. Stark has some sort of epic speech planned for the people of New York. Let’s see… what’s a good cover? Alien invasion? Field test? Or do you plan on passing on the blame to the X-Force? Face it… You’re the PG version of what we do.”

“PG version, huh?”
“Oh yeah…”
“Hm. Well in all fairness it was the X-Force that star…” he trailed off realizing just how childish he was about to come off as.

“Let me guess. You were going to say they started it?”

Um. Well, yeah!”

She turned and aimed her gun towards the familiar voice.

“Well if it isn’t Madam Trashheap herself, looking a bit rusty there. Oh and by the way, you and I got a date in the ring. I’ll give you a few days to get warmed up, but your ass is mine, Richie Rich!”

“Well it’s good to see that you you’re old self again.”
“Is it?!” She questioned in a mocking matter.

He drew back a breath on this.

“I get it… You’re pissed and…”
Pissed? That does even begin to cover it.”

She felt a bit of a breeze coming in from behind. She nodded amongst herself.

“Thor – the almighty thundercunt!”

He arched a brow not understanding the reference.

“Well I see the whole gang is here – aside from the big man himself and we already had our little encounter. But I gotta say… you’re the last people I wanted to see.”

Now you know what they say, lil darlin’…”

She closed her eyes and took a moment to gather herself. She turned around and the man gave her a mere nod.

“Gotta save the best for last…” he uttered as she put her gun away and rushed over, hugging the hell out of him.

He smiled and lifted her up off the ground and spun her about.

“Good ta having ya back, Static.”

He wrinkled his nose once he got a good whiff of her.

“Jesus… yah smell like…”
“Like I died?” she finished and he nodded.

“Oh yeah…”
“Good to know, mutt.”


She smiled and looked over her shoulder.

“Nathan…” she replied in greeting.

To her great surprise he was the one running towards her. Once he was within arm’s reach he grabbed ahold of her and pulled her into his chest.

“Easy there…” she grunted.

He nodded and loosened his grip a bit.

“I knew it… I knew you’d come back.”

“Yes well it just took me a bit… Even now… It still feels as if I’m piecing together a puzzle.”

“Take your time… It’ll come to you.”

“Yeah well, let’s hope that’s before Loki succeeds in his next attempt to make us all his bitches. Been there, done that, got the motherfucking t-shirt and I can’t say I’m a fan.”
Cable dropped his hold and she felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. She pivoted about and smiled.


He nodded.

“Well it’s truly a night for the living dead.”
“Shut it…” she murmured as he pulled her in for a hug.

Just because my writers ripped off your gimmick doesn’t mean you get to take my fucking girl. Hands off, numbnuts!”

A wave of emotions hit and she swallowed the lump within the back of her throat.

“Wade…” she whispered as she gradually spun around.

“It’s about fucking time…” he remarked.

Bella took off like a bat out of hell and damn near knocked him down as she wrapped herself around him. He chuckled but cleared his throat as she started to cry.

“You know you’re almost naked, that’s pretty much a yes.”

Bella laughed with tears rolling down her cheeks, “Shut up you wonderful idiot.”

In anyone could read minds right now they would have heard three distinct voices come from Deadpool’s noggin.

mY bElLa…


My Bella…

(Wade smiled)

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  1. Awesome as always hon. I’m so glad she’s back…great update hon. I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

  2. I’ve never commented on one of your stories before, but it’s defiently not because I don’t read them. I am completely obsessed with your work and find that you mesh the marvel and twilight worlds perfectly. You are by far the best author I have ever read

  3. To repeat what I said in chat *ahem*:
    YOU CRAZY FUCKING BITCH! YOU BROUGHT IN GHOST RIDER?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! I LOVE YOU SO HARD!

    As awesome as this whole chapter was and as happy as I am Bella’s got her groove back, I’m still so hung up on Johnny, lol. So much win this entire chapter – I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, devouring every word. My fave words were: “Holy shit Venom had sex with T-Rex?”
    the transformed Johnny Blaze wasn’t even breaking a sweat even if he had skin at the moment.

    Just perfect ❤

  4. Oh WOW! Yippee Ki-yay, Motherfucker! That was fantastic! I loved everything about it and unfortunately, there’s not enough room in this box to express how much I enjoyed this chapter!!

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