Chapter 2 The Other Side of The Spectrum

Chapter 2

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Other Side of The Spectrum

“What happened to the dress I had laid out for you?”

The young woman chewed on her bottom lip a bit before answering.

“Is it really necessary? You said we were staying in tonight.”

“Isabella darling, we’ve talked about this.”

She sighed and looked to the dress she was currently wearing. It was black and simple, in comparison to the silver sequin dress he’d laid out. That dress was incredibly short and a bit much for a night at home.

“And where are your shoes?”
“They hurt my feet, Ric.”

Mr. Killian shook his head and made a tsking like sound.

“Dinner is almost ready.”

She nodded and sat in one of the recliners. The man raised his brows and put away the book he was reading.

“Is that what you’re going to wear?”

“Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?” she asked as if challenging him.

“Only that it isn’t what I picked out.”

“You do realize I’m fully capable of picking out my own clothes?”
“And we’ve tried that…” he muttered with a curled lip.

She rolled her eyes and the man came to his feet.

“You know I hate that.”
“Then why do you do it?” he questioned, standing before her now.

“Maybe because I hate being treated like a doll rather than a woman?”
“I’ve done no such thing.”
“Ric… it’s not that I don’t appreciate what you’ve done. It’s just all this… well, it doesn’t feel like ‘me’.”
“How would you know what is or isn’t you? And haven’t we discussed this very thing with your father already?”
“Well yes, but…”
He offered his hand. She hesitated at first, but took it. Once the man had her on her feet, he leaned into her ear. “Go upstairs and get ready for dinner…” he said whilst running a hand along the slope of her back. She shook her head and he cupped her chin.

“I only want the best for you. That includes looking like the queen you truly are. I do not do ask these things out of selfish reasons. All of this… is for you, Isabella. So, there will be no more arguments on the matter. Now go on…”

She reached to her forehead and took a couple steps back.

“Another headache?”

She nodded. A small gasp escaped her as Aldrich scooped her up and carried her on up the stairs. He took her into her bedroom and laid her down. The entire place was done in antique furniture even the bedroom furniture. At times Bella felt as if she were back in medieval times and living in a freaking castle. The red, purple, and gold colors didn’t help matters.

With his hand upon her forehead…”Perhaps it would be best if you rest tonight. I shall have the maid bring your dinner.”

“Thank you.”
He nodded and kissed her hand.

“I suppose this is good night then?” his voice laced with disappointment.

“I’m sorry…”
Mr. Killian smiled and caressed her cheek.

“No need. You get some rest. I shall see you in the morning.”

She drew back a breath as he put her dress away. He then proceeded in picking out another for tomorrow. It seemed the man had a dress for every occasion. He set out some shoes to go with it as well.

“I like your hair down in this one.”

Gee, does he wanna pick out your underwear as well?(She heard in a voice that wasn’t her own. This was something that happened often.)

Bella giggled a bit. And Mr. Killian narrowed his eyes as he glanced back over his shoulder.

“Does something amuse you?”

Does something amuse you?The voice mocked. What a douchebag. I mean really.

She reached to her head again and looked to be shaking something off.

“Isabella?” he called out with concern and rushed over.

“Are you certain you’re alright?”

She nodded. He sighed and got her tucked into bed.

“Do you mind if I check in with my father?”
“Not at all.” He reached into his blazer and brought his cellphone out.

She reached for the cell but he pulled back tauntingly.

“You have to earn it, Isabella…” he mused with a flirtatious smile.

She sat up and laughed as she reached for the phone once again. He held it up higher and wiggled his brows.

“You don’t seem to be trying hard enough!”

“Ric!” she said with a giggle.

“Isabella…” he said in that seductive tenor that got her every time.

He chuckled as she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him.

“Hmmm.” He hummed as the kiss lingered.

A sigh escaped him as her lips parted from his. During which, she managed to pry the phone from his grasp.

“I do believe you’re quite the evil tease…”
She chewed that bottom lip of hers.

“And I believe that’s my cue, before I take measures into my own hands…”
“Ric…” she called out with a touch of unease.

He raised his brows on this. “Do you truly believe I would pull such a dishonorable act?!”
The young woman swallowed back as he appeared to be rather cross.

“Surely you know the difference between mere flirtation and actual threats, Isabella.”

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose as he bitterly exited the room. He was acting so odd lately. When he first brought her home things were so different. But as time progressed, it was like she was beginning to see his true colors. Part of her hoped it was just the stress of them figuring out this whole situation with her memory. At times, she felt as if there were these black pits in her memory. That’s what caused her headaches. She’d these flashes like something was trying to come through. But the headaches would start and on her worst days her nose would start to bleed and she’d feel faint.

There was a knock at the door and Bella called for the maid to enter.

“Thank you.” Bella said as she brought her food over.

“You’re quite welcome, my lady.”

“We’ve talked about this…”

“Mr. Killian insists…”
“Well he’s not here at the moment. When it’s just the two of us, Bella is just fine.”
The woman nodded and did a slight curtsy before exiting the room. Bella drew back a breath as she looked to the phone. She scrolled through the contacts and found her father.

Hey, kid!

She smiled; just the sound of his voice seemed to put her more at ease.

Hey, dad.

How’s it going?

It’s going…

No luck?

Not yet…

I’m sorry to hear that, Bells.



How long were Ric and I engaged? You know, before the car accident?

Haven’t you asked me this already?

Dad please… I just need the reassuring. Nothing about this is registering. And…

And what?
I think he’s getting frustrated with me. I mean can you blame him? Having a girlfriend that can’t remember anything about you? But I’m trying dad. I really am…

I know you are, sweetheart. And I’m sure Aldrich knows that too.

You should’ve seen his face when I asked if we could call off the engagement.

You what?!

Dad! You can’t honestly expect me to marry someone I don’t even know.

But that’s just it! You do know him. You meet Aldrich in that little book store in Seattle, he was on his way to a meeting. This group of guys came after you and Aldrich showed up just in time. From what you told me it was an instant connection. He proposed to you a little over a year ago.

Bella shook her head. Nothing about this was registering.

Something about all this it just feels so…

So what?

Wrong… It’s like something’s missing. You should see this place and everything in it! Nothing about it truly feels like ‘me’.

Just give it sometime… something’s bound to click. As for your fiancé…

He isn’t my fiancé.

Come on, Bells. You can’t do this to him. We’ve talked about this. I get that it can be scary. But if you push him away then what else do you have? Are you willing to face all this alone? Face it. You need him. And he’s a good man. He takes good care of you. What more can you ask for?

She nodded amongst herself.

So you think I’m being selfish?


Why not…

Just a tad…

Bella sort of laughed.

I gotta get to work. Why don’t you and Aldrich come visit sometime this weekend? Maybe it would help…

I’d like that.

Good deal, Bells. I love you.

Love you too, dad.

Bella hung up the phone and placed it on the nightstand. The young woman rose from the bed and made her way to the window. She raised the window and took in the view. They were living in one of the tallest highrises in the area. The city lights seemed extraordinarily bright tonight.

I wouldn’t get too close…”

Bella pivoted around and narrowed her eyes upon the image before her.

Falling… from what an 80 story building. Not fun. Trust me. I’ve been there!”

She smiled and the man in the red and black suit tilted his head. The young woman made her way to the vanity and had a seat.

“So I’m hearing voices and seeing things now? Great…” he heard her mutter.

Happens to me all the time.”

The man plopped down on the bed and kicked back.

Now this is nice. It sure beats that dump we’re living in.”
Bella put her fingers to her temples. The man patted the empty side of the bed.

Don’t be shy. Come to daddy!”

The young woman drew back a breath.

“Stop… just please…” She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

“Go away.”
“Come on, babycakes. It’s been awhile…”

Bella screamed out and threw a vase filled with red roses his direction. She stormed out of the room directly after.

Now why’d you go and do that for?”

“Whoa…” Mr. Killian called out as she bumped into him in the hallway.

He wrapped his hands around her arms.

“What is it, my dear?”

“It won’t stop!”

“And what might that be?”

She shook her head and sort of laughed. It was bad enough she couldn’t remember her own fiancé. And now she was about to admit to him that she was not only hearing voices, but seeing things?

He cocked a brow as he waited for an answer.

“I think I just need some fresh air…”
He nodded, “I’ll get your coat.”


Bella nodded as Aldrich had his arms wrapped around her waist and his head resting along her shoulder.

“The maid tells me you didn’t eat your dinner?”


“Her name is Miranda…”
“I’m quite aware of that. Her name however is the least of my concerns. Why haven’t you eaten?”

“I wasn’t hungry.”
“Isabella…” he replied in a scolding manner.

“Ric, please must we argue about this?”

He let out a sigh.

“Very well… Off to bed with you.”

She hated that… One moment he treated her like a goddess. The next? He’d pull a complete 180 and treat her like she was nothing more than an insubordinate child. She wasn’t in the mood to pick a fight with him. Not that he’d listen anyhow. Bella gave a simple nod and he motioned towards her room.

“Night…” she responded as she headed back to her room.

Bella narrowed her eyes as there was some sort of box on her bed. It was wrapped in the cartoon section of the newspaper. She ran her fingers along the box in wonder. She’d a moment of hesitance, before opening the box. The young woman jumped back at the sight of a handgun.

“What in the world…?” she whispered.

She ran a finger along the Italic inscription. It read Static. She wondered if that was the name of the brand. But who on earth would give her a gun? Surely not Aldrich! And it was beneath him to use such horrendous wrapping paper. Bella put the lid back on. She grabbed the box and quickly stuffed it beneath the bed.

“Was it Miranda’s doing? Why would the maid give her a gun? Was it a mistake? Had she meant to take it with her and left it on the bed?”

Hide it…Don’t let anyone know you have it…The familiar voice told her.

She swallowed back on this. The young woman backed up and leaned against the wall. She regarded the area she’d hidden the box, once again. Her hands shook as she made her way back over. As she bent down and retrieved the box. Bella took the gun out of the box and merely stared at the gun as it rest within the palm of her hand. Without another thought, she unloaded the gun and loaded it back up – all within the matter of seconds. She cocked the gun and froze.

“What the…” she whispered.

Bella dropped the gun back into the box, slammed the lid back down, and shoved it back under the bed. She observed her hands in question.

A groan escaped her as the sun cascaded through the room. She pulled the covers up over her head and buried her face into her pillow.

“Rise and shine, human.”

She peeked out of the covers.

“Human?” She inquired.

Aldrich cleared his throat and nodded.

“Are you not?”
“Aren’t you as well?”

He smiled and made his way over.

“Now Isabella, let’s be honest. Amongst us ‘human’s’ – I’m practically a god.”
“Well, I see someone ate his ego tripping Wheaties.”

“Hmmm. Well we’ve quite a day ahead of us. So do be a dear and eat your breakfast. Get yourself showered and put on that dress…”

She wrinkled her nose on the rather boisterous yellow dress; he’d laid out for her.


“Why yes…”
“Yellow makes me look even paler than I am already.”
“I think you look quite exquisite.”
“Can’t I wear something else?”
“And what would you wear, if given the choice?”

She trolled on out of the bed and headed to the closet. A blue dress caught her attention. But the man staggered back and reached to his heart as she ripped the sleeves off and tore a spilt going up the dress.

“And that there is why I do the picking.”

“Come now, eat your breakfast.”
“I’ll eat it when I’m good and ready!” she took the blue dress and threw it at him.

Her jaw dropped as he appeared before her.


He backed her into a corner of the room and slight fear came over her.

“I’ve officially hit my limit! You’ve been nothing but ungrateful. I took to understanding when you wished to call off the engagement. But now this? Talking back and challenging me, constantly!”
He pointed upon her.

“You will eat your breakfast! Take your shower! Get yourself dressed! I will have the limo waiting for you outside!”

The man gritted his teeth as she hauled off and slapped him. Her jaw dropped as Aldrich backhanded her in return.


Aldrich pinned her up against the wall.

“How many times must we go through this?!”

Her eyes widened as he wrapped a hand around her mouth and nose. She trashed about as he didn’t let up. She whimpered out and tears streamed down her face.

“Let’s try this again!” He spat as her eyes rolled back and she lost consciousness.

Black, cold, nothingness… something that seemed strangely familiar to her.

Now enter the orange portal. She tilted her head upon the voice.

“Ric?” she called out and spun about looking for him.

We haven’t much time. You need to hurry. It isn’t safe here.

The young woman regarded the numerous portals before her.

You will enter the orange portal. Stay alert and be on the lookout for an orange stone.

She took a step towards the portals.

Um, can we say RED FLAG! Don’t do it, babe… another familiar voice rang.

Isabella, is there someone there with you?

Bella put her fingers to her head. She walked a complete circle trying to decipher were the voices were coming from.

“Ric? Where are you?”

I’m right here… walking you through this. You can do it. I just need you to hurry.

What you need to do is tell this motherfucker to get lost! He’s really starting to PISS ME OFF!

Run, Isabella! If you do not… ‘It’ will surely come for you! Run towards the portal and enter it. NOW!

She nodded and took off running. The young woman grunted out as something clawed at her back. Its touch was ice cold. Bella dived into the portal. Her heart had that dropping sensation as she looked down.

“Where the hell am I?” She whispered in a panic as she somehow landed in a tree.

There were armed men beneath her. The young woman clung onto the tree for dear life.

Never mind them, if you’re careful enough they won’t even notice you. Now what I need you to do is… No… NOOOO NOT YET! YOU CAN’T COME BACK YET!

The young woman shot up with a gasp.

“Isabella!” Aldrich called as she crawled amongst the floor.

He grabbed ahold of her and pulled her up against his chest.

“Easy, love…” he whispered as he rocked her.

“What’s happening to me?!” She cried out in hysterics.

He cupped her face with the palms of his hands.

“You must’ve had another night terror.”
“Night terror? I don’t remember anything! How did I end up on the floor?!”

The man sighed as he took his kerchief out from his blazer. He held it up to her nose and tilted her head back.

“Deep breathes…”

The young woman started to cry and Aldrich hugged her close.


The man grimaced as there was blood on the sleeves of his blazer. The blood was coming from her back. That’s what he was afraid of. It was too close of a call, too much for his liking. He’d wind up getting her killed and then what? That wasn’t something he could afford! He had to go about this another way. If she’d quit being so stubborn! It should be working by now. She should be putty in his hands! He had to find a way to gain her trust. Once he had her where he wanted; it would be easy-peasy…

“What have you done to your back, my dear?!”

He spun her about and ripped the back of her gown. A twinge of guilt came over the man. Yet on the other hand he found himself baffled. Sure he had made it clear that Bella Wilson was the only one that could fulfill the request. This was the only mutant that could survive the touch and enter through the portals. He’d never seen anything like it. He ran his fingers along the marks as if in a trance.

Sure he’d other methods of helping her. But if he wanted to earn her trust as well as her love, he had to go about desperate measures. So he would tend to her wounds the old fashion way.

“It burns…”

He nodded and helped her to her feet.

“Lay on your stomach and I will see to this.”
“What is it?”
“I believe you hit your back somehow. Have you been sleepwalking, perhaps?”

“Sleepwalking?” she murmured in question as he got her situated.

“Just stay still and I will fix you up.”

The moment her head hit the pillow she was out. The man sighed and rolled his eyes. He took his blazer off and rolled up the sleeves to his shirt.

“Impossible, is what you are…” he muttered his breath.

“So much coddling, you humans are quite pathetic. Then again, I suppose you’re not even considered human.” He let out another sigh.

“Let’s get this over with, shall we?”

“Whattaya mean she acted like she knew you?”

Deadpool shrugged.

“Well, what’d she say ta yah?”

“Eh, she mentioned something about hearing voices and seeing things.” Deadpool sort of laughed.

“It’s about time!” he added afterward.

Logan rolled his eyes. “And what else did she say?”
“She got all mad at me and told me to stop and go away. Then she threw something at me. I can’t remember what it was, but she had the most dramatic exit ever. I was so proud!”

“Dammit Wade, focus!”

“I AM!”
“The hell you are! You should’ve tried harder to get across to her.”
“If you’d let me do it my way instead of yours!”
“Yah do it yer way and yah might as well kiss her ass goodbye!”

“She looks so hot when she’s angry. But noooo you just had to go and tell me I can’t fuck her yet!”

“Yeah, yah god damn idiot! Yah can’t go around thinkin’ with yer dick on this one. For once, yah gotta use your fuckin’ head. Yah can get it out of yer system once yah get her back.”

“But I put a ring on it! That gives me complete access!”

“And yah tell me what yer gonna do if yah try somethin’ stupid like that and she screams rape?”

“No one will believe that when she’s the one on top!”

Deadpool sighed and lowered his head.

“I miss her bewbs.”
“Is that all yah miss?”
“No. But those are pretty damn important!”

“What else do yah miss?” Logan genuinely asked.

Deadpool sort of shrugged and looked to be in thought.

“Bewbs, sex, the cooking…”
“Think deeper, will yah?”
“Our taco Tuesday nights, her fried chimichangas! Oh man, she makes the best ones. And the cuddling- she lets me play with her bewbies! It’s awesome just hours of bewbs!”
Logan raised his brows on this.


“Oh and the way she sucks my…”

“What? I was gonna say banana!”

“I need yah to come up with stuff that yah can tell her yourself. Deep stuff …”
“Oh, you mean like double penetration or…”
“Look, do yah love her or not?”
“Yes of course!”
“Then gain her trust and fuckin’ tell her! Tell her everything she needs to hear! And for once leave the god damn sex out of it!”

“But my little sex kitten loves sex!”

“Wade ya need to prepare yourself. She might not ever be that same person again.”
Logan backtracked on what Wade had said earlier.
“Double penetration?” He inquired curiously.

“You said not to talk about sex!” Deadpool scoffed as he disappeared.

“Ric?” Bella called out once she came to.

There was a rose laid out on the pillow beside her. Beneath it was a note…


You were sleeping so peacefully. I couldn’t bear the thought of disturbing you. If you need anything let the maid know. I will have the limo prepared for you at 7 sharp. Don’t be late…


Your Ric

More like ‘dick’

She rolled her eyes, doing her best to ignore the voice. The young woman sauntered on out of bed and got showered and dressed. As she fixed her hair and put on her usual jewelry, she regarded herself in the mirror. It was as if gazing into the eyes of a stranger. She couldn’t remember anything past her junior year of high school. And even then, everything else was either foggy or patchy. It was like that of playing a scratched up record, there were lapses in her memory. That often enough scared the shit out of her. At times she felt as if something were finally coming through and all the sudden she’d have it yanked right out from her reach. But she’d grown desperate for the truth. She fixed her makeup just the way Aldrich liked it and pinned her hair back, which was the way he preferred in this particular dress. Bella stepped into her black heels and adjusted her dress before heading out the door.

Miranda had her breakfast prepared at the dining room table.

“Thank you, Miranda.”

The woman smiled and did her usual curtsy.

“Won’t you join me?”

The maid stopped in her tracks as she was to exit the room.

“Join you?”
“For breakfast?”

“You wish for me to join you?” The maid questioned as if in disbelief.

“Yes. I could use the company!”

“My apologies madam, but I ate earlier.”

“Oh…” Bella replied with disappointment.

She narrowed her eyes as the woman practically ran out of the room.

“Ummm, okay…” she murmured in question.

After breakfast, she decided it might be best to get to know the place a little better. It was set up like a freaking mansion after all. And she’d yet to see, Aldrich’s room. In fact, out of mere curiosity, she headed that way first. But to her disappointment, the door was locked.

Someone’s got dirty little secrets… Maybe he’s got a porn fetish!

She reared back but rather laughed at the inner voice.

“Mr. Prim and Proper Killian? I doubt it. Something tells me he’s beneath that sort of thing.”

Fine, maybe he’s a serial killer! And he’s got a room full of bodies!

She giggled a bit and put her hand to her forehead as it was starting to pound.

“Stop…” she scolded.

Bella headed back to her room and looked around for something to jimmy the door with. Miranda entered the room while she was looking around.

“Do you happen to have the key to Ric’s room?”

“No, my lady.”

“Have you ever been in there?”

The maid nodded.

“How’d you get in there?”
“With his permission, of course.”

“Of course… ”

The maid put her clothes up and went about her way.

“Permission my ass…” Bella muttered with a mischievous grin.

She grabbed a letter opener that was set out on her vanity. She headed back to the door. To her great surprise, she managed to get it open with just a couple swift movements. Her jaw dropped as the door swung open.

“How did I know to do that?” she muttered knowing it should’ve been a lot more work.

Bella headed inside and pulled the door to behind her. Nothing out of the ordinary from just a mere glance, but something told her there was bound to be something. Fifteen minutes in and she found nothing really that stood out. She eyed the closet however realizing she hadn’t thought to check it.

She opened the door and thought it to be rather odd. He hadn’t any clothes whatsoever, not even a pair of shoes. Bella reached up and grabbed the only item within the closet. It was a storage box. She brought it down and set it on a lower shelf. She dug through the contents. There was a knife a couple and of handheld guns. Her heart rather dropped as they had that same name engraved into them. Bella picked up a set of dog tags.

“Wade Wilson?” She questioned out loud.

The vision of a man came to her. Her body jarred back as if she’d been socked in the face. His face was severely scarred. The man was smiling and looked to be handing something over. She looked to the dog tags in her hand.

Maybe they’ll bring you some luck, babycakes!

Bella screamed out as this intense and sharp pain coursed through her. Her nose started to bleed and everything went black.

A couple hours had gone by before she finally came to. She was lying on the closet floor. The box she’d been digging through was lying beside her, along with all its contents. She reached for the knife and regarded it in thought. Bella hid the knife beneath her dress. She stuffed the dog tags into her bra, and put everything else back where it was. Once she finished, she did a once over of the room making certain nothing was out of place. She exited the room and locked the door, pulling it to afterward. Bella headed into her room and hid the knife along with the gun. She drew back a hesitant breath as she eyed the dog tags once again. There was this sudden urge to cry, one she didn’t understand. Something about that vision, it felt so real. Who was he? Was he even real? Or was it another figment of her imagination?

The limo pulled up to the restaurant and Bella glanced out the window in wonder. The door opened and she smiled as Ric nodded upon her and offered her his hand. She took it and he helped her out of the limo. He raised his brows and twirled her about.

“Beautiful, as always.”
“Thank you.”
He kissed her hand then escorted her into the restaurant. Bella couldn’t believe her eyes. This place was something right out of a fairy tale.

“Ric…” She whispered in awe.

He smiled and waved the host over.

“I have a private reservation for two.”

“Yes! You must be Mr. Killian.”
Bella turned towards him rather impressed. He sent her a wink and they followed the host. The young woman regarded Aldrich oddly as they followed the man into an elevator. The elevator came to a stop about three floors down. Bella didn’t see how that was feasible. Considering the restaurant only had the one floor, or so she thought. So they were going underground? The moment the elevator door opened, her jaw dropped.

“It can’t be… Is that water?!”

Aldrich smiled and motioned towards the area.

“Try it and see for yourself.”
“Won’t I get wet?”

He shrugged.

“You will never knew unless you test the ‘waters’ yourself.”
Bella smiled and bravely dipped her heel out from the elevator. She laughed, seeing as how it was nothing more than glass.

“Amazing…” she whispered and continued on out of the elevator. Mr. Killian nodded towards the host and sent him about his way.

“I’m not even sure I have words for this…”

The floor was nothing more than glass but it gave the illusion of walking on water. There were whitewater lilies everywhere. Before them was a small wooden platform. It was set up with a table, two chairs, and candles. Aldrich pulled out a chair for her and she sat down. He kissed the bareness of her shoulder as he pushed her in. Bella smiled as he took the seat before her. The man adjusted his cufflinks before grabbing a bottle of wine. He poured them both a glass and held his up.

“To regaining what we once had.”

She swallowed back on this and held up her glass in return. He nodded as they clanked their glasses together. Bella breathed in the contents before taking a sip.

“Do you like it?”
“Yes…”she replied but found herself wishing for a beer instead.

She could only imagine the look on Aldrich’s face if she even mentioned such a thing. A small giggle escaped her. He tilted his head on this and set his glass down.

“Has the one sip made you loopy already?”

The young woman bit down on her lower lip and shook her head no. Before long the elevator opened and a waiter was bringing out a tray of food.

“I hope you’re hungry.” Aldrich stated as the waiter sat their food down at the table.

That was another thing that got under her skin on occasion. He always ordered for her. The man had a bad habit of taking everything into his hands and she hadn’t much say on the matter. He just went with what he deemed best. Part of her wondered how she put up with it for so long. Engaged for a year? And she honestly let this man call all the shots? But on the other hand, she saw the appeal. He was certainly attractive, charming, and could be quite the romantic. There were even times she found his self-confidence a bit of a turn on. Whereas other times, it came off as a bit much and she found herself appalled. She hated when he went on and on gloating about himself. And it seemed to be a thing of his when they were surrounded by others. And when in a public setting – he had her practically strapped to his side, which would be rather flattering. If it wasn’t happening every time another man seemed to show her some sort of attention. Aldrich couldn’t stand it. He never commented on it. But he didn’t have to. She often enough got the silent treatment, like it was somehow her fault. Still he’d keep her glued to his side. When they got home, he’d head off to his room and well pout – or so that’s what she pictured often enough. At times he reminded her of a spoiled brat. Others, he’d turn around and act like this knight in shining armor and sweep her right off her feet. Such as today… They had their dinner in silence and went through a couple bottles of wine.

“Would you like to dance?”

“I don’t dance…”

He narrowed his eyes on this.

“We’ve been through this… Why don’t you let me remind you of what you do and don’t do?” As he said this he rose to his feet and offered a hand.

“Ric… I don’t know how. I’ll probably trip over your feet or something.”
“Nonsense… We’ve danced plenty of times. Up you go…”

She drew back a breath and reluctantly accepted his offer.

“There’s no music…”
He smiled and snapped his fingers.

“How’d you…?” she started to question as music began to play.

Aldrich twirled her about and dipped her after.

“Why must you question everything? Just let go… and let me in…”

She didn’t understand the sudden heaviness in her eyes. As they danced it was as if she were in a daze and floating on a cloud.

“There you go… close your eyes and let me lead…”

Her eyes came to a close and Aldrich hummed amongst himself as they continued dancing. A gasp fled from her lips as these images came to mind. It was one after another and each of them was of Aldrich. It started with him saving her from the men that had cornered her back in Seattle. Aldrich’s limo pulled up and he stepped out and came to her aid. He shoved one of the men back and got a protective hold on her. He decked the other across the face. Aldrich rushed her into the limo and took her home to her father. There were images of them dating and a few years after graduation, he proposed. It wasn’t long after that they’d made love for the first time. Charlie had helped her get moved in and he even stayed with them a bit in California before heading back home. Her father seemed quite taken with Aldrich Killian and even went as far as to say he knew his daughter was in good hands.

When the song was over, he dipped her once again.

“Open your eyes, Isabella.”

She opened them and tears were streaming down her face.

“I’m sorry!” she cried and covered her mouth.
“How could I forget?”

He smiled and brought her up against his chest.

“I knew you’d remember…” he whispered as he held her close.

Aldrich chuckled as they entered the living area. Bella had her arms and legs wrapped around him as they were in a heated kiss. He laid her on the couch and proceeded in unzipping her dress. The man took a moment to admire her little black number beneath. He unbuttoned his shirt and his lips returned to hers. She gasped out as a blade was suddenly driven through his neck and promptly removed after. Blood gushed out of the area and hit her right in the face. The young woman went to scream, but couldn’t she was frozen in place.

Yeah… like I was going to let that happen! Daddy’s got some spanking to do!”

The man in red and black scooped her up and flipped her over his shoulder. They appeared in an alleyway. He ripped his mask off and had her pinned up against the wall.
“LOOK AT ME!” He growled out.

Her heart was racing and she recoiled, but it wasn’t from what he assumed it was. It was out of fear.

“Yeah, I know. Pretty hideous, right? It’s like staring back at Freddy Krueger’s love child. Well guess what, pumpkinbutt? This is what you’ve be fucking for the past three years. Sorry to disappoint you. It’s not that prince charming wannabe douchebag! But this ugly ass motherfucker! I’m your god damn husband!”

“Please don’t hurt me” she cried out.

Wade stopped and gave her an “are you stupid” look.

“Hurt you, I’m trying to protect you from fake douchebags like him! I may not be much to look at, but you chose to marry me! Well… sort of… But that’s beside the point! Do you know what it does to me? Seeing you kiss that motherfucker and all because you forgot about me? Three years… I can regenerate, babycakes, but this… yeah, it fucking sucks!”

He sighed and paced the area a bit.

“Fuck that Canadian hoser. I’m doing things my way. Hope you’re ready for a bit of reminiscing!”

Back at the apartment in New York:

“Alright, my little wuv muffin got you all cleaned up now.” Deadpool said as he finished wiping the blood off her face.

She whimpered out as he hugged her.

“It’s good to have you home, babe!”

He kissed her cheek and picked her up from the bathroom counter. He carried her into the living room and placed her on the couch.

“What in the hell?!” Logan spat the minute him and Cable entered the apartment.

Cable rushed over and ripped the duct tape off Bella’s mouth.

“Didn’t I tell yah not to go about it like this?! Look at her! She’s scared out of her fuckin’ mind! DAMMIT, WADE!”
“Hey, that motherfucker was trying to play doctor with my wife! I’m the only one allowed to give her a tube steak injection!”

“You killed him!” She cried.
“I sure did, baby. And you’re welcome.”

“What the fuck did you do, Wade?!” Logan asked he freed her from the cuffs.

“You killed my fiancé!”

“Fiancé?!” Each of them chorused in disbelief.

Bella covered her face and backed into a corner of the apartment.

“Get away from me! All of you!” she shouted, with tears streaming down her face.

Cable nodded held his hands up.

“Alright… Let’s give her some space.”
Deadpool sighed with full on annoyance. Logan swallowed back and motioned the other two over.

“Why don’t yah give me a few minutes…”
“Okay, we’ll see you in a bit.”
“I’m not leaving, you idiot. You are! Both of yah! She needs someone that gets where she’s coming from.”

“But I don’t wanna leave my wittle snuggle bunny. I just go her back!” Deadpool whined.

Logan rolled his eyes.

“Just give us half an hour!”

“Wade…” Logan warned.
Cable patted the merc on the shoulder.

“Let’s give him the time he needs. I can take you out for tacos.”
“But that’s mine and Stella’s thing!” Deadpool said with a quivery lip.
“Then let him take yah out for a beer.”

“Oh beer! That does sound good. Luv you, babycakes. I’ll bring you back a present!” He pointed to Logan. “She better be here when I get back!” And he meant it. Logan detected the severity in his voice and knew better than test it. He gave a simple nod as the merc exited the apartment.

Logan pulled up a chair just a few feet away from her. He took a cigar out from his jacket and clipped it. Bella lifted her head a bit as he lit his cigar.

“Now I’m just gonna tell yah what I know about yah and hope that triggers somethin’.”

She narrowed her eyes on this.

“Who are you? All of you?!”

“I’m Logan Howlett. The two men that were here earlier are Nathan Summers and Wade Wilson.”
“Wade…” he heard her murmur.

He cocked a brow on this.

“Is that a name yer familiar with?”
“I’m not sure…” she admitted thinking back to the dog tags.

“Hm…” he hummed as he took a drag off his cigar.

The man came to his feet and grabbed a blanket off the couch. He tossed it over. She looked to be freezing and she was in nothing but her underwear. The young woman used the blanket to cover herself, while Logan retrieved a six pack of beer and a bottle of whiskey from the kitchen. He sat on the couch and motioned her over.

“I ain’t gonna hurt yah.” He said as he poured them a couple of shots.

She remained where she was. He downed his shot and popped open a beer.

“Look kid, we’ve known each other for some time now. Yah meet Wade about four years ago. You’ve been married for a little over three years…” From there, he began his story of how she and Wade met. And went on to tell about his first time meeting her and when she joined the X-Force. How they’ve been working together for about three years as well. When he mentioned her code name… he paused. There was that look again. The same one she had when he mentioned her husband’s name. The young woman reached to her temples.

“I’m Static?”
He nodded.

“You’re telling me that I’m a mercenary?”

“Amongst other things… Hell you’re one of the best there is.”

“I’ve never fired a gun in my life!”
Logan had a good laugh at this.

“Sure and yah never killed anyone either…” he replied with unadulterated sarcasm.


“That’s right… you’re as deadly as they come. And I should know. You’ve been trained by the best there is. And that’s us, lil darlin’. In fact, I gotta be honest. Seeing yah like this… it’s surreal. Yah got a mouth like a god damn sailor and an attitude ta go with it. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear yah were fuckin’ blood!”

He took a couple pictures out from his jacket.

“Yah tell me which one you think seems more legit. This…?” He showed her a picture of her and Aldrich Killian. “Or… this” he showed her the picture of Static and Deadpool.

“Now I’m not demanding an answer… I’m just wantin’ yah to think this through. Just know we got yer back, lil darlin’. We’ll do whatever we can to help. But yah gotta be willing…”

“I don’t understand any of this! How do you end up with a husband and a fiancé?”
“How ’bout you tell more about this fiancé of yers?”

“You mean the one your friend killed!” She bitterly spat.

“Hmmm… Let me hear the story first. Then I’ll decide whether or not he had it comin’…”

Bella told Logan the story. He had to refrain from laughing at the sheer amount of bullshit that left her lips. But it wasn’t her fault. She truly believed in these faux memories. He’d reason to believe this ‘fiancé’ of hers wasn’t quite what he seemed. If anything, she sounded as if she were being brainwashed. He figured it best the bastard was dead.

“So yah believe that hogwash over what I just revealed?”

“What about my father?”

“Well I won’t lie; it is rather strange that he’s playing along with whatever this is…”
“Playing along?! My father would never…”

“Hey!” Logan called out as her teeth were gritted and her nose began to bleed.

She pulled at her hair and banged her head back against the wall. He hopped to his feet and rushed over. He cupped her chin as she started convulsing.

“SHIT! Hold on, darlin’.” He said as he laid her down and called Wade and Nathan.

He let them know it was an emergency and hung up, directly after. Naturally, Wade was first to appear.

“Before yah freak the fuck out on me; I need yah to hear me out. Yah need to take her to Dr. Hank McCoy back at the mutant academy. Yah let him help her. Nathan and I won’t be far behind.”
Deadpool nodded as he picked her up.

“GO!” Logan hollered and the merc vanished.

my Cable btw!

(I’m sure this is a tad confusing but all will be revealed soon enough. Be a good sport by leaving your comment/review. Shield of Anarchy to be updated next.)




18 thoughts on “Chapter 2 The Other Side of The Spectrum”

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