Chapter 3 Adjusting The Rabbit Ears


Chapter 3

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“Whattaya mean she won’t wake up?”

Dr. Hank McCoy sighed and took off his glasses.

“It means just that… Once her seizures stopped, she was out.”

They looked over seeing that the merc hadn’t left her side. In fact he was braiding her hair and humming to himself.

“He’s a rather peculiar fella…”

Logan sort of laughed and shook his head.

“You haven’t the slightest…”

“Hmmm. Well I’ll give him one thing. He hasn’t left her side. If anything, he’s catering to her every need.”
“That doesn’t surprise me.”
Dr. McCoy raised a brow at this.

“He can’t take care of himself for shit. But when it comes to Static, he drops everything, always has.”

“Remarkable. Hard to believe that’s the same man I met years ago…”

Logan nodded knowing the doc was referring to the man he’d met not long after the weapon X program.
“Oh believe me he’s still there. He’s just… somewhat tamer…”

Deadpool starting singing “All About That Bass” and was shaking his ass.

“Like I said… ‘somewhat’…”

Dr. McCoy smiled and put his glasses back on.

“I’d like to run a few more tests. But I need to know everything so I know where to begin.”

Logan nodded and explained everything the best he could.

“Amnesia…” The doc murmured and regarded Bella with perplexed mien about him.

“Somethin’ on yer mind, doc?”
“It’s seems rather odd. This isn’t your typical case of amnesia. Perhaps a CT or MRI is in order. An EEG even…?” he muttered to himself as he was taking notes.

“I’m tellin’ ya, doc. Somethin’ just isn’t right. Someone did somethin’ to the lil darlin’.”
The doctor nodded.

“I think you maybe right. But it is best to rule out all other possibilities.”

Logan nodded in agreement.

“Hey, Logan-buddy-ole-pal!” Deadpool called out.

Logan cocked a brow and nodded towards the merc.

“What is it?”

“You should get us some pizza and beer! Oh, and make sure you get one with pepperoni and mushrooms that’s Stella’s favorite.”

Normally, the Wolverine would argue this. But he felt pretty helpless at the moment. Something he absolutely loathed. This standing around bit just wasn’t for him. He figured it best if he kept himself busy; even if it was something insignificant such as this.

“Alright… Anything else?”
“Maybe some chimichangas… Oh and one of those German chocolate cakes from Fred’s! And…”
“I just had to ask… Yah don’t need all that shit!”
“Yes I do!”
“No you don’t!”
“You offered!”

“He’s got you there…” Dr. McCoy taunted as he peered over from his desk.
“Don’t provoke him…”

The doc chuckled on this.

“Something tells me he doesn’t need provoking.”

They looked over and saw Deadpool blowing into a latex glove. He made a balloon out of it and held it next to his wife’s ear. The merc popped it and let out a disappointed sigh directly after.

“Come on, babe! Logan’s getting pizza! You know… nom-noms!”

An hour and a half passed by before Logan returned. During which, Deadpool had painted his wife’s nails and toenails – alternating red and black nail polish. Dr. McCoy didn’t comment, but was rather taken back by how attentive the merc could be, when he put his mind to it. The merc talked to his wife the entire time. There were moments he acted as if they were deep in conversation and off in another place. Dr. McCoy figured this was the merc’s way of dealing with the situation. Deadpool tried waking his wife once again, but she wouldn’t so much as budge. He sighed and folded his arms about his chest as if he were pouting.

“Why don’t you go ahead and eat? I need to run a few more tests on her anyhow.”

Logan handed the merc box of pizza and a beer.

“Eat.” He ordered.

Black, cold, nothingness… yet again that familiar feeling returned.

Now enter the orange portal.”

The young woman spun around.
“Isabella… Now is not the time to test me.”

She swallowed back and looked around the area.

You cannot stay here! It isn’t safe. Now hurry along and find the portal!”

She narrowed her eyes, seeing the colorful portals off to a distance.

Why was all this so familiar?


Bella took off running as fast as she could. Her feet were freezing and they stung each time they hit against the solid black surface beneath her.

Enter the orange portal…”

Bella ran towards the orange portal. A chill ran down her spine as she not only heard, but could feel someone or something breathing against her. It was ice cold against her shoulders and it echoed throughout the nothingness.

“Wake up!”  The other voice rang.

Who are you?!” The other snapped.

They wouldn’t answer.

You’re to leave at once!”

“Yeah, that’s not happening.”

Bella stopped just before the portal. She didn’t understand any of this.



The young woman screamed out and found herself being dragged away from the portal. Whatever it was had her by the hair. She reached up and cringed. What her hands were wrapped around wasn’t that of flesh, like she expected – if anything, it felt like bone. She trashed about and struggled to break free of whoever had her. She was forced to her feet and felt something wrap around her throat.

You might be immune to my touch. But you’re not immune to pain…” The echo like voice said and Bella choked back as the hold around her tightened.

What are you doing here?!” The individual demanded.

Bella fought to catch her breath and continued in her struggle. Her eyes began to water and she grew dizzy. The hold was dropped and she was brought to her knees.


The young woman rolled onto her back and eyed the entity before her. She didn’t understand its familiarity.

Answer me or pay the consequences…” The cloaked figure demanded once again.

I don’t know…” Bella replied.

The figure tilted it’s head.
“You lie! What is it you’re looking for! Is HE not enough?!”

He?” The young woman questioned with misperception.

Bella gasped out as the entity was sent flying back.


The frightened woman came to her feet and took off once again. Just as she was to dive into the portal it flickered. She found herself gazing upon her own reflection. Bella lost her footing and fell into the mirror like image.



Panic set in as Bella found herself reaching to the surface of the icy cold plunge she took. Only she kept swimming and swimming…

Dr. McCoy pumped at the young woman’s chest and shook his head, rolling her over once again. He’d never seen such a thing. She had water coming from her mouth and nose and no matter what he did – she continued to drown. This started during her MRI session and he had to hurry and pull her out of the scanner. Her back arched off the platform and her body began to shake violently. Her eyes shot open and Dr. McCoy was taken by surprise. Within a matter of seconds, she managed to slam his head up against the machine and when he turned around, she was gone. The doctor rushed over and busted through the glass to the emergency switch. Once he hit it, he took off in search of the deadly mercenary.

Bella jumped as the alarms sounded. Red emergency lights flickered about the hallway she was in. She covered her ears and bent over, spewing up whatever water was left in her stomach. The young woman hit at her chest in order to keep from choking. She could hear Beast searching the premises. This had her regarding the ceiling in thought. Her next move had her rather startled. As if by instinct, Bella bounded off the wall and leaped into the air. She grabbed ahold of a light fixture and swung her body about. The moment Beast entered the area; she flung her legs towards him and sent him flying back against the wall. He growled out and she took off. Bella tried a few of the rooms but each of them was locked. When she finally managed to get one open, she entered the room, locking the door behind her. The room was filled with medical supplies. She snapped her head towards the door handle as it jiggled about. Bella swiftly climbed up one of the shelves, knocking down a few supplies down along the way.

She reached to one of the tiles in the ceiling and moved it over. Just as she climbed into the crawlspace, Beast forced his way into the room. The doctor sighed with frustration as he saw her foot dangling about.

“Mrs. Wilson, I’m trying to help you!” He called out as she scurried about.

“No harm will come to you. Now please… Let’s talk this out.”

The young woman ignored this and kept going. She recoiled as Beast was doing his best to prevent her escape. He did this by knocking a few of the tiles down. He reached for her and let out a growl as she kicked at his big furry hand. Bella found the perfect escape route. She turned and cut him a daunting look. He couldn’t get to her as he was too big. This had her giggling as he made the attempt anyhow. One of the shelves tumbled on down and right on top of him. She found herself in a fit of giggles. The young woman blew the doctor a kiss. Now where the hell did that come from? She thought to herself. In fact, where was any of this coming from? How did she know these things? Beast had his upper lip curled as he pitched the shelf off him.

Bella came to a dead end and she reached to her head in agony. The alarms were driving her crazy and the flashing lights weren’t helping. Everything was so loud. She wanted everything to stop! Bella kicked at another vent desperate to get out. After a couple tries, the vent popped off. She leaped down and her eyes widened as there was a group of children before her. Each of them gawked upon her. It was the she realized her slight exposure. She did her best to cover herself as the gown was hanging off her shoulder.

“Are you alright?” One of the girls asked.

Bella swallowed back and took off running the opposite direction. She entered another area and shut the door behind her. Bella’s heart was racing as he leaned against it. For a brief moment, she shut her eyes. She did her best to gain some sort of composure. But she was frightened out of her mind. When she opened her eyes, she saw the desk before her. There were three things Bella was keeping an eye out for. One – a weapon of some sort, two – a hint as to where the fuck she was, three – clothes. She was freezing in this gown and she didn’t care for the constant exposure. Bella searched the drawers to the desk and grabbed a letter opener. She arrowed her eyes upon a particular envelope. It read Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters right beneath it – Mrs. Jean Summers. There was a picture of some guy in sunglasses on the desk and a group of students were standing behind him. Bella picked up the picture. At this point she couldn’t so much as remember her name. Her brain was fried. A whimper escaped her as her head pounded even harder. This had her gritting her teeth.

You know… I think the big blue guy is trying to help, babycakes!

Run… Run and I will find you. I will keep you safe.

I will keep you safe… The voice mocked. What a douchebag.

Bella staggered back against the wall and pulled at her hair.

“Stop, please just stop!” she cried and covered her face.

Footsteps were heard, right outside the door. There were only two ways out. One was right out the door or… she turned towards a window and drew back the deepest of breaths. She knew this was going to suck. The determined woman took a few steps back and took off towards the window. She propelled her body just right and managed to break right on through the glass. Beast opened the door and the two locked eyes for a split second.

“Bella…” he started to say but shook his head as she took off, yet again.

He leaped on out the window and was quick to shout out.


She was heading right for traffic. Horns were blaring and cars were slamming on their brakes. Bella looked like a deer caught in headlights. Dr. McCoy dodged oncoming traffic as he headed towards her. She covered her ears and with a childlike expression. Bella screamed out and leaped onto one of the cars. Beast cringed as it was none other than a police cruiser. The police officer stepped out of the car and had his gun aimed at her. Before Beast could so much as react, she lunged herself off the cruiser and towards the cop. She snatched the gun right out of his hand and held it to his head. She eyed Beast down as she had her hostage.

“BACK THE FUCK UP!” She shouted.

The cop regarded Beast with a panicked countenance. Logan stepped out of the academy and alongside of Xavier.

“Shit…” he muttered under his breath.

RUN!” The voice told her.

She nodded in response. Beast took a step towards her and she fired at his feet. She shoved the officer back and pointed her gun at him.
“STAY BACK!” She shouted as Logan was making his way over. He disregarded her demand and kept moving.

Bella got into the cruiser and went to floor it. Only she had Beast blocking her way. Logan was on top of the car, clawing his way through the top. She placed a hand over her heart in a panic.

“Just fucking go!” She shouted, scolding herself.

Bella put the car into reverse and hit the gas. She shot at the roof of the car and Logan groaned out, whilst prying the roof of the car back with his bare hands. Bella slammed on the brakes and sent Logan flying. He slammed right into Beast, knocking him down along the way. She smiled and waved them off.

“Idiots…” She muttered under her breath.

She adjusted the mirror and floored it on out of there.

“Huh… well this is different.” She gazed into the rearview mirror and rolled her eyes.

“You again?” She scoffed.

“Can we get ice cream?”

Bella ignored his request and sped on through the city.

“Ohhhh, tacos!” He called out.

The merc folded his arms about his chest as she passed on by the restaurant.

“Come on, babe. I’m hungry! Let’s have us a nice romantic dinner!”

He sighed when she wouldn’t respond. Deadpool grabbed a yellow memo pad from the backseat. He took a red crayon out from his utility belt. Bella zipped on through a red light and he began to draw. The merc was humming their wedding song (“Close To You” by the Carpenters).

Once he finished his drawing, he held it up to the rearview mirror.

“You draw like a 5 year old.”
“D’awww, you really mean it?”

She nodded.

“Thanks, my little love muffin! This is you and me on our first date!”

“First date?” she inquired with a mused appearance about her.

He nodded.

“Yeah, you remember the one where I had my very first orgasm!”

“I was all… ohhh… ohhh… ooooo… Oh God… oohhhh. Oh God. Ohhh.. Oh God! Oh yeah, right there! YES! YES! YES! YES! YESSS! And that woman beside us was all… I’ll have what he’s having and you just thought I was the best.”
“When Harry Met Sally…?” Bella uttered and shook her head.

“Wait, you remember that movie, but you don’t remember me?!” Deadpool bitched under his breath.

“So you’re trying to tell me we’re Harry and Sally?!”
“Nah, you’re not hairy, babe. You’re all about the Brazilian look.”

He reared back looking to be in thought.

“You know… actually… it’s been awhile. Mind if I check?”
“In your fucking dreams!” She shouted and slammed on the brakes in order to miss an oncoming car.

“Now we’re talkin’!”

“Son of a bitch!” Bella yelled and she pulled into an nearby alleyway.

The merc raised his brows as she parked the cruiser and hopped out. They could hear the sirens of the police officers hunting her down. She took off on foot, figuring it was the easier way to hide. She climbed over a metal fence and hightailed it from there. Bella let out a miserable laugh as the sirens were coming from all directions now.

“You’ve got to be kidding…” She groaned as they had her surrounded.

Come to me, Isabella.”

She froze and regarded the strange man before her. He was tall with a rather pale complexion, his hair of midnight. The young woman found herself mesmerized as she gazed into his emerald green eyes. The man smiled and offered his hand. There was something oddly soothing about his voice. It was one she’d heard often, but now there was a face to go with it. The young woman took a step towards him. He nodded. “Hurry along… I won’t let any harm come to you. As long as you’re with me, you’re safe.”

She nodded once again and took another step.

“Oh come the fuck on, really, Stella? What is it with you and falling into other men’s arms?! Cheater, cheater, pumpkineater! I mean look at this douchebag!”

Deadpool motioned towards the other man.

“Hey asshole, I don’t know what you heard, but they don’t hold renaissance fairs around here!”

“It’s you…” The man said with a sneer.

“Yeah it’s me…” the merc snidely remarked as he took out his katanas.

The man nodded and waved Bella over. He sent her a wink and slammed his staff down. The blue gem within glistened. The surrounding officers fell to the ground and cried out in agony. He held his hand out once again. Bella observed the officers in marvel.

“As I stated before… no harm will come to you. I offer you my services and fullest protection. Come with me and I shall explain everything.”

“Not happening… You see I marked my territory on this one awhile back. So lay off my fucking Kool-aid and find your own little sex kitten.”

The man sighed as if merely irritated.

“You haven’t any idea who I am or the power I possess.”
“I know you’re pissing me the fuck off! That’s a good way to get a bullet launched up your rectum and various areas that may need filling.”
Bella jumped as the man appeared before her. He cupped her chin and his deep green eyes locked with hers.

“So big deal you can teleport… I’ve been doing that since the 90s!”

“Kill him… When you’re done, you’re to call to me. I will collect you then.”
“Call to you?” She questioned but looked as if she were in some sort of trance.

The green eyed man had this mischievous grin about him and he stared the merc down. He caressed Bella’s cheek and kissed her hand in a gentleman like fashion.

“There never was an Aldrich… You see it was me all along. I’m Loki, your GOD… and you my dear are meant to kneel before me and serve as my queen.”

Deadpool reached to his gut and died of laughter.

“Zod, is that you?! No, no, let me guess you’re his effeminate little brother?”

The merc reared back in thought.

Wait… you were “Ric”?! That dipshit-motherfucker who thought it would be okay to play doctor with MY WIFE?! She only kneels to one, asshole. And that’s my motherfucking sperm whale! Judging by that ridiculous getup of yours, you’re not packing anywhere near what I am. I’m willing to compare, if you are!”

The god disappeared.

“Yeah, that’s about what I thought. I bet that’s why he carries that staff! He’s overcompensating for something!”

Bella twirled about and her husband tilted his head as something seemed “off” about her. She had her gun aimed his direction. They eyed one another down and walked about in a complete circle.

“Oh, I get it! I like this game! Cops and robbers! I’ll be the robber!”
He grunted out as Bella fired, shooting him in the chest. She narrowed her eyes as he plucked the bullet out and tossed it onto the ground.

“That sucked. You do remember I feel that shit, right? I mean I hope you don’t because that means you’re doing that shit on purpose! And if that’s the case, you’re a stone cold BITCH!”

She hit the trigger yet again and the merc shot the gun out of her hand. He then aimed his gun her direction.

“Come on, Stella babe… You keep doing that shit and I’m gonna take a kneecap or somethin’. And that really fucking HURTS!”

With gritted teeth, she unloaded the entire round into his chest. Deadpool staggered back and looked to the smoke that was rising from where she’d shot him. He appeared before her and put his gun to her head. His hand unsteady, for the first time in three years. It hadn’t trembled like that since the morning after he’d taken her virginity. He was certain (back then) she was a spy and playing him for a fool. Three years of marriage seemed to prove otherwise.

“You wanna knock that off? Don’t make me do this…” the merc pleaded. “You’ve never died at the hands of me… But if I have to… I’ll fucking do it. I’ll do whatever it takes to make you WAKE THE FUCK UP!”

And even though he meant it when he first said it… The merc just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He knew she’d rise again, but he hadn’t the heart. He seen her die enough times and he’d be damned if it was at his hands. But that didn’t mean the merc wouldn’t use force if he had to. He lowered the gun but she was quick to gasp out. He twirled her about and had her up against a building with her arm in a snapping position. A small whimper escaped her as he pressed himself against her.

“If we keep going like this… I’m going to end up with a hospital gown fetish.”

He closed his eyes and took a moment to breathe her in. The merc was quick to groan out however as she elbowed him and right in the groin. This brought the merc to his knees and he covered his jewels with his hands.

“Babe, you’re supposed to be good to that part… YOU SUCK!” he called out.

She spun around and sent him a nice roundhouse to the face.

The voices:

Screwball: Dude! I saw pussy!

Writer: Yeah you did! That was some kick!

Screwball: Fuck yeah it was! So fucking hawt!

Jiminy: You two are aware that she’s KICKING HIS ASS?!

Writer: *snorts* She totally is.

Screwball: Come on Stella, DOMINATE ME! God, I’m so hard I could use my dick as a pogo stick.

Writer: Not so sure that’s a good thing.

Screwball: Boungie, Boungie! I’d be like fucking Tigger!

Writer: And like that of Tigger, you’re the only one!

Jiminy: *sighs*

Screwball: TTFN – ta ta for now! Woo-hoo, hoo, hoo!”

Bella had him pinned beneath her and was taking jabs at his face. He dodged her blows and rolled over reversing the hold. Deadpool held her wrists down. She gritted her teeth and struggled beneath him.

“…fuck…” he moaned excitably. The merc was rocking a hard on from hell.

“You wanna play, babycakes? Daddy can play…”

Deadpool froze in place as his wife cried out in agony. He narrowed his eyes towards a black limo. It stopped just a few feet away. Logan stepped out on out of the back and he helped Xavier out of the car. Xavier wheeled himself over. He had his index fingers along his temples and his eyes were locked onto Bella.

“Someone’s taken over… I’m having a hard time breaking through.” Xavier explained.

Bella’s nose started to bleed and tears were streaming down her face. Deadpool swallowed back and regarded his wife with concern.

“Don’t fight it, Static!” Logan hollered out.

She shook her head and squirmed about. Deadpool didn’t move. Xavier had this painful twinge to him as he continued. Bella’s face turned beet red along with the rest of her body. Deadpool took his mask off. His eyes never left hers as he grabbed ahold of her. He held her in such a way that it tugged at the Wolverine’s heartstrings. The merc brushed her hair back.

“STOP! PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP!” She pleaded and pulled at her hair.

“HELP ME!” She cried in torment.

Wade took his gun and aimed it at Xavier.

“FUCK OFF!” He demanded and Logan sighed.

“He’s tryin’ ta help!”

“If he doesn’t stop Daddy’s gonna express some motherfucking RAGE!”

“Knock it off, Wade! He knows what he’s doing!”

“When I’m done, he’s gonna need a bigger chair!”

“That makes no god damn sense, you loud mouth!”
“Shut up!”

LEAVE!” Xavier demanded in such a way but he acted as if he were talking to someone that wasn’t physically there.

“You’re to leave this young woman alone and at ONCE!” He ordered once again.

“HEY!” Logan shouted as Xavier’s wheelchair flew back with him in it.

He toppled over in his chair and Logan rushed over. He scooped the professor up and picked the wheelchair up off the ground. There was blood coming from Xavier’s nose and ears. And he was white as a ghost.

“I’m sorry, Logan… There’s nothing I can do. Whoever this is… He’s somehow embedded himself into her mind. He’s made his claim.”
“Claim?” Logan inquired.

“He believes the young woman to be his. He is overriding any attempt I make to free her of him.”

“Another mutant?” Logan questioned curiously as he got the professor situated.

“I’m not certain. It’s strange… The pull he has on her. I’ve never felt such a thing.”
“Whattaya mean?”

“I’d have to enter the cerebro to know for certain…”
“So yer sayin’ that there’s someone messing with her head?”
Xavier nodded.

“This isn’t something to be taken lightly. This could prove to be quite dangerous. He’s somehow managed to wipe her memory clean. At this point, the young woman hasn’t any idea who she is, or anyone else for that matter. She is frightened and truly believes everyone is out to get her.”

“WHAT DID YOU DO?!” They snapped their heads Deadpool’s direction.

Bella was limp in his hold as he eyed the professor down.

“I’m sorry… it seems I wasn’t much help after all…”

“SON OF A BITCH!” Logan barked as the merc disappeared.


“Wade?” Cable questioned with concern as he opened the door.

“Fix her…”

The mutant reared back as the merc handed Static off.

“Make her remember!”

Cable sighed and motioned for Wade to come on in. Cable laid Bella down on the couch and checked over her vitals.

“What happened?”

“That asshole in the wheelchair did this!”

“You mean Professor Xavier?!”

The merc nodded looking pissed.

“I doubt he meant her any harm…”
“She asked him to stop! And he wouldn’t, the bald fucker. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for him for having cancer or rub his head for good luck!”

Cable cleared his throat and continued in checking her over. Deadpool paced the area, growing more and more impatient.

“Look Wade, I’ll see what I can do. But I need to hear the whole story now. So why don’t we start from the beginning and we’ll go from there.”

“Well it all started when I found out I had cancer…”
Cable rolled his eyes and shook his head upon the merc.

“I mean with Static.”

“Oh… Well in that case… It all started when she found out her douchebag boyfriend was a sparkly vampire…”


Cable pinched his eyes shut and took in the deepest of breaths.

“Wade… I need to know what happened after you got her to the manor.”

“Oh… well, why you didn’t just say so?!”

“Ya mean to tell me this guy has been killin’ Static off and repeatedly? And all in order to gain some sort of damn stones from other realms?”
Xavier nodded as he and Logan entered the cerebro.

“From my understanding, he needs her in order to enter these other dimensions. He has become quite frustrated as she’s only achieved this once out of four opportunities.”


Xavier nodded.

“What the hell are these stones about?!”

“That is what I wish to find out… What their significance is… I’ve a feeling that no good can come of these. I could sense his desperation…”

Logan took notice of the rather melancholy appearance the professor had.

“Is there something else?”

“I’ve every reason to believe this friend of yours is in grave danger. If we cannot figure out a way to help her… Even this Lazarus curse you speak of cannot save her. These dimensions… They do not play by the same rules as ours and they seem to inflict more damage on the young woman. Whatever harm she comes into, she seems to bring back with her. This makes sense if you think about it… We’re not dealing with a dream state… No. It’s an alternate gateway. One in which Bella is free to come and go in the event of her demise. Her body may remain here, but it is her soul that interacts between the alternate biospheres, which is exactly what he needs. That’s the only way she can physically bring the stones back with her.”
“Are ya sayin’ what I think yah are?”

“If you mean to ask if her soul is danger… Then I’m afraid my answer is yes. Your friend could very well find herself trapped between realms or worse…”

“This is her soul we’re talking about, Logan. If that becomes damaged or no more…”
Logan’s heart dropped and he staggered back in disbelief.

“Ya telling me that the lil darlin’ could actually die?!”

Xavier rather sighed.

“You know I will do whatever I can to help.”

“Jesus! We can’t lose Static!” Logan said with panic in his voice.

“You care about her greatly…”
“Well yeah… We’ve been working together for a few years now. And it’s more than that. Yah don’t know what it’ll do ta Wade.”

“I’ve a feeling it isn’t just the wrath of Mr. Wilson we’ve to concern ourselves with.”
Logan narrowed his eyes on this.

“You seem to forget, Logan… The things I see…” He tapped his forehead with his index finger.

“You and Mr. Summers have grown rather found of the young lady.”

Logan nodded and Xavier smiled.

“And to think… You once claimed – not to give a shit about anyone.” The professor mocked in the Wolverine’s voice.

This had the Wolverine rearing back.

“Did ya just…”
Xavier chuckled a bit and hooked himself into the cerebro.

“I don’t think I ever heard ya curse…”

The professor didn’t comment as he began his search…

“Loki?” Cable repeated in question after Wade was done explaining what all took place.

The merc nodded in response.

“Where have I heard that name…?” the mutant muttered under his breath.

“I know I’ve heard that name before!” He exclaimed as they were sitting at the dining room table.

“That’s my Bella, you fem!”

Cable looked over and just in time to see a certain green-eyed god vanishing with the merc’s wife.

Deadpool: Wait… that’s how you’re ending this chapter?

Author: *nods and hits send*

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Author: *cocks brow* Excuse me?!

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Author: You’re in it!

Deadpool: Not like this, I’m not. This is utter and complete garbage! I want a refund.

Author: You didn’t pay me anything. In fact I’m doing this as a free service to you, dumbass.

Deadpool: That’s right, you should be paying ME! What kind of service is it when I don’t get laid and a douchebag god wearing a shitgreen dress upstages me and steals my Stella?!

Author: *shrugs* Sounds like a British comedy…

Deadpool: Hehe, yeah it does! So what happens next?

Author: Well what happens in all British comedies…

Deadpool: And what’s that?

Author: You run to the airport.

Deadpool: YAY!!! *takes off*

Author: *rolls eyes* dumbass merc…

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  1. As soon as I got the update email on my phone I dropped my homework and started reading…and LOKI! Really?! I didn’t even see it coming! Kudos! Ugh. I guess it’s back to homework for me now. Thanks for the escape! 😀

  2. Aw, Loki took her again! Geez, I want Deadpool to be the first to vivisect a God! Poor Bella, she’s gotta be so scared… Shoot, my poor fingers, all these cliffhangers!…Nah, kidding, I *LOVED* this update! Even though I’m eager for Bella to get back to her sweetums, ;), I utterly loved it.

  3. -coughcough- Deadpool is right Harley cliffhangers are not fun as it’s been stated before been in comments I believe. But fabulous chapter, and seriously bae the wait is worth it but then wait is LONG :/ can’t wait until the next one!

  4. Great update hon. Now what, they get in contact with shield and contact Thor? hehehe…I love it and can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs

  5. Your chapters really should come with a warning not to eat or drink when read! LOL! My husband thinks I’m nuts. I was sitting her reading & snort laughing into my coffee & nearly choked on my doughnut. Love it! Awesome chapter babe. As much as I love Loki I can’t wait to see our Merc kick his a@@!

  6. Love the story! I cannot believe it’s loki but then again it’s u and u love curve balls. Cant wait to read the next one. Super excited! Hope Loki gets a poki up his rectum Lol.

    1. Truly wish you finished this, absolutely love this pairing just started reading this couple and its so good seeing a different type of bella in most of your stories especially this 1

      1. I’m sorry. I simply don’t have the muse for this story anymore do to personal reasons. I wish I could finish this and some other works but thanks to a falling out with some old friends, I simply can’t bring myself to finish this. My stories are very personal to me and often enough involve people close to me. I can honestly say it was a lesson well learned. I will be more cautious when it comes to my writing in the future. ❤

  7. I mean – you heard me in chat, lol. I think I’m over here like, “Fucking Loki!” instead of Negan now. I had an inkling just before I read it but you (and Loki!) got me good, sweets – and I love it! Wade taking care of Bella (in his way) is just breathtaking, really. I adore it. And him not being able to kill her… I teared up, I confess. He’s such a riot but everyone forgets his history – or at least their desensitized to it. I’ve always had a soft spot for Deadpool beyond just the humor. Maybe it’s because he fancies the Cap as much as I do 😉

    Such an awesome chapter, sweets – now bring me another *said like Thor*

    I mean – please update soon, yeah? 😀

  8. Ok is it wrong that I laughed out loud at Wade and his comment about rubbing the professor’s head for good luck? I’m so ready for the next chapter and I am loving the story!

  9. Sweet Jesus I just found this and it’s not been updated for two years :O I can literally only pray that you can finish this story because hot damn do I want you to update/finish. If not, I’ll live with the first one and reread that until my hearts content, but please. Dont let me suffer LOL

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