Chapter 4 Who’s Your Daddy?

Chapter 4

I do not own Twilight or Marvel. Friendly reminder that this is AU. So I will be changing up some of the infinity stones etc…

Open your eyes…

Soft whimpering escaped the young woman and the demigod sighed with frustration.

“Come now, Isabella…”

He nodded as she finally came to. Her deep brown eyes locked onto his emerald greens.

“How are you feeling?”

The confused woman reached to her head as it was pounding. He brushed her hair back and caressed her cheek. She flinched at first as he was cold to the touch.


Bella narrowed her eyes and regarded him in phenomenon.

“How did you…”

He smiled and the chill continued along her neck down along her shoulder. “Who are you?”

She questioned as she was in this man’s arms. Then again… Who was she? The woman found herself thinking. And this place… Nothing about it seemed familiar. Neither was the throne they sat upon.

Throne? Wait… Are you like… a queen?!

She reached to her head, snorting in thought. The king cocked a brow at this.

“Something amuses you?”

Bella started to reply only to wind up dying of laughter. Something had her rising in his lap. She reached up and ran her fingers along the headpiece he wore.

“What’s with the horns?”

He tilted his head, with slight annoyance. The king lowered her hands back down.

“It’s my crown.”

“You wear a crown… of horns? Are you like the devil?”

This had the God of Mischief grinning ear to ear. He wiggled those brows of his.

“And what would that make you, my dear?”

She shrugged having no idea.

“Your majesty…”

Bella turned to the voice and recoiled at the sight. That grin of Loki’s only widened as she was holding onto him for dear life. The being before them had a rather alien like appearance. His skin was like that of leather and it was a grayish pearl green. He had no lips, revealing his rotted and very jagged teeth. The individual was also quite tall, only adding to the creep factor.


The creature bowed before his “king” and was holding out some sort of yellow jewel in the palm of his hand. Bella looked to the jewel, finding herself somewhat captivated by it. “That’s beautiful.” Loki nodded in agreement and motioned for the Chitaurian to make his way over.

“What did you find out?”

“Nothing I’m afraid, your majesty. He couldn’t get to activate. No one has.”

Loki sighed once he retrieved it. He looked to the stone in thought.

“What a waste… All of that and for what exactly?” he muttered with a sneer.

Bella ran a single finger along the “jewel” admirably.

“Would you like to have it?”


He shrugged.

“I haven’t any use for it…” He cupped her hand with his own and handed it off.

“It is yours to do as you wish…”

“But why give it to me?”

“Now every queen should own a medallion as beautiful as she…”

Says the guy that clearly gets off to himself. I bet that’s why he needs two horns, one for each end.

That doesn’t even make sense!

Oh come on the guy’s such a pussy he whips himself!

The young woman ignored the voices, realizing this was something she was strangely accustomed to. A blush spread across her cheeks as the stone glistened within her hold.

“Queen?” she whispered in thought.

The king cupped her chin and gazed into her eyes.

“Yes, Isabella. You know this… I am your king… and all this…” He waved his hand about.

“Is ours…”

She frowned  at the dark and desolate looking area around them. This had the king rearing back. “What is it?” He asked curiously.

“This is what we rule over?” he couldn’t help but to smile at her disappointment.

“This is just the beginning. Before long, I’ll be ruling over the entire nine realms!”


“Enough with the questions, you just let your king worry on it.”

“So we’re married?”

Bella questioned with a childlike mien. The “king” swallowed back that pang of guilt. He forced that smile of his and wrapped his arms around her.

“Of course… Are you sure you’re feeling alright, my dear?”

The urge to cry hit and for reasons she didn’t quite understand. She felt so conflicted and scared. Nothing around her seemed familiar. Not this place, the ones that inhabited it or the throne they sat upon. The only thing she “seemingly” knew was Loki.

“Tell me who you are again?”
“Loki of Asgard and you are Isabella of Midgard, my ‘human’ companion aka wife and queen.”
“Wife…” She whispered and reached to her temples.

He shook his head and cupped her chin once again. He brought the tip of his staff to her temple.

“And as my wife you are to kneel before me as I am your king.”

She blinked a few times and nodded.

“On your knees now…”

The young woman climbed out of his lap and came to her knees before him. He had a massive grin going as he petted the top of her head.

“That’s right… Kneel before your king…”

King? Come on, babe! You’re the fucking queen. Why the fuck should you kneel? Make his bitchass kneel! This guy’s turning you into his little minion aka BITCH! And since when are YOU anyone’s BITCH?!

“If you feel so inclined, I will permit you to fulfill a Midgardian act. I admit I’m rather curious…”

“Midgardian act?”

Something about the innocence in her eyes and voice had the “king” slightly cringing on the inside. He rolled his eyes and pushed those ridiculous thoughts out of that mind of his. This was her doing after all. So was being awfully stubborn. How was she fighting this? By now, she should be putty in his hands. But something kept getting in the way. The king was growing more and more impatient. And tried as he might he couldn’t contain the anger rising within.

“Come now… Must I walk you through everything?!” he hissed.

“Walk me through what, exactly?”

“Pleasing your majesty of course.”

She had this baffled look about her. Loki gritted his teeth and slammed his staff down.

“How are you doing that?”
“Doing what?”

“Fighting it?!” He practically roared.

She went to rise and groaned out in agony. He shook his head, kept his focus.

“If you’re not to please me as I so requested, then you’re to remain on your knees. When I give you permission to rise, you will refer to me appropriately – as your majesty!”

Bella struggled against his influence but each attempt, sent an electric charge throughout her entire body.

“What are you doing to me?!” she cried.

“Teaching you a much needed lesson… You maybe queen but it is I that rules above all, even you! The sooner you come into terms with that, the better off you will be.”

“STOP IT!” She whimpered, reaching to her temples.


“Please, I don’t understand!”

He slammed his staff down once again and she gasped back in suffering. Bella couldn’t move as she was frozen in place. All she could do was blink. He tilted his head and leaned into her ear.

“I do believe a good four to five hours is enough to get my point across. You see… I’ve tried going about this HIS way… But it’s time for me to take matters into my own hands. After all…” He waved his hand about and smiled.

“All of this belongs to me now and as I’ve already stated. That includes you… my dear queen.”

He petted her head as though she were nothing more than a pet of his. Tears streamed down her face as she struggled to break through whatever control he had over her.

“While you’re down there, let’s take the time to discuss a few things. Now do be a good ‘human’ and listen… This will be my last attempt on getting through to you. If things don’t go according to plan this time, then I will have no choice. I will take things to a more drastic level and believe me when I say that even I would truly hate for things to be taken that far. But you see… I will do whatever it takes to get my point across. And first thing’s first… You Isabella Marie Wilson belong TO ME Loki of Asgard…”


“Hell if I know. The name doesn’t ring a bell…”

Nathan let out a sigh of agitation.

“Surely, I’m not the only one…”

Logan shrugged and took a drag off his cigar.

“I wish I could tell you more but I haven’t anything else to go on. Whoever he is… He has managed to block any attempts I make at connecting with him personally. And I will say I have a better understanding for Mrs. Wilson’s given alias now.” The professor explained.

Nathan nodded in perfect understanding.

“I take it you heard it too?”

“I do believe that to be an understatement.”

This had Cable narrowing his eyes in question.

“Not only did I hear it but I could see it.”
The mutant regarded the professor in question.

“Has it gotten that strong?” He genuinely asked.

“Was it not before?”
“Not to the way you’re describing. It was always a bit of a challenge but not to the extreme. It just took a bit more concentration than I was used to. Often enough, it left me feeling rather drained.”

“Drained is one way of describing it…” the professor said with a touch of a frown.

“I’m afraid this will make it virtually impossible to locate her.”

“Try again…”

They turned as the merc was sitting at Xavier’s desk. He had his feet crossed about the top. Xavier sighed.

“To do so could prove more harm than good and on both sides of the spectrum. I’ve reason to believe that every time I come into contact with your wife, it causes her not only emotional, but physical trauma as well. We have to go about this another way…”
Deadpool sighed and lowered his feet.

“And just what do you suggest, Wheels?”

“Well I’m sure if we all put our heads together; we can come up with something.”

“You really think that now is the time for a circle jerk?! Man, I knew you were a freak! Lemme guess, that’s how you ended up in that chair?! You were trying some sort of crazy ass kink shit and broke your back in the process… I mean I gotta give you props, but could we focus on more important things?”

“WADE!” Logan scolded.

Cable rolled his eyes and had the bridge of his nose pinched.

“Look, I don’t judge. We all have our vices. All I care about is getting my girl back and ASAP. So if you wouldn’t mind working up whatever voodoo magic you got going in that head of yours. I’d really appreciate it.”
“I’m afraid that’s not how it works.”
“Then what good are you? It’s not like you can fight. I mean seriously.”

“Mr. Wilson, would you be so kind as to follow me?”

The merc shrugged and came to his feet. He followed the professor to one of the classrooms outside his office. Xavier nodded upon the teacher.

“Mr. Summers, I hear you holding a pop quiz today.”

The entire class groaned out in unison.

“Thanks, professor.” Scott replied with sarcasm laced in his voice.

The professor smiled.

“I do believe Mr. Wilson wishes to show your students how it’s done. So he will be joining you for the remainder of the period.”
“Whoa now, Cochise… I have you know it’s the wife that has those. The good thing is I’m wearing red… So I’m already prepared for when I become a woman.”

“Is this really necessary, professor?” Scott questioned, whilst eyeing the merc down.

“You heard the man.” Deadpool said as he plopped down at one of the empty desk.

“Let’s do this! I rock at thumbs up 7up!”

“It’s a pop quiz…” Scott corrected as he started to hand them out.

Xavier gave the teacher a nod before exiting the room. Scott sighed with sheer annoyance as he handed the merc’s quiz over.

“What’s with the suit?”

“What’s with the shades? You got a bright future ahead of you or something?”
Deadpool started humming the old classic and was doodling on his paper. Scott shook his head as it was a pair of breasts.

“What are you doing?!” He hissed.

The merc shrugged and continued.

“I really miss Stella.”
“That is highly inappropriate!”

“Yeah well… you’re not allowed to watch!” Deadpool murmured as he covered his paper.

Scott shook his head and handed out the rest of the tests. Afterword he went back to his desk.

“Pssst hey… What did you get for number three?”

One of the students looked over.

“I got John Wilkes Booth.”

The boy regarded the merc oddly.
“That’s not even one of the questions!” Scott snapped as he’d overheard this. “This math class!”

“I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to trick me! Well the answer stays!”

“Well, it will be marked wrong.”

“You’re wrong…”

“You’re interrupting my class!”

“You’re interrupting the class! I’m trying to take a test and you won’t stop yelling at me. Now would you please let me finish this? I can’t afford to flunk out this semester.” Deadpool pulled some crayons out from his utility belt.

“You don’t even go to this school!”
“And that kids is called bullying…”

Once the professor reentered the office, Logan and Nathan regarded him in question.

“I thought it best to keep him somewhat distracted…”

“With all due respect, Xavier, I do believe Wilson should hear whatever it is you have to say. Despite his mannerisms, he happens to take this issue with his wife quite seriously.”

The professor nodded as he made his way over to his desk.

“All the more reason…”

Nathan sighed and shook his head in disagreement.

“Now I know he isn’t easy to deal with, but he deserves to be in the know… Just as much as any of us.”

“I gotta agree with Nathan on that one, Chuck.”

“And just how do you suspect he’ll take it, when I tell you his wife is dying?”

This had both men looking to one another with unease.

“Now that’s not what ya said yesterday…”

Xavier nodded upon Logan.

“I’ve revisited the cerebro since and it’s not looking so good. The more this man pushes to control her, the weaker she becomes. I’ve reason to believe your friend isn’t even consciously aware of what she’s doing. It is her body’s natural defense to fight against any threat, mainly that of the mental kind.”
“That would be her shield…” Cable threw out there.

“Shield you say?”
“At least that’s what I’ve always called it. It’s part of the white noise.”

“Interesting… yet it makes perfect sense. Of course the two are connected!” The professor exclaimed as if piecing it altogether.

“That certainly explains why this is taking so much toll on her. I’d even go as far as to say that the one responsible… isn’t truly aware of the danger she resides in. I get the sense that Static is very important to him. If he had any idea… he’d take more precaution. Then again… this one seems to be led by his need for power and he’s got a bit of a temper. That will certainly cloud his judgment.”

“If you cannot break through to him, then how do you know this?” Cable questioned.

“Your friend hasn’t any recollection… Yet I’ve seen it through her eyes…”

“How is that possible?” Logan asked.

“Ah yes…. Allow me to apologize for not having a better explanation. Let me think on how to put this exactly…”

He looked out the window and put his fingers to his temple.

“Her memories … They are there. But at this very moment they are locked away. Think of these “memories” as bubbles. Some in which are quite real, others not so much. Each of them are fragile and could burst at any given moment. Something that has taken place before… And each time he goes through whatever means necessary in order to lock them away.”
“So your saying that whatever memories Static gains, he somehow takes them away and before she has the chance to free any others?” Nathan reiterated.

“I couldn’t have said it better myself.”

“Jesus…” Logan muttered under his breath.

“I know it’s hard considering the history. But each of you… her husband included. Need to keep in mind that she’s nothing more than a frightened child at the moment. And that’s where you come into play, Logan…”

The Wolverine narrowed his eyes.

“Think of the suffering you and Wade Wilson dealt with during the Weapon X program. That anxiety, fear, and pain you experienced, is what Static is dealing with at this very moment. I cannot express this enough. She must be approached with caution, yet much TLC. If you have any more questions on the manner. I strongly advice that you talk to Dr. McCoy, as he as witnessed this firsthand.”

Nathan and Logan regarded one another in thought.

“Now we gotta sit Wade down and explain all this to him…”

Four and a half hours later…

“You may rise now…”

Tears were streaming down the young woman’s face. She went to stand only to have her legs give out on her. They were numb and tingling all over. Loki reached out, breaking her fall. The feeling returned to her legs and she let out a cry of sheer agony. The pain was excruciating. So much so she couldn’t even stand. The demigod swallowed back and looked to her bruised and swollen knees. He made a tsking sound and shook his head.

“If you had listened… This wouldn’t have happened.”

He brought her into his lap and ran his icy cold hands along her knees.

“I can help you… if you ask me nicely.”

She looked to him in question and he smiled.

“Do you want the pain to go away?”

She nodded with that innocent air about her.

“Then ask your majesty and I shall help to ease the pain…”

Bella gritted her teeth as she attempted to straighten her legs out.



She regarded him in question.
“I already asked you!”

“Not properly…”

“What is it you want from me?!”

“To honor me the way you should!”
“And how is that?!”

He gritted his teeth and grabbed her by the collar of her dress.





“Who are you to question me? I am your husband and your king. I have taken care of you and will continue to do so. Yet you dishonor me, repeatedly!”
“Loki!” She cried in such a way it caused that ridiculous pitfall feeling to return. He loathed its very existence. What was she doing to him?! As usual he kept those preposterous feelings at bay. He couldn’t afford to cave in to her pathetic ‘human’ needs. He was done with the coddling!

“Your majesty!” he sternly corrected.

She reared back on this.

“You will refer to me as your majesty or master… nothing else!”

Loki braced her against him as her eyes were rolling back. Her nose started bleeding.

“Why must you fight me every step of the way? Don’t you see what it’s doing to you?!”

Panic swept over him once she started convulsing. Nothing he did brought her back.

“No… don’t you do this, Isabella. I’m not ready. I need you to stay with me!”

The convulsing stopped and she went limp in his hold.

“NOOOO! THE MIDGARDIAN BELONGS TO ME! YOU CAN’T HAVE HER!” Loki roared as he felt “it’s” presence.

Bella shot up with a gasp. And once again she found herself surrounded by black nothingness. She came to her feet and walked in a complete circle.

“Hello?” She called out timidly, whilst running her hands along her freezing body.

Run, Isabella and I shall open you up a portal!

The young woman pivoted around.

Follow my voice… Come to me and don’t look back.

He’s the reason you’re here in the first place! How many times do I gotta tell you…? You can’t trust him.

Bella stopped and reached to her head. She peered over her shoulder and regarded the man in the red and black suit. He had his arms open and nodded upon her.

“That’s right… I’m here…”

She took a step towards him.


The man in the red and black suit wiggled his finger about.

“Let’s go home, baby…”

There was something strangely familiar about the man before her. It wasn’t just the “voice” either… No. There was more to it. She found herself inching her way over.

“NO! Don’t fall for it!”

The other voice… The one she once sought comfort in, only now that comfort was replaced with fear. Goosebumps ran along her spine. Bella ignored him and kept walking.

“That’s right…Closer…”

She nodded and once she was within arm’s reach, she reached out to him. For reasons she didn’t quite understand she found herself hugging him. He held her in return… but there was something “off” about it. It didn’t bring near the comfort she had hoped for. And like that of Loki… the touch was cold. She went to pull back, only he wouldn’t loosen his hold.

“Please…” She whimpered as he was squeezing the hell out of her.

“You’re hurting me…”

He nodded and the red and black flickered to that of solid black. She gasped out as a cloak was wrapped around her. But it was what was wearing that cloak that had her startled.

“Don’t you want to kiss me?” the entity mocked with that accustomed echo.

Bella screamed out and Death laughed in her face.

“I have just the place for you… HE was never yours! Wade Wilson could never love you the way he loved ME. Allow me to reintroduce myself, since you seem to have a lapse in memory. I am Mistress Death and your soul… It belongs to ME!”

Death opened her hand revealing a black stone. She held it in front of Bella’s face and slowly began to blow on it. Bella jumped as black smoke began to rise from the stone and it drifted her direction. She recoiled, only to have Death grab a fistful of her hair, forcing her to stay in place. The black smoke filled her nostrils and she started to cough. The smoke however turned white and so did the stone within the palm of Death’s hand.

“Interesting…” Death whispered as she gazed upon the stone and it’s unexpected change of color.

“You’re to release her at once!”

Death tilted her head and sighed upon the figure standing behind Bella. She laughed and blew against the stone once again.

“NO!” Loki brought his staff down and to Death’s amazement, she was sent flying back.

He rushed over and used a kerchief to pick up the stone that fell from her hand. He smiled.

“I suppose a thank you is in order as I’ve been looking for this!” He said with a cocky grin.

He shook his head however as he gazed upon Bella. Her eyes were solid white and the smoke continued to dance around her. He made his way over and put the tip of his staff to her forehead.

“That is enough. There’s still life in this one still… Off with you… ALL OF YOU!”

Bella’s mouth opened and the white essence escaped her. It made it’s way back to the stone and Loki pocketed it.


Loki sighed and rolled his eyes.

“That’s close enough…” He warned holding his staff out.

“I do believe we’ve met before…” He said with a slight bow.

“Mistress Death… I must say… Time hasn’t been good to you.”

She hissed at this and Loki sent her a wink.

“You’re one to talk…”

He gritted his teeth as his true self was revealed. He looked to his blue skin and sort of laughed.

“So you wish to play that game…”

Death recoiled as “her” feminine body began to morph to that of it’s original form.

“Now if you would… I’ve important manners to tend to. And you are not one of them…”

He flipped Bella over his shoulder and went to teleport on out of there. Only to find that he couldn’t… Loki shook his head and looked upon Death in scolding manner.

“Stop that…”

Death laughed.

“The human and soul gem, belong to me… Now hand them over and I will release you.”

“Not an option…”

“Then we’re going to have a problem…”

Loki nodded.

“Indeed…” he murmured bitterly.

Deadpool nodded once Wolverine and Cable were done explaining the severity of the situation.

“We’re gonna need more doorknobs! LOTS AND LOTS OF BIG FUCKING DOORKNOBS!!!”

“It’s gonna take more than that, Wade…”

“Don’t you go stealing my thunder now. I get to be the one that shoves a grenade up the motherfucker’s ass and celebrate the Fourth of July all over again!”

Deadpool held up a finger as his cellphone sounded.

“Hold that thought…” He murmured.

He smiled once he found out who it was.

“It’s Iron Man! How cool is that? I mean obviously not as cool as the Captain, but hey…”

“I can still hear you…” Tony interrupted on the other end.

“Oh… Well I’d hate to start a “civil war” or something.”

Deadpool sighed “Right… That hasn’t happened yet… Nevermind… So whatcha need ole buddy ole pal? You need me to fly the jet again? Oh, oh wait did you finally build me that suit you promised me years ago?”

“I was calling to check on your wife…”

Tony sighed on the other end.

“Look, just let me talk to the wife or I’m gonna steal the next one.”

“Wait… I get two wives?!”

Logan smacked him in the back of the head.

“Ya got someone trying to steal the current one, ya damn nutcase!”
“Maybe it’s the other one that’s gonna bring my Stella back! I bet we all fall in love and…”

Logan grabbed Wade and slammed up against the wall. He had him by the collar of his suit and his teeth were gritted.

“It’s that kind of talk right there that’s gonna run the lil darlin’ off. She ain’t use to ya or yer lack of god damn heart. We just told ya she was dying and ya just…”

“Easy, Logan…” Nathan called out, knowing the merc meant nothing by it. It was just his way of dealing. But then again… Logan had become more of the big brother in Bella’s life and he was very protective; whereas Cable was more like an uncle.

“UM, HELLO? I’M STILL HERE!” Tony called out on the other line.

Logan snatched the phone from Wade’s hold.

“Bella isn’t around…” Logan said and went on to explain the current situation.

But the moment the one name came up…

“Wait…” Tony called out sounding troubled.

“Did you say Loki? As in Thor’s brother?”
“Thor has a brother?”

“Eh, he’s adopted at least that’s what Thor claims…”
Logan thought back to Victor and sort of laughed. “I know the feeling…”

“If it’s Loki you’re dealing with then you guys are in a lot more trouble than I ever realized…”

Bella whimpered out as she came to. She saw Loki and Death circling one another and sizing each other up. Loki was the first to strike as he twirled his staff about. He sent a blue wave of energy Death’s direction. She dodged it and shook her finger upon him as if dealing with an unruly child. Bella crawled amongst the ground and saw the portals off to the distance. She nodded upon herself and headed that direction. The young woman ached all over; each move she made was torture. She wanted nothing more than to lie back down and close her eyes. But she pushed past the pain and kept trucking. Death and Loki continued their little scuffle. They were dodging one another’s blows and taking jabs at one another with their staffs.

As she was in attempts to get away from the situation, in its entirety. She couldn’t help but to wonder if there was ever a time she was happy. At the moment, that’s what she craved most. She longed for warmth and security. The feeling hit so powerfully, it brought her to a fetal position. It was followed by uncontrollable tears. “This isn’t right… Please, I wish to be anywhere but here! A place where I was happiest!”

Loki stopped in mid-battle. He looked over his shoulder and his eyes widened as a yellow dome cascaded over Bella and she vanished, right before his eyes.

“NO!!!” He shouted but was quick to groan out as Death managed to spear him with her staff.

He groaned out as she lifted him up off the ground. He shook his head and looked down seeing Death’s staff puncturing right through his stomach. He rolled his eyes and aimed his – her direction. A blue charge sent her flying back. He twirled his staff about and aimed it towards the area of the portals. Death hissed out as another portal appeared. Loki smiled as he took off and dived right on through the portal.

Nathan, Logan, and Wade froze in mid-conversation as they heard what sounded to be crying. They turned the direction it was coming from. Each of them cringed as they saw Bella on the living room floor of Deadpool’s apartment. She had her face covered and was still in a fetal position. Wade teleported over and crouched down to her level.

“Hey…” he softly called out.

Bella covered her ears and cried even harder.

“Please, just stop…” she pleaded.

He reached over and brushed a strand of hair away from her face.

“Come on, babe. It’s me…”

Bella opened her eyes and was quick to scoot back. She backed herself into a corner and brought her knees up against her chest.

“Easy…” Logan whispered.

“You’re him…”

Deadpool tilted his head on this.

“But you’re in here” she tapped her forehead.

“That’s funny because I’m also like right here.”

“Do I know you?”

“You sure do!”

“Do you know me?”
He nodded.

“Will you help me…?”

“You name it and I’ll do it, baby!”

Nathan and Logan couldn’t believe their eyes and ears. Xavier was so dead on… it was scary. She truly had the mind of a child at the moment. Deadpool scooped her up and sat her on the counter in the kitchen. He was checking her over.

“Do I have a name?”

Logan staggered back looking plum ill. Yeah he had a taste of what this was doing to her, but it was ten times worse now.

“Jesus…” he whispered and Nathan sighed.

“The son of a bitch…” He added with a curled lip.

“How the hell do you turn one of the world’s deadliest mercenaries into a skittish little kitten?”

Nathan shook his head having no clue how to answer that. He was just as baffled. Sure Xavier had put the warning out there. But seeing it firsthand was downright heartbreaking.

“Your name is Bella Marie Wilson. You’re 23 years old. You live in this apartment, with your husband of three years. His name is Wade Winston Wilson…”

“But Loki…”
Wade shook his head on this.

“An imposter… Just like that Aldrich motherfucker. I’m the real deal, babycakes.”

He sighed and took his mask off. He took her hand and ran it along the side of his face.

“What happened to you? Were you in a fire?!”

“Long and very boring story…”

Nathan put a hand along his shoulder.

“And one she needs to hear again… It’s a clean slate now, Wade. She doesn’t know who we are…” he reminded.

Wade sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Clean slate…” He muttered under his breath.

“It’s like Logan said. You’re starting over now… So watch yourself…”

“Maybe you should…” Deadpool took a couple steps back and motioned for Nathan to take over.

Nathan regarded the merc with a puzzled mien.

“What if she decides this isn’t what she wants…? I mean look at me…” He whispered.

“Deadpool?” she called out, whilst regarding the tattoo on her arm.

The merc raised his hand and Bella managed to smile.

“I knew it… You’re the one that talks to me.” She pointed to her head.

Nathan smiled in response and patted the merc on the shoulder. “Something tells me you two are going to be just fine.”

“Yeah well, we need to get the lil darlin’ somewhere safe. Somewhere this so called “god” won’t even think to look.”
“I’ve a feeling it’s going to take a lot more than that.” Cable replied, looking to be in thought.
“And what do ya suggest?”

“We take her to the Avengers headquarters. Not only will she have all the protection she needs, but we might get some answers…”

Logan nodded in agreement. “Sounds like a plan…”

“I should’ve listened to you…” Deadpool tilted his head upon his wife.

“You were trying to warn me…” she started crying yet again.

This felt so strange to the X-Force. Each of them could count on one hand how many times they’d seen Static cry. It just didn’t happen… At least not in the past three years, not her… She was one of the guys. When pushed too far, Static wasn’t the type to cry. No she was the type you never wanted to cross or she’d fuck you up. The only one that ever got away with such things was Wade Wilson. But even he got backhanded a few times.

The merc rushed over and hugged her close. And there it was… The warmth she’d so desired. And for once she felt safe… She closed her eyes and Logan nudged Nathan with concern.

“I believe she’s merely exhausted and perhaps she knows she’s in better hands… Take her to headquarters… Logan and I got somethings to cover with Xavier before we go. We’ll meet you there.”

Deadpool nodded and vanished. Once he was gone…

“Look you go on… Talk to Charles and let him know what’s going on. I got something else to take care of.”

“And that would be?”
“Someone’s gotta deal with the old man and it sure as hell isn’t gonna be Wade… It’s gotta be me.”

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 4 Who’s Your Daddy?”

  1. Awww, that was just beautiful. Hopefully Loki will get his ass kicked soon and Bella will be safe with Wade now. Loved the civil war reference 🙂

  2. Fucking Loki! Lol – man, I love that man but he doesn’t make it easy to love him, eh? Such a dick – especially in this story. I like the moments of guilt but he’s a stubborn bastard. And Bella and Wade – hell man, that was so sweet at the end I got all teary. Everyone underestimates Deadpool but he truly loves his Stella. Such an awesome chapter – only part I didn’t like was when it ended 😉

    And you know I’m always happy to be your sounding board… like any time, so just go ahead and tell me what happens next, okay? Okay!

    “What’s with the shades? You got a bright future ahead of you or something?” – I lol’d so hard at this I woke up Jake!!!

  3. “Oh… Well I’d hate to start a “civil war” or something.” was my favorite reference, probably because I am anxious for the movie! I loved the whole conference call with Tony…Hey! Maybe he can deliver a Pepperoni and mushroom pizza to me? *Dodges the Merc* Sorry, I just love Tony! I mean….I love Deadpool! I swear! *Brings out box of crayons and draws a heart*

    Loved this chapter! The end made me all glassy eyed as you can see Bella recognizing Logan and then starting to put pieces of reality together. The tears started welling up even more when Bella felt safe in Wade’s arms. Damn you Harley! You made me cry!! Only because you’re such a fantastic writer!

    Look forward to the next chapter! I love Loki, I do…But I wanna see the Merc kick his ass!!

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