Chapter 6 Channeling Static

Chapter 6

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Channeling Static

The young woman shot up with a gasp. She lay in a sapphire cushioned throne with gold trimming. It was in the middle of a breathtaking garden. Luscious green grass and beautiful flowers surrounded her. Whatever this place was it was lively with assorted colors. She came to a stand and the grass tickled against her bare feet. It was then she took notice of the gorgeous silk white gown she was in. Her hair was pinned back and decorated with a crown of flowers. A purple butterfly landed on the palm of her hand. She smiled as it flapped it’s wings about. It took off in flight and she followed. It led her to an underground cave with a set of stairs. It led to a pond. The confused woman made her way down the stairs and stood on the wooden deck. With narrowed eyes, she squatted down and dipped the tips of her fingers into the water. It was unusually warm, yet soothing to the touch. She sat down and lifted her gown – just enough to soak her feet. The young woman kicked her feet about and smiled once again. Something about this pond… it was so relaxing. There was this unrelenting urge to dive on in. She found herself blushing a bit as she looked about the area. Once she was certain no one was about. She lowered the straps to her gown and it hit the ground. When she did this a shimmering yellow stone fell out from one of the pockets. It rolled on into the water and she dropped the gown and dived after it. She swam to the very bottom and picked it up. She gazed upon it in wonder. There was something strangely familiar about the jewel. She tilted her head as she was still beneath the surface. The young woman could make out her reflection in the jewel. But it was one she didn’t recognize – Such as this place… In fact… Who was she? And why was she here?

“Oh shit!” Spiderman hollered as Thor struck Deadpool with a bolt of lightning.

The merc just stood there unable to move. There was smoke rising from the top of his head. “Why don’t you take your hammer, find yourself a nice secluded place, AND GO FUCK YOURSELF!” Deadpool shouted.

Thor twirled his hammer about and sent it sailing, right for him. A thwack followed by a loud BOOM was heard. The area around them shook and Deadpool clamped a hand over his mouth. He let out a fangirl scream and started jumping up and down.

“MY HERO!” He cried.

The merc appeared before the Caps and hugged the hell out of him. The Captain had this uncomfortable look about him as he cleared his throat. He narrowed his eyes upon Spiderman and the webslinger merely shrugged. “He’s a bit of a fan…” He called out and the Captain nodded.

“Oh man, I’m like your biggest fan EVER! Seriously! You’re like fucking awesome (he sang)!”

“Like if I wasn’t madly in love with my Stella… this would’ve gone so differently – just don’t tell her I said that Cappytain.”

Wait… I remember you now. You’re the mercenary I met a few years ago.”
“D’ aww, so you do remember me?!”

“Your wife was responsible for saving those women…”

“That’s because she’s fucktabulous and has biggest pair of fucking lady balls I’ve ever seen.”

“Is that language really necessary?” The Captain questioned with a look of disapproval.

“You know Thor you should make like the song Ride the Lightning… not toss it around!” the merc called out and pecked the Captain on the cheek.

Captain America sighed and wiped his cheek with the back of his hand.

“Mind explaining what’s going on here?” He then asked.

“Sure thing, Caps. You see that guy over there…” Deadpool pointed to Thor and the Captain nodded.

“Well he’s a loser from Losersville that got my wife KILLED!”

This had the All American Hero rearing back in wonder. Deadpool pulled a dictionary out (from seemingly nowhere). He opened it up and pointed to the word ‘bitch’. Beside it was a picture of Thor – one he drew in red crayon.

“See?! Need I explain further? So let’s Wondertwins activate this shit and kill us a bitch, Cappytain!”

“There’s no need for that. Let’s just talk this out…”

“But you agree that he’s a bitch?”

Thor gritted his teeth and rushed over in attempts to grab the merc.

Easy…” The Captain said blocking the path.

Deadpool giggled and flipped Thor off.

“Guess that makes me the favorite! How you like them apples?!”

Spiderman let out an agitated sigh and webbed the merc over towards him.

“Awww, was someone feeling left out? Now Spidey, there’s plenty of me to go around.”

He webbed his mouth shut and explained to the Captain what had taken place.

“And where is Loki now?”

The look on Thor’s face said it all.

“Find him…” the Captain ordered and Thor sort of laughed.

“Easier said than done.”
“Then I suggest you figure it out.”

Deadpool went to comment and Spiderman fired off another mouthful of web and then shook his head in a scolding matter. This had the merc folding his arms about his chest and pouting. Spiderman chuckled and the Captain arched a brow his direction. He cleared his throat.

“Umm we’ll meet you back at headquarters.”

Back at headquarters…

“I’m tellin’ ya, she should’ve waken up by now! Somethin’s wrong!” Logan barked and Dr. Banner let out a sigh of frustration.

“Just give it a little longer…” Tony specified as Cable was at the headquarters door.

Great… another one.” The billionaire muttered with sarcasm.

“Let him in, Jarvis.”

“Yes, sir.”

“How long?” Cable questioned the second he entered the room.

“Over an hour now…” Logan replied.
“Too long.” he uttered and rushed on over.

Logan nodded and observed as Summers checked Bella over. He examined her chest then his gaze met Dr. Banner’s.

“Was there any signs of healing before you performed the surgery?”

“I’m afraid not.”

Summers closed his eyes and put his hand along Bella’s forehead. After a few minutes, he staggered back and pinched his eyes shut.

“This isn’t happening!” Logan snapped. “She has to come back, god dammit!”

“Sorry to say… but this one isn’t coming back. She’s long gone…” Tony remarked as if to say ‘duh’.

A low growl escaped the Wolverine and he grabbed the billionaire by the collar of his shirt.

“It was YOUR team that got the lil darlin’ in this situation in the first place. So you had better figure it out or yer gonna be in for one rude awakenin’.”
“And just what is it you expect us to do?”

Just as he was about to let the billionaire have it, he grunted out. He looked down seeing Captain America’s shield sticking out from him.

“Rogers…” He scoffed with a curled lip and pried the shield out from his abdomen.

The Captain nodded.

“No hard feelings, Howlett. Can’t have you taking my men out, that’s all.”

The Wolverine got this hint of a smirk about him and he sent the shield flying back. The Captain caught it and nodded upon the old war buddy, in a respectful manner.

“Been awhile.”
“That it has. Don’t care for the greeting much.”

“Something tells me this isn’t a peaceful gathering…”

“You’d be correct.”

Steve had this look of remorse as he glanced Bella’s direction. Spiderman leaped on through the already broken window and he had Deadpool in his arms. The webslinger cleared his throat and lowered him down. There were no words as the merc gazed upon his wife.

“She’s gonna wake up soon, right?” He asked, with a childlike mannerism.

“Wade…” Nathan said in a rather heartbreaking tenor.

The merc shook his head and inched his way over.

“We’ll give her a little longer…” He alleged and lay beside her.

“Look buddy, she’s…” Logan shot Tony a look of warning and he swallowed back, gathering the hint.

“Let’s give ’em some privacy…”

“Umm, no can do… You see this is our little nook and…” Cable and Logan took Mr. Stark by the arms and personally escorted him out of the room.

Spiderman gave the merc a mere nod of concern and followed Dr. Banner out of the room.

Deadpool moved a strand of hair away from his Stella’s face and placed it behind her ear.

“Come on, baby. Please? It’s sooo boring without you. I need my little love muffin to cheer me up!”

He swallowed back as she was cold to the touch. He took her hands and shook his head as they were already showing signs of Rigor Mortis.

“We talked about this, remember? And this… wasn’t an option. So wherever you are… time to wrap it up and come home. We’re not doing this shit.”

He turned to the clearing of a throat. He sat up and Nathan made his way over.

“Wade… I’m afraid she’s not waking up this time.”
“You’re wrong. She just needs more time.”

“Even at that… her body it’s…”

“IT’S JUST FINE. Everything’s going to be just fine. You’ll see!”

Nathan nodded. He just hadn’t the heart to argue on this one.

“You’re right… We’ll figure this out.”

Deadpool nodded in response and wrapped his arms around her.

A few hours later….

“So we’re just going to sit here and ignore the fact that there’s a man snuggling up to a corpse?”

Nathan and Logan cut Tony a dirty look. As for Spiderman he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Kind of harsh, don’t you think?”

“Hey, I feel for the guy… I do. But if we allow this to continue, there’s gonna be a nice aroma flowing throughout the place. We can’t just…”

Pepper had entered the room at that point. Her eyes were bloodshot from crying. Tony swallowed back at the hateful glance he was receiving.

Great… I get it. I’m the bad guy now, right?”

Steve lifted his eyes towards the merc and his dead wife. He let out a sigh and couldn’t believe what he was about to say. But cold as it was… Mr. Stark had a point.

“I have to agree. This just isn’t right. We can’t have her…”

“Have her what?” Peter challenged and was eyeing the Captain down.

He’d had just about enough of this. This was HIS team after all and they’d spent the last couple hours bitching about the situation. Where was the support and understanding? He wondered if Tony even considered how he’d handle it – if it had been Pepper instead. Peter knew if it were Gwen he’d probably react just as Wade was. Letting go… never an easy thing. This was the Avengers at their most heartless of times. Even if they hadn’t meant to be – it was how it sounded. They were treating this more like a mission and wanted the situation dealt with and in a timely matter. But he knew without a shadow of a doubt if it had been one of theirs; this would’ve been seen in a whole other light. This right here… made the very first for Spiderman. He never thought he’d see the day where he actually took shame in being an Avenger. But at this very moment, he wanted nothing more than to hide under a rock. How could they NOT see this through the X-Force’s eyes? This was something he’d expect out of Tony Stark– he just saw things differently. He had a big heart, but often enough that big head of his clouded his emotions. Everything was work, work, work… He barely made the time to even think on such matters. And Peter could see it for what it was. The pain was written all over the man’s face, just as the other Avengers. But like he… the others felt this sense of ‘duty’ and at the moment all they could focus on was how to FIX this and move on. They’d pretty much written Static off. To the Avengers… she was officially dead. But that just wasn’t the X-Force way of doing things. That was NOT an option.

“It’s disrespectful…” The Captain alleged. “Mrs. Wilson deserves to be at peace.”

“And that right there just proves ya didn’t know shit about Static. That man IS her peace!”

“Come on, Howlett… You know what I mean.”

Logan clipped one of his cigars and lit it up. He gazed Wade’s direction and took a nice long drag.

He blew it right in the Captain’s face.

“That I do. And I’m not sure what pisses me off more. Ya thinking ya knew her, or yer little group thinkin’ ya know what’s best. That’s OUR girl. And we’ll decide from here.”

“Then by all means… take her. Do whatcha gotta do and we’ll send our condolences.

Tony was caught flatfooted as Pepper marched on over and slapped the shit out of him.


“Don’t you honey me you heartless…” Tony was quick to cover her mouth and dragged her on out of the room.

“I can’t believe you…” She hissed, once he lowered his hand.

“Come on, Pep. There’s nothing we can do… and you know that. Dr. Banner said so himself and Steve’s right. The best we can do is make a generous donation to her funeral arrangements.

Pepper grimaced in thought.

“We’ve got a fucking corpse on the Avengers examination table and that crazy mercenary is treating this place like a bed and breakfast. What’s to keep him from going to home base?” Tony remarked as the merc was snuggled up against his wife’s breasts.

Tony reached over and wiped a few of her tears away.

“There’s no fixing this one. And it’s beyond cruel… what they’re doing and we both know that. We have to set these X-Force guys straight and make them see that. They’re too close to the picture and they’ve nothing, but high hopes. Look at her, Pep. Tell me Frankenstein’s bride over there is waking up – anytime soon.”

“Dammit Tony! Knock it off! She was our friend!”

“Exactly… was. And we both know she wouldn’t want us crying a river over here. She’d want us to get this over with and move on.”

Well Mr. Stark… I hadn’t any idea you and my girl were so close…”

He raised his brows and cranked his head towards the voice. A rather familiar blonde stood before them.

“Do tell us more. Considering how close the two of you were.”

“Ms. Stacy…” He rather scoffed and Peter had this prideful look about him.

“Heh awesome, your Gwenie is here, babycakes!”

Loki paced the area looking to the stone within his scepter. He’d tried everything he could think of to get her out. He’d let his anger get the best of him this time and there wasn’t a way out of this. He hadn’t a choice but to turn to the one he detest most.

“Loki…” the all too acquainted voice thundered.

He rolled his eyes and pivoted about. Thor looked about the area with reservation. Loki smiled on this. “You’re right to be cautious.”

Thor sighed and made his way over.

“You wouldn’t make it this easy to find you… not without reason. What are you up to now, brother?”

Loki pressed his lips together and waved his hand towards the stone in the staff. Thor swallowed back as he saw ‘her’.
“What have you done…?”

“What I sought fit – at the time…”
“Is that…” Thor stretched his hand about and Loki pulled the staff out of reach.

“Careful now… that could prove to be somewhat deadly. It just so happens that I need you around – at least long enough to figure a way out of this.”

“Out of what exactly? And I always heard the stone was black…” Thor remarked as it was now white.

“It was… but she’s done something to it…” Loki said, looking to be in thought.

“That and well… she’s trapped.”


“Yes… well enough chit-chat. Are you going to help me, or not?”
“I wouldn’t know the first thing about…”
Thor narrowed his eyes, realizing the young Midgardian was in the buff. Loki cocked a brow and slammed his staff down. His brother snapped out of it and cleared his throat.

“How are you doing that? I mean she seems so at peace? Does she not see what surrounds her?” The god questioned with a grim appearance.

“That’d be my doing…”

“And that only proves my convictions to be true. You’ve fallen for her, haven’t you?”

Loki looked to the stone and tilted his head in observation. He let out a disappointed sigh seeing as how she was getting dressed.

“Don’t be ridiculous. She entertains me to say the least. This one isn’t like the others. They’re mere parasites in comparison. Truly, she is queen amongst her kind. Her only downfall – she’s too ignorant to realize it.”

With the stones, she could wipe out this entire planet. She would have them groveling before her, begging for mercy. The demigod found himself somewhat aroused by the mere idea. Since when did the potential power of another affect him so? There was just something so intriguing about this young Midgardian. All this power… within her very grasp. Yet she wanted NO part in it, as to what led him to blocking certain memories. He had hoped that would do the trick. But even then… she wouldn’t so much as budge on the matter. There was just no convincing her. He thought her foolish. No matter… the plan was to take it from her the moment she had it anyhow. Still that hadn’t stopped his curiosity. He wondered how she would go about it – if given the chance. A goddess amongst gods and these pathetic Midgardians. He’d let her have her five minutes of grandeur, before ripping it all away. Then he’d have her right where she belonged and that was kneeling before him. He’d turn her into his little queen and by the time he was done; he’d have her wrapped around his little pinky.

“LOKI!” Thor barked and Loki frowned as he was snapped out of his little daydream.

“So you’re telling me that all of this was over some sort of magical stones? And dead beauty over there is the key to retrieving them?”

The members of the X-Force nodded.

“Well I suppose the only good thing about this – is Loki won’t succeed in his attempt to take over the world, again…” Tony scoffed, but was quick to groan out.

Cable had flung himself over the table and knocked the billionaire, right out of his chair. He had his metallic hand clamped around his mouth and a knee to his groin.

“That mouth is about to get you into a lot of trouble. Now I know what you’re capable of Mr. Stark, but trust me when I say you don’t want me on your bad side.”
Logan had a grin going ear to ear.

“Ole Summers will have you locked away in some time traveling coffin and you’ll wake up back in Afghanistan.”

“Time traveling… now wouldn’t that be neat?” Tony quipped.

This had Cable forming a smirk of his own.

“You laugh… but it’s not that far out of the realm of possibilities.”
“That’s right. I’m his Marty and he’s my Doc!” Deadpool threw out there.

Cable stared Tony down, even as he offered him a hand up. Tony refused it and came to his own two feet. He dusted himself afterward.
“Turning against one another isn’t going to help.” The Captain declared.

Meanwhile, Peter and Gwen seemed to be in some sort of silent conversation.

“Come on, Peter… Do I have to say it?”

Peter had this doubtful look to him. Gwen chewed on that bottom lip of hers – a habit she and Bella shared.

“We might not be at the brink of time traveling, just yet… But these portals…” She looked to Deadpool.

“Couldn’t you enter them? Seeing as how you can’t die and well… you got that nice little teleportation device Mr. Summers made you.”

“One cannot simply teleport through the portals. If that were the case my brother would’ve taken it upon himself to do so.”

“Why it’s Aragon! Nope… false alarm. That’s just some wannabe limp-dick.” The merc witted with the rolling of the eyes.

Thor had this look of unease about him. He walked over and placed something in the center of the table.

“And what is that?” Tony inquired.

“It’s what we Asgardians refer to as an infinity stone.”

Deadpool reached over and was about to grab it. Thor blocked the attempt.

“This isn’t something to take lightly. Whoever carries this stone – also carries the responsibilities of it.”
The merc slapped his hand away. Then he teleported behind the god of thunder and tapped him on the shoulder. Just as Thor looked back, Deadpool seized the stone. He tossed it about like you would a baseball.

“Pfft what a piece of shit. It’s not doing anything… Lame…”

Thor rolled his eyes.

“That’s because you’re ignorant to it’s power. And stop that!”

The god demanded and went to snatch it back. The merc teleported out of reach and eyed the god down.

“Nah… I think I’ll hold on to this.”

“Just what we need some simple-minded buffoon in control of the mind stone.”

“Can’t be any worse than that idiotic brother of yers.” Logan growled in reply.

“So what’s it do anyhow?” Deadpool questioned and Thor sighed with sheer annoyance.

“With that stone you can enter the minds of others and their dreams. And through that ability you can control them or at least certain aspects.”
Tony narrowed his eyes in thought. He rolled his sleeves up, then he held out his hand.

“Give me that…”
“No! Get your own!’

“This is a toy meant for the big boys…” Tony witted in return.

“You wanna play that game? I’ll whip it out right here, asshole. Judging by those tight slacks of yours, it’s a losing bet. And FYI… If this is the key to getting my girl back. Then it belongs to me, FUCKERS!”

Logan and Cable shrugged and then nodded in full agreement.

“With all due respect… I happen to agree with Thor. You’re the last person that needs to be in control of that stone.” Dr. Banner said, finally speaking up for the first time.
“Dr. Banner’s right. It would be better off in his or Tony’s hands.” Captain America defended.
“And what makes your group that much better? This happens to be one of OURS. Not yers!” Logan barked.

“Logan’s makes a fine point. If that stone will indeed help us in bringing Static back, then we’re the ones in need of it.” Cable specified.

During this little pissing contest… Deadpool had written the words teleport on the Avenger’s headquarters wall. He added an al to the end. He tilted his head upon the words in confusion. He looked to the mind stone and back to the wall. He marked out the port part and changed theal to A1. He turned back with a serious mien about him. The others looked on, waiting for some sort of insight. He looked to Tony. “Hey…” he softly called.

“You have any A1?”

Tony reared back wondering what that had to do with anything.

“I doubt it…”

On this Deadpool exited the room. The Avengers and X-Force went back to their banter and a few minutes later the merc returned and took a seat. He had a plate with a subway sandwich before him. He bit into it and the others regarded him oddly.

“Yeah… there wasn’t any steak sauce.” He said and went back to eating.

Tony sighed and went back to discussing plans. Ones in which he and Dr. Banner would make a portal of their own… using the mind stone. But in order to do that? They needed someone to channel Static and find out where she was exactly. Sure Thor had somewhat of an idea. But he hadn’t a clue where to go about it from there. Deadpool ate and listened in silence. By the time the Avengers and X-Force were done going over everything they could think of; they turned back to see Deadpool drawing on the wall again. He had drawn unicorn with a big set of balls and it was decked out in Deadpool colors – crossing what looked to be the rainbow bridge to Asgard. On the other side was his Stella – only he drew massive boobs on her and her long curly hair was the only thing covering her nipples.

Logan pinched his eyes shut.


“What are ya doing?”

Wait… I’m not done.”

Tony tilted his head and regarded the drawing in thought. He looked to Thor.

“Isn’t that Heimdall?” he questioned as Deadpool was drawing the Asgardian “gate keeper”.
“You do realize that Heimdall’s black?” Thor corrected and Deadpool sighed.

“Are you sure?”

Thor nodded. On this note… the merc colored him in and drew a big set of balls on him as well. Peter rather shrugged but nodded as if it all made sense to him.

“Aren’t Bella’s breasts a tad bigger?” Gwen threw out there and with a smile.

Peter found himself choking even though he hadn’t had anything to drink, but that was Gwen. Like that of Bella Wilson, she liked to make the best of every situation, which explained why she and Gwen really hit it off. Bella couldn’t stand MJ and they fought constantly. As to one of the reasons it just didn’t work out between her and Peter. When it came to MJ pulling the whole me or them card. It was an easier decision than he ever realized. It wasn’t long after that – Bella set him up with Gwen Stacy. At the moment all Gwen cared about was making Wade smile – something she knew Bella would want.

“Well I was trying to be a gentleman!” he responded but went back and drew them bigger than her head.

Much better!”

“I know, right?!”

“Okay… now that we’ve got that major crisis solved… let’s just back track a bit…” Tony called out.

“Maybe we don’t need to make this “portal”. Doesn’t Heimdall have a way to open up the portal to the void?”

“Well yes, or so I assume, but as we’ve already discussed. Once you’re in the void there isn’t a way to enter the portals. It can’t be done. Why do you think Loki was using the young Midgardian to begin with? Not Loki or myself can enter. Not to mention time in the void is dangerous enough. There’s always a risk of not coming back!”

Cable looked to the merc with a grin.

“I bet he could…”

“So we doing this now?” Deadpool questioned with impatience.

Summers nodded.

“Great! I’ll be right back, I gotta take a major piss.” Deadpool muttered and teleported on out of the room.

“I don’t believe we came to an agreement on this.” The Captain tossed out there.

“This isn’t really your decision.” Cable mentioned.
“I’ve not agreed to this either.” Thor added, “you truly believe I will allow that man into our realm?!”

“This isn’t about him. It’s about HER!” Logan reminded and pointed towards Static.

“We will find another way! I cannot put my people at risk!”

“What risk?! He won’t even step food in Asgard. All he needs is Heimdall’s help in…”

“I’m truly sorry for your situation. But that is simply not a risk I’m willing to take.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

They turned as this came from Peter Parker. He cut Gwen an apologetic glance hating to bring up old history, but he had to do something.

“That girl saved not only MJ, but Mrs. Stark, and Jane! Not only did she save them, but she DIED in order to do so! And that’s not even counting the numerous lives in between! Have you all forgotten already?”

Thor lowered his head with a look of shame. Tony cleared his throat and regarded his wife a certain way.

“If we’re to do this we must act fast. Loki is unaware…”
The Captain had this offbeat look about him.

“You mean as in he’s unaware that you have the stone.”

Thor nodded in response.

“And how’d you manage that?” he questioned with curiosity.

“Yes… inquiring minds must know.” Tony added.

Thor drew back a breath.

“Loki’s a bit distracted at the moment…” he hinted as to his bother’s concern over the young lady.

And that wasn’t exactly a lie either. Loki was so focused on keeping this ‘illusion’ up, that Thor was able to steal the mind stone, right out from under his nose. He’d never seen this side of Loki before. And his brother would never admit it. But the guilt on what he’d done, weighed upon him, heavily. And though his main concern was that of the stones and how he was going to get ahold of them without her. Loki also feared what may become of the young Midgardian. As to why he fought so hard to keep his focus – so much so that his brother was able to turn the tables for once and trick him.

“Dude, keep your man berries away from mine. And don’t you even think about grabbing my ass. That’s not how this works. I get the only way up is to do this whole beam me up Scotty ordeal, but must you be so touchy feely? I feel a sexual harassment suit coming.”

“Do you want your wife back, or not?!”

“What? You think I wanna spoon with you for eternity? Think again, spokesman for Loreal.”

And on this Thor raised his hammer and they vanished.

“Think he can pull it off?” Logan murmured in question.

“If anyone can… It’d be him.” Cable replied.

Loki tapped his fingers along his staff as he was sitting at his throne. He hadn’t take his eyes off the stone aka Bella Wilson. The demigod tilted his head however as she was acting rather strange. That peaceful demeanor had seemingly vanished and it was replaced with flat out horror. She was backing away from something and fell as she tripped. He observed as she clamped a hand over her mouth and screamed into it. Loki shot to his feet and patted himself down. He gritted his teeth in realization.

He closed his eyes and the veins along his body seemed to crawl as they turned a nice shade of blue. Before long it had spread across his entire body. In a mockery of those veins, tendrils of black ice spread from his hands down the arms and body of the throne like demonic vines. Fog escaped him as he exhaled as though standing in a blizzard and when he opened his eyes they were crimson red. “THOOOOORRRRR!” he shouted and the ice that had extended from his hands burst and scattered throughout the area in and explosion of rage.

“LET GO OF ME!” the young woman shouted as these hands sprouted out from the ground and wrapped around her ankles.

She went to squirm out of their hold but was brought to the ground. Another set grabbed her by the wrists and she ground her teeth together and fought to break free. When she couldn’t she leaned over and bit the hand that had her by the wrist. The moment she drew blood it dropped its hold. The “supposed” butterfly was nothing more than that of a floating eyeball. And that’s what she was backing away from. It was following her everywhere she went. She recoiled as it landed on her torso.

“SICK!” She yelped and rolled over in attempts to rid of it.

The eyeball rolled about ground. Bella used her hands to crawl and break free of the hold the hands had on her. Just as soon as she was free, she hopped to her feet and took off like a bat out of hell. She ran towards the area of the “throne” only to see it was a chair made from human flesh and other human remains. The “luscious green grass” and “flowers” were nothing more than dry earth and dying trees. She staggered back and dodged as more hands shot from the ground. She kicked at a few of them and stomped on one of them, in attempts to run. The terrified woman made her way down the stairs to the “cave” with the “wooden deck”. Only she soon realized she was standing on a surface made entirely of bone. As for the “pond”… it was a sea of blood. She covered her nose as the foul stench hit. It was then she took notice her “body” and how it was caked in blood. The urge to vomit hit and she covered her mouth as she started to gag. The stalking eyeball returned and it got right in her face.


“LEAVE ME ALONE!” She shouted and swatted at it.

But doing this caused her to lose her footing and she fell into the sea of blood. She reached for the deck only to find herself being pulled beneath the surface. Whatever it was had itself wrapped around her and it was pulling her further and further down…

“Are you ready?” Heimdall questioned as Deadpool stood before him.

“Yes, now would you hurry the fuck up?!” he snapped, growing more and more impatient.

The merc wanted his Stella back and ASAP! Heimdall arched a brow Thor’s direction and the god merely sighed.

“Go ahead and let him through. Time’s a factor…”

Heimdall gave a simple nod and the merc let out a woo hoo” as he was sent on through the portal.

“Oh come the FUCK on… What is this? An episode of Scooby Doo?”

The merc muttered as he was standing before a hallway. It was lined up with multiple doors and mirrors. He took the stone out from his pocket and regarded it in thought.

“So you gonna show me the way or act like a worthless little bitch. Because so far… I’m not impressed. What’s this bullshit about entering people’s minds and their dreams? Show me ‘hers’.”

Deadpool rolled his eyes and shook the stone.

“Work dammit! I haven’t got all day. So quit being a DICK AND FUCKING WORK! My babies’ mama is waiting for me and I’ve got the mother-load of sperm and one of them is ready to cross that finish line. He’s a boy and we’re gonna name him Taco Changa Wilson!”

He tilted his head as he was picking up on a tiny – yet all too familiar voice. One that sounded to be in distress. Little was he aware that the stone was reacting to his desperation. He held that stone even tighter and followed the cry. Just as he came to the door in which it came from, he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. He froze, knowing that touch all too well. The merc sort of laughed and without another thought, he flung his body up against the door. He busted right on through and fell through the portal.

“NOOOO!” shouted the entity that had hopes in tricking him.

“MOTHERFUCKER!” he hollered once he landed.

“Are those my keys?” He reached down and removed the stone from the area of his crotch.

Huh… Oh yeah…” he put his palm to his forehead. “I left my keys on the nightstand!”

The merc was quick to rear back, as he came to his feet. He looked to the stone and was picking up some sort of vision. This had him swallowing back once he realized it was his Stella. . She was covered in blood and a massive python had wrapped itself around her. It was then he realized… that voice. It belonged to her. Only it wasn’t so much coming from her… At least not from the physical standpoint. No… He was in her head. He closed his eyes and focused. Then he turned a particular direction and nodded amongst himself. And with a determined look about him…

“I’m coming, Stella…”

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 6 Channeling Static”

  1. Now that’s some arrogant Avengers…lol. I just hope that Wade gets to her before it’s to late…great update hon. I can’t wait to read more…thanks, huggs.

  2. Yassss… I adore Gwen so far – I mean, you know I always preferred her with Peter, but I love how your Gwen is with DP. The whole – aren’t her boobs bigger bit was just perfect! Hilarious but also kinda sweet too. Loki – now you know he’ll never admit it – but I suspect he quite likes our Bella. I wonder if he’ll find it in him to let her go. It’s not exactly in his nature but if his feelings are true… well, I guess we’ll see! Awesome chapter. Definitely addicted to this story!

  3. i hope she gets her memories back after he rescues her. I really love this story and it just rocks. fucking avengers suck now…jerks. can’t wait till the next chapter, wades got some ass kicking to do

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