Chapter 8 Static Cling

Chapter 8

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static cling

Bella shot up with a gasp and gathered her surroundings.

“Hm?” He hummed as he was kissing along her shoulders.

“Where are we?”

“Somewhere…” he murmured with a shrug.

“Are we lost?” She questioned as it looked as though they were stranded on some sort of island.

She smiled on this, “awesome!”

“Isn’t it?”

She drew back a quivery breath and nodded. Bella lowered the straps to her gown. It hit the ground and she stepped out of it. The merc had this wide grin about him. He observed as she entered the water and dipped herself beneath the surface. He couldn’t get out of his clothes fast enough. When Bella popped back up she giggled as he was running like that of a Baywatch lifeguard. But the moment his big toe entered the water, he let out a girl-like squeal.

“FUCK that’s fucking cold!”

“Feels good to me…” she replied with a shrug.

He covered himself and shook his head looking somewhat embarrassed.

“Hope you’re in a lesbian mood tonight.”

Bella laughed as he inched his way in.

“Don’t be such a baby!”

The merc dived on in and disappeared beneath the surface. Within the matter of seconds, her legs were spread apart and she clamped a hand over her mouth. Wade had his tongue buried in her pussy. He wasted no time and just went for it. Bella arched back and closed her eyes. She wondered how he managed to hold his breath for so long. That tongue was soon replaced by something much more satisfying and still he hadn’t come to the surface. He had her positioned just right and was bucking like a mad man. He was fucking the daylights out of her and he wasn’t going to stop until she was an orgasmic puddle of goo.

“Wade!” she cried.

Her muffled cries only further egged him on. Before long he came to the surface. Still he kept with that determined stride.

“Call to me again!”

The second his name fled from her sweet lips, he was gone. The merc gritted his teeth and filled her to the brim. So much so that when he pulled out Bella could make out the aftermath.

“BAM! Pregnant!” The merc called out with a fist pumping motion.

Her jaw dropped and she regarded him in alarm.

“Um what did you just say?”

“I wonder which one will win the race!”

“Wade…” She murmured looking awfully pale.

“I drank five Red Bulls so I’m feeling lucky!”

What?! Why are you yelling at me?!”

“You can’t be serious…”

“Of course I am do you know how bad I had to pee after those?!’
“I meant about us having a baby!”

“Come on, Stella. You can’t yell at the baby. I hear they’re more sensitive.”

“See! There you go again! If you keep that up you’re going to make a horrible mother!”

“Oh my god!”

“Oh, I see what it is… You’re ready for round two! You wanna fill the tank! Let’s do it! Maybe we’ll strike gold and have twins!”

Bella was turning awfully green. She exited the water and paced the area.

“We can’t have a baby!”

“Sure we can! I got the easy part. The rest is up to you!”

“You don’t seem to get it. Wade baby, our lives are crazy. There’s just too much risk involved. Bringing a baby into all this? That’s beyond cruel!”

“Nah… We’re gonna be bad ass parents. We won’t let anything happen to them!”

“We don’t know that for sure. And just who do you think is going to stay home and take care of the baby?”

“Pfft, Ryan could do something, you know. The fucker just sits there licking his ass all god damn day. He could pitch in and help out for once!”

“You want the dog to look after our baby…?”

“Wait… Just which dog are we referring to, because it would be funny as hell if it was Logan? I mean think about it… They’re about the same size. Both are pretty hairy and smell terrible when wet. But I wonder if Logan can hike his leg up that high.”

“Dammit Wade, FOCUS!”

“Because we can’t and will not have a baby!”

Wade staggered back with this wounded expression about him.

“No buts, Wade. I’m sorry, but we can’t bring a baby into all this. Think about it. We got still got Loki to deal with. And our jobs… well they aren’t exactly ‘safe’.”

“So no mini mes’?”

She drew back a breath on this.
“I’m sorry, Wade. I…”

He nodded and kicked at the sand.

“Fine… So no babies…”


But even as she said this… Bella felt like a part of her just died. It wasn’t that she didn’t want children. That couldn’t be further from the truth. At the moment, it just didn’t feel right. Bringing an innocent life into all this mess? What she wouldn’t give to become a mother. It felt like a dream come true, having a family of their own.

Of course that’s not how Wade Wilson read it. Once again his insecurities were getting the best of him. What he heard was she didn’t want HIS baby. And that he couldn’t handle the responsibility of being a father.

“I can barely keep my own life together. I haven’t any business bringing a child into this world.”

Wade heard her say and he tilted his head in confusion. She looked to be crying. And it was then the merc realized he was only adding to the misery she was already in. Bella had a million things going on in that mind of hers.

“I’ll understand if you want more… more than I have to offer.” She said with a broken mien.

He reared back on her words.


Bella sat down and pinched the bridge of her nose. Wade swallowed back rather thickly and cleared his throat.

“Hey… We don’t have to have a baby! It’s all good, babe! We got each other!” He said trying his best to sound more upbeat, for her sake.

“It’s too much.”
“What is?”
“Everything. The voices…” she muttered and was pulling at her hair.

The struggle with Loki and Deadpool continued in that mind of hers. Nothing she did put it to an end. She was beginning to wonder if she’d end up like that of Wade. Was it a permanent ordeal now?! Hearing her husband’s voice wasn’t so much of a bother to her. In fact at times she found it to be somewhat soothing. But it was Loki that drove her to that bring of insanity, even more so when he would argue with her husband. It was all so perplexing.

“There’s just so much to do and… well we have to go back and help fix this mess.”

“And we will, but not right now. Let’s just be us…”

“Come on, babycakes. They can go a couple days without us.

He walked on over and sat beside her.

“Fuck everyone else!” He said as he wrapped his arm around her.

“I’m sorry.”

“Not giving you everything you want.”

“Don’t you get it? You are everything I want. It’s you… I’m always going to want more, because of that. You’re all I’ll ever want.”

He pulled her into his chest and kissed the top of her head.

“You really think we could have a family one day?”

He narrowed his eyes not understanding where she was going with this.

“We are a family. I just wanted to make it grow, that’s all.”

The way he said this had her melting and right into his lap. He said nothing and merely held her. He wasn’t ready to let go, not anytime soon.

When Bella woke the following morning she was wearing black lingerie and laying on a set of red satin bedsheets. There were rose petals everywhere and she was wearing a brand new diamond necklace. She narrowed her eyes and ran her fingers along the necklace in bewilderment. It was then she took notice of the rose petals making a trail. She came to her feet and followed. Before long the rose petals became wild flowers and the words dammit were scribbled into the sand. After a few more steps the wild flowers stopped and there were petals drawn into the sand. When she got to the very end of the trail the word SHIT was spelled out – indicating he just gave up. Bella sort of laughed and lifted her eyes. Her jaw dropped as Deadpool was standing before her. He was wearing a safari tour guide outfit over his suit. He held his hand out in a gentleman like fashion. But she reared back at the sight behind him.

“Um Wade?”

“Is that a petting zoo?!”


“How’d you…?” she trailed off as there was a baby goat chewing through the cheap wooden enclosure Deadpool had created.

“Come on babe! I want you to see the baby tigers!”

“Wait… what?”

“Yeah… They’re next to the bunnies. Little fuckers keep trying to eat them!”

“Well yeah… carnivores….”

“Now that’s just silly. Bunnies aren’t carnivores.”

“No, but the tigers are.”
“Try telling the bunnies that, the bastards!”

The merc cleared his throat and had this nervous presence to him. He took off his mask and dropped to one knee. He had a black jewelry box in hand.

“So… I thought I could try doing this the right way. The one you always deserved. I know I’ve proposed to you a million times already, but I was hoping for one last shot. Now that you have your memory back and all… Mrs. Wilson will you marry me? Only maybe this time it won’t be so much against your will and perhaps more ‘legal’. And you’ll actually be awake for the wedding pictures! That would be nice…”

Bella had a hand over her mouth and was tearing up a bit.

“I love you…” She murmured as if in awe.

“D’ aww, I know you do babycakes. I love you too. But do you mind answering the question now?”

“Yes what?”
“I’ll marry you, again.”


She raised her brows on this but didn’t comment.


“Think you can take the animals back where you got them now?”

“But we didn’t get to pet… Oh I see what you’re doing there.” He grinned as she was ‘petting’ him.

“ON IT!”

“Did you really think you’d get away with betraying MEEEE?!”

Loki cringed upon the familiar voice.

“Just you wait… It won’t be long now. I will return and with a vengeance. I will take back my throne and what’s mine. You have failed me for the last time! I will DESTROY everything you hold dear; including that of your brother and the human! And that’s after she’s gathered what’s rightfully MINE! You will regret the day you defied me, Loki!”

Bella smiled as she gazed upon the ring. She couldn’t get over just how perfect it truly was. It was black gold, with black diamonds, and it had a heart shaped ruby in the middle. She loved the way it glistened in the sun. Though part of her wondered if he actually bought it or stole it, when it came to her husband she never knew.

DP ring final decision

However when it came to matters of the heart the merc had a little more class, more than anyone ever realized. And even though he had an odd way of going about it, he got a kick out of spoiling his wife. When she allowed it, that is. She wasn’t one to really concern herself with material possessions. So when he managed to find her something that brought a smile to her face. The merc felt as if he were on cloud nine. Nothing made him happier than seeing her smile – other than her laughter that is. That became his personal goal. The day he married her… he wanted to make her smile and laugh as much as possible. No matter how he had to go about it.

“So I dids good?” He remarked taking notice of how she gawking at the ring.

“Absolutely Wade. I love it. It’s just so… Us.”

“Awesome!” He remarked as they were both kicked back and watching the waves rolling onto the beach.

He took the mind stone out from his pocket and was eyeing it. Bella looked on with curiosity.

“What’s that?”
“Eh… Some rock. They called it a mind stone or something.”
“Mind stone?”

He nodded and handed it over.

“It’s how I got in your head. By the way… you got a lot of junk in there, you know?! It was so loud! I loved it. It felt just like home!”

Bella regarded the stone in thought.

“Do you still have that yellow jewel I asked you to hold on to?”

He brought it out as well and handed it over. She held the two stones and tilted her head in wonder.

“They look exactly alike.”
“No they don’t! One’s yellow and one’s blue!”

“Very good, Wade! You get a gold star!”


“I like stars and all, but could I see your bewbs instead? Maybe a little sucky-sucky?”

She patted the top of his head and giggled a bit. He frowned and folded his arms about his chest as if he were pouting.

“These are what Loki referred to as Infinity Stones.”

“Huh?” he questioned, whilst lowering the strap to the little black number he had her in.

“Hm?” He hummed as he latched on to her now exposed breast.

The merc whipped himself out and grabbed her hand. He placed it around his cock. He gave a couple of hinting strokes. She softly laughed and started to jerk him off. He let out a moan and was flicking that tongue of his along her nipple.

“Hmmm daddy likey.” He murmured and pulled her into his lap.

“I’m giving out free rides!”

“Are you now?”

He gave an eager nod and rocked her about him.

“Feel free to ride as hard and as long as you want!”

She arched back and bit down on that lower lip of hers.

“FUCK!” The merc called out as she took what he said to heart.

“That’s right baby! USE ME!”

He grabbed a fistful of Bella’s hair and was pulling her towards him. Once he could reach her lips he kissed her. And there was a certain hunger he couldn’t quite tame. The two stones rolled on out of her hand and onto the sheets. They let go of all their frustrations and recent events. And for once they pushed everything aside and gave into one another.

“So… anyone mind telling me where the little lovebirds ran off to?”

“I doubt they want anyone to know.” Peter remarked with a scowl.

Tony sighed with sheer annoyance.
“Well they’re kind of needed back here at headquarters. We’ve got a lot of things to cover.”
“And we can do that ourselves, at least until they get back. I’m sure they just need sometime. ”

Tony frowned as Logan had one of his expensive bourbons and was downing it like there was no tomorrow.

“That’s meant to be taken in moderation…”

Logan nodded and polished off the bottle. He slid it on over afterward.

“Moderation is for pussies.” He said with a provoking smirk.

Tony raised his brows and held up the empty bottle.

“Hmmm… Yes well, does anyone happen to have a way to get ahold of them?”

“They’ll come back when they’re good and ready.” Cable said with that glimmer in his eye.

“Tell me Summers, is this the way you always lead?”
“What’s that supposed ta mean?” Logan questioned in Cable’s defense.

“It means you guys are pretty laid back, considering.”

“We have a different way of dealing with things” Cable admitted with a shrug.

“Clearly… It’s a wonder anything gets done.”

“Look, why don’t ya worry about yer sorry excuse for a team and we’ll worry about our own issues.”

“Funny. Considering all of this took place because of you guys to begin with.”

“Seriously? Are we really going to start the blame game, all over again?” Peter threw out there.

Tony sighed.

“That depends… You ready to wake up and realize just where it is you truly belong?”

Peter regarded the X-Force a certain way and nodded.

“Actually, I was thinking of joining those guys… if they’ll have me.”

This had the Avengers regarding one another in surprise. Still everyone continued in sorting through whatever was left of headquarters.

“So one little disagreement and you’ve already decided that you’re just done? Just like that?!” Tony bitterly spat.

“No. It was YOU that decided I was done. The moment you turned your back to a good friend of mine. You should’ve seen this coming a mile away!”

“Well we could certainly use another member.” Cable said with a sly smile Tony’s direction.

“Just note that we tend to do things differently, such as never giving up on one of our own.”

“That’s an understatement if I ever heard one!”

“Ya know you’d think ya’d learn to shut that fucking gob of yers by now!’

The Captain hadn’t uttered a word since they returned. He couldn’t shake that ‘feeling’, no matter how much he tried. And that’s how he knew… What they did… was wrong. The guilt was rightfully there. Bella’s words ran through that mind of his over and over like that of a broken record. As well as Deadpool telling him that he didn’t deserve the colors on his suit. That truly hit home. He of all people should understand where Bella was coming from. He knew what it was like to have everyone turn their backs on you. To be forgotten. To wake up to a living nightmare and find your entire world flipped upside down. He wasn’t the only one… Dr. Banner and Thor were feeling it just as much. But Tony, being well Tony – was stuck in his ways. The guilt was there but he didn’t quite see it the way they did. He put most of the blame on the X-Force. Just as Bella said he would.

“Look, I’m going to need a few minutes with Bella Wilson. We need to…”

Logan swung his fist up against one of the walls. He eyed the billionaire down.

“Ya ain’t comin’ nowhere near our girl! She’s been through enough. The last thing she needs is to hear that ridiculous spiel coming from that idiotic mouth of yers. If ya got something ta say, or something that needs dealin’ – with then here we are. Otherwise, ya can kiss Static’s god damn ass!”

“Oh, I’m sure she’ll make certain of that when she gets her time in the ring.” Cable added with a grin.

Tony rolled his eyes and went back to picking up the place, but it was pretty much a loss cause. There wasn’t a whole lot that was salvageable and to top things off the Avengers and the X-Force were catching flak over what took place in town. In fact it was all over the news. Tony knew it was going to take some major sucking up and he’d have to throw more money into the mix, just to cover whatever damage was done. So he had to worry about that as well as rebuilding headquarters. To top things off… he and Pepper weren’t on the best of terms. She wasn’t too happy with him at the moment. She didn’t approve of the way he was handling things. Tony was beginning to see that everyone was taking a stand against him. But truth of the matter? All he could focus on was those infinity stones; the ones in which Bella and Thor had mentioned. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the one Wade Wilson had. He wanted to run some labs on it and see what it was truly capable of. His patience however was growing thin as hours and hours were passing by. They hadn’t so much as heard from the mercenaries. He felt like a twitchy kid the night before Christmas. He was eager and ready to get to work. There were so many questions and so little time. Loki was sure to start trouble again. However no one shared his enthusiasm. Not even Dr. Banner, who normally understood him most of the time about these sorts of things. The Avengers outside of Tony were pretty quiet. They kept to themselves as they helped in cleaning up. As for the X-Force? They made their feelings known, loud and clear. No one was fucking with Static whether it be Avenger or ‘god’related. They’d had just about enough. And the more Tony went on about it, the more the tension grew between the groups again.

The Captain had sat this one out long enough. He’d let Tony take the reins for too long. He cleared his throat and gathered everyone’s attention.

“I believe it’s time that we Avengers admit that we were in the wrong.”

Tony regarded the Captain in utmost disbelief. Thor and Dr. Banner lifted their eyes and glanced upon one another.

“Mr. and Mrs. Wilson both pointed out somethings that pretty much touched home. Bottom line is we gave up, when we shouldn’t have. We pushed aside the feelings of those closest to the situation and all we focused on was what WE assumed was the right thing to do. We presumed to know what was best and look at where that got us. I’m more than willing to admit that we were in the wrong and I can only hope to earn not only Mrs. Wilson’s but that of the X-Force’s forgiveness as well. That’s not to say that we are deserving of such. But if you wouldn’t mind… I wish to talk to Mrs. Wilson myself. One on one, once she and her husband return. I would like to sit things straight between us and fix this. To the best of my ability…”

Logan leaned back and took a moment to think this through. Now he and Steve went back a ways and had been through some rough times. And he knew without a doubt that Rogers was a man of his word. He’d seen it many of times. He knew it would be far better coming from him than that of Mr. Stark. He hadn’t any doubt in that mind of his that if Mr. Stark dealt with Static, he’d end up in ICU. That wasn’t even a joke. Static was her old self again. She was brutal and dangerous. She wouldn’t have any issues in getting her point across, if need be. Mr. Stark hadn’t a clue what he was getting himself into. Mr. Stark however just wasn’t willing to hear anyone out on this. His mind was made up and he was only seeing things the way he wanted. Which was what got the Avengers into trouble in the first place. Pepper was the only one that could get a good read on Tony. She knew his mind was preoccupied. She’d seen this look many times and always knew it wouldn’t be long before he shut himself away from the world. He’d be in that garage for months on end working his hardest to debunk whatever it was these stones did. This was just the way he worked. He never meant to come off as utterly heartless, but it was how it looked nevertheless. He knew he’d have to find a way around the X-Force and even that of his own team and wife. But one way or another he would get Bella Wilson alone. He would find a way to that mind stone – one way or another.

The merc let out a grunt as he came to. He stretched his arms about and was doing his best to shield the sun from his eyes. He caught a whiff of Bella’s scent and smiled. He rolled on over and wrapped his arm around her. The merc kissed along her shoulder and back. Next to being a merc and having the pleasure of offing people from time to time, this right here… was heaven to him. He wanted nothing more than to keep his wife right here. Where no one could ever hurt her or take her away from him. He’d teleport back and forth and grab whatever her little heart desired. He’d shower her with gifts. He’d do whatever it took to make her stay put, in the safety of the nest he’d personally built.

She let out a soft whimper and he pulled her in closer.

“Daddy’s gotcha…” he whispered.

“No one’s gonna touch my little love muffin. Not ever again.”

This feeling right here was what he felt when he first realized he was in love. That was the very reason he kidnapped her in the first place. The merc knew what he wanted and wasn’t about to let anyone else steal her away.

“Wade?” she tiredly called out.


“You do realize we have to go back now, right?”

He shook his head in disagreement and his hold got even tighter.

“We gotta deal with Loki and…”
He reached around and clamped his hand over her mouth.

“Shhhh… no more crazy talk. Now go back to sleep…”
“It’s our job…”

“Nah… Let Cable and Wolverine deal with it.”

“We can’t do that. They need us Wade baby, we’re a team.”



He grumbled under his breath and Bella softly laughed. She rolled over, facing him. Bella caressed his cheek.

“I’d love nothing more than to stay stranded on this island with you.”
“Then let’s do it! Little Taco would love it here!”

“Taco Chimichanga Wilson!”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“And what if we have a girl instead?”
“Can’t we call her Taco too? Isn’t that like a unisex name?”
“I don’t think it’s an any sex name…”

“Are you saying our child won’t be able to get laid?! Just how cruel can you be?”
“Shut up.”
She cocked a brow and put a finger along his lips. He smiled.
“Oh so you wanna be the DOM now! Daddy like!”

“Wade baby. Honey. Daddy… We have to go back.”

Deadpool reared back looking pissed.


“Tell you what if we go back and help the others find Loki, I’ll call you whatever you want.”
He got this wide grin to him and looked to be in another world.

“So… you’d call me Captain Deadpool? Oh, oh or King! Or better yet… MASTER! Fuck yeah, call me master!”
“I thought you wanted me to call you daddy.”
“Can’t you mix things up a little? Like call me Master Daddy!”
“Why don’t I just call you masturbator and call it a day?!”


Bella waited for it to register.

“Wait a minute…”

“Nope you already agreed! So Masturbator it is!”

Deadpool frowned and crossed his arms about in a pouting mannerism. Bella came to her feet but leaned into his ear.

“Let’s go… daddy.”

“…oh… me likey! Now call me master!”

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  1. Eep, I loved this chapter! Wade and Logan are such awesome characters. There are lots of characters I love in this story but those two are just like super awesome. Lol, I’m tired, so I’m a bit punchy but I couldn’t go to bed without reading this chapter and leaving a big, huge thank you for such an awesome update! 😀

  2. They so needed that time together ❤ And Cap… you know I was pissed at my boy last chapter, but honestly, one of the things I love most about him is that he'll admit when he's wrong. He owns that shit. So now I forgive him, lol.

    And for some reason when Wade is talking about their kid named Taco I just heard Cartman doing his hand puppet saying, "Taco flavored kisses for my Beeeeen!" So there's that, haha.

    Awesome chapter – enjoy you're well earned break ❤

  3. Please tell me we get to see her kick Tony’s ass. And may I say how awesome itbnis that Peter’s going over to their side?

  4. I loved this chapter..I had the image of Logan cocking his leg to pee, thank you very much!! Which caused me to burst out laughing and scared the crap out of the cat!! LOL
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    I liked how The Cap could admit he was wrong. I am curious to see what happens when Static and Deadpool meet up with everyone once again. Looking forward to the next chapter!!

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