Chapter 1 WTF?

Stealing Twilight’s Swan

WARNING! This story will be very dark at times. THE CULLENS ARE THE VILLIANS IN THIS STORY! So if you’re an Edward fan or team anything Cullen you might not want to read this. This story will contain violence, horror, sex, language, alcohol usage. This is a story of humor, drama, hurt/comfort, angst, romance, friendship etc… I cannot express enough how this is NOT for readers underage. You have been warned so don’t come crying to me or your momma. This is a DEADPOOL story so you should know better honestly. You may just go slightly mad when reading this, but that is also NOT my problem. IN fact I’m pretty sure none of your problems are mine. TTFB! And no it’s just TTFB not TTFN! You figure it out. This takes place on Bella’s 18th birthday… (No rape takes place just hints)

“I did it! I killed The Wolverine!”

The merc slams down the stuffed wolverine on the author’s desk. She sighs with irritation.

“That is not The Wolverine!” She picks it up and rolls her eyes.

“This isn’t even real. This says made in China!”
“That’s where I killed it!”

“You are aware that The Wolverine is from Canada? Right?”

The merc rolls his eyes.

“Deadpool…” She says exasperatedly.

“You weren’t specific! You said I could tap Bella Swan if I killed The Wolverine! That there is a wolverine!”

“You idiot!”

He takes out one of his guns and aims it directly upon her forehead. His left eye twitching a bit.

“Even bigger idiot. If you kill me who writes your little love story?”

“I’m sure I could find someone!”

“As good as me?”

He grins.

“Ah, babe I just can’t stay mad at ya!”

The author leans back in her chair.

“Fine, I’ll hook you up.”


“I meant with Bella!”

“OH yeah well that too!”


“Edward, where are we going?”

He grins and continues to drive.

“Just relax Bella.”

He takes her hand and kisses it. She leans back and sighs.

“Just so you know I hate surprises.”

“Bella…” He expresses hesitantly.

He pulls up to the Cullen house. There were decorations already outside.
“Edward…” Bella hisses.

Edward softly chuckles.

“You can blame Alice.”

“Certainly looks like something she’d do.”

Bella was all nerves as she stepped out of the shiny silver Volvo. Edward comes around and opens the door for her. He then pins her against the car. He breathes her in. He shuts his eyes for a moment. He swallowed back as her intoxicating scent hit him. His mouth watered and he was hard as hell. He pinned her to the car and kissed her obsessively. Bella’s breathing became that of near pants. He smiled vainly as he could smell her arousal. Edward buried his face into the crevice of her neck. He wanted to taste her so bad it was unreal.

“We better head inside.”

He leads her into the house..

“Edward…” She pulls back as he starts to lead her inside.

“Come on Bella.”

She swallows back tensely as he opens the door. Alice was coming down the stairs with Jasper. They both smiled warmly upon her. Alice made her way over and hugged her. She too shut her eyes and breathed her in. Edward nodded towards Alice. Jasper’s eyes were dark and he kept his distance. They had red roses and gold streams of lights about the living room. A birthdaycake cake and wine was set out on a table, along with a few gifts.

Carlisle and Esme were off to a corner of the room. He had Esme sitting in his lap. He was kissing along her shoulders.

“So this is why you wanted me to wear a dress?”

Edward and Emmett softly laugh.

“Hey we don’t see you in dresses enough.” Emmett replied.

“Um ok…” Bella said not sure what else to say to that.

After Bella opened her gifts, she thanked everyone profusely. She couldn’t believe they’d done all this for her. A lump formed in her throat. She couldn’t get over how thoughtful and sweet the Cullen’s were.

“You’re very welcome.” Esme said.

The other Cullen’s smiled. Carlisle cleared his throat and came to his feet. Bella slightly jumped as he ran his hands along her shoulders. He stood directly behind her.

“Bella, you mean a lot to our family. Not just to Edward. In fact… We’ve all grown somewhat attached to you. Bella hun, I think it’s time we make you part of our family.”

Bella turned around in question. What did he mean exactly? She thought Edward was against turning her. Carlisle moved the strands of hair away from her face. He looked to her a certain way that had Bella a bit startled. Granted, Edward’s father looked as though a god. The way he was acting with her had her uncomfortable.

“What would you say to after graduation you move on in with us? You’re 18. It’d be a good time to get out from underneath your father’s roof. We’ve even set you up a room. Would you like to see it?”

Bella looks to each of them oddly.


He smiles and takes her hand. He leads her upstairs. Her room was right next to Edward’s. They’d gone all out. It was gorgeous. They had a canopy bed and cherry oak furniture. Everything was done in red and gold.

“It’s beautiful, it’s just…”


“I just need time to think about this. I mean…”

Edward half laughs.
“What’s there to think about? You’re all about being turned, but when we offer you a room…”

“Edward… please…”

He sighs and rolls his eyes.

“I wasn’t turning it down, I just…”

“It’s ok Edward. She still has some time to think about it.” Carlisle states.

Bella’s eyes widen as Carlisle ran his hand along the slope of her back and straight to her ass. She immediately stepped away. She walked over to Edward as grabbed hold of his arm.

“Is something wrong?” Edward whispered in her ear.

“Um no…”

The more Bella looked upon the Cullen’s the more on edge she felt. Their eyes were all dark. Each of them stared upon her as if in lust.

“You make us feel more human Bella. So please just consider it. We’d take good care of you.”

Bella nods.

“Of course…”

She wanted to get out of there though. Something in her told her to run.

“Um I think maybe I should go now.”

“I thought you were staying the night? Remember Alice already talked to Charlie.” Edward said rather intensely.

“We haven’t properly welcomed you to the family yet Bella.”

Carlisle declares. Jasper gets this anxious look upon his face. Bella swore he even licked his lips.

“You’ve all done so much for me already…”

“A blood bond is needed Bella…” Edward whispers in her ear.

“Blood bond?” She questions.

He nods.

“What does that mean exactly?”

“That we each drink from you.”

She half laughs.
“Um sure… Funny, you all feed from animals.”

“That’s very true my dear, but even we need our energy. It weakens us to do so. As one of our own now, we can feed from you now. I say at least once a week should sustain us. We do not want you too weak.”
“This is a joke right? Aren’t you all against these kind of things?”

“Bella, you’re ours now. We will love and care for you. Offer you anything you desire. In return you simply give into our desires as well.”


Jasper tilts his head a certain way. Edward looks towards him.

“I’ve already promised Jasper first dibs.”

Jasper’s eyes grew even darker. Bella took a few steps back.

“Edward, I want to go home. Now!”

Jasper grinned and soared across the room.

“NO!” Edward flung him back.

“You’re not a damn animal Jasper! Knock that shit off!”

Bella’s eyes widen she hid behind Edward. She didn’t understand what was going on. Why were the Cullen’s acting so strange?

“We do this properly. Remember we cannot spread our venom. And quit scaring her!” Edward barked directly upon Jasper.

“He’s right, we cannot bite Bella or she will be turned.” Carlisle agreed.

Carlisle sighs in thought.

“Lay her on the bed Edward. I’ll go get my bag.”

“This is some sort of sick joke right? If so, this isn’t funny anymore! I want to go home!”

Edward picks her up and places her on the bed.

“Edward, I’m not messing around. This isn’t funny anymore.”

Alice makes her way over with Jasper.

“It’s ok you won’t hurt her.” She says in her pixie like voice.

She begins to pet Bella. Jasper smiles and starts to run his hand along Bella’s bare legs.

“OK, enough of this crazy train. You’ve all clearly lost your minds!” Bella hops up and Carlisle appears in the room.

He takes out scalpel and alcohol from his black medical bag.

“Carlisle, what are you doing?” Tears streamed down her face.

“Sweetheart, you know we’d never hurt you.” Esme said with a smile.

“Yeah Bell! Calm down you’re ruining the fun!” Emmett utters as he kisses Rosalie’s neck.

“Jasper…” Carlisle says in a certain tone.

Jasper nods and makes his way over. Bella begins to feel his influence washing over her. She shakes her head on this.


Carlisle gently takes her wrist.

“I promise not to leave any marks. Your body will remain perfect and beautiful as it always is.”

Carlisle takes the scalpel and makes a small incision. Bella’s jaw drops as Jasper brings it to his mouth. He begins to drink from her. Bella tried to break free. Only to find Emmett and Edward directly behind her, she was blocked.

“Jasper please…”

This only seemed to egg him on.
“Easy now save some for the rest of us. That and pay attention to her heart rate. We could kill Bella if we’re not careful.”

Jasper nodded and forced himself away. He looked upon her.
“I want her.” He demanded.

Alice actually smiled at this as if turned on by the thought herself. Bella gasps out as Carlisle makes small nicks on both sides of her neck. She now had all three Cullen boys feeding from her. Ultimate fear coursed through her veins. She looked down to see Alice had taken Jaspers place and was now feeding from her. Carlisle was damn near making out with Esme as they watched.

“No, I only said you could feed from her first.”
Emmett sighs. Bella’s jaw dropped as Carlisle began to feed from her as well. She grimaced as he moaned out between feeding.
“Edward’s right we have to wait our turn for that.”

“What the fuck…? Have you all lost your minds?” Bella muttered weakly.

“Please… stop… just stop.”

The doorbell rings and they all stop feeding from her. Edward wipes his mouth clean. He rolls his eyes, with full on frustration. He’d hoped to take her virginity tonight. This is what Edward had been waiting for. To properly welcome her in and make her theirs, Bella would be their pet. The closest thing to human contact they’d had in sometime. They accidently killed the last pet they had. They drained her to the last drop. They had Edward be the one to collect. He had a way about women. They always flocked to him. It never failed he could always get them to come home with him. Only this one… Bella Swan she was special. They decided to take their time with her. They wanted to bond with her first and they had. The entire coven loved her. It was rare. The last one Carlisle wasn’t too fond of. He complained about her gothic appearance and bad hygiene. But Bella on the other hand had him smitten. Carlisle quickly wipes the blood from Bella’s neck and wrists. He gets the bleeding stopped.

“It’s Charlie…”

“I thought you said you had everything under control!” Carlisle yaps.

“I did…” He looks to Alice accusingly.

He sighs and turns to Bella. Bella takes off running with what strength she can muster. She opens the door. “Dad…” She says with a shaken up voice. Charlie looks to her oddly. She’d forgotten one of her bags. Charlie rears back though as his daughter’s eyes roll back. He barely manages to catch her.

Carlisle comes down the stairs with a smile.

“Ah Chief Swan, and how are we tonight?”

“What’s wrong with Bella?”

“It’s a good thing you came actually. We were about to call you. It seems she’s feeling a bit under the weather. She’s going to need a few days’ rest. You should bring her to my office in the morning. I’ll check her over, free of charge of course.” He smiles showing those magnificent whites of his.

Charlie nods.

He carries his daughter to the car. Carlisle helps Charlie load up her bags.

“Alice hasn’t been feeling so well either, must be something that’s going around.”

“Dr. Cullen you have a little…” Charlie motions towards his mouth.
He chuckles a bit as he wipes the blood off his lip.
“Pizza sauce…”

Charlie looks to him oddly. Charlie heads on home, but noticed a drop of blood on his daughter’s leg that had dripped down from them feeding off her.

“What the hell?”

He pulls over and checks her over thoroughly.


She whimpers out a bit, but rolls over in her seat.

“What the hell is going on?!” He mumbles and he starts the truck again.

Chapter 1

I do not own any Marvel or Twilight Characters. Please read then leave your review.

“So you want to hire someone to kill your daughter’s boyfriend’s father?”

Charlie sighs he couldn’t believe he was doing this. But after everything he’d witnessed. He knew he had to do something. His daughter’s life depended on it. Even as a cop this was so far out of his realm. He needed someone with more expertise. Someone that could take on fucking vampires! Something even Charlie wasn’t foolish enough to try and pull. For one thing he was greatly outnumbered. He’d only get him and his daughter killed. He couldn’t believe the obsession this sick family had with HIS DAUGHTER! He’d seen the way Dr. Cullen looked at his daughter. The way he reacted with her. He’d never forgive himself for taking her to see Dr. Cullen. Bella had damn near cried the entire way. Charlie kept assuring her everything was fine… That she’d been having nightmares. None of what she told him made a lick of sense. He always liked Dr. Cullen and his entire family. He’d even envied what a lovely wife Carlisle had. Bella tried to tell Charlie her story. Charlie was now kicking himself in the ass. It just sounded so farfetched, so ridiculous. He damn near had his daughter psych evaluated. That was until he did some of his own investigating with Harry Clearwater. They saw for themselves that the Cullen’s were not what they seemed. They had the entire town fooled. They were monsters. Carlisle especially, the man was all about his daughter! Charlie wasn’t having that. What kind of FUCKED UP SICK DERANGED FAMILY IS THIS?! Charlie thought in literal panicking screams as he downed another shot of whiskey. He held his cell to his ear.

“Yeah, I want that sick ass bastard dead! I want the entire family run out of town, or whatever it takes to get them to leave my daughter alone!”

“I think I got just the man. I will warn you though. He’s a bit messy and he tends to do things his own way. There is no convincing this guy otherwise. He’ll take the situation and do what he wishes with it.”
“As long as my daughter is safe. I don’t care what he does.”

“Your words buddy… might be eating those later.”

Charlie sighs.

“How much is this going to cost me?”

He was breaking the law and big time. This was major jail time for Charlie if it ever got out that he’d hired a hit man. It’d be even worse for Charlie since he was a cop. This was a big no, no. Then again he wasn’t dealing with the average case. How does one take on an entire family of god damn vampires?

He’d some doubts that this supposed hit man, could even pull off such a task. He and Harry had seen how fast and strong they are.

“Just tell me something, what makes this mercenary so special? What makes you think he can pull this off?”

“There hasn’t been a hit yet this guy hasn’t completed. Trust me he’s worth the price.”

“And what is this price again?”

“I’ll have to get back to you on that. I got some calling around to do. It depends on his mood and what the situation is. Considering what we’re dealing with. It might be a bit up there.”

Charlie shuts his eyes for a moment. He and Bella might be eating ramen noodles for a year or so. But it was better than the alternative. He winced in thought. He wasn’t about to lose his daughter.

“Ok, let me know.”

“Will do sir, will do.”

Charlie hung up the phone. He took his beer to the label. He’d never been a dirty cop before. He’d never let a suspect go. However, the man on the phone was one he’d made a deal with. He’d merely look the other way, if he’d find him someone to take Carlisle Cullen down. That was the agreement. Charlie knew this guy was in touch with some big boss men. He’d done some jobs for them and was selling their drugs. He’d met him in Seattle during a drug bust. The same night he’d discovered the truth about the Cullen’s. Charlie had led his fellow men astray and helped the man escape once they made their deal. So far the man had kept his word. He only prayed he’d continue to follow through and that this wouldn’t all come back to bite Charlie in the ass later, but if it came down between him and his daughter. Then that’s all that mattered, that Bella Swan was safe and sound.

“Hey Bella!”

Her skin crawled as she heard Emmett’s voice from across the parking lot. Edward rushed over and put his arm around her. He pecked her on the lips as though nothing had even taken place this weekend. What had hurt more is that Charlie acted as if she was insane. He didn’t believe a word of it. The moment she mentioned the Cullen’s being vampires and what they were doing to her. She had done something she’d sworn never to do. She revealed their secret. That had her on edge too. Now she feared she’d just put her father in danger. She was so traumatized by what had taken place. She wasn’t clearly thinking. Bella now regretted ever telling her father anything. It was bad enough he didn’t believe her. Now she had to constantly worry about the outcome of what she’d done. Edward continued to love on her.

She wanted to yell at him. To tell them all how fucking nuts they were. But she was scared. She knew they could end her and Charlie’s life within the matter of seconds.

“Jesus, Bella what’s with you? You’re heart’s going ninety to nothing.”

Edward stopped her and looked into her eyes.

“Is everything ok?”

WHAT THE FUCK? Bella half laughed in sheer misery and fear.

“Oh no everything is just fine!”

He cocked a brow at this.

“There’s no need for that Bella. It was just a question.”

Jasper winked upon her as he walked down the hall with Alice. Bella looked Edward in the eyes.

“So you’re truly ok with the fact that your brothers want to have sex with me?” She whispers.

Edward smiles.

“We’re not really related Bella. We just claim that for public appearances, you know that. Don’t be silly.”

Her jaw drops.

“What the hell Edward? Do you have no respect for me?”

“Of course I do. That is why I will be the one taking your virginity.”

“I don’t understand any of this. I thought you were my boyfriend. Why would you want anyone else having sex with me?!”

Edward leans into her ear.

“Keep it down.” He whispers harshly.

“And we are a coven. No one truly belongs to anyone! As I’ve stated already this is just for public appearances. Carlisle most certainly isn’t my father.”

“You’re infuckingsane.” She hisses.

“I’m not having sex with anyone, not even you. In fact…”

Alice cuts her a rueful glare. Bella stops in her tracks. Edward looks to Alice a certain way. He then looks back to Bella.

“Don’t you even consider it. Do we have an understanding?”

“Understand what?”

Edward takes her hand and leads her outside to a more secluded area.

“Running… Don’t be a fool Bella. Can’t you see we love you? You are ours now. So breaking up with us is not an option.”


He nods and nuzzles against her neck.

“God….” He moans and breathes her in.

“You’re our singer Bella. You’re different. Why do you think we don’t want to turn you? Your blood it calls to us like none other. It’s so sweet… We’d never tasted anything like it. And believe me it’s not just the men in our coven that desire your company. You forget I’m a mind reader. You’d be surprised on the thoughts of Alice and Esme. They are willing to share.”

“You’re sick!” Bella slaps the shit out of him and goes to walk away.

He yanks her back over.

“Don’t you ever do that again! You will respect me and each of us! I mean it Bella! Next time you pull such a stunt you will be punished!”

She shakes her head. This felt like a nightmare. None of this was real. This couldn’t be. They’re fucking monsters!

“Shh… now don’t cry… I didn’t mean to make you cry.”

He pulls her into his chest. He too began to pet her as Alice had that night. His hand ran along the top of her head as though she were a dog.

“It’s all a part of nature. Sex is sex Bella. That’s all it is. There is no shame in those desires. I know you have them. Give into them. Allow yourself to think outside the box for once.”

“So you’re telling me that you all engage in sex with one another?”

Edward smiles and nods. He moves the strands of hair away from her face.

“So Jessica was right all along?”

He hisses out and pins her against the building roughly.

“This doesn’t change anything between us. Bella, you have to know that.”

“I can’t believe the rumors were right all along.”

“Bella… Shut up!” He points to her furiously.

“Be nice Edward…”
Bella turns to the thick southern drawl.

“You’re scaring her. I thought we agreed not to do that.”

Edward sighs with agitation.
“She’s being difficult.”

“Perhaps I can be of some assistance?”

Jasper smiles vainly. He makes his way over and places an arm around her. He kisses her forehead. Bella tries her best to fight against his influence.

“Just relax darlin’.”

Both vampires breathe her and nuzzle against her. Something that some girls fantasize about. Only to Bella it was unsettling and frightening.

“Ok then you got yourself a hit!”

Charlie swallows back. He nods as he peeks out the window and sees his daughter coming home from school. He sighs in relief.

“Ok…” Charlie utters and hangs up the cell.

Bella makes her way inside. Her eyes were sunken in.


She hadn’t been herself at all. Bella would simply come home and go to her room. She began to shut herself out to the world. She eventually stopped eating. She stopped carrying about how she dressed and didn’t even bother to brush her hair anymore. Charlie wasn’t sure what to do. He only prayed this guy would hurry up and get the job done.

A few days later…

“Edward please I just want to go home. I have a lot of homework to do.”

“It’s Friday Bella. You don’t have any homework.”

They stuff her into the Volvo. She sat between Alice and Edward. Her heart raced. She couldn’t stop the tears that began to stream down her face. Edward reached over and wiped them away.

“Calm down…”

Once they arrived at the Cullen house. Bella tried to dial or text Charlie. She didn’t want to be here. Alice however, had already foreseen this. She took her cell away from her and put it up. Yet again Carlisle began to set up.

“Tonight you’re mine and then Jaspers.” Edward whispered the demand in her ear.

Whilst he lovingly caressed her, Carlisle sat her down in a chair. Just like that night. He took the scalpel he began to make incisions. Bella became numb. She didn’t even blink. She just sat there. Bella was trying to block what was taking place. She didn’t want to feel or think about anything. She took herself to another place. She shut her eyes. Bella hoped they’d just drain her and get it over with. She wanted to die.

Her eyes flew open though as the door was busted down. Her vision was blurry do to blood loss. She hadn’t even noticed Jasper was hovering over her. He and Edward were arguing. The man in the red and black suit looked directly upon her. He tilted his head upon the scene before him. This entire family of vampires was feeding off this young girl. The two boys were fighting over who was having sex with her first. For a few seconds he had a moment of lucidness.

Seeing the desperation and fear in this girl’s eyes reminded him of what Weapon X had done to him. He shut his eyes for a moment. He had a job to do though. She wasn’t why he was here. He turned his direction upon the tall blond haired vampire. He was also feeding from the girl. He took out his katana and pointed it upon him.

“Lucy, you got some splaining’ to do!”




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