Chapter 11 Not Welcome

Chapter 11

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Bella heads on to the office. The first thing she noticed was as she figured. She was one of a handful of white kids. It was even more apparent once she got everything set up. She got her schedule and found her locker. The school was a bit more run down than that of Forks and ten times bigger. Once she found her class through the huge campus, she took the only seat left. It was in the far back. There was only one other white kid in her class and a couple of Latinos. The rest were African American.

“Got us another cracker.”

Bella heard one of the guys mouth off. She leaned back in her seat and got out her book, paper, and pen. The guy turns back and wiggles his brows her direction.

“Ah, hell no!” One of the other girls says looking to the boy.

“I know you didn’t just pull that shit Dominic.” The girl that said this was very pretty. She dressed a bit questionable for school, but nevertheless her skin was flawless.

He half laughs and turns back around. Bella took in a deep breath. Her cell vibrated.

Ha ur in skewl and I’m sitin’ at the house eating sereal and washing TV! U suk! LUV U! (smiley face)

Bella softly laughs and puts her phone away. She thought he could use some schooling. The poor guy couldn’t spell worth shit. The girl that snapped at the tall boy with pants draping damn near past his knees, turns back towards Bella.

“You white girls are all the same. You best recognize who it is you’re dealing with. Don’t you go chasing after our men. We knew how you white girls dig some chocolate lovin’ it ain’t happening.”

Bella couldn’t help the laugh that escaped her mouth. She cleared her throat afterword. The other white girl in class gave Bella a frightful stare. Bella flashes the mouthy girl her wedding ring.

“Is you pregnant?”

“If I had a dollar for every time I heard that.” Bella utters rolling her eyes.

“I bet you’s is! That’s why you’re here isn’t it? White girl done got herself in trouble. What happen your rich mum and dad kicked you out?”

“Knock it off Trish.” One of the other girls scolds. She too was rather pretty just slightly had more body to her. She didn’t dress as provocative.

“Always popping off you don’t even know the girl.”

“Oh I’s know her alright.”

Bella raises her brows on this.

“She wants my man. Skinny little…”
“That’s enough Trish!”

Trish sighs and leans back in her seat.

“My cuz thinks she owns this school.” The other girl says looking to Bella.

Bella said nothing she wasn’t about to get into that conversation. Dominic starts laughing.

“Nah, that’s Clarence and his boys.” He says with a shrug.

“Clarence?” Bella questions.

“My cuz’s ex. He’s still all butt hurt about her dumping him for Dominic.”

Dominic sighs.

“Shut up Alicia.”

Alicia laughs.

“He damn near killed Dominic!”

“I said shut up! Don’t make me fucking tell you twice.”

“Oh shut up Dom you’re all talk and no walk!”

The teacher said nothing as this discussion took place. She merely sat there until the bell rang. Bella thought that was unusual behavior. Then again she had to remind herself she wasn’t in Washington anymore. If anything New York was damn near a different planet. Especially in this neighborhood it was closer to her husband’s apartment. He didn’t live in the greatest of neighborhoods. Bella’s nerves were really starting to get to her. She decided staying quiet and to herself was best. She heard wise cracks about her skin color and weight throughout the day. Come lunchtime she felt even more uncomfortable. She grabbed her food and picked a seat at an empty table. Within a few moments she heard a familiar voice.

“Ah, hell no first my man now our table? No girl that’s not how this works. You go sit somewhere else.”

Bella looked to her in disbelief. She couldn’t help herself this girl was pissing her off.

“I wasn’t aware your name was on this table. I also don’t want your man. I got my own.”

“Is you talking back to me?”

Bella sighs as this girl’s other friends start making their way over.

“Who’s the honky?”

“Honky?” Bella questions bitterly.

“You need to move. This is our table.”
Bella looked around to see the other tables were taken.

“And just were am I supposed to sit?”

“You figure it out. Not our problem.”

Bella nods, but stays where she is. She starts drinking her milk.

“What’s this bitch’s problem? Are ya hard of hearing or something?”

“My hearing’s just fine. It’s your attitude that sucks.”

Bella gasps back as the girl grabs her by the hair. She yanks her out of the seat and shoves her up against the wall. Bella’s jaw dropped as she gathered what just took place.

“What the fuck?!” Bella shouted back.

The girl starts laughing.

“Uh oh she’s gonna call her daddy now. Go on now cry.”

The other girls circle her as well. Bella shakes her head and starts laughing.

“I’ve known you for what five minutes and you already have a fucking problem with me?!”

Another group enters the room. They were all boys one was very tall and burly. Two of the boys started to make their way over. The tall and burly one put out his hands stopping them. He tilted his head towards Bella. She figured this to be that Clarence guy Dominic had mentioned. She narrowed her eyes their direction wondering what they were up to. Just as she did this though Trish popped her in the gut. Bella gasped back trying to catch her breath. It was a good damn blow. Her eyes watered. Still the teachers acted as if nothing was going on. Only a couple even looked their direction. Bella gritted her teeth on this.

“Really?!” She hissed towards Trish.

Bella used her entire body weight to slam the girl into the table they were bitching about. She decked her across the face and slammed her head into it.


Her friends yanked Bella off her and started beating on her. A couple of teachers finally came to a stand.

“ENOUGH!” Only this didn’t come from the teachers.

It was that Clarence guy.

“Let her go Trish.”

“Oh come the fuck on! Not you too Clarence. What is it with this bitch?”

“That’s rich coming from you.” Bella fires back. She spits blood all over Trish’s face.

The teachers make their way over. One of them takes Bella by the arm they drag her out of the cafeteria. The woman leads her to the nurse’s station. They sit in the waiting area. She hands Bella some bundled paper towels. The teacher was surprisingly young and attractive. She too was African American.

“Some first day huh?” The teacher softly says.

Bella half laughs.

“You could say that.”

Bella’s hands shook as she held the towels to her busted lip and nose.

“I must say you’re the first that’s ever stood up to them. Not sure that’s such a smart thing, but you got some spirit that’s for sure.”

“Yeah well no offense, but it doesn’t seem the faculty here believes in discipline.”

The teacher laughs a bit.

“Let me guess you come from a smaller town?”

“I don’t believe it matters where I come from. When the teachers fear the students you got a real problem.”

“Welcome to Queens Ms..”

“Ah, yes the girl from Forks. We’ve been talking about you actually. What in the world made you decide to come here?”

Bella simply shrugs.

“Call me crazy…”

“Oh I believe it.”

The nurse calls them into the room. The short and rather plump nurse looks to Bella. She raises her brows as she cups her chin and scans her over. She says nothing as she starts cleaning Bella up. She puts a few butterfly bandages on her nose and a couple where her lip was busted.

“Don’t you think she needs stitches?”
The teacher questioned seeing how she was still bleeding.

“She’ll be fine.” The nurse says with a shrug and goes and sits back at her desk.

“Um well ok.” The teacher says shaking her head.

Bella follows the teacher back out.

“I’m Mrs. Proudstar by the way. Where’s your next class?”

Bella shows her schedule to Mrs. Proudstar. The teacher points her that direction. Just as she does Alicia comes around the corner. She’d a different group of friends from that of her cousin. That and Bella took notice the other white girl was with her. She had vibrant red hair and sparkling green eyes. Bella wondered if she was Irish. Three other girls were with them. Alicia looked to Bella and shook her head.

“Did my cuz do that?!”

Bella merely shrugged. She didn’t want more trouble. She took a seat and prepared for class.

“Damn…” Alicia mutters.

“That’s not right. That’s it I’m telling my uncle that’s some bullshit. Fucking skank thinks she owns the damn neighborhood. Ever since she dated Clarence. She don’t realize she ain’t nothing without him now. He don’t want her skank ass back either.”

The white girl whispers something into Alicia’s ear. Alicia dies in laughter.

“Did you really?” Alicia questions.

“Excuse me?”
“Did you fuck up my cuz?”

Bella sighs in defeat and sinks back in her chair.

“Look, I don’t want any trouble. I just want to finish out the year and go on about my business.”

“Pfft, Oh girl I ain’t no trouble. Trust me I can’t stand Trish and her trick ass self. She might be my cuz, but she’s dumber than a sack of bricks. And if you laid her ass out like my friend here says you did. Then you are my new best friend. That girl is a spoiled little shit. Someone needs to bring her down a couple pegs. I hear you messed her up.”

Bella looks up as her cousin enters the room with some other girls.

“You talking shit about me?” Trish fires.

“Nothing, but truth coming from these lips.” Alicia dies in laughter as she sees her cousin’s face.

“Oh not so pretty now huh?”

“Shut the hell up!”

“You best stop your foolin’ I’m serious! You want me to rat your ass out?! You were supposed to keep your nose clean!”

Clarence enters the class next with a couple of the guys that were with him. He comes right up to her. Bella swallows back nervously. The guy towered over her like a damn giant.

“You’re in my seat.” He says, but with a playful smile.

Bella shuts her eyes for a moment. She reaches to her bag not wanting anymore bullshit.

“It’s cool I’ll just sit behind ya.” He said with a shrug.

Bella looked to him oddly. He sits down and folds his arms about his chest. Dominic comes in and he winks directly at Bella. As he passes by Clarence grabs him roughly by the arm.

“That one’s off limits. Don’t make me tell you twice kapeach.”

Bella turned back and looked to Clarence oddly. Alicia turned back and looked to Clarence a certain way. He simply nodded towards her.

“Mind your buz Alicia.” Clarence sternly says.

Alicia quickly turns back around. In fact Bella noticed how all the students were reacting to Clarence. They weren’t talking back to him and did as he told them. She wasn’t so sure that was a good sign.

“Clarence?” Trish practically whimpered.

“Don’t even get me started on your ass.” Clarence muttered with annoyance.

Bella just wanted the end of the day to come and quickly. Once the bell rang she practically sprinted out of the building. She took out her cell as she hid amongst corner of the parking lot. She wanted to avoid anymore fuss.

“Hey babycakes!” Deadpool answered happily.

Bella suddenly felt the urge to cry at just the sound of his voice.

“I’m ready.” She said softly.

He hung up and within minutes he appeared. She came out of the corner and made her way over. The smile beneath his mask soon turned into a frown. He cups her chin and looks her over.

“Who the fuck did this?”

“I’m fine Wade. I just want to go home.”

He nods and grabs hold of her. They appear in the apartment. He thoroughly scans her over. Deadpool’s teeth ground together. The anger within him was rising something fierce. For one thing Bella was still bleeding out around her nose and mouth.

“Who’s face do I need to fuck up in return baby?”

“Wade please, I’m ok just not so great of a first day that’s all.”

“Just tell me!”

She sighs and looks to the floor. Nothing like being married to a freaking merc, and shamefully coming home looking like someone else’s punching bag. Bella’s face became heated in thought. Next to her husband she felt like such a pussy. She feared that’s what he’d see her as. Just some girl that can’t even defend her own. All she did was blink and he was gone. Bella looked down to see a beer in one hand and a black teddy bear with a Deadpool mask in the other.

“How’d he…?” She whispers in wonder.

Without realizing it, Bella was hugging the bear and opening her beer. She takes the beer to the label. She closes her eyes and props herself up against the counter.

“I wanna know what the fuck happened to my wife!” Deadpool demanded holding a gun to the principal’s head. Around these parts Deadpool was no fucking secret. No one ever had the balls to stand up to the merc. And you don’t EVER call the cops on Deadpool, not unless you want your funeral to be the very next day. All of Queens, Brooklyn and surrounding areas knew Deadpool and very well. Almost as well as that fucking Spiderman guy. Mr. Goodie Tissues as Deadpool put it. He loved messing with that fucker. There were a few times he even went out as Spiderman just to mess with the guy.

“I’m sorry sir, I haven’t any idea what you’re referring to.”

“Very well I’m going to give you a name. Pay close attention… Isabella Marie Wilson… I sent her here this morning without so much as a scrape on her. Only I come to pick her up and she’s all fucked up. It happens again and I’m coming back for you! Do I make myself clear?”

“But sir.”
Deadpool fires at the wall.

“You had better PRAY, she doesn’t have a single bruise on her body when I come pick her up tomorrow. Understand?”

“Yes sir!”

“Oooo donuts!” Deadpool opens the Krispy Krème box on his desk and takes a couple of donuts out.

“I love donuts.”

“Um yes sir help yourself!”

“Cool!” He says and takes the entire box.

“Sweet O!”

Deadpool nods and disappears.

Bella looks up to see her husband standing before her with a box of donuts.

“You left to go get donuts?”

He raises his brows somewhat.

“Um sure! You hungry my little love muffin?”

Bella softly laughs.

“You’re something else Wade.”

He nods and hands her a donut. Bella places down the beer and eats her donut. She was relieved to be home.

“Missed ya.” Deadpool calls out as she hears him peeing in the bathroom.

She smiles, but winces as it hurt just to do that.

“So what’d you do today?”
She calls out.

“Eh, slept, ate some tacos and chimichangas, got on Facebook and loaded up our wedding pictures, played Clash of Clans, watched Animal Planet, stared off into space, scratched my itchy balls, drank some beer and ate some Cheetos, went to have my suit dry cleaned, realized I hate Clash of Clans and deleted it, killed a couple of guys on a job, ran back to the dry cleaners realizing I took your clothes instead, decided to take up professional jaywalking , watched some poooooooor I mean puppies on TV!”

Bella narrows her eyes on this. She grabs the remote and turns on the TV.

“Um Wade baby…”
“Yes sweetcheeks?”

“This is still on porn.” She says rolling her eyes.

“Huh, wonder how that got there…” He tilts his head a bit.

“So, you wanna watch some porn?!”

She sighs.

“Sure why not.”

He looks to her like he just hit the jackpot.

“We already did that remember?” She flashes him her ring.

He looks to his.

“Oh yeah right… Well let’s do it again. I mean like in every state!”

She softly laughs. She looked back to the screen.

“Wait is that the girl you said looked like me?” She looked to the awkward position the girl was in as she went down on some guy. She noticed the birthmark on her ass.

He clears his throat somewhat.

“Eh… Is this a trick question? I think I’m scared now.”

Bella shrugs. A smile however, forms along her face.

“You just remember who you belong to Wade Wilson! You’re mine!”

His eyes widen and his dick grew harder than that of Wolverine’s antimantium claws.

“So if you ever cheat on me, I’d take your dick and make you eat it.” She taunts with a playful tone.

Deadpool puts his hand to his heart as if in awe. She heads into the bathroom.

“Aw, babe I’d do the same to you! I think I fell in love all over again!” Deadpool rears back at his own words.

“Wait what? She doesn’t have a dick… Does she?” Deadpool rushes into the bathroom.

He yanks back the curtain as she’s showering. Bella gasps back with alarm.

“Shit Wade!”

“Oh thank god!”

She looks to him oddly.

“Just checking on something that’s all.”

He starts to strip down.
“Fuck I got porn in here and in there!” He utters as she’s all wet and even more tempting then what was currently on the screen.

Sure he had his share of women, but nothing ever truly came of it. He had the worst luck in relationships. This was the closest thing to normalcy he had. After spending so many years off and on alone or often enough being used, even Deadpool craved something much more than sex on a screen. It was no secret to others anyhow that women such as Domino. Merely used her sex appeal to get something she wanted from Deadpool. She wasn’t the only woman in his life that has pulled that shit. Sadly, he nearly always fell for it, just because he wanted to get laid. Or part of him hoped for an actual relationship. He’d played the fool many times. He’d been set up many times. All the more reason he didn’t know how to trust his own wife at first.

Deadpool: Why do you do that?

Author: (sighing) What exactly?

Deadpool: Take a perfectly good sex scene and FUCK IT UP! The sappy shit needs to stop.

Author: You’re still getting laid right?

Deadpool: I had better be! You’re ruining this entire story!

Author: Fine, I’m done… (Shuts down laptop and starts to walk away)

Deadpool: He starts to fidget and looks around rather apprehensively… Um … you know I was just playing right…? Right….? Hey Harley baby come back! Please?!

Her nipples were nice and erected. He took it as an invitation. Deadpool propped his wife up against the shower wall. His tongue grazed along her breasts he licked them all over pressing his hard on right against her. He brought up one of her legs and slipped on in. Bella let out a moan. He looked up and watched for a moment as he pounded her.

“That’s right baby come for me. I want it running down your fucking legs and all over my cock.”

“Fuck…Wade baby…” She damn near squealed out his name.

He grinned as he caught her looking as well. She was watching his cock going to work in that little slit of hers. He felt her tighten up even more she became damn near hot in temp down there. It felt incredible. Deadpool began to build up below. He ached for release. He literally picked her up. He had her wrap her legs around him. He vigorously moved her about him. Soft slurs of curse words escaped his lips as he began to shoot off. After he came he kissed her just as eagerly as before, even along her neck and shoulders.

He sit her back down and ran his fingers gently along the cut her on lip. It was bleeding again. That territorial feeling hit him all over. He couldn’t stand the idea of someone hurting her. It was becoming more and more potent as days progressed. He didn’t understand it fully. All he knew was it pissed him the fuck off to know someone had hurt her. He’d make it his personal mission to FUCK THEM UP ROYALLY OR FLAT OUT KILL THEM! He found himself caring about things he never gave much thought before. When it came to his girl he felt ten times more murderous than he ever had.

He said nothing as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Bella rest her head against his chest. He found himself soothingly running his hands along her back. He didn’t understand why she’d want to go back. Why torture herself? He wished she’d just stay home. He hated her leaving anyhow.

The next morning Bella rolled over and turned off the alarm. She went to the bathroom and began to get ready. Her face looked even worse today as it had bruised up massively. She grimaced. She wasn’t one that really wore makeup, however today she wished she had some sort of foundation or something. She made a painful expression as she washed her face. Her husband came up behind her and put her gun in her pants and knife in her black laced up boots.

“Wade, I can’t bring these to school.”
He shook his head.

“The fuck you can’t. If someone’s beating on you, you’ve every right to blow their motherfucking head off!”
“Wade baby, they’d arrest me on the spot for having weapons at school.”

“And I’d break you right on out!”

She sighs wishing he understood. She takes her gun back out.

“Dammit!” He barks and places it back.
“I want you to kill the next person that touches you! I MEAN IT!”

She noticed how he was shaking all over. She hadn’t truly realized just how much this was bothering him.

“There are certain things people like me can’t get away with. We live slightly different lives Wade. I might have to take a few beatings. I already rather assumed this was going to be rather rough. I can handle it though. I’ve had much worse. You just need to trust me.”


“I gotta fight my own battles.”


Bella laughs in the idea of Trish being hobbled.

“That’s very tempting, but no. You have your own plate to fill and I have mine. I need to learn how to deal with the life Queens has to offer now. I’m a big girl Wade baby I can do this.”

“Are you kidding you’re like tiny!” He wraps his hand around her wrist.

“See itty bitty girl!”

“Shut up!”

He laughs and runs his hand along her ass. Bella grabs her backpack. She wraps her arms around Deadpool’s neck.

“Last chance, you could just stay here and be my little sex toy…”

She smiles and shakes her head. He sighs and they appear in front of the school.

“If you change your mind sugar daddy will come get ya!”

She nods and he smacks her on the butt, before vanishing.

Deadpool appears back in his apartment. He comes to a complete halt as he looks to his couch. Domino was kicking back with her legs crossed. Looking sexy as usual. He takes in a breath and folds his arms about his chest.

“What do you want?”

She looks around the apartment then to him.

“Since when do you clean?”

“I don’t.”
She rises up and makes her way over. Domino runs a hand along his chest.

“I need a favor.”

“I need better locks and for people to quit touching my doorknobs.”
“Is that so?”

She nods.

“And what would this favor be?”

“I got a job. It’s gonna take more than just one set of eyes and ears.”

“I got my own list to take care of.”

He utters and sits down in his recliner. He reaches for the remote. Domino looks to him oddly. She reaches over and takes the remote from his hand. She climbs into his lap straddling him. A childlike mentality washes over Deadpool. His heart was racing. He felt strange. She started to grind herself against him. He quickly hopped up, knocking her to the floor.

“What are you doing?!” He snapped in damn near panic.

“What’s with you?!” She snaps in return.

“No what’s with you? Last message I got from you was how you didn’t ever want me fucking your ass again!”

“I was having a bad day. Since when do you take anything personally?”

He continued to back away from her holding his hands up as if she were infectious.

“I don’t want you here.”

Domino looked to him in shock.


“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” He reaches to his temples.

“Just go! Please!”

Domino rolled her eyes. She picked up a photo album from the coffee table. She helped herself and began to flip through it.

“What’s this?”

“My wedding photos.”

She snorts in laughter.

“You? Married? To this little tramp?”

Deadpool immediately appears before her and puts a gun to her head.


Domino sighs and exits the apartment.

“So you’re telling me this is real?”

Cable nods.

“Since when? I swear Nathan something’s fishy! He wasn’t acting himself.”

“Neena just let this go and leave him be.”

“So you’re not the least bit concerned about what this girl is doing to him?”

Cable raises his brows and puts down his wrench.

“Why does it matter so much to you Neena?”

She shrugs and sits down at his table.

“So he’s changed.” Cable utters with a shrug.

“Logan’s noticed it as well. Truth of the matter is it’s for the better. This girl seems to have done him some good. He’s seems content.”

“Something’s not right.”
Cable sighs.

“Logan and I have both met the girl. I’m telling you there’s nothing wrong with her if anything she’s his polar opposite. She’s a sweet girl and treats him right.”

“I’m not buying it. I want to meet this girl.”
“And what good is that going to do you? What is your issue with all this?” Cable studies her somewhat.

He rolls his eyes with bitterness.

“He turned you down didn’t he? That’s what this is? You think there’s something wrong because Wade chooses to be faithful to his wife?! So what was it this time Neena? How far in over your head are you in? What sort of trouble you got yourself into?!”

“Don’t you even try to fool me. I know you damn near better than anyone. You think I never paid enough attention? Even Wade Wilson has feelings and so did I!”

Domino flinches at his words.
“Nathan I’m sorry… I…”

“You know, you were the only woman I even gave the time of day after I lost my wife. I just never truly realized how cruel you could truly be. Now hurting me that’s between you and I. I’m man enough to get over it and move on! But I won’t have you harassing Wade. Just leave him and his new bride alone. They don’t need you in their business. If you had an inkling of what that poor girl has been through you’d just let it go.”
“I’m telling you Nathan this girl is messing with his head. You should have seen the way he was acting! Hell the way he talked and how his apartment looked.”
“I HAVE! I’ve actually been in the guy’s life the past few years! And where the hell have you been Neena? You just show up and expect everyone to bend over backwards for you? Ever think that we’re tired of the games. If that man turned you down it’s for a good damn reason. Wasn’t it you that told me that the last time you dealt with Wade Wilson, you wanted to blow your own damn brains out because of how annoying he was?!”

She takes in a breath and crosses her legs.

“Well this girl accepts him for who he is. Now let it go and move on. There is nothing wrong with Deadpool or Wade Wilson. If anything for once he’s perfectly FINE!”

“What’s got you so riled up?”

“Woman are you that thick in the skull? Have you honestly forgotten the last few years? The Six Pack is DEAD. That’s how long you’ve been gone.”

“Yep we’ve got a new group now.”

She raises her brows on this.

“Sorry invite only.” He says with a small grin.

“Jesus what’s with everyone? Who the fuck is this girl?”

“With the way you’re acting. I’d turn you down too.”

The day wasn’t as bad for Bella, yet it wasn’t exactly great either. Once again she rather kept to herself. When lunch time rolled around again, Alicia grabbed her before she had a chance to head into the cafeteria.

“Nah… girl you really want to deal with yesterday all over again? That’s just a war path waiting to happen. You’re coming with us.”

Bella shrugged and followed Alicia and her group of friends. They head back behind one of the buildings.

“This here is Tyrese, Monique, Chelsea, Bridgette, Vanessa, and Derek. This is Bella, the one I was telling you all about.”

Tyrese looks to be sizing Bella up.

“Ain’t no way. She’s too scrawny. The girl needs a burger.”

Alicia starts laughing.

“That I can agree with, but no you saw Trish’s face. It’s worse than hers! This one’s a little brawler. I like her.”

“So where’s you from Snow White?” The petite and shorter friend by the name of Vanessa asked.


They all start laughing. Bella shrugs and leans back against the wall.

“It’s time you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore.” Alicia smarts.

“Um yeah, not hard to figure out.”

The one she called Derek had slightly lighter skin he’d a more athletic build to him. He nodded towards a certain area. They all turned to see Clarence and his friends heading their way. Alicia sighs.

“That’s not the kind of attention you want.” Derek said in a whisper.

Bella narrowed her eyes on this. Alicia looked to Derek.

“So you’ve noticed it too?” Alicia questioned Derek.

He nods looking ill.

“He’s right. You need to find a way to throw him off his game and quick. He’s nothing, but bad news. Just watch your back around Clarence…”

Bella looks to them nervously as they all start walking away. Bella fixes the strap on her back and she too starts to follow.

“Now where you off to?”

He places a hand along her shoulder as she’s walking away.

“Just about to head to class.”

“We still got some time before the bell.”

The other guys nod towards her.

“Um yeah I really should be going.”
“You club?”


“Yeah baby you know… Do ya dance?”

“No I don’t.”

She starts to walk away again.

“Sure you do. How about you come dancing with me this weekend?”

“Can’t all booked up with my honeymoon and all. You know with my husband…”

He laughs.

“Oh yeah that’s right babygirl’s got her a hubby back home.”

“I’m not your baby and that’s right I’m married.”
He smiles and nods.

“It’s just a piece of paper nothing’s ever set in stone.”

“That’s where you’re wrong.” She yanks out of his hold and rushes onto class.

He looks to his boys.

“Find out who this so called husband is… She’s got my interest.” He tilts his head and watches her ass as she walks away.

“That one’s got potential.”

“Clarence I don’t think she’s got kind of girl.”

Clarence smiles.

“They’re all that kind of girl. You just got to build them into shape. She’s got the fight needed. I can shape and mold her from here.”

After school Bella calls her husband. He swiftly appears then they end up at Chuckie Cheese. He seemed startled or upset about something. Bella sit down her bag down at the table they were at. She looked around confused.

“Is everything alright?”

He kept his head down and shook it.


She tilted her head slightly in wonder.

“Did something happen?”

He nods and tells her about Domino. Once he’s done she shrugs.

“You do realize you did nothing wrong right?” She inquires curiously.

He looks up as if baffled. Bella looks around again.
“And why Chuckie Cheese?”

“I thought it would be better.” He says in a childlike tone, waiting to be yelled at for what happened.

She smiles and climbs into his lap.

“Oh sweetie…” She kisses his cheek.

“Seriously, we’re good baby. No sweat…”


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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere…

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Welcome to my asylum! Where my favorite fandoms unite. There are cookies and milk somewhere...


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